A young teenager discovers a dark secret about her seemingly normal family

"Bad Daddy 3" by BigWayne

CONTAINS: Incest - Teen sex - Coercion - Underage characters - Mild scat - Pissing - Manipulating parents - Dominating father - Bisexual - Lesbianism - Recollections of rape - Child porn - Pedophilia

If these things upset you, do not read! You've been warned. This is a total work of fiction. Don't get all bent out of shape. See first sentence. To all who like these themes, enjoy. Comments welcome. Please read the first two chapters of this to familiarize yourself with the story line.


A young girl discovers her loving family has been hiding a deep, dark secret from her all of her life after finding some incriminating content on her father's laptop.


My mind was reeling after what just happened in the bathroom. Yesterday I was a normal, healthy, cute, heterosexual 16 year old teenage girl who went to a normal high school and was on the cheerleading squad. I liked pizza, unicorns, my iPod, Bruno Mars, and handsome guys. I usually hung out at the mall with my best friend Britney next door on the weekends like any other teenager I knew. My life was normal. It was safe. I was like most every other kid my age who lived in our quiet little San Francisco subdivision.

Not any more. That was when "Then' stepped in, took away my innocence, and spoiled my whole outlook and livelihood.

'Then' I borrowed my Dad's laptop to do a school project that was due Monday. Then I got nosy and looked through his hard drive. Then I found an odd folder buried on the laptop that needed a password. Then I let my curiosity urge me to play hacker and crack it. Then then I found my Dad's stash of tame child pornography.

Then.....then my life changed. Then I realized my loving, authoritative father was a deviant pedophile. Then my life was turned upside down. Then I tried to step in and make him delete it all to keep him out of jail and keep our family safe. Then Dad showed me a secret file full of home videos that showed him and my cooperative accomplice of a mother committing illegal incest with my far too young little sister. Then he used my compassion for my sister's outwardly stable home life against me to let him take advantage of me. Then my own supposed caring and loving father stripped off all of my clothes and forced his virgin teenage daughter to have sex with him right in the kitchen against my will.

Then my little sister, whom my parents had habituated and conditioned to their way of thinking her entire life to satisfy their unnatural sexual urges, seduced me with her caring and her love in the shower. Then I started liking what she was doing to me and wanted her to never stop doing it. Then my mother joined her and together they gave me the best mind numbing orgasm I had ever experienced.

Then..... then I wanted more, and began doubting my resolution to whisk my little sister away from this perverted life when I turned 18 and could fight for her. I mean, after all, I had just committed incest with her and my mother. How could I be opposed to the what my parents have turned her into if I got aroused from it, too? I felt I had somehow let Heather down since I didn't feel as resentful toward my parents as I first did right after Dad raped me.

I never expected that I would actually like having another female pleasure me like I did. The way Heather and Mom reamed out both of my crevices was amazing! I had pleasured myself with my fingers before, or with the rounded handle of one of my hairbrushes. But feeling their tongues and fingers probe and lick and dig deep into my pussy and asshole was a terrific experience I hadn't imagined I'd enjoy, but I did. I still liked boys and all, but I wasn't a prude to letting Mom and my little sister do what they did to me again tonight during the planned orgy.

My only apprehension for the sexual encounter planned for tonight was having my masochistic, rapist father joining the three of us. He raped me this morning, he got off on seeing me act like a horny slut with my sister and mother in the bathroom, and he made me watch him force his poo speckled cock down into my little sister's throat to assert his dominance over his kids. He is the epitome of Bad Parenting.

That is why I feel like I've let Heather down. I was to be her savior and get her away from my abusive parents. Now, after having had squalid incestuous sex with her myself, I was a little glad that that I found that file on Dad's laptop and was initiated into their depraved tryst. I loved the way it felt when Mom and Heather were digging at my asshole like lust crazed whores. It was so kinky. And even though I was a little disgusted at the way Dad made my little sister put her mouth on his poo littered cock right after pulling it from her tight ass, I could have spoken up and said something, but I couldn't avert my eyes. I saw the dollop of poo stuck to the head of his hard cock, yet did nothing. I wanted to see if she would do it. I wanted to see her do it. And when she willingly licked off the poo from his erection on her own and ingested the stiff cock as far as she could get it down her narrow throat, I felt my pussy contract from the kinkiness of the moment. It wasn't like what I saw on the movie "Clerks 2", where the boss of the restaurant walked in during a donkey show and watched out of sick curiosity. I got horny from seeing my little sister take that dirty cock into her mouth like a full blown whore. That was why I felt so badly. I was supposed to protect her from things like that. That's what a good, loving, considerate sister is supposed to do for her little underage sister. Instead, I wanted to see her do it again.

