Mark is going to "help" take care of Kevins little brother while his parents are in Mexico.
I couldn't pack fast enough. I was going to Kevins house for the four day weekend while his parents are in Mexico. He wanted me to help "watch" his little brother. I was so excited.

My step brother Frankie walked in and noticed me packing for the weekend. We used to fuck a lot until he got girlfriends. I told him I was going to Kevins house. He almost looked jealous. It was funny.

"Hey, it's been a while since you sucked my cock, Mark." Frankie, my older step brother, lowered his shorts showing me his grown dick. "Wanna put it in your mouth???" It was pretty hot. Longer than usual, a thick vain running down the side, and the perfect amount of pubes. He jerked it a little to make it look more delicious than usual, but I wasnt in the mood for his cock. He moved on, so should I.

"Nah, thats fine." I told him.

His face was priceless. His little step-brother just denied his gorgeous cock. PRICELESS! But I felt bad so I sucked his cock. Just to practice for Kevin... but it was weird. Frankies cock tasted....weird.

"Why does it taste like that?"

"Cause I just fucked my girlfriend...Thats her pussy juice on my dick." ....Fucken gross. "You should try eating pussy sometime." He came thick ropes in my mouth and went out laughing.

Whatever. At least I got some practice in before Kevin.

"Hurry up, dad!" I yelled at him. He was lagging to take me.

"Yeah, yeah....Lets go."

It took a while but we finally pulled up to Kevins house. He was waiting on the sidewalk and had the biggest smile on his face when he saw me.

"Have fun, mijo!" My dad said to me with a weird smile.

He lead me in, but stopped me when my dad drove away. I was confused. But then he held my hand and I understood. We slowly walked to his house.

His house was behind another one so it was pretty secluded.

His house was small, but cozy with a living room that connected the whole house together. A kitchen to the left, a bedroom straight ahead and one immediately to the right when you entered. One for his parents and one for him and his little brother.

His little brother was soooo cute. He was about 7 or 8. He had the cutest big hazel eyes and thick, red, luscious lips. He had a much whiter skin tone than Kevin. And soft light brown hair. He almost looked adopted, but comparing the pictures of his parents on the wall to Kevins little brother, I could see the resemblance.

Some music was playing and he was dancing around to it. There wasnt really a reason for music to be playing, but I guess Andrew liked music. That was his brothers name: Andrew. After a while he took off his shirt and started dancing waving his shirt around. He had good rhythm. He was in pajamas that were pretty tight, so when he was shaking his butt I could clearly see his tight cheeks. It was the cutest sight to see.

"He's so adorable, Kevin!"

"I know, right? Hey, Andrew. Turn the music up a little. Im gonna show Mark where hes gonna sleep."

Kevin lead me to his room. I guess his parents had left already because no one else was there. We got into his room and he closed the door behind him. As soon as the door clicked shut he threw himself to me and started to kiss me. I dropped my bags immediately. We landed on his bed and we tossed and turned as our lips and tongues danced with eachother. Dancing to the music like Andrew.

We spent almost half of the day kissing eachother. Kissing Kevin felt...right. It felt right. I never felt so sure about something, or someone. I would always have these little crushes on guys in my class and convinced myself I loved them. At one point, I thought I loved Frankie. But I was wrong. So wrong.

Kevin was the only right in my life.

We were about to start fucking when Andrew started knocking on the door. "Kevin....Kevin! I'm hungry!"

Kevin kept his head near mine and whispered to me. "I have to feed Andrew."

I whispered back. "Awww, you can't just let him starve?"

He smiled. "Come on. Let's go eat, then we'll put Andrew to bed, and we could go to my parents room and have some fun."

"Nice." I kissed him one last time and we made our way to the kitchen.

I didnt know how but Kevin actually knew how to cook. It was pretty sexy. I watched as he made us rice and beans. Typical Mexican food, but still sexy.

He served Andrew and he plopped himself in front of the tv. We just sat on the couch and watched tv with Andrew. I sat with my head on Kevins shoulders and holding his hand. It was nice. I felt like an actual couple. Like a normal couple. Normal people.

