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John Joseph Myers, at age 13 has used his genius to become a multimillionaire and this is a story. How it all began that put him in the right place to meet the 10 of them.
I will remind everyone again I'm not a professional at this and I apologize for any errors. I hope it's enjoyable.

The Ten of Them.

My name is John I lived with my mother, Margaret called Maggie. Mom calls me JJ. I was christened John Joseph Meyer Junior so it was natural to call me JJ. I'm now 13 years old as major things are happening in my life.

I was three and even at that age considered extremely bright by most of my family's friends when we move to Los Angeles. I could read and did as often as possible. I have the type of memory that allows me to remember everything, every sound, every smell, every taste, and everything I ever saw. That made learning to read easy even for a three-year-old.

My father was a professional athlete and had just moved up from the minor leagues to take a spot on LA Dodgers rolls. My father purchases a larger house, from our old one planning on having more children now that his income could support us.

Mom was a graphics art designer and also took a promotion moving to Los Angeles. Mom loves her job in a company that did various things to support everything from advertising to Web site design. She says she love the variety one day should be working on a commercial the next day the design of a movie poster or one hundred other things.

Until my father died on a LA freeway my family was very happy. It was a multivehicle accident that claimed my father's life, the odd thing about it he wasn't even involved. He was rescuing a young woman who was involved in the accident. He had just freed her from her vehicle as a fire began to expand. He literally tossed her nearly 30 feet to safety where two firemen caught her. Microseconds after he tossed her to safety another car struck the pile up.

My father was trapped and died within the mangled wreckage. The car driven by the son of a billionaire had struck the pile up at the time he is on a cell phone. He ran past to traffic patrol cars narrowly missing the officers who were attempting to make him stop.

A news camera captured the action: as he paid no attention to his situation. After it hit the evening news even giving his father's money couldn't silence the story. Before my father’s funeral my mother had 25 lawyers offering to take the case.

The team's owner had his lawyer file sue citing on our behalf for wrongful death, for my mom and me. The team’s attorneys declined monetary rewards for their efforts on our behalf. When the lawsuit settled I had just turned five, and I was a multimillionaire.

Last year was the 10th anniversary of my father's death. The team had a retirement ceremony for his jersey. They played a tape the newscast had made that day. It showed my father helping people out of their automobiles as one started a blaze. Finally Dad came up to the woman's car jerked open her door just a smoke was beginning to fill her car. She was obviously unconscious, as he begins to run carrying her away from the flames. Dad sees the car approaching and tossing the woman to safety. Thankfully the cameraman follows the woman. I didn't have to watch my father die.

Team owner gave me my father's last jersey he wore during a game. The two of us placed it into a glass case. Both of us had tears streaking down our faces. They raise my father's jersey high onto a wall over the entryway.

Watching his jersey being lifted in to place, I almost didn't notice them standing there. There they were the seven people who my father had rescued. There she was standing at end of the line. No one would need to introduce her to be I didn't know her name but I did know who she was. She is the last person my father managed to save. She had two children with her and her husband stood behind her.

When the nine-year-old girl hand she held pulled free, she ran to me as fast as her legs would carry her. Her mother called out. “Stop Joan.” The little girl did not stop she ran into me nearly full force, if I hadn’t been ready for it she would knocked me over. Joan through her arms around me very tightly, buried her head in my chest and then began to sob uncontrollably. She couldn't be more than nine and a half years old. Through her sobs she tells me. “Your daddy is my hero. He saved my mommy and me.”

When her mother stepped forward trying to remove Joan from me, I knew it wasn't going to happen she had too tight a hold to get pull away without injuring her. I tried to calm the little girl by saying. “It's okay Joan. Dad is happy he is your hero. He was the type of person who wouldn't stand by and not help. My Dad saved your Mom because he had too. It wasn't in him to do any less. He was always a hero to me too."

My mom hugged me and said. “For three-year-old you knew your Dad pretty well.”

Joan’s Mom hugged me too and kisses me on the cheek. “I only wish I had a chance to think him for saving us.”

“I think he knows how grateful you are.” It was the only thing that comes to me.

Joan never let go until later that evening. The owner had invited us to his luxury box to watch the game with him. The game dedicated to my father. Joan introduced me to her Mom Alyssa, her father Edward and to her brother Johnny. By the end of the game my Mom and Alyssa were fast friends. It’s funny when you're thirteen and the girls nine and half it seems with the age difference is huge, but I got a feeling by the time I'm twenty-five it won't be so bad.

