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harvey hit me!!!!
me and harvey had a massive argument over his dad

so when we woke up it was a usual morning harvey made me some breakfast and we had a shower together. when we was getting dressed harvey said "i love you babe" i walked over to harvey and gave him a kiss and we finished getting dressed. I went to get the post and i opened my bank statement and there was something wrong there was $3000 out of are account and i was really really really pissed when it says the money went to harveys dad.

i came banging into are bed room and said to harvey "You have got to be fucking kidding me harvey. $3000 fucking £3000 what did he need the money for this time actually dont answer that because i cant even look at you!" after i said that i picked up my keys and slammed the apartment door behind me

when i got to my car i forgot my wallet so i went to get it when i went back to the apartment harvey said "baby..." i stopped him in mid sentence and said "dont harvey just dont" when i slammed the door closed again i turned around a punched it with my hand bleeding i got into my car and drove to my parents house when i got there i slammed the door closed as i walked in my dad walked over to me and said "hiya son is everything okay?" i sat down and said "no harvey transfered $3000 to his dads account and never even asked me" so i talked to my dad for a few hours and got my hand cleaned up and went home harvey was asleep in the living room and he looked so cute and peacefull so i went into the kitchen and made my self something to eat and ate at the living room table

harvey woke up and said "baby im sorry" i walked over to harvey and he went to take my hand but i moved my hand out of the way and said "its not about the money harvey its the fact that you never talked to me about it again but i suppose i best count my self lucky that you didnt left me this time" harvey got to his feet and said "baby thats not fair" "isnt it well neither is $3000 going to your dad without talking to me" "im sorry i didnt talk to you about it" "your doing to make this up to be big time and i dont just mean a good fuck i mean prada gucci channel evening meals jewellery weekend away" harvey looked at me for a few seconds and said "i think i can manage that baby" i walked over to harvey and said "good now get on your knees and suck my dick" so harvey did and it felt soooooo good and of course after that it lead to us having sex

later on that night me and harvey relly didnt want to cook so we ordered out as we was eatting i said to harvey "baby tell me a fetish of yours" harvey looked surprised i just asked that and said "umm okay i have a uniform fetish what about you" i smiled and said "i have a underwear fetish i really would do anything to a boy that is wearing a pair of tight black ck boxer shorts" harvey said "i want to fuck you in a football uniform" i laughed at harvey and said "is that why you brought me a football uniform a few months ago" harvey put his hand on my chest and said "yes baby so have you got anymore" "ummm boys who can do the peck dance" harvey said "maybe we should try these out baby" "maybe we should but for now we promised we would go to the movies with brit so go get ready hot stuff" when harvey went to get ready i did a bit of tv surfing when we was ready we got into the porshe

we drove to the cinema to meet brit and when we got there brit had a date with her so we said hello to the guy and went in me and harvey shared some pop corn and when we kissed the guy said "you to a fucking fags thats discusting" harvey stood up and squard up to the guy so i got in the middle of them both and pushed them out of the way of each other so he said to me "dont touch me you dirty queer bastard" so harvey swang a punch but unfortunity i got in the way and harvey ended up punching me harvey was really shocked to see he punched me harvey said to me "baby i'm......" i broke harveys sentence and said "i dont want to hear it harvey i just want to go home please" so we left and went to the car and as we was driving home there was perfect silence in the car the hole way there

when we got back to the apartment harvey look my hand and then gave me a hug and said "baby im so sorry. i would never ever hit you on purpose im so sorry" i could tell harvey was serious becuase he had tears running down his face and i said "dont worry about it baby i shouldnt have got in the way in the first place" so harvey cleanned my eye up and we went to bed and talked until like 3 in the morning all of a sudden harvey said "i really do love you i hope you know that" i smiled and brush my hand over harveys cheek and said "yes baby i do and i love you like no other person in the world" so me and harvey kissed after saying that and i said to harvey "tell me a place in the world you would love to visit" "anywhere in the world?" "anywhere in the world baby" "china ive always wanted to go to china why do you ask" "because your birthday is soonish and i wanted to take you somewhere special baby"

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-05 02:20:43
I hope u get better soon. I miss reading ur stories.


2012-06-04 12:40:47
I'd be happy with just the extra money, i can do without the husband, been there done that


2012-06-04 05:28:29
I gotta admit having a ton of extra cash and an awesome husband would considerably reduce my "stresses."

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-04 00:56:22
stress does no always come from money problems yes money does cause stress but that the least of most people stress over doing your self worring about family there alot more worst then money pronlems so money does not take streess away it real put more on you



2012-06-02 01:07:04
Just because im rich doesn't mean I don't have stresses lol :)

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