The episode we were watching was when Homer gets some gay friends and goes through a "gay phase". When he kissed another guy Andrew turned to Kevin to seek an opinion or something. He saw us holding eachother.

"What are you guys doing?" He asked.


"Is it ok for guys to do that? Sit like that? Dad said that's g-a-y and that God doesn't like that."

We looked at eachother. "It's fine Andrew."

"Do you guys like eachother???" Andrew asked in concern.

Kevin got very serious. He addressed Andrew professionally. "God doesn't like people who judge other people. Jesus said that in Mark chapter 7." He smiled at me. "I'm gonna be honest with you Andrew. I like Mark. I like to hold his hand and kissing him." Andrew looked a little uncomfortable. "But it's ok. If God wants to change me, He'll change me. I pray to him to change me if He needs to. But until then, I love Mark. There is nothing wrong with that. Do you understand?"

Andrew looked scared. "You guys kiss like Homer just did?"

"Because we love eachother."

Andrew thought for a while. "Can I see you guys kiss?" This caught us by surprise. He thought God didn't like us because of what we were doing, now he wanted to see us doing it???

Kevin began to look uncomfortable. "Finish your food and go to bed."

"But I want to see you guys-"

"Take your food to the room. Mark and me will be in mom and dads room." Kevin walked away with his empty plate.

I didn't know what to do. "You should probably listen to your brother. Goodnight Andrew."

I went to Kevin to ask what that was all about. He was in his parents room.

"I don't think we should include Andrew with what we do. If he sees us kiss, then he might tell on me."

"Hey, it's ok. Calm down." I kissed him to comfort him..... "It's ok."

"You want to fuck him, don't you?"

I stumbled... "What?....No...N-no...."

"You do want to fuck him....."

"Kevin. I don't want to fuck your little brother."

"Your lying. I saw the way you were looking at him." He was getting a little angry as he struggled to keep his voice down. He looked towards the door. "He is cute."

"Do you want to fuck him?" This was an odd conversation.

"He'll tell on me. I can't risk that."

"Ok. Then it'll just be you and me. Calm down. I'll go make sure he goes to bed, and when I get back....." I lightly grabbed his crotch and he smiled.

I went to Andrew to check how he was doing.

"Hey, how are you?"

"Are you guys gay? I want to know."

I didn't think I was coming over to council Kevins little brother on gayness.... "Listen, Andrew. You have to understand something. Your brother has feelings. Feelings that your dad or mom might not like. Kevin is afraid that your going to tell on him and get him in trouble."

"I'm not gonna tell."

"Are you sure? He is really scared that you'll tell on him."

"I won't. I just want to know what gay guys are like. I see them on tv sometimes."

"Do you like boys? It's ok if you do. You don't have to be scared to tell me."

"I don't know. I don't think about it....I don't know."

"You said you won't tell, right?" He shook his head no. "No matter what we say or what you see or what happens? You still won't tell?"

"I don't like tattle tells. One time I took candy from one of the girls in my class and she told on me and I got in trouble. So I don't like tattle tells."

"Tell you what. If you want," I got a little nervous, "you can sneak in the other room and watch what Kevin and I are doing."

"What are you guys going to do?"

"You won't tell, right?"

"I said no..."

"Then you'll see." I petted him on the head and made my way out.

I went back to Kevin. He was sitting on the edge of the bed looking very nervous. Still very sexy.

I sat next to him and messaged his back. I went from rubbing his back to rubbing his shoulders. After rubbing his shoulders I ran my hands down his chest, hugging his body. I started to kiss his neck with my warm lips.

After a while, I moved to the side and laid Kevin on his back. I bent to kiss his lips. Rubbing his chest, up and down. I took off his shirt. His fit young body was hot. I kissed his nipples as his hands pet my head. I worked my way from his neck down, down, down to the bottom of his belly button. I undid his pants and started to take it off. I took off my shirt. He spread his legs. His gray boxer briefs had a bulge that rose towards my face. It throbbed as he tensed his cock. I grabbed it and squeezed. I squeezed the tip.

