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Important! I do not own or have taken no part in the creation of this story. I take no credit for it. The writer of this story is Avatrek . From what I've seen on the forum in which I found this the story is unfinished. I have taken all 7 chapters and they will be all posted here in one story. If you have read Avatrek 's work before then you know what your in for, if not I hope you enjoy the read.
Harry Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts
Chapter 1 – In the Beginning

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit.

Story Codes: mmfff, exhib, grope, magic, unif, voy

Harry Potter’s fifth year of education was one of the most difficult times of his young life. Publicly slighted by both the Ministry of Magic and the influential magical media, Harry had been called a liar, attention-seeker and delinquent. After a very difficult fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Harry and the rest of the school was secretly subjected to the mind-altering Spellbook of Desires, Harry had to watch a fellow Triwizard Champion, Cedric Diggory, murdered by Peter Pettigrew, just before the return of Lord Voldemort. Harry had escaped the reborn Voldemort and his Death Eaters after a fantastic battle and learning the secrets behind the fabled Spellbook of Desires and the effects it had had on Hogwarts and all who dwelled inside the school. Harry and his friends had been using the book all year to play out their sexual fantasies with both their friends and enemies. It had therefore come as a shock to learn that the book’s spells and potions were all fictitious and the books only real power was to affect the minds of everyone near it to make them believe they were living out their wildest fantasies. It was all used as a ruse to confuse and divert everyone’s attention away from the actions of Wormtail and Voldemort during his slow return to power. Only when he had reached his full power again and had regained his valuable book, did Voldemort lift the book’s powers from the school and wipe everyone’s memory of the book and the fictitious events it had produced. Although Harry had seen the return of Lord Voldemort and Dumbledore had backed up his claim, both the Ministry of Magic and eventually the entire magical world had seen it as far easier to simply ignore the idea of Voldemort returning to power and instead accuse Harry and Dumbledore of being either attention grabbers or that they were simply crazy. This had led to a very difficult fifth year at Hogwarts for Harry; one which had seen him fight with his friends, question Dumbledore and battle against bad press all year. All of this eventually culminated in a battle at the Ministry of Magic and the death of Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black. If the trauma of losing the only family Harry had left was not enough, Harry finally found out why Dumbledore had been avoiding him all year.

While Harry threw Dumbledore’s prized possessions around his office without regard, Draco Malfoy was being summoned to Lord Voldemort, back at his parents’ manor. After learning of his father’s capture at the Ministry of Magic, Draco had fled the school and made it to Hogsmeade. Waiting for him there was his aunt Bellatrix and mother Narcissa Malfoy.

“Come now Narcissa... Draco will have the honour of serving the Dark Lord in the most important mission he will ever have.” Bellatrix Lestrange told her sister as her nephew walked towards them.

“He’s far too young... If Lucius were here, he’d never allow it!” She berated her sister, nearly in tears at learning that her only son would be undertaking a very dangerous mission that only he could perform.

“Is it true Mother...? Has father been captured?” Draco asked his mother as he finally made it to her, still breathing hard.

“Yes Draco... But that`s not why you`re being summoned to the Dark Lord.” Bellatrix cut in before Narcissa could answer. “Come now... There`s no time to talk about it here... The Dark Lord awaits!” Narcissa and Bellatrix took hold of each of Draco’s arms and helped him apparate back to the Malfoy estate, where an angry looking Lord Voldemort, paced back and forth in the manor’s main dining room.

“Fools... Incompetent fools!” Voldemort spat as he paced the room throwing hexes at whoever tried to interrupt his brooding. “Ahhh... The guest of honour, Draco Malfoy.” he said as Draco entered the room all by himself.

“My lord,” Draco bowed respectfully in front of his new Master. Now that his father was incarcerated in the Wizard’s prison of Azkaban, either he would take on his family’s lifelong debt to the Dark Lord or he would pay the price of his father’s misfortunes.

“Stand Draco... You have nothing to fear from me... You will be honoured beyond all others in the months to come.” Voldemort told Draco as he bade him to sit down in the nearest chair.

“Me my lord?” Draco asked respectfully as he sat and got ready to listen to what Voldemort had to say.

“Yes... You are the only one that meets the age requirements that this mission necessitates,” Voldemort continued, “The raid on the Ministry of Magic was for more than one simple purpose... Yes... You’re father’s mission was to steal a valuable tool that could have helped me finally kill that annoying brat, Harry Potter, but he also was used as a decoy while I stole something nearly as important. You are the only one of my faithful Death Eaters other than myself that will know of this and it must remain that way.”

“Of course.”

“Good... I have in my possession, one of only two special time-turner devices which if used correctly, can send the user back in time, as far as twenty-five years. I have chosen you, Draco Malfoy, to travel into the distant past of 1976, where you will find and steal four powerful magical objects.”

“How? What? Where?” Draco asked, looking both surprised and confused.

“The time-turner will transport you back to 1976 Hogwarts, where you will enrol as a transfer student from Durmstrang. Because you were not yet born, the possibility of running into yourself during that school year is not a threat. If you were to see yourself that far into the past, it would surely kill you. The information about the magical objects I wish you to retrieve can be found in this envelope.” Voldemort finally finished, placing a large yellow envelope into Malfoy’s hands.

While Draco was receiving his mission from the Dark Lord, Harry was finally calming down in Dumbledore’s office. With almost all of his valuable objects broken Dumbledore was finally able to bring a little reason to the situation.

“I am sorry Harry; for all that I have done or failed to do for you in the past, but now I must ask something of you that only you and your closest friends can know about. Voldemort’s reasons for breaking into the Ministry of Magic were far more than just to steal a prophecy I’m afraid. He arrived shortly after you and your friends and proceeded to steal another valuable object which would have been destroyed had he not taken it moments before its several less powerful counterparts were destroyed.”

“A time-turner?” Harry replied quickly, remembering how the rest of the time-turner’s were destroyed. “But what’s so special about this time-turner?”

“This particular time-turner is one of two very powerful devices which can allow the user to travel back into time, up to 25 years. All other time-turner’s can only move the user back a few short hours and even that is dangerous. The sight of yourself can cause shock and in some cases psychosis. If someone were to see themselves 25 years older, it would cause immediate death and change history forever. Because of this danger, the two special time-turners were locked up and hidden.”

“But why wouldn’t the Ministry of Magic just destroy them and get rid of the threat?” Harry asked Dumbledore, now very intrigued.

“Oh Harry... I think the past year has given you quite a unique perspective of the Ministry and how it operates. It isn’t that difficult to believe that they’d keep at least one of those time-turners, just in case they truly needed to change some past event.”

“What do you mean one...? I thought you said there were two devices?” Harry replied, catching on a few seconds later as Dumbledore opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a very valuable looking gold and silver stop watch. Instead of the numbers one to twelve on the watch however, there were 25 gold embroidered numbers etched on its face, as well as a number of letters that represented months.

“I have had this one in my possession ever since I created the two special time-turners, nearly twenty years ago. And now I must ask something of you that may be too much to ask. Voldemort has given the other time-turner device to Draco Malfoy. Mr. Malfoy has been sent on a special mission to steal four valuable objects from Hogwarts in 1976. He’s been tasked to retrieve the four objects, return them back to the present and make sure not to change history in the process.”

“How could you know all this?” Harry asked puzzle and unsure how Dumbledore could actually know what Voldemort was planning. “He could have someone killed... Like my parents... I need to use the other time-turner to stop him!” Harry said, now worried for both his parents survival and his own.

“Calm down Harry... I know that Draco Malfoy will travel back to 1976 and that you will follow him because I remember you, your friends and Draco being transferred to Hogwarts in 1976.”

“And you’re only bringing this up now?”

“Until this year, I wasn’t certain it was actually you... The you of 1976 was a sixth year student, had a different name and seemed to avoid me at all costs. I assume I told you not to make any direct contact with me in the past in order to lessen the impact of your presence.”

“What... This is getting way to confusing Professor... What are the objects I need to protect?” Harry replied, looking confused, before Dumbledore went through the specifics for nearly an hour straight. In the end, Harry agreed to use Dumbledore’s time-turner to travel back in time, find Malfoy, stop him and make sure the four magical objects he was trying to steal, were kept safe. Dumbledore told him he could bring back anyone he wanted with him as long as they knew the risks. Knowing that Harry would say yes to the proposal, Dumbledore had prepared fake identities for Harry and the four friends he knew Harry would be taking with him.

“These fake identities should be enough to fool both Hogwarts and myself into believing that you’re actually transfer students from another magical academy. I have prepared a trunk with clothes, gold, and books appropriate for 1976 and the classes you, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood will take part in during the school year. You must stop Draco Malfoy, keep safe the four magical objects and return back to the very time you left from.” Dumbledore told Harry as he stood up and paced across the room looking strangely nervous and embarrassed.

“What’s wrong Professor... I’m sure it won’t take that long.” Harry replied, looking confused.

“I’m sorry Harry, but it will take you almost the entire year before you leave the Hogwarts of the past. I know this because you finished you’re sixth year but never showed up for your seventh... Whether that means you traveled forward in time to when you left or something much darker occurred,” Dumbledore responded, still pacing and still looking concerned, “there is also the matter of the differences you and your friends will have to deal with in 1977. The clothes, attitude and... Sexual freedom of the 1970’s made the magical world of 1976 and 1977 very different to which you experience today. You’ll understand what I mean once you and your female compatriots change into your school uniforms.”

“Don’t worry Professor... Nothing will distract us from stopping Malfoy and Voldemort... If it`s as important as you say it is, we can`t afford to fail.” Harry finished, before leaving the office and finding Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Luna. He told them all about the important mission he was given, the time-turner device and the fact that he needed their help to accomplish his goals in stopping Malfoy and protecting the four magical items Dumbledore had told him about. All four of his friends agreed to help him without flinching and in moments they were all back up in Dumbledore’s office, getting ready to travel back in time and stop Malfoy from forever changing the future.

“Thank you all for agreeing to take on this dangerous task... Before you leave, I must tell you all to blend in as best you can and watch each other’s backs. Many things in 1976 will distract you from your goal and it will be important to remember why you are there and what you have to do to in order to maintain the timeline. I will set the time-turner to take you back to the first day of school... You will then all squeeze into a small broom closet just outside this office. After activating the time-turner, you will come see me in this office and hand me the transfer papers I have made for you. After that, it will be all up to you to accomplish the task I have set for you and return back here as soon as possible.” Dumbledore recited before shaking each one of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Luna’s hands and thanking them for their sacrifice. “And remember... the time-turner is your only way home, so keep it safe.”

With that Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Luna got into the broom closet just outside Dumbledore’s office, held hands and activated the time-turner, which instantly sent them back to September of 1976.

“Well that felt weird!” Luna coughed as everyone tried to catch their breath and regain their composure. The sensation of travelling back in time so far had knocked the wind out of each and every one of them.

“You’re telling me... I can’t see a thing in here though.” Ron replied, jostling around for his wand.

“Lumos!” Hermione said, seconds before everyone cried out in shock. Apparently one of the side effects of using the special time-turner device was the disintegration of the user’s clothes. The trunk they had brought with them, along with the clothes inside seemed to have traveled back in time without any damage, but all the clothes in contact with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Luna’s skin was instantly disintegrated.

“Whoa!” Harry and Ron said in unison as both were treated to quite an unexpected treat. Hermione, Ginny and Luna were stark naked with a look of terror on their faces. Hermione was nearly 16 and easily the most developed of the three beautiful teenagers. Her slightly larger firm breasts and tiny pink nipples accentuated a nearly perfect teenage body. Her tight stomach, beautiful face, curly hair, long smooth legs and extremely tight and pert young ass nearly made both Harry and Ron pass out. If that wasn’t enough to get both Harry and Ron hard; both friends could just make out a small trimmed strip of brown pubic hair just above her tight little slit. Not to be outdone or outshone were both Ginny and Luna, who had similarly petite frames, small but firm breasts, juicy little asses and a small tuft of pubic hair just above their little slits. Ginny’s entire body had freckles scattered across her skin, but in Harry’s own opinion, it only made her even more beautiful. As Hermione, Ginny and Luna regained their composure and tried to cover up as best they could while they rummaged through the trunk they had brought along, they all got a quick glance of both Harry and Ron’s now stiff shafts. Neither boy bothered to cover up as they continued to stare at the three girls’ sweet asses. Both Harry and Ron sported similarly large shafts; each measuring almost a full eight inches, and it was quite obvious by the girls’ giggling that they approved of their size.

“Oh be quiet and find us some clothes then!” Ron said in embarrassment, after realizing why they were giggling.

“Fine Ron... But don’t stare at our asses while we look in the trunk... It’s a lot deeper than it looks.” Hermione replied, smirking, before turning around along with Ginny and Luna to reach into the trunk. With their juicy naked asses sticking out right in front of both Harry and Ron, the two friends lit their wands and got an even better look at their asses.

“Man... I think Ginny has the best ass... Even better than Hermione’s!” Ron murmured to Harry, not in the least embarrassed that he was talking about his little sister’s sweet teenage ass. Both Harry and Ron had one hand on their cocks and were slowly stroking back and forth while the girls struggled to find them their uniforms.

