Quinn is hired to assassinate Maddie, she changed his mind

Who am I and how did I grow into adulthood as I have? Nature or nurture? You decide.

My early upbringing was in most ways normal. Yes, I was raised by a single parent, my mother, but I was hardly deprived. We lived in a huge brick home on twenty acres with a pool and stables out from the city. I had all the toys and games a young boy could desire; I even had my own pony from the age of six; Mother loved to ride and she instilled the same feeling in me.

My Mother, Loretta Lynn Jamison, Lottie to all, owned a hugely successful real estate firm that she’d established after the death of my father. He was shot to death in the parking lot of his favorite watering hole; the police decided it was a car jacking gone bad; I was only three at the time. When Mother and he were married he had insisted on life insurance, a million on himself and a half-million on her. Father was successful in business, two auto dealerships and wanted to assure that, should something occur, the other wouldn’t have to deal with financial want as well as the grief. After the shooting Mother sold the dealerships and started her real estate business.

Mother was and still is a beautiful woman, although small of stature at 5’1” in height and weighing a mere 110 pounds she had shoulder length chestnut hair, hazel eyes and small firm breasts complimented by a perfectly heart-shaped bottom, but that compact package holds a dynamo. The success of her business is testament to her business acumen additionally she is a champion rider, the best shot I’ve ever met and holds black belts in several schools of martial arts.

She insisted that I engage in the same pursuits. I mentioned that at age six she’d given me a pony; she also enrolled me in karate classes and introduced me to firearms. On the back of our property she’d built a shooting range where she practiced her marksmanship, now so did I with a .22 rifle and Ruger Single Six revolver.

Her expectations for me were high. My education was important to her, she sent me to the best private schools in the area; and I delivered, compiling a 4.0 GPA clear through college and excelling on the athletic field in lacrosse and wrestling. The dearest thing to my heart was Mother, I’d do anything to please her.

On the surface our life appeared idyllic and normally was, well, almost. Mother had out of town business meetings nearly every month and would be gone for up to a week. She’d have a lady from town stay with me while she was gone. I hated that, I didn’t particularly like Emma, the lady, and Mother always seemed depressed for several days after she returned. And, of course, there was me; to say that I could be a bit precocious would be a gross understatement; like her I was a type A personality, a risk taker and was into one thing or the other with some frequency.

Now Mother was a firm believer in corporal punishment; so when she felt I’d gone over the top I felt it on my bottom. It always was administered just before bedtime, she told me that was so I could dream about what I’d done to merit my spanking. She’d be certain that all of my homework was completed, we’d have supper, she’d clean up and tell me to get ready for bed then I was to come to her room so we could talk.

While I was completing my evening ablutions and dressing in my pajamas she’d get prepared.

In just a tee shirt and her panties she’d be sitting on the side of the bed waiting for me. The attire was because she wanted freedom of movement while she blistered my butt. First she’d stand me in front of her as she recited my sins, once I’d apologized for my behavior she would untie the tie on my PJ bottoms and let them drop to the floor then she would steer me over her lap. Depending on the severity of my infraction she would either spank my over my underwear or they would come down to my knees and I’d get it on the bare. She always spanked until I cried then she would rub my back and encourage me to be a good boy in the future whereupon I’d be escorted to bed and tucked in with a goodnight kiss.

By the time that I was fourteen I thought I was hot shit. Top of the class academically and on the athletic fields, I was in advanced karate and was now riding competitively. Mother had also instructed me in the use of firearms other than my .22s, I could fire, strip and clean everything from her Glock 17 to her 30/06 Remington.

Oh yeah, I was hot shit and I was starting to have sexual feelings. I masturbated at least twice a day and had checked out a few web sites but I wanted some real experience. One of the cutest girls in school, Jordan Jacovic, talked to me; could I get a joint? If so she’d let me see and feel her tits. Hell yes, for real tits I could damned sure find a joint…I got one from a guy I knew.

We walked out to the football field; under the bleachers she lit it and we shared. I never got to her tits, we got busted by one of the monitors. A decision on punishment wouldn’t be rendered until the principal had met with our parents.

I feared the worst when I got home. Mother had already started supper, she asked me about my day. I considered lying but finally fessed up; just as well I did, the school had already contacted her. The conference was set for the following Monday, Mother had just returned from one of her business trips the previous day and was in her usual post-trip depression; I only added to her burden.

I’m sure the meal was good, Mother is an excellent cook, healthy with fish, chicken and loads of vegetables but I don’t remember even tasting it. I continued to sit with her as she cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher then she told me to go upstairs and get ready for bed before meeting with her in her bedroom.

There was no question what awaited me. I protested that I was too old to be spanked, that she wasn’t going to do that to me, I wouldn’t let her. Even at fourteen I towered over her, I was already 5’8” tall and weighed one thirty; her immediate scowl let me know her reaction. She arched a single eyebrow and said, “I believe I misunderstood you, didn’t I?”

I sat mutely.

“I thought so,” she said. “Take a shower and put on clean pajamas; I’ll see you in ten minutes.”

Upstairs I quickly showered and dressed for bed; just shorty pajama bottoms, no top and I didn’t bother with briefs, I knew they’d be coming off anyhow. She was waiting dressed for meting out punishment.

“Can you explain how you got involved with marijuana?” She quizzed me.

I told her everything, Jordan, breasts, everything.

“Quinn, not only is what you did illegal it holds the possibility of expulsion from school and could kill any opportunity you have for a top flight university. I’m disappointed in you son.”

I’ll confess, there were tears in my eyes. I could bear up to the other possible penalties but not her disappointment in me.

“Come here, let’s get this over with,” she said as she unfastened my shorts and guided me over her lap.

“I’m sorry Mommy,” I said. I hadn’t called her Mommy in over two years. I was a big boy now, not a baby. She was Mommy again and I was an ashamed little boy.

She lowered my PJ bottoms and began to spank.

My punishment went on and on and I slipped on her lap. When she jiggled me back into position she slightly opened her legs, my penis drooped into the void then she clamped her thighs trapping me.

She resumed the spanking but I hardly noticed, I was rubbing against the crotch of her white cotton panties and I was getting hard.

Lottie didn’t date although she was still, at thirty-seven, a young woman. Occasional exercise of her vibrator was her only sexual outlet; the rubbing of Quinn’s erect penis against her genitals was not going unnoticed.

Through it all, the spanking and the arousal, I was aware that Mother’s breathing had grown raspy; still, she continued to spank.

“Oh Mommy, please stop,” I begged.

It wasn’t the pain but the coming embarrassment, I was about to cum on her panties.

I guess I was pumping up and down. She stopped the spanking.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, what she was doing, what she was saying. She gripped me tighter with her thighs and started rubbing my bottom.

I tried to get up, it would be too humiliating but she held me firmly in place.

“Go ahead Honey,” she encouraged me, “let it go.”

I exploded with the prodigious quantities that a young man can produce then the tears fell; “I’m so sorry Mommy, I’m so ashamed,” was my plaintive wail.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of Quinn, you’re growing up. I’m just happy that your old mother can still arouse a handsome young man.”

She continued rubbing me, holding me in place; then she trembled and seemed to relax. She helped me up but instead of walking me to my room she pulled me down on the bed and lay beside me. I didn’t really know what was happening, what I recall best is the aroma. I didn’t know it then but it was the smell of sex; my semen and her vaginal juices. Mother had climaxed, too.

“Quinn, you smoked that marijuana just so you could feel Jordan’s breasts; is that right?”

“Yes Mommy,” I replied.

She took my hand and guided it up under her tee shirt asking, “Would you like to feel mine?”

God, I was in heaven and hard as a rock, tentatively I felt her.

“Squeeze them, I won’t break,” she instructed.

They were soft yet firm, she said, “Lift my top, you can look at me while you feel them.”

I lifted her shirt exposing both breasts. Firm, white, blue veined with large dusty rose areolas and pale pink erect nipples; they were beautiful.

“Do you like?” She asked.

I could only shake my head yes, I was speechless.

“Suck on them, please Honey.”

I fell on her like I had as an infant. I nursed first one then the other while she squirmed under me. She had my erection in one hand, with the other she guided my hand down and under the waistband of her panties.

A breast in my mouth, her hand on my cock and my fingers in her slit; it couldn’t get any better…and then it did.

“Take my panties off for me, Quinn.”

I had to release her breast and use both hands as I rolled her cum-soaked underwear over her hips and off.

“Look at me Honey, touch me,” she told me as she opened her legs.

Her mound was covered with chestnut curls, using my fingers I opened her slit. She was coral colored and moist.

“Please kiss Mommy down there,” she asked.

I hesitated for a moment, I was aware of oral sex but had never considered giving it.

“Please Honey, please.”

I couldn’t deny her, I started licking along her vulva.

She directed me, tongue, and lips; seeking her clitoris she guided me into how to best stimulate her. Her climax was spectacular to me, she trembled then shook, bucking her hips and screaming, “Yes, yes, yes,” as she flowed. Her taste was beyond exquisite as I drank her nectar. I started to slide up on her but she held me off with, “Not yet.”

“Not this time,” she told me as she slid down and took me in her mouth. God it was moist satin, her tongue teasing me, her lips caressing me. I came explosively as she swallowed all of my offering.

The next morning it was as though nothing had occurred between us but Mother was completely out of the funk of depression and the goodbye kiss as I left for school wasn’t quite motherly.

And school, I had no interest in Jordan Jacovic or any of the other girls. I’d had a woman, a woman I worshiped as a dutiful son and now a woman I loved for her sexuality.

The Monday conference came, the punishment was not particularly harsh, two days suspension for both Jordan and me.

There was no immediate repeat of our evening. It was two months later that she told me that she had to go on a business trip and that Emma would be staying with me. I tried to rebel telling her that I could take care of myself, I didn’t need Emma.

Enigmatically she said, “Well maybe Emma needs you,” as she winked at me.

I have to confess, Emma’s cooking would top anything I could do for myself and, in light of Mother’s comment and wink I wondered. Emma wasn’t exactly a prune, in fact she was a pleasantly plump widow lady of forty-two with a cute face, pendulous breasts and a rotund bottom. She had one child, a daughter who lived four or five states away and visited infrequently; maybe she’d enjoy the company.

I made it a point to be complimentary of the meals she fixed, let her choose the television shows or movies we watched and even (gag) played her choice in music. She liked to dance so we danced to some of the songs she chose. It amazed me, I was having fun and so was she.

Tuesday afternoon when I got in from school Emma was laying on the sofa in the television room, her discomfort was evident and I asked about it. She’d been doing some cleaning when she’d gotten a sharp pain in her back. She said the stabbing pain had passed but she ached, she thought she’d pulled a muscle. I asked if she’d taken any medication…no she hadn’t. I got two ibuprofen capsules and a glass of water. After she’d taken them I asked her to show me where the pain was. She couldn’t reach it, it was below her left shoulder blade; I told her that she needed a massage with an analgesic cream.

Emma demurred, she didn’t think that was necessary but I insisted. She was using one of the upstairs bedrooms but I led her to Mother’s which was on the ground floor and got the cream. She was standing at the bedside when I returned.

“You’ll need to take off your dress if I’m to put this cream on,” I told her, as I began to unbutton her front.

