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Daisy is used a few more times and then finally meets Peter
Daisy tried to open her eyes but couldn't. She fell back asleep.
Daisy heard something moving. Scratching sounds on a tile surface. She shuddered and opened her eyes just a slit. Everything was blurry, hazy and indistinct. She moved her left leg slightly and felt something warm and wet ooze out of her asshole. She blushed even as she felt herself get excited. Everything was chilly. She moved her arm slowly and slid her hand along the smooth wall. She was in a bathtub. She was laying in an inch or so of something cold and sticky. No doubt it had dripped out of her while she lay there.

She tried to sit up but her muscles were useless. On top of that, every inch of her body hurt. She looked down at her belly and saw the angry red stripes that criss-crossed her skin, looked further down and saw the same marks up and down both legs, every inch of flesh, from her thighs to the tops of her feet. She panicked, she was in trouble now, there was no way she could hide all of this from Ben. When she got home, her life would be over, she would be exposed and revealed. She felt herself collapse inside.

She heard the scratching sound on the floor again but was too weak to turn her head. Rats. She couldn't muster the energy to even care. She fell asleep again.
Hands were lifting her, she heard voices but couldn't make out what they were saying. Something was covering her head. They were wrapping her up in sometime. A carpet? She felt herself lifted, she was moving. Someone shoved something deep into her cunt. The voices laughed. He pushed it in deep and left it there, hanging out of her like a tail.

She fell asleep again.
When Daisy woke the next time, she had a cock down her throat. She didn't know how long it had been there but knew it had been there a while, she was drooling out of both sides of her mouth and her face was soaking wet. The cock was sliding in and out, fast and deep. She felt the ball sack slapping against her nose. She tried to move her arms and legs but found she was completely restrained, her arms strapped uncomfortably behind and underneath her, hands taped or bound to her elbows. Her legs were opened wide and secured by straps or tape. Something cool was pressing against the backs of her legs. A wall? When the cock unloaded in her mouth, she swallowed it to keep from gagging. It withdrew but something else immediately took its place. It inflated like a balloon - a pump gag. She tried to relax her jaw as it got bigger and bigger but they were relentless and soon her jaw ached from the stretching.

Then, there was a cock deep in her ass. She figured it out now, she was in a box, some variation on the 'glory holes' she'd heard about. Completely helpless and subhuman, just three holes on display and available for use.

Hour after hour it went on, the bulb deflating and pulled out only to be replaced by a cock, her throat fucked as long as it took for the man to cum in her mouth and all over her face, then the monster gag replaced and inflated. Her cunt and ass were reamed over and over, she was violated by cocks, fingers, fists, and assorted objects she couldn't even begin to guess about.

They never fucked her long enough to make her cum.
"ARGH!" she screamed as the duct tape was yanked from over her eyes. She felt eyebrows and skin ripped away with the tape.

"Hello? Hello?" she asked the darkness.

"It can still talk?"

"We haven't done the vocal cord operation yet."

She felt hands smearing some kind of cool ointment or jelly on her belly. She trembled listening to them talk.

"What's the holdup?"

"Nobody really wants her." She felt something slipping up into her pussy then heard a machine turn on. She felt suction and realized from the slurping sounds that they were using a Shop Vac to clean the cum out of her pussy.

"Look at her. Is that a body you imagine anyone in the group wanting to fuck?" She felt a hand shaking her breast, another one opening her cunt lips wider.

"I see what you mean. She's useful enough here to make a few bucks though."

"These guys will fuck anything, but you're right. And she's the one who came sniffing around wanting us to use her, right?" They both laughed. She felt someone pulling hard at her nipples. "Well, we're using her." They laughed again.

"What about the group, though?"

"I doubt anyone's even going to look at her until after the surgeries. Then, I'll bet she'll be popular."

Daisy felt panic flood her brain. "Surgeries?" she asked.

They both laughed and she heard the sound of duct tape being pulled off of a roll. She felt it pressed over her mouth and smoothed down.

"Fucking bigmouthed bitch."

He pulled the hose out of her cunt and pushed it up her ass. She closed her eyes as the suction cleaned her out. She wanted to touch herself, wanted to cum from what they were doing but she couldn't move a muscle, every inch of her was secured. She wondered what they used. Tape? Fabric?

