You'll see that it's really a love story, more so than erotica. Enjoy it.

By Slippery Saddle Bum

It was a comfortably warm, pitch black and moonless night. I’d now been walking down this long and lonely stretch of county road for over an hour without a single car or truck going by, from either direction. The sky was mostly clear and I could see plenty of stars but they weren’t casting anywhere near enough light for me to be able to see anything.

I never sensed her approach or her presence until we collided. She cried out in surprise but it was too late because, by instinct and reflex, I instantly pushed her away… knocking her to the ground. That’s when I realized that it had been a girl’s voice or the voice of a young woman. Apologizing profusely and asking if she was ok, I reached my hand down in the darkness to help her get back up. I found her hand and gripped it… pulling her to her feet. I again asked her if she was alright and she said that she was but I could feel her soft strong hand trembling in mine. There was no doubt that she’d been as surprised as I’d been. It was then that I realized that her voice sounded a little like the voice of a black woman.

I was still holding her hand as I asked how she happened to be out on this dark and lonely road. She must have been nervous because she just blurted her answer. “My husband was drinking and starting another big fight and I knew if I stayed in the house, he was going to start hitting me again so I got dressed and went outside. I was outside for quite a while but I could still hear him yelling and swearing at me. I knew I couldn’t go back inside so, finally, I just started walking. I don’t know how far it is back to the house but it doesn’t matter. I’m never going back, anyway. I’m done with him.”

I asked her what started the fight. After a moment of hesitant silence, she said, “Well…. he was drinking and I knew what would happen if he didn’t stop so I took a shower and got all cleaned up. Then I tried to get him to come to bed with me because I figured that if I could make him tired enough, he’d go to sleep, instead of keeping on drinking. I knew he’d be after me if he kept drinking and I didn’t want to be beat up again….. but it didn’t work. He just kept on drinking, yelling all kinds of stuff at me and calling me names, so I went outside.” …. I could hear and feel the tired disappointment in her voice.

A sudden thought came to my mind and I decided that I had nothing to lose so I said, “It’s up to you and I promise not to hit you or force you, even if you say no, but how would you like to see if you can make me tired, instead? It’ll take your mind off of what happened back there and I think it’d be a pleasant way to spend the night. Don’t you?”

I felt her fingers tighten in my hand as she said, “You mean have sex … just fuck each other, right now, here in the dark? We can’t see each other and we don’t even know each other.”

I said, “I know. . . . That’s what’ll make it different and exciting. We’ll be having sex with someone we don’t know, can’t see and have never seen. We won’t even know each other’s name. . . . Look at it this way… You were willing to fuck a man who you know and who you know was going to beat you, just to keep from BEING beat up, weren’t you? Wouldn’t you rather be fucking a man BECAUSE you won’t get beat up?”

She didn’t say anything but I could feel her fingers slowly starting to curl and press against my hand. I softly said, “Let’s get off the road, a ways, and find a place where we can spend the night making love, relaxing and enjoying ourselves.”

My cock was already getting hard. I could feel her grip on my hand relaxing and becoming comfortable…. a good sign of acceptance. More importantly, she wasn’t making any effort to pull it out of mine.

Beginning to move, I said, “Come on honey. Let’s just go do it. I have a blanket in my bag so we won’t be on the ground. I’ll make sweet love to you and you can do the same to me.” I could hear her breathing pick up and then, in a low voice, she said, “You’re white, aren’t you?” ... “Yes.” I answered. She said, “I’m black.”

I asked, “Does that make a difference to you?”

After a short pause, she said, “No…. but please don’t hurt me.”

Her remark surprised me and I asked, “Hurt you how?” “Afterwards…. Don’t hurt me afterwards.” She answered, sounding a bit scared.

Laughing softly, I gently squeezed her hand and said, “If I intended to hurt you, I wouldn’t have asked you, would I? You won't be hurt, honey. We’re going to make each other feel good. It’s a nice night so let’s enjoy it with each other. OK?”

She said, “I’ve never done it with a white man, before.”

I laughed again and said, “You’ll never be able to say that again, honey. Not after tonight.”…

She rather nervously laughed, too, while we moved off the pavement and slowly felt our way through some high weeds that bordered it. We’d gone a few yards when I felt the weeds give way to tall grass. The ground felt soft and level under my feet so I stopped, saying, “This seems like a good place.”