"Wait...Mark. Maybe we shouldn't." He said suddenly. "Andrew is in the room right next to us. He might hear us."

"It's ok Kevin. Who cares if he hears." I kissed the tip of his cock. "I want him to hear."

I took out Kevins cock and started to suck it. I absolutely loved Kevin. He was my first boyfriend ever. I was lucky to have him at such a young age. While we were living in a world that wanted people like us dead, we could live hand in hand, cock in mouth, together. Support and unconditional love for one another. I understood what it meant when people said "you complete me." Because there was an empty space in my mouth and ass that his cock perfectly completed. But for some reason, his little brother started to come between us.

"You do want to fuck him, don't you?..." He asked softly with his head still laying down.

I sighed taking his cock out of my mouth.

"I'm pretty tired, Kevin." I said disappointingly. "I'm going to sleep."

How dissapointing. He just couldnt let it go. . .


The next morning was awkward. I woke up to find an empty space besides me. But I the smell of breakfast compelled me to get up.

I went to the living room/kitchen. Kevin was making eggs and bacon and pancakes. It smelled so good.

Andrew was in front of the tv with just underwear on. Just underwear. It was Pokemon underwear. I didn't know they still made those. I couldn't stop staring at Andrew as he ate his food. His legs were crossed and he bent forward everytime he took a bite. I could see some of his butt now and then. Kevin came up to me with a plate and saw what my eyes were glued to. He gave me an almost jealous look.

"I knew it." He whispered to me.

"Oh, come on. I know you do too..." He shut up quick as he took a look at his little brother. We both watched his behind. Smooth and white. "You know he's curious. He was watching what we were doing yesterday."

"Are you serious?"

"Yup. And I made sure he won't tell on us." Kevins face lit up.

He looked at his little brother and thought over what to do.

"Hey, Andrew. It isn't really fair that your the only one in your underwear. Do you want us to take off our shorts and shirts so we're like you?"

"I don't care..." Andrew said.

We took off our shirts and shorts and we were all separated by a thin layer of fabric. We all ate and watched tv.

Andrew finished his food. He grabbed his plate and showed Kevin it was empty. But his eye caught glimpse of our boners.

"Ewww....are those your weenies???" He said kinda laughing.

"Yup." Kevin now said fearlessly.

"Why are they like that? Sticking up."

"When you get older, your weenie will get bigger and get hard sometimes, like this, because you need to play with it." Kevin must really want to get to business with his brother.

"Oh.. . . How do you play with it?"

"You wanna show him, Mark?"

I reached over and grabbed Kevins bulge. Andrew watched, mesmerized. I squeezed Kevins dick and played with it. After a while, I took it out. Andrews face looked surprised.

"It's so big! And there's hair!"

I put my mouth over his cock and started bobbing my head up and down.

"That feels good?" Andrew asked.

I took Kevins cock out of my mouth and grabbed Andrew. I grabbed the back of his head and brought his thick red luscious lips to mine, kissing him hard. I drove my tongue down his mouth, feeling his super young warm tongue.

There was a general pause in the room.

Andrew was shocked, Kevin was shocked, heck, I was shocked.

"Put down your plate, I'm gonna fuck you." I demanded Andrew.

Andrew put down his plate. "Your gonna what me???"

I pulled Andrew towards me and dropped his underwear. His small 1 inch cock was hanging innocently off his body. His package and asshole was new, young, unused, untainted and pure. I was about to make him a dirty, used, piece of fuck meat.

I immediately put Andrews whole package in my mouth. Licking the bottom of his smooth, wrinkled ball sac. My tongue explored the very bottom of his sac. The space between his asshole and his sac was so smooth. His flesh tasted so different from Kevin. Andrews cock was sooo young my mouth was almost refreshed from Andrews youth.

While my mouth explored Andrews cock, I was jerking off Kevin. I was pleasing two brothers at one time.

I put my middle finger in Andrews mouth, wetting it as much as possible. After it was wet enough, I started to slowly insert a finger into Andrews tight asshole

"Ahhhhh, that hurts!"