“You’re telling me... All I want to do is slam my cock into their tight little pussies right now.” Harry sighed as he stepped a little closer to the three girls’ asses and started rubbing himself off even harder. Harry had never had sex before, but he had seen a few magazines from the Muggle world and even a few in the Magical world, so he knew all about it and wouldn’t have minded trying it, even though he knew his mission was more important than any fantasy he might be having at that particular moment.

“Watch this!” Ron replied with a smirk before stepping up right behind Hermione and stroking off his cock at an even faster pace. His face became strained and his breathing became ragged as his hand moved over his shaft like a blur. Within seconds, he grunted quietly and his cock began jerking and spraying a few hot loads of his sticky cum all over Hermione’s tight ass.

“What the fuck was that!” Hermione shouted in surprise without pulling her head out of the trunk. She could feel something hot splashing against her sweet teenage ass as she searched through all the things Dumbledore had packed for them. Hermione could feel the warm liquid run down her round ass and into her ass crack, before dripping down her tight little pussy and along her long legs. “Mmmmmm....” Hermione moaned from the sensation. Fuck that feels good, she thought to herself as Ron’s cum ran down her ass and pussy.

“Oh... I think there’s a leak in the ceiling... Me and Harry are getting wet to.” Ron lied convincingly as Harry stepped up behind Ginny and Luna and starting pumping his cock even harder. Within seconds he started ejaculating all over both Ginny and Luna’s round luscious asses, covering each of them with a sizeable load of sticky cum and causing both girls to cry out in shock like Hermione. After some explaining about the leak and the girls finally finding everyone clothes, the five friends quickly got dressed in their new Hogwarts Gryffindor uniforms. Dumbledore had thought it prudent for all of them to be in the same house, even Luna, in order to allow them easier access to each other during the year.

“What the... Do you see what we have to wear?” Hermione asked Harry and Ron as she slid on her dress shirt and tie and opened the broom closet door to have a little more freedom and get a better look at herself in the full light.

“Ha... Those are the best uniforms I’ve ever seen!” Harry said in approval with Ron nodding in agreement. Hermione, Ginny and Luna funnelled out of the closet to show Harry and Ron almost an even more intriguing sight then them being completely naked. Each girl was wearing knee high white, red and gold socks, an amazingly short black, red and gold skirt that was so short, the bottom of each girls’ luscious teenage asses were visible, and a tight white dress shirt and tie combo that left very little to the imagination.

“Yeah Hermione... I especially like those shirt and tie combos!” Ron laughed as he stared at Hermione’s breasts. The tight white dress shirt was so tight and small that he could see Hermione’s tight stomach and her shapely breasts were nearly visible through the thin material.

“I don’t know Hermione... I kind of like these uniforms... They’re really comfortable... Look... We even get to wear thongs!” Ginny said while Ron continued to stare at Hermione’s breasts. Ginny, twirled around, lifted up her skirt and gave Harry and Ron a nice long look at her tiny red and gold thong. Harry nearly fainted and Ron felt a twinge in his groin as Ginny pulled her skirt back down over her ass and waited to hear what they thought of it.

“Ummmm... Yeah I totally agree with Ginny.” Harry mumbled as he started to regain his composure. “We should go and see Dumbledore now and give him our transfer papers... After you ladies.”

“Wow... A big dick and a gentleman... What a package!” Luna whispered in his ear as she passed.

“Ron... I think I’m going to like the seventies.” Harry said, just before Hermione knocked on the door to Dumbledore’s office.

Harry Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts
Chapter 2 – Clothing Optional

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit.

Story Codes: n-con, exhib, grope, spank, unif, voy

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood were on a very important mission. A mission which had taken them back in time to the 1976-1977 school year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Using one of only two special time-turner devices that Dumbledore himself had created, Harry and his friends had traveled back in time to stop Draco Malfoy from stealing four very special magical objects from the school and forever changing future events. Harry had agreed to take on the dangerous mission to both help ensure the safety of his parents, who were enrolled at the school as sixth years and stop Malfoy from altering the timeline and stealing the four magical objects for an eagerly waiting Lord Voldemort, who had sent the budding Death Eater to do his dirty work. Harry had chosen four of his friends to accompany him and with the help of the Dumbledore of his time, had created fake names and transfer papers to allow them all to attend their fifth and sixth years of education at Hogwarts in Gryffindor House, alongside Harry’s parents. An added bonus to the trip would be the opportunity for everyone, especially Harry to meet his parents, their friends and all the people that would have a profound impact on future events which helped shape the magical world. Dumbledore had warned Harry and his friends of the differences in culture and attitudes during the 70s and although Harry was sceptical that there would be much of a difference, things were about to become much clearer.

“Knock... Knock... Knock!” Hermione wrapped on the Headmaster’s door, getting ready to present the Headmaster with the fake transfer papers. “I can’t believe I’m meeting the Headmaster wearing these clothes... We all look like total sluts in these uniforms!” She sighed, trying her hardest to pull her tiny tight skirt down over the rest of her luscious teenage ass. The school uniforms of the 1970’s had adopted a far more liberal stance than those of Hermione’s usual dress wear and although she complained about what she was wearing, neither Harry or Ron had much to object to as their eyes continue to scan over Hermione, Ginny and Luna.

“I have no problem with what you’re wearing Hermione.” Ron said slyly as they waited for the Headmaster to answer the door. “Besides... I don’t think our uniforms are that bad.”

“What would you have to complain about Ron... The boy’s uniforms are exactly like what you wear back in our own time.” Hermione replied, looking back at Ron with a little jealousy and anger. Just as she was about to turn around and smack Ron and Harry for continually looking at her ass, the Dumbledore of 1976 opened his door and welcomed the five teenagers into his office. Almost everything in the office looked exactly the same as it would in the future and although Harry thought Dumbledore would be surprised by their arrival, especially because it was mere hours before the sorting of houses was to begin, but Dumbledore didn’t seem the least bit startled.

“Welcome Harry, Ronald, Hermione, Ginevra and Luna to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry... I have been eagerly waiting for your arrival!” Dumbledore said with a smile on his face and no hint of surprise.

“You were?” Harry asked, not sure how the Dumbledore of 1976 could possible know who they were before they introduced themselves. Harry thought that maybe Dumbledore had somehow traveled back in time with them and had taken his past self’s place. He did look shockingly similar in looks but after her remembered what his Dumbledore had told him about the danger of seeing himself in the past, he realized that his Dumbledore must have somehow already sent back a letter to himself to let his past self know of the eventual transfer.

“I received a letter two weeks ago explaining the reasons for your transfer and when you’d be arriving.” Dumbledore said, confirming Harry’s hypothesis and allowing Harry to relax just a little. “I also see that you all have already gotten dressed for Gryffindor House. Unfortunately I have some bad news on that front... There is only room for three of you Gryffindor House... Two of you will have to spend your final two years of magical education in Slytherin House. The letter I received told me you already know about the differences in the four school houses so I know you know that you’ll all experience a different side to Hogwarts. Ginevra Beazleby and Luna Lumsley will join the fifth year Gryffindor girls and since there is one open slot available for the sixth year male students in Gryffindor House, Ronald Weatherly will also join you two girls. That means Miss Hermione Stranger will join the sixth year Slytherin girls and Harry Cotter will join the sixth year Slytherin boys. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but there just isn’t any room in Gryffindor House to take on Harry and Hermione. Luckily for you two however, another sixth year boy has just transferred from Durmstrang and will be joining you Harry in the sixth year of Slytherin House.”

“What... But... We’re all friends!” Hermione pleaded with the Headmaster, knowing that if anyone learned of her Muggle heritage, she’d be persecuted to no end by the Slytherins. It would especially dangerous for her because Malfoy was obviously the new Slytherin transfer and he knew all about her parents. All Hermione could hope for was that Dumbledore was able to make a good enough cover story up for her to allay any suspicion.

“I’m sorry, but this was the only way to allow all of you to attend. No other houses have any room for you.” Dumbledore replied, looking genuinely sorry for the inconvenience. “There will be a change of clothing for the both of you in your quarters down in Slytherin House. Here is a map and some information about the school... These two prefects will take you to your respective houses and help you get acquainted with your housemates and new homes.” Dumbledore continued, pointing back at his door where two recognizable students walked through the door looking at each other with pure disgust for each other in their eyes.

“This is James Potter... He will escort Miss Lumsley, Miss Beazleby and Mister Weatherly to Gryffindor House,” Dumbledore said, pointing to Harry’s father, who was almost the spitting image of Harry, even though everybody failed to really notice it. Harry wanted to reach out and shake his father’s hand, but before he could Dumbledore introduced both his and Hermione’s escort. “And this is Severus Snape... He is a Slytherin Prefect and will be more than happy to help both of you become better accustomed with Slytherin House.” Harry looked on in horror as Snape reached out to shake both his and Hermione’s hands in succession. His greasy hair and large bird-like nose were almost exactly like those that had haunted his dreams for five years at Hogwarts.

Without even being able to say goodbye to Ron, Ginny or Luna, Harry and Hermione were guided out of the office, down the Headmaster’s staircase and towards the dungeons and Slytherin House.

“If you’re lucky you’ll never have to suffer the presence of Potter again.” Snape said with a devilish grin as he guided them down the Grand Staircase.

“He didn’t seem so bad.” Hermione chided in order to distract Harry from wanting to punch Snape square in his big nose.

“He’s a blood traitor and doesn’t deserve to be a pure blood wizard. I have already taken it upon myself to browse through both of your files and I’m glad to see that both of you come from a long line of wizard and witches of notable mention.” Snape replied, as they made it to the main level and made for the doors to the dungeons.

“Why should that matter?” Harry said in reply as they made their way down the steps.

“It matters because almost all those without pure wizarding blood should be thrown in Azkaban for stealing our world’s magical secrets.”

“Is there anything else we should know?” Hermione said a little snippily, just as they made it to Slytherin’s secret entrance.

“Only that you should speak only when spoken to bitch!” Snape replied back harshly. ‘You will soon find out that the female students at Hogwarts and especially those in Slytherin know their roles very well.’

“Huh?” Hermione replied, looking worried as she and Harry laid eyes on the statue covering the secret entrance. If Hermione was not already shocked and confused enough, when she and Harry saw what was protecting their new house’s entrance, her hand started shaking.

“Is that a...” Harry started before being interrupted by Snape again.

“A dirty Muggle whore!” He said with a smirk as he pulled out his wand. On her knees completely naked with her ass sticking up in the air to show everyone present, her juicy stone ass and pussy, was a perfect stone replica of a Muggle looking back at them, gagged and crying. On her stone head was a cone shaped hat that had the word Muggle written on it. “Just take your wand, completely insert it in her pussy or ass and say the password... Which is currently Muggle-Whore.” He said, doing exactly that before the statue moaned out loud like a whore and moved aside to reveal the Slytherin House entrance.

“Awesome!” Harry murmured out loud before he and Hermione followed Snape into the Slytherin chambers. Harry had been in Slytherin House once before, but he was shocked to see it was nothing like he remembered. At the center of an extremely large stone room was a massive jet-powered hot tub. At the far side of the room was a stage and tall metal pole that went from the floor to the ceiling.

“What’s that pole for?” Hermione asked innocently.

“Oh... You’ll find out soon enough, ha ha ha. Your rooms are up here and the two doors on either side of common room lead to two similarly large rooms I or someone else in Slytherin will introduce you to in the days to come. Right now however, we all need to make our way back up to the Great Hall to participate in the sorting that’s just about to start.” Snape said, picking up two Slytherin cloaks and handing them to Harry and Hermione. “You’ll have to wait to get changed later... Just throw these on and we’ll worry about your clothes later.” He finished, directing his last comment specifically at Hermione.

“What did he mean that I’ll find out soon enough?” Hermione asked Harry as she put on her Slytherin cloak and followed Snape back out the entrance and towards the Great Hall.

“I don’t know, but like he said... We’ll find out soon enough.” Harry replied as they walked into a nearly full Great Hall.

“You can take a seat next to the other new transfer student over here Harry and Hermione.” Snape told them before sitting down beside two other male sixth year Slytherin students and basically completely ignoring them.

“You!” Harry and Hermione said in unison after laying eyes on a largely inconspicuous Draco Malfoy.

“I knew you two would follow me here... Don’t say another word or I’ll blow your cover and change history forever.’ Malfoy said with a smirk as Harry and Hermione took a seat next to him. “I’m surprised to see you in Slytherin colours Mudblood... But I’m sure you’ll be even more surprised later. My father told me some interesting things about Hogwarts in the 1960 and 70s.”

“What do you mean Malfoy... All we have to do is get you alone and send you back to our time and this whole thing will be over.” Harry said, looking ready to jump Malfoy and do exactly that as his fingers grasped the time-turner device in his pocket.

“You wouldn’t dare try it in a crowded area like this and besides, I’ve already slipped your dear old daddy a slow acting toxin that will take almost an entire year to take effect and kill him. If you blow my cover or get in my way, you’ll never find out what I’ve poisoned him with and you’ll never get the cure.” Malfoy said with a smirk before picking up the plate of food that had just appeared in front of him and walking down the table to find another spot to eat beside Snape.

