My wife brings home a special treat.
Delight with Delia and Debbie

After having a fulfilling sex life together, my wife (Delia) and I have settled into a routine of spending hours masturbating and talking while watching each other. I can never get enough of the sight of her. Our extended sessions are very verbal and require a great deal of stamina. She is in her early forties and still breath taking with or without clothes. With her natural red hair and Irish peaches and cream skin she still turns heads where ever we go. She has a great figure with a smaller than average waist that sets off and accentuates her shapely hips and legs. She is sexier in the nude than most women half her age and flaunts it shamelessly. At 5'8” and 117 lbs. with large full breasts and perpetually erect nipples, one look tells a man or woman she could be the most memorable fuck of their life.

We either own or have owned most every sex tool or toy known to mankind. One of my most recent additions was a top end set of clit and nipple suction devices. Delia loves to enlarge her already astounding assets before and after our sessions. Seeing her nipples pulled and sucked until they are twice the diameter and at least an inch long brings me even more intense orgasms. Her nipples exhibit a red angry look after being expanded and are so sensitive she jumps with small spasms of pleasure as I touch or suck them. While I am intrigued with her nipples I am most interested in what the device does to her clitoris. It has always been large enough that it is visible at most times but with the fierce suction pumping both she and I have subjected it to over the last couple of years, it now protrudes more than a half inch at all times. After a pumping session it sometimes stands out an inch and a half. I'm able to grab it with my finger and thumb and masturbate her as if it were a small cock. As I stroke it she is able to flex making it rise and fall as I do with my own cock.

Delia had confided that with her clitoris in an erect state and being so sensitive she could go for a walk and the friction it causes would bring her to orgasm as she strode along. She added it made for a precarious minute or so as she almost stumbles and falls with the rush of each climatic spasm but can't stop walking for fear of loosing the pleasure. I recognize the condition as we walk along and encourage her to continue. Her face will flush and she starts to breath faster. Her pace will slowly quicken until she is striding along as if she is marching. I have to hurry to keep pace and try to stay ahead so I may look back at her face to enjoy the rush as she explodes. When I’m present I usually embrace her at the end, giving support as she almost collapses in rapture.

We have a large collection of devices she clips to her little friend while puttering around the house. She refrains from venturing out with them attached as they overstimulate. She once had to leave the grocery store and hurry to the car to remove a clip she had attached. She was in peril of fainting from having had multiple orgasms.

She has commented she would like to be fitted with a device that would cover and protect her clitoris, thus allowing free movement without causing arousal. She misses having a brisk walk in the park unhindered by sexual stimulation and jogging is now out of the question. I have some ideas about a female cup and jock strap that may solve this dilemma.

Neither of us has strayed sexually for more than an encounter or two with any other individual. No long term affairs. We have maintained a mutual trust with an unspoken rule that any outside activity is reported to the other soon after it occurs. It has helped us both to avoid the green eyed monster and keep a strong and happy relationship. The few times I strayed my wife insisted I sit and recount every detail while she masturbated and enjoyed several explosive orgasms during the telling. Usually requiring me to go over the story several times in ever increasing detail. Her transgressions were like wise related to me and we both most often enjoyed the telling and subsequent sex more than the transgressional sex act itself.

We started questioning each other about past exploits which has added and enlivened our already great sex life. I hadn't known my wife was bisexual until she related several encounters she'd had in her teens with school mates. Hearing in detail of her licking and fingering another young female brought me to a greater level of arousal and many fulfilling orgasms as we fondled and fucked each other.

Our masturbation sessions started when she was required to have a minor female procedure that mandated we stop full insertion intercourse for several months. She seemed to be relieved and took to the masturbation sessions as if our sex life had begun anew. When I questioned her about the relief she seemed to show she admitted, I was too large for her and even though the pain of insertion was always stimulating it would more than often leave her sore for sometime afterward. This admission had lead to the start of our masturbating ritual that is in some ways more exciting than intercourse itself. To sit back and view her pleasuring herself is awesome. We still have conventional intercourse on occasion and seem to enjoy it more when it is not a daily thing.

