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Thank you for the mostly positive feedback. This is the last part to the story and I hope you all enjoy it. Sorry for being a little late, but it was hard to write the story without looking for a reason not to. Anyways here you go. I apologize if not all of you like it. We're all different and so are our taste in certain things.
I redress in silence. What had Samantha meant? I tried to figure out why she would go through all of this to teach me a lesson, but the gears in my head seemed to be stuck.

"Noah!" my aunt calls from the kitchen. I opened the door quickly. Uncle Nathan was sitting at the head of the table and Samantha was beside him, staring blankly at her food. I take mine beside Samantha since Aunt Silvia would usually sit beside my uncle.

"Tonight we have lasagna," Aunt Silvia informed us and I was glad to eat something other than the tv dinners my mom would buy since she was too lazy to make an actual dinner. I grabbed my fork hurriedly and it dropped on the floor accidentally.

"Sorry," I said reaching down to get it. The utensil fell to the right of me and I reach over to grab it and catch a disturbing sight. Uncle Nathan's hand on sliding inside of Samantha's shorts.. I grab the fork quickly and return to my spot. Sneaking a glance at Samantha in the process. I see her face is red and full of disgust. She'd done the same exact thing to me only worse and yet I felt sorry for her and decided I have to do something.

"Actually. I don't think I'm feeling too well right now. It's probably jet lag," I lied. I didn't exactly know what jet lag was, but had over heard my mom saying it on one occasion after a long flight.

"Can Sam and I eat later when my stomach is more stable?" I ask. I see Uncle Nathan almost say something, but Aunt Silvia is quicker.

"Of course sweetheart. Your food will be in the fridge whenever you're ready to eat," she smiles. Uncle Nathan eyes me as I stand and try my best to ignore him. Sam follows me subconsciously to her room and when I turn to leave she pulls me in with her.

"What are you doing?" I attempt to pull away, but she holds my arms behind my back.

"You saw didn't you?" she doesn't sound angry, but vulnerable.

"No I didn't," I shake my head feverishly.

"Don't lie," she loosens her grip and I turn to face her. No use in lying now.

"Why was he doing that?" I ask her. By the looks of it she didn't seem to enjoy it. For the first time she doesn't look like the girl who has tortured me for years and instead the cousin I had first met who smiled brightly. It wasn't until I turned two that everything peaceful about her came to an end.

"Get out," she finally says, adopting her usual tone.


"Get out!" she says a little louder, but not loud enough for her parents to hear. She strikes me across the face with her right hand and I fall to my knees as I clutch my face. I can feel tears welling up in my eyes, but try my best to hold what little dignity I have right now. I stand and get up to leave.

"You deserve it all," I tell her and I know it's a low blow, but I just need to see her look as weak as I do. I close the door as I see the pain wash over her face. I stand there for a minute waiting for her to come after me, but she doesn't. Instead I hear the soft sound of my cousin crying and have never felt so ashamed of myself. I go back to my room and strip until I'm only in my boxers and fall asleep.
When I look over at the clock it's 12:10 am and I'm completely exhausted, but snap back to reality as I hear the raucous caused by the room above me. I crawl out of bed and head upstairs. Aunt Silvia's room has no lights on and I go in there to see only her in the bed and realize what must be happening.

"Aunt Silvia!" I shake her awake. She stirs in her sleep before waking.

"What is it sweety?" she asked, alarmed. She begins to hear the same noises I am.

"We'll go check it out together alright," she comforts me. I nod in agreement as we cross the hall. She opens the door and I'm the first to see everything. Samantha is on her stomach squirming beneath the weight of Uncle Nathan who is plowing into her. One over her mouth and another caresses her body. Although her screams are muffled under his hand they are loud enough to be heard. Aunt Silvia is the next to see.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" she shouts crossing the room in a sort of super human speed in pulls Uncle Nathan away from Samantha who topples on his back. He covers himself and looks at me.

"You little shit," he spits at me and begins to stand. I walk over to Samantha who is shaking violently. She moves to the top of her bed and pulls her knees to her chest.