I reached into my shoulder bag, pulled the blanket out and spread it on the ground before I gently pulled her to me. She must have decided to take me at my word because came to me easily and, in the darkness, our lips met.
Her lips were full, soft and succulent. At first, her kiss was a little unsure and nervous but after a few seconds she must have realized that she was enjoying what was happening and began excitedly…. almost hungrily pressing her lips to mine, as if she was making love to me with them. In only seconds, our bodies were pushing hard against each other. Her pussy was pressed against my hard cock and I felt her breathing get faster and faster…. just as mine was doing.

Without saying a word, I lowered her to the blanket and began kissing her neck. She moaned her pleasure when I pulled the top of her blouse open and began kissing her chest, just above her firm and ample tits. I tasted her skin and was surprised at how GOOD she tasted. She’d said that she’d taken a shower and cleaned up so now I started wondering what her pussy was going to taste like because I definitely intended to find out.

I whispered, “Let’s get undressed and put our clothes together in one place, so we’ll be able to find them later.”

She sat up and I could hear her start removing her blouse. It only took a minute for both of us to be completely naked and ready to fuck an unseen stranger in a pitch black field of grass, off the side of a lonely country road.
I kissed her again and gently lay her back down on the blanket. I kissed down to her breasts until I could take one of her firm, nicely sized but not too large tits into my mouth. I sucked the nipple in and began running my tongue back and forth across it. She moaned, softly, and her body reacted with an excited shiver as I sucked in a mouthful and began passionately sucking on its nipple. I moved to her other tit and repeated what I’d done to the first one.

I’d felt each of her nipples harden as she pushed them up to my mouth and heard her soft moans and squeaks of thrilled physical delight. Her hand found my cock and I felt her ‘inspect’ it for three or four seconds before firmly wrapping her soft fingers around it, squeezing it and then enthusiastically begin stroking all nine inches of it.

She was trembling like a leaf in the wind as I kissed my way down across her belly and to her pussy. She moaned and in a low, trembling voice, she said, “Nobody’s EVER taken this much time or made love to me like this, before.” and she moaned again.

I lifted my mouth from her belly and said, “Something this good should be enjoyed, shouldn’t it? Most men are greedy and in a hurry to get what they want. They don’t know what they’re missing. We’ve got all night to please and enjoy each other, honey…. and I’m sure enjoying you.”

Her voice was quivering as she said, “Me, too….. Ohhhh…. I like the way you’re kissing me.”

“We’re just getting started, honey. Before the night’s over, I’m going to kiss you everywhere…. several times”
When I got to her pussy and started kissing in the soft, heavy mat of hair around it, her whole body shuddered and she began making a different and more intensely passionate sound. I shifted lower and moved her legs apart so that I could get between them. When she felt my tongue slide between her full and already wet pussy lips, she let out a sharp squeal of surprised pleasure. I took a few long, full length licks, from her cunt opening all the way up to her clit, and she went wild!

Her entire body trembling, now, she began to push and move her hot, sweet tasting pussy against my tongue but she was doing it too fast and too hard. I knew that I had to get a firm hold on her before her pelvic bone ended up banging against my lip and splitting it. I firmly pressed the area above my upper lip against her pelvis and started moving in unison with her. In just seconds, her moans began getting louder as her movements became faster and more excited.

I shoved my hands under her to pull and hold her cunt up to my mouth and that’s when I discovered the globe shaped, pronounced and very firm cheeks of her ass. I’ve always been turned on whenever I saw a black woman with an ass shaped the way hers is and now I was fervently holding an unseen black woman’s firm pair of luscious ass cheeks in my hands while pulling her cunt up to receive the best and most passionate cunt licking, kissing and sucking that I’ve ever given. Her pussy juice tasted absolutely delicious and I was swallowing it as fast as she could make it, while doing everything possible to help her make more.

After about five minutes of intense clit licking and sucking, her body started jerking involuntarily and I knew that she was going to cum. Quickly pulling my hands from under her incredible ass cheeks, I quickly wrapped my arms over her thighs, effectively pinning them to limit and control the amount of her movement. I reached behind her to take a fresh grip on her delightfully firm and quivering ass cheeks. I knew that, now, I’d be able to prevent her from bucking so hard that she’d knock my mouth and tongue away from her sweet pussy while she was cumming.