Mom is now friends with Alyssa. They come by several weekends, we spent time together we would go to the beach, or just hang out of the house having a barbecue. We went to their small moderate LA house a couple times.

Mom found less and less reason to stay in LA, she hated the traffic, the crowds and she hated when someone recognized her as the hero baseball player’s widow. She couldn't date because any club she went to someone always recognizes her. It always doomed any budding relationship she had there. She said that those men would have two reactions one of pity, or worse they see dollar signs knowing Mom had settled a huge lawsuit. After the 10th anniversary ceremonies it only got worse, Mom has Pavarotti following her. I think that was the straw that actually broke the camel’s back.

Alyssa actually was the one who suggested that Mom move. Alyssa said because she's that unhappy here, her friend should find someplace to recoup herself. “Listen if this place is depressing you move, find a new home where you can be comfortable, where you could start over if you want. Someplace where you are away from the noise the crowds and traffic that you hate. Some place where JJ can make some friends. I can always write to make sure you're doing okay. Maybe I can come visit you. So I could get away from the city too.” They both giggled and hug each other.

Mom realized she hidden from her pain and had missed me growing up. Mom had through herself totally in her work for the last decade, the event at the ballpark made that misdirection painfully evident to her.

About two weeks after that Mom is home early something highly unusual, when she walks into the den I'm there with my English lit tutor going over a hard spot for me. Looking frustrated and slightly confused Mom gives me that I got it talk to you expression. So I begin. “Mom I was working on my English lit, I really need to get that figured out.” Mom is tense as hell, as I realize I've never really told Mom about my school.

“JJ what the hell are you talking about? I went to where you're supposed be going to school at and they tell me you're not a student there. I have them check you're not a student anywhere.”

“Mom set down please. I should have explained this to you last year.” I waited for my mother to take a seat while I go to the desk to get a few things to show her. To Mom's credit she is actually waiting for me to explain. “Mom there's a reason I don't go to school, I have already graduated high school. My English lit class is in college I'm actually a sophomore, and I’ll have my associates once I pass English lit.” Mom eyes are wide with surprise. I hand her my high school diploma in my honors certificate for my freshman year of college. Reading the documents to say the least my mother was more than astonished.

Mom finally asks. “How did you do that? How did you change from public school to home schooling?”

“I hate to tell you this but when I was seven I tried to ask you about the homeschool. You laughed it off, but I found a way to do it. The only problem was I needed two signatures from you. I tricked you into signing for me. I was so bored in public school after the first day. Half the kids wanted to beat me up and the other half wanted to worship me because what Dad did. I just had to get away from that. So I was a little desperate and I have you signed to forms, telling you they were for a class trip.” I truly never wanted to lie to my mother, but I needed out of public school so bad.

I don't know if mom is proud of me or mad. Most likely a little both mad that I fibbed to her, proud of what I've accomplished. I asked her a question. “Mom did you notice that most of the report cards I presented you were for finals to each grade levels?”

“I guess I'm been wrapped up and myself for too long.” She nearly looked like she was going to cry.

My mother is a little less angry at me now. I know she's worked very hard in her career to get ahead she's never let me openly use my trust. As far as I know she has never touched her trust either. I had another confession to make, this one involved my trust. “Mom I told you, I had two documents I needed you to sign. The first I told you about was my homeschool. The second was so I can have access to my trust. I needed money for tutors and for a governess. I needed a governess because I was too young to stay alone at home. I only needed to tutors from time to time to help me through areas where the textbooks were lacking. Before you ask I've have paid it back plus interest. I started two Internet companies, both making considerable profit.”

While shocked Mom is impressed. “I've really had my head buried in work to not have noticed. Just what are these Internet companies that are so profitable?”

“My first one was an online tutoring for a monthly fee; my second is an auction site it makes most of the money, the best of all I don't put any money up front for the items I auction mostly. For instance I auction off automobiles, within one month delivery after the auction closes. That gives me time to order the automobile and have it delivered. I started off with items high definition TVs, computers and other electronic devices. Each bid only cost the person bidding a cent, but I charged $0.50 to buy it. So the bidder actually paid $0.51 per bid.” I bring up the website as my mom walks over to the computer she recognizes it immediately, I had her company designed the site for me.

