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How I became a Vampire
Robbie, that was my name. It will be the last thing you know in this world. The last thing you will know before you satisfy my thirst. Perhaps I should tell you how I got here, my life story if you will. To begin like David Copperfield, I was born in a sleepy suburban village…
My father left me and mother when I was young, he worked abroad, on an oil rig. One day he got careless and never returned. I don’t remember much about him, just his funeral. The rainy day, the red rose my mother placed on his coffin, sobbing through a web of tears. Explaining to her 4 year old son why daddy would never be warm again. Not much to remember, and not much to talk about. My life was the same, I lived until I was 20. I had a flutter of girlfriends throughout my years of education, but I met my human love when I was 17. Her name was Carol, she was 18 and we had both just moved to university. I was younger than her, I think that’s what attracted her to me. After I turned 18 we began to see each other, perhaps here I should tell you what Carol looked like. She was around 5”6, brown curly shoulder length hair, a cute face, tight body and very flirty. We got on immediately.
It wasn’t until I was 19 that I found out who she really was. I walked to her flat on her birthday, unannounced. Her flatmate buzzed the door and I walked down the corridor to her room, opened the door and found her naked, sweating and worst of all, bouncing on top of some younger guy’s cock. He was tied to the bed, she always did like that. She had clawed his chest too, it had red scratch marks on it and she rocked back and forth on his dick, her back to me. I cleared my throat loudly “ahem!” and she jumped up. As she did the sheets came with her and I saw he wasn’t using a condom. “Robbie!” she exclaimed, shocked. “Yeah” I said, “happy birthday”, and with that I threw her card on the floor and stormed out.
One year later and I sat in the park of my home suburban town. No uni, no job, no girl and no life. As I watched the cigarette in my mouth burn slowly as I sucked on the end, I thought again for the thousandth time about that day. It had gotten dark, it was winter now, darkness came earlier and earlier. Although it was only about 10pm, it felt much later. I looked up at the only lamppost near me, above the park bench I was sitting on, the bench I spend much of my time on, right next to the tunnel that the chavs and the winos drink, smoke and have sex in. “Fuck it” thought, and flicked the cigarette into the wet grass. I leant back, and caught something in the corner of my eye, I ignored it and looked up into the stars, but when I leant forward again 5 minutes later, it was still there. I turned to look and saw a girl. About 5”6 as far as I could tell, she stood about 15 yards from me, staring in my direction through her crimson red hair. But those eyes, in the light of the lamppost I could just make them out, they were purple and seemed to… glow. As I made eye contact she began moving closer to me, her thin hips swaying slightly as she walked.
I felt something to my right and turned to find the same girl sitting next to me on the bench, looking straight at me with… no wait, she had black hair, with… red eyes? How can someone have such luminous red eyes? Especially someone as beautiful as the girl next to me, who must be the other girl’s sister. I turned back around and the purple-eyed girl was standing less than 2 yards from me, her head cocked to the side with a curious expression on her face. “Wha…?” I go to ask, but get cut off by the red-eyed girl: “yes Robbie, my name is Eva, and this is my sister, Annie.” “Umm… hi.” I say, somewhat foolishly. “Why…” I begin again, but once more I am cut off. “No no, we mean you little harm, don’t worry.” Says the purple-eyed girl, Annie. “Are you happy, Robbie?” asks Eva. “How do you know me?” I reply. Neither of them answer, Annie just looks into Eva’s red eyes and nods, smiling. I turn to Eva with a “wha?” on my lips, but it never leaves my mouth. As I turn to Eva, she pushes her hair back and her eyes gleam. She leans in, as if to kiss me. I open my mouth, ready to kiss this slim dark-haired beauty. Instead I feel a rush of air next to my face, a sudden pain in my neck makes me pull back but I reel back into someone: Annie. Annie chuckles, and everything goes black.
I’m not in my bed. I remember that being the first thought I had as I woke up, sore all over. The second thought I had was that I didn’t know where I was at all. I sat up and cracked open my eyes. It was a long room, wide too, but not as wide as it was long. The walls had a tapestry on each one, but other than that, they were bare concrete, polished smooth. I was laying in a four-poster bed with red silk sheets and black under sheets. I felt relaxed, with not a care in the world. Suddenly I remember my neck, I feel for a wound, but I find a scar instead. “How long have I been asleep?” I wonder. “2 days” comes a clear, female voice. I twist and behind me, stepping out from the shadows is Eva. “How do you know what I’m thinking?” I ask, worried. Eva smiles, and her eyes gleam. Suddenly I hear a voice in my head, Eva’s. “You can too Robbie. You will always be able to.” I stare at her, dumbstruck. “What have you done to me?” I think.