My penis size earned me the name “soup can” when I was in the military. I took the kidding in a good natured way and when called soup can in front of some unknowing person who would look at me with a question on their face I would always hum the old Campbell's soup jingle “because it's mmm-mmm good”. My actual size is a little over seven inches long and about the diameter of a Pepsi can and it does look like quite a weapon when erect.

Unfortunately it has kept me from the experience of performing anal sex on anyone or receiving a full blow job so far. I was also blessed with the ability to produce copious amounts of sperm when I climax that always startles and amazes any unknowing or unprepared female. My wife once had me squirt my first orgasm of a session into a measuring cup, where I managed to cum almost to the third of a cup level from one load. Delia herself makes more of a mess than I do as she produces a thick creamy substance that looks like diluted whipped cream and tends to fly all over the place during her frantic masturbatory climaxes as well as running down both legs. I have often wondered how much of her love juices I could collect during a session but usually satisfy my self in drinking anything I collect and licking off the residual from her legs and pussy.

To save the mess I usually place a drinking glass next to me to shoot each load into and a large black plastic bag on the floor in front of Delia during our sessions. My wife likes to end our sessions by consuming the accumulated sperm after we have finished. Watching her gobble down my afternoons treasure always manages to get me horny enough for one more load.

We had not thought about including anyone into our routines until a week ago when my wife was being hit-on by a female customer. Delia owns a picture framing studio and also shows and sells some local art in her upscale shop. She works alone and any hours she wants. The woman was showing a sexual interest toward her by doing a little too much touching with an occasional suggestive comment thrown in.

Delia described her as about 30 with dark hair and a slender petite figure. A very pretty face and overly large breasts for her size. She was dressed in the latest fashion but was wearing an 80's style super short mini skirt that left little to the imagination. As she strolled through the shop examining everything she would take every opportunity to blatantly flash my wife a glimpse of her bare pussy and ass by squatting to look at a stack of frames or bending to admire a painting. Delia assured me she was becoming aroused and suspected they were about to have a sexual encounter. Delia keeps a supply of good wines in a backroom refrigerator that she serves to prospective customers. After finishing her second glass the woman introduced herself as Debbie and asked if she could use the restroom.

My wife said she took a chance and in her own words this is what transpired.

“ I walked to the front of the store, latched the door and turned the sign to closed. I returned to Debbie and said I think we both could use a restroom break. Debbie's face shown a lewd grin with a twinkle in her eye and she followed me to the backroom. I asked if she really needed to use the facilities and she responded she had to pee something fierce and would love to have me watch.

I followed her into the restroom anticipating a new and very sexy sounding proposition. She lifted the lid and seat of the toilet as she turned to face me. Then kicked off one shoe, pulled her short skirt up, revealing her very erotic shaved pussy. Facing me she placed her foot on the far side of the rim which slightly opened her vagina lips and stood there a minute or so for effect, letting me take in the sight of her spread open pussy at my leisure.

She then half leaned and half squatted to lower herself while holding her lips apart with both hands and using a practiced aim started shooting a powerful stream of almost clear urine into the bowl. As I watched I had unconsciously lifted my skirt and slid my panties aside, while immediately massaging my already over excited clitoris.

My juices were flowing heavily from the stimulation of watching her while massaging myself at lightning speed. I had worked up a frothy lather that was running down my leg in big globs. Debbie finished peeing and stood there rubbing herself as she starred at me in amazement and was quickly building toward her own climax. I was within a few seconds of an orgasm and still had my focus on her lovely pussy and my mind on the debased act she had just performed.

The orgasm hit me so hard I lost control and slid down the wall I was leaning against, leaving me squatting there jerking with spasm after spasm of raw pleasure. Debbie had moved over in front of me and squatted down as she had finished. We were facing each other with our pussy’s exposed, enjoying the after glow feeling of an intense orgasm and erotic experience.

Debbie reached down and scooped up about a half a handful of my whipped juices and lifted them to her mouth sucking them noisily up as if they were the froth on top of a mocha-cappuccino. Seeing her enjoy my wet whites brought on another half dozen orgasmic spasms.

We retired to the backroom with a bottle of chilled white wine I retrieved from the fridge. As we sipped wine we talked about what had just happened. Debbie was enthralled with the amount of sexual fluid I could exude and was wondering if it happened often. When I told her it was normal for me to have numerous orgasms each day with even greater quantities of foamy whites, she was skeptical and wanting another show.