Knowing that I now had firm control of her ass and hip motion, I licked her clit for all I was worth. About ten seconds later, she started cumming…. and I mean she started CUMMING. I was surprised when her first thick hot cum squirted into my mouth. Recovering, I drank it greedily and went for the rest of it. I moved my mouth a little lower to be able to catch as much of it as I could while still running my tongue over her clit. I’d never had a woman cum so hard in my life or had one who released as much of it.

During the throes of her violent orgasm, I suddenly became aware that I’d never tasted any woman’s cum that had such an excitingly delicious flavor to it or had such an intoxicating scent, as hers does. Its effect on me was growing stronger by the second and I could feel a deep, powerful desire and longing for this unknown black woman rapidly spreading through my entire being. My surprise at the intensity of its effect caught me completely off guard. In that moment, one absolute truth seized control of my fevered consciousness. In addition to never having experienced anything or any woman like this one before, I knew that I never would again.

When she finally finished cumming, she collapsed and was as limp as an overcooked noodle. The intensity of her orgasm had caused her to faint and I felt a deep sense of total satisfaction for having made it so good for her.
After a few seconds, she began to stir and I could hear her ragged breathing as she slowly began to recover from the intensity of what had just happened to her. I gave her two or three more soft and tender licks to make sure that I’d gotten it all but when she felt my tongue slide over her clit she weakly pushed my head away and, in a low, trembling voice, said, “No more, please… not for a while. I can’t stand it. I’m too sensitive, there, now.”

I let her rest for another minute as I kissed and ran my tongue over the inside of her thighs and through the soft hair on her cunt. I made love to her that way for another minute before wiping my face on the blanket and moving up to lie next to her.

After recovering a little, she turned toward me and, with surprised awe in her voice, said, “Nobody’s ever put their mouth on me down there, before. I never knew anything could feel that good. I couldn’t stop cumming! I thought my head was going to explode! . . . I think I blacked out.”

I smiled in the darkness and said, “You fainted for a few seconds, is all. Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh, God yes!…. I’ve never felt anything like that in my life! . . . . You weren’t hurting me but I think you’re gonna kill me, though.”

I laughed and said, “I sure as hell don’t want to do that, honey. I enjoyed it just as much as you did. I’d love to do that a few thousand more times.” Then I put my arm under her neck, drew her to me, held her close and softly kissed her. I felt her arms go around me and then she was holding me close and kissing me back.

I knew that I’d been extremely lucky, tonight. In the pitch darkness, I’d literally bumped into a very different kind of woman from any I’d ever known and now my emotions were in turmoil. I didn’t know who she was but I knew that I wanted her.

I felt a shiver go through her when I let my hand trace its way down her back to begin lightly caressing that incredible ass of hers. I couldn’t believe how good it felt…. The pronounced globes… the firmness of them… the velvet texture of her skin… Altogether, the sensations sent a shuddering thrill through me. As we lay there, softly kissing and making love to each other, I could feel her cunt being firmly held against my rock hard cock.
Taking her lips from mine, she began to gradually kiss her way down to my neck, where she began nuzzling and softly kissing it. When I heard her start making the soft and unmistakable sounds of a woman in love, I started wondering and hoping that somehow she’d been as affected by me as I am by her.

While she was kissing me, I could feel her tongue come out and linger on my skin. I knew that she was tasting me, just as I’d been tasting her! And, like me, she seemed to be savoring my flavor as much as I’d enjoyed savoring hers. It took a few seconds before she’d kissed all the way down my body and when she got to my lower belly I could feel her gently sucking on and tasting my skin as she worked her way to my thick and throbbing nine inch cock.

As soon as she got to it, she began applying soft, wet and lingering kisses, while licking its shaft with more sincere and absolute passion than I’d ever thought any woman could possess. She moved lower and I could feel her soft lips and hot tongue begin to caress my balls. She was still making her love sounds as she repeatedly sucked some of the skin of my ball sack into her mouth and ran her tongue back and forth over it. A minute later, her tongue moved upward as she traced the length of my cock with it. When she reached its end, I felt her soft, full lips go over the head and start sliding down over the shaft. She took all of six inches into her mouth and then slowly dragged her lips and her slowly caressing tongue back over it…. as if savoring its flavor, too. On her second stroke, I felt her throat relax as she forced my cock down into it. Incredibly, she’d taken all of it!