“Dammit... We’re just going to have to find those objects and protect them from Malfoy and just hope he doesn’t try to blow our cover.” Harry concluded as he looked around the hall at all the unfamiliar faces. Ron, Ginny and Luna still hadn’t made it down to the Great Hall and he still couldn’t see any sign of his mother, father or any of his friends. He could only hope that nothing bad had happened to them already as he surveyed the hall one more time and quickly recognized a few of the teachers sitting at the front table. There was Dumbledore, a younger Hagrid who was as big as ever. He saw several of the older teachers like Minerva McGonagall, Madam Pomfrey and even Pomona Sprout all looking both young and very attractive. After Ron, Ginny, Luna and rest of Gryffindor House joined the students waiting in the Great Hall, the sorting began and the feast started in earnest. After Dumbledore gave a short speech that Harry failed to follow because he was more interested in checking out the hundred or so gorgeous beauties all around him, Harry followed the rest of Slytherin House back down to the dungeons and a special little surprise planned for the newest female transfer student.

What Hermione or Harry didn’t know was that Slytherin had a special initiation they put every female transfer student through upon arriving at Hogwarts. It was customary for the new girl to get up on stage with every Slytherin student watching and strip out of their clothes. If that wasn’t enough the transfer student had to get a spanking from every single male member of the house before receiving her new Slytherin clothing.

As Harry and Hermione made it to the secret entrance of Slytherin House, Malfoy walked by them and whispered to Hermione, “You’re going to love this Mudblood!” he said squeezing her ass quickly before running into the Slytherin common room and grabbing a seat for the show.

“What... Fuck you Malfoy!” Hermione cried in shock before she heard the high tempo beat of a familiar Wizard rock band.

“Hmmm... I wonder what they’re planning in there.” Harry said as they walked into the common room to find every single male Slytherin student sitting in chairs around the stage and long metal pole.

“And there she is... Hermione Stranger... Our newest Slytherin slut and the next one on the pole for our entertainment.” Snape’s voice boomed as if he was talking through a microphone.

“What... I’m not a slut and I’m not stripping for you pigs!” Hermione shouted back, trying to back away out of the common room to safety. Before she could leave though, Harry grabbed her by the elbow and whispered in her ear.

“You have to do it Hermione... We can’t break our cover and if you refuse to follow through with their traditions, they may do some digging and find out that were not from their time.” Harry whispered to her as he guided her towards the stage. In truth, Harry really wanted to see her naked again, and the thought of seeing her doing a little strip dance in front of him was extremely hot.

“Are you fucking kidding Harry? You want me to get naked for these sickos?” Hermione asked Harry looking extremely worried.

“You gotta take one for the team Hermione... It’s the only way!” Harry told her before grabbing her cloak and tearing it off her while he pushed her onto the stage.

The crowd of Slytherin boys cheered in approval as Hermione got on stage and grabbed the stripper’s pole tentatively. She had no idea what she was doing up there; she had taken some basic dance classes in her early youth, but exotic dancing was a whole lot different than ballet or tap. Gripping the pole, Hermione spun around it quickly, letting her tiny skirt flutter up past her thong, showing off her gorgeous ass and causing the crowd of horny boys cheer out. Blushing and not really sure why she was actually enjoying herself, Hermione continued to twirl around the pole before ripping off her tight white dress shirt to reveal her pert young breasts and erect little pink nipples.

“Holy fuck Hermione... You are a Slytherin slut!” Harry said mostly to himself as he felt his cock begin to harden again. Hermione was really getting into it by that point and had already pulled off her tiny skirt to show off her amazing teen ass. She still was twirling around the metal pole, wearing only her white sneakers, knee-high socks, tiny red and gold thong, and her small little Gryffindor tie around her neck.

“Take them off! Take them off! Take them off!!!” Everyone started shouting, urging Hermione on to take off her little panties and let everyone get a good look at her tight little pussy and finely trimmed little landing strip. Just to egg them on a little more, Hermione toyed with them a little longer by ever so slowly sliding them down her hips to her ankles. Hermione then kicked them off into the crowd and right into Harry’s face. With one last twirl around the pole to let everyone see her full body one last time, the song ended and her performance came to an abrupt close. Before Hermione could get off the stage, a large ugly seventh year boy grabbed her wrist and pulled her off the stage. As every one of the boys lined up in two lines on either side of Hermione, she was slowly led between them, being forced to stop every few feet so each one of them could either grope her pert young ass or spank her for being such a naughty slut.

“Oww... Owwwww...!” Hermione cried in succession, after each boy gave her a quick spanking. Malfoy got a little frisky by groping her ass and running his finger across her little trimmed pubic strip. “FUCK YOU MALFOY!” Hermione whined in protest, just before Harry gave her ass one good last squeeze, before the seventh year guiding her spanked her harder than anyone and giving her a new Slytherin uniform to wear. Hermione was nearly in tears as she slowly walked up to her new room with a red ass and a feeling that she had degraded herself by participating in such a disgusting little Slytherin tradition. She could only hope that Ginny and Luna hadn’t faced any similar disgusting tradition and that Ron would protect them from anything to bad, unlike Harry had done for her.

Harry Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts
Chapter 3 – Lily Evans Is A Slut!

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit.

Story Codes: mf, mf, grope, hp, magic, oral, unif

Hogwarts of 1976 was a very different Hogwarts of what Harry and Hermione had ever experienced. It was probably in large part due to the fact that both Harry and Hermione had been assigned to Slytherin House instead of Gryffindor, but there were many other things about Hogwarts that had changed too. Hermione had the most traumatic night between her and Harry – Slytherin tradition had forced her to do a little strip show after the sorting of the first year students and although Hermione had kind of liked it, the spanking that had followed was nowhere near as enjoyable. While Harry and Hermione became accustomed to the perverted customs of Slytherin House, Ron, Ginny, and Luna were being welcomed a little more warmly by Gryffindor House.

“The Gryffindor common room is on the seventh floor and the entrance is behind--” James Potter was saying before being abruptly cut off by Ron.

“The portrait of the Fat Lady--” Interjected Ron rudely before James looked over at him quizzically.

“Well yeah... How did you know that?” James asked Ron looking confused.

“Uhhhh... Uhhhh...” Stuttered Ron before Ginny pushed Ron aside with an answer.

“His parents used to go to Hogwarts... They told us where the entrance to Gryffindor House was.” Ginny lied as James snuck a peak down at her ass. Ginny’s skirt was so tiny that every time she took a step, her entire gorgeous ass was visible. Ron could hardly blame him; both Luna and his sister were looking rather good as they made their way up the last flight of stairs and towards the portrait of the Fat Lady.

“We did make a few improvements to the common room over the past couple of years though, so I’m sure your parents never told you about the new and improved Gryffindor House.” James said with a smirk and another quick glance down at Luna’s juicy little heart-shaped ass.

“What kind improvements?” Luna asked excitedly as they approached the portrait and James got ready to say the password to enter.

“Password?” The Fat Lady asked.

“Quidditch.” Replied James and the portrait opened immediately. Ron and Ginny expected to see the same basic layout of Gryffindor Tower which they had become accustomed to over the last few years of their time at Hogwarts, but they were both stunned to see it drastically bigger and much more appealing. The common room area looked almost exactly the same as they had remembered, but with three doors that neither Ron nor Ginny had ever seen, leading off into other rooms. Because the opening feast had not yet begun and most of the students had not yet arrived, only a few of the older students were present. A couple of the sixth and seventh year girls were walking across the common room towards one of the three doors wearing the skimpiest bikinis that Ron had ever seen. Over near the stairs however, was an even more intriguing sight; a very pretty dark redheaded girl was on her knees sucking the cock of a handsome and very familiar looking boy.

“Oh come on Lily, you promised me the first blowjob of the year!” James shouted with both anger and humour.

“Sorry buddy, she just couldn’t resist the old Black family charm!” Sirius Black laughed as Lily took a break from deep-throating Sirius rock hard seven inches.

“Oh come on James... I’ve been stuck in the Muggle world for the past two months... I couldn’t help myself,” Lily replied with a smirk before looking over at Ron, Ginny and Luna. “And who may I ask is this handsome stud and beautiful ladies?” She said after licking the tip of Sirius’s cock one more time.

“Shit Lily... At least let him settle in before you wrap your tongue around his cock too.” Sirius joked as Lily ignored them and starting sucking on his shaft again. By this point, Ron, Ginny and Luna were stunned. Never did they ever believe that Harry’s mom could have been such a dirty slut. Sucking off Harry’s Godfather in front of everybody, including Harry’s future father was unbelievable. Ron’s cock was rock hard after hearing what Lily had to say about him and both Ginny and Luna were both feeling a little hot under the collar as they watched the dark redheaded slut deep-throat Sirius over and over again.

“Besides Lily, I’m next!’ Replied a slightly miffed James, just as Sirius started to grunt and pant.

“Fuck... I’m Fucking CUMMMMMMING!” Grunted Sirius, just as everyone in the room looked over at the two to catch the best part of the show. Sirius’s cock started to jerk wildly, just as Lily pulled her mouth off his cock and got ready to catch his warm seed. “UNGHHHHHH... YES!” Sirius grunted in satisfaction as he started firing off load after load across Lily’s pretty teenage face. His warm seed splashed off Lily’s cheek and into her hair before she was able to catch the last couple of loads in her mouth and swallow them with pleasure.

“Mmmmm... I love the taste of your cum, Sirius!” Moaned Lily, as she licked her lips and sucked off the last few drops of cum from Sirius’s cock.

“Thanks Lily... I really needed that!” Sirius groaned as he pulled his pants back up and walked over to Ron, Ginny and Luna to introduce himself. “I’d shake your hand, but... You know...” Sirius laughed as he introduced himself as Sirius Black and welcomed them to Gryffindor House.

“And I’m Lily Evans,” She called from across the room as she readjusted her tiny skirt and dress shirt before standing up and for the first time giving Ron, Ginny and Luna a good look at her fantastic body, tight teenage ass, marvellous juicy young breasts and gorgeous rosy cheeked face. Lily used the ‘scourgify’ spell on her face and hair before walking over to Ron and giving him a long hard hug. She briefly felt Ron’s massive bulge press into her thigh before whispering, “Wow... I know what you’re thinking right now!’ Ron blushed before Lily let go of him and hugging both Ginny and Luna in turn, squeezing each of the girl’s ass playfully as if to see if there was any competition she needed to watch out for.

“Well James... Where’s Wormy and Moony?” Sirius asked James as he cleaned himself up in a nearby water basin.

“Remus is a prefect, so he has to take the train from King’s Cross and Peter couldn’t get here any earlier, so he took the train too,” James replied, before slapping Lily’s ass playfully. “I have to play prefect for a few hours, so I can give you three the tour of the place, but I don’t mind.” He continued, looking down at Ginny’s long beautiful legs. Ginny caught him staring, but didn’t mind too much; she had always been fairly liberal when it came to sex and although she was still a much coveted after virgin, Ginny had a very open mind.

“James... Don’t... We should at least give them the rest of the tour before we go at it... Don’t you think?” Lily giggled, breaking away from James sneaky hands before guiding a still shocked Ron, Ginny and Luna towards one of the doors leading out of the common room.

“Dumbledore said this place was a little different than we were used to, but holy hell, I think I might just like this Hogwarts.” Ron whispered to Luna and Ginny as they followed Lily, James and Sirius through the common room door into what looked like a large hall, with a long bar at one side and a massive hot tub in the middle of the room.

“This is the bar, dance hall and hot tub room... There’s an age line at the doorway, so only fifth years and above can get in. You can basically use the hall for anything, but this is usually where all the parties take place.” Sirius said with a grin before he led the group to the bar. Taking a bottle of Fire Whiskey, Sirius poured some into six shot glasses using his wand and passed them around.

“To new friends and...”

“New beginnings!” Ron finished as all six of them drained their glasses and winced from the taste and strength of the beverage.

“God I love Fire Whiskey!” Sirius shouted out as he refilled the glasses again with his wand and everyone took another shot before leaving the hall to continue the tour. Ron, Ginny and Luna were then led to the room at the other side of the common room and after walking in; they were astonished to see a large outdoor balcony overlooking the entire Hogwarts grounds, lake and forest.

“Wow! How long has this been here?” Ginny said in fascination, as she leaned over one of the balcony’s stone railings to get a better look.

“Only a couple years... I did the spell work myself... It’s completely invisible to anyone outside the castle!” James replied looking supremely cocky.

“It’s so beautiful... Isn’t it?” Luna said, also leaning over the stone railing to get a better look.

“It’s definitely a gorgeous view!” James replied with a smirk, not looking out at the grounds, but down at Ginny and Luna’s juicy teenage asses.

“Yeah...” Ron and Sirius agreed immediately, also checking out Ginny and Luna’s sweet asses.

“You guys are perverts,” Lily said with a smile, slapping James playfully. “We should get down to the Great Hall though; the feast is about to start... We’ll finish the tour later.” She said before opening the door and making her way back into the common room. As they walked down to the Great Hall, James separated from the group with Ron to ask him a question.