As we sat on the couch in my backroom work space talking I had been slowly removing her clothing and fondling her as I did. When I removed her bra I was amazed to see absorbent pads inside each cup. Her breast were overly large for her frame and had that fullness of shape that comes with lactation. I was fascinated and began kneading them both causing drips to form on each nipple. Soon a very fine spray of milk was shooting from each. She explained she had carried a child almost to term and lost it in an auto accident not long ago. She enjoyed the look and feel of producing and giving milk so has continued to provide her lovers with as much as they want. As I began sucking to empty each breast she add the climax she received while being drained by a milking machine was extreme and left her depleted. She had considered stopping the process but so far the pleasure it brought outweighed the inconvenience.

I had removed my panties earlier and I placed one leg up on the couch and faced her. She did the same and we proceeded to manipulate ourselves manually while sipping wine. She confided she loved sex with men, women and animals but her most enjoyable orgasms were from masturbation with someone watching. When I told her you and I did exactly that daily and you would be going crazy that evening hearing about everything we were doing she began breathing heavier and quicker. I could see the thought of another person hearing about her and masturbating was having a strong effect. I went on describing your dick size and the huge quantities of sperm you would shoot into a glass while hearing about her. Then how I would drink it down while playing with myself and thinking about her. Debbie had brought herself to the threshold of another orgasm listening to me talk and watching me play with my self but she had locked up.

Her excitement was so intense she had hit a barrier and couldn’t seem to break through and allow her orgasm to take her. She was breathing as if she had run a half mile sprint and continued to jiggle her clit rapidly with the fingers of one hand while stabbing three fingers of the other hand in and out of her pussy. I knew if she continued as she was she would hyperventilate and pass out or worse yet have to stop before gaining release. I keep a collection of sex toys in the shop for those occasions I feel like extra stimulation. I went and got a very long double ended dildo.

After stripping off all other clothing I pulled Debbie into a laying on her side position and inserted about eight inches of the long dong into her and laid down with my head at the other end of the couch. I proceeded to insert about the same amount of dong into me. This left about four inches of exposed dong between out pussy’s. I reached down and grabbed her hands and pulled her towards me forcing more of the semi rigid dong into both of us. It hit bottom in both of us as we began to pull hard on our locked hands starting a rhythm that pounded each of us so hard it threatened to tear something on each stroke. Debbie started bucking as her overdue orgasm began. I was right with her and felt my vagina squeeze the dildo as if I were having birth contractions.

Half way through I lost control and emptied my bladder. Urine was squirting out from around the dildo and soaking both of us. Debbie had fallen into a semi faint and was incapable of moving. As I pulled back and extracted the dong from her she looked like she might loose her lunch. I had the same feeling as if it were attached to something inside that was being torn loose. I pulled her up and helped her sip some wine as we recovered. We both laid down holding each other and napped for an hour on the wet couch. I don't have a shower so we used wash cloths to bathe each other in the bathroom later. Fortunately we had removed our clothing before I managed to piss all over.

When she left a couple of hours later I asked if she might like to join us some evening or weekend for a little mutual masturbation and if she felt inclined I would love to see my husband fuck another woman until she couldn't walk. If Debbie hadn't been so tired and sore I think she would have wanted to begin again right then. “

Delia called before she came home that evening and said she had a very stimulating surprise for me. She asked if I would mix up one of our special drinks. The drink she had requested is a high protein Ramos fizz. We don't have them often as the booze and extra energy usually leave us both incapacitated for most of the next day.

When she arrived home she went for a shower first and returned wearing a very short black silk robe that contrasts dramatically with her pale skin and shows off her long shapely legs. One of the things I love when she wears it is it's almost impossible to walk or sit without exposing her most intimate places. As we sipped our drinks she gave me a preliminary about Debbie coming into the shop and what she looked like. It was evident from the flushed look on her face she had a most interesting tale to tell.

She was relating her encounter with Debbie as we sat facing each other. I had changed into a silk robe also and my cock was erect and poking out. Her vagina was completely exposed as she uncrossed her legs. She let the robe fall open and reached up with each hand to tweak, roll and pull her nipples. She has never had a child leaving her body flawless. I could tell this was going to be a very special session as the juice was starting to flow from her vagina before her first touches.