Maybe if Heather had gagged or made any indication that she didn't want to do it to him, then I would have spoke up and tried to stop Dad from making her do it. But she looked straight at the small, brown, dime sized lump of stinking poo and ate it off of the end of his cock on her own, I guess I figured if she was that far gone, why not go with the flow? It's not like they were beating her or starving her. Their only significant divergence from being normal parents was the fact Mom and Dad liked to have sex with own kids. Other than that, they had always been terrific parents to me and my little sister. Dad had a good paying job. We have a lovely house. Mom was a doting caregiver. Me and Heather have never really wanted for anything. We're fed very well. We have iPods and video games and plenty of clothes to wear. We live in a wonderful neighborhood. Their only flaw was their sexual appetite for incestuous child porn.

The more I dwelled on it, the less angry I felt at the way Dad had forced me to have sex with him. I wasn't thrilled at him making me do it because my asshole was still a little tender from him forcing his hard on into me with very little lubricant. But I wasn't as mad at him now as I had been when he did it to me since it broke the secrecy in our household and let me have such a wonderful time with Heather and Mom this morning. But there was one thing that I promised myself not to get caught up in. If Heather was willing to taste someone's poo, that was her choice. I vowed to never let Dad put me in a position where he would ever make me eat shit like he did to her. Never!

It was after noon by now. I wanted to get out of the house for awhile so I could collect my thoughts and try to let this mornings debauchery sink in. I wished my best friend Britney hadn't gone over to her aunt's house so I could go spend some time with her. I didn't know if any of my other friends in the neighborhood were at home or not. Some quick calls around netted me nothing. It was a warm, mild Saturday in June and everyone was either out grilling or doing some other damn thing with their folks.

Just when I was about to resort to bike riding to give me something to do, Heather burst into my bedroom wearing a skin tight, high cut, one piece blue bathing suit. She climbed up on the bed beside me and said "Mom wants to know if you want to go swimming over at the Johnson's pool with us? I'm going. Please go with us so I'll have someone there my age to play with. Please Sissy? Please?"

I looked up into her pleading eyes and figured 'Why not?'. At least I could get out of the house for awhile.

I asked her "Is Dad going, too?"

Heather said "Yeah. That's why we're going over there, so he can help Mr Johnson work on his car."

Well, at least I wouldn't have to be around him much while we were there. I said "Yeah, I guess so."

My sister was relieved. "Thanks, Sissy. I'd be bored to death without you over there. I'll go tell Mom. Wear your pink striped bikini. I love that one. It makes you look really hott! Maybe Jason will be there to see it."

Mmmmmm.... Jason Johnson. Now there's a reason to have an orgasm. He was their college attending son. He was 20 years old, 6 feet tall, had dark brown spikey hair with bleached tips, and was ripped like David Beckham, the soccer player. He even resembled David a little in the face. Since he wouldn't be returning to college until the fall, he might be home when we go over there if he wasn't gone somewhere hanging out with his friends. I hoped so at least. I've had a huge crush on him ever since I was 12. I do think my pink striped bikini would be the best one to wear over at his house. If he's at home, it will definitely get his attention.

I got up off of the bed and looked through my dresser until I located the miniscule bikini. The bra part was nothing but two triangular patches sewn onto 1/4 inch strings. They only measured 3 inches across the bottom and 4 inches tall. Hardly any fabric to cover my C-cups at all. And the matching panties weren't much bigger than the bra was. The front cloth was the same size as the patches of cloth that covered my boobs. I usually had to shave my pussy to wear the thing. Luckily it had only been a couple of days since I had trimmed my pubes. There was only a thin strip that ran about 3 inches right above my slit. I knew the bikini would cover that little bit of hair, but just barely.

The ass part of the bikini was a 1 inch strip of cloth that ran from the tip of the inverted triangle in the front to your asshole, where it gradually widened to about 3 inches until it attached to the cross string that tied together on the hips to hold it on you. That little strip could easily be converted into a hidden thong by wedging it up into my ass crack. That way Jason could see my entire ass as I paraded around the pool. I just hoped he was there so my efforts wouldn't go unnoticed.

