I was in love with a 14 year old: can it work?
(This is underage sex; stop reading if this may offend….)
The love of, and for, a 14y.o. turns my known world into an unknown one, and with all the doubts and questions and future problems to be faced, Reality was here…..

I had told P – my Phuong – I love her; and I did. I didn’t love my wife: she could have her boyfriend, I don’t care.
But I love my daughter, Mi, most of all, and she was my major concern therefore.
As a foreigner, it is not easy to stay resident in Thailand – unless you have a lot of money…a lot of money. After 12 years here, I still have to report my whereabouts every 90 days – even though I bought our house 9 years ago, and that’s where I live! I have to get a yearly visa, and this requires copy of marriage certificate, house registration book, and a letter from my wife attesting to our marriage and we live together at this address…

I avoid both these frustrating necessities by flying out of country, a) before my 90 days expires, then fly back in and start a new 90 days: an endless cycle which suits me as I love Vietnam particularly; and b) I take copies of documents and my wife’s letter to the Consulate in another country, fill out a simple form, and they renew my 12 month visa to Thailand in 2-3 days, no problems whatsoever.

The point of the above: If I divorce my wife, as seems increasingly likely, there is a real problem I won’t be able to stay in Thailand, and what then happens to my daughter without a Dad?

This is my major dilemma, and it has nothing to do with Phuong; it is the course of events which has become inevitable in any case, but is fraught with problems for Dad and his daughter.
Falling in love with a 14y.o. Phuong is a separate wonderful dilemma, yet also fraught with problems.

Perhaps predictably, Phuong waved off all concerns when I went back to see her late that night.

I had spent the rest of the afternoon with Mi, my wife watched TV as usual, so Mi knew it would only be Dad to play with, only Dad who would get her water or fruit or clean up after she peed on the floor; I prepared her dinner, so my wife only had to warm it in the microwave and feed her, had a shower and washed my hair, then showered Mi, and after she was dressed, I told her Dad was going out.
This was standard when my wife was home: only if Dad wasn’t at home, would Mi’s mother even take notice of her; so I forced her to by not being there. I took my book and rode around the corner to my beer shop.

Often, on a Saturday afternoon, I was alone without any of my normal ‘drinking buddies’, and quite happily drank and read my book, and only spoke to people on occasions.
However, today, thinking interrupted my reading concentration, though not my drinking, and I closed my book and sat at the table, pondering the multitude of ‘what-ifs’ there now could be.

My only real interruption was Phuong riding past on a delivery; she smiled widely at me, and I knew she would be stopping on her return. Her motorcycle rolled up behind me, and she leaned her hand down to run across my neck; I shivered as she giggled. “Is that the effect I have on you, Luong Steve?” “One of them” I answered, “Busy at the restaurant?” “So-so, but it is a little early; what time will I see you?” She looked with pleading eyes, which changed to smiling ones when I answered “After Mi goes to sleep, perhaps 21.00 about, is that ok?”
She rode off, saying “Of course!”

I went home at 19.30, spent an hour playing with Mi, while her mother watched the end of a series on TV, and then went for a shower; when Mi asked for her bottle of milk, I prepared it and walked with her upstairs, put her into bed, and kissed her good night, leaving her mother to have the last few minutes until the inevitable sleep hit Mi.
I brushed my teeth and my hair and rode my bike the back way up to the side entrance to Phuong’s restaurant, walked around the front and sat at a table, ordering a beer from a beaming young woman who I called ‘P’: Phuong.

She seemed to rush everywhere, and I could guess what she spoke to her mother about – when the customers had dwindled to only a few, and no new arrivals – and soon she came to my table, took away my not-yet-empty bottle and glass, and said “I am closing now, sir; please follow me to finish your beer….inside.”
I did as ordered, and followed the mesmerizing bottom and long legs of P inside, only to see her empty my glass and bottle down the sink in the kitchen! “Hey, I hadn’t finished!”
“Did you pay for it, sir? No? So until you pay for it, technically it belongs to my family, and my Mother and I decided you don’t have to pay for it, and so you don’t have to drink it!.”