As the evening progressed and the story unfolded we both enjoyed a couple of very good orgasms. I had her go over each portion of the story as she told it asking for explicit detail. The part of her pissing show set me up but the woman’s lactating tits brought my first discharge. I wanted badly to taste them myself. As she told of them fucking each other with a double headed dildo I was ready again. The finish that knocked me for a loop was when Delia moved to a low chair and motioned for me to kneel before her and insert my rigid cock.

I quickly knelt and began the slow insertion process. She was so hot I was afraid she would cum again before I could get it all in. She didn't often get so worked up that she wanted to finish by fucking. I was in seventh heaven. Her glistening nude body being pulled toward me was a lurid sight. Watching her react to being stretched and hearing the story had me going crazy. She was moaning loudly as I began pumping the soup can into her. I loved the way the lips of her labia would stretch and adhere to my dick when I pulled out. Her large clitoris would protrude as it dragged down the top of my cock then disappear inside as I plunged back in.

We were both close to another orgasm as she said in a panting voice “ by the way, Debbie is going to join us Saturday for dinner and she is going to be desert. I can't wait to see you suck her tits and use that pussy wrecker on her”. We were both over the top and enjoying the crashing orgasm her story caused. I shot a large load into her and was continuing to pump slowly as I thought about Saturday.. When I finished she said “ you know what would really top that off, is for you to eat me right now. When you pull out get your mouth on me quick. I don't want you to lose any of the cum you just pumped into me. “This was a first, as she had never asked me to go down on her after we had just fucked before.

As I pulled out I pinched her labia closed with my thumb and finger then dropped down putting my mouth over her pussy quickly before the large load of our combined cum could rush out. As my lips touched her she grasped the back of my head pulling hard and held me in place.

The first mouthful was a little overwhelming. I had to force part of it back inside her before I could swallow. I was then able to meter the amount of salty thick fluid I took in each gulp. She was moaning from the perverse pleasure of seeing and feeling me in distress and her in control. Her body was shuddering with the pleasure she was feeling from my dilemma. Seeing it was turning her on I put on a bit of a show by acting like I was having more trouble than I was. I added in a few fake gagging and choking fits that were driving her to show a new side of herself. I think she could get into being a bit of a sexual sadist with no problem. I continued to suck and tongue her for quite some time and at the end telling her I was having a hard time getting a breath and in fear of choking. The evil grin and satisfaction on her face was a little scary. I think I exhibit that same look when I’m forcing my cock into a woman and causing pain. We then began the longest slowest week we had ever spent anticipating what Saturday might bring.

We had slowed down our sexual escapades in anticipation of Saturday. Delia had a call Friday night. My heart sank as she said “Oh hi Debbie”. We were both expecting her to beg off. She and the situation sounded to good to be true. We were wrong. She had called to confirm Saturday night, worried one of us might have second thoughts and back out. The conversation between them turned suggestive right away. Delia had switched to speaker phone so I could hear.

My dick was immediately hard and I had it out and was stroking it within seconds. Delia said “ John is really anxious to meet you. As soon as he knew it was you on the phone he whipped out the pussy wrecker and started stroking”. Debbie laughed and said “ I find that hard to believe but tell him to save some for me. Shit I’m getting wet just thinking about you two. Oh by the way remember I’m bringing desert”. Delia's last words to Debbie were “ Honey you are desert”.

We limited the evening to just one climax for each of us.

We were both running around frantically on Saturday preparing a light meal of savory items. Delia had convinced me a heavy meal would slow us down and she didn't want any one to wind up with an upset stomach as the night might be very taxing physically. I commented I hoped she didn't bring some super sweet heavy desert as I was the one that always overindulged and wound up lethargic or sick. Dee just smiled and said not to worry.

Debbie arrived on time and I waited for Delia to answer the door. As she walked in I was delighted. As Dee had said she was petite and very attractive with large breasts for her size. She was dressed casual with short skirt and light weight blouse. Her shapely legs were bare and tan. She wore black spike heels that accentuated her nicely shaped calves. She was carrying an overnight bag and a large shopping bag.

