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Alice comes to the park with a hunger for cock
Sex park 3

This will be another story about Alice but different night. You don't have to read sex park 1 and 2 to read this one but I do recommend it to get the deions of the park and Alice. 

Alice walked again to the park. She headed into the pirate ship but this time went down the other staircase. 

I walked down the second staircase. I have never been down here so I decided to check it out. 

What I saw completely surprised me.  There were glory holes and wholes big enough I could go through them right to my pussy. Fuck holes. 

I decided fuck holes first. There were many guys here and I looked like the only girl. It looked like they were waiting for one to come around. From the sight of all the naked guys made me wet. There is a new rule in sex park that u can't wear clothing while in the park. 

So I am naked and watching all these naked guys holding their erect cocks. 

I walked to one of the fuck holes and slipped my legs though and rested my waist on the actual hole. 

"hey look guys we've got a girl who first." one guy called out. 

Someone stepped up to me and started rubbing my clit. While doing that he pushed the head of his cock into my pussy.  Then he completely pushed it in and I could feel his balls against my clit. He started to pound furiously in and out making me wetter every time. Then I felt I was getting close. 

Oh god don't stop don't stop I moaned out as my organism rang out. My body writhered around and my pussy clamped down on the cock as he squirted his hot cum into my pussy. 

After my organism subsided he removed his cock and left. Another guy stepped up and just pushed it in. He was rough causing me to grab onto a bar that was left above the hole. He lifted up my ass and started fingering it. He timed his thrusts into my pussy with his fingering. At last I cummed and he used some of my cum from my pussy to lubricate my ass. I let go of the bar above my head as I cummed letting my head hit the ground. The pain only added to the pleasure. 

I didn't even realize that he moved his cock to my ass until he flipped me over. Now he slipped his cock into my ass and pounded me hard. He cummed pumping his hot cum into my ass. 

Anyone want a threesome with this girl? Someone called out. It sounded like the guy fucking me. 

I heard a hustle of feet and someone came behind my wall separating me from them and pulled me from my hole. I tried yelling at him as he pulled me off of the guy fucking my ass i felt empty now.  

The guy pulled me out and up the staircase. I saw 2 men standing at one of the thirty king sized beds. 

I was immediately thrown to the bed. The man dragging me left. One of them laid down beside me and their cock was erect. I started to lightly suck it then I started to deep throat it. I was only on it for a few minutes until I was pulled off. 

He picked me up and placed me down on his thick 8 inch cock. He slowly eased it into me. 

Oh my god i moaned. The other guy pushed his cock into my ass and I moaned deeply. Fuck me like your little slut I moaned.

I started rubbing my clit as I moved up and down along the guy in my pussies cock and the guy in my ass thrusted wildly. 

Oh my god I moaned loudly. The other guy came back with a camera but I thought nothing of it. Both guys fucking me pulled out and squirted their hot juicy cum all over my face and tits. I saw a few flashes of a camera so I went near it and posed my cum covered self while they were still cumming. Then I started cumming. Gushing my juices mixing with the guys cum. 

I grabbed one of the guys cocks and sucked hard. I deep throated him as he cummed again I drank his cum. 

More pictures were taken and eventually we were done for today. 

(2 months later, alice goes to college)

I walk down the hallway of school. Remembering the summer gave chills to my pussy. I wanted it again. 

A guy approached me. 
"if you don't want these spread around you will fuck me here and now"

I recognized him as the guy who took pictures of me. He held up pictures fore to take. They were of me riding 2 cocks, cum all over me and me sucking cock. I was pretty proud of myself but this wasn't something I wanted to affect my school life. 

I took his hand and lead him to an empty classroom. We both undressed  and I bent over a desk. My pussy was already wet and I saw his cock was hard too. From the pictures I decided as I felt a cock gracefully trace my pussy and clit. 

I humped back at him and slid the head in. I moaned quietly but he pulled out. Not yet he whispered and went to his backpack. He pulled out rope, handcuffs, a gag and a dildo. He came over to me and took some cum from my pussy as he worked the dildo into my ass. 

He pushed it all in and I started moaning. Until he placed the ball gag in my mouth. He pushed my back against a desk and handcuffed my hands. He tied my ankles to the desk legs with rope then my stomach down with rope.

He took his cock and placed it on my clit rubbing furiously. Then he moved his cock and placed it on my pussy, pushing inch by inch into my sweet tender pussy. 

He thrusted slow at first then faster and faster until I was floating to oblivion. He took the dildo and pressed a button on it making it vibrate. I instantly cummed. 

When my organism subsided he cummed pumping his sweet hot cum into my pussy. 

Hope you like it!!! If You don't don't comment its that simple. Let me know if there should be a part 4

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part 4 for me all these other fags are gay

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there shouldn't even have been a part 1

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