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I hope you guys like it. sorry for the mistakes and stuff. All comments will be appreciated. I hope you enjoy it! :D
Michael turned the door handle to his own bedroom, rushing inside. He stopped when he saw her already naked lying on his bed with her long, smooth legs spread. He felt his semi-hard cock erect within seconds, his mouth popped open. He'd already seen her fully naked the night before but this was something else! A totally different situation. She lay there, her head rested on the propped up pillow, she wore nothing other then the seductive, cheeky expression on her beautiful face. Her full, perky breasts had swollen to become impossibly bigger and her nipples had became erect with her arousal. Michael looked down to her shaven pussy. Because she had her legs open, he could see everything. Her whole pussy slit was glistening with her delicious, sweet juices that he'd tasted the night before. Her virgin hole was just dying for him to put his big, hard, 8inch penis inside of it; his cock twitched at the thought.

He walked slowly over to her biting his lip seductively as he did so. He kept himself fully clothed because he knew he couldn't exactly have a hard core sex session with his stepsister while their parents were down stairs, instead he'd have to find another way to thank her for what he'd woken up to that morning.

He gently straddled her with his legs either side, being careful not to emit his full weight on to her, he could feel his penis rub against her pussy and it felt wonderful. He kissed her gently on the mouth before giving her a more intense kiss, allowing his tongue to freely wonder into her mouth and intertwine with her waiting tongue. Her mouth tasted great, sweet and somehow intimate. Not as delicious as her sweet pussy of course, but still yummy.

He started to slowly massage her boobs, applying more pressure when he could hear her breathing get heavier and quicken. He pulled his mouth reluctantly away from hers and gently planted wet kisses all the way from her ear, across her neck which send shivers of pleasure down her spine, across her collar bone down to her round, bouncy breast. He slowly licked around her nipple, circling it with his tongue. He then took her delicate nipple in his mouth and sucked and tweaked on it gently. She moaned slightly at the pleasure this gave her. He got up off of her and knelt between her legs, propping her legs over his shoulders. He could sense her excitement as she anticipated what was about to come.

He planted wet, lingering kissed on her inner thighs, teasing her with his tongue. He then came closer to her pussy, breathing on it. She pushed his head down, not being able to wait anymore.
He licked eagerly at her slit, lapping up the juices that he'd caused her to discharge. He then started working on her swollen clit. At first he kissed at it gently but as she became more aroused he started to nibble at it delicately. After about 30 seconds of this, he started to work her hole and inserted a finger, working it in and out while licking at her clit. She threw her head back and arched her back, he knew it wouldn't be long before she orgasmed. That's when he heard the footsteps coming towards his door. 'Shit' he hissed, jumping off of Jade. He walked over to the door just as it was knocked, he opened slightly so that whoever it was couldn't see his stepsister lying on his bed, naked with a worried expression on her face. Thankfully it was only Emily, she was too young to know what was going on if she had heard Jade's moans. 'Mummy said that she wants you downstairs for dinner. Jade too.' She said, smiling. 'Okay then, I'll tell Jade okay? You go on down and get ready for dinner.' He said cheerily. she waved and then walked back across the hallway and down the stairs. Jade had already started putting her clothes back on. 'We'll continue this another time' she said cheekily with a wink, and left his room. Michael laughed and went to the bathroom to remove his stepsisters sweet nectar off of his face.

Michael sat down at the dinner table with Jeff, his dad and Emily while Jade got everybody a drink and Julie, his stepmother served the meal onto plates. Jade sat on the empty chair next the Michael and Julie sat opposite them with his dad. Once they'd all got stuck into their meal Julie said 'oh yeah Michael, would you mind keeping an eye on Jade tomorrow night while me, your dad and Emily take a trip to see your nanna Mary, we'll be back the following morning. She'll be good.' Jade looked at Michael and subtly winked. 'No of course not.' He said politely. Jade grinned to herself. She could think of a few things that they could do occupy their time. Michael was thinking along the same lines. Both of them spent the remainder of the night thinking of ideas.