As the evening progressed both Dee and I would give her lust filled stares as if she was something we intended to devour (and hoped to). Her attention was centered on both my and Dee's crotches. There was an occasional suggestive statement from one of us as the evening progressed, but it would appear we were just three people developing a new friendship. We sipped wine, talked and ate an early meal in a casual way. As we finished Delia got up to make coffee with Debbie's help and I was told to go into the family room where they would bring desert.

The family room is where most of our sexual sessions take place so I was eagerly awaiting them. Delia entered carrying a tray laden with cups of coffee, what looked to be homemade chocolate chip cookies and small drinking glasses. I took a cup of coffee and a cookie. Debbie enter behind me and asked if I would like a glass of milk or milk in my coffee. I turned to find she had removed her blouse and bra and was hand milking herself into a small glass. My already hard cock doubled in hardness.

Delia was right about her breasts looking full to the point of bursting. I had noticed earlier she seemed uncomfortable and I now saw why. She had not emptied them on schedule and they were painfully swollen and full to the point the slightest touch started the milk to flow. I responded with both please and held my coffee cup up for her to give me a splash. She bent over slightly and squirted thin streams into my cup from one tit and then the other. She stated I hope you like desert, it's all home made. I sipped at the coffee and complimented her on her choice.

As we turned to look at Delia she had moved two other chairs close to mine so we all might sit with an unobstructed view of one another. She had placed a black plastic bag in front of hers as usual to catch the evenings residuals.

Delia started the festivities officially by saying” I thought each of us would stand one at a time and be undressed by the others so we might inspect one another and become more familiar. Since Debbie is our guest she should be first”. She sat the glass she was holding down and stepped between us. Dee and I both took hold of her and started feeling her all over. We both bent down and took a breast in our mouths sucking the mothers milk and squeezing them. I unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop without removing my mouth. Delia pulled her bikini panties down in one swift move where she stepped out of both garments and stood before us wearing nothing but her sexy high heeled shoes. We both ran our hands up and down her legs exploring ever inch. Delia massaged her pussy as I squeezed her butt cheeks. I moved her feet apart and began prodding her tight little asshole as Dee licked and finger fucked her.

Debbie said in a loud voice “ Please stop. I'm on the verge of cumming”. We all took a breather to cool off. Debbie was slowly coming down from the climax crest she had been building. I moved to Dee and started removing her clothing slowly so Debbie could assist. She had quickly recovered and was already dropping Dee's skirt as I removed her blouse. As I removed her bra I looked down to see Debbie already had her panties down and was flicking Dee's clit with her tongue. Delia's eyes were closed and she was shaking with pleasure as I massaged and sucked her tits while Debbie toyed with her vagina. As with Debbie we had to stop.

All three of us were breathing hard from over stimulation and anticipation. As they caught their breath they both began removing my cloths and rubbing my crotch. I didn't assist but also didn't hinder. When I was down to my undershorts that were soaked with semen and stretched in front Dee allowed Debbie to do the honors. As she pulled the waist band down my cock sprang out. She exclaimed “Oh yes. I see why you call it a pussy wrecker”. They both continued to stroke my body but neither was fondling my dick which was begging for attention..

Both women backed up and sat on a chair. I sat in the other and we all began fondling and slow stroking our selves as we took in the sight of each other. Debbie's eyes kept darting from Dee's pussy to my cock. Her breasts were leaking like a dripping faucet. She excused her self and returned with a clear plastic contraption that had two small cups that fit over her breasts with tubes her nipples would fit in. and thin clear tubing lead to a reservoir for the milk. A small battery powered pump ran the vacuum unit.

She activated the pump and began rubbing her pussy again. The pump sucked her nipples into the clear tube and pulsated. The nipples became longer and thicker with each pulse that was extracting squirts of milk about every three or four seconds. Her level of excitement was increasing and I could almost feel the sensitivity her nipples were experiencing as they were tugged and pulled. Each nipple was becoming darker red as the size tripled. My dick ached from the sight. I reached over with my other hand and picked up the glass of milk she had sat down then raised it to my lips and drained it. The taste was pleasant but different from cows milk and left me with a very erotic feeling.