“Hey Ron... Can I ask you a question?” He asked, quietly enough so that nobody else could hear.

“Yeah sure.” Ron replied, with his eyes fixated on Lily’s tight ass and long smooth legs.

“You’re not involved with Ginny or Luna, are you?”

“No, there just friends of mine.” Ron replied, looking over at Ginny and Luna’s asses as their short skirts flapped up and down over their perfect asses. Dumbledore had forged the fake identities for both Ron and Ginny, but had for some reason unknown to Ron, decided against giving Ron and Ginny the same last name. Ron had no idea why Dumbledore had done this, but as he stared down at Ginny’s juicy little ass, he thanked God for once that he wasn’t related to the young redheaded hotty.

“Good... Because Sirius has a thing for blondes and I’m gonna bang that redheaded slut like a whore!” James laughed before patting Ron on the shoulder and hurrying forwards to catch up with Sirius, Luna, Ginny and Lily. Normally, Ron would have been pissed that somebody was planning to fuck his little sister, but he was a little too busy staring at her ass to really care. The sorting of the first years and the feast went forward without incident; Ron, Ginny and Luna met Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, along with a few pretty fifth and sixth year girls. Lupin looked a little shabby and downtrodden, but other than a couple of thin scars, he looked much better than he would after a few more years of transformations and lack of work. Peter Pettigrew was as rat-like as ever and although Ron knew what he would turn out to be in a few years, and his clear need to do everything James and Sirius did, he was pleasant enough too. Everything was proceeding as usual, until halfway through the feast when Ron felt something tug on his pant leg. Before he could even look down, he felt somebody’s fingers enclose around his crotch.

“What the fuck!” Ron said instinctively as the hand started really massaging his stiffening cock.

“Ha ha ha!” Laughed Sirius as he looked over at Ron’s look of surprise. “Don’t worry... That’s just Lily giving you her standard welcome!” Ron finally looked down underneath the tablecloth and saw to his delight, the beautiful Lily Evans, looking back up at him with a smile on her face as her hand slowly unzipped and unbuttoned his pants.

“Holy Fuck! I can’t believe this is happening!” Ron exclaimed, more to himself than anybody else as Lily took hold of his hardening cock and really started to work on it.

“Lily gives the best blowjobs in school... Trust me Ron.” Sirius replied before getting back to his meal, as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

“This is the best school in the world!” Ron said to himself as Lily starting licking up and down his shaft while she fondled his balls. As Ron enjoyed the sensation of having his dick sucked by a real professional, he looked around the hall to see if Harry and Hermione were having as much fun as he was. He could see both Harry and Hermione looking nervous sitting at the Slytherin table, but other than that, they looked just fine. Ron nearly jumped up in shock after laying eyes on Draco Malfoy talking to a young Severus Snape, but was able to keep his cool thanks to the terrific blowjob Lily was giving him. Other than that, the rest of the feast went by like a blur; with Lily blowing him for nearly twenty straight minutes, Ron was quickly succumbing to her tight lips and long skilful tongue.

“I’m gonna cum... UNGHHHH!” Grunted Ron a few seconds later, firing off five thick loads of his hot sticky magical cum, right down Lily’s throat. Lily didn’t even gag as load after load was fired down her throat. She swallowed it without complaint and before Ron could even apologize for not warning her of his impending orgasm, Lily popped back up on the other side of the table with a smirk on her face.

“Welcome to Hogwarts Ron!” She said cheerily before taking a bite out of a pumpkin pasty. Ron just sighed with relief and closed his eyes in complete satisfaction.

“I told you buddy... Lily Evans is the best!” Sirius said as all the deserts disappeared in front of them and Dumbledore gave them the start of term speech and ushered them all off to bed. Ron, Ginny and Luna got one last glimpse of Harry and Hermione before being whisked off towards Gryffindor Tower again.

“And just think Ron... That was just an appetizer... Just wait until I get you all alone!” Lily whispered into Ron’s ear as they walked back to their common room. Ron felt his cock twinge as Lily walked ahead of him and stopped abruptly. “And just so you know that I’m serious...” She said turning around to face him and the rest of the Gryffindors walking behind them. “... Here’s the proof!” She continued, lifting up her skirt and pulling down her red and gold teeny thong to fling at Ron. Ron caught the wet panties in his hand and stuffed them into his pocket as Lily pulled her tiny skirt back down to cover her finely trimmed strip of dark red pubic hair.

‘Ummm... Uhhhh... Thanks!” Ron stuttered as everyone started walking forwards again, with a few even patting Ron on the shoulder and telling him how lucky he was.

“What was that about Ron...? What was Lily flinging at you?” Ginny asked as she ran forward to catch up to him.

“Yeah... And what was she doing under the table? Was she looking for Wing-Spotted Nymph Fairies?” Luna added curiously as she ran up beside Ron and looked up at him like she was expecting a serious answer.

“Uhhhh... I think she just dropped something.” Ron lied, getting a little red behind his ears in the process.

“I don’t know... I thought she was sucking your cock... She was down there for like twenty minutes!” Ginny said with a smirk as she watched Ron getting even redder. Ginny had never had sex, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t sexually active. For almost an entire year she had been dating a Ravenclaw boy, Michael Corner and although she had never let him fuck her, she had sucked his dick on several occasions.

“Ginny... What the fuck!” Ron said in shock before he felt Luna’s hand drop to his crotch and squeeze.

“Mmmm... She did suck his cock Ginny... I can just tell!” Luna told Ginny as her fingers released Ron’s balls and she continued to walk beside them as if she had done nothing out of the ordinary. Little did Ron or Ginny actually know, Luna was probably the biggest slut either Ron or Ginny had ever known. Introduced to sex by her pervert of a father in the previous year, Luna had fucked and sucked her quirky father every chance she could. When at school, Luna was known as Loony Lovegood for more than just her abnormal behaviour in Ravenclaw House. Luna had become quite the easy target for any Ravenclaw boy in her fourth year at Hogwarts who wanted an easy and freaky fuck with no strings attached whatsoever.

“What...? How the hell would you know Luna?” Ron asked looking shocked as he hurried forward and through the Fat Lady’s portrait to hopefully escape the awkward conversation he was now caught in.

“Oh, she’d know Ron... I’ve heard some strange tales about Luna last year.” Ginny said with a smile, before she and Luna ran forward to catch up with Lily to go and look at their new bedrooms.

“Like you should talk Ginny... I’ve heard some stories about you and Dean, you little slut!” Luna said kiddingly as Ron stood at the bottom of the girls’ staircase looking both red from embarrassment and anger, after learning of both Luna and Ginny’s seemingly slutty pasts.

“Dean? Dean Thomas!” Ron said as he walked up the boys’ staircase and towards his bedroom, both tired and confused. “That fucker’s going to get a beating when I get back!”

Harry Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts
Chapter 4 – Spin the Bottle

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit.

Story Codes: mf, cream pie, exhib, grope, hp, inc, uniform

Gryffindor House of 1976 was far better than the one Ronald Weasley had ever known; not only were the common room and dormitories bigger, better and filled with more alcohol than he had ever seen, the benefits of a far more liberal atmosphere, meant many opportunities for him to score. On his first day, Ron had already gotten his cock sucked by one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen, and if the look in Lily Evans’s eyes meant anything, there would be far more to come. Ginny and Luna had also been enjoying themselves, and although they hadn’t done anything to compare with Ron’s experiences thus far, ideas continued to filter through their minds as more and more handsome boys made passes at them at almost every opportunity. Luna had caught Sirius Black constantly staring at her juicy little heart-shaped ass on a number of occasions, but instead of getting angry with the obviously infatuated wizard, Luna had toyed with him by pulling her red and gold thong up past the waist line of her skirt. Ginny had caught the eye of almost every boy in Gryffindor and the other houses for her likeness to the other gorgeous redhead in her House, but she had noticed the eyes of James Potter glued on her outstanding ass and small pert breasts on several occasions as well.

“Is it me or are there a lot of Perverted Pixies floating around?” Luna asked Ginny as the traipsed up to the fifth year Gryffindor girls’ bedroom. Both Ginny and Luna were sleepy and ready for bed after a long and eventful first day at Hogwarts. Both girls had enjoyed the extra attention they had been given by the boys of Hogwarts for their school uniforms which did well to show off their shapely teenage bodies.

“I don’t know about any pixies, but if you mean all those looks Sirius and James have been giving us, I definitely agree.” Ginny laughed, getting a kick out of Loony Lovegood and her quirky personality. Ginny had always been friendly with the Ravenclaw oddity, and although even Ginny usually couldn’t understand Luna’s eccentricities, there was never a dull moment when she was around.

“Yes, I do think Harry’s father’s eyes may have a permanent sticking charm on your ass Ginny.” Luna replied without breaking stride as she opened the bedroom door and was astounded to see how large the room was. “Wow! The bedrooms in Ravenclaw Tower aren’t even half as large as these!”

“Yeah, I definitely don’t remember them being this big... They must’ve put an enlargement charm on all the rooms in Gryffindor Tower.” Ginny concluded as she jumped on the nearest bed with all her belongings beside it. Three other fifth year girls soon followed Ginny and Luna into the room, introducing themselves in order. Ginny already recognized one of the girls as Alice, owing to the fact that she was the spitting image of her future son, Neville Longbottom. Everyone seemed friendly enough to Ginny and Luna, and even though the two girls were by far the most attractive of the five, they soon found out after a long night of gossiping that they were definitely the least sexually experienced.

“It looks like we’re going to have some work cut out for us if we hope to fit in like Dumbledore wanted us to. I mean, we can’t stand out if we hope to accomplish our mission and help Harry, can we?” Ginny reasoned with Luna after the talk had died down and they all turned in for bed.

“I don’t think we’ll have too much trouble catching up though, as long as those Perverted Pixies keep floating around.” Luna replied, yawning with tiredness as she closed her eyes and was quickly whisked away to pleasant dreams.

The first day of classes were short and sweet for both Ginny and Luna; after Charms with a much younger Flitwick and Care of Magical Creatures with Professor Silvanus Kettleburn, who was missing several fingers and toes, Ginny and Luna took a quick lunch in the Great Hall. After being waved over by Lily, she asked them how their first day had gone so far.

“Not bad... We only had Charms and Care of Magical Creatures though... We still have Transfiguration and Ancient Runes this afternoon.” Ginny told Lily as they snacked on a few deliciously prepared sandwiches.

“That’s not so bad... At least Flitwick and Kettleburn aren’t perverts like Slughorn and that new Muggle Studies professor,” Lily told the girls as she took a bite out of her sandwich and quickly looked over at both James and Sirius, who were clearly discussing something important in private. “Sufficed to say, if Slughorn asks you to stay behind after a lesson or to take ‘extra potions lessons’, don’t. If you’re lucky, he won’t make you join his little Slug Club and take every opportunity he can to grope you.” Lily told them wisely, having been groped on several occasions by the aging, balding and fattening Potions Master.

“Slug Club? Do you actually collect slugs?” Luna asked Lily with her usual dazed and confused look.

Lily laughed heartily at what she thought was a funny joke instead of a serious question before turning back to Ginny looking sincere.

“You know... James and Sirius really want to fuck you two... I’m sure they’re planning it right now,” Lily told Ginny and Luna with a smirk, “I know, because they did the same thing before trying to fuck me.”

“And did it work?” Luna asked Lily curiously.

“Well yes, but I wanted it anyway.” Lily told them with a pensive look as James and Sirius broke apart and turned towards Lily, Ginny and Luna to ask them a question.

“The fifth, sixth and seventh years are having a big party tonight back in the common room ladies, and we were hoping you’d like to attend.” Sirius said smoothly as James nodded in approval.

“We’ll be there with bells on.” Ginny told them before Lily or Luna could say anything.

“Hopefully that’s all you’ll be wearing... See you tonight!” James said smartly before he and Sirius jumped up from the table and joined an exiting Remus, Peter and Ron.

“I told you... That was just the first salvo, and they scored a direct hit.” Lily told them as they left the Great Hall and separated to go to their afternoon classes. Transfiguration was the toughest class of the day for Ginny and Luna, owing to the fact that McGonagall felt it necessary to pile on the work because of the upcoming OWLS at the end of the year. Ancient Runes wasn’t too bad and before they knew it, Ginny and Luna were back in the Great Hall enjoying another quick meal. After joining up with Ron and Lily at the Gryffindor table, Ginny quickly spotted Harry and Hermione sitting over at the Slytherin table. She had to take a second look after noticing how close both Harry and especially Hermione was sitting to Malfoy and Snape, almost as if they were getting along. Trying to focus on more important things, Ginny finished her meal and after Luna made a scene by diving over the table to try and catch some invisible magical animal, Ginny looked back over at the Slytherin table to see that both Harry and Hermione had already left.

“Just missed it!” Luna said in exasperation with her ass sticking up in the air with only her thong covering her juicy little butt.

“Here... Let me help you up, Luna.” Sirius said after getting behind Luna and staring down at her perfect ass. Reaching down, Sirius took hold of Luna by the waist and slowly pulled her up.