Mom’s voice is a little more than a whisper when she says. “You’re JJ enterprises.”

“Yes Mom, I'm JJ enterprises.” I state matter-of-factly.

Mom asks. “How does that make so much money?”

I point out to my mother one of the five cars currently up for auction. “Look at the number of bids on that one car. Remember I get fifty cents per bid and the bidding only goes up by one cent.” Then realization hits her as she realizes that the bidding is $8201.93, making total number of bits of 820193 at fifty cents a bid making a the profit on that one car already over $380,000. “The bidding usually continues until it finally sells for around $18,000.

Astonishment is evident in her voice. “My God, how many cars do you sell like that a month?”

“On average twenty-one, but our best month we sold twenty-nine, all going for over one an half million bits each. The months we sell fewer automobiles the numbers of bids are quite higher, so the average income for the site is well over one hundred million a year.”

Mom’s astonishment turns to outright shock, her eyes roll back and she goes limp. I am grateful she is seated and all I have to do is keep her in the desk chair.

I call for Shirley, my partner and former governess and ask her if she can get the smelling salts. In a few moments Shirley returns with the smelling salts and a glass of water. She has a knowing smile she too had similar reaction me showing her how much profit the site made, I needed an adult to sign some paperwork, so I took her on as my partner, I get 80% but she still is a multimillionaire. So I stop calling Shirley my governess, she's rich enough now to retire anywhere in the world she would like to.

Running the smelling salts under my mother's nose brings her to consciousness with a jerk. Shirley helps me hold Mom in the chair, once fully conscious we release her. “Mom, I like you meet Shirley, she's my business partner on the site.”

Shirley giggles and holds out her hand for mom to shake. “Hello ma'am I'm very happy to meet you finally.”

Mom shakes Shirley’s hand. Mom asks. “Shirley is there anything else going on I should be aware of?”

Shirley giggles. “We have a maid and groundskeeper on payroll. Oh JJ, Yahoo just increased the offer for the auction site.”

I look at my watch, and say to Shirley. “Let's think about it, and call them back tomorrow 10 AM.”

Shirley says. “We should take the offer. We don't have the resources to continue with the traffic it gets.”

I know Shirley is absolutely correct. One bad crash could lower any future price we could receive for the site. “Okay Shirley, call them back now to accept their offer.”

Mom looks at me with what's going on expression on her face. “I just sold JJ enterprises to Yahoo. Mom I know I sound crazy to sale the company when it is that profitable. But it's also a high risk venture. One large crash and every item under auction goes for the last price even if that's only one cent.”

Shirley comes back in with a large smile on her face. “It's done and their expressing the checks here, they’ll be here at 9 AM guaranteed with contract, for final signature. After the negotiations were finished I told them you were only thirteen. They laughed and the president of the company asked if you would come and work for him in five years.”

I looked at Mom then back to Shirley. “No I think I'm going to retire. Just finish college just so I can say I done that."

Both women giggled, my mom said. “My son at thirteen retires, that is some more work ethic.”

Mom’s statement stings a little bit. Maybe I should let her in on all I made off this deal. “Mom comes set on the couch while I give you all the details.” Mom's questioning but she walks takes a seat on the couch. After she is seated I begin. “I sold both websites, for more money than we could ever spend, and my kids and their kids.”

Mom giggles. “Just how much money was their final offer?”

Shirley answers, I haven't even heard yet. “It was just $625 million.”

“Shirley, don't forget we get 5% royalties.” I reminded her.

Shirley reminds me. “You get 4% and I get 1% of the royalties.”

I don't know if mom is a custom to the shock at this point or she does not comprehend what we talked about. “Mom now you see why I said I'm retiring.”

Shirley states. “I guess I'll retire too, I got more money than my husband and I will spend.” She hugs me and that she continues. “Coming to work for you was like winning the lottery, just a little longer getting paid for it.”

I chuckled at her joke.

Mom says. “Oh my God! That's, that's.” Her eyes are going wide then roll back into her head, and then she falls over on the couch.”

Shirley asks. “You think she's okay?”

I kneel down and check mom. “She still breathing, looks like she did the math.”

Shirley giggles and asks me. “Should I still order the dinner you had planned for, when you told your mother about the sell?”

“You know Shirley that is a great idea.”