She continued taking long lingering and loving sucks on my cock. No woman had ever made love to my cock this way before. No woman has ever dragged her lips back on the shaft, while still sucking on it, the way she was. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer before I lost control and had a violent eruption. About thirty seconds later, I felt it start and so did she. Without taking her mouth off of my cock, she quickly moved down between my legs and shoved her hands under my ass, just as I’d done to her. She buried her face in my belly as she continued her long sucking strokes and five seconds later, my body began to convulse as I started having the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had.

While my cum continued to erupt into her mouth she sucked and swallowed all of it, just as I’d swallowed hers. She was sucking me hard, now…. drawing the cum up the shaft of my cock as fast as I could fill it. She had my entire cock in her mouth and was pushing her face into my belly as if trying to get more of it. I kept cumming and she kept swallowing….. her throat muscles constricting on the head and shaft with each swallow. Finally, there was no more cum for me to cum.

When she knew that she’d gotten it all, she slowly pulled her tight fitting lips up the softening shaft, milking any residual cum into her mouth. When her mouth came off and my now mostly soft cock was resting on my thigh, like a fallen soldier, she started licking me clean. I could feel her running her tongue all over my balls and around the base of my cock…. using her tongue to move the semi-soft shaft of my cock to a different position, so that she could lick the rest of it.

When she knew that she’d thoroughly cleaned me, she took my soft cock in her hand, held it up and sucked it all into her mouth. Slowly and still sucking, she dragged her lips back over the shaft as if milking any residual cum from it…. She stopped as her lips got to the head and I could feel her tongue rolling around and over the head until, finally, with a soft sound, similar to the sound of a cork being drawn from a bottle, her mouth came free of my cock. She gave the head of it one last lingering lick and a suck before tenderly kissing it.

She moved back up beside me and leaned over me, saying, “Just lay back and rest a while, baby. I hope you liked how I did it. I know I sure liked doing it. You taste GOOD.” I pulled her against me and breathed “That was incredible!... just incredible!”

She kissed me tenderly and said, “Tonight, I’m your black woman. . . . I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying making love to my first white man.”

I didn’t like the way what she’d just said sounded and, with what probably sounded like a disappointed and sorrowful note in my voice, I asked, “Your first?” (as if assuming that she meant there’d be more)….

With a husky sound in her voice, she answered, “My first and my only… if you want it to be. I’ve never felt like this, before. It’s like I just found the right man for me…. I can’t believe what I’m feeling.”

The trembling passion in her voice stabbed straight into my heart. I felt an instant rush of emotion and pulled her tightly against me … wishing that I could pull her all the way inside.

Neither of us had ‘seen’ each other but now, after having used and experienced a deeper kind of vision, we’d truly seen each other and knew that we ‘knew’ the most important part of each other. I couldn’t imagine any woman with a pussy that tasted any better than one I’d just drank my fill of cum from and I knew that I’d never have any woman make love to me and my cock any better than this woman had just made love to it. She was STILL making love to me.

I answered her question, softly saying, “I want it to be.”

She hugged her body against mine and then softly kissed my shoulder, saying, “Then it is.”

I asked, “What’s my black woman’s name?”

“Its Wanda,” she answered. “What’s my white man’s name?”

“Rick.”, I answered.

She kissed me softly and then, in a low and throaty voice, said, “Hello, Rick. I’m really glad we bumped into each other, tonight. It’s the best accident I’ve ever been in.”

I smiled happily and said, “Hello, Wanda.” Then I softly said, “You’re one hell of a woman, Wanda. … That road over there is the best one I’ve ever been on…. ever… I’m glad we were both on it. If we’d been on opposite sides, we’d probably have passed each other without knowing it and not be here, now.”

She kissed me again and said, “You’re never going to get passed me. Not if I can help it. ….. I’ve always heard that black men have the biggest cocks. I’ve only been with three men but none of them were anywhere near as big or as long as yours is. I loved making love to it and making you cum. That stuff of yours must have some kind of magic in it. The taste really does something to me. I don’t know what it is but I just love it. I can still taste it. I wanted you to keep cumming so I could keep swallowing it. . . . . I could make love to you and that big wonderful cock for the rest of my days. Hurry up and get it hard again. I can’t wait to feel what it’s like when you have it all stuffed in my black pussy. I’m going to be the happiest black woman in the world when I have my man’s… my first and only white man’s first load of cum inside of me.”