“Thanks!” Luna said innocently as she felt her ass rub up against his bulge.

The rest of the meal went on without much incident and before long, every single Gryffindor student that was fifth year or above was meeting up in the party room of Gryffindor Tower. After getting changed out of their uniforms, Ron, Ginny, and Luna met down in the common room.

“Holy fuck!” Ron said out loud after seeing what Luna and his little sister were wearing. Luna was decked out in a white, skin-tight one-piece bodysuit that had a v-neck that ran all the way down to her navel. Ginny was wearing a tight polka dot bikini top and the tightest pair of spandex short shorts that Ron had ever seen his life. He started to drool slightly as he looked them up and down. After finally regaining his composure, Ron, Ginny and Luna made their way over to the party room and passed across the age-line to see a disco light flashing overhead and a large number of students knocking back glasses of beer and Fire Whiskey. A shrill whistle and a number of sparks coming from Remus Lupin’s wand made every single student stop what they were doing and look over at the sixth year Prefect.

“What the hell is going on in here?” He said sternly, looking around at everyone before turning to Ron, Ginny and Luna, who had just entered the room before him. Ron, Ginny and Luna looked terrified until Lupin’s slightly scarred face cracked into a smile and he said, “You know we can’t start a party without spinning the bottle first!” Lupin said with enthusiasm as everyone in the massive party hall erupted with a cheer.

“What... Spin the bottle? What the hell is that?” Ron asked Lupin as all the girls in the room started gathering into a large circle with a throne-like chair at the center.

“It’s an old Muggle custom that we’ve slightly improved, and because you’re newest Gryffindor Ron, you have the honour of spinning the bottle and taking your place at the center of that circle.”

“What...? I don’t know? What do I have to do?” Ron said nervously, looking at all the skimpy and extremely beautiful hotties sitting in the circle, waiting for him.

“All you have to do is sit in the chair, spin the bottle and enjoy yourself while the girl the bottle spins to bounces up and down on your cock!” Lupin laughed, slapping Ron on the back and pushing him forward towards the cushy throne-like chair in the center of the circle. Lupin urged Ginny and Luna to join the circle and after Ron nervously took a seat on the chair, a few of the boys watching from the bar, hot tub and cushy chairs, started chanting his name to spin the bottle. Sirius picked up a half-finished bottle of Fire Whiskey and levitated it over to Ron. Taking the hint, Ron guzzled the potent alcohol in a few painful swigs and used his wand to levitate the bottle to the ground to spin it, just as the effects of the Fire Whiskey hit him like a stone wall. Light-headed, dizzy and numb all over, Ron watched as the bottle slowly stopped spinning.

“Fuck!” Ron and Ginny said together as the bottle stopped and pointed right at her.

“I don’t think so.” Ginny said looking nervous for the first time since her arrival back in time. She would do almost anything to make sure they didn’t fail the mission Dumbledore had set for them, but fucking her older brother in front of all these people, definitely wasn’t something she was up to.

“Those are the rules Ginny, you lucky slut!” Lily Evans said with disappointment, tugging at her short shorts and looking downtrodden about not being the one chosen to bounce up and down on Ron’s dick. “Here... Let me help you...” She told Ginny before grabbing her skin-tight short shorts and tearing them off along with her bikini top. A number of the boys watching closely cheered in approval as a couple of the scantily clad girls from the circle pulled down Ron’s pants and underwear to show off Ron’s already rock hard eight inches. The sight of so many smoking hot teenage girls in so little clothing, along with his now naked and extremely gorgeous sister was too much for Ron to conceal any longer.

“Holy fuck... I never knew you were so big!” Ginny said in surprise as Lily pushed her forward, towards the drunken Ron, who was now ogling her with increased arousal. Neither Ginny nor Ron had ever had sex before and although fucking one another would be weird and definitely wrong, the two siblings couldn’t help but deny their attraction for one another, especially while they were naked.

“Come on Ginny... We can’t start the party until you fuck him, so start riding that cock!” Lily said looking jealous before she used her wand to unceremoniously levitate Ginny into the air and slam her down with some force on Ron’s cock.

“OWWWWWW!” Both Weasley siblings groaned in pain as over half of Ron’s eight inches tore through Ginny’s hymen and took her virginity along with Ron’s.

“Ah! So cute... It’s like they’ve never fucked before!” One of the girls nearby said out loud in jest, even though it was in fact Ron and Ginny’s first time. Although nearly numb all over from alcohol consumption, Ron was still in a lot of discomfort as a small trickle of Ginny’s blood dripped down his shaft. “Holy fuck! She was a virgin!” The girl said in obvious surprise as everybody’s attention was completely drawn to the scene developing at the center of the party hall.

“So TIGHT! Ungghhh!” Groaned Ron in discomfort as the pressure of Ginny’s tight pussy around his shaft was nearly overwhelming. With everyone cheering for both Ron and Ginny to really start fucking, Ron took the initiative by grabbing his sister’s little waist and lifting her back up off his cock before slamming her back down on his shaft. Ginny moaned in pain again, but realizing there was only one solution to the ache in her pussy, Ginny started bouncing up and down in rhythm with Ron’s thrusts.

“Fuck... These two gingers are really going at it, right James?” Sirius asked his best friend as he drained another glass of Fire Whiskey. “Looks like someone’s jealous.” Sirius added after seeing the look on James’s face.

“I may not be the first to get a crack at her but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying.” James replied, watching Ginny bounce up and down on Ron’s cock with an increased pace and listening to her moan like a whore as she started to enjoy herself.

“You love your redheads!” Sirius said with a smirk as the scene in front of them started getting really interesting.

“This is so amazing... I’m going to fuck all the time from now on!” Ginny moaned in Ron’s ear as she leaned back and started grinding her hips downwards into Ron’s rapid thrusts.

“You’re telling me... Ughhh... Your pussy is so tight, Gin!” Ron groaned as Ginny sank all the way down on Ron’s full eight inches, allowing Ron to go balls deep in her hot tight pussy.

“Wow! It looks like Ron’s digging for Gasm Juice and I think he found some!” Luna told the crowd around them, not phased in the slightest by how ludicrous her own statement was. Sure enough however, Ginny started moaning even louder in anticipation of an approaching orgasm.

“Mmmmm... I think I’m gonna cum Ron! Fuck me HARDER!” Ginny screamed like a whore as Ron slammed her up and down on his shaft at a blinding speed, quickly nearing his own end as well.

“I’m fucking cumming too, Gin!” Ron shouted out loud as he slammed his cock as deep inside her as possible and felt Ginny’s pussy spasm on his cock and cover it with her warm juices.

“Unghhhhhh... Ummmmmm! I’m cumming in you!” Ron grunted in short order, as his cock exploded in orgasmic relief after feeling Ginny’s hot juices cover his shaft. Holding her by the waist, Ron moaned and groaned in relief as he pumped stream after stream of his sticky potent cum directly into his sister’s vulnerable and fertile womb, not caring in the slightest of the implications of such an act.

“I can feel it! Your cum is so hot!” Ginny moaned, falling back on Ron’s heaving chest as he finally stopped filling her up with his hot seed. Drunk, exhausted and satisfied, Ron quickly slipped off into unconsciousness and disturbing dreams of his parents berating him for knocking up his own sister.

“That was brilliant Ginny! I can’t believe you let him cum in you like that? Better hope he didn’t put a bun in your oven!” Lily said from the crowd around her. Ginny barely heard a word of what Lily had said with the crowd watching her and Ron cheering loudly for the amazing sticky ending they had just observed. Exhausted, but feeling great after being pumped full of her brother’s hot cum, Ginny slowly slid off of Ron’s lap and pulled her clothes back on in short order. After a loud applause and shaking a few hands, Ginny grabbed a couple of drinks and spent the rest of the night in the hot tub receiving praise from half the Gryffindors on a job well done. “I still can’t believe you let him cum in you like that Ginny. I always make them pull out first... What if you get pregnant?” Lily asked Ginny with a smile, still impressed by the show Ron and Ginny had put on, but obviously concerned about the implications of Ron cumming inside her.

“It’s no big deal... I’ll just stop by the Hospital Wing; pick up a vial of pregnancy potion from Madam Pomfrey and no worries.” Ginny said confidently as she sucked back another drink and looked over at an unconscious and naked Ron. Ginny had known about the pregnancy potion ever since she had reached the age of sexual maturity and although she had never had sex previously, she knew the clever little potion could avert any potential pregnancies.

“What the hell is a pregnancy potion?” Lily replied, looking curious but confused while Ginny dropped her empty glass of liquor in the water and looked back at Lily looking extremely concerned.


Harry Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts
Chapter 5 – Classes Begin Part 1

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit.

Story Codes: Mf, mf, exhib, f-mast, grope, magic, spank, unif

It had been a very tumultuous first day of Hogwarts for Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Luna. Harry and Hermione had spent their first night in Slytherin House. A night which saw Hermione embarrassed, stripped naked and spanked before the entire Slytherin House, including Harry and Draco Malfoy. Harry had learned that his mortal enemy, Malfoy, had poisoned his father with a slow acting toxin and that he too was after the same thing as Harry. Ron, Ginny and Luna’s day had gone quite a bit better; after learning that Gryffindor Tower was very different then they had remembered, they were able to meet James Potter, Sirius Black, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. What was most striking about the Hogwarts of 1976 for everybody however, was the fact that almost every student and possibly teacher had one thing and one thing only on their minds; sex. Dumbledore had told Harry that Hogwarts in 1976 was a lot more liberal and different than his own, but he had never expected anything like what he or his friends were experiencing.

“That was horrible Harry... I can’t believe you didn’t help me last night... You actually joined in!” Hermione berated a smiling Harry Potter after coming down from her bedroom still looking visibly shaken. Hermione was now decked out in the Slytherin colors and although she seemed to have found a way to lengthen her tiny black and green skirt a little, her nice perky breasts and hard nipples were still just visible through her tight white dress shirt. “And stop staring at my tits Harry... I can’t believe they make us wear this stuff.” Hermione complained as she took a seat next to Harry on one of the many plush leather sofa couches in the Slytherin common room.

“Calm down Hermione... If we hadn’t gone along with the Slytherin traditions, Malfoy or Snape would have called us out on it and our cover would have been blown.” Harry said with an air of superiority, after telling Hermione off for complaining. Harry couldn’t refute the fact that he had been staring at Hermione’s tits again, but you could hardly blame him for staring at something that was just so damn appealing.

“I know we have to keep our cover, but seriously Harry, I’m not doing anything like that ever again... You should have heard the other sixth year girls talking last night... They were telling me that last night was only the beginning for me.” Hermione replied, looking a little nervous and scared at the same time.

“What do you mean, only the beginning?” Harry asked Hermione as he stole a quick glance down at her long smooth legs.

“They told me that all the boys have the hots for me and that they’re going to make my life a living hell because of that.” Hermione said, noticing Harry’s eyes moving down to her long legs. “Harry, stop staring at me like that... It’s bad enough that every pervert in Slytherin keeps looking at me like that. I don’t need you checking me out every time I’m near you.” Hermione sighed, not looking to angry that she had caught Harry staring at her again. It wasn’t that Hermione didn’t like the attention or the eyes following her tight figure all the time, it was what was obviously going through their minds as they eye-fucked her. It wasn’t as if Hermione had never toyed with the idea of having sex, especially since she was just about to come of age. Hermione had never really found the right opportunity to lose her virginity. She had come close to fucking the Quidditch star, Victor Krum, but only ended up giving him a very awkward dry humping. Hermione had always fantasized about giving up her innocence to Ron, but because he was as thick as a wooden board, Hermione had few hopes that he would make a move.

“Girls can be so petty!” Harry replied, trying his hardest to focus on what Hermione was saying and not what she was wearing.

“You have no idea.” Hermione said in an undertone before she and Harry left the common room and went up to the Great Hall for breakfast and to get their new timetables. Harry, Hermione and Ron were all in their first NEWT year and although they hadn’t received their marks from the OWL examinations, the Dumbledore of their time had thought ahead and had included in their forged papers, a number of phony grades. As they sat down for breakfast, Professor Slughorn, head of Slytherin House walked back and forth through the table to confirm the classes his sixth year students were going to take. Neither Harry or Hermione had never seen Slughorn before and just assumed that he had retired before they had started at Hogwarts. With a large belly and a balding head, Harry was certain he would have remembered someone like Slughorn, had he met him before. When he came to Harry and Hermione, he stopped abruptly and his eyes traveled up and down Hermione’s tight body.

‘Ah great, even the Professors are perverts.’ Hermione thought to herself as she examined her choices and was shocked to see a number of classes she had never seen before. In the end, she took Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Muggle Studies, Charms, Transfiguration and Sexual Education. Harry’s class schedule ended up being exactly the same and as Professor Slughorn went over the final selections, Harry looked over at the Gryffindor table to see Professor McGonagall doing the same with Ron, Ginny and Luna.

