while i lay on my back, i could feel his chestrubbing the back of my head,i could feel his dick touching my balls and reaching the head of my own small penis
Hey guys this is my first ever attempt at a story, its one of my fantasies, I really would love this to happen to me as im also looking for a daddy….so if any1 is out there ;) lol…no seriously contact me.

Anyway please leave comments and let me know if u guys like it, I have a lot more ideas but just wanna see if this into goes down well (pun intended). So enjoy and hope u like it

I was young, but not stupid. I knew the choice that i made and i loved it. At school I snuck into my computer rooms at lunch and went to a gay chat site, I was looking for someone to be my daddy. A loving sweet caring daddy, who would take it slow and make me feel good without scaring me. After a while I found someone who was perfect, but I had lied…I told the man I was 16 which is the legal age to have sex in my country, truth be told I was younger, 5 years younger. But I already knew about sex.

My dad would watch his gay porn when mum wasn’t around. But it was so scary, it was so rough and wild. Still I wanted to try, but nice and slow. I told the man to pick me up in a street around the corner from my house. It was 3pm I had tutoring and soccer, so dad didn’t expect me home til 7. As his car pulled up I went to his window and told him I was lost and needed a ride. he refused saying he was busy with some other plans, but I put on my cutest face for him, see I had blonde hair and green eyes, my body was not yet even beginning to mature. And looked like a picture of innocence, how could he say no? it also helped that I knew he liked young boys from our chat online. He finally relented and let me in the car “where are u heading?” he asked and I told him everything.

He told me “get out!” and that this was “bull shit” but my puppy eyes made him a bit calmer and he said “look hun, im flattered but I think its too risky. Your young and what if u regret ur decision?” in response I took of my shorts and underwear, my 3inch penis was standing at attention, I turned over and pointed by cute bubble but it him, I spread my cheeks and said “daddy my whole has been waiting so long for some one to lick it, to hug my ass, kiss my dick. I finally found you and you don’t want to?” i almost felt like crying, so I turned my head away my ass was now in his face but my soul wasn’t, here was my chance and I couldn’t have it.

A tear rolled down my cheek, I was almost gonna break down when I yelped, the most unbelievable thing was happening, he kissed my hole, and he seemed to like it cause he was licking it like a thirsty dog licks water from its bowl. omg my penis felt so nice, the feeling was incredible, my smooth asshole was getting licked and sucked on, my I thought my penis was about to burst, I had butterflies in my stomach, and my legs started to shake, I was flustered and hot and turned on, I thought I would cum in about 5 secounds.
Then he stopped. I was so disappointed, I was seconds away from cumming. I slowly turned around, ashamed at how much pleasure that had bought me. He looked at me and said “we may as well go home”

On the way home we talked about normal stuff, how was school and my friends and stuff, he told me he was divorced and he a son but his wife took him. I felt bad for him and leaned over to give him a kiss.

“awww thanks son”, he said “its ok though, I have Tammy and Tom to keep me company” seeing my confused face he said “my dogs son”

Some how during the ride his arm was around my small body, and he was rubbing my already hard penis, it felt so heavenly that I don’t remember what he was talking about. Later on the way I somehow ended up sitting on his hand his large rough hands were inside my shorts and his rude finger was gently touching my ass as he rubbed and pushed, this made my dick stand up so much I thought I was 3.5” now. I just loved this man and how he made me feel. As he kept rubbing the funny feeling in my tummy came back and I just needed to touch my penis, I reached over but daddy said “no son, save it for when we get inside” so I listened to him, but it was so so hard as every bump in the rode made my shorts rub my penis and almost made me cum right there. i was sooo horney, and hot, i wished daddy would stop the car and make me cum with his mouth and my lick ass again like he did before. i looked down at my shorts and saw a wet spot where my penis was, i was leaking pre cum.

Finally we pulled into his house and he parked his car in the garage, and as the garage door automatically closed daddy said “come son sit on my lap”. I got off my seat and climbed onto daddies lap, I turned to face daddy with my legs around his waist. Daddy brushed my hair with his hand and held my bum with the other. Then while he looked into my eyes kissed me on my lips, slowly sweetly, compassionately and lovingly. I fell in love with him right then and there, he kept kissing me and touching my bum, and suddenly I could feel some thing hard pushing against my own penis and balls, I looked down and there was a huge bulge in daddies jeans…..

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