We let my mother sleep while we order take out from a high-end restaurant. They bring the food to your home complete with server, they bring their own dishware, if needed they use your oven to warm things. Other than that you don't have dishes to clean after the meal. Extreme yes, not for an ordinary occasion, but this is extraordinary occasion that I want to celebrate with my mother.

I called Alyssa to ask her if she can come over this evening for dinner, she says tonight is okay. Edward will be home very soon, and the kids are there. I tell her for having a celebration dinner at eight.

Alyssa asks. “What are we celebrating?”

I think of explaining it over the telephone in my mother's reaction and decide not to, at least not all of it. “I graduated high school. I was being home schooled so I went through grades little faster than most kids.”

Alyssa is impressed. “That's great JJ we’ll be there. Can I speak to your mother now?”

I'm sure mom is still unconscious. “Sorry mom is taking a nap right now but she will see you at dinner.” We say our goodbyes.

I let mom sleep for about thirty minutes more just to see if she would wake up on her own, when she didn't have brought the smelling salts and another glass of water. Shirley had left for the day. It felt strange having mom home this early. I broke the capsule and ran underneath mom's nostrils she got a whiff other strong odor and sprang up faster than I was ready for.

On her way up, she strikes the glass and it spilled over her blouse. The light material become translucent I could see, she's not wearing a bra, my mother is thin soaked and cold her nipples pushing outward. I couldn't help it. I am a thirteen-year-old boy with hormones raging like crazy. Any breasts at this age will give you an erection. Mom's set of breasts were beautiful. I only have Internet porn sites for comparison but for what I see mom had a great pair. Mom screamed. “JJ I'm drenched.” I can't force my eyes away from mother’s hardening nipples. I stammer. “Sorry, sorry Mom.”

Mom seen my reaction begins to laugh which makes things jiggle. “Oh God I forget you’re at that age.”

Trying to force myself to think of other things I tell Mom. “Mom I have order dinner in and Alyssa and family will be here at eight.” I even close my eyes to keep from staring at my mother.

Mom had a playful side to her when it burst out, look out usually something big would happen. Mom and I had always been fairly open about our bodies. Maybe it was because I never forgot anything I still remember her nursing me, how much better her milk tasted than formula. A memory like that doesn't help my current situation. Mom complains about the cold water and I can hear her moving, with my eyes closed I'm uncertain of what exactly she's doing. Mom orders me saying. “JJ, open your eyes.”

Mom’s nude breast is only inches from my face my eyes locked onto the nipple and I have to fight the urge to lean forward and take it into my mouth. I look up into Mom's face has a playful look that I've seen before. The first time I got an erection when she was sunbathing she noticed, then had the rub sunscreen all over her body. I mean 100% of her body.

The feel her breasts under my hands flashes back to me, I didn't think it was possible but my erection feels even harder than before. Mom giggles and says. “You almost froze them off, now you need to warm them up.” She grabs the back of my head and I open my mouth to say something before I can react her tit is in my mouth. “After we're done here I'll have to give you the talk about sex.” Mom doesn't know it but I spent a lot of time on the Internet, what can I say I’m a 13-year-old boy with a T1 Internet service.

Touching the tit is totally different than just seeing it. I have sex stories from Lady Chatterley's lover to Internet sex stories my favorite site is they has the best stories going. One of my favorite authors uses the handle of daddycums; most of the stores there are original. Which is great with me, I would hate to write something and someone plagiarizing or outline stole it. Just copy the Word for Word and pasted it under their name. But of course there are the authors that come to mind with a situation like this is fbailey or jmiller. I can't think right now I'm got a beautiful breast with a hard nipple under my tongue. So I try to do everything these guys have described their stories. Run my tongue encircles pressing into the uneven flesh of her areola crossing to the nipple pushing it inward, to suck it back out again.

Mom moans. “JJ, where the hell did you learn to do that? That's great, oh shit.”

My hands seem to move on their own, they lightly run across Mom’s thighs. I'm being held to Mom's right breast. My right hand crosses her stomach gently caressing on its way to her left breast, my left hand gently strokes her right thigh. It's almost like my body is on automatic, maybe I spend too much time reading those stories. Mom pushes me back off her right breast I look into her eyes her playfulness is gone. There's a little fear in its place. I try to give her a reassuring smile and say. “I love you Mom, I'll always be here for you.”