“Quinn, you needn’t do this,” she said.

“No, I don’t but you do Emma, it will relieve the pain,” I said as I lowered her dress down over her hips and helped her to lie on her stomach.

She wasn’t wearing a slip, only a brassiere that looked as sturdy as the harness for a Clydesdale and a billowing pair of pink cotton panties, I unfastened all five hooks on her bra so I could get to the spot where she was hurting. I’d changed into a pair of gym shorts, commando and no top in preparation of what I hoped/expected to come. I warmed some of the analgesic cream in my hand and went to work.

After ten minutes or so Emma said that I’d gotten rid of the pain. I stopped rubbing but stayed where I was, this was the make or break moment.

“Emma, I’m glad it helped but gosh it sure has a heavy medicinal smell, let me massage you with a little body lotion, then you’ll feel good and smell good,” as I began to apply the gardenia scented lotion.

I started at her neck then down over her shoulders, rocking on her in rhythm with my kneading of her muscles. I’d flipped my cock out of my gym shorts and was riding her crack each time I pressed down on her back.

Adding more of the lotion I rubbed down onto the sides of her breasts, caressing them; she squirmed under me opening her cheeks, allowing me to press directly on her anus.

Emma was moaning and writhing, her sound was erotic, a woman in the throes of arousal. I helped her turn onto her back, removed her bra and took one of her thumb sized nipples into my mouth while a hand fondled her sex through her panties.

“Please,” all she said was, “Please.” I knew what she wanted.

My cock was already hanging out the leg hole, I simply slid the gusset of her panties aside and entered her.

Like a knife cleaving hot butter I slid into her. The forty-two year old pudgy widow lady was transformed; bucking like a young filly she pounded her groin against me screaming, “Too long, too damned long; fuck me Quinn fuck me, fuck me.”

Truth be told, that time I didn’t do much of the fucking, I was the cock that she took nearly twenty years of celibacy out on…I loved it; I warned her,

“I’m gonna cum Emma.”

She encircled my waist with her powerful legs, “Cum in me Quinn, I want you to cum in me.” I spewed and spewed and spewed.

Afterwards we lay talking. Emma was a lonely person, her daughter was living with some gangsters in LA killing herself on crystal meth, she felt herself a failure as a mother and a person; she wanted a second chance and she told me how I could help her.

“Quinn, do you know what menopause is?” She asked.

I had some idea from sex ed classes but I let her explain. She then pointed out that though she was nearing the age she was still fertile; she wanted me to impregnate her so she could have another child; a second chance.

I smiled and slowly rolled her panties off.

“Nice thing about us young guys is we reload quick,” I said as I eased up between her thighs and refilled her, kissed her then took her again.

Emma was laying on her tummy, satiated, sexually fulfilled. Her big bottom was magnificent, I began to knead and caress her; getting hard, I wanted her again, doggie style.

“Emma,” I asked, “Can I have you from behind?”

She delayed answering for several seconds before whispering, “Only if you use lots of Vaseline.”

She misunderstood my request but I totally comprehended her answer; I got the Vaseline from Mother’s medicine cabinet.

Emma climbed to her knees, with her head resting on a pillow and her bottom elevated she told me to rest my cock against her rosebud then with firm consistent pressure I was to enter her.

When I popped through she uttered a slight groan; I stopped.

“Gently Quinn, gently push in.”

It was the most fantastic feeling I’d ever experienced. She was tight and warm as I pressed deeper, her fleshy cheeks were parted by my efforts and I could watch as my cock slid in, filling her; I began to pump.

Emma’s sounds were unbelievably erotic, a low hiss as I pushed forward and as I pulled back punctuated by a moan when I was completely buried in her; they drove me on, I was thrusting hard and deep as I filled her bowels with semen.

We rested for a short while then I led Emma to the bathroom, I wanted to bathe her in preparation for the rest of the night.

Both of us cleaned, dried and naked I took her back to Mother’s big King size bed.

“What would you like Quinn?” She asked.

I didn’t answer, I simply slid down, opened her labia with my fingers and began to lick.

“Oh you naughty boy, you wonderful naughty boy,” Emma moaned.

I tugged on first one labium then the other, using my lips then laving her vulva with my tongue before settling in on her clitoris. I was toying with her clit, flicking it rapidly with the tip of my tongue; her body trembled and shook as she climaxed.

As she calmed I moved up onto her body, straddling her chest. I wanted to titty fuck her huge breasts in the worst way. When Emma realized what I was doing she held her breasts for me, nice, it felt nice, when I was nearing climax Emma pulled me higher and took me in her mouth.

A few minutes rest and Emma was back on her knees; I really did want to try doggie, I slid into her sopping pussy. I really hoped Emma would get her baby, I intended to give her several more injections before the night was through.

Finally we were both nearing exhaustion, we pulled down the covers and got under. Emma was on her left side facing away from me, I was tucked against her broad bottom, I got hard again. The Vaseline was behind me on the nightstand, I lubricated her, pressed against rosebud and pierced her. Emma moaned softly as I slid in; my cock was still up her ass when we dozed off.

Always and I mean always I look forward to Mother coming home but I truly did regret Emma leaving when she returned. It had been an eventful and educational experience over the last few days with Emma. We’d had sex at least three times a day for the remaining four days, I had no idea that I’d only see her once again and that was only to say goodbye. She’d left with a nice paycheck and, although she didn’t know it then a bellyful of baby boy; she gotten her second chance; when she realized she was pregnant she sold her house and moved to California where no one would know her.

I was nearly seventeen and Mother was again in the throes of depression when she returned from one of her trips. I phoned in an order for Thai food to be delivered, poured each of us a glass of white wine and watched her sink.

I knew from past experience there was not much I could do to lift her spirits…three days and she’d be the Lottie that everyone knew and admired but not yet. I’d never been able to deduce why her business trips were so depressing. I’d told her to quit going but she said she had to, the firm depended on it.

We’d finished our Thai Pad and wine; I told her to go ahead and get a bath, relax and have a good night’s sleep, I’d clean up. After I was done I watched a little TV then went up to bed.

I’d taken care of my evening ablutions and was in my sleepwear, gym shorts, when I went to give Mother a goodnight kiss; I heard sobbing coming from her room. I opened the door not knowing what to expect. Mother was wrapped around a pillow in a near fetal position, still dressed in the same clothes she’d come home in. I walked to her bedside and sat without saying a word.

“You think I’m crazy don’t you Quinn?”

“No Mother, I think you’re in intense pain and I want to help; what can I do?”

“Honey, can you undress me, help me with my enema, give me a bath, and put me to bed; that’s what I’d really like.”

I unbuttoned her blouse, helped her to sit and took it off then unfastened her bra. Topless I lay her back on the bed, took off her shoes then worked her slacks down over her hips and off. Last, her panties, I’m afraid I stiffened as I rolled them off but, enough of that, I’m here to help.

Mother was and still is a health and fitness fanatic. Fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables along with vitamins were our daily regimen plus a monthly enema, Mother called that a washout. She still gave me mine, only a one quart bag but she’d never asked for my help before, but no problem. I got her equipment and filled her big three quart bag, hanging it on the IV stand she’d acquired just for this purpose.

She wanted me to administer it and she wanted to be across my lap while she took it. I held her as the bag slowly drained into her. The three quarts distended her abdomen to the extent that she looked pregnant, I helped her to the bathroom then gave her her privacy

When she’d finished I led her to the big Jacuzzi tub; she didn’t want the jets, she wanted me to bathe her…no problem, I did.

After drying her I put her panties and a nightgown on her and steered her to her bed. As I was leaving she called, asking if I would hold her for a few minutes. Of course I would.

I had no inkling that I was approaching the signal moment in my life.

“Quinn, please just hold me, love me, I need to be loved.”

I fell to the diminutive; “Mommy there’s no one in the world that would ever love you more that I love you, I’d do anything for you; anything.”

I held her until she relaxed. She smiled up at me then lifted her nightie; I knew what she craved. I nursed, I nursed and she cooed her pleasure.

I slid my hand down and stroked her slit through her panties.

“Would you like me to kiss you here?” I asked.

She nodded her assent.

With her panties removed I split her labia with my tongue and tasted her for the second time. Within moments she was flowing copiously, I swallowed her nectar as she climaxed then I slid up and entered her.

The sex was the best and most memorable I’ve ever had; no doubt because it was with my dream woman, my Mother.

I was so aroused that I didn’t last long, I started to pull out, I didn’t have a condom but she grasped me with her legs and held me against her.

“Cum in me Honey, I want you to cum in me,” she said as I pumped pulse after pulse of semen and sperm into her beautiful body.

She never used any birth control and insisted that I didn’t either, she really hoped that I’d impregnate her but it never happened.

Mother had bought me a vehicle for my sixteenth birthday; my choice, I opted for a Ford F-100 pickup. I did make some critical additions to the truck, a self-inflating air mattress and a blanket that I kept behind the front seat for emergencies.

It wasn’t long before the first emergency occurred. Jordan Jacovic, yes, I’d been teasing her that she still owed me a titty feel, she accepted my invitation for a date.

We took in a movie then split a pizza and went for a drive. It seemed aimless but I had a destination in mind. On our property there was a pond, I wanted to park on the bank under some towering oak trees, lie down in the bed and gaze at the stars (right).

Once there I inflated the air mattress, lowered the tailgate, tossed it in and covered it with my blanket.

Jordan had stood quietly, watching.

“Time for me to collect,” I told her.

She hesitated but finally climbed in. I followed, admiring her pert bottom.

I kissed her and guided her down onto the mattress.

She broke the kiss and whispered, “I’m a virgin Quinn.”

That revelation certainly didn’t deter me, quite the opposite. I caressed her firm young breasts through her tee shirt; she was braless.

Her breathing changed as she became aroused, I went under her shirt and massaged her then lifted her top and watched as her nipples became swollen. I took one in my mouth.

While I sucked I started to rub along her slit through her yellow shorts. Initially she’d clamped her thighs together but my gentle prodding induced her to open up. I thought it was time; I pulled her shorts down and off. She was wearing sexy frilly panties. As I began to lower them she balked, stopping me.

“No, not my panties, please Quinn, let me keep my panties,” she pled in a husky, aroused voice.

While we had that short conversation I took the condom I had in my pocket, unzipped and rolled it on.

I could feel her moisture through the flimsy fabric. Remembering how I’d entered Emma the first time I eased my hand into the leg hole and slipped the gusset aside exposing her. I fingered her for a few moments then moved over her body.

I entered her quickly and thrust. When I ruptured her hymen Jordan let out a small cry of pain but after I’d pumped her a few times she got that cute little ass moving. I must have fucked her for thirty minutes, she’d climaxed at least twice before I filled that rubber.

As I dismounted she rolled onto her tummy sobbing, “I’m gonna get pregnant, I just know I am.”

I gave her a hug then rubbed her back and caressed her firm shapely buttocks, God how I wanted to spread her and take her other virginity but instead I took her into my arms, gave her a little kiss and assured her she wouldn’t get pregnant, explaining that I’d used a condom.

Still she moaned, “I won’t have my virginity to take to my wedding bed.”

I thought, fat chance of that but I said, “No, you’ll have something better, experience.”