"Do you want us to call 911?" I ask Sam. She shakes her head still in a trance. Aunt Silvia hears this and swallows the outrage about to come out.

"Get out of my house and if you even step foot on this property I will kill you!" Since Uncle Nathan didn't work everything mostly belong to her.

Uncle Nathan picked up his pants and put them on as he fled the room. That was the last time I ever saw him. A minute later I heard the door slam and ran downstairs to lock the door. When I returned to the room and Sam was wearing my aunt's robe, which left my aunt in a silky nightgown.

"I'll make sure you'll never see him again," she promised, clutching her crying daughter closely. I stood in the doorway unsure of what to do.

"Noah is it alright if Sam spends the night in your room? I don't think she should sleep in here let alone the bed," she told me. I nodded and went downstairs to fix my room up as Samantha took a shower.

"Thank you for waking me," Aunt Silvia said, standing in the doorway. Her eyes were half closed and she looked at me intently.

"The noise woke me up," I told her honestly.

"It doesn't matter. This has probably been going on for years and you finally helped my daughter move on from this," she walked closer and gave me an extremely tight hug. I hugged her back since this feeling felt so much like the one my mom provided me with before I boarded the plane.

"Mom," Sam says from the door. Aunt Silvia finally let me go to give her daughter the same exact hug.

"Sleep well," she told us, leaving the room. I crawled into bed and Sam took her spot in front of me. After
an hour or so I could tell we were both restless as she turned around to face me.

"Thank you," this was the second time tonight someone had thanked me for being a light sleeper.

"I'm sorry for what I said earlier," I told her. She waved it off with her index finger.

"I did. Instead of getting help I made you go through what I did," she answered.

"Why me?" I ask her.

"I don't know. When I first got to hold you when you were so peaceful and quiet. I wanted to protect you and be the best cousin I could possibly be and then that's when it happened. I was raped and I didn't know what to do with myself. Then you came over that summer and I need someone to take the pain away," she admitted to me. Finally I had the reason I wanted so badly. Now that I knew I didn't feel as bad for all the years. She'd gone through worse and one thing she did not share with her father that I did was I loved her. Although we had a sick and incestuous relationship I had never felt so close to her. Overcome with emotion I softly pressed my lips to her warm ones. Instead of pulling away or beating me to a pulp she kissed back. I held her tightly as tightly as I could as I continued to kiss her. Although we used no tongue it was still the best kiss I had received.

"With your permission can we...?" Sam began to ask biting her lips. I answered her question by removing her robe. She removed my boxers as I continue to kiss her and began to rub my penis until I grew hard. She rolled on top of me and slowly began to lower the tip of my penis inside her wet pussy lips. She began to lower the rest 6 inches inside of her and began to ride me slowly. I held onto her hips as I thrust into her and she enjoyed this greatly and with the soft moans leaving her mouth. I could see her breast bouncing in the light, which is cast by the crescent moon and reached up to grab one. This was the first time I had felt them with my own will and played with the nipples as I watched them grow hard. I moved up to lick and suck on her breast as she continued to ride me at an increasing speed.

"That feels so good," she wraps her arms around my back and pulls my head closer, but not too roughly. I thrust upward into her harder once she says this and she goes wild. She places her hand on my cheek and moves my head up to meet hers. She kisses me passionately and sucks onto my tongue. This puts me over the edge as I feel my dick tighten and my balls squeeze as her moist cavern squeezes me. She moans into my mouth. My penis slides out of her and I see it is covered with her cum. She smiles getting off of me and straddling my face as she puts her face to my penis.

"Can you-" I cut her off by licking her vagina at a ravish speed and she moves her hips to the rhythm. She licks my cock clean and once we finish this she drops beside me on the bed. She places her arm across my chest and pecks me on the cheek.

"You've grown up a lot shrimp," she smiles falling asleep beside me and I quickly follow after her.

For the rest of the two weeks we continue to find times to do this. When I left that summer that was the first time I came home with a smile despite all the tragedies that happened. Aunt Silvia and Uncle Nathan divorced and Samantha and my aunt ended up moving to California with us where our many sessions did not cease even when she went away for college.

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