I’d been wandering and taking jobs whenever I needed a little cash ever since walking out on my cheating wife, six months earlier. I’d caught her in my bed with a guy who was supposed to be my friend, when I came home early from my second job.
Suddenly, in a flash of insight, I knew that I’d just found exactly who and what I’ve been looking for all my life. As and after the realization of that truth had settled over and around me, I said, “Wanda? Is there anything back where you came from that you want to go back to or for?”

“Back for more drinking, name calling and beatings?... No. There’s nothing back there that I want. That’s why I left and was walking down the road, to begin with. … I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I wasn’t going back.”

I pulled her close and asked, “How about if we walk with each other, from now on?”

With a note of trepidation in her voice, she asked, “You mean from now on, for a while?”

I answered, “No. I mean from now on…. for all of our nights.”

“You want me to be your full time woman… and you be my full time man?”

“Yes. That’s exactly what I want.”

After a lengthy pause, she said, “You don’t even know what I look like. You might think I’m ugly, after the sun comes up.”

Without hesitation, I said, “Wanda, what I’ve seen of you, without seeing you with my eyes, is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. … I don’t care about the rest.”

Then she laughed…. a happy and throaty laugh. “I was just playing with you. I don’t think you’re going to think I’m ugly when you see me in the daylight. Everybody tells me I’m beautiful … and I was the prom queen at my Junior and Senior proms, too.”

I said, “I think you’re more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever seen, Wanda. I’ve tasted, felt and sensed your real beauty …. and I want that beauty. … All of it.”

She kissed me, then… not as she’d kissed me in the early heat of sexual passion but with soft and sweet tenderness…. just as she’d kissed the head of my cock when she was finished cleaning it.

When she raised her mouth from mine, she said, “I really like the way you kiss me. It makes me feel… I dunno… different…. like there’s something special about me that I’ve never had anyone feel about me before. I haven’t actually seen you yet, either, but I know you’re a beautiful man, Rick…. in the ways that count.”

It was my turn to laugh, as I said, “I don’t think you’ll think I’m ugly in the daylight, either. I’ve never been a prom king but a lot of people tell me that I remind them of Tom Sellick, the movie actor.” She chuckled softly and said, “That’s funny... I’ve been told that I look like Jennifer Lopez… but she’s Hispanic and my skin’s a little darker than hers is.”

I laughed and said, “That explains that luscious ass I had my hands wrapped around when I was kissing and making love to your delicious pussy. …. speaking of which, I absolutely love the flavor of your pussy.. and your cum, too. I feel the same way as you said you do about mine… like it has magic in it. . . . It sure does, for me. I wouldn’t mind drowning in it.”

She laughed and said, “You made me cum so hard that I thought I was going to drown you. That’s the first time I’ve ever cum like that. It felt like the top of my head was coming off.”

We both laughed and then she said, “You know what? That was only the second time I’ve ever cum in my life.” I kissed her and said, “The drought is over, honey. There are thousands more, where that one came from.” and we laughed again... this time with pure happiness.

We silently lay in each others arms for several seconds and then, with total seriousness in her voice, she said, “I hope it’s a long road we’ll be walking, Rick, because, to me, ‘from now on’ means forever. I hope you don’t just fuck me for a while until you get tired of me and toss me away. That’d kill me.”

With the same intensity in my voice that I’d heard in hers, I said, “‘From now on’ means the same thing to me, too, Wanda, and if you’re telling me that you’re my woman, I’m telling you that you don’t have to worry about me throwing you aside.. Not ever!” …. Then, holding her close with her face just a couple of inches from mine, I asked, “Did you just tell me that you’re my woman, Wanda? For always?”

In a husky voice, she answered, “Yes, Rick. I’m your woman…. For always.”

The kiss lasted for less than a minute but when our lips parted, it had conveyed to each of us the fulfillment of a long wished for promise.

I realized that my cock was hard again and, with a happy smile, I said, “So when do I get to fuck my beautiful ‘till death do us part’ black woman and former prom queen?” … She reached down and when she felt how hard my cock was, she said, “Anytime you want me…. Any time, Every time and All the time. I just told you all that I’m your woman, didn’t I? So come here and give it to your woman. She wants it and needs it. . . . She’s always going to need it.”