I don’t think that comment set well with her, she didn’t speak a word to me as I drove her home. That was our one and only date.

Over the ensuing weeks my blanket absorbed the virginal blood of two other young beauties along with the sundry vaginal flow of five or six girls with some experience.

Life was good except that Mother would be away from Friday night until early Monday.

At school I guess I was gaining something of a reputation as a Lothario and a surprising thing happened. I was only a sophomore yet, if I wasn’t reading the signals wrong one of my teachers was flirting with me.

Mrs. Rockmore taught my world geography class. She was a tall willowy blonde, nearly as tall as my now 6’2”. She wore her long hair in a ponytail, her breasts were small, high and firm, her tummy was flat as a dinner plate and her hips were narrow and boyish. She was blessed with a tight bottom that reminded of two tasty melons. She was also married with two little girls, her husband was Rock Rockmore, the varsity football and soccer coach.

She’d engaged in word play with me several times and would smile devilishly and flip that ponytail when no one was looking. As she was passing my desk one day holding a sheaf of papers, she dropped them. Rather than stooping to pick them up she bent from the waist. Her posterior was before my eyes, she was wearing a brown gabardine pants suit, a cream camisole and jacket. The fabric was pulled tight against her bottom enunciating her sexy panty line.

“Cute bootie,” I whispered.

Without standing erect she answered, “You noticed, see me after class.”

When we were alone in the classroom she asked me to come back after school was out. I had to tell her that I had plans that I couldn’t break that afternoon but if she liked tomorrow was free…she liked.

Plan and plot, I realized I was about to start an affair with a woman some twenty years my senior; a married mother of two and my teacher to boot.

I dressed accordingly the following day; slacks without a belt, commando and carrying a 2.5 ounce tube of Vaseline in my pocket. I had no intention of using a condom; she was a grown woman and should take care of herself.

Once in her class it was evident that I wasn’t the only one having dressed for the occasion. Mrs. Rockmore was wearing a light weight summer dress with spaghetti straps and white sandals. That she was sans brassiere was obvious as her swollen nipples grazed against her dress. I wondered if she was wearing panties; I hoped so, I wanted to take them off.

As the school cleared out at the end of the day I returned to her room; she was waiting, she closed and locked the door. The windows were uncovered but that wouldn’t present a problem, we were on the second floor.

“Mrs. Rockmore,” I started.

“Beth, call me Beth will you Quinn,” as she grabbed and kissed me. She was like a kid after candy and I was her lollipop, she led me to her desk.

She was panting like a bitch in heat when she hiked herself up on the desk and sat facing me. She pulled her dress above her waist showing small, sexy bikini panties; I took them down and off and dropped my own slacks to the floor.

Beth was a natural blonde, trimmed but not shaved. Her scent was mildly fishy but, what the hell, my diet included a lot of fish, I love fish, I took her with my mouth.

Beth was loud, I feared someone would hear. I had her clitoris between my lips sucking when she experienced multiple orgasms that rocked her. There was a puddle of Beth on the desktop when I pulled her forward and entered her.

“I’m going to cum in you Beth, you should know.”

“That’s okay, I’m on the pill.”

“Yes, yes, yes, oh fuck me Quinn, fuck me,” she continuously intoned as I plowed into her.

Damn she was loud, screaming and swishing her ponytail around when she came again. I pumped into her and delivered my load.

“Wow Quinn, that was wonderful,” she said as I helped her to stand.

I’m not sure why but she walked over to the window and looked out. I took that moment to retrieve my Vaseline from my slacks and to pocket her panties. I decided I wanted a souvenir.

When she came back I told her that she was spectacular, the greatest fuck ever. She was glowing with pride when I told her I wanted her again.

She started to remount the desk but I stopped her and turned her around. As I lowered her torso to the surface I told her that I wanted her from behind.

I flipped her dress up over her back and admired her. Beth was athletic and in great shape, her bottom was small and firm. With one hand I stroked her while the other was applying a bit of Vaseline to my cock.

As I spread her cheeks and lubricated her she suddenly understood what was coming.

“Please Quinn, not like that, I’ve never done it like that.”

“Beth, there’s always a first time, try to relax,” as I positioned the head of my cock against her tight little brown eye.

“Relax,” I repeated as I pushed into her. When I pierced her sphincters her cry/moan was as loud as any of her climaxes.

She’d stretched across the desk and was holding on to the far side for dear life as she pled, “Please Quinn, you’re splitting me in half.”

I stopped pushing forward and stroked her bottom and sides.

“Just relax Beth and enjoy the ride,” I told her.

She did seem to relax a bit, her knuckles on the far side of the desk weren’t white any longer. I pushed forward until I was in her completely then stopped again then pulled her head back using her ponytail like reins.

“Can you feel me way up in you Beth?”

“Oh God, I feel so full, like I have to potty.”

“Do you like it, do you like me filling you?”

“Hell no, you’re a bastard Quinn, a real bastard, you know it?”

“My Mother’s going to be away this weekend, would you like to come over and play?”

“You’ll just fuck me like this again, won’t you?”

“Of course, probably several times in fact, won’t you like that.”

”Bastard,” she again called me.

“What time will you be there?” I asked.

She moaned, “Is nine too early?”

“It will be perfect, I’ll have coffee ready so skip breakfast. Now I’m gonna fuck you a bit,” I told her as I thrust into her and began to pump.

I was giving her tight little ass a pounding; Beth was moaning, “Oh, oh, oh,” with each thrust. And tight she was, far tighter than Emma. Her sphincters were squeezing me, fighting me as I continued my assault.

I hammered her until she was just wailing, a low mournful, “Oooooooooooooooo.”

I came roaring like a bull, flooding her guts, damn, it felt like I was drained of about a quart. I continued to ride her until I softened then I stepped back to survey her. I’d bet Coach Rock would pay a fortune for this picture. Her anus was distended and leaking cum and our co-mingled juices had seeped from her pussy and were coating her inner thighs.

The damned room’s going to need to be fumigated, I thought, as I became aware of the odor. My cum, Beth’s juices and the aroma of her bowels blended to produce a nearly overpowering funk.

I patted her, “Superb ass,” I told her as I helped her to stand.

“Bastard,” was all she replied.

I walked with her as far as the ladies room, she needed to clean up, and left her with a reminder, “See you Sunday and remember, skip breakfast.”

Beth arrived promptly at nine, again wearing a cute print sun dress and sandals. She didn’t hesitate, saying, “God I’m so hot, just feel me,” as she guided my hand up under her dress. Her panties were soaked, “Like the panties,” she asked, “You kept my other pair, didn’t you.”

I just smiled at her.

“Let’s skip the coffee, okay,” she asked.

I led her to Mother’s bedroom.

She stopped at the doorway and gawked.

“Is that what I think it is?” She asked.

“Yes, I believe so,” I replied.

“What’s it for?”

“You. We don’t want any accidents and you’re going to get a pretty strenuous workout today.”

“Un nuh, not me, I’ve never had one and I don’t want one.”

As I unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to the floor I added, “Well you won’t be able to say that after today, you’re about to get your first…step out of your shoes.”

At least she was obedient, she shed her sandals and let me lead her to the bedside.

I sat, tugged her panties off, pulled her into position over my lap and greased her.

“First time for everything,” I commented. I positioned her on hands and knees in the middle of the bed, parted her cheeks and I inserted the nozzle then started the warm flow.

“Feels good, doesn’t it,” I asked.

“It does, yes it does feel nice.”

“If you start to feel cramping let me know and I’ll stop the flow,” I told her.

Now this was another picture I’d love to have; her fine tight ass penetrated by an enema nozzle. She began to squirm and softly moan, she was filling up. I rubbed her tummy but kept the flow going until she started cramping then stopped for a few minutes and rubbed her some more. I noted that she looked about five months pregnant; I wanted the nine month look.

With the water flowing again, with circular strokes I massaged her abdomen working the liquid deep into her bowels.

“Please, no more,” she begged as I reengaged the flow.

To keep her occupied I fondled her, rubbing her clit. She was moaning from the stimulation and the distress. Her flat tummy now looked like she’d swallowed a water melon, it nearly reached the mattress.

She was begging and her eyes were tearing when I finally cut off the flow.

I had to help her to the commode, she was bent, holding her stomach and moaning from the cramps. She’d taken well over two quarts. I sat her down and she let go.

I started filling the tub but did not leave the room. I know my continued presence had to be humiliating and embarrassing but the day I had planned was going to be intense, I’d see much more before the day ended. I turned away as she wiped then led her to the tub.

After I’d bathed her I dried her, led her to the bed and gave her a massage with scented lotion. Then I got my Vaseline, I wanted her to be pre-lubricated.

“Feel better,” I asked.

“The bath and massage were nice, I can’t say the same for the enema, that, I’m glad is over. You’ve lubricated my bottom, are you going to sodomize me now?”

“Beth, beautiful Beth, of course not, what I’d really like is a taste of your fabulous vagina,” as I turned her onto her back.

She took a deep breath and spread her legs in anticipation.

“Let’s do it this way,” I said as I took her in my arms and kissed her.

Dueling tongues, nibbled lips, she bit me until I bled, I trailed blood and saliva down her neck ‘til I reached her breasts. Payback’s hell, I squeezed one tit until she screamed then I bit her other nipple. She was in tears when I told her,

“Play nice and I will, too.”

“I will, I promise,” she whimpered.

Gently I caressed her as I nursed on her bruised tits then slid down to taste the salty sweat on her belly; I tickled her little innie navel before nuzzling her neatly trimmed blonde bush. I, again enjoyed her mild fishy scent before tasting her. Each labium received equal attention, I tugged on them and sucked her inner lips into my mouth before moving upward to her unbelievably large clitoris. Protruding from between her labia I sucked her little finger sized protrusion. Beth screamed as her body shook and trembled, she bucked her hips, bouncing all over the bed, it was all that I could do to restrain her.

When she’d settled down I positioned myself between her legs.

“Was that good for you?” I asked.

She smiled at me, a wicked, wicked smile as she said, “Bastard.” I cleaved her.

No one will ever top Mother, she is and was Utopia for me but, I must confess, Beth is second, when I filled her she erupted. That tight little ass powered the most amazing cunt I’ve ever been in; Oh this was so much better than on the desk. She slammed against me ‘til I thought I’d bleed; screaming and moaning she experienced orgasm after orgasm, her pussy was in full flood, squirting her fragrant trout aroma over me, the bed and herself; it was beyond amazing. I was just along for the ride, when I came it was almost anticlimactic, she was the show.

As we lay together afterwards I had to ask, “Beth, why are you here?”

She hesitated in answering but finally said, “I’m sorry Quinn but I need sex like an addict needs drugs and I’m not getting it at home. I think Rock is expending himself on one of the pitchers on the girl’s softball team.”

I had to say it, “God what an idiot, if I ever get married I want a girl just like you Beth.”

“Thanks,” she said as she crawled to her knees, “I think I’m ready.”

I guided her head down to the pillow then admired her long lanky body.

“When I press against you push like you’re trying to potty, it will be easier for you.” I moved up behind her and firmly pushed forward as she worked to yield to me; I was in with only a slight moan.

I paused, “Are you okay,” I asked.