“Now Mr. Weatherly... I see you wish to take, Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Muggle Studies, Charms, Transfiguration and Sexual Education.” McGonagall recited to Ron, with her hand on his shoulder. Ron couldn’t believe how hot Professor McGonagall was, considering she was only twenty years younger than the McGonagall of his time. Long wavy black hair, unwrinkled features and a fit, tight body that looked like it belonged to a teenager, made her extremely attractive. “Now it appears that your Transfiguration marks are not quite as good as I’d like them to be, so I will need you to have a few private lessons with me to start the term, Mr. Weatherly.” McGonagall told him with a devilish little grin as her hand moved down to his lap and patted him very near his semi-hard cock.

“Ah... Okay.” Ron replied a little nervously as McGonagall moved on and he could see James, Sirius, Remus and Peter, laughing at him.

“You’re in trouble mate... I remember when I got private lessons last year... They were very interesting!” Lupin told Ron with a smile before they all laughed together heartily and continued to finish their breakfast.

It turned out that the first class for Harry, Hermione and Ron was to be Potions with Professor Slughorn. Harry had never had a Potions class without his least favourite teacher, so he was a little excited to see how the class went without Snape constantly jumping down his throat. Harry was disappointed to learn however, that Snape would actually be attending the class with him, along with Malfoy, who also appeared to have all the same classes as him, including Muggle Studies for some reason.

As Harry entered the Potions classroom, he quickly caught sight of Ron sitting just in front of his father and Sirius, talking animatedly with none other than his mother, Lily Evans. Harry rushed forward, not even thinking about Hermione as he quickly took a seat next to his mother. Harry had waited all his life to talk to his mother and now that he finally had his chance, he didn’t know what to say.

“Uhhhh... Hello... Uhhhh.” Harry mumbled to Lily as she turned around from talking with a mesmerized Ron to see who was mumbling at her.

“Oh look... Another annoying Slytherin boy!” Lily said to Harry before turning back to Ron to continue on with her conversation. Ron finally snapped out of the trance Lily’s looks had put on him and defended his friend.

‘Harry’s not a real Slytherin... He was kind of forced into their House because there was no room left in Gryffindor.” Ron told Lily as Hermione waited patiently behind their table to see if she could sit beside them too. The only other available table belonged to Malfoy and Snape, and because Slughorn’s tables were only big enough for three, Hermione was fairly certain she was going to be forced to sit next to two of her least favourite people.

“Well... If you say so Ronny... I’m Lily – Lily Evans... Nice to meet you!” She said to Harry shaking his hand and giving him a quick once over. “You know... you kind of look like James Potter.”

“Really?” Harry replied, concerned that his cover was about to be blown. Just before Lily was about to say something else, Slughorn walked into the room and everyone went silent.

“Hello... I am Professor Slughorn and all of you will be beginning your NEWT level potion work this year.” Slughorn said to the class, sticking out his big stomach and waving his arm at the entire class of twelve students. “The next two years will be the most difficult two years of magical education you will ever experience and Potions will be one of the most arduous if not the most demanding class you will take part in.” As Slughorn continued on describing what they would be doing during their classes, Harry quickly flipped through the potions book Dumbledore had given him and was stunned to see that Dumbledore had taken it upon himself to write a small entry at the beginning of the book.

I have taken it upon myself to correct all of your books with more up to date and may I say spectacularly more improved directions and alterations. As I remember it, a young Harry Cotter was the most impressive student I had at my school in 1976 and 1977, and although you are a gifted wizard Harry, the Harry I remember could do spells that very few others could do. Please keep these alterations to yourself, even from your closest friends. If you are to gain the trust and admiration of those around you, you will have to surpass everyone else in magical skill.

Good luck Harry, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that you and Miss Granger would be in Slytherin House. I thought that small fact may have hindered your decision and your friends’ decisions to undertake this important mission.

Thank you,
Albus Dumbledore

After flipping through his Potions book, Harry was stunned to see how many alterations Dumbledore had made to the book and how he had not told him the truth about what school house he and Hermione would be placed in. Harry also wondered how in the hell he’d be able to keep the reason for his newfound skill secret from Hermione and Ron. His question was answered however, when he turned to the very first page and again saw Dumbledore’s writing just before the heavily corrected directions for the first potion in the book.

In order to help you keep these alterations a secret from your friends and teachers, please simply tap the book and say, ‘velieris stilus’, and the writing will be hidden until you tap it again and say, ‘ostendo sum stilus’.

Harry snapped back to reality when she heard Hermione smack Malfoy in the face.

“You fucking pervert, don’t you dare touch me again, or I’ll curse you into oblivion.” Hermione shouted at Malfoy as she stood up and interrupted Slughorn abruptly.

“Miss Stranger, is it? What is the problem here?” Slughorn asked, looking a little angry that he had been interrupted.

“Malfoy was grabbing my ass!” Hermione replied, nearly in tears.

“Who?” Slughorn asked confused. “Oh... You mean Mr. Miller here.” Slughorn continued. Clearly Malfoy had opted for a fake name as well, especially since the Malfoy name was so well known. “And what is wrong with that?”

“What... What do you mean...? He’s groping me, sir!” Hermione complained, looking around for support, but not getting any.

“Ms. Stranger... Please come up here!” Slughorn commanded Hermione, pointing to a spot right next to his desk.

“But... But...” Hermione started as she walked up towards his desk and got ready to be berated by the Slytherin Head of House.

“No Ms. Stranger... It’s your butt that’s the problem.” Slughorn replied, conjuring up a tape measure out of thin air and measuring the length of Hermione’s black and green skirt. “I see that your school regulation skirt is a full two inches too long.”

“Oh shit!” Hermione said to herself quietly, as Slughorn looked down sternly at her.

“For such a major infraction, I will of course have to punish you and give you detention.” Slughorn said, getting behind Hermione and with one wave of his wand tore Hermione’s entire skirt off her waist to reveal her nice tight teenage ass. Harry, Ron and every other boy in the class looked forward with intrigue as Hermione made to turn around and cover her ass up from the class. Her tiny green and black thong was the only thing covering up her tight little twat from everyone seeing. Hermione made to cover up but Slughorn quickly used his wand to immobilize her and freeze her to the spot, with her hands on his desk and her ass sticking up in the air for the entire class to see.

“What the fuck Professor?” Hermione cried out before she felt the sting of his hand, coming in contact with her soft teenage ass. “OWWW!”

“I think three and a detention will suffice.” Replied Slughorn with a gleam of deviousness in his eyes. Hermione could hear Malfoy and Snape sniggering at her misfortune as Slughorn spanked her twice more and released her from her frozen state. Hermione quickly ran back to her seat covering up her red ass; embarrassed almost to tears.

As Slughorn went on with business as usual and told the class to flip to page forty of their Potions book, Malfoy leaned over to Hermione and started to whisper in her ear.

“I never knew a Mudblood like you could have such a fine ass!” Malfoy whispered as his hand crept down towards her pussy and Hermione bit her tongue in anger as she felt his hand brush up against her pussy.

“Fuck you Malfoy... I swear you’re going to get it!” Hermione cursed back at him before looking back up at Slughorn and discovering what they were required to do during the class.

“I have a special treat for everyone today. I have prepared a single potion in this very special cauldron which every single one of you will need to duplicate today as a quick test of your potion making skills. Of course, this potion prepared before you was made in this special cauldron and therefore has special properties that no one can properly duplicate without using this very cauldron, but the love potions you will be making will have the same basic properties.” Slughorn told the class looking very self-important.

“Love potion, sir?” Malfoy said out loud, looking intrigued as he eyed the cauldron Slughorn had used. Malfoy’s hand continued to brush up against Hermione’s pussy as he asked his question, knowing full well that Hermione would never make another scene for fear of getting another reprimand in her first class. He could tell she was trying to burn holes in his head with her eyes as he waited for Slughorn to answer him, but Malfoy was having much to fun to care.

“Yes Draco, the love potion you will be making is one of the most powerful in the world. It has the ability to remove the sexual inhibitions for an entire day with the consumption of a single teaspoon.”

“And the same love potion you made using that cauldron is more powerful?” Malfoy asked, now extremely intrigued as his fingers slowly slid underneath Hermione’s tiny green and black thong and crept down towards her tight little moist slit. As much as Hermione hated Malfoy for what he was subjecting her to, the sensation of his fingers working their way up and down her tight teenage pussy had clearly aroused her. Ever since arriving back in 1976, Hermione had been having trouble keeping her inhibitions in check and although she had once or twice toyed with the idea of being a little naughty, starting with her little strip show the previous night, she had thus far restrained herself.

“Much more powerful... The effects of this love potion will last at least an entire year and in some cases the effects would be permanent.” Slughorn replied with a prideful look. As Slughorn wrote a few instructions on the blackboard and placed out a few special ingredients for everyone Hermione was getting wetter and wetter as Malfoy’s fingers rubbed up and down over her finely trimmed pussy.

“Mmmmppfff! Dammit!” Hermione moaned a couple minutes later as she couldn’t fight it any longer and succumbed Malfoy’s stimulations. Hermione groaned in defeat and after watching Malfoy smirk back at her and raise his sticky fingers to his lips to get a taste of her sweet juices, Hermione tried her hardest to concentrate on the work in front of her.

Slughorn gave everyone the rest of the class to finish their potions and although Hermione did her best to concentrate on her potion work, Malfoy was constantly rubbing up against her on purpose and whispering some naughty things into her ear. Hermione looked over at Harry and Ron for support but after seeing both of them seemingly mesmerized with Lily’s flirtatious nature, Hermione struggled through the rest of the class, only producing a passable love potion.

“Everyone have an excellent first day and Ms. Stranger, I will see you in this weekend for your detention.” Slughorn said, throwing Hermione’s skirt back over to her, which had been transfigured back to its original shortened size. Before leaving, Hermione looked back over her shoulder and saw Malfoy near the special cauldron Slughorn had used to make his love potion. Certain that Malfoy was up to no good and that the special cauldron was in fact one of the magical objects Harry had been sent back in time to find, Hermione hurried forwards back out the dungeons and up to the Great Hall to inform him of her discovery and Malfoy’s suspicious actions.

After finally separating from Ron and Lily, Hermione found Harry and sat next to him during the midday break. Harry had been completely oblivious during the potions lesson and was shocked to learn that the cauldron Slughorn had sitting in his classroom was in fact one of the four magical objects he and his four friends had been sent back in time to recover.

“Shit Hermione... Why didn’t you do something? Malfoy’s probably already stolen the damn thing and replaced it with a fake!” Harry told Hermione sternly before realizing that he was even more to blame then she.

“Me... I’ve been getting groped all morning while you and Ron ogled your slut of a mother!” Hermione replied harshly.

“Okay sorry... There’s nothing left to do now but steal it back before he uses it someway... Let’s go sit next to him and Snape and see if we can’t eavesdrop something important. If he really has one of the magical artefacts Dumbledore told us about, he definitely is up to no good!” Harry told Hermione as the morning of their first day came to a close.

Harry Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts
Chapter 6 – Classes Begin Part 2

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit.

Story Codes: Mf, exhib, grope, hand, magic, unif

As Ron, Ginny and Luna’s day went relatively well, Hermione’s had been nothing short of a disaster. Her first class had been double potions and after being stuck sitting with both Malfoy and Snape, she got caught by Professor Slughorn wearing a skirt two inches longer then the regulation size. As a punishment for such a major infraction, Hermione was subjected to a pubic spanking from the perverted Potions Master and a further detention the following weekend. If that wasn’t enough, she had to endure the entire class doing her best to not to knock Malfoy out for groping her. The only good thing about Hermione’s first day was that she was able to spot the first of four magical objects Dumbledore had sent her and her friends back in time to locate. The problem that she now faced as the first half of the first day came to a close and she and Harry met in the Great Hall for lunch, was that she now believed Malfoy had somehow already stolen the magical cauldron and had found some way to duplicate it and replace it without anyone knowing, including Slughorn.

“You’re sure that duplicate you made me will pass any inspection?” Malfoy asked Snape as they sat down together at the Slytherin table.

“Of course it will... As long as Slughorn doesn’t use any of the potions he brews in the fake he’ll never know.” Snape replied, reassuring a weary Malfoy that the cauldron he had faked with a replicating spell would not be detected so easily.

“And you’re sure the alterations I made to the potion will work?” Malfoy asked him sceptically.

“Yes... The change will be subtle, but the effect you’re going for will work. And just remember, you owe me, so you better make good on your promise to put in a good word with the Dark Lord.” Snape told Malfoy as he got up to leave.

“As long as you keep it safe under those enchantments you told me about, you’ll be in his good books.” Malfoy told him before slyly turning around to face an eavesdropping Harry and Hermione. “And what the hell do you two want? He said standing up and pulling out his wand too quickly for either Harry or Hermione to react to.

“Oh hi Professor!” Harry said out loud looking behind Malfoy to see Slughorn walking down the aisle towards them. Malfoy quickly put away his wand and left the two of them with a devilish little smirk.

“I wonder what he was grinning about? We now know that he plans to use that potion Slughorn brewed and that Snape’s holding the cauldron for him.” Hermione reasoned, downing the rest of her goblet of pumpkin juice in a single swig before standing up and making ready to go to her afternoon class with Harry. Ron soon joined them and as they walked down the hallway to their Muggle Studies class, Hermione suddenly felt a wave dizziness hit her.