Mom stammers. “JJ we… We can't… We can't do this…”

I would not hurt my mother for anything, even now when every fiber of my body says push her down and take what you want. I won't, I can't, holding her gaze I pull back and say. “I love you Mom I will not do anything, you don’t want.”

Mom looks into my eyes she sees how hard I had pushed against the lust and realizes how hard it was to fight my teenage urges the hormones and all the other shit that comes along at my age. Mom apologizes. “I'm sorry JJ I shouldn't tease you. You are at the age where hormones begin to rule your body and mind. If you didn't love me so much…”

I cut her off. “I love you and I wouldn't do that. You're beautiful Mom and very tempting but I wouldn’t hurt you.” Truth is I would never hurt anyone like that, I read enough to truly understand what rape does to a woman. Even the physical act can be bad enough but after words most rape victims never truly are comfortable having sex. Sex is such an important part of adult life to have messed up for a few minutes of someone's selfish pleasure.

Mom blushed says. “I'm beautiful and tempting. You better be careful young man you may talk yourself into something…”

I open my eyes. I am standing in the doorway the cold glass of water still in my hand and Mom still asleep on the couch. Takes me a second to realize it was a day dream or premonition or something just not real. I walked to the couch. I only hesitate a moment before setting the water down on the end table, before breaking the capsule and then running the smelling salts under my mom’s nose.

Mom jerks awake but with no glass to run into she simply sets up. “Are you okay now Mom?”

Mom shakes her head. “Did I hear you right? Sold of your company for $625 million?”

“Are you going to pass out again?” Mom shakes her head no, so I continue. “Yes we sold the company for that price. My share of the sale price is $500 million.”

“Well then I guess it is okay that you retire. No one could complain that you never worked hard enough, not having made money like that.” Mom tells me proudly.

I like to do this for my mother and for me; this was more time to be together. “Mom, I want you to retire as well.”

Mom starts to reject the idea. “JJ, how will I make money if I retire, to buy the things we need?”

I look at her state flatly. “With this sale I'll have over three quarters of 1 billion on my own. I think we can live off the interest. Not including mine or your settlement money.”

Mom looks at me with a blank expression for a long time. I think she may have passed out with her eyes open. She finally shakes her head to clear it. Then she asks. “Where will we live?”

I answer her. “Anywhere we want to. You want to leave the city anyway.”

Mom replies. “I guess I will not have to look for a job anymore. The graphics company has gone out of business. Last contract it actually made money on was JJ Enterprises.”

“Now all we have to do is figure out where we want to live.” I have looked at several areas all crossed America and Canada. I decided I wanted to live somewhere fairly warm, so I decided one of the cotton belt states from Texas east to Georgia not much further north than Tennessee or North Carolina. In a I wanted a lot of land a lot more than what most people would ever think of but it's hard finding 500 acres, and more in Texas anywhere else, Mom said Texas was too hot and dry. Agreeing I begin looking further east with climate more moderate with more rainfall.

I didn't get my 500 acres but I found a good piece of land of 360 acres in the foothills of Appalachian Mountains. A river bordered one side of the property flowing into a lake, which I love. The river wasn’t big enough for waterskiing but other boating activities like fishing should be good there. The river ran into a Lake only a mile downstream, The Lake only made it better, more than enough room to water ski. A small town can be accessed via lakeside marina.

A high bluff overlooking the river a large flat area at its top is perfect place for our new home. The site is off a gravel road leading back two tenth of a mile to the hardtop, sixteen miles to the nearest town, and ninety miles to the nearest city. Close enough to everything but far enough away to be very quiet, no traffic, no paparazzi just nice quiet country living.

Mom and I flew out to look at the property that weekend, I've been a minor couldn't buy it but rather than risk losing the property, Mom put a retainer down until I could have the lawyers purchase the property under my trust. We fall in love with the land almost immediately it was early spring and from the top of the bluff down to the banks of the river was totally covered in wildflowers. It had a nice old house on the property. Sit near the hardtop it would do to live in while I had the house I wanted built on the bluff.

Flying back to California Mom almost seemed depressed, after some time of air I turn to her and asked. ”Mom what is bothering you?”

“You know really I hate to sell the house in Los Angeles. The market there really sucks; we will never get near what it's worth.”

I suggest. “What about giving it to Alyssa?”