She took a deep breath before answering, “It hurt a little going in but I’m okay now.”

Little did she know, I fully intended to reduce her to a quivering, tearful lump on this bed before I was through. I was discovering something within myself, a mean, vicious streak that I heretofore was unaware of.

I pushed into her to my maximum depth then asked, “Feel full yet?”

“Oh God yes,” she moaned.

“”Good,” as I pressed the small of her back forcing her hips to rise, opening her further to my upcoming assault. I rose from my squatting position, grabbed her ponytail and gave her my weight to support and fucked her like she was my bitch. Hell, she was my bitch. She squealed and moaned while she tried to roll from under me. In spite of her athleticism I held her, trapped her and fucked her, fucked her hard, driving thrusts deep into her bowels, her belly. She cried, God I did want to hear her cries, her pleas for mercy, her sobs. When she collapsed under me. Flat on the mattress I continued pounding into her, finally, explosively I came, pulse after pulse of my scalding cum filled her

I’m not sure what I expected, her to slap me, her to contact the police, surly something detrimental to me…didn’t happen, not even close.

I was sitting with my back against the headboard of the bed, watching her in the fetal position crying. Then she slithered across my lap and looked up at me with her tear filled eyes, “I’m a bad girl aren’t I Quinn, an adulteress, a bad person. I need to be spanked for my transgressions, please spank me Quinn, please,” she begged.

After I’d turned her ass a hot red we talked. She needed rough sex and harsh treatment and she couldn’t get it at home. Not always but sometimes she wanted it to hurt, Rock wouldn’t do it, he was too caught up with his young teen softball players, would I?

Amazingly, now I’m forty-two and Beth is in her sixties; she and Rock are still married, she’s retired from teaching but she still has her needs; every several months she gives me a call and says, “Quinn, I’m a bad girl, can I see you?”

After a big cramping enema she gets her butt blistering over the knee spanking and a bottom full of my cum.

I skipped school the next day, it was Monday and Mother was due home. Her flight was due in at eleven, she’d be home by noon. I fixed eggs benedict and a pitcher on Mimosas, they were ready when she came in. I was surprised when a taxi pulled up the driveway, Mother had driven to the airport. I walked out, she looked like she aged twenty years and her agony was evident, she was a total wreck. I wanted her to have something to eat but she only picked at the food and completely ignored the beverage; I took her arm and let her lean on me as led her to her bedroom.

I hugged her and kissed her then asked what I could do to help.

She replied, “You know what I need Honey.”

I did know, I asked, “Do you want your enema or just a bath?”

“Both, please, both.”

I prepared her enema then helped her to undress before taking her over my lap. As I inserted the nozzle I assured her that she’d be okay. I rubbed her back as she accepted all three quarts then she held my hand as I helped her to the toilet.

She continued to hold my hand, she wanted me to stay with her, that was obvious as she said, “No more secrets, none from you Quinn, tonight you’ll learn everything about me, your Mother, inside and out. I continued to hold her hand as she evacuated her bowels, I even wiped her then lifted her into the tub.

“Is it that bad Mommy,” I asked.

“Worse, Quinn, far worse, we’ll talk in bed.”

Naked we lay in bed and she started to talk. The real estate firm was a front through which she laundered her ill-gotten gains, her trips weren’t business trips; they were assignments, assignments that resulted in someone losing their life. My dear, sweet, petite Mother was an assassin, her fantastically sculpted body, her martial arts training and her proficiency with firearms were all tools of her trade. I learned that she’d been practicing her craft since she was a college student; she’d slain over fifty people and now, it was driving her crazy. That’s what the depression was about, she’d see them over and over, she couldn’t go on and remain sane yet she’d discovered that I could take her pain away, my hands on her, my lips touching her and she was released, she knew she was loved.

I considered what she’d confessed: in my arms was the person I loved most in this world, a stone cold killer. I caressed her body, soft and yielding, I nuzzled her breasts and fingered her slit until she was lubricating then rolled atop her and took her; “Would it be easier with a partner?” I asked as I melded with her.

“Would you?” She whispered.

“Anything for you and with you Mommy,” was all I could say.

Honestly, I rode her pretty hard like I could pound her demons out and, maybe I could, she came like she’d never cum before. She was quivering, trembling and wailing. I felt as her orgasm flowed through her. Her vagina squeezed, released and squeezed, contractions tightening her, her anus and uterus. She was spent, I took her into my arms, kissed her then let her sleep.

When she awakened she snuggled against me, it seemed I had my wonderful Mother back.

“Did we really have a conversation about me and then spectacular sex last night or was I dreaming?”

“Oh it was like a dream to me Mommy but it was real, it was real.”

There was a dreamlike quality in her eyes, on her face as she said, “Make love to me again Quinn, love me.”

I slid into her like she was made for me, slowly, leisurely, long languid strokes her little whimsical smile, it seemed we were one, I wanted it to never end.

Afterward she said she needed to potty but she took me along. I told you last night that you’d know me inside and out as she sat and urinated then wiped, rose and led me back to the bedroom.

“I have a gift for you,” she said, “One I never thought I’d give it away but now I want you to have it, to have me.” She handed me the Vaseline.

“You’re sure?” I asked.

“I’m sure,” she said as she crawled onto the bed on her knees, presenting her pert bottom to me.

“This way,” I told her.

I got a pillow then sat her on it on the side of the bed then lay her back. The pillow kept her hips elevated, I raised her legs so her feet rested beside her hips and lubricated her.

“I want to be able to see your beautiful face.”

I moved against her and pressed, “Push out like you’re trying to go potty for me Mommy.”

As she pushed her sphincters parted under my pressure. Her smile turned to a momentary grimace and she groaned as she accepted my invader.

I stopped, caressed her sides and tummy and told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her, then I pushed further in.

When she’d taken my entire length I asked if I was hurting her.

She answered, no, not really pain I just feel full, like I need to move my bowels but I had my enema, so that’s not it. It’s you, your penis that has me full, isn’t it.”

I wanted her to enjoy the experience, I reached forward and massages her breasts, teasing and tweaking her nipples, stroking the sides, circling her areolas with the tips of my fingers as I gently pumped her.

She was moaning a little under me, I took one hand and fondled her, rubbing her clitoris, giving her two fingers to ride. She began to rock, I let her motion set my pace then, I took her hand and brought it down, her fingers replaced mine. She sped up her ministrations as her breathing became more a pant, I gripped her hips and pumped harder, deeper, she trembled as she climaxed, the strong contractions of her sphincters pulled me along, with rapid strokes I exploded, my cum flooded her bowels, she was wailing, I was wailing, creating a sexual chorus, fantastic and beyond.

I stayed in her, pressed against her bottom.

“Was it so terrible Mommy?” I asked.

“We’ll do it again, there was some pain but there was pleasure, we’ll do it again.”

And we did do it again, once a month, every month on enema night.

My job training began the next day.

I was seventeen then, now I’m forty-two, Mother is still my lover, her chestnut hair is streaked with iron gray but her body is still trim and shapely, utterly alluring to me. She’s not so active in the family business as she was, mostly she handles scheduling and provides distraction or back-up if I need it.

Fifty thousand, the worst type of job at least to me, I’m to kill a woman, a young woman, only twenty-four and I’m to make it look like a sexual assault. The client is her husband, I need to retrieve some paperwork that she’s planning to file then dispatch her in a gruesome manner, preferably with a lamp from the bedside making it appear that there was no planning. No calls between the client and me, we’d established an e-mail account and shared the draft folder for communications then deleted. I was to pick up payment in cash, always cash, in the parking lot of a cocktail lounge that catered to the gay trade, we set the time for the deed and the payment.


Madeline Washburn, Maddie, was a beautiful child raised in the lap of luxury. With affluent parents and filthy rich grandparents she’d wanted for nothing as she grew up. Bright and comely with a sparkling personality there was no one who didn’t like her. High school cheer leader and homecoming queen she dated the captain and quarterback of the school’s championship football team. Life seemed set, college at a top university then marriage to her athletic dream. It didn’t quite work out, Steve, her quarterback dreamboat knocked up her best friend and fellow cheerleader in their senior year of high school but, as it turned out it could have been worse. In her junior year of college she met Fernando, oh God Fernando was beautiful. The joke in her sorority was, “Where are all the handsome men? The reply was either married or homosexual, well Fernando wasn’t married; he and Maddie began dating.

Such a gentleman, not all aggressive sexually, he let things move forward at a speed that was comfortable for Maddie. When they finally consummated their relationship he was gentle and caring about her wants and needs. Maddie had never been happier.

When she finally took him home to introduce him to her parents her mother was head over heels with him and his European savoir-faire. Maddie was afraid her mother was trying to seduce Fernando, never guessing the exact opposite was the truth. He’d only know Mrs. Washburn for three days before his cock was buried in her. His comment that, “I only pray that your daughter is such a lover,” sealed her lips but hardly her vagina, unfortunately Mrs. Washburn now wanted Fernando as a son-in-law in a most pressing way. Mr. Washburn was unconvinced, even up to the wedding he tried to steer Maddie away from him; he just didn’t smell right.

But, with pressure from his daughter and also his wife he finally acquiesced; the wedding was the event of the social season. His grandfather purchased a 6000 square foot two story home as their wedding present, Daddy gave them a new Mercedes. They were off to a fantastic start.

After less than six months of married life Maddie was beginning to have some questions about Fernando. She wanted children, he was adamant that he didn’t want his life interrupted by a crumb cruncher. He swore that he felt that way because he didn’t want to share Maddie with anyone, not even a child but his words and actions were at odds. Their sex was infrequent and perfunctory at best yet, when they were out at a restaurant or club she watched as his eyes tracked young, tight, male bottoms.

She remembered the old sorority joke, where are all of the handsome men? The answer, either married or homosexual, she began to suspect the latter.

After they’d had several glasses of wine one evening she, with Dutch courage, worked up the nerve to broach the subject. That was a mistake, her most recent of many as it turned out.

She was dressed for bed, just everyday pajamas, tops and long legged bottoms; he stood, grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bedroom where he dragged over his lap and pulled her bottoms to her knees.

“How dare you make such an implication,” he hissed at her. “You foolish girl, don’t ever challenge me,” he told her as he began to spank.

When she was finally reduced to a whimpering, sobbing state he pushed her down, her back on the bed, shoved her legs up and violently raped her, commenting upon completion of his assault, “See bitch, I like pussy.”

That was only the first time but hardly the last, she learned she had to walk on egg shells or she’d be over Fernando’s lap, spanked until she couldn’t resist and then raped violently.

She could only assume the violence was the cause of what became their biggest problem. Her birth control method was an IUD and, even her gynecologist agreed that its displacement was why she’d become pregnant. She guessed that Fernando had caused the problem with his beatings and rapes; still that didn’t change the fact. She was pregnant, she wanted a child and he didn’t; how to tell him?

She had to deal with it, no question, she was going to have the child; Fernando would just have to accept facts.

She took him to his favorite restaurant and, after the meal she broke the news, she was smiling as she told him. His face froze, he called for the check.

At home he told her to get dressed for bed then come back, he wanted a few minutes to absorb her news. Maddie put on a sexy pair of panties under her most alluring nightgown then rejoined Fernando. He’d poured her and himself glasses of wine, he proposed a toast.