How could I argue against such logic, other than to feebly respond “But, I was going to pay for it.”
Phuong smiled, rinsed her hands and reached for mine, leading me upstairs; “I have missed you for ages, my lover!”
I didn’t think it polite to mention I had been there just this afternoon, and even my cock bade me keep my mouth shut: it knew its place in this relationship; it was meant to be inside Phuong.

However, I truly did want to drink a beer, so I took P’s hand and made her get on her motorcycle and drive the 50m down the street to my beer-drinking spot. I said to her quietly “You must know the owner, Lim, and her son and daughter; Lim has been good friends to me, and to Mi, and she knows something of my problems; you will like her, and she will understand that we are ‘together’. We will just have one drink and then we can go home, ok, P?” She nodded, and with the table near Lim empty of all except her and her daughter, I motioned Phuong to sit, while I got a glass, ice and a bottle of beer; P accepted a glass of water.

I gulped a mouthful of beer, sighed with pleasure and pulled a face at P – who glared – and then I retreated away from that table to have a cigarette 2m away at my normal table: Lim doesn’t like smoke blowing near her, and I was cognizant these days of 2nd-hand smoke’s health effects…

I also expected Lim to talk with Phuong; ask her why we came together on her motorcycle…etc, etc….
As expected, so it transpired, and Phuong even laughed – so I finished my cigarette quickly after that and went back to sit at the end of the table, with P at the corner. Lim speaks quickly always, and she and I often have misunderstandings which get resolved mostly through my use of common sense and guesswork; but it works, and we are more than just the customer and the seller: we are friends, I believe.

It was difficult for me to follow when 2 or more Thai people were speaking fast and at the same time…I heard ‘Luong Steve’ a lot, and picked out threads of conversation, but as Phuong seemed to be enjoying herself, I just drank my beer until finished (and surreptitiously went to the fridge and got another one) and just sat and drank and allowed myself to think….
“Luong Steve” Lim interrupted my quiet drinking and reverie, “I have told young Phuong all I know about you….” I rolled my eyes and put my head in my hands, a mock surrender to the bad news to come. “She agrees with me: you are a nice man, and a very good father to Mi. Your hair is too long, and you are too skinny…but, overall, you are ok.” She smiled with warmth at me.

I drained my glass, pulled out my money, and said to Phuong “Ok, enough talking with Lim for tonight; would you like to go home?” I paid Lim, gave her the half bottle I hadn’t drunk for herself, and climbed on behind a smiling Phuong, still calling out to Lim as we left. I hugged her waist, pushed some fingers up and pinched nipples through her thin bra until she squeaked. “That’s because I think you and Lim told secrets about me, and I couldn’t understand.”
She only laughed: a women’s conspiracy obviously.

At her home, we went upstairs to the bathroom: I had no need of a shower, but was thankful I now had my own new toothbrush and mouthwash. I smiled thankfully at P, as I began to wash my face, and brush and gargle; then I needed to empty my bladder, and turned to find a naked P under the shower, without the water turned on, just looking expectantly at me. Before my cock could respond to her, I used the toilet, shook the drops off, washed my hands, and said “I will see you in bed, P?” She looked disappointed, but nodded and turned on the shower.

I went out, then popped my head back in to ask “Where is your bed?” She laughed “Take your pick.”
Of course I had been in a bedroom here before, but it had an en-suite bathroom, and I actually thought it was her mother’s room, so now I crept to the first door available and quietly opened it, the light from the hall enough – I hoped – to show me an empty bed.

It was empty, but only for a moment as a naked female body came into view, silhouetted from behind from lights at the side of the bed, and fully lit from the front from the hall light I let intrude. I might have apologized, blushed and fallen over in a rush to exit and close the door; but I did none of those things for a while, as I soaked in the Beauty which was revealed to me, standing there in front of me, facing me.
“Are you looking for something?” a quiet voice asked from the shadow of her mouth.
“Well, I was looking for Phuong’s room; but what I found must be Heaven, and an Angel.”