“You are one of us now Robbie” comes Annie’s voice from my left. I turn and Annie is sitting on the bed, smiling with the same smile as her sister’s, her purple irises gleaming. “You’re a Vampire Robbie”, she says. “You’ve always had the blood of a Vampire…”, “you just needed a little perk up from me” breathes Eva, finishing her sister’s sentence.
“I’m a Vampire?” I ask, a little mirth creeping into my voice, obviously these two smoking hotties are delusional. “Yes.” They say in unison. “This isn’t a joke Robert!!” shouts Annie suddenly. Her eyes flash purple, and abruptly I feel like a deer in headlights. “Okay, okay, so… what can I do?” “All kinds of cool things, but first, me and my sister have only had human males to satisfy us for decades. Now, it’s your turn.” I grin, and feel Eva sit on the bed behind me. I turn to her and my question dies in my throat, Eva is topless (when did she remove her top?!) and her full breasts are in view. They take my breath away with how full they look, for a thin girl, she has what I would say are about 32E tits. I also notice for the first time that the girls are only about 20, my age I reason. Eva smiles an evil grin, “they are yours Robbie, they can be yours forever.” I reach forward and her bra snaps open seemingly by itself. A puzzled thought crosses Eva’s mind, but it is erased just as quickly. When I reach over to her left nipple, which is cute and tiny compared to the rest of the full tit, her mind clouds and I feel from her mind numb and fuzzy pleasure. I lean into her left nipple, and bite her hard but as I do so, I bring my hand over to her right nipple and pinch at the same time. I instinctively know what she likes, I can feel her reactions from her mind, and she is rapidly becoming horny. I can feel her building up, her pleasure begins to influence me and I start to get hornier, my cock stands to full attention, a lot slower than it used to. I pause at the strange feeling and look down, my dick had grown at least 3 inches!! I now had an impressive 10 inch long by 2 full inches thick cock!
I am interrupted in my admiration of my own appendage by Annie. She grabs the back of my shoulder length hair, which was once a dirty blonde but is now straw coloured. She yanks me backwards onto the bed, and I notice that my body has changed. I’m taller, I must now be at least 6”3. I’m powerfully built now too, I must have lost about a stone of flab and turned it all into muscle. I have powerful pecks, large biceps and a hard abdomen. I must have been so stunned and disorientated earlier not to notice these changes, or had they just happened?
My mind is yanked back into the present by Annie. She had disrobed I see, her bra the only stitch she has left on her body. Her panties are gone, as is every other item of clothing. She leans down to my face and smiles at my appreciation of her smoking hot tits, like Eva’s her tits are easily a 32DD, maybe even an E. She kisses me on the lips, making out with my tongue. She bites my bottom lip and dives back into my mouth. I feel a twinge of jealousy from Eva, and almost immediately my cock is covered by her mouth. She gives an amazing blowjob. She uses her hand to rub from my base to her lips at first, whilst only licking the tip of my dick. I almost can see her doing it through our mental link. However, Annie is resentful at my shift in focus, and ceases her tongue fucking in my mouth. Instead she lifts herself up and, rather sluttily, lowers herself onto my face. She punishes me to begin with, grinding her clit and hole into my face, especially my nose. However I don’t choke, in fact, her pleasure bleeds through her mind and makes it only feel good for me as well. I long to lick her, I force my wishes through the haze of arousal and whisper in her mind “I want you on my tongue, you will let me lick you.” The same confusion that crossed Eva’s mind appears in Annie’s for a moment, but quickly fades.
Nevertheless, she does as I wish and stops her grinding into my face, and allows my tongue access to her clit. As if in response Eva increases her pace, taking more and more of my dick into her mouth. I can feel it hitting the back of her throat, but she doesn’t choke. My attention is returned to Annie’s clit, it’s getting harder as I lick, something I experienced with my previous girlfriends. I lick her clean, but more juice seems to flow out of Annie, it isn’t blood as I expected, just girl cum. I can feel the pleasure of the two girls’, and I know they can feel mine. Eva is being affected by our horniness I can see, she takes her hand off her nipple and runs it down her body to her clit, rubbing furiously. The room is full of carnal lust that only the immortal can generate. Annie is close to cumming, I can feel it. I can feel her pleasure, she can’t have cum in a long time. It’s effecting me, driving me closer to the edge. I wonder who will finish first out of me and her. As if in response to my wonderings Eva takes this moment to take her mouth off my cock. I lift Annie off my face and look at Eva with pleading eyes.