Shortly thereafter she felt drowsy and a little queasy, he helped her to bed.

It was over two hours later when she awoke with a strange feeling, her mind felt confused yet, almost instinctively she realized she’d been drugged. She was on her stomach, she tried to roll over then realized that her wrists were handcuffed to each of the top bedposts.

“Fernando?” She said. He was sitting at the bedside.

“Oh you have been a bad girl this time Maddie, a very bad girl and you need to be punished.”

“Please Fernando, it was an accident, even my doctor said it was because my IUD slipped, it isn’t my fault.”

“Get up on your knees, take your punishment slut.”

Her gown was still on though her breasts hung exposed as she got on her knees. She assumed a spanking but never guessed the cut of a cane as it bit into the tender flesh of her bottom; she wailed as he delivered twenty strokes hard and fast.

“Let’s see my handiwork,” he said as he ripped her panties off. She wore angry red stripes from each blow.

Maddie was sobbing from the pain as Fernando commented, “Nice.” He began to fondle her vagina.

“I wonder if I can pull the little abomination out,” he mused verbally. He began working his fingers and then his hand deeper and deeper into her vagina.

“Have you ever been fisted?” He asked then continued, “Oh you’ll love it.”

She couldn’t escape as he continued to shove his hand into her. She felt herself being torn as he got as far as his thumb still he pushed forward. She tried to collapse to the mattress but his other hand held her up, she felt a huge pain then she realized his hand was completely in her.

With his hand buried in her Fernando said, “Oh poor girl, your cunt’s so big now that no man will ever want it; I wonder where you’re still tight?”

She heard as he unbelted his slacks, dropped them to the ground and moved behind her on the bed. When she felt him part her nether cheeks and press against her anus she tried to beg, no. It came out as a scream, Noooooooooo, it felt like he’d shoved a telephone pole up rectum, agonizing, it felt like he was splitting her, splitting her in half.

“That’s it Baby, scream for me,” he said as he viciously anally raped her without any lubrication. God he stayed on her for what seemed like hours, viciously thrusting into her, riding her poor bottom, pounding her so hard she was certain he’d rupture her bowel. She continued to wail plaintively, begging, pleading for mercy, he only laughed and told her how he loved to hear her scream. Finally she felt his cock jerk several times as he deposited his cum deep in her guts. His cock was still in her when he said, “You really do have a sweet tight asshole Baby, that’s how sex is suppose to be.”

When he’d pulled out, he wiped off on her nightgown and told her he’d have nothing to do with her pregnant pussy, but her ass was his and he intended to use it frequently. He warned her to be prepared if she didn’t want as much pain the next time, cautioned that disclosure of what had occurred would bode badly for both her and her family, then he dressed and left.

Maddie lay curled on the bed for over half an hour, the pain from the beating and fisting were excruciating but nothing compared to the anal rape. Finally she dragged herself into the bathroom to clean herself. Blood, semen, her own leakage and her fecal materiel soiled her nightgown and the sheets. She stripped the bed, showered and put on a fresh nightie then lay down and tried to absorb what had happened to her, it was a sleepless night.

In the morning she mentally recounted what had happened the previous night. She was convinced that he would harm her and those precious to her if she reported what had happened, she was just as convinced that last night was just a precursor of what she could expect in the future. In many ways the presence of the feces on her gown and sheets was the worst, she felt like she’d been forced to wallow in her own shit; that wouldn’t happen again.

She dressed and drove to the nearby Walgreen’s where she bought a six pack of Fleet enemas and the largest tube of KY Jelly available.

She started on a protective regimen that day; an enema at noon so her bowels would be empty for the night and the KY on the nightstand.

God was she glad that she’d taken her precautions, she was already in bed when Fernando got home, she heard his belt hit the floor, quickly she lubricated herself and waited. Yes, it came, “Get on your knees slut,” he told her. She was wearing her nightie but had on no panties, she assumed he’d only rip them off. He held her cheeks open and smoothly plunged into her.

Fernando exalted, “Any day, I’d rather have colon than cunt and you have a nice tight ass Baby.”

The KY made it bearable, not pleasant, it would never be pleasant with Fernando, he was again slapping her bottom and fucking her hard, trying to inflict pain, God it was a relief when she felt his semen being pumped into her. He let her collapse to the mattress with a whimper.

It became the routine, not every night but at least three or four times weekly they had sex that did not require her female organs. She grew concerned that the frequent, violent anal sex would result in a rectal prolapse so she spend her days doing repetitive Kegel exercises to protect herself. The end result? She tightened herself up, for her safety and Fernando’s pleasure.

By her fifth month she was starting to show, her breasts were swelling and a little baby bump was in evidence; Fernando began to hit. Slapping her breasts as he told her she looked like a milch cow and punching her belly, telling her she reminded him of a sow.

The past weeks had been a nightmare but now Fernando was starting to hit, not only she but now the baby could be at risk, she was frightened.

Fernando had threatened her family but maybe she should go to her father for help.

She phoned for her father the next morning only to learn that he was away for the week on business, he wasn’t to return until the following Saturday. It wasn’t something she could comfortably talk to her mother about, she’d wait until father returned. In the interim she decided to confront Fernando about the hitting.

It was almost ten when he arrived home, he poured himself a drink and was sitting in the den when Maddie came in.

“Fernando, you punched my stomach last night and that has to stop. I won’t allow you to harm our child. I can endure the sexual abuse but not that. If you persist I will go to my father, do you understand?”

Fernando rose and walked to her; taking her hand he led her to her bedroom; he sat on her bed and held her in front of him.

“Maddie my dear, that’s not something you want to do, there would be consequences, there are consequences for most every action you know. For example you’re being a sassy wife, now what shall we do about that?”

In the blink of an eye she was over his lap and her gown lifted.

She kicked and tried to roll free but to no avail. He laughed at her then rolled her off and onto the floor, “A reprieve, no, just a delay, we’ll get together later.”

He finished his drink and went out.

Maddie heard Fernando come in, she glanced at the clock, it was after four a.m.

The following morning Maddie had a premonition, something was wrong at her parents home. She tried calling but the phone immediately went to voice mail. She dressed and drove over.

The front door was unlocked, strange, her parents were very security conscious, she called out for her mother. After checking the downstairs rooms she started climbing the stairs, as she went up she heard moaning. She followed the sounds to her mother’s bedroom.

“Mom,” Maddie cried as she entered the room.

She ran to the bed. Her mother nude had obviously been severely beaten. There was bruising on her back and sides, her buttocks and down her thighs blood was in evidence on the sheet.

“Oh God mother, what happened? Wait, I’ll call the police.”

“Maddie, no police at least not yet, not before we talk.”

“It was late, I don’t know, maybe two o’clock when I was awakened by a man in my bed. He’d taken the case off one of my pillows and was pulling it over my head. I tried to fight but he overpowered me. He beat me with his fists until I was nearly unconscious then he ripped my nightgown down the front exposing my breasts and beat me there. I thought I was going to be raped but he seemed more intent on beating me, inflicting pain. Then he rolled me over on my stomach and spanked, not a hand spanking, he beat me but at least I had the meager protection of my panties…and then I didn’t, although, strangely he was gentle as he pulled them down to mid-thigh, he must have taken them off after he’d finished with me.”

“I remember he massaged my poor beaten bottom and rubbed something cold on my anus. Suddenly he was on my back, I realized he had no pants on, his penis was pressed down in my anal crack, his hands spread me, he shoved his cock into me; I remember screaming then I blacked out.”

“Mom, why don’t you want me to call the police? They could get forensic evidence, hair and no doubt semen, he did cum in you didn’t he?”

“Maddie, please let it go.”

“Why won’t you report it, do you know who did this to you?”

“Maddie, I had a pillow case over my head the whole time, I just don’t want to deal with the police.”

“You do know who did this, don’t you.”

“Maddie, I just don’t know, I never saw him and he didn’t say a word.”

“Mother, who was it…tell me.”

In a meek whisper she said, “I think maybe it was Nando.”

“Nando? Fernando, my husband, why would you think that?”

“His smell, his aftershave, it smelled like Nando.”

“Then we certainly need to contact the police, I can easily get a DNA sample from him and check for a match with the semen in you.”

Naomi Washburn, Maddie’s mother pulled the sheet up nearly covering her face, like a little girl trying to hide, she began to sob.

“Maddie, I’m sorry, God I’ve made such a hash of things, haven’t I. Oh God, I only thought about myself, now I’m going to lose everything, my family, my husband my life.”

“What are you talking about Mom, you’re the victim, if Fernando’s guilty he’s the one who will lose.”

“Please find it in your heart to forgive the vanity of an old woman, but I know they would find Fernando’s semen in me; probably in my rectum but certainly in my vagina.”

“What, he raped you vaginally, too.”

“It wasn’t rape, he was here earlier in the evening, we made love.”

Maddie’s jaw dropped, she was momentarily speechless then thought, Fernando, oh God what a monster, he’d seduced a vulnerable older woman then abused her. He knew she nor I would go to the police, it would devastate Daddy if he learned. She realized she was checkmated, no where to go, nothing to do about it.

Resigned to her fate she said, “Mother, I’m going to help you get cleaned up. You’re not to say a word to Daddy, this will be our own nasty secret.”

Maddie helped her bathe then tended as best she could to her injuries. They both worked to change the bed linens; that was when Naomi noticed that her panties were missing. She commented on it to Maddie, “Why would he take those, they’re just some old plain white cotton briefs that I like to sleep in?”

Maddie thought she probably knew and they weren’t a souvenir.

It was early afternoon by the time Maddie got home, she was disappointed to see that Fernando’s car was in the drive.

As she came in he asked, “Where have you been.”

“There was a little trouble at my mother’s house.”

“Nothing the two of you couldn’t handle, am I right?”

“Yeah, right.”

“Come over here Cara,” he told her.

Maddie had pulled on a tee shirt, panties, lavender shorts and flip flops, she’d been in such a rush to get to her mother’s.

Standing in front of him he kneaded her through the seat of her shorts then unfastened them and let them drop to the floor, her panties followed. He turned her around and bent her over.

“You know, I’d never realized how similar your build is to your mother’s, have you ever noticed?”

She didn’t speak.

He slapped her bottom; “I asked you a question.”

“Yes Fernando,” she answered then she began to cry and started to walk away.

“You still have a spanking coming from last night, why not go to your bedroom and get ready, I’ll follow in a minute.”

Maddie didn’t know what was coming; a spanking for sure but she was taking no chances, she lubricated herself before climbing on the bed. Centered on the pillows was a pair of obviously worn, plain white cotton panties.

She had them in her hand when Fernando came in.

“Consequences, remember we talked about consequences, now do you understand what you’re putting at risk when you threaten me.”

“Please Fernando, she never did anything to you, hurt me if you must but leave my mother alone.”

“Oh but she still has a nice trim body and her ass was tight, tighter than yours, she was a fun fuck, I even made it easier for her, she got a little KY Jelly but if you continue making threatening noises the next time will make last night look like a child’s birthday party, do we understand?”

“Yes Fernando, I understand.”

“Maddie, you are getting a reprieve, I’ve already had a nice tight Washburn ass, I’ll save you for later. Put those panties on now.”