Her form was so perfectly outlined in the soft glow of the light: slim legs rising to a hidden crevice between her thighs, hips to a flat belly, and upwards to soak in the sight of her breasts, not large, but supporting their own weight, thrusting towards me; and pouting at me were 2 nipples of a size to make my mouth drool. She shook her head and her long hair flew out like those on women in a shampoo ad on TV: long and swirling, and framed in the light.
I stood transfixed, and she only slightly moved, adjusting her profile for my viewing pleasure, as she watched me watching her.
“Actually, Phuong’s room is next door, but you are welcome to wait in here; I am just going to bed….”
I swallowed “Um, can I ask who you are?”
“I am Ami, Phuong’s cousin here for a visit for a few weeks. Who are you?”
“Steve, a new friend of Phuong and her mother: actually, a good friend of Phuong’s. Ok, I am sorry to disturb you, Ami, I should leave. Can I just say you are most beautiful; I wish I had my camera with me – the light and you are so sensual, there would be some beautiful photos I am sure.”
“Any time, Khun Steve….anytime, and I am sure we will see each other very soon: probably tomorrow.”

I backed out, closed the door quietly, and went into the next room: empty, so I slumped on the side of the bed and let out a long sigh, just as Phuong came in from her shower, wrapped in a towel which she promptly took off and draped over a chair.
She came to me, pulled my shorts and underpants down and off, then my shirt, and she lay atop my body. What was a man, this man, expected to do?

I did as expected, and we fucked. Well, Phuong did, as I just lay there while she very noisily, aggressively and totally fucked me; she was in control of me, and she knew it, and she did as she wanted to me. On top, she controlled the depth of her cunt’s actions on my rigid cock, sitting down hard and moaning when her insides felt the entire length of me hitting the upper walls of her vagina and on its way into her cervix. Or she pulled up and almost off the tip, and then lowered herself slowly, salivating literally with drops on to my chest, as she savoured the feel along the walls of her tunnel.

When she came, Phuong screamed, and as she came several times during this conquest of me, she emitted multiple screams – a little too loudly for my sensitivities, and my cock wilted somewhat as I whispered to her “Phuong, you will wake everyone, and maybe they think I am hurting you!”
She gurgled a sigh mixed with laughter; “No, Steve, my mother and my cousin – oh you haven’t met her yet, have you - they will understand these are cries of happiness, not pain!” She leaned down, rubbing her breasts against my chest and kissed my neck, then my ear as she whispered “I love you; there is no pain with you.”
I wrapped my arms around her back and said “I do also, my P. but so many problems ahead.”

We remained joined and she lay on me as I recounted the fears and concerns I had about my daughter, my marriage, my residency here, and for Phuong herself.
She placed her hands on my bony chest and leant up, looking directly at me to say positively “There are no problems we can’t take care of my Steve.” She bent to kiss me and muffled some words into my mouth; I couldn’t decipher them so asked her to repeat what she had said….
“We just get married; wouldn’t that take care of everything - as my husband?”

I had not even thought of that as a ‘solution’ or opportunity, and my brain immediately thought of counter arguments; but now was not the time to think on it too deeply, the problems and consequences of marrying a 14y.o. seemed instantly insurmountable and dire. I shook my head and just kissed Phuong longingly on the mouth, and my cock responded and surged back inside her. She moaned and we loved slowly she came, quietly, against me in a climax of gentleness and love.

We slept then, until the beer in my bladder needed release some time later; I disengaged myself from Phuong’s arms and slid from the bed. Groggily, I didn’t bother with my shorts, just sneaked out the door and across a few metres to the bathroom, and opened the door without turning on any light.
I felt along the wall, the light from the street outside enough to find the toilet, but as I reached the last step to lift the lid I encountered a human leg! “Are you looking for something – again - Khun Steve?” Ami was sitting on the toilet!