“Are you alright Hermione?” Ron asked Hermione, as she stopped to regain her composure.

“Go ahead... I just need to use the bathroom really quick.” Hermione told them as a tingling ran through her body.

“Alright... but don’t be late again... You don’t need another detention.” Harry told Hermione before he and Ron continued on their way while Hermione walked towards the nearest bathroom.

‘FUCK FUCK FUCK!’ Hermione thought to herself as she turned on the nearest faucet and splashed her face with the cold water hoping to snap out of the dizziness and numbness that had spread throughout her body. Although she hoped that she was just being paranoid, Hermione knew what was happening. She had thought Malfoy had just pulled out his wand to curse her and Harry in the Great Hall, but in fact, had pulled it out to cast a non-verbal spell. Using his wand he had evidently used a switching spell to substitute her potion with the altered potion Slughorn had made. As the tingles ran through her body and a fuzzy warmth ran up her spine, Hermione’s worries and suspicions quickly melted away. With a wet white dress shirt and a new look on life, Hermione made her way to her Muggle Studies class.

As the transformation of the potion took its lasting effect on Hermione, Harry and Ron entered the Muggle Studies classroom to see a very interesting sight.

“Holy fuck... Look at all these Muggle nudie pictures all over the walls,” Ron said with awe as he looked around at all the pictures of attractive and very naked women. “But what is Playboy?” Ron asked Harry with intrigue as he stared at a magazine pinned to one of the walls.

“It’s a nudie magazine from the Muggle world and if my guess is right, our professor is a big fan.” Harry said with glee in his eyes, remembering the first time he stole one of his uncle’s magazines and masturbated to all the pretty naked ladies.

“Is that... No it can’t be... Harry, I think that’s my Dad!” Ron said to Harry as Ron looked up at the thin, slightly balding redheaded man writing something on the blackboard.

“Fuck me... I think it is... You never told me that your Dad taught at Hogwarts.” Harry said bewildered.

“I never knew... He never told me.” Ron replied, hardly believing his eyes as his own father turned to greet them.

“You must be Harry and Ron, our newest students at Hogwarts... I am Professor Weasley and I’ll be substituting for Professor Wilson while she takes her maternity leave.” Mr. Weasley told Harry and Ron as the rest of the students filed into the room. “Just between you and me, she got a little too frisky with a few too many of her fifth year students last year and ended up with a bun in the oven.” Mr. Weasley whispered to them, before he walked back up to the front of the room and greeted the rest of the class.

“Welcome back sixth years, to NEWT level Muggle Studies... I am Professor Weasley and I will be taking over for Professor Wilson while she takes her maternity leave...” Mr. Weasley told the entire class as Harry and Ron looked back to see both James and Sirius laughing. Harry quickly realized who the previous professor had been a little too familiar with last year and why both Sirius and James had taken Muggle Studies. On a second glance, Harry realized that that there wasn’t a single girl in the entire class and as Mr. Weasley started speaking again, Ron pointed out the same thing seconds later.

“Hey James... Why aren’t there any girls in this class?” Ron asked, as Mr. Weasley continued on without noticing.

“Well it was because Professor Wilson didn’t allow any girls in Muggle Studies, but now that she’s on maternity leave, I thought there would be at least a few. Judging from the setup here, I don’t think they’d find it anymore welcoming.” James told Ron and Harry, looking around at all the photos of naked ladies.

“I think Hermione may have a problem with my Dad’s obvious fixation with naked Muggle girls.” Ron said to Harry as they opened their Muggle Studies textbooks and quickly found out that they’d be partaking in Muggle photography lessons for the first few weeks of the school term.

“Ah... That’s why there are Muggle photographs all over the place... It doesn’t exactly explain why they’re all naked though, does it?” Harry said to Ron as Mr. Weasley asked for everyone’s attention.

“As you can see, we will be exploring the fascinating Muggle art of photography for the first month of the term. I can’t tell you how much I admire the Muggle photographers of Playboy for their truly inspiring work and that is why we will be focusing on the female form during our lessons.” Mr Weasley said, to the obvious elation of the entire class. “Unfortunately however, we do not have any female students with us today, so my call for a volunteer will be pointless...” He continued until abruptly interrupted by the entrance of the gorgeous and clearly flustered Hermione Granger.

“Uhhhh... Sorry Professor... I got held – wait... Mr. Weasley...?” Hermione said, astonished to see a far younger Mr. Weasley, while every boy in the class stared at her wet white dress shirt and her perky rosy nipples.

“Yes. Hermione Stranger, is it? I believe we’ve found our first volunteer, class.” Mr. Weasley replied looking elated, along with almost the entire class. “It’s either that or detention Hermione...?”

“Well I guess so...” Hermione replied looking un-phased as she looked around the room, first at all the photos of naked Muggles and then at the fact that she was the only girl in the entire class. “What would I have to do?” She went on, certain that the answer would be something perverted.

“Oh, nothing much. Just stand up her on this podium and look pretty.” Mr. Weasley responded, pointing down at a small inclined podium which he wanted Hermione to come and stand on. Hermione looked over at Ron and Harry quickly for some indication of what was coming, but they either had no clue or they didn’t want her to find out. As she slowly walked to the front of the class sporting her ridiculously short skirt, Hermione was certain every boy in the class was staring at her tight little ass with every step she took. As she passed the second last row of students, a tall blond Hufflepuff boy reached over and squeezed her ass quickly, causing Hermione to look over at the boy and give him a devilish smirk as the class cheered in approval. Normally Hermione would have turned around and hexed the pervert for squeezing her ass, but for some reason, the thought of being groped didn’t seem that offensive to her anymore. Before stepping on the podium, Hermione looked down the front row to see a laughing Draco Malfoy, clearly overjoyed at the fact that his plan had worked and Hermione had ingested the powerful love potion he had slipped her. As Hermione took the podium and got ready for her impending photo shoot, a twinge of horniness passed through her after seeing Malfoy.

“Excellent... As I was saying, we will be studying the erotic art of photography over the next month and as Hermione here has so graciously volunteered her services for the first class of the term, we will all spend the rest of the class taking photos of her while she removes her clothing.” Mr. Weasley told the class as Hermione turned around to look at the horny redheaded man she had always greatly respected.

“Did you just want to see me naked Professor?” Hermione smirked, quite certain that Mr. Weasley had always had a crush on her in her own time and even though he had never made a move on her, she knew his eyes were continually glued to her ass when no one was looking.

“Yes Hermione... That’s the spirit; let’s see that sexy little ass.” Mr. Weasley replied with eagerness before standing right behind her and grabbing the waistband of her tiny skirt. Hermione stood there, frozen in shock as Mr. Weasley slowly slid down her skirt and revealed to the class, her stunning, slightly red ass. “Now, since there are only enough cameras for half of the class, I will need you to pair up and begin taking photographs while Miss Stranger continues to disrobe.” Mr. Weasley said as he took off Hermione’s skirt and ran his tongue down Hermione’s thigh without anyone but Hermione knowing.

As the class picked up their cameras and started snapping pictures of Hermione’s slightly reddened ass, Ron and Harry were tempted to go up to Hermione and help her out of the situation she was in, but decided against it, knowing that their mission was too important to sacrifice over something so trivial and the fact that Hermione seemed to be enjoying herself. Standing beside the enthusiastic duo of Sirius and James, Ron and Harry started snapping pictures too, getting close-ups of Hermione’s fantastic ass.

“Remember class, these photos will be graded, so make sure you focus the lens and take into account the lighting of the room.” Mr. Weasley interjected as Harry and Ron looked through their Muggle Studies textbooks. Again, Dumbledore had scrawled a few helpful tips in the margins, and after Harry readjusted the lens, and took a few steps to the right, his and Ron’s pictures were far clearer and better shaded than anyone else’s. In truth however, both Harry and Ron had a hard time focusing on what they were doing as Hermione slowly removed her tiny green and black thong even before being told to do so to leave her bottom half completely exposed. Ron nearly dropped the camera as he ogled Hermione’s perfect little ass and felt a small bulge begin to form in his pants. Ron wasn’t the only one feeling tightness in their crotch area; almost every boy in the class, including the Professor, Mr. Weasley was suffering the same fate.

“This slut is hot!” James said out loud to Sirius as Hermione was directed to unbutton her dress shirt and turn around to show everyone her tight trimmed teenage pussy, fit body, immaculate perky breasts, small rosy nipples and a reddening face.

“Very well done Hermione... I think that will do unless you wish to get a few bonus marks for the lesson?” Mr. Weasley asked Hermione, taking a long hard look at her tight little ass and imagining what he would do to her if he had her all alone. Mr. Weasley may have been married, with three boys, including one that was only a few weeks old, but he couldn’t deny the temptation that he felt as he took in the naked beauty in front of him.

“Bonus marks?” Hermione asked interestedly, not caring in the slightest that several boys were now whistling at her and making some rude comments while she waited for a better explanation. Hermione may have been under the influence of the powerful love potion Malfoy had given her, but she could not pass up the opportunity of getting some bonus marks. Besides, as long as she was naked, she might as well score a few extra marks out of the entire ordeal.

“We will need a male volunteer and your consent as well.” Mr. Weasley replied, looking over at the eager boys standing on their desks, jumping up and down, shouting out to volunteer for whatever he had in mind.

“No one’s fucking me!” Hermione shouted out at the extremely eager boys, before turning around to look back at Mr. Weasley for a full explanation. The love potion that was impairing her sexual inhibitions, was also opening her mind to a whole new realm of possibilities when it came to using her sex appeal to get what she wanted. Simply giving it up to a random boy for nothing but a few marks wouldn’t be too smart, even though Hermione was already starting to fantasize about being stuffed from behind in front of everyone.

“Oh no, of course not... That kind of behaviour is against school regulations during class anyways... All I want is a little more variety in the photos Miss Stranger.” Mr. Weasley said, clearly not telling Hermione everything he had planned for her.

“It sounds like fun to me, but why does it have to be one of them... Can’t it be you?” Hermione suggested, really wanting those bonus marks and a chance to see Mr. Weasley’s cock. With almost every boy, including Malfoy with his hand in the air, basically bouncing on the spot, Mr. Weasley considered the proposition.

“I guess I should lead by example.” Mr. Weasley said with joy as all the boys collectively looked furious at the redheaded Muggle Studies Professor. Hermione looked down the first row at Malfoy and for a second had the urge to jump off the platform she was standing on and fuck his brains out, but before she could, Mr. Weasley had joined her and was taking off all his clothes. Had Hermione not been under the influence of the love potion and surrounded by a group of horny teenage boys in the year 1976, she would have thought this almost too weird to be true, but after seeing Mr. Weasley’s semi-hard shaft, any thoughts of awkwardness or embarrassment instantly disappeared. Mr. Weasley proceeded to order the disappointed teenage boys to take their pictures or face detention and before long, the cameras were snapping away and Hermione was placed in a number of odd positions for the photo shoot. One of which included her on her knees with one of her hands around her cock, not massaging it, only holding it. Mr. Weasley was fully hard now and was fantasizing about picking her up and slamming his shaft into her as hard as he could when he looked down at his watch and realized the class was just about over.

“Alright class... That will do it for today’s class... I think we should all give Hermione here a big round of applause before departing.” Mr. Weasley said as Hermione stood back up still holding onto his cock. As the class applauded and proceeded to put away their cameras, Hermione leaned towards Mr. Weasley and whispered something in his ear with her fingers still wrapped around his shaft.

“If you ever need me to give me some private lessons, I wouldn’t mind so much!” Hermione whispered seductively before letting him go and getting dressed.

With the first day over and Hermione under the influence of a powerful love potion that would at least last the entire year, Malfoy’s plan was coming to fruition and while Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Luna became distracted by the temptations around them, his diabolical plans were just beginning to unfold.

Harry Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts
Chapter 7 – Morning Mayhem

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit.

Story Codes: mf, mf, mf, mmf, cream pie, exhib, inc, hand job, hp, grope, magic, oral, unif, voy

Ron Weasley’s dreams were strange; filled with time-travel and perversion, they were the oddest of his life. When he finally awoke hours later in the early morning of Tuesday in the Gryffindor sixth year boy’s dormitories, Ron realized his dreams were not that strange. What was strange was the situation he now found himself in; with a pounding headache and queasy stomach, Ron was on his back with someone lying on top of him, sleeping deeply with his softened cock still lodged in her tight twat. Ron still felt a little drunk as he tried to remember what had taken place the night before. He remembered slugging back almost an entire bottle of Fire Whiskey and then fucking Ginny in front of everybody, but after that it all felt like a blur. With a moan and a small movement, Ron realized it was in fact Ginny who was on top of him, and even though he knew it was a major taboo that he had fucked his little sister at least twice the prior night, her vice-like pussy was still clutching at his slowly hardening shaft.

