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I am 29 years old, Spanish and Native American, about 5'1 125 lbs, dark brown almost black straight hair, Olive complection, 34 B perky tits and a round Latina ass. I have flowers and a day of the dead Sugar skull tattooed on my arms. My pussy is always shaved smooth.

My BF, let's call him Lawrence is 32 years old, White, about 6'2 185 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes,dimples, broad shoulders and the most amazing perfect bubblebutt I've ever seen on a guy. He has a huge tattoo on his back and a rocker on his collar bone. A circumsized 7.5 inch cock that's always shaved along with his balls,My ideal guy.

We had been dating for about 4 months, We were head over heels in love and lust, loving the fact that we were both bisexual and needed sexual excitement. Something none of our other significant others seemed to understand in the passed. Lawrence is a recovering meth addict, I had used every drug under the sun except for meth. We met at a time where we wanted to turn our lives around, be good for each other.

It was around Christmas time that I found myself on a paid leave of absence from work and Lawrence had just moved out of his wife's place into mine,unemployed from his veterinary postition. What a disasterous combination of free time and mischieveous thoughts.

Lawrence convinced me to smoke meth for my first time. I was afraid as I held the glass pipe up to my lips. I had seen people do it at my house growing up with an addict mother. I had promised myself I would never use it, ever.

I inhaled the sweet tasting smoke. An insane rush came over me. I felt euphoria like I had never felt before. Any anxious feelings completely disapeared. My heart was racing as Lawrence took a few hits. We had talked about getting a guy over to play with but Lawrence felt the high would give him the nerve to go through with it with me. As Lawrence had hooked up with Gay guys off Adam4Adam and joined couples but never had a girlfriend that encouraged his bisexuality.
We posted an ad on Craigslist to find a guy to come over. My posting read "I want to watch you play with my boyfriend".

We received well over 40 responses. We decided on a young white marine that live in Oceanside a city over from us.

I was nervous to try and act "Normal" infront of someone I had never met. I put on some black and hot pink lingerie, black fishnets and black heels.

We put our red Ikea futon down in our living room, our Christmas tree blinking in the backround. He showed up around midnight. He was a typical white marine, with the marine haircut. Blonde hair blue eyes, seemed to have a decent body.

We introduce ourselves and we all sit on the futon. His name is Dustan, turns out he's a paramedic for the Navy and married with kids.

"I have to go pee real quick" I say

"Mind if I suck his cock?" Lawrence inquires

"No baby, go ahead" I assure him

I go to the bathroom my head spinning, my heart racing, I am incredibley excited to watch my boyfriend fuck another guy.

When I walk out I see my boyfriend's head bobbing up and down on Dustan's dick. I'm immediately turned on by seeing this. I can hear him slurping and sucking, I walk over and lay back rubbing my clit.

"Help me suck this" Lawrence invites me over

I moved over between Dustan's legs with my boyfriend. Lawrence feeds me Dustan's cock, its about 7 inches normal girth. We slide his cock in between our mouths, occasionaly I get Lawrences lips smacking against mine. Our toungues exploring every ridge of his cock. We let up and Dustan goes for Lawrence's cock, so I join him. We suck his cock together as Lawrences reaches around and plays with my now dripping wet pussy.

Dustan let's up and goes in bewtween my legs. I feel his toungue dart around my clit making me shove Lawrences cock down my throat. I am in bliss having my pussy licked while sucking my boyfriends cock. I reach under and rub Lawrence's balls, going further until I reach his puckered hole. I trace around it with my spit, pushing my finger tip in, he moans in pleasure.

"You want to fuck me?" Lawrence asks Dustan
"Sounds like fun" He responds

I grab a condom and roll it over Dustan's hard cock. Lawrence bends over, arching his back, that perfect ass sticking up in the air. Dustan lines his cock up with Lawrence's hole. I squirt lube on his asshole, rubbing it gently all around while with the other hand I stroke Dustan's condom covered cock with some lube too. I pull apart my boyfriend's cheeks as Dustan slides his cock in.

I get under Lawrence so I can suck him while he's getting fucked. My face is inches away from Dustan's cock pumping in and out of my boyfriend's asshole. I'm in heaven as I take Lawrence's cock dow my throat, feeling the thrusts as he gets fucked.

"Fuck bro that feels good, fuck yeah" Lawrence groans

"MMMMM You like that cock in your ass"

After fucking for a few minutes, Lawrence says "I want to see you fuck his cock"

"Ok baby" I get down on all fours.

Lawrence shoves his cock in my face and I greedily lap it up. I feel Dustan's cock enter my pussy. With long strokes he starts to fuck me. I am loving having two cocks filling my holes.
Lawrence reaches under and rubs and flicks my nipples making me quiver.

I feel Dustan's thrusts get faster and faster. He grips my hips tightly and I feel him pound his cock into me, buring it deep in my pussy. Lawrence now face fucking me, I feel a spurt of warm cum squirt in my mouth.

"AAAAHHHHHH" Lawrence shutters as his cum drips out of my mouth as I am unable to swallow it all.

We all collapse, sweating and breathing heavy. I have cum all over my face and my pussy is dripping wet. It was over, our first bisexual threesome together.

We have had quite a few craigslist sexcapades since then, I'm in the process of writing about our last sexcapade so stay tuned :)

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