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Reaching into the world of the occult!
In the year 1832, in a village called Nyiregyhaza which is in the North West part if Hungry, a self appointed Priest grew in power. Far and wide, he was known as "Father Eye's", God's messenger! It has been said that to look in his eyes, instantly they loved this man of God, men, women, they had no choice, his gaze was so powerful. Then one day while going through the village, a peasent woman stepped out in front of his cart holding her Daughters hand. She wanted him to bless her so told the gathered crowd that all girls who were virgins and 12 years old should come to him so he could make them pure of heart. That night while washing her still growing body, he gave her absolution then promptly seduced her. There was a lot of blood with the girl taken away by two Nuns.
"Make her well" he shouted "i put God inside her!"
The word spread quickly throughout the country side! Mothers offering to come work for him just to be near hm, men offering their labor skills free of charge, he was becoming even more powerful. A new church was started with his residence off to the side that was spectacular. Every night, a different 12 year old virgin girl would loose her vitginity to him with several waiting their turn. It is also said that in addition to being well endowed, he had recuperative powers satisfying two, sometimes three girls a night. As you might expect, the girls were becoming pregnant and sent home to live with their familys. Over th next five years, his reputaion grew to a point that Counts and Earl's from different counttries, members of the church and men of means would come pay him a visit. It was well known that if the price was right, a couple of 12 year old girls would warm their bed, those who had been deflowered. As for their wives, he never turned any woman away providing the gold pouch they gave him was heavy enough. Also for there descriminating tatse, he could supply them with two 15 year old boys if that was their pleasure, a young girl who has been deflowered or a Dog. There are no totals on this!

Always, the first night at supper, there were usually 12 seated with all the young girls naked, there breasts starting to protude, hairless from the shoulders down with everyone of them smiling. Against the wall stood boys on three side evenly spaced also naked who just stood there looking straight ahead. No doubt this was a tremendous dinner conversation situation to have his guests excited. Wine from his own vinyards was the drink of choice with several older girls and boys having sex on the floor for those who wanted to stay. During one of these visits. there was this young girl who turned out to the Daughter of one of the first girls he made pregnant. The fact is, this was his Granddaughter! It was reported that after he took her viginity, called the Captain of the gurad giving her to him.
"I don't care what you do with her but if she ever see's sunshine, you forfit your life!"
This was the first of many people who disappeared and rather than rule with sex and love, he was ruling with terror! So it came to pass that a woman who was disgusted by the whole sex scene fought back the only way she knew.
"Its amazing to me that you don't have a chair suitable to your station! His Magesty just got a new chair your Holyness, would you like me to see if I could get you his old one?"
Anger, hate, rage flooded his every thought ordering the chair maker there that very day.
"I want you to make me a chair like no other chair! Only two requirements. It must be big and it must be purple! Have it right here a week Saturday"
"Your Holyness, I can not have this done......."
"Enough!" he screamed "You shall have it finished or I shall have you beheaded, all your family beheaded and your dog if you have one! Be gone and build me my chair!"

At the appointed time, the chairmaker came with the chaIr on his cart covered woth a white cloth. as no one was allowed to see it until the un-vailing.
"You Holyness" the chairmaker whispered "I have preformed a mirical in getting your new fine chair here and in doing so, I had to beg and spend every last cent I had to finish this. My family and I haven't eaten for two days so if you could settle up the account, I would....."
"Take this man away" he shouted to the guards "This is your contrubution little man!"
Escorted outside, the doors closed behind him with a nip in the air that snow was not far off. Furious that he had been detrayed, he went to a opening at the side with his Holyness saying,
"I have brought you all here to wirness my new chair"
One great tug of the cover revealed this very handsome chair as all those there made approving sounds. His holyness walked around the chair obviously pleased and sat down with everyone applauding. The chairmaker formed a crooked smile on his face pointing both arms to the chair.
Getting up, he walked around the chair again, very pleased , very proud. One of the 4 virgines was standing close to him so he took her hand sitting her in the chair
"So Tanya, what do you think of my new chair?" his smile wide and proud.
"It's very nice your Holyness"she aqeaked barely audable.
"Maybe you'll be the lucky one to recieve God in this mafnificent chair! Would you like that?"
"No Sir" she said her down "I want to go hime and be with my Mommy!"

A murmur came from the assembled crowd with the countess stepping forward taking the girl out of the chair.The countess was now in fine form pushing her advantage.
"So it seems that not all little girls want to recieve God through you!" smiling at the crowd.
All there were holding their breath as his Holyness had never been challanged before.
"Get out of my chair, you are the Devils whore!" shouting, his face blood red.
"I shall get out of this chair when I'm ready to get out! You are not worthy to sit in this chair! Get down on your knee's and beg our forgivness!" Everyone's heart stopped beating!
In one swift motion, his Holyness drew a gagger plugging it in the neck of the countess! Screams, pandamodium raced through the hall with several men jumping on his Holyness. In do time, the hall emptied and the chairmaker along with his staff removed the chair taking it back to his place. When alone, he wrote a detailed letter about the curse of the chair, built a strong box to hold it and took it to his wifes Brother to hide the chair. The chair was next seen in1872. The chairmaker died, all others associated with the chair died and the chair was sold in 1901 to a German antique dealer. Puzzled and only half believing the curse, he stood there when his dog, a champion Setter,jumped up on the chair. Before he could say get down, the dog begand to act crazy, howling, jumping up and down with the dealer grabbing his dog. breaking free, the dog began to shake then crawled into a corner acting like he had been whipped!. Immediately, he borded the chair back up where it sat in the back room of that shop for 16 years until my Great Grandmother bought it being a friend of the occult.
"Diary.... Purchesed chair, having it shipped back to-day....June 12 1908"