Maddie was lying on the bed in her mother’s soiled underwear when he left.

He met his friend Colin for drinks at their favorite club then went up to Colin’s condo. They had another drink while they cuddled then Colin gave Fernando what he wanted, God he loved the feel of Colin’s big cock sliding in and filling him; it was difficult and painful at first, Colin was a small slender man with a fat nine and a half inch shaft.

“Fernando, why don’t you divorce her so you and I can live together?” Colin nagged.

“You know why Sweetheart, she turns twenty-five next year and inherits three and a half million from her grandfather, I want some of that money for us to get started on.”

“Does she have a will?” Colin asked.

“Of course she has a will.”

“Who inherits from her and her estate?”

“Colin, you’re not implying…”

“No, of course not, but still, who inherits?”

“I do.”

“Even after she has the baby?” Colin asked.

Nothing more was said.

As weeks turned into months Maddie made no further threats, the cost was far too high and, at least Fernando wasn’t hitting her stomach with his fists. She still got rough anal several times a week and her occasional spanking.

In her eighth month Fernando found her swollen body too gross even to continue with that torment, she’d maintained her pretty face but her breasts were huge and full, her belly was big as a medicine ball and her butt was broad as an axe handle; she waddled when she walked.

He might have ignored Maddie but he wasn’t finished with the Washburn women.

When her doorbell rang at around eleven in the morning Naomi thought is was probably Maddie coming for coffee. She was surprised and scared when it turned out to be Fernando.

“What do you want?” She said as she tried to slam the door. Fernando forced his way in.

His wicked grin said it all, Naomi hadn’t yet dressed, she was still in her nightie and robe wearing slippers.

“I’ll scream,” Naomi threatened.

“Yes, you probably will, but not for help, you don’t want to be discovered anymore than I do.”

“Your daughter’s too grotesque for sex, I’ve nominated you as her surrogate,” he told her as he pulled her towards her bedroom.

“Get up on the bed on your hands and knees,” he ordered.

“I will not,” Naomi declared.

“Just like your daughter I see, you require convincing, too,” he said as he spun her and forced her face down on the mattress.

Naomi tried to fight, it was no use, he simply overpowered her, flipped her robe and nightgown up and commenced to spank.

When she was reddened, bruised and sobbing he repeated, “Get up on your hands and knees.”

Slowly, painfully Naomi complied.

He lowered her panties to mid-thigh then stroked her bottom as he talked.

“I like sex three or four times a week. I’ll call you on the mornings that I’m coming and you’ll leave the door unlocked. I want you on the bed, ready for me. Your wardrobe won’t require much planning. I want you topless and wearing only a pair of panties. I won’t use your vagina so it would be a good idea to keep some KY Jelly in the nightstand. Today I’ll prepare you but in the future I expect you to be ready. Stand up on your knees.”

Fernando took her robe off her shoulders then lifted her gown over her head, exposing her breasts.

“You may wonder why topless, I don’t have any interest in your feminine accoutrements but I will slap your breasts as punishment if you warrant it.”

“Okay, back on hands and knees.”

“Always use a lot of the KY Naomi, it’s for you, not me,” he explained as he lubricated her.

“Ready for a ride my little pony,” he teased as he moved over her hips and drove into her.

She screamed as he forced his way through her sphincters, “Ah, that’s beautiful, you scream even better than your daughter.”

When he’d finished he pulled out and wiped off on the sheet telling her, “Eleven tomorrow, the door unlocked and you ready.”

Obviously Naomi hadn’t called Mattie, she didn’t know. When he got home he taunted her, letting her know that her mother had been sodomized and would be again.

“You leave my mother alone,” Mattie screamed.

“It’s only until you get into a shape where a man can look at you again without being revolted.”

Something snapped in Mattie, she hissed, “How would you know what a man wants to look at, you’re no man, I know what you are.”

As she said it she knew she’d pay. He grabbed her hair, dragged her to the bedroom and threw her onto the bed then he beat her, he slugged her breasts, kneed her between the legs and punched repeatedly her sides and stomach, the only place he avoided was her face. Maddie curled around her pregnancy trying to protect her baby, he beat her back, bottom and the rear of her thighs; cursing her, slut, bitch, cunt with every blow and Maddie feared for the baby and even for her life, he was berserk.

After Fernando stormed out of the house she lay in agony, everywhere hurt, bruises and abrasions covered most of her body but then, thankfully the baby kicked and pressed on her bladder, she had to pee.

Today was too much, her mother was being abused, she was beaten and her baby put at risk. No matter the consequences (that word again), she had to get out from Fernando’s control. She’d already ascertained that the only reason he stayed was her money. She was going to change her will and divorce him.

She waddled through the house, she needed to be certain that Fernando was out, he was. She picked up the wall phone in the kitchen and rang her mother.

After explaining that she knew what Fernando had done to Naomi she told her how he’d beaten her and tried to hurt the baby. She told her that she was going to change her will and divorce him.

“Mother, when he comes for you tomorrow, just drive him away, now that I’ve decided to get rid of him there’s no reason for you to allow the abuse to continue.”

“I can’t do that Maddie, if he concluded that something was afoot we’d all be at risk, I’ll endure it at least until you get the changes made and the filing done.”

The decision made, Maddie felt a sense of relief, maybe there was a light at the end of this dark, dank tunnel after all.

She had no clue that Fernando had a listening device installed on their land line; when he replayed her conversation he nearly went ballistic; then he gained control, he’d continue much the same, even see Naomi tomorrow but he needed to take action quickly to assure he would get some of Maddie’s money.

When he met with Colin later that evening he recounted Maddie’s conversation with her mother. Colin asked if he remembered what they’d discussed several months ago…Fernando remembered.

“Maybe it’s time,” Colin told him.

“Maybe it is, can you help find someone to do the work?”

“I think maybe I do know someone who can point me in the right direction.”

“Well get it set up as rapidly as possible, I don’t know how much time I have.”

After several cocktails the retired to the bedroom, Fernando got what he wanted.

As they lounged in the bed Fernando asked, “Have you ever fucked a woman?”

Colin smiled, “Why would I want to, I have you.”

“If I asked you could you, I mean fuck a woman up the ass?”

“I guess, sure, why?” Colin asked.

Fernando chuckled, “Because I think it will be fun, I’ll pick you up at ten thirty tomorrow morning; we’ll go meet a lady, one that I’m positive will just love your big cock.”

After Fernando left, Colin made a few phone calls. A friend who had connections through the drug trade thought he could help, he wanted $10,000 to make the arrangements.

Next morning when he picked up Colin he learned that the ball was already rolling, Colin expected an e-mail confirming interest in the contract; then it would be just the cost and the details to work out.

With a fist bump Fernando exalted, “That’s my man.”

“Colin, you never did answer, have you ever been with a woman?”

“No man, never. I’ve never even seen one naked. Why?”

“Cause I want you to squeeze her tits hard and play with her pussy, humiliate and scare her before you fuck her, can you do it?”

“Why don’t you do it?” Colin asked.

“I want to watch and hear her while she’s getting it, OK?”

The door was unlocked, they both entered, Fernando locked the door and with a laugh called out, “Looocie, I’m home,” as he led Colin to Naomi’s bedroom.

She was under the sheets, she watched as the two men entered her room.

“Good morning Naomi, let me introduce my friend Colin. Are you ready for us?”

“You never said anything about a friend.”

“Naomi, please don’t be difficult, pull the sheet down and let me see you.”

She was naked to the waist and had on a pair of white panties.

“Have you spoken to your daughter Naomi?” Fernando asked.

Hesitantly Naomi acknowledged that she had.

“And what did she discuss Dear?”

“If you must know, she told me to take an enema, it wouldn’t be as messy.”

“Oh too bad, excellent advice but I wanted you to have the shit fucked out of you this morning and now, alas, no shit. Nonetheless, we’ll make an effort, won’t we. Take off your panties and get up on your knees Naomi, it’s time for your little tryst.”

She slowly lowered her panties, rolled to her stomach and pulled her knees under her, her small breasts sagged a little, after all she was fifty-four.

Fernando forced her thighs a little further apart then spread her cheeks.

“Excellent Naomi, I see you’re ready,” he could see that she had lubricated herself.

Colin had slipped out of his clothing, he sat on the bed beside her then took her left breast in his hand.

“So soft,: he commented then he squeezed.

The pain nearly took her breath away, he twisted her other nipple , she tried to drop to the bed to escape; Fernando slapped her bare bottom, hard, no Naomi, stay as you are.

“Come here Colin, I want you to see this.”

“For an old gal she does have a cute ass doesn’t she?”

“I guess,” Colin answered.

“Here, try this,” he said as he played with her pussy, running his finger along her slit. He made way for Colin.

“Foreplay Naomi, maybe we can get you nice and wet so you can enjoy yourself, wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

“Please, just take what you’ve come for and leave,” she asked.

“Is the KY Jelly in the nightstand?”

Naomi nodded yes.

He got it then coated his right hand and pushed down on the small of her back forcing her to arch. Her female genitals were more displayed in this position.

First he worked a finger and then a second into her vagina before saying, “Colin, you need to watch this, how much she can stretch then you can stretch her your way.”

A third finger and then a fourth, Naomi began to moan. He pumped in and out several times then folded his thumb over his palm and thrust forward, she screamed as his entire hand was forced into her vagina.

“Doesn’t she scream nicely?” He asked Colin as he drove his hand further into her, the entrance of her vagina now encircled his wrist.

“Colin, why don’t you let her suck your cock, let her see the gift I brought her while I spend a little time with her cunt.”

Colin wasn’t completely erect when he knelt on the bed in front of Naomi. Her eyes were closed, scrunched tight as she fought to endure the pain Fernando was giving her. Colin lifted her head, “Suck,” he commanded.

Before her now open eyes was the hugest penis she’d ever seen, she tried to turn her face away. It got her nowhere, Fernando made a fist inside her and pumped her. She screamed her agony. He said, “Suck.”

She could only get the head in her mouth, she’d never given oral sex, not even to her husband Charles; Colin took her head in his hands and started pumping her mouth; she was giving oral sex now. He forced himself deeper as she started to gag, she couldn’t help it.

Fernando was jamming his fist deeper and harder, he said, “Damn, I wish I had a camera, this would make a lovely picture for Maddie, don’t you think Naomi?”

“Colin, don’t cum, save it for what we came for.”

She continued to gag as Colin forced himself deeper into her throat, finally when she was afraid she was about to choke to death she came off, “Please, no more, I feel like I’m going to vomit.”

Fernando’s fist was still in her but she direct her plea to Colin.

Her sad, tear filled pale blue eyes were starting at his monstrous member, “Please don’t do that to me.” She knew that, even with the lubrication she’d never be able to take him in.

It was a great relief, Fernando pulled his hand out of her and pushed down on her back flattening her, belly down on the mattress.

“Why don’t you rest a little while Naomi, I know this must be stressful for you. May I get anything for you, some water perhaps?”

“Yes, water please,” she was able to get out.

Fernando got her a glass of ice water, he even added a lemon slice then helped her to sit as she drank it.

God she was sore, she felt like she’d delivered a baby with no anesthetic.

“Is that better Naomi?”