The next morning Michael woke up with his usual morning glory and was disappointed to find that Jade wasn't there sucking him off again like she had been the previous morning. Instead, he used the memories of the amazing blowjob as masturbating material.
Jade woke up from the noise of her mother vauuming downstairs. She reluctantly opened her eyes, wanting to go back to sleep and continue her amazing dream of her and Michael having hardcore sex in their parents bed, him thrusting his big, thick cock into her tight, wet pussy. She became even more wet thinking about this, her pussy was already damp from her dream. She pulled down her pyjama shorts and slowly massaged her clit while thinking about her stepbrother massive penis being all inside her. Just as she orgasmed she came up with an amazing plan. Not only would it be extremely hot, but it would also be payback for her brother leaving her in suspense when they'd had to go down for dinner right before her orgasm.

The rest of the day up until 6pm, the time in which their parents and Emily left to go for their visit, dragged by. Jade sat watching the clock for most of the day as the hands ticked by sluggishly but finally 6pm came and Jeff, Julie and Emily set out in the car for the Journey before kissing Jade on the head and telling her to be good for michael. 'Oh, don't worry' Jade had replied, 'I'll be great.' Her parents and sister had left leaving Jade home alone. Michael would be back in around 40 minutes, leaving Jade enough time to prepare for later.

Jade removed the two pairs of furry pink handcuffs out of the 'Ann Summers' retail bag. She knew her mother had bought them last year but she'd clearly not ever got round using them as they were still kept in the bag. She then looked to see what else was in the bag. Finally she left her parent's bedroom with the handcuffs and some strawberry flavoured lube.

She placed the items in Michaels bedroom and went to take a shower. She washed her hair with her strawberry shampoo and shaved her arms, legs and her perfect pussy. She let the water run down her back and imagined Michael being there with her She got out of the shower, and after brushing her teeth, she left the bathroom with a towel wrapped under her arms and around her body feeling fresh.
Just as she was going into Michaels room he came running up the stairs. 'I left Dan's early. I wanted you too bad' he said, coming towards Jade. He reached to kiss her, removing the towel. she pushed him away, 'not yet baby' she giggled cheekily, wrapping the towel back around her. She took him by the hand and pulled him into his bedroom and pushed him down onto his bed, he backed up so he was against the headboard, facing her, gawping. 'Remove your clothes' she hissed seductively. He did as he was told, quickly removing his t-shirt and shorts, allowing his big, hard, ready penis to spring free and went back to his place on the bed. He was definitely ready for what she had in store for him. She took his right wrist and handcuffed it to the headboard, and then did the same with his left, restricting the movement in both of his hands. She heard him gulp and she laughed devilishly.
She slowly, sexily started to remove her towel right in front of his eyes, as she did this she whispered 'now you've been a bit of a naughty boy haven't you' she straddled him so his cock was touching her pussy. He nodded his head excitedly and bit his lip. She stood up on the bed so that she was towering over him and he could see the whole of her body. Running her hands down her body she whispered 'you want to touch this don't you' in a deep sexy voice. He nodded again. She moved towards the bottom of the bed and sat down with her legs open. She started to rub her perky tits and moaned loudly. She moved one hand down to her pussy, she rubbed up and down her wet slit, gathering some of her juices. She then put those same finger in her mouth, sucking her own cum off of them. At this point Michaels erection was throbbing with his arousal, pre-cum leaking from the bulbous head. He wanted so bad to put it in her warm, wet, virgin pussy.
Jade then continued to masturbate in front of him. She inserted one finger into her pussy and moaned 'see how tight it is Michael? Imagine how good it would feel to put you massive, solid cock inside of it. You'd like that wouldn't you?' He nodded and she laughed again. She started massaging at her clit while he sat gawping. He'd never watched a girl masturbating before, but it was such a huge turn on. He felt that he NEEDED to touch and jerk his cock before ie exploded.
She noticed him trying to move his hands, 'you can look baby but you can't touch' she said, rubbing herself. 'Only good boys get to touch' The pace in which she was rubbing herself increased and she started panting. This drove Michael crazy. Before long she threw back her head, and after one last minute she moaned out with pleasure, her whole body convulsing as she orgasmed.

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