My great Grandmothers house, a mansion by any standards, the one I still live in, has a foyer as big as a small house and she was going to put the chair there where everyone could see it when they came in. I will now quote from her daily journal: November 10, 1911.
"placed my magnificent royal chair in the foyer. Having seen things that can not be explained, I called Edward, a maids Son who is 14 as he is innocent to find out about this truth chair.
What do you think of me i asked, I think your a fine Lady mam. Do you like girls? Yes Mam. Have you ever seen a girl naked? Yes Mam. I seen you naked. I lost my breath! You seen me naked? Where? When? You just got out of a bath Mam. Your door was open a bit as I put the newspaper on your desk. To say I was stunned would be an understatement. Now what do I do? Are you old enough to masturbate? Yes Mam, I can squirt too! Show me how you do this! Oh my God, look at the size of him, he's a big as my husband! When will you be 15? When the flowers bloom Mam. Do you want me to make it hard Mam? What? Yes um, make it hard! It's been may years since my husband died and I do believe I'm wet! Can this be? No no, I can't do this....or can I? Now Edward, part of your job here is to please me, would you like to please me? Oh yes Mam, I'll do what ever you ask! Good boy! I shall have this chair sectioned off so no one can sit in it. Now young man, you come with me and I'll show you your new duties"
For the next 7 years until she passed away in her sleep, my great Grandmother had only kind words for everyone and smiled all the time. I didn't know why then but now I d

I didn't know anything about the curse growing up until one day when I was 14, my Mother and her friend were talking on the patio.
"That's him my Mother said pushing a wheelbarrow. Would you like to have a go with him? I beg your pardin she said, I've nly known one man in my life! This was very exciting conversation for a young girl so I stayed hidden. Come inside Audry, I want to show you something. I raced around to the window just as Mom told her to sit in the chair. Now then Audry, how many men have you had? Four she whispered. Is Robert a good lover? No hes not but hes a good man. Would you like to fuck Edward and his big dick?? Yes. she said. Mom called in Edward saying, my friend is in need of your special powers. Glad to help Mam, your office?"
Without hesitation, Edward took his clothes off with Audry gasping! It's no wonder she gasped, I did too as there before me was this man a huge penis! My God Audry said as Mom and Edward were undressing her, how big is that? Hard about 10" Mam. Edward laid down on the floor and from my vantage point, I could see his huge dick disappearing inside her a bit at a time as she howled. I lost my breath and felt light headed so i knelt down to collct myself and when I looked again, Audry was rocking back and forth, all of that huge penis going in and out of her What is Mom doing? Why is she kneeling over his face? My panties were soaked, I got light headed again so I masturbated right there and then for the first time! Oh my!

Father would come home for a few days and then off he'd go again.
"In the fall, you'll be going to a prep school for young girls in France" he announed one night.
What happened to the chair? I sent it away to be cleaned Mom lied, I knew where the chair was. So just before I was to leave, I had to tell Edward my secret that I seen him with Mom.
"And do you want the same? Put all that in me? I think not! Would you like to hold it then? I thought that would be ok, in fact ,I wanted to! My hands were shaking as I took hold of the manster with Edward saying, I can give you the next best thing. With that, he lifted me onto the table and pulled my wet panyies off. I don't know why I didn't object or scream or something but when he put his head between my legs, nothing else mattered. I had one orgasm after another with Edward standing up. Relax he said, if this hurts bad I'll stop. I felt the head go in and don't remember anything else till I woke up, I fainted. What happened? You took it all he smiled, there's a bit of blood but you'll be fine. You leave in two days, we will do this again before you leave. Yes I was sore but I took it all! Good God how? That morning, I was down to his room and got on top of him just like Audry did with Edward shoving a pillow in my face as I was going to scream with delight. There was no more room, it filled every pore of my pussy and when he came, I couldn't believe the feeling. I was crying, shaking, didn't care about anything when he said, come litlle one, let me give you a going away present and with that, he moved my right over his face! Whew!

Everyone is gone now including Edward. .I have been tempted many times to bring the chair back but frankly, I'm scared to death of it. Time heals all wounds they say so for now at least, leave it rest as there will be no rest once the chair starts directing my life.

The End


2005-07-12 05:46:08
The formatting of your story makes it very difficult to read thats true and the story is a little choppy but dont give up for a bunch of hard words keep up the good work! 8/10

I hope you make it! ;)


2005-06-23 02:04:45
this didn't make any sense at all i hope you die


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2005-02-14 20:47:57
I was hard.


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