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As Danny and I play I start to feel horny. Nothing like a quick game of Truth or Dare to ease things up, right?
It all started like a normal day, but it sure didn't end up being normal. Two families live in my house, there's my family and then the family that rents the second largest bedroom. They family that moved in consisted of the parents and their most recent son, Danny. Danny was 10 and went to the fourth grade. I'm 17. Because I was out of school a week earlier then Danny and my siblings I decided to sleep in, I ended up waking at the same time that Danny got home. No one was home because our parents were working and my siblings were with friends and I started feeling bad for Danny.
I decided to play with him just to do something and to make Danny feel less lonely in his room. He was thrilled, he always bugged me to hang around with him and now he was getting what he wanted. He ecstatically started showing me his various card games, toys and other various items. He kept his card games in his sock and underwear drawer and that is when it all started.
As he rummaged around for his things I started wondering what Danny would look like if he was only wearing his underwear. As I caught myself thinking that I felt disgusted. But I couldn't help but think that I'd never seen another boy's penis before. I mean, I watched porn but that was different. I've never had a "gay" experience that many other guys have at an early age with their friends or cousins and no matter how much I tried to stop thinking about it I wanted to see Danny naked.
As I was growing horny I kept calm and followed along with Danny's games. He eventually decided that we would play board games that he drew himself on paper using dice. When we were done playing I said something that I hoped I wouldn't regret later: "Let's play 'Truth or Dare?' "
Danny agreed and we both sat down to play. Butterflies started fluttering away at my stomach. Would I actually risk doing this? So many things could go wrong! His parents could find out, MY parents could find out, I wondered if I should even go on. After a few stupid rounds where the truth's were questions like "what's your favorite color?" and the dares were "I dare you to pinch yourself ten times" I made my move.
"I dare you to take off your underwear for two turns." It seemed innocent enough, after all he only had to remove his underwear and put his shorts back on. Just a guy and a kid messing with each other. He didn't see it that way.
He blushed and said embarrassedly, "No," and proceed with his turn.
A quick moment of panic swept into me as I wondered if he'd thought the dare was odd enough to tell anyone. I accepted his skipping his turn and did as he asked me and then began to try to convince him that the dare was harmless.
"Danny why don't you want to take off your underwear? We're both boys, aren't we?"
"I don't want anyone to see it," Danny said, embarrassed.
"Who's gonna see it? It's just me, and it's not like I don't have one."
After a bit more of my convincing he said he would do it in the closet so I couldn't see him. I bitterly accepted. The closet was open a little and I tried to take a peek but his shirt was in the way. Soon he handed me his underwear. Before I put it down I felt it in my hands, thinking this very underwear was pressed up against his junk not seconds ago.
The game continued for another three rounds before I gave him back his underwear. He wanted to go back into the closet but somehow after reminding him that we're both boys he put them on right in front of me. I felt confident again because now I knew that he was getting curious, too. I immediately pounced on his moment of weakness.
"I dare you to show me your thing," I declared.
"I don't know.."
"I'll even do it too to prove that there's nothing to be embarrassed about"
He smiled and then pulled down his shorts. Then his underwear. And finally he lifted his shirt and gave me a nice view of the first other penis I'd ever seen.
It was definitely small, after all he was ten, but not small enough that I couldn't appreciate it. It was hairless and looked really soft, but most surprising of all was that, even though it was small, I was undeniably staring at a boner. I had discovered my body at 14, as I was a late bloomer, so I felt shocked and embarrassed that at such a young age he was able to get horny.
As he pulled his shorts back up he dared me to take off my underwear for four turns, I pretended to be mad at the increase in turns but I was actually horny so I quickly complied. I pulled down my jeans and stepped out of them, then I pulled down my underwear and pulled up my shirt to give him his first eyeful of another guy's penis. Mine was quite a bit different than his, it was hairy, thicker and leaking some precum.  Unfortunately for me, though, it was small. Only 4 1/2" erect at age 17. Luckily for me, he saw it as massive.
We stared at each other's junk and when I reached over and started feeling around my first penis he didn't stop me. I invited him to do the same but he was too timid. He told me to let him put his shorts back on and I told him that he'd have to pull at my dick a couple times. He did, and he did it well. After awhile doing regular stuff his curiosity grew by a mile so that when I went to the bathroom to take a leak he followed me in and flashed out his little penis, too. I told him to come into my room to play Nintendo DS and he happily went in. I encouraged him to ask me any questions about his penis and he trumped up a list of 'em.
This is where the fun began. I used his questions to constantly whip out my dick and to pull down his shorts and underwear to fondle his. I got to telling him about masturbating and found my chance to make me and Danny feel good. I pulled down his underwear again and began his first handjob. His dick grew larger than I expected and I could tell he liked what was happening. I told him that if he was lucky he could get a girl to put her mouth around his penis and suck it. Then I slowly put my face right up against his boner...and put it in my mouth. I was giving him a blowjob. Suddenly I felt his crotch start to tense up, I knew he couldn't cum yet but I didn't want it to be over without me getting in on the action. I pulled away and told him to play with mine. At first he said "no thanks" but soon his hand was wrapped around my dick moving it up and down. It felt great. My eyes were closed when all of a sudden I felt the warm, wet feeling of tongue on the head of my dick. I was in ecstasy. Right when he gave my dick a last lick I came. I had cum on my crotch and stomach when the sudden wave of un-hornyness hit me. What had I done?? I put our clothes back on and made sure he knew not to tell anyone and told him that I had to start cleaning.
A ten year-old had given me a blowjob. Later at night, as I was thinking about what had happened, I felt the usual sensation of my dick growing and I knew that this would not be this last night of my fun with Danny. 

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FAGGOT! why do people think like this

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