Since I was naked already anyway, I went ahead and put on the revealing bikini and modeled it in front of the long mirror on my wall to make sure my pubes were hidden, which they were. Then I threw on a large nightshirt over it to keep people from staring at me as we drove over there. I grabbed my sunblock and sun glasses from the top of my dresser, got a large towel from the hallway cupboard, and found a reusable cloth grocery bag in the corner to carry it all in. I went downstairs and threw in a couple of bottled waters from the refrigerator and a half eaten bag of Combos I found on the counter to drink and eat while I was there.

Heather strolled into the kitchen in her bathing suit and put her own knapsack on the kitchen table. Then she stepped up behind me and gave me a big bear hug around my waist.

She said "Thank you for coming with us, Sissy. I would have been so freaking bored without you there."

"It's okay. I wanted to get out of the house for awhile anyway."

"Oh, I know the real reason you want to go. To see Jason." She got giddy like a little kid. "Sissy likes Jason....Sissy likes Jason...."

"So what if I do? He's really cute and muscular."

"I'll bet you'd like to fuck him, wouldn't you?" she asked really brazenly. I guess she figured once your big sister has eaten your pussy, it was okay to throw away any tact and just blurt out things like that.

I spun around and confronted her.

"You better not say anything like that while we're over at the Johnson's house. I'll just die of embarassment, not to mention they won't like a little girl talking about sex and stuff. You'll get us all in trouble."

She assured me "Don't worry, Sissy. I don't say anything like that outside of the house. Mom and Dad taught me that a long time ago. Even you didn't know about us until this morning. I know how to keep a secret good."

That was a sad truth. They had been committing illegal incest with her for most of her short life, yet I had nary a clue it was going on right under my clueless nose.

"Still, you'd better not embarrass me in front of the Johnsons."

"I won't Sissy, I swear."

Heather reached around me again and hugged me close against her slender body. I had to hug her shoulders since she was shorter than me. But instead of putting her hands on my back, she pushed up my cover shirt with them and pried her fingers underneath the skinny cloth of my bikini bottoms, pressing them into my ass crack. Her hands moved up and down on my round, firm ass cheeks, feeling me up like a lover would. Since she didn't attempt to stick a finger inside me, I just let her go ahead and fondle my ass all she wanted. She lifted herself up on her tip toes and planted a gentle kiss upon my lips. I kissed her softly in return. Our mouths opened and we exchanged a nice passionate smooch for a few seconds. Mom walked into the kitchen and caught us frenching one another.

Jokingly, she exclaimed "Holy fuck. Now that you two are lovers, I'm gonna have to put you in straight jackets to keep you from doing each other 24/7. He he."

Heather released me and turned to face Mom. "It's just the new on her, Mom. It's hard to keep my hands off of her now that she's in with us now. It's like not having ice cream for a year and finally getting to eat some. I can't help it."

Mom grinned and giggled. "I know what you mean, baby. I'm having a hard time keeping myself from doing her right here in the kitchen. But that will have to wait until tonight. Right now your father is ready to leave. You two got everything you need?"

Sissy grabbed her bag and said "Yep! I'm good to go."

I added "Yeah, I'm ready."

The three of us went through the kitchen door that led to the garage. Me and Heather climbed into the car while Mom locked the door behind her. Dad was already in the car starting it up once he saw us coming out.

We drove over to the Johnson's house. Mr Johnson was out in his driveway with his head under the open hood. I didn't see anyone else out there with him. I feared Jason was AWOL if he wasn't out there helping his father fix the car.

We all scrambled out of the car with our gear in tow. Mr Johnson greeted us all warmly, then told us we could go ahead and make ourselves at home to the pool.

"Mary's already out there working on her suntan, so go ahead and go swimming. The men folk have water pumps to repair."

As we went through the swinging gate on the 6 foot tall wooden fence beside the house, I saw Mr Johnson talking to Dad but he was shooting quick glances in our direction. He nodded his head in agreement to whatever Dad said to him. It almost looked as though he was checking us girls out as we walked away from them. I was kind of glad I had my overshirt on right then. It seemed a little creepy to me since he was Dad's age. How did Dad not notice him ogling us?

We went around back to the pool area and saw Mrs Johnson lounging in the sun in a long pool chair. She had a very skimpy bikini on, and her skin glistened from all of the cocoa butter lotion she had on her smooth skin. She wasn't a bad looking woman for her age. She was a sun bleached blonde of Mexican descent and built about the same as Mom was, only she didn't have implants. She had decent sized C-cups like mine, but hers hung down further on her chest due to her age. She still filled her bikini out quite well, though. As we approached, she turned her head and acknowledged our arrival by standing up and hugging Mom.

"Hi everyone. How's things?"

Mom replied "We're good. How about you?"