“Fuck it!” Ron whispered, as without waking his redheaded slut of a sister, Ron slowly moved his hips up and down, driving his cock in and out of her as she continued to sleep. The entire room was quiet as Ron slowly fucked his little sister for the next ten minutes, ignoring the increasingly painful headache now pounding away in his temples. Ginny was still asleep, but clearly enjoying a very pleasurable dream as Ron grabbed her pert little juicy ass and squeeze it with each thrust. It took a further five minutes, but Ron soon reached his climax and pulled Ginny’s hips as close to him as possible as he unloaded stream after stream of his boiling hot cum, deep inside her tiny teenage womb. Panting slightly and in need of a hangover cure, Ron peered over top Ginny’s unconscious body to see James Potter standing at the end of his four poster bed.

“Great way to cap off a memorable night!” James laughed as he quickly looked back at his own bed to make sure Lily Evans was still sleeping deeply on his plush bed.

“I guess so... But I don’t remember anything after spinning that damn bottle.” Ron admitted, feeling a little embarrassed that his cock was still lodged his sister’s cum-filled pussy.

“You hit it hard last night, but you weren’t the only one though...” James said, motioning first back at the naked Lily Evans on his bed and then at the just visible Luna Lovegood sandwiched between both Sirius and Lupin. “That one’s the biggest nympho I’ve ever seen... She would have wanted to be tripled teamed, but I just couldn’t say no to Lily!” James sighed as he looked down at Ginny’s ass.

“What happened last night? Do you remember?” Ron asked James as he gingerly pulled his softening cock out of Ginny’s pussy and got dressed.

“Here... Take this hangover cure and we’ll head down to the common room.” James told Ron before handing him a vial of potion. After downing the tasty liquid and enjoying the sensation of his pounding headache melt away instantly, Ron followed James down to the common room and then the party room which was still in shambles. “I’ll tell you what happened while we clean this mess up, deal?”

“Deal... besides, I probably made most of this mess.” Ron admitted, looking around at all the broken bottles of Fire Whiskey, chairs and glass. “Wait... Don’t the House Elves usually clean this stuff up?” Ron asked realizing that to his knowledge, the House Elves had always dutifully cleaned up his mess in the past, or in his case, the future.

“Everything but this room, mate. That was the deal with Dumbledore and McGonagall when we expanded Gryffindor Tower and made this awesome party room.” James told Ron as the two of them pulled out their wands and started magically repairing and replacing all the broken objects around the room.

“So what happened?” Ron asked eagerly, certain that he probably wouldn’t like the answer, but as James started giving him the details, his memory of the previous night slowly came back.


“Come on Ron... Join us in the hot tub, it’s really hot in here!” Lily called from the hot tub, wearing the skimpiest of bikinis. Ron, still drunk out of his mind and a little distraught after fucking his own sister in front of everyone, stumbled over to the hot tub completely naked and disoriented from the entire ordeal.

“I bet it’s hot in there... Ever since you got in.” Ron replied suavely, somehow more charming since guzzling down the bottle of Fire Whiskey.

“You’re making me blush Ron.” Lily said, looking a little hot under the collar and happy Ron was taking more notice of her. Lily wasn’t the only one in the hot tub; Luna, Ginny, and two other girls were in there talking animatedly with each other. Ron seemed to like the odds, so taking the initiative; he hopped right in and sat between Lily and Ginny. Ron may have been drunk, but he could still tell that Ginny seemed to be avoiding his gaze.

“You two were really going at it up there weren’t you?” Lily said to interrupt the awkward silence, and hopefully drawing Ron’s attention back to her.

“Yeah... I guess.” Ron admitted, knowing how much he had enjoyed it.

“I knew I sensed Humping Hornflies around you two the last few hours... It was just a matter of time before you two were entranced by their spectacular horn dance.” Luna interjected as Sirius jumped in the hot tub right beside her and gave Ron a nod of approval for the show he had put on earlier.

“Don’t you worry Lily, I’m sure someone will fuck you before the night is out... Try playing hard to get for once.” Sirius told Lily after leaning in close to whisper.

“Fuck you Sirius... I know who I won’t be fucking tonight!” Lily replied with a smirk before reaching down below the water to take hold of Ron’s softened cock. Ron looked over at Lily and couldn’t believe his luck as Lily started moving her hand up and down over his cock. While Lily jacked off a drunken Ron, Sirius was hard at work trying to get into Luna’s extremely small and tight fitting bikini thong. He had tried out all his usual moves on the blonde haired vixen, but so far nothing had worked.

“Unghhhhh!” Ron moaned a couple minutes later, as Lily’s hand job overpowered him and the need for release was too much.

“I think we need a few more drinks down here!” James said from behind Ron and Lily, jumping in between them a few seconds later and using his wand to levitate six bottles of a strange coloured bottle towards them all.

“I don’t think so James... The last time I drank this shit I blacked out and got fucked by half of Hogwarts before I realized what I was doing.” Lily told James as she watched Ron, Ginny and Luna drain their bottles without even thinking. Lily shrugged her shoulders and did the same, soon followed by James and Sirius whose bottles were actually empty to begin with, giving them a bit of an advantage. Ron was somehow still functional after drinking the nearly toxic liquid and although he was conscious, simple tasks like placing the empty bottle on the floor above him eluded his grasp. Ginny and Lily were effected even more than Ron; Ginny’s head slumped backwards and Lily nearly toppled over forward into the bubbling water, save for James holding her up while getting a feel in. For some strange reason however, Luna seemed not to be affected at all by the strong alcohol; she simply looked as loony as ever.

“What the fuck?” Sirius whispered to James a few seconds later, noticing that Luna seemed as coherent as she usually did.

“I don’t know mate... I even added a special ingredient to it... If it hasn’t taken effect in a few more seconds, I don’t think it will.” James told Sirius as they both watched Luna with interest. To their horror however, it was not Luna who started acting strangely from the drink she had just consumed, it was Ginny. She had stood up, pulled off her tiny red and yellow bikini to show everyone her pert little tits, rosy little nipples and juicy little teenage ass and pussy. Before James or Sirius could even say another word, she had straddled Ron’s lap and had started riding him to hardness.

“Whoops... I must have switched Luna’s with Ginny’s. She must have just drunk the one with the attraction serum in it.” James told Sirius as Ron’s arms wrapped around Ginny and grabbed her hips.

“Do you have more at least?” Sirius asked James, really wanting to fuck Luna’s brains out.

“No... But I know Remus has one left... But you better hurry up and ask for it, because I’m pretty sure he’s hoping to use it on that brunette he’s talking to right now.


“Holy fuck mate... I can’t believe all that happened last night, everything is such a blur.” Ron admitted, trying his hardest to recount the details that had led Ginny to his bed last night.

“You’re telling me... But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.” James said with a smirk before waving his wand to clean up the last broken bottle and set the party room back to its original state.

“Let’s go get some breakfast... You can tell me the rest on the way.” Ron said as he followed James out of the room and braced himself for the rest of the story.


“Come on Remus! I need that serum!” Sirius begged, knowing that after drinking the serum, Luna would have an undeniable sexual attraction to the closest person to her.

“And what about me you selfish bastard... I wanted to score with that seventh year over there.” Lupin told Sirius, pointing over at an extremely beautiful, but somewhat uptight brunette talking with a few other seventh year girls.

“You’re right buddy... I shouldn’t have been so selfish...” Sirius admitted to Lupin falsely, before using his wand and saying, “Accio serum” to summon the attraction serum to his hand and running off before Lupin could even pull out his wand. Sirius quickly reached the hot tub and handed the vial to Luna before Lupin could reach them. “Here... Drink this... I’m certain you’ll love it!”

Luna downed the vial without hesitation, just as Lupin grabbed hold of Sirius and tried to pull him backwards.


“Oh shit... That’s how Luna got double-teamed by Lupin and Sirius last night?” Ron asked, laughing out loud in the process. “At least Lupin scored!”

“Yeah... He wasn’t complaining so much after the quirky blonde got a hold of those two.”

“How then did Lily land in your bed last night...? I mean, if you were all out of that serum.” Ron asked looking confused.

“I don’t need any serum mate... I can do it all natural!” James said with a little swagger before continuing with the story.


With Luna taking both James and Lupin back to their room to fuck their brains out, Ginny finally had Ron hard again and had slipped his thick eight inches into her tight little teenage twat.

“Mmmmm... You feel so good inside me Ronny!” Ginny moaned in his ear as Ron basically drooled in incoherency as Ginny again started slamming her hips up and down on his cock even harder than before. Even though Ron and Ginny were clearly the center of attention in the party, few people were gathered to watch the two gingers go at it again.

“Come on Lily... That’s got to be getting you hot?” James asked a tipsy Lily before pulling off her bikini top and massaging her left breast.

“You know it is... Too bad it’s not me bouncing on his cock instead of that whore though.” Lily admitted as she enjoyed the sensation of James hand massaging her sensitive nipple.

“I guess you’ll just have to make do with me.” James told her, before picking her up by the waist and lifting her out of the hot tub with him. “Come on Ron... Let’s take these sluts back up to our room.” Ron somehow was coherent enough to understand and even lift Ginny out of the hot tub with his shaft still buried inside her. Stumbling slightly and nearly falling to the floor in a drunken stupor, Ron managed to follow James up to their room with Ginny in his arms and her legs wrapped around his waist. After dropping her on his bed, he started slamming his hips downwards into Ginny as James did the same with Lily.

“Fuck! This slut really wants it bad Remus... I think we should oblige!” Sirius told Lupin as Luna was on her knees sucking off both of them with the skill of a professional. Sirius jumped up onto the nearest bed and laid on his back before Luna straddled him and slowly slid his seven inches into her tight bald pussy. “She’s so fucking tight... I bet her ass is even tighter Remus!” Sirius groaned, as Luna slowly slid down his shaft and with a shutter of pain, fit his entire cock inside her.

“Okay... Father always says, two heads are better than one, so why don’t you stick yours in my ass!” Luna purred back at the stunned Lupin who couldn’t believe he and Sirius were about to double fuck the blonde slut.

“Mmmmm... Okay... Unghhhh!” Lupin grunted, forcing the head of his cock into her extremely tight ass, and with a groan of pain and pleasure from Luna, the two friends were able to work together to get a steady slow rhythm going, with Sirius on his back and Remus crouched over the two of them with his shaft slowly sliding in and out of Luna’s tight ass.

As Lupin and Sirius started double fucking on the bed next to them, Ron and Ginny were nearing a climactic finish. Ron was now on his back and Ginny was on top of him grinding her hips down into him as hard as she could. With a squeal of pleasure, Ginny went through an intensely powerful orgasm, coating Ron’s shaft and balls with her warm juices and in the process setting off Ron’s own climax. The added pressure of Ginny’s tight teenage pussy clutching and squeezing his cock in orgasm had pushed Ron over the edge and after grabbing her by the waist and slamming his cock fully inside her, Ron unloaded stream after stream inside her, filling her pussy full with as much hot potent cum he could muster. As the accumulation of three orgasms, too much alcohol and the hotness of the situation pushed him into unconsciousness, Ron was amazed at how he was able to fire off several more loads of his spunk inside his baby sister’s tight little cunt. Ginny fared no better, and within seconds of Ron passing out, she too slumped onto his chest and fell asleep with his cock still firmly lodged in her cum-filled twat.

“Lily... I’m going to blow here if you don’t slow down or get off!” James moaned, ready for Lily to hop off his cock and take a face-load of his cum like she usually did.

“It’s alright James... I want you to cum inside me... I want to try it at least once... It looks like so much... Unnnnn... Fun!!!!!” Lily screamed before shuddering in orgasm and getting ready for James to slam his cock down into her one last time and fill her pussy to the brim with his sticky seed.

“Really? This is the best night ever... UNGHHHHHHH... Take it... FUCK!” James grunted in release as he slammed his hips down into Lily one last time and started to fill her pussy with his sticky cum for the first time in either of their lives.

“It’s so fucking hot... It feels so good... I’m fucking cumming again!” Lily moaned, going through a second straight orgasm from the sensation of her pussy being filled to the brim by James’s hot seed. James grunted one last time before firing the last of his cum into the redheaded slut and after a few deep breaths and kissing Lily one last time, the two lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms, not regretting in the slightest what they had just done.

With two almost simultaneous orgasms happening right near them, added with the tightness and hotness of the situation that they found themselves in, Sirius and Lupin were ready to follow both James and Ron. Luna seemed to have no problem with being their human cum-dumpster and after hitting a third orgasm after only five minutes of fucking, she basically pleaded with them to cum inside her.

“Fuck! Yes.... I want you both to cum in me... Don’t waste a single drop of that valuable cum!” Luna moaned after going through another orgasm.

“You got it honey!” Sirius groaned and as if the two friends had timed it down to the millisecond, Sirius and Lupin shouted out in orgasm at the exact same time, filling both her ass and pussy with two healthy adult sized loads of their sticky potent seed. Luna gloried in the sensation of having her twat filled with the hot cum, remembering that her father had once told her of the magical properties of male cum and the wonderful consequences of being filled with it.


“Wow! I guess we went a little crazy for a Monday night!” Ron admitted, as he finished his breakfast and got ready for the days classes. Had he been a little less self-occupied, Ron would have noticed the scene unfolding across the Great Hall, with Hermione telling Harry off, cursing him with her wand and walking out of the hall, obediently following a chuckling Malfoy.

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