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4 a.m. Time to wake up and go to work. I hated mondays. Especially during the winter. It was pitch black out. They had to be the worst day of the week. Its hard enough to wake up but waking up on a monday. Ugh.
My name is Mark. I make a living in business and I do pretty good. I have a townhouse which is pretty expensive to maintain but its worth it.
So I woke up and got out of bed. Today was a little different. I woke up raging hard, harder than normal. I didnt have time to take care of myself so I took a cold shower. I washed up quickly and with the cold water hitting my hot raging cock, it went soft. I got dressed in the usual. The mid calf black socks. Which turned me on, I loved looking at my muscular hairy legs in them. I began to get hard again when I thought about it. Than I pulled on my tight underwear. Than just put on the normal pants shirt and tie and suit jacket.
It was extra freezing this morning, which helped my cock stay calm. I hoped burying myself in work would help out my problem down below.
I got to work a little early and got right into work. If I could finish most of my work up I could have an extended lunch break. All day the phone was ringing off the wall, people were coming into and out of my office non stop. I had to run around the whole building myself. Going to the people above me and going to the people I manage getting things in order. I was making a lot of progress and I had virtually no work left. Just a few emails. So I went back to my office and looked at the time. It was 1:30. I could take my lunch till 3. I was so happy.
I sat there eating and looked out the door. I was getting really horny again. I saw all the women in their high heels and short skirts. Their tits hanging out of their shirts. They all had the 'librarian id like to fuck” look today.
I did forget to mention a little bit about me. I am 6'4. I am very in shape and muscular. I dont go crazy trying to get muscles on my muscles. I just like to be fit and in shape. During middle school, I was always teased cause I was hairy. And into high school it go worse. I dont mind so much now but now I only have a little on my chest, ass and legs. Having hair on my thighs turn me on.
Than I saw the mail guy run through the office. He was wearing shorts and a tight shirt. He was hot. Not gonna lie, I am Bi-Sexual. I had many experiences with men and women in my life. I get turned on either way. Id love to fuck a tight wet pussy or get my hairy hole pounded.
I saw my friend, Jeff run by. I noticed something odd. He had a big bulge in his pants. He headed straight for the bathroom. I took some garbage, I needed an excuse to go in and leave quick. I walked in quietly and heard a fapping noise. My cock started coming to life. I threw out my garbage and faster than I imagined got to my office. I checked to see what time it was. It was 150. I still had over an hour to do something. I had to wait till Jeff came out to jerk off. I needed to give my meat a good pounding. About 5 minutes later, Jeff came out and looked flustered but looked relieved.
I got up and was still hard. I didnt care I was gonna take care of it now. I was almost to the bathroom when Jeff said, Mark, wanna get some lunch? Jeff and I were actually close. He told me everything about him and I had no shame in telling him about me. I said well I gotta go take care of something first. You know what I mean.
I winked and he started chuckling. Alright when you finish well go grab lunch, he said. And be careful, the boss goes into the bathroom around this time.
But just than the boss came out of the elevator and I left from Jeff and went into the bathroom. I held the door for the boss and he said thanks mark.
I headed for the big stall on the end and the boss went for the stall on the other end. I started undoing my belt and unzipping my pants when The boss said, Mark, Come up to my office after you have lunch. I turned and said ok. I turned back around and walked into the stall. It was one of those stalls with almost a full length door. So I could be safe. The place was nice, for a bathroom. I took off my jacket and hung it on the hook. I sat down and kicked off my shoes and took off my pants. I wasted no time in slipping off my underwear. I sat there gazing at my cock.
Oh its 8 inches and 3 inches thick. My balls were pretty big but I loved them. I always shaved.
I took my meat in my hand and started stroking it. With one hand I fondled my balls and than double handed my cock. I let out a soft moan. Than just went at it and pounded my cock. My balls bounced and flopped everywhere. My meat got hot.
But I heard the boss flush and come out. He came in front of my stall and said do you mind if we talk Mark?
I said now is not a good time, sorry Mr. Lake. He said its alright just finish up.
I stopped dead and got nervous.
Mark its ok. I understand how you feel when your here. Its stressful and we need a way to release the stress. I just did it myself. Im a little more discrete about it but man just get it. Heres what ill do, ill call everyone to the boardroom and you can, get nude and just enjoy yourself.
I continued to pound it and in between breaths said Thanks... Mr..... lake..
Than he said something that shocked me. Do you want this bench to put your feet up? Ill bring it over for you and you can get it. He brought it over, washed his hands, said have fun and left.
I have never been more shocked in my life. I stood up and took off my shirt. The door opened and he said forgot to put on my underwear.
He laughed and I opened the stall and slid the bench in. There was gonna be no room for me to close the door but no one was going to be coming in. I sat back, put my feet up and I continued to pound again. I shut my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure. My cock was throbbing and I needed to blow my wad soon. I was in a trance all I knew was pounding my meat. I began to feel my legs tense and than move its way up. I was gonna bust a nut. I started grunting and moaning real loud. Going UH OHYEAH. I felt it. It was working its way up my shaft. It reached the head and I opened my eyes and my cock exploded. Pure pleasure over came me and I had to let out moans. I shot my hot white cum all over my abs and laid there for a little. I cleaned up and got dressed.
My boss was in my office and everyone was still in the board room. He said go home now relax. I said Not to be disrespectful but why are you doing this.
I was your age once, Young, fit and my hormones were like yours, raging. I needed to get some time and I discovered the bathroom stall.
Enjoy your night and ill see you tomorrow.
I grabbed my keys and headed towards my car. I felt relieved and needed to get home. I got home and went on the tredmil for a while. I showered and went to bed. Tomorrow, I was having my guy friend, Adam over. Couldnt wait.

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2012-10-02 22:48:33
I only use the stall for people with dliibaiitses if I absolutely need to. I have problems with my knees and there are days I can sit and stand without help. But other days, I really need the railing to get down and back up again.One shopping mall in my city has a public bathroom where all the stalls can accommodate people with dliibaiitses and people with babies and small children. I think the designers of that bathroom had the right idea all restrooms need to be accessible to all people. Not only would it be convenient, but it would end these tireless arguments about who has the right to use which bathroom.

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2012-05-23 02:04:56
ummmmmmmmm girlfriend ADAM over????????

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