"Oh, we're fine, too. Thanks for inviting us to come over to swim."

"It's no problem. It gets so lonely out here by myself. You girls go ahead and help yourself to the pool."

You didn't have to tell my little sister twice. She dropped her carry all on the concrete and jumped into the pool with a big cannonball. Water went everywhere. When she came up, she climbed back out and did it again.

I didn't go into the pool right away. I hung around her and Mom for a moment. When she saw I wasn't swimming, she looked at me and asked "What's wrong, dear? You don't want to go swimming?"

I got a little shy at first but finally responded to her. "I.... I was wondering if Jason was around?"

She grinned and said "I'm afraid not, dear. He's gone with his friends to get a part for his motorcycle. But he should be back in an hour or so. I'm sure you'll get to talk to him before you leave."

I was a little disappointed and sighed. Mrs Johnson and Mom both grinned.

She addeed "I'm sure he would like to see you too, dear. I've heard him say you were cute to his friends."

My eyes lit up. "He.... he said that about me? Really?" I was overjoyed at him having noticed me, but I kept my zeal hidden. I didn't want to come off as desperate or needy.

"Oh yes. He said it just the other day on the phone to someone he was talking to."

My self esteem climbed 3 notches when she told me that. Mom chimed in with her own embarassing opinion on the matter.

" Sissy has got such a huge crush on Jason. She's mentioned his name many times since he got home from college."

"MOM!" I grumbled, annnoyed at Mom's candor.

She looked at me and said "Oh Sissy, it's no big secret. You've like the boy for years. The way you used to follow him around like a puppy when we'd come over here to visit. You might as well just admit it and be done with it. You like him, he likes you. Now it's all out in the open."

Mrs Johnson was giggling under her breath at the way Mom was just blurting it out like that, and at my embarrassment.

I said "Stop, you're embarrasing me!", then stepped away from her to get into the pool.

When I pulled off my oversized shirt and revealed my minimal striped bikini, Mrs Johnson said to me "Ooooh, that'll sure get his attention, honey."

To prevent any more embarrassing comments from her and Mom, I threw my shirt down on the concrete and just hopped into the blue, sparkling water near the edge to hide myself from the two of them. The water was about 4 feet deep where I went in. The water was a bit cool on my skin at first, but my body quickly adjusted to it and it felt relaxing.

Heather swam over to where I was at and peered over the edge of the pool at Mrs johnson and Mom.

She said "I told you you should wear that bikini. Even Mrs Johnson likes it. How'd you like it if she joined you, me, and Mom in a big lez-fest? I'd eat her pussy right now if she offered it to me."

I glared at my sister for her lack of discretion.

"Shut up! She's gonna hear you!" I whispered firmly but soft enough where Mrs Johnson couldn't hear us.

"She can't hear us all the way out here. Besides, I think she's a closet lesbian, anyway. Look at the way she's rubbing the suntan oil all over Mom's back."

I glanced over to where her and Mom were talking. Mom had taken off the long sun dress she wore over here as well as her bikini top and was standing in front of Mrs Johnson with her back to her. She often did this over here since they have a 6 foot tall security fence, and as long as the men weren't around. Mom kept a towel handy in case she had to cover up quickly.

Mrs Johnson was applying clear sunscreen on Mom's shoulders with one hand and rubbing it into her tanned skin slowly. Once she coated Mom's back, she rubbed the oil along the sides of her pendulous breasts. When her slippery hands disappeared underneath Mom's large breasts and also over her nipples, Mom didn't complain or flinch. She just turned and faced Mrs Johnson, whereupon more oil was squirted all over Mom's DD-cups. While Mom worked the runny sunscreen all over her own belly and ass as it ran down from her chest, Mrs Johnson kept concentrating on applying the oil to Mom's breasts for her. Even though there didnt seem to anything really sensual about it, I thought it odd that mom chose to let her friend rub her breasts out in the open like that. I knew Mom was bi-sexual, but this was a little blatant since they were out in the open like this. I began to suspect that my little sister may be right.

Once they had coated Mom's legs, both women laid down upon their lounge chairs to sun themselves under the sweltering sun. They didn't act as though Mom had just been groped by her female friend. They just chatted casually and listened to the radio playing softly on the table between them.

Heather said "See, I told you. Mom just got totally felt up! Didn't you see Mrs Johnson's hands rubbing all over Mom's tits? She's a closet lesbian, I tell you."

"You're just seeing what you want to see because you're horny. They weren't lezzing out. She just put lotion on her is all, you nut."

"Maybe you're right. Maybe I am just horny. I haven't played with a pussy since this morning. I need a fix."

