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The next installment of Taking Her
Taking Her Chapter 5

You stop and look at the road ahead, it looks like an old country road that is only used once in awhile. Your hesitation earns you a whip strike to your left ass cheek. You jump and start moving again without thinking. Angel uses the reigns to lead you left down the road, she gets you going into a trot using the reigns. After 45 mins you begin to relax enjoying the freedom of being outside with no cloths and being used as a beast of burden by a naked woman you have never met before. Before long though you see that you are approaching another intersection. This one has a general store with cars parked out front as well as a few horses hitched the the railings. The faint stinging you feel in your ass prevents you from slowing down again, but you are very worried about what is going to happen. If the police get called are they going to take you away? Will you ever see him again. Angel leads you into the parking lot and hitches you to the railing. She pets your head and scratches you behind the ear. "Now stay here. You would not like to get lost in this area. " She smiles as she walks into the store wearing only a gold collar. A few minutes later a truck pulls into the parking lot and pulls into the spot next to you. You feel yourself blush from head to toe and a need to hide but you have nowhere to go and tied to the railing. Two guys get out of the truck. The first looks at you, you do your best to pretend that this is normal. "Hey Derral, look at this! " the second guy comes around the truck. "Nice! Looks like Todd got a new one. " The first guy starts to run his calloused hand up your leg. He reaches your crotch and begins to work his finger into your pussy. He roughly rubs your clit, you begin to start breathing heavier as he works it faster and faster. The second man presses himself into your back you can feel his hard disk in your ass cracks. He reaches around you and cups your breasts and begins rubbing your nipple. You begin to pant as you come closer and closer. Just as you feel your self app ouch the point of no return you hear a cough. Angel places her grocery bags on the ground. "Excuse me boys. Arn't you jumping the gun a little." Both men look at Angel like little boys with their hands caught in the cookie jar. In unison they say "Sorry, Angel." She looks at one that was fingerings you. "Hand up" He nervously does as she says. She smiles as she sexaily walks over to him. I one smooth motion she take all of his fingers into her mouth and begins to suck on them. He moans as she takes him in all the way to his knuckles. He suddenly looks embarrassed as a wet spot starts to spread throughout his pants. She let's his hand out of her mouth. "That should teach you to play with things that don't belong to you with out asking." You moan and rub your thighs together trying to finish your self. Angel looks over at you and grins eviley. "It is good that you get turned on getting felt up by strangers in public slut." She takes the bit out of your mouth. "On your knees" You quickly drop to your knees as she turns around and unbuttons the second man's pants and pulls them down. She pulls his already stiff, cock. "Here girl. Take him all the way in. " She holds your head and guides his cock into your mouth and forcing you to gag. She pulls you back and then forward ducking him with your face. You are getting wetter she uses your mouth. You work your tounge around his cock when ever you catch your breath. You can hear him breathing heavier. Just as you are sure he is about to shoot his cum down your throat Angel pulls you off of him and then pulls his pants back up. She smiles and says to him. "All done sweetie. Well, thats two." He looks pained in his frustration. You wimmper in your own need. "Don't worry girl. I haven't forgotten about you. " She pushes you head to the ground and raises you ass in the air. With out warning she roughly fingers your pussy in front of these two strange men. Every time you get close she slows down keeping you on the edge. You need release so bad you begin to cry. "Do you need to cum girl? " She asks. "Yes! Mam! Please let me cum, I need it so badly." She smiles, "such a slut, naked and begging to cum in parking lot in front of two strange men. "Oh god yes! I am a slut I need to cum mam, please let me cum in this parking lot! " Angel gets an evil grin on her face.. "well since you asked so nicely " She speeds up the finger in your pussy and without warning sticks her thumb in your ass. The sensation of her thumb pushes over the edge and you cum hard squizing her finger and thumb hard. It feels like you have cummed. For hours before your orgasom has finished. All you can do is pant with your face on the ground and the sun beating down on your upturned ass. After a few minutes you catch your breath. "Thank you mam. Thank you for letting this slut cum in a parking lot. " She raises your head and holds out her finger and thumb. With out hesitation you suck hungerly on them tasting your cum and shit. You are disgusted by the test but you don't stop. You have never felt so satisfied, you can't help but do anything to make her happy. You may be a slut, but there in that parking lot with your face covered in dust, you are a happy slut. She pulls you up and places the bit back in your mouth then places the groceries in the cart. “Time to go slut.” she hops in. You start pulling the cart before you feel the whip on your ass again.

Libby JeanReport

2017-01-15 20:42:46
Not sure if I am going to finish reading this story or not. Between the punctuation errors (It feels like you have cummed. For hours before your orgasom has finished.), the spelling errors (cummed, orgasom, squizing) to name a few and the detail errors (without warning sticks her thumb in your ass- <there is already something in her ass with the horse tail attached to it>), it gets very confusing.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-07-23 16:48:49
very hot story keep it going.

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-09 01:06:51
Please write another one.

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-04 07:54:34
i have never liked a story as much as this one, i came so fucking hard


2012-05-30 04:49:20
Nope, same writer. I think it may seem different is because I have had to add some names to the story because the character count is increasing.

As for the comment about Anne Rice, I have never read any of her work so I have no idea how to take that :/ If you meant it as a complement then thank you, if not then to each his own. :)

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