I was at my wits end, 6 months ago my wife left me and my 18 year old daughter Lea for a black man, my daughter started dating a black man herself a month ago and I was horny as hell with nobody to fuck.

I was at my wits end, 6 months ago my wife left me and my 18 year old daughter Lea for a black man, my daughter started dating a black man herself a month ago and I was horny as hell with nobody to fuck. Lea"s a pretty girl with short brown hair and brown eyes and she wears glasses that make her look oh so innocent. She"s 5" 6" tall and a little plump with a nice ass and big tits. She loves to flirt and tease men. Her new boyfriend is named Terrence and he"s a 25 year old, big, muscular, black man. I think Lea is acting out as a result of her mom leaving. She has already snuck Terance up to her room for a night of sex.

About a week ago I woke up to strange noises and when I went to investigate, I found out they were coming from Lea"s room. She was moaning and her door was cracked open with her night light on. When I peeked in, I saw my daughter on her hands and knees with Terrence fucking her from behind. I was seeing both of them from the rear so I couldn"t tell how big his cock was. He did have big balls that kept slapping my daughters very hairy pussy. I figured he was well hung because it seemed like he pulled way out each time and my daughter moaned loudly as he pushed his cock back in her.

They were oblivious to me so I pulled my own cock out and was jacking off in time with them. Terrence started pumping his big cock in her very fast and very hard and I heard him tell her "get ready bitch, this is some potent fucking cum" and then he buried his cock in my daughters pussy and started pumping his cum in her. I could see his big balls jerk every time he shot a big load in her and she was moaning like he was stretching her pussy out. I could see strands of cum hanging from his big balls and when he pulled out, his big cock just dropped and swung and a lot of his cum came back out with it.

I heard Lea say "I hope you knocked me up this time" and Terrence said "thats your problem, I don"t need no more babies". Lea looked hurt but then she said "well if I ain"t pregnant now I will be after the book store on Friday". I didn"t know what that meant but I was going to find out.

The next day I hid a small camera in Lea"s room and aimed it at the bed and then tested it for sound. I had everything hooked up to my computer so I could find out what she was planning and jack off to my daughter fucking too. I told Lea on Wednesday that I would be leaving for business Friday morning and I wouldn"t be back until Saturday night. On Thursday night Terrence came over and I told them I had an early day and went to bed. By the time I got my computer going, they were talking on her bed. She told Terrence that I wouldn"t even be home Friday and they would have the house to themselves. He said "were still going to the book store cause, I"m gonna turn your ass out to every black man in there". Lea was very excited and said "I can"t wait for my first gang-bang" and then she told Terrence to pull his shorts off because she wanted to suck his big cock.

They both stripped and I got my first good look at them both naked. Lea"s body was very sexy with big pussy lips and a very hairy pussy and ass. Terrence had a bigger cock than I thought, it had to be at least 10 inches long and as fat as my upper arm. It was very black with a dark purpleish mushroom head on it and it looked very heavy as my daughter licked and sucked it. I had my cock out as she sucked him and then he told her to lay back and he"d pump a baby in her. She layed back and opened her legs wide as Terrence shoved his whole cock in her all the way to his balls. Lea let out a loud moan and Terrence told her to be quiet or she would wake up her dad and she said "he"s so horny, he"d probably join in", then she said "and I"m so horny, I"d let him". Terrence started fucking her really hard and told her he liked her because she was the nastiest slut he"d ever fucked.

Lea looked like she was in ecstacy as he pumped his big cock in and out of her and she kept saying "I love cock, I can"t get enough cock, I can"t wait for all those men to fuck me and cum in me" and with that Terrence said "God you make me cum when you talk like that" and he started emptying his balls in her sloppy, hairy, young pussy. Again when he pulled his big cock out of her, it made a sucking noise and was follow by a flood of cum running out. My own cock was shooting my cum all over my stomach and chest and I felt like I had just fucked my own daughter. I heard Terrence tell my daughter he"d pick her up at 7 pm, he also told her to wear a button up dress and no panties and then he left.