Delia was feeling the same effects as she stared at the show while fingering her vagina with one hand and rolling her nipples with the other. She had started to whip up large globs of opaque foamy pussy juice that would fly off landing on the black plastic with a plunk sound or onto her legs. I loved the visual effect it left and the strong earthy vaginal aroma. Dee was very close to her first orgasm and started talking to Debbie. Her first comment was “ Oh damn your pussy looks tasty. Seeing your nipples sucked by that pump makes mine throb. I want to use it on mine too. Just wait till John uses that huge pussy wrecker on you. I can hardly wait to hear you scream as he stretches and tears you up. You will think your having a reverse birth. He will pump so much cum in you it will still be leaking out tomorrow. The first time he fucked me I past out from the pain and was sore for weeks after”.

As she was climbing closer to release her dialogue became more lewd and craven. It was having an effect on Debbie as she also was about to cum. Dee set them both off when she said “ I have a large strap on dildo I'm going to fuck you in the ass with while John fucks your pussy ragged.” Both women had scooted down in their chairs with their butts hanging off the edge. Debbie yelled “ Oh God OOH OOH OOH” and started her orgasm with little pelvic thrusting motions. It looked as if she was straining to reach us with her pussy. She had one hand ramming three fingers into her self with the other manipulating her clitoris. Her eyes were still darting back and forth from Delia's frothing pussy to my fat cock as if she was maintaining two different fantasies to fuel her orgasm.

Delia had her eyes half closed as she sat up rite on the edge of her chair. One leg was raised and propped on a small end table next to her while the other was on the floor but straight out to the side, spreading her open as wide as possible. If her vaginal canal had of been larger it would have gaped open for viewing. Her slightly cupped hand was brushing her finger tips sideways across her large clitoris making a noise as drops of the diluted foamy juice splattered onto her legs and the sheet of black plastic. She was quiet except for taking small breaths of air as if she could only breath in.

I had held off as long as I could. What I was seeing from either woman would have been enough to make me shoot a load with out ever touching myself. Watching both of them and the anticipation that had been building all week had me ready to break some world record for semen shooting. I turned toward Debbie and let go unconsciously aiming for her head. I started squirting long streams of semen that flew directly at her. The first went over her shoulder with half of it striking her hair. The second struck her above the eye and was running down her cheek. As they decreased in pressure each one struck her lower on her body. She flinched for the one above her eye and raised her hand scraping it onto her palm. After she inspected it she put her hand to her mouth and licked it off with long sensual tongue strokes. She proceeded to scrape up all the other globs she could find and do the same.

We were all cooling down enjoying the after orgasm inner glow. Debbie rose and walked over to Delia. She turned off the small vacuum motor and drained the milk reservoir into an empty glass. She then affixed the plastic cups to Dee's breasts and switched on the pump. Her nipples were quickly expanded for both length and diameter. Dee almost fainted with the sensation of her nipples being not only sucked but sucked with a pumping action. Each cycle of the pump sent a throb of pleasure through her that made her tense up. As she experienced this new feeling Debbie was before her in a most seductive position. As she squatted there on the balls of her high heel clad feet with her knees pointed out to the sides she slowly scraped up globs of Dee's foamy fluids and licked them off her palms.

The sight of her was driving me crazy so I laid on my back behind her and scooted my head under her wide open crotch. As she saw where I was she lowered herself further brushing her pussy across my mouth. She slowly rocked back and forth grinding it into my face, with her hands on Delia's knees for balance and would occasionally reach up to tug the milking device on Dee's tits to tease her. I had each hand on Debbie’s butt cheeks guiding her pussy around my mouth. Debbie was so light I was able to lift her off the floor like doing a bench press.

We were all three climbing closer to another orgasm. Delia broke the moment, delaying our orgasms by asking Debbie “ The day we met you made a statement I would like you to tell me more about, it's been on my mind since you mentioned it.” Deb ask what it was she had said. Delia continued by saying “you had been fucked by men, women and animals and I would love to hear about the animals”. From my perspective I was looking up at Debbie’s tits and chin from between her spread legs. As she tilted her head down to avoid Delia's stare I could see her whole face and chest turn crimson red with embarrassment. Even the pussy that was glued to my mouth felt like it blushed.