‘Oh my’ I thought, as I said “Sorry Ami, I thought everyone was asleep, but I needed to go to the toilet….I am sorry to interrupt you, I will wait outside….” “Stay here is fine, Steve” and she reached a hand up my leg until she found my cock; “Umm, it feels a little slippery; has it been busy somewhere? But if it needs empty your piss, then you can sit down on me and we can piss together. That might be fun!” “But I need go to the toilet Ami – not for fun, please.”
How was I going to get any urine out of my penis with her hand on ‘it’? I sat on her lap facing her, pressing my needy cock down between her spread legs, as I realized her body was as naked and bare as my own. Oh my heavens, I thought, and I must have said this aloud as Ami said “What Heaven would you like to go to, Steve: maybe I can help….” She kept emphasizing my name without any prefix of politeness; so: did I care when she now pushed a hand down between her legs and ‘helped’ me milk my cock of the little piss it was able to eject now that she had made it ‘come alive’ and surge across towards the available cunt sitting on the toilet seat.

And her breasts…I couldn’t possibly resist in this position, and I took her right one in my hand, and lowered my mouth to the left one. She groaned, and my prick lurched in her hand, and my mouth and fingers did what they know and like: make love to breasts.

No, this wasn’t right to be doing, with Phuong, the girl I had told my love is for, asleep in the bedroom I had just left. But I hadn’t released with Phuong that short time ago, and my cock was still awake and aware of the cunt being offered to me, Ami’s hand pulling it closer and closer to her waiting vaginal lips, while my lips were closed around the nipple of one breast, and my fingers and hand played all over the other.

I dropped my hands down and under her bottom, spreading her cheeks and feeling the wetness from her cunt as I lifted her and swapped positions. I hadn’t released her breast from my mouth, but now I swapped sides and took her right nipple between my teeth and nipped gently, as I sat down and lowered her cunt straight on to my throbbing cock. She writhed and moaned “Oh fuck!” she sighed, and I said “Yes, we will” as I thrust up and pulled her hips down for maximum penetration.

I had another thought of Phuong, and Ami seemed to sense my thinking “Just this one time, Khun Steve; I needed sex tonight, and you are one very wonderful lover, but I won’t tell Phuong, and I won’t ask again….I will try not to ask again!” She lifted herself and plunged down again.

Perhaps Ami wouldn’t ask again, but could I say the same for myself? I could answer honestly with “I don’t know”; and I also knew this wasn’t the answer which should have sprung in my mind immediately, as the first and true response should have been “Yes, I won’t ask again either – not with Ami, nor any other girl or woman.”

My body continued, somewhat like being set on cruise control, but my mind began to ponder more serious matters:
If I am doing this, here and now and if I cannot be certain not to do so again; if I cannot resist the flesh offered to me without regret; if my cock is going to head for almost any available cunt of its own accord; and if I enjoy fucking others….what then of the love I professed to give to Phuong?

Ami squealed and gushed juices down over my groin, soaking the bush of my hair and dribbling down my thighs under her; I released then, and shot what I could upwards inside her, my cock pulsing and causing her to shudder and cum again as she stayed sitting, squashing herself down my length as the climax began to ease in intensity.

Ami and I each headed to our bedrooms after we had showered; she grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a kiss before she whispered “Thank you, Steve; good night”.

I climbed into bed where Phuong stirred and said “You smell like sex, Steve; or maybe you want some?” She cuddled me and reached for my cock, but I held her off and replied “Phuong, it began as an accident, but I just had sex with Ami.” I did not add ‘I am sorry’ as that would not have been the truth.

She was silent for perhaps 30 seconds; “She is very beautiful, I know, and 3 years older than me; it is ok, Steve, I know you love me.”
“But what if I do it again, my P – with Ami or another girl? That is what I fear might happen.”
“We will work out any problems we might have, my Steve….”

(End of Part 3 – the Final Chapter for now.)
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