The next day I went to work as usual and got off at 5 pm. I bought a long overcoat, a baseball cap and some big dark sunglasses. I was going to park down the hill from our house and follow them when they left. Around 7, Terrence pulled up and blew his horn and my daughter came running out wearing one of her moms thin, button up summer dresses. I could see her pubic hair from where I was parked. When the pulled out, I followed at a safe distance until they pulled into a sleasy bookstore in the black part of town. After they went in, I parked across the street and put my disguise on. After about 10 minutes I went in and looked around the main store. There were a lot of men looking around and I asked the clerk if there was a theater and he said there were two and it would cost $5.00 and you could go from one to the other for the same price. I paid him and went in the nearest one.

There were 6 other men already in it and engaged in various sex acts. I sat down toward the back by myself. It wasn"t long until this big burley white guy sat down next to me. The movie had an older white woman getting fucked by three black men that were all hung. The movie was turning me on as were the men playing with each other. When I looked at the big guy next to me, he had pulled his big cock and balls out and was slowly stroking them. He leaned over and said "its your first time in here, isn"t it" and I said "yes it is". He asked if I wanted to suck his cock and I told him maybe later just to hush him up.

He kept stroking it and I couldn"t stop watching him. About that time the door opened and you could see each others faces. My daughter and Terrence and some other black man were looking around the room and started my way. I was afraid of getting caught so I went down on the big guy next to me. He moaned and put his hands on my head and started working his cock in and out of my mouth. My daughter sat down near us between her two lovers and it wasn"t long before she was giving them head. She was in the floor between them taking turns sucking their cocks when another older black man came up behind her and started rubbing her pussy. He pulled her dress up over her back exposing her lovely ass and lined his cock up to fuck her. Just then the door opened and the light shined on his cock, it was huge, at least 12 inches and fat and dripping precum. As he slid it in, Lea started to moan.

She was saying "Oh God thats big, I don"t think I can take it, please pull it out, Oh God thats big". I was so turned on, I was laying there not 3 feet from my daughter as she was taking a monster black cock and me sucking my first cock and loving it. The guy I was sucking was now pushing my head roughly down on his hot cock and telling me "suck it buddy, suck my cock and swallow my big load of hot cum" and cum he did and his big cock just kept shooting as he watched my sweet daughter taking a 12 inch fat cock and begging for more. As I was licking my lovers cock clean, I heard the old man fucking Lea ask her if he could cum in her pussy and she told him she wanted a black baby so he should fill her up. Then he said "I"ve been holdin back so I didn"t hurt you but if you want a baby, I"ll pump my cum right in your cervix and he shoved his big cock all the way in until Lea was jerking and begging him to stop.

He was up against something inside my daughters pussy that had never been tested before. He said "hold still, when I start cumming it"ll go all the way in and we were all watching as he started grunting and you could tell he was cumming and then he suddenly went deeped and my daughter said "Oh God I can feel it, thank you, pump your cum deep in me, Oh God I love your big cock" and then it was over and the old man pulled his big cock out of my daughter and held it over to me and I just started licking it clean for him. The big guy I"d been sucking got up and left as another older black man sat down by me.

He pulled his good sized cock out and told me to get it hard so he could fuck her. It didn"t take long and he got up and knelt behind my daughter and began to fuck her. I crawled two rows up and began taking turns on two big black cocks. When I"d drained their cocks, I noticed there was a line waiting to fuck my daughter. Terrence pulled me around to face him and my glasses fell off and I"m sure he recognized me but I put the glasses back on anyway. He told me to start sucking the guys in the line. He wanted me to get the black guys hard so they could fuck Lea and I could suck all the others until they came.

I must of sucked twenty dicks and swallowed 10 big loads of cum. Lea probably fucked twenty guys and took twenty loads of black cum. Finally it was late and Terrence said "I"m gonna let one white guy fuck her, he"s earned it but first he"s got to lick all the extra cum off of her" as he told me to go for it. I crawled over to my daughter who was exhausted and I cleaned her up with my tongue. She was still on all fours and I just slid my cock right in and I was so turned on that I just started cumming in her. Terrence looked at her and said "thats your daddy fucking you slut, does that make you happy" and when Lea looked around and recognized me, her pussy began to convulse on my cock and she said "I"m cumming daddy, I"m cumming.

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