I kissed her while I was moving over her and her legs opened for me. When I was in position, she reached down and guided my cock into herself. As I began feeding it into her, she started to cry. When I heard it, I stopped moving and was about to ask her what was wrong but before I could say a word, she choked out… I’m crying because I’m so happy. I can’t believe what’s happening. I’ve never been so happy in my life. . . . Just love me, Rick. Love me and make love to me. I promise I’ll be your woman forever. No other man…. white, black, green or purple is ever going to put his cock in me again. This black woman’s pussy belongs to you, now…. for as long as we live. Fuck me now. Fuck me good and let me show you how good your woman is always going to fuck you. … From now on, you’re my man…. just mine. Don’t ever put my cock in another woman.”

I answered, saying, “You don’t ever have to worry about that, Sweetheart…. Not ever. It’s happened to me and I didn’t like how it made me feel. The only woman I’ll ever make love with is you. I promise. ….. Then I pushed my cock all the way up into her unbelievably tight and muscle lined cunt. When I felt her squeeze down on it, I instantly knew that I'd just discovered another of her outstanding assets. I also knew that, if she wanted to, she could squeeze hard enough to make it hurt.... something that only one other woman had ever been able to do!

When it was all the way in, she said, “Ohhhh God, Rick! That feels soooo good!..... I’ve never had anything so big inside of me, before… I feel like I’m full. It’s like it was made for my pussy.”

I kissed her and said, “It was, sweetheart, and now you own it.”
After a brief pause, I said, “You know I’m going to give you babies, don’t you?”

She pushed her tight cock filled cunt up to me and said, “You’re damned right you are. I think your woman is fertile and it’s planting time so start planting. You just keep putting your sweet seeds in me and let’s see how many crops we can grow.” I kissed her and asked, “How’s six sound?” She hugged me and said…. “That’ll do for the first six seasons but you’re going to be planting your seeds in this valley for a lot more than six seasons, my man, … so be ready to reap the harvests.”

We laughed, I kissed her and then started planting the first crop.

When the dawn sky started turning pink, I knew that I’d spent at least six hours making love to and fucking the finest pussy I’d known in my entire life. Every stroke my cock made into her had been matched by her rippling muscled and caressing strokes on it. I came in her five times but I have no idea how many times she came. All I knew was that my balls had been warmly washed, at least a dozen times. As the sky got lighter, I started being able to see her face and damned if I wasn’t looking at a dark skinned version of Jennifer Lopez. ….. After telling her how beautiful she is in the daylight, too, I couldn’t help myself … I moved between her legs and fucked her again… but this time while looking straight into my woman’s eyes…. saying, through them, what words could never say.

During the night, not one car or truck had gone by. It was as if this road had been here only for Wanda and me to meet each other on. When I finally stood up to look at our surroundings and see if there was somewhere shaded, where we could move to and get a few hours of sleep, she sat up, looked at me and then said, “You really DO look a lot like Tom Sellick. Get your white ass back down here and give me some more.” We laughed and I said, “If I could, honey, I sure as hell would, but I think you just took the last one out of me….. until tonight, that is.”… and we laughed again.

Then she said “I can’t believe how many times you made me cum! …You know what, honey? I’ve never had anybody make love to me, before... not really… especially not the way you do and for damned sure, not for anywhere near as long as you do, either. You’ve got me hooked good, you know…. If you ever want to get rid of this fish, you’ll have to tear me loose and throw me back yourself because I’m never going to try to get off this line.”

I looked straight into her eyes and said, “You’re in my bucket now, Wanda, and there’s a padlock on the lid. You’re a keeper. . . . You just get your divorce and, as soon as it’s final, I’ll marry you in a heartbeat. Mine’s already final, so as soon as yours is, we’ll make it official. However long that takes, just remember that from when we walked off the road together, last night, you’ve been my wife… and you’re going to be my wife for the rest of your life.

She stood up and came into my arms and then I saw that there were tears in her eyes. She looked up at me and said, “I’ve never felt like this about anybody or anything in my life. I was absolutely surprised at myself, last night, too. I’ve never done anything like what we did when we walked over here just to fuck and spend the night together…. and I didn’t care that you were white, either. I just wanted you to hold me and fuck me and make me feel loved…. even if it was only one night. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed about having a man who just loves me… really loves me and finally, I know I have one. I didn’t know you were going to be white but you probably didn’t know that I’d be black, either. "

After a short pause, she continued, "There I was… walking down that dark road feeling lost and alone and unloved. … and then, out of nowhere, love found me. It even knocked me down but I guess if it hadn’t, we wouldn’t be here, now.”