Mom's eyes lit up but after a moment or two her mood darkens again. “They don't make enough to even pay the taxes.”

I confess my concern. “Mom I just don't want Joan having to grow up in the neighborhood she currently is in.”

Mom also states. “I know Edward right now is working two jobs, and Alyssa has a part-time job as well.”

We remain silent for a long time. “What about offering Edward another job have him live in and maintain the house? We'll even give him a year’s notice if we ever intend to sell. That way we pay the taxes, utilities and upkeep, Edward simply ensures it maintain, by himself or a contractor.”

Mom looks at me, and then asks. “You think you can actually talk him into that.”

I replied. “Mom, I created and sold JJ Enterprises to Yahoo, what do you think.”

Mom giggles reaches over messes up my hair just as the woman in the seat in front of me rises over it to look at me. She asks. “Did I hear you right? You’re JJ from JJ Enterprises?”

I shake my head yes, as Mom turns to her and says. “That's my JJ, brilliant, rich and handsome.”

A very long story short, it turns out that woman was from Forbes magazine and wanted to interview me about my astonishing business success at my early age, their words not mine, the president of Yahoo mentioned it to them himself. So I explained almost everything to her, I left out the part that Mom didn't know about it until the day of the sale. I explained how I started with the online tutorial service, how became popular, however got the idea for the auction site, that charging a monthly fee I made the decision to charge to per bid and how that ended up making far more money than I have ever expected. However twenty-eight months of running the site the traffic was heavier than my T-3 could support. I originally thought of contracting Yahoo to run the site, but they eventually made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

She asked all kinds of questions, like during the twenty-eight months what was my annual or monthly income from the site. I log-on to my home computer to my PDA, but that the information for her. Informing her it was $298.7 million net profit her mouth dropped open as Mom giggle. Then she said. “I'm surprised it took Forbes this long to have someone come and interview you JJ.”

She confessed to me. “I've only started a few months ago, and you're the richest person I've ever met.”

I hate correcting my elders, especially one as attractive as she is. I need to set the story straight I do not want some people thinking I'm only about the money. “I wouldn't count myself as one of the richest people you ever met. I have my mother, who I love dearly. But I would give up every cent I ever made to have saved my father. I think someone who has both their parents and siblings that love them should count themselves as very rich.”

She sets there with their mouth open until the passenger at her left side taps her shoulder. “Be sure you put in the article he is wise beyond his years, and use that statement verbatim.”

It is near the end of the flight and flight attendants are coming through the cabin prepping it for landing. After landing we make proper introductions, her name is Michelle Collins the man beside her was Mike Collins, her father and editor. He tagged along on this trip to help get her some experience to back her up if need be.

“I mean all the money in the world isn't going to make you happy. Not like playing catch with your Dad on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Nothing can replace having him teach you how to shave or to drive.” Mike got a knowing look and a sad smile.

Michelle playfully punches her father on his arm and says. “When Dad taught me how to drive it was traumatic for the both of us.”

Looking at the two of them I say. “Now you reflect on it fondly, it has made both of you closer. Even at the time it was stressful but now it's a shared experience.”

Mike looks at Michelle who says. “I know, wise beyond his years.”

Mom pulls me close to her, and gives me a pick on the cheek. Moments like these I have learn to cherish even at thirteen, I realize I love my Mom more because I know I may not have her forever. All things change, and that's something that never changes, you never can keep anything just the way it is right now. No matter how hard you try it will change, it will grow or it will die but it will not stay the same. I will make every effort strengthen the relationship with my mother, now that we will be together a lot more I should definitely get the chance.

I order limo to pick us up at the airport, I offer Mike and Michelle arrived back to their hotel. They have a car provided by Forbes, so we scheduled a time in the afternoon the next day for them to come by and complete the interview.

Mom is excited, and can't wait to tell Alyssa about the home that will have. She invites Alyssa and family over for breakfast tomorrow morning.

It gives me time to print out the pictures I have taken. I began to design the house that I want. Now it's a matter of time to go into the computer and drawn out, then handed over to architect for refinement. I have decided that it should be fully off grid, solar and wind power with battery storage for its power. Communications provided by satellite TV and Internet with voice over IP for the phone. Other than the road no one will ever know it's there, and I plan on a gate with remote activation.

I'll talk to mom about the house tomorrow afternoon once everything settles down.

