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This is my first story so please be kind and also sorry for any spelling mistakes.
Okay. I guess it's time I finally came clean about what happened. And it wasnt even my fault, she provoked me.

Hold on... lemme give you some background. My name is... well my name doesn't matter but let's call me Stuart. I was 16 at the time, about 5ft 6, the makings of a 6-pack. I was basically your scrawny little half-nerd with glasses and a brown belt in karate. I had a girlfriend (hard to believe but true) who was... alright I guess, wasn't that sexy but wasn't ugly. She'd actually been my best friend until I had the guts to ask her out. But more important than her was her sister. A mixed race 12 year old by the name of Nikki who was about my chin height, flat chest and an ass to die for. She was cute, highly annoying yet occasionally tolerable, we were… frienemys (if that makes sense). She knew about my relationship with her sister, and since her bedroom was close to her sisters, she also knew how often we 'made love'.

Okay, enough background. It was a Saturday and I'd been sleeping and 'sleeping' at my girlfriends house. She'd gone out shopping with her friends and I'd just come out the shower. Walking back to my girlfriends room wearing only a towel, I checked Nikki was awake by my usual method of kicking her door. I was about to walk off to get changed when I realised I hadn't heard her usual answer of "DON'T YOU FUCKING KICK MY DOOR!!!!!!". I opened her door and looked inside. She was still in her bed but was just sitting there, as if in deep thought. When I came in, she looked up at me and said she wanted to ask me someting. Since I knew her questions never had short answers, I sat down on her bed.
"Stuart, one of my friends told me about her first time and she said that it was practically rape. Why do guys do stuff like that?"
I had to plan my answer carefully with this one.
"Well… in my opinion, Ive no idea how old this 'friend' of yours is but I'd say that she probably let him on a bit. I mean... with most guys there's a point at which they think they can't control themself so she probably pushed him past that."
"Do you have a point like that?"
"Yeah most probably."
"So if I pushed you past that you would rape me?"
"No cos I don't rape peole."
"Oh really? So you would fuck me very hard instead?"
I dint really like where this little conversation was going so I decided that it would be a good time to leave but Nikki, guessing my intentions, threw back her covers, scampered across her bed and sat on my lap so that she was facing me and had her legs wrapped around my waist.
"Don't leave, Stuart. We were having such a nice conversation."
After my initial shock had faded I noticed that she wasn't wearing anything.
"Nikki, for the love of god put some damn clothes on!!" I practically screamed at her.
"But you like me like this, don't you? And I wanted to show you something, my boobies have started growing!" She pointed to some barely visible swellings that had little bee-sting nipples perched upon them.
"You know, I've always wondered what it's like for a guy to fuck you really hard without caring about your feelings."
"Nikki shut the fuck up and get the fuck off me." I said as seriously as I could. Unfortunately, we both couldn't fail to notice the part of the towel that had raised itself up. I mean I know she was 12 but she's a naked girl talking about fucking and I'm a horny teenage boy, what did you expect to happen? I wanted to get away as fast as possible but my boner was there to stay and Nikki made sure that it was foremost in my mind.
"Wow. I know about spontaneous erections and stuff but just wow, getting turned on by a 12 year old girl. I mean, pedophillia? This is low, even for you."
I can remember clearly that it was at this point that something clicked in my mind and I decided that this bratty little girl deserved to be taught a lesson she would never forget. I lent forward until she hugged me to stop her fall, and then I slid off her bed, driving her back to the floor as quickly and as powerfully as I could. Her high-pitched cry cut into my head like a scythe.
"Owww Stuart, that really hurrrtt."
As I stood up I could see her small frame writhing in pain. I ripped the towel from my body, letting my cock spring up so it was pointing to the ceiling. Now this this the part where most guys would take the opportunity to brag about their size saying that they're 12 inches or something like that but I'm gonna be honest and say that mines about 7/7 and a half, but that's a guess. Nikki whimpered when she saw it and was probably thinking ahead to what I was gonna do with it. As I knelt down in front of her she tried crawling away but I dragged her back and punched her stomach so she wouldn't try it again.
"You know what im gonna do with this, don't you?"
I waited before I saw the fear in her eyes before thrusting my dick into her virgin pussy as hard as I could, popping her cherry. She screamed out in pain so I smacked her face.
"Scream again bitch, go on I dare you."
After that she remained silent apart from a slight whimpering. I pulled my dick out till only the head was inside, then thrust it in again as hard as I could. Gradually I increased the speed of my thrusts but never lost the rouhness of them. After a few minutes of this I was close to cumming so I pulled out and told her to open her mouth. She didn't. I lost it then.
"OPEN YOUR MOUTH YOU STUPID BITCH!!!" I shouted at her, hitting her again. This time some blood trickled out of her nose but she opened her mouth all the same. I jammed my cock between her lips, sticking it all the way down her throat. I knew she was choking but I shot my warm, sticky load all the same. I pulled my prick out.
"Now spit a bit of it into your hand and swallow the rest."
I waited till she'd followed this instructions before telling her the rest.
"Now finger your pussy nice and deep with the cum in your hand and don't stop till all my sperm is inside you."
She hesitated but complied as soon as I raised my fist. When she had finished I stood up and dragged her up with me by her hair.
"Now you know what a rough fucking is like BITCH. Did you like it? Haha who am I kidding? I don't care if you like it or not and I don't care if you get pregnant or not. Just know one thing: if I even think that you've thought about telling someone I'm gonna rape you again, then I'll rape your tight little asshole and then choke you to death on my dick. Comprendé?"
She nodded with her tears mixing with the blood from her nose.
"Now go clean yourself up, your sisters gonna be home any minute."

So that's the story of me raping my girlfriends sister, hopefully now I can sleep with a clear conscience.

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2016-07-12 22:14:48
I don't know about the other guys but I liked it. People are flipping out about the content but it's a story, and it's utter filth. It's a fantasy, not reality. Though people are right - You need to work on your writing style and spelling. Perhaps build the story a bit more as it all happened quite fast, where even the action wasn't really covered but more like breezed past. Use what you know about the senses.

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2013-07-17 00:12:38
dafaq did i just read

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2012-07-09 21:00:36
And also Anonymous reader of 2012-05-21 12:45:52...( SOMES BITCH ) ??????...Were you possibly trying to say SOMEONES BITCH ???...If so not a vary good attempt on your part so once more I will say LOOK IN A DICTIONARY YOU STUPID ASS !!!...

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2012-07-09 20:40:47


2012-05-30 16:26:04
Improve your writing style. It's more like your having a chat with a beer at a bar. And don't put so many ......... in between. Otherwise a good one for a first story.

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