Suddenly, I couldn’t see very clearly because there were tears in my eyes, too. She saw them and started crying into my shoulder… and I knew that it was with utter and complete happiness. We’d both been walking a dark and lonely road in our lives until, as if it was destined to be so, we’d found each other and the darkness has ended.

There was a small stand of trees about fifty yards from where we were so, after a while, we picked up our clothes and walked, totally naked, across the open field until we got to the trees.

I couldn’t help staring at her absolutely beautiful body. The skin color difference between us is a complete turn on, for me, and I could tell that she was affected in much the same way….. except that her eyes were spending an excessive amount of time focused on her white cock. Mine kept going between her beautiful face and her spectacularly lovely sweet chocolate brown ass.

When we came to a small grassy area in the trees, we lay down on the blanket and, with our arms wrapped around each other, slept until late afternoon.

I woke first and while I was getting dressed, I couldn’t help staring down at the most beautiful woman I’ve ever made love with. She’s beautiful in every way. I couldn’t believe that any man would beat a woman like Wanda but his loss has become my gain. Even though we’d met only a few hours ago, I knew that there wasn’t a mean or nasty bone in her body. I smiled at my incredible good fortune, knowing that this beautiful black woman belongs to me, now, and that she’s been beaten for the last time.

When I was dressed, I knelt beside her and kissed her full sweet lips. Her eyes came open and I saw the first of many beautiful morning smiles that I knew would be directed to me.

She has no way of knowing it but in just over six months she’s going to be married to a very wealthy man. That’s when I turn thirty and when I’ll receive my inheritance.

In the meantime, I told her to get dressed because we need to find a phone so I can call a taxi. We need to eat something before we find a nice motel, where we’ll share our first real bed together. But before we go to bed, I’ll call my mother and have her wire me a few thousand to buy a good car and some new clothes for us, plus enough for at least a month of motels and living expenses. I intend for Wanda and me to be alone for awhile before I bring her home. By then, her divorce petition will have been filed and there’s a damned good chance that our first crop will be sprouting in her womb.

*** By SSB

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2014-07-21 02:55:32
Notice how the moderator who sabotaged the former 95 rating on this story keeps misusing her position... constantly adding a disproportionate number of negative votes to this and all of SSB's stories? There's nothing worse than a sneaky, self-righteous cunt on a power trip.

Saddle Bum and several other great writers will never post another story on this site because of the hypocritical jerks who've maneuvered their way to the controls switches. Worst of all, they're deleting hundreds of long standing and irreplaceable stories that will be gone forever because their authors are no longer active or alive. Their personal legacy wiped away by a tiny handful of elitist pipsqueak cocksuckers who should be unmercifully beaten to death.

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2014-07-03 21:48:27
Fantastically horny, romantic story Ioved it, I'm off to get my english, white, (sorry to all the lovers of other coloured pussies) pussy even wetter by reading more of your fab work, hope you carry on SS , thanks. Luvsalik xx p.s. the writer below 'no perks' you are one sick fucker hope your perverted arse gets a big dick shoved up it in jail, thats where you belong. Hope you get roughed up good and proper, do us and your poor kids a favour and drop dead !!


2014-02-13 05:59:14
I loved this well written story!

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2012-12-15 00:34:08
NOTHING turns me on more than fucking and shooting my cum into a sexy black woman's hot unprotected pussy when she knows I'm making her pregnant. I was 22 when I got the cherries of a pair of beautiful identical twin 16 yr. old black girls. I shot my cum deep into both of them. They both got pregnant with twins. I was still fucking them after they had their babies and they got pregnant again. That was fourteen yrs. ago and they still live with me. We have twelve kids. Two of the girls are taking daddy's meat and three others are having their pussies licked and learning how to give a first class blow job. On their 12th birthday, they'll get their first full penetration fuck and a load of daddy's cum in their pussy.

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2012-11-24 13:03:45
This is a really great story. It's a shame that so many readers allow their racism to stop them from reading a story just because it's marked ''interracial''. Even though this author is known for writing great stories, very few readers have taken the time to read this one because of the ''interracial'' tag. The dumb-ass bigots don't know what they've missed out on.

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