"Your hurting him, Mark!"

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. I'm getting his hole ready for us to take turns.... Remember, your not gonna tell, right?"

"Ah, Ah, Ah......" Andrew squinted in pain and pleasure. "N-nnoo..."

I got up and forced Andrew to his knees. I wanted those thick red lips around my cock. I thrusted my cock into his mouth. He was confused with what to do, but I explained for him to suck it like a bottle. He immediately understood, and it felt awesome. His head started to bob back and fourth from what he learned watching me a few minutes ago. He had good rhythm. Like his dancing.

I picked him up and took Andrew to the edge of the couch. I bent him over the arm rest of the couch which was raised high enough so that his asshole was right in front of my cock.

"It will only hurt for a little bit. Then it will feel good. I'm not big anyway, so it wont be that bad."

I spread Andrews legs apart and exposed his super young pink hole. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Slowly, I put my dick in his tight young ass.

"FUCK!" It felt so good. So warm and tight. Andrew winced in pain for a while, but his pain slowly turned into breathes of pleasure. I saw his small body quickly fill with air and quickly tremble from my cock in his hole.

I fucked that 8 year old for a good 8 minutes. His white body tensed up tight that his hole squeezed my cock hard.

"AHHHHHH!...." Andrew let off. He actually had his first dry cum from my fucking! I was honored.

Not long after I felt my balls make that familiar feeling. I came in his ass as deep as my little cock could.

All I could see were the random crosses with Jesus on them throughout the house. It made me laugh a little. Who cares how wrong it is for what I just did? This little boy was the most gorgeous body on the planet. I had to fuck him. He was loving it, anyways.

"Stay where you are. Your brothers gonna fuck you now." I called Kevin over while holding down Andrew. My cock still in him, getting small.

I plopped out of his ass and directed Kevin into his little brother.

"Just stick it in. Its fucken awesome." I said trying to catch my breath.

Kevin looked nervous at first, but he slowly entered his little brother.

I watched from the couch as Kevin fucked his little brother....HARD! Andrew was obviously in pain, but Kevin was too caught up in fucking to notice. His hips hit his little brother with strong force and he was holding Andrews waist tight, digging his fingers into Andrews skin. Andrew was moaning in obvious pain, but still, Kevin was fully focused on fucking. Andrews face was too much for me to stay quiet.

"Kevin...Kevin! Calm down a little."

He noticed his brothers pain and eased on his thrusts. Soon, he was making love to his brother. Not a romantic love, but a brotherly love. Most brothers take their little bothers to the park, or buy them ice cream. Kevin couldn't find another way to show Andrew just how much he loved his hot ass little brother besides driving his cock in Andrews ass.

"I love you, Andrew! I FUCKEN love you!"

Watching this intamate family moment made my cock hard again no problem. I got to my knees on the couch and made my way to Andrews mouth. His eyes were closed shut since he was in pain, but I guided my dick to his mouth. Kevin kept fucking Andrew while Andrew was sucking me. Andrew tensed up tight again, probably having another dry orgasm. I guess I was right. Andrew truly came between us.

Since Andrew tensed up, his ass clenched Kevins cock. Kevin shook and came deep inside Andrews ass.

He took himself out with extreme pleasure. Kevin made his way to the couch and rested besides me. Then I came into Andrews mouth. He wanted to take my dick out of his mouth but I kept it in until I finished cumming and until Andrew drank all of my cum.

Literally drained I collapsed next to Kevin. Proud of what we've done, we kissed. Naked and pleased.

Andrew stayed bent over the couches arm. He looked like he was in a world of bewilderment and awe. His big, BIG brother just fucked him. His brothers boyfriend was the one to start it all.

I got up and petted Andrews soft brown hair. I noticed our cum coming out of his ass, dripping out. I got on my knees and licked it up. Starting from his calf, making my way up to his thigh, and licking the juicy smooth hole that leaked our man juice.

"How did you like it, Andrew?" I asked while still licking his hole.

"Ahhh..." He said weakly. "I...I liked it."

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