Debbie began to explain as she said “ I don't usually share that with anyone. It was a slip of the tongue”. As she said the word tongue I plunged my mine as deep into her pussy as I could. She clinched up and moaned with the pleasure. Then began to relate her animal experience.

Debbie “I have two girlfriends who are gay and own a large Shepard and Great Dane. I had suspected they used the dogs for sex and secretly wanted to try it. That is probably why I pursued their friendship to begin with. I think they both new that was what I was after from the beginning and resented it a little. The only time it ever happened I had been drinking and teasing them both sexually. They had asked if I was interested in watching the dogs perform and when I anxiously agreed they stipulated we all had to be nude. The undressing in front of them was a real turn on. When we were all undressed one of them had me get down on hands and knees to show me the proper position. As one of them maneuvered and positioned me from each side they pulled out zip ties and strapped each of my elbows to my knees.

I was on all four's and unable to move. They then spent a couple of hours forcing me to perform oral sex on each of them while the other kept my ass and pussy filled with large objects. After they each had their fill of oral sex and tormenting me they brought the dogs in and helped them to violate both of my holes several times. As one dog finished shooting a huge load in me and managed to extract his knot the other would take over.

I have never felt such pain as when one of the animals would manage to enter me and pound away with that huge knot. The orgasms I experienced were so primal and violent I was sexually sated for months afterward. I needed the time to heal also. For the first week afterward I felt like my insides were going to fall out of my overstretched vagina when I stood or walked. In time I finally returned to near my original size. I would love to try it again but fear if I did I would become a slave to the world of bestiality forever.

Her story had both Dee and I frantic with lust. Dee stood and pulled Debbie to a standing position above me. My view from below was fascinating. Debbie stepped back and straddled my mid section, while Delia stood with her feet on each side of my head. Delia looked down at me and winked. When she did I understood what she had on her mind.

I had purchased a device call a beast knot. It's a specialty device that is made to order and fits over a male cock and replicates an animals knot with an inflation pump. The knot can be enlarged after insertion. I had never used it as Delia was already uncomfortable with normal sex. Delia winked again and said “ John go get ready and we will wait for you. “ I jumped up and ran to the bedroom. Retrieved the beast knot and slid the tight fitting sleeve over my cock. I returned in a flash and slipped back under the two women who were slow kissing and fondling each other.

Delia asked Debbie “why don't you sit down on John's pussy wrecker while I work his tongue out for a while. I have never seen him fuck anyone before and I’m going crazy thinking about it. I want to be able to see your face as it slides in. If you were able to take on those two dogs I doubt if he will do you any damage but I’m sure he will have a surprise for you. Here hold my hands for balance and I will help lower you down”

Debbie slowly lowered her self down to a squatting position as Dee held her hands. I had my dick positioned so the head contacted her open lips and pushed in an inch or so. Not quite enough to cover the head but almost. She was holding herself up as my fat dick was trying to penetrate her. It looked as if she was being held up by a pole that was trying to impale her. Her legs were starting to shake with the strain. She was holding her weight suspended above my cock keeping it from plunging into her waiting pussy.

I looked down and could see clear sticky fluid running down my cock and over the slight bulge of the beast knot. The lips of her pussy were stretched out and puckered covering the head of my cock as if they were sucking me off. The sensation of her slight up and down movement was like being sucked off but hotter with all the warm juice running out of her. It had the feel of a hot coffee blow job.

My dick is slightly longer than average but looks short because of it's girth giving a stubby appearance. The flattened uninflated doughnut that replicated an animals knot was only slightly larger that my normal diameter. A tube ran down the bottom side and under my leg with an inflation bulb attached that would expand it to the size and shape of a glazed doughnut when pumped. I had worn it and inflated it to taunt Delia a few times but never thought I would have a chance to really use it.

Debbie’s slight bouncing was slowly dilating her pussy getting her ready to accommodate my girth. The sight when I looked up was breath taking. Delia had moved forward instead of sitting on my face and my view was of Debbie’s tongue licking up globs of Delia's frothy white pussy juice.