A good night sleep would be definitely helpful it's been a long day. Mom comes in my room wearing a new nightgown I can almost see through it and hugs her curves nicely. Mom giggles as she sees the effect it has on me. “JJ I've really got to remember that you’re at that age when your hormones are beginning to kick in."

Kissing mom and wishing her a good night sleep my voice cracks. I'm not sure why it does that it's only been doing it off and on for a week or so. Mom giggles again and says. “You definitely are at that age, were going to have to set down and have a long talk about what your body is going to do.”

Needless to say it took me a good half hour to fall asleep well to finish and then to fall asleep. I awoke early and took a shower, when mom come by nearly an hour later I was fully dressed and working on my house plans.

Mom looking over my shoulder got an idea what I was doing. I first made a list of all the items in features I wanted in our home, ten bedrooms each with a bath and walk-in closet, three master suites with seating areas in master baths, with two smaller bedrooms off of each. I design for myself a separate master on the top floor with seating area and office walk-in closet in master bath. The basement would have a pool, Jacuzzi a billiards room, game room and home theater. Also I wanted a safe room in the basement area, one capable of withstanding a F4 or F5 tornado. I wanted each master to anchor one wing of the house plus a separate wing for the living room kitchen and dining area.

Mom liked it but she said it was too big for the two of us. And I pointed out that one of the master bedrooms would be for Alyssa and Edward with the two smaller bedrooms for Joan and Johnny when they came to visit. Then she asked what with the third one before. I joked saying we may find another friend who needs three bedrooms too.

Mom got this playful look on her face then she says. “More likely it’s up for you and Joan when you have your kids and Johnny moves into your room upstairs.”

I joke with her. “No Mom you're moving upstairs. I'll use one of the downstairs master bedrooms and a smaller bedroom as my office.”

Mom quickly returns. "Why don't you just incorporate the features for that top bedroom to all three master bedrooms than each will have the same space in them?"

I look at her and wonder why I didn't think of that. “That is a great idea, but I still want to bedroom on the top floor because the view from it would be something special. And if you would like that room that would be good with me. I really want to do something special for you with this house.”

Mom leans over kisses me on the forehead. “It already has something special son."

I quickly redesign the house and make the changes to three master bedrooms and then at an elevator going to the top bedroom. I quickly e-mailed them off to an architect, who was highly recommended, request a quote. Telling him this will be my retirement home for my family. By noon I received an e-mail back with a rough drawing and some changes that look very good, Alyssa and Edward were at the poolside with mom as Joan and Johnny splashed in the shallow end.

Bringing the print out from the architect to show mom, mom looked them over and approve them. Edward asked what we were doing. I brought over the floor plans for him to have a look. He took one look and gave a long whistle remarking on how expensive house like that would cost. Going through the e-mail I found a rough draft of expenses showing him the bottom line he chuckled and said. “You'll never be able get that much money out of this house to build that one.”

I guess it's time to give him the rest of the story. “Edward we’re not planning on selling here, but we will need someone to look after the place. I want someone we can trust someone just like you.”

Edward chuckles and asks “JJ are you offering to let us live here?”

Mom interjects. "Yes we are. If you take the job, I know how tough taking care of this place can be."

Edward stops chuckling and looks mom straight in the eyes. He sees that she's not joking then his expression goes to one of shock as he realizes we are deadly serious. He begins to stammer. “I'll... I'll... I'll do it.” I think seeing Alyssa’s face grinning from ear to ear made his mind up for him.

I say. “Good now all you have to do is talk salary.”

He chuckled again lightheartedly says. "All I have to do is make sure the place is kept up.”

Mom says. "No, I expect you to live here it would be easier than you having to commute here every day or two. Besides if you're here all the time there's less chance the house be burglarized."

Alyssa wide-eyed looking at mom asks. “You want us to live here, and you're still going to pay Edward a salary for the upkeep?”

Mom and I say simultaneously. “Yes.”

Edward still stunned asks. “How much were you thinking of for the salary?”

Look at mom back to Edward I say to Edward. “We should replace your current income since you'll be moving out of your old neighborhood.” Edward doesn't know that I ordered a credit report on him and I know how much Alyssa and he makes. “Will $60,000 a year cover it?”