“Haha” she exclaims in the recesses of her taunting mind. “Why?” I begin to say, but she grins again and takes the entirety of my newly grown 10 inch cock down her throat and to the base. My pleasure explodes within my mind and I lean back, a groan stifled by Annie’s pussy again. As I begin my attentive licking to Annie’s hole, I can feel my pleasure building up. It won’t be long before I cum down her throat if Eva keeps this up, with Annie and Eva’s pleasure and lust bleeding through their sex-clouded minds.
Annie is even closer, the culmination of mine and Eva’s pleasure adding to her own has brought her right to the edge. I know what will push her over, I taunt her with my thoughts, probing at her mind with a teasing question with no words: “shall I?” I seem to whisper. “Oh YES!” she screams, deep in some corner of her brain she is still capable of thought. “Yes, yes, YES!” I grin and work my way up from her hole to her clit, after a few tantalising licks I nibble her clit, hard. Her mind explodes in an avalanche of ecstasy and shakes emanate from her core. She shudders and the remaining barriers around her mind collapse, a torrent of ecstasy flows through her mental link into me and Eva, causing me to fall over the edge and into the abyss of pleasure. Eva cums too, her orgasm isn’t as intense as ours, but her relief is palpable. She concentrates hard on keeping her mental barriers up and forces my cock down her throat even more, determined to swallow every drop of the mammoth amount of cum I seem to be able to produce. I blow deep into her, seemingly into her very core.
Annie slowly comes down from her shaking orgasm, she falls backwards onto the bed, with no strength left to hold herself up.
Eva swallows and takes her mouth off my dick, eliciting a moan from me. I lift my head slightly and she grins. She looks at my rapidly deflating cock and an image of her sucking me off flashes through her mind, she seems to want me to see it, and I soon know why. My cock suddenly begins to return to hardness and she grins again. She climbs onto the bed and presses her breasts into my chest. She leans in and bites my bottom lip, just as Annie did. She kisses my neck and licks the scars she made a few days earlier. “You are mine forever now Robbie Marsh, but tonight, I’m yours.” She mentally whispers. She swiftly lifts my cock to her pussy and impales herself on the tip, she sits up and forces the rest of me into her. Her eyes roll back and her mouth falls open in desire, she lifts herself up and begins to bounce heavily onto my cock, taking me all the way to the base. I can sense her pain mixed in with her pleasure, and feel my pleasure add to her own.
I have the urge to pinch her nipples, and so I grab them roughly together and pinch them between my thumb and forefinger, making her squirm on my dick. She begins to tense her pussy muscles, making me groan further in delight. She throws her head back and I notice her teeth, sharp and elongated, especially her incisors, which are long and pointed. I panic a little bit but she smiles evilly and in one swift move leans forward on my cock, lowers her face to my neck and bites through my skin.
I feel no pain, I only feel exquisite pleasure, she drinks some of my blood, I feel it run into her mouth and it tastes like life to her, I can tell. For the first time in the night her mental barriers collapse and she exposes herself to me. I can sense the power of her orgasmic bliss, as well as my own. She stops before she does me any harm and licks the wounds she just made. However through the lack of blood haze I feel something change in my mouth, I regain my senses long enough to feel around my teeth with my tongue and notice that my incisors too had grown long, sharp and pointed. My newfound molars instil in me the urge to bite, to drink, to quench my thirst. I lean into her and surprise her with my bite. I penetrate her neck and as the blood flows into my mouth I feel her bliss add to mine and her already elevated blood pressure. As I drink my third gulp I feel her cum. She rushes towards it like a fast flowing river, her pleasure is, like her sister’s so powerful that I feel it overcome mine. The combination of blood and desire overflowing through our mental link forces me to blow a massive load inside of Eva, promoting a gasping moan from Eva, increasing the intensity of her orgasm.
Eva falls off of my cock, blood flowing from the rapidly healing puncture wounds in her neck. I struggle to remain conscious and just as I give up trying I hear Eva whisper into my mind: “enjoy your first night as a Vampire Robbie, it is to be the first of many.”
How right those words were.

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2014-02-12 23:44:27
Wow good story but who holds gruge thai long?


2013-11-20 17:12:17
This story is therapeutic for losers. I loved it. Vampire stories are especially entertaining for losers because they have this underlying "moral" that it doesn't matter if you suck at life, you can still be a vampire and suck blood, sleep all day, and fuck all night forever until something really bad happens to you. Well-written tale. It held my attention. Thank you.

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2013-07-14 01:42:15
You should of made it to where he had to learn his powers first

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2013-01-19 19:49:24
I'm a vampire I can show u

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2013-01-17 00:02:08
wish i was a vampire

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