Delia was still holding Debbie's hands for balance and was pulling up with little bouncing motions helping her to hold her weight up and teasing my dick by giving me only limited penetration. Delia's ankles were even with my shoulders and I was tightly squeezing them each time she allowed Debbie's pussy to envelope me a little more. I could catch glimpses of the sinister almost evil look on her face leering down at me as she taunted both Debbie and I by not allowing full penetration. Large streams of juice was leaking from my wife’s pussy running down her legs and dripping on my chin and neck. Her clitoris was protruding out above me like a small cock. I think she was having a continuous orgasm as I could feel the vibrations and jerks that corresponded with the small twitches from her clit.

Delia had bent forward slightly and placed her hands on Debbie's shoulders. She pushed down and in one fast enveloping motion Debbie was plunged down taking my full rigid member deep into her womb. She yelled with pain and tried to resist but her legs wouldn't hold and she was fully impaled. The overwhelming pleasure of having my cock completely inserted brought me closer to the climax I had been holding off.

Debbie was soon taking long slow strokes with Delia's lifting help. Her breathing became labored and raspy as she began to feel comfortable with the large cock inside her. As she was approaching a climax I dropped one hand down and started inflating the artificial knot. I would give it a pump on each stroke. At the sixth pump she froze in place. I knew the knot was about the size of a soft ball inside her now. Her eyes were wide open and getting bigger by the second. In a low pitched wail she yelled “ good god what have you done to me. I don't think I can move. Is it possible you are part dog.” She began shaking with the orgasm that took her.

She was trying not to move but Delia was pulling her up and I was pumping into her as she started back down. The sound she emitted was like a squeaky seesaw. With a eeeh-aaah on each stroke.

I could hold back no longer and started spurt hot semen into her. Her body gave a little upward jumps and I could feel the clenches of her climaxing too. I looked up to see Delia had pulled Debbie's head into her crotch. Debbie was sucking Dee's protruding clitoris like it was a small cock and after a few strokes she would drag her teeth over it then continue to suck.

All three of our bodies were momentarily rigid with the orgasms we were experiencing. Each seemed to hold tense for a few moments and then shudder as another wave of pleasure would take one of us. I was still having a last few spurts into Debbie as I slowly pushed up. With all the cum flowing from her pussy onto me and the globs of female fluid Delia was leaking I was a sticky mess. Debbie was adding to it by milking her oversized lactating breasts sending thin streams onto my chest.

The aroma of ammonia told me someone had also pissed on me during the last climax but I couldn't tell who it had been. Both women had almost collapsed. Debbie was still sitting astride me with my cock deep in her being held by the still inflated knot. Delia had sat down on my face and had my tongue in her perfect snatch and my nose poking her in the asshole. I was so spent I could hardly move and was content to lay there with them atop me.

Delia was first up and helped Debbie to rise. I reached down and let the knot deflate slightly. As my still rigid dick and knot was pulled from her there was a sucking sound and I was again doused with another large glob of gooey love juices. Debbie yelled again and collapsed onto the floor. She said before she got up “ will you two adopt me or marry me and let me live here. I think I'm in love.”

I followed as they walked slowly to the master bath and entered the shower. I sat on the seat and began the sensual process of washing both women. They each took turns standing before me as I soaped every inch of their bodies. Making sure all holes were also scrubbed. I removed the shower head from the hose and inserted it into all four holes presented to me, letting each fill a little with warm water. As each orifice was filled and the hose removed a large gush of water rushed out. Both women swooned with the sensation it brought.

As I showered the women both sat on the shower seat and took turns stroking and trying to get their mouths over my cock to suck it. We all three dried each other while rubbing the most sensitive place a lot more than necessary. I wound up in bed with a luscious women on each side. As I fell asleep I had a middle finger buried in each of their pussies with both of them clasping a hand around my erect cock. I already had dibs on Debbie's asshole for later with the thought of trying the beast knot. Could life get any better.


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Nigerian girls reach out to me

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The dreams of being fucked by a werewolf could come true with this 'beast knot' device. I would love that to cum true...


2012-08-08 15:10:51
I don't think they exist. Another product I would like to see produced and sold. Could make for an interesting encounter. I have met a few ladies that would love to try something like a beast knot.

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where could i get a ''beast knot'' should they exist?

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Fucking awesome. Keep up the great work.

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