Edward continues to stammer. “But… But…”

“Okay Edward, I see I am going to have to increase the offer. How about $75,000 the year?” I know this is more them there three jobs combined makes. Especially when you think he can sell his house. He still hesitates. “Mom your car is not suited for were going, could we offer the use of it to sweeten the deal.” Mom shakes her head yes. “Okay the use of mom's car, plus a gas card to cover the all the fuel, and we continue the insurance on it.”

Edward continues to stammer. “But… But…”

“Okay Edward you drive a very hard bargain. I will add private school for Joan and Johnny but that's all I can do.” I say that with a large smile.

Edward finally just shakes his head yes. I reach my hand forward to seal the deal with a handshake. Alyssa nearly stops Edward from agreeing to the deal but a look from Mom stops her. Alyssa looks at mom and mom bends over to whisper into her ear. Alyssa's eyes widen as she hears what mom says. "My JJ is the wealthiest person I know and I know quite a few people who are multimillionaires.”

Alyssa leans back to look at mom again, mom smiles then motions for hurdling back in again. Mom whispers into Alyssa's ear. Alyssa's eyes go wider as she explains. “He's just a kid!”

Mom giggles back. “One with genius IQ and very industrious, one who didn't know he couldn't so he did.”

Edward’s expression is a big question mark so I tell him. “Mom just told your wife how much I'm worth, around $812 million.”

Mom looks at me. "Actually JJ I just told her what you sold your Internet Company for.”

Edward and Alyssa are shocked but neither one passes out thankfully. Looking at them I have an idea. “That takes care the exterior of the house and grounds, now for the interior of the house, Alyssa would you mind being responsible for the interior of the house.” I hear mom giggle as she knows how I think. “I'll make you the same offer as your husband. But that does mean you have to share the use of the car.”

Mom answers for her. “She'll do it.”

After that I have the lawyer draw up contracts for the two of them. They also have limited power of attorney drawn up as well. We move out and they moved in. We are off to North Carolina and our new home. Joan calls me she likes the private school much better than her old school. She also told me Johnny likes it as well. Alyssa talks to me to think me for what I did. She says. “I bet you didn't know how near we were to actually losing that house. The bank had just raised the mortgage and taxes have gone up again. It was just a matter of time before we missed a payment, and we would've been homeless after the bank foreclosed.”

I smile even though she can't see it I hope she hears it. “I'm happy that you don't have a problem anymore, Joan and Johnny like their new school, you and Edward have more time together, so I hope everything is working out really well.”

It's the middle of June a week before my birthday. We basically took just our clothing. We arranged with a mover, shipping for a few other personal items to be to our new home. The house is much smaller than what we’re accustomed to. It only has one bath and three bedrooms, a small eat in kitchen and living room. We'll only use it while our new house is under construction.

We left all the old furniture in California in the house there. We buy new furniture in North Carolina along with a SUV. Mom and I stay a few nights in a hotel, waiting for the furniture delivery. With new furniture in place the small house becomes home at least for the next few months.

I spent a week before my birthday helping mom arrange the house, fix a few minor things. I'm cutting the grass around the place takes a long time even on a riding lawnmower. It's very high and requires me to go very slowly.

The neighbors have a lot of kids some look to be about my age and a little older.

Mom and I spent a lot of time shopping, it seems like there's one hundred things we forget and have to make another trip back. On one of our trips I talk mom into taking me to one of the big outdoor stores. They have speedboats and bass boats Mom says I can only get one this year. So I pick a bass boat. As a good thing we picked SUV with a trailer hitch already installed.

I pick up a tackle box and everything I need to feel it. A Rod and Reel for fishing. Life jackets, fish finder sonar device, and everything else I well-equipped bass boat should have. Mom is a little nervous driving with the boat behind her for the first time, but she gets used to it very quickly. We go to the marina and launched the boat and see about having a slot at the dock rented for it. We're fortunate several are available and we take one in a good location.

In the morning Mom and I go around the lake, I find the River that borders my property, going up the river the mile or so to just below the bluff. I find a good spot that would make a good place for boat dock and pull into the sandy bank. Looking at the land from this angle it looks a little different and Mom doesn't recognize were at until I point out the bluff. We head back to town and make a pleasant discovery it's actually faster to go by boat than it is to drive. Drive home with empty trailer behind the SUV and pull it up on the bluff to park it. The Edwards boys had noticed the trailer but didn't say anything.


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