She nodded yes. She thought they were done with her.

“Why don’t you lie back down for a few minutes,” he said as he guided her down onto the mattress then rolled her back on her tummy.

Then she knew they weren’t done and she knew what was coming. She was terrified.

Naomi began to whimper, “Please Fernando, don’t let him do it to me, please. Wasn’t I always good to you, you do me if it must be done, I’ll never tell, you can have me any time you want but don’t let Colin have me.”

Fernando called Colin over, they sat, one on each side of Naomi, Colin was massaging her bottom while Fernando fingered her slit.

“What do you think Colin, has she had enough?” Fernando winked as he said it. There was no way Naomi would avoid what lay in store for her.

Colin had spread her cheeks and was fingering her anus, she’d need a great deal more lubrication if he was going to get into her.

“I see what you mean Fernando, but she did take her enema to get ready for us, too bad she had that, I mean I might agree that she’s had enough but it would be a real shame for her enema to go to waste, don’t you agree.”

Naomi was trembling with fear, she realized they were just toying with her, her bladder was screaming for relief, she knew she was going to wet herself and she knew it wouldn’t make any difference to them. She begged to be allowed to use the bathroom, she didn’t want the further humiliation of being sodomized in her own urine.

It was Colin who helped her stand and led her to her bathroom.

“Shut the door please,” she asked.

He did but he remained in the room.

“Aren’t you going to leave and give me some privacy?” She asked.

“Just take care of what you need to do,” he told her.

She sat, he came over, knelt and spread her legs further then stared transfixed as he watched her flow.

“Amazing, I’d never seen that before,” he said. She wiped and he led her back to the bed.

She crawled on, laying on her tummy.

Again it was Colin, he gently patted her bottom and said, “Why don’t you get up on your knees for me Naomi.”

She couldn’t, she couldn’t move, her foreboding immobilized her.

Again, Colin was gentle as he helped her to her knees. He walked to the head of the bed, took her pillow and placed it in front of her then he pushed her head down so that she rested on it, commenting, “I think you’ll need this.”

He retrieved the KY Jelly from the top of the nightstand where Fernando had left it and moved behind her.

“Naomi, I’m going to lubricate you again, lots of lubrication; it will help some but I’ll probably still hurt you. You may want to scream, use the pillow if you do, you can even bite it if it gets to intense, do you understand?”

The gel he was applying was cool on her, he was even using his fingers to grease her internally, she said, yes, she understood.

He moved up behind her. She felt the bulbous head of his penis pressed against her then he told her to push down like she wanted to move her bowels.

She pressed and then she screamed. When he came through her sphincters it felt like a bus was driving through.

She tried to buck him off, she squirmed and attempted to escape, she’d never experienced such torment.

“Fernando, a little help, how about holding her ‘til I get control.”

Fernando took her shoulders, pushing her firmly against the mattress as Colin pushed further into her. He only had about four inches in her but his girth made it an agony.

“I’ve got her now,” Colin told Fernando.

Fernando returned to the chair to be amused by the entertainment.

Colin began to slowly pump, forcing himself deeper with each thrust. His penis had a greater diameter than Naomi’s rectum, he was painfully stretching her delicate tissues with each additional inch.

Naomi was sobbing and moaning into her pillow and, Colin knew it would get worse. Her rectum would only be a little over 4.5 inches long, he’d be in her sigmoid colon by the time he’d gotten into her.

When he had around six inches in her he stopped and rubbed her back for a few minutes.

“Talk to me Naomi, how are you feeling, you’re feeling an incredible fullness like you’ve never experienced before, aren’t you.”

“Yesssss,” she wailed.

“Good, it only gets better,” he said as he pushed further into her.

“You know, when I’m completely in I’ll be through your rectum and up into your colon. If you can put your hand on your lower abdomen you can feel me going in. Put your hand on your abdomen for me Naomi, I want you to share the feeling.”

He pulled her right arm back and placed it just above her pubic bone then pushed further into her.

“Feel it Naomi, isn’t that fantastic?”

“Nooooooooooooooo,” she moaned.

“Now feel this,” he said as he thrust hard, burying his final two inches in her.

She nearly collapsed but he grasped her hips and held her up.

Colin rested for a few moments reveling in the incredible tightness Naomi offered.

He stroked her back, buttocks and sides.

“I’m in you all the way, that’s a good girl taking all of me, God you’re tight Naomi, I might consider giving up guys if every woman is as tight as you. Now hang on Naomi, I’m going to fuck you a little.”

Colin assumed a squatting position so that he was over Naomi’s back, he could thrust harder from this position, he withdrew four or five inches the powered forward, she screamed.

“That’s it mamma, scream for Colin, scream for me.”

And scream she did, he rode her hard, pounding her, hurting her and she screamed in agony. She knew he was tearing her up inside, and then she couldn’t scream anymore, sobs and moans were all she was capable of and still the assault continued. She tried to call out for help, all that she could utter was gibberish and still it continued.

She found a place she could go, she was like a little girl, her only sound a plaintive mewling, the voice of an injured kitten. She didn’t even realize when he came in her, was only vaguely aware that Fernando told her not to call Maddie, hardly realized that they had left.

She just lay nude upon her stained sheet making her little kitten sounds.

Outside Fernando asked, “Fun?”

“God yes, unbelievable.”

“Make a phone call, find out whether we have a contractor then maybe we can have some more fun.”

“Fab-fucking-tastic,” Colin said as he made his call.

From the smile on his face Fernando knew Colin had hit pay dirt. He jotted something down.

“We’ve got our man, this is the e-mail address where we get things set. Now let’s go let the games begin.”

“This one will probably take a little softening up, I’ll go in first and get her ready. Go over to Starbucks, have a mocha latte and I’ll give you a call when she’s ready for you.”

“Who is it?”

“Maddie, man, my wife.”

“You sure, she’s like pregnant isn’t she.”

“Like a fuckin’ cow, you can even milk her if you want.”

“Ah, I think I’ll take a pass on that.”

“Whatever, last chance though, she won’t be around long, you know.”

“Come on Fernando, let’s just do it.”

He dropped Colin at the nearby Starbucks then drove home.

Maddie was in the television room watching one of those shows aimed at the ladies. She was casually dressed. A billowing maternity blouse and beige maternity shorts, she no doubt had on maternity lingerie but that wasn’t yet evident. She was barefooted.

He walked over to her, took her hand and pulled her up. As he led her to her bedroom he smiled at her, “I want you,” he told her.

She sensed something was terribly wrong with this scenario, she tried to pull away.

He just tightened his grip on her wrist, she had no choice but to follow.

He sat her on the bed and said, “I want to see you, all of you in your radiant beauty.”

He took her top over her head. Again she tried to get away from, again he restrained her.

Unhooking her brassiere, he let her pendulous breasts swing free.

“Nice, oh so nice, on a Guernsey or a Holstein,” he sarcastically said to her.

“Why don’t you get up on your knees for me.”

“No Fernando, you’re not going to beat on me again, you’re not.”

“Oh aren’t we the sassy one today and you know what happens to sassy girls, don’t you; they get spanked.”

“Now get up on the bed and take your spanking if you don’t want the baby harmed.”

She knew she really had no choice, he’d beat her with his fists if she refused.

Clumsily she climbed onto the middle of the bed. The restraints he’d used the first time were still affixed to the bed posts, he rapidly secured one of her wrists. She tried to pull away but, with one arm pinioned it was easy for him to get the other.

Once she was restrained he tugged down her shorts. They had an elastic waistband, he took them completely off, down over her feet then tossed then on the floor.

Spanked her ten whacks or so with his hand then lowered her panties tossing them with her shorts.

Forcing her legs further apart he inspected her labia. Of course she was swollen she was less than a month from delivery.

“My God, even your cunt looks like a cow’s, all you need is a tail. Can you moo for me?”

She made not a sound.

“No, maybe this will help.”

He grabbed a breast and squeezed. Milk was leaking from her as she went, “Moo.”


Moving behind her again he spread her cheeks.

“Maddie, you’re not ready for sex, why not?”

“Fernando, you haven’t wanted me in several months.”

“Yes, well I suppose there is that, no matter we’ll prepare you. Did you have your enema?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Wonderful, we were going to fuck the shit out of your mother but she’d taken your advice and given herself one before we got there, still she was a wonderful fuck. Guess it will be you that gets the shit fucked out of her.”

He whacked her ass several times but it was perfunctory at best, a spanking wasn’t going to be today’s main attraction.

He used his cell phone to alert Colin, “Be ready I’ll be there is about two minutes.”

He left Maddie handcuffed to the bed. She tried to pull free, all she succeeded in accomplishing were chapped wrists. She was laying on her side when Fernando returned with another man.

“He helped her get back on her knees then said,” let me introduce my friend Colin. He’s my little, well hardly little gift to you Darling.”

“Colin, would you like to get her ready, there’s a tube of KY Jelly there in the nightstand.”

Maddie could see how this was going.

“Fernando, I’m your wife, you can’t let another man do this to me, please don’t.”

“Oh, I guess I could do it but Colin is special, you’ll never forget today, I guarantee.”

Colin had shed his clothes while they were talking.

“Fernando, could you take one of the cuffs off and give her a pillow, we don’t want her too uncomfortable do we?”

“Maddie, he’s going to use lots of lube but before he does, I want you to admire my gift to you.”

“Colin, please show her.”

She was speechless when she saw him, it looked like a third leg. When she was able to talk she gasped, “You fucked my mother with that, Jesus, the poor, poor woman.”

Colin moved behind her, when she was sufficiently lubricated he thrust into her. He’d rammed three inches into her with the first penetration and she groaned.

“You can take the other cuff off now Fernando, I’ve got her.”

He did have her, the pain took away what little mobility she had and still he forced himself deeper.

Colin pushed inexorably deeper, further into her bowels. Groans and moans emanated from her as she was stretched.

She experienced the full feeling, that was as far as Fernando could penetrate her…not Colin though, then,, oh God the baby began to kick.

The baby, the huge cock, her distended bladder, she began to leak urine. She could feel it dribbling down the insides of her thighs.

“Let me go, please let me up, I have to pee, please, God please.”

Colin stopped for a moment and stroked her bottom.

“No, I’m this far in, it’s no time to stop.”

“Please, I’m begging you, I’ll come back, you can finish but please let me pee.”

He pushed further in then reached under her and pressed against her bladder.

“Go ahead and pee my beauty, I don’t mind.”

He continued to press until she couldn’t restrain herself. The tears flowed, the embarrassment and humiliation, as her urine spewed forth from her, soaking the bed.

While she was still flowing he plunged forward, completely impaling her on his horrendously immense shaft.

Finally, she screamed.

“You’ve got all of me,” he told her.

“Fuck yeah, wonderful riding today, first the mare and now the filly. Gotta to tell you Maddie, your momma’s tighter than you are but you’re still pretty damned good.”

Maddie knew what she was going through but Fernando’s assaults had inured her to some degree, she couldn’t imagine what it must have been like for her mother; the pain, yes, but almost worse, the indignity. Her mother was, her dalliance with Fernando the exception, a dignified person who, until now had been moving through middle age gracefully, now Maddie wondered if her mother had peed on herself, too.