"All right, give her the injection and let's get this over with."

Daisy felt a needle pushed into her shoulder and was asleep in seconds.
Daisy woke and opened her eyes. The light was blinding. It had to be later morning or early afternoon, Sunday from what she could guess. She sat up and looked around and immediately panicked. She was laying in the flower garden that ran alongside her house. She got to her knees and ran her hands down her sides, trying to wipe off the dirt and mud that had caked on her while she lay there. Her eyes darted left and right, terrified that one of the neighbors might see her. Or Ben. Fuck! Where was Ben?!

She crawled to the gate and opened it, slid through and crept along the side of the house to the back door. It was locked but there was a key underneath one of the loose stones in the walkway. Daisy picked up the key and slid it into the back door lock. There was nobody in the back room or the kitchen. So far, so good. If she could get to the bathroom, she had a chance. She'd worry about the marks all over her body later, for now she had to get washed up and get into some clothes.

Daisy stood perfectly still there in the back room, listening to the sounds of the house. If she only knew where Ben was! He might still be asleep -- after all it was the weekend. Or he might be out running errands. Was this the third weekend? He would be out playing golf with his friends. Or did they cancel it this month?

Daisy felt another gush of cum ooze out between her legs and reached with her hand to wipe it. She felt her face turn red and her stomach tighten -- she didn't even know which hole it had come out of and that made her want to retch. She pictured it -- herself leaning forward and spewing pints of cum instead of food -- and the picture was too much for her, she felt it coming up in the back of her throat and ran recklessly toward the bathroom, no time for caution now, she had to get to the bowl before she vomited all over the hallway.

As she ran past the space between the back room and the bathroom, she heard voices and caught a glimpse of two men out of the corner of her eye.

It was Ben.

And Peter.

Daisy stumbled into the bathroom, fell to her knees and hung her head over the edge of the loo. She started crying and throwing up, the thick white cum splashing into the water and back into her face. She was dry-heaving for a long time, the stench and sight of the cum making her sick all over again, long after her belly was empty. The pain in her middle was sharp and her body was shaking when she heard their voices at the door.

"You see? That's what you're married to."

"Bloody hell!" Ben muttered. He stormed away and down the hall. Daisy yelled "Ben!" but she heard a door slam shut and then nothing but silence.

"Get up," Peter said in an icy voice.

"Peter, I..."

Peter clapped his hands and two huge men, bouncer types with tight black shirts and skintight black jeans, rushed into the room. They took hold of Daisy, one on each arm, and held her upright a few feet in front of Peter. Peter's hand dug into his pocket.

"You will not speak unless you are told to," Peter said calmly as he wrapped the collar around Daisy's neck then buckled it shut. He pressed a button and she screamed as a strong current went across the two little metal studs that pressed against her throat. She collapsed on the floor.

"Get up. You have work to do. You're mine now."

Daisy got to her feet slowly, still smarting from the shock.

"Ben is going to sell you to me. And I am going to take you with me to America. Where you will work the streets for me as a common whore until I get tired of you."

"But, Peter...arghh!" Daisy shut up as Peter let go of the button.

"Or, I might turn you into the thing you've always wanted to be. My own little punana." He turned and walked away.

"Don't bother packing. We already have everything you need in the car."

He continued walking. Daisy slipped down the wall and onto the bathroom floor, crying uncontrollably. In just five minutes, Peter had destroyed her entire life. The two men stood in the doorway for another three or four minutes before they motioned for her to follow them. Completely defeated now, Daisy got up slowly and, with trembling legs, followed them into her bedroom.

Daisy looked around. Peter had been thorough. The closet doors were open and all of her clothes and shoes were gone. The dresser drawers had been pulled out and stacked on the floor, all of them empty. She looked around and saw that all the photos of her and Ben were gone, as well as all of her jewelry.

One of the men motioned toward the bed. Daisy looked. There was a jet black workout outfit, just top and pants, and a pair of black leather mules. She nodded obediently.

"Shower and dress and say goodbye to your old life. You have ten minutes," he said, then the two of them left, leaving the door open behind them.

Daisy wanted to drop to the bed and cry but already her body was taking over for her mind. She was going to America. She was going to be Peter's property. He was going to use her any way he saw fit.

She masturbated in the hot shower and came twice.
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