Jamie comes home from college to a sexy surprise
This is my first story so I hope you guys really do enjoy it. Comments are welcome (: both negative and positive... (:

Hi, my name is Jamie and I am 19 years old. I am a college student but I am going to my parent's house for summer break. I sit at the airport awaiting my favorite cousins arrival. I haven't seen him in 2 whole years. We both grew up together as kids but our friendship ended because I chose to go to college in Florida as he chose a college in NewYork. The last time I saw my cousin he was really skinny and pale. He was what most people would consider a "nerd ". As I was reminiscing about all of the fun my cousin and I use to have my thoughts were interrupted by a very hot guy. He's 6'2 and he obviously has a tan. He have dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes. As the dude got closer I noticed he was walking towards me. Holy shit, could it be? Is that really Joey? I felt my panties get soaked as Joey approached me.
"Sup girl " He said bending down to hug me.
"Oh My God Joeyyyyyy" I practically screamed and jumped on him.
I broke away from the hug once I felt his erection. I saw that he was admiring my body. His eyes scanned my 5 foot 4 inches body. He practically undressed me with his eyes. I should describe myself. im 5'4 with long jet black hair ( which I died), and light green eyes. I also have deep dimples that make my slightly chubby face look flawless. As for my body, I have exactly mouthful sized breast, a tight tummy ( thanks to volleyball) and a nice soft round ass.
"Damn, Look at you Joey " I joked.
We both laughed and grabbed my bags. As we exited the airport and made it to his red mustang he asked" So how was college? "
" Its been pretty good " I said getting into his car.
"Have you made out with any girls yet?" He joked and drove off.
"Of course, So does mom have all of the family over? " I asked
"You know she does ". I sighed as we rode in silence. I couldn't believe how much Joey has changed. If he wasn't my cousin i'd definitely consider fucking his brains out.I stirred uncomfortably in my seat thinking about him plowing my tight pussy. What the hell is your problem? I thought to myself. He's your cousin for crying out loud. After knocking those thoughts out of my head I thought about my boyfriend Jake. I was really considering dumping him because he just don't know how to meet my sexual needs. Before I knew it we we're pulling up into my driveway. I sighed and got out of the car.
"Ready? "He asked squeezing my shoulders.
I nodded and we proceeded to the door. Before I could open it my mom opened it and rushed into a hug."Oh, Jamie" She said squeezing me. "Hi, Mom " I said as she pulled away. "Come on inside so everyone can see my little princess " My mom said ushering me inside. I was greeted by many family members. It felt good to be around people who you've known your whole life. As we chatted about my college life and everything else the night was surely winding down. At around 9:30 p.m my family began leaving. Joey decided to stay the night at my house. We got my bags from his car and brung them into the house. I told him that I wanted to shower and after we could watch a movie. After 15 minutes in the shower I exited and came in the living room with only a silk nightgown on. I flopped on the recliner next to the couch he was on and crossed my legs.
"So what we gonna watch? " I asked
"Doesn't matter " He replied.
"How about this?" I asked clicking on a mushy romance movie.
He nodded his head and agreement as we watched the movie. The movie got a little steamier as the older woman began having sex with the younger male. I glanced over at Joey and saw him slowly rubbing his crouch. That made me extremely horny as I opened my legs a little and begin rubbing my pussy matching his rhythm. I let a slight moan escape my lips as our pace quickened. I guess he heard my moan because he looked over at me. I got kind of nervous but that didnt stop me. We watched each other stroke our privates. I moved my pink undies to the side and slipped a finger inside of my wet pussy. I let another moan escape my lip. By now he was pulling his shorts down. I gasped as he released his 11 inch cock. He began stroking his big dick as I fingered my pussy. I saw him get up and walk towards me. I moved my finger faster fucking my pussy harder. He walked to me still stroking his cock and bent down and kissed me. I removed my finger and returned his kiss as he picked me up. He let his shorts fall and laid me gently on the floor. He lifted my nightgown off of my body and kissed me again but this time letting his tounge slide in my mouth. I stroked his younger with mines as he ripped my panties off. I gasped as I felt his thick fingers in my pussy. I let out a moan into his house. I began meeting his thrust by pushing my hips down to meet his fingers. He now moved to my neck and kissed m passionately there. He then moved to my breast. "Mmm, take me Joey " I moaned. He laid on top of me and lined his dick up with my soaking wet pussy. With one hard thrust his cock was inside of my pussy. I let out a loud scream as I felt half of his cock was inside of me. He began fucking me a little harder and faster as I began screaming uncontrollably. Just as we was about to cummin together we heard my mom yell "What Are You Guys Doing?



2012-05-23 13:36:29
Don't let the critics discourage you , just edit the next chapter . I enjoyed it waiting to what mom says

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2012-05-22 15:18:18
It's a shame that anyone at your age could be so illiterate.


2012-05-22 11:13:17
Okay, thanks for your comments (: and for the person who told me not to write another story I wasnt done editing it and I accidentally published it. But, thanks anyway for taking your time to read it.

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The 11" cock got rid of me.

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Made my cock hard. More please.

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