Colin began to ride her hard, like her mother she broke under his violent treatment and like her mother she was left whimpering.

It took an hour for her to recover enough that she could use the phone, she called her Mom.

Her mother’s voice, she sounded like an old, suffering woman.

“There were tow of them, Fernando and his friend Colin Maddie, they abused my body then Colin anally raped me, he was huge, his penis I mean, and he used it like a weapon, intent on hurting me. He did, I think something may be torn in my bowel. There was blood along with his semen on the sheets.”

“I know mother, they did the same to me; did they make you pee on yourself like they did me?”

“No, that was weird, Colin took me to the bathroom then knelt in front of me and spread my legs so he could watch.”

“I’m so sorry you got dragged into this mess Mamma.”

“Oh Maddie, I brought this on myself, my little trysts with Fernando.”

“ Do you want me to come over?” Maddie asked.

“No need, just take care of yourself and the baby, I’ll be okay I’m going to take a couple of hydrocodones and a Xanax and try to sleep.”


Mother had retrieved the e-mail from the draft folder. She communicated with potential clients that way so there was no record retained. She showed it to me and asked if I wanted the contract.

Not the kind I like, I didn’t particularly like it when the victim was a female but it seemed to be an easy job, I told Mother to accept it and to give me three days, I liked to reconnoiter neighborhoods before I went to work.

There was a new message in the drafts folder.

$50,000 cash to be delivered in the back of the parking lot of the Kismet Club, a cocktail lounge on 35th street at two a.m., closing time for the club. The address for the home was supplied, there was a key under a flower pot near the back door. The target was a twenty four year old female, Maddie Francisco, the wife of the client, she was planning to sue for divorce and, if there were any papers to that effect I was to recover them. The client wanted it to occur between midnight and one o’clock on the following Friday and he preferred that it look like a sexual assault gone awry. It gave me three days.

I packed a small bag, fraudulent identification, cold credit cards and a little North American Arms model NAA22S mini-revolver, chambered in .22 Short. I wasn’t going to shoot her, but, just in case.

Mother drove me to the airport where, using my false ID and the credit card I had in that name, I rented a car. I had to drive the two hundred miles to my destination, I was armed, I couldn’t fly.

When I got in, I rented a room in an inexpensive businessman’s motel, slept for several hours and found my way to my intended victim’s home. From a distance I kept an eye on the house; I didn’t see my target but I did see her husband, my client, leave for work. I followed and watched him park then enter an office building.

I had no intention of sitting all day until he came out, I affixed a gps tracker under his rear bumper, got some breakfast and took a nap.

When he left, I followed his signal. He went to the Kismet Club where he met another man, their kiss gave me the story.

I took a drive by their home but never saw the target…didn’t matter the client had provided the layout of the home, I knew where her bedroom was.

I got dinner then drove back to the club and went in.

The client was in a back booth playing footsies with the other guy. I staid until closing then watched as both of them got into the clients car. I followed them to a condominium project, watched them enter then saw a light come on in one of the second floor units.

I went back to my hotel and got some sleep, I’d go the next night.

The day was uneventful, my gps showed Mr. Francisco going to work, going to the lounge and then going to his friends condo before going home at around one o’clock.

There was a twenty-four hour supermarket two blocks from the target’s home. I checked out the video surveillance, identified blind spots in the coverage and decided where I’d park.

At a convenience store I stopped and bought a power bar and an energy drink. I never have an evening meal on a night when I’m working, I don’t want to feel sluggish.

I stopped at the front desk of my motel and let them know that I’d be leaving early the next morning, I paid my bill and went to my room.

A nap, then I packed my bag, pocketed my little revolver and left. I planned to drive through the night after I’d finished my job.

After killing time at a movie, I ate the power bar, drank the energy drink and left for my appointment with Maddie Francisco.

It was a few minutes after twelve when I scratched the lock so investigators could surmise that the lock was jimmied then used the key.

The house was quiet. As I neared her room I could hear Maddie’s rhythmic breathing, she was soundly asleep. The moon was bright, as it’s light filtered into the room I could see her, she was sleeping on her side, facing away from me. There was a heavy lamp on the nightstand, good as anything, I’d dispatch her with that.

I crept to the bed and laid down behind her, prepared to cover her mouth if she cried out. I’d already taken out my revolver, I wanted it for intimidation.

She wasn’t the heavy sleeper I’d assumed, when my weight hit the bed her hand shot out to the surface of the nightstand.

I assumed she was reaching for a firearm, I grabbed her arm, hissing, “Lay still and be quiet.”

I checked her hand, I had no idea what was about. Maddie, in a Pavlovian response, thought it was Fernando. She was holding her tube of KY Jelly.

I had to chuckle, “And what exactly are you planning to do with that Maddie Francisco?”

Realizing I wasn’t who she expected she said, “What do you want, I have a little money on the dresser; take it but please don’t hurt me.”

“I don’t want your money but if you have paperwork on your divorce or the changing of your will, I want those.”

“I don’t have anything like that.”

I laid my .22 where she could see it and said, “Maddie, please don’t fuck with me.”

“Okay, okay, I have some notes about changing my will, they’re in my top right dresser drawer.”

“Better, much better.”

“I can just redo them after you leav…, you’re not leaving are you, you’re here to kill me.”

She began to whimper, “Please don’t; my baby, oh my baby. Fernando’s killing me and my baby.”

“Maddie, I told you don’t fuck with me, you don’t have a baby.”

Her whimpering had changed to stifled sobs, “I’m pregnant, my baby, that’s my baby.”

Her back was still towards me, I told her to roll over. I had to lend a hand, she wasn’t just pregnant, she was enormously pregnant.

I guess it was such a shock that I said, “You ARE pregnant.”

“Utterly and now you’re going to kill me because of it, Fernando wants my money so he can go off with his little friend.”

“Tell me about it, about Fernando.”

She did, almost like a last confession, she knew she was going to die; she told it all.

You know I’m a sucker for mothers. No way was I going to kill Maddie, mothers are too precious. I pocketed my revolver and lifted her nightgown, up above her brassiere.

I’d never seen a pregnant woman up close, I was awed.

“Are you giving milk yet?” I asked.

“Colostrum, it’s colostrum so the baby acquires immunities from me. Milk doesn’t come in for about seven days after I deliver.”

“Are you going to kill me?” She asked.

“No Maddie, I won’t kill you.”

“Then help me sit up so you can take off my bra.”

I did just that then helped her back down.

Her teats were swollen, I gently squeezed one, it leaked a little milk…colostrum damn it, it’s colostrum.

I made a decision, I asked, “Maddie, have you withdrawn any large sums of money from your bank recently?”

She thought for a moment then answered, “No, nothing large, why?”

“Don’t, not in the near future.”

I went back to her breasts, I was fascinated, I gave another little squeeze with the same result.

She shyly said, “You can taste me if you want.”

I got up and dropped my clothing to the floor then climbed back.

First I nuzzled her breasts then I licked them, worshiping them before taking one of her nipples into my mouth.

I sucked, the fluid was warm and viscous, thicker than milk; I nursed her like I was her baby, finally changing to the other breast.

“Do you like it?” She asked.

“Maddie it’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done.”

“Don’t stop, it feels good, I like it, too.”

Her breathing changed, it got raspy like it was coming from deep in her throat.

She said, “You’re going to rape me, aren’t you.”

“Am I?” I replied.

“Yes, you better or I’m going to have to spend the rest of the night with my vibrator.”

“We can’t have that,” I said. I cupped her sex through her panties, she was wet. Obviously lubricating heavily.

“Take them off, take my panties off.”

I worked them down from her belly and over her hips. She opened her thighs and I felt her.

“Your lips are swollen and puffy, is that from your pregnancy?”


“I didn’t know that,” I said.

I lowered my head and tasted her. With the first stroke of my tongue between her labia she shuddered in orgasm, by the time I made it to her clitoris she’d had three more then a mind blowing climax as I sucked her clit.

After she’d settled down she said, “You can rape me now.”

It wasn’t that the sex was spectacular, in her condition she couldn’t really get into it but it was memorable. When she had another shuddering orgasm I released, pumping my cum into her.

We laid together afterwards, I asked, “So what are you going to do now Maddie, he’ll just send someone else.”

“I’m not sure, I think I’ll move back in with my parents. It will probably come out about mother but daddy will protect us, we’ll still be alive.”

“Yes, you could do that but it’s not really an ideal solution is it?”

“It’s the best I’ve got.”

“When I leave you can call the police. My DNA isn’t on file nor are my fingerprints so I’ll probably get away; or you can turn off all of your phones, if someone asks why tell that you weren’t feeling well and didn’t want to be disturbed but, if someone comes to your door answer it, okay.”

“I need to leave now, you’re a beautiful young woman and I know you’ll do famously as a mother.”

I started to get up but she grasped my arm.

“Help me get up on my knees, please.”

I helped her. Her nightgown had fallen over her hips, she pulled it up exposing herself.

“Rape me one more time before you go, it’s easier from behind with my big tummy.”

My second rape completed, I let myself out, locked the door and returned the key to its hideaway then walked to my car.

I parked in a secluded area near the Kismet Club, retrieved my tracker from Fernando’s car and waited. I let them to get in before I walked to his door.

“You startled me,” he said.

“You have something for me?” I said.

“Is your job complete?” He asked.

As I took the small valise from him I told him, “You won’t have to worry about Maddie ever again,” as I shot him twice in the chest.

Colin took two in the face then I jerked Fernando part way out of the car and put my final round in the back of the head. I took his wallet and his Rolex; after all it was a carjacking that went bad. Walked to my car and headed home. Along the way I dropped his wallet in a dumpster and tossed the watch over a bridge into a river.

When I got home I parked in the garage, we’d return the rental the next day then went into the house.

Mother and I had a glass of white wine as I told her how the evening had unfolded.

When I got to how I’d dealt with Fernando and Colin she had a wicked smile on her face as she said, “How sad, just like your drunken, wife abusing father.”

Then she took me to bed and made a concentrated effort to fuck my brains out.


Maddie had followed the stranger’s instructions to the letter. Her doorbell rang at four that morning, it was the police, the officer helped her waddle to a chair before he broke the news. Her husband, Fernando Francisco had been killed in a carjacking.

The case remained unsolved and went cold.

After Fernando’s death she had taken her maiden name, Washburn, back; she wanted nothing from the sadistic bastard that she’d so impetuously chosen as a husband. She still lived in the same house though, after all it had been a gift from her grandparents.

She was outside on a beautiful spring morning playing with her daughter when she noted a strange man walking up her driveway, she wondered why he hadn’t driven in. He came toward her, he seemed familiar in a vague way. He was tall, over six feet and though his hair was graying at the temples he was handsome in a rugged way.

“Hi Maddie Washburn,” he said, “and what a beautiful little girl.”

The three year had toddled over.

“Her name is Naomi, I named her for her grandmother.”

“Hello Naomi,” he said.

With the inquisitiveness of a precocious child Naomi asked, “What’s your name?”

“You can call me Uncle Quinn,” he answered.

Maddie knew, she just knew, as Naomi toddled away she asked in a whisper, “Are you here to rape me?”

He gave her just the hint of a smile as he answered, “I already have, twice.”

He turned and walked back the way he’d come.

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