When she finished speaking, my sister reached into the water and put her finger into the leg opening of her bathing suit and pulled the crotch fabric over to the side. Then she started masturbating her pussy under the water next to me. I quickly looked around to make sure no ne could see her doing it to herself. I was glad for the tall wooden fence that encircled the entire back yard.

Heather held onto the side of the pool and let her lower body float upward so that I could see her doing it. She was so skinny that Mom and Mrs Johnson couldn't see her doing it. I tried to push her body down to conceal her, but she'd just let her body float to the surface again.

She said "Mmmmmmm, Sissy. You like seeing my pussy? You know you like seeing me play with myself. Look at my fingers sliding in and out of pussy, Sissy. It feels so good. Mmmmmm."

"Someone is gonna see you. Stop it." I told her.

"No one can see us here. Not even Mom. Here, I'll show you."

Heather stood back up in the water and stepped behind me. She reached around my hips and shoved her hand down into the top of my bikini panty and pressed her fingers up into my wet slit. She rubbed two of her fingers against my clit and the outer opening of my vagina.

Then she looked over at Mom and shouted "HI MOMMY!", waving her free hand at her.

Mom raised her head up and looked in our direction. She reciprocated and waved back at us, but she never indicated that she knew what Heather might be doing to me under the clear water. She just laid her head back down and resumed her chatty conversation with Mrs Johnson.

"See?" my little sister said. "They're too far away from us to see us good. Now I can get comfortable."

Using the edge of the pool for cover, she slipped off her one piece bathing suit, handed it to me, and started skinny dipping across this end of the swimming pool out of Mom's view just to prove her point.

I quit trying to stop her from acting so outlandishly. I figured she'd tire of her antics if she didn't have an audience paying her any attention, so I just ignored her. I put her bathing suit up on the edge of the pool and swam out to the middle of the pool where it was deeper. She dared not follow me because Mom and Mrs Johnson could see she was naked then. I kept goading her to put her swimsuit back on.

"Hmmm, it sure is fun way out here in the deep end. If you had your clothes on, you could swim out here, too."

When I stayed at the opposite end of the pool, my sister got lonely enough to put her swimsuit back on again. Once she was clothed, Heather swam across the pool and joined me on the other side where I was holding on to the rim of the pool.

I asked her "Now are you going to leave your clothes on?"

"Yeah, for now anyway." she relented. "But I can still do this."

She reached under the water and thrust her hand back under the front flap of my bikini bottoms. She pushed two fingers up into the folds of my vulnerable slit and rubbed my clit bump hard and fast. Even though I was afraid of someone seeing her do it, I didn't really want it to stop, so I let her keep doing it on me. Her fingers vibrated back and forth across my growing clit furiously. It caused me a little discomfort from the harsh way she was grinding the knot against her fingers like a washboard, but it felt so amazing that I ignored the ache it caused me. I spread my legs a little so she could move her hand back and forth easier.

The thrill of possibly being caught was electrifying to me. I gripped the edge of the pool hard as my little sister worked my pussy over out of view. My breath became deeper and more fervent as Heather assailed my pussy relentlessly below the water.

Once she knew she had me under her control, Heather shoved her fingers up inside my pussy and worked them in and out of my vagina just as heartily as she had done across my tender clitoris. I gnawed my bottom lip and groaned softly as she rubbed her fingertips hard against the rippled walls of my moist vaginal canal. The water in the pool lubricated her hand very well for the task. I was moaning and hunching involuntarily against her hand between my legs. She derived some sort of perverted pleasure seeing me writhe around in her grasp.

I was content to let my little sister continue until she gave me the equivalent of a male 'happy ending' until a heard a roar nearing the house. It was the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway out front. I could hear what sounded like young guys bro-chatting, then the trailing noise of the vehicle leaving down the street.

Mrs Johnson perked her ear up in the air and said "Looks like Jason has come back already."

My mind cleared from the euphoria Heather was giving me with her experienced hand when I heard the name Jason, and I suddenly got self conscious about what she was doing to me.

"St.... stop, Heather. W-We have to stop."

I pulled her small hand from my moist groin and readjusted my bikini panty back into position. I abandoned Heather, swam back to the shallow end of the pool, and hoisted myself up onto the concrete encircling it. I stepped over to where Mom and Mrs Johnson were laying out in the sun. As I approached them, I overheard Mrs Johnson advising my Mom.

"You may want to spread your top across you, dear. Jason was supposed to stop at the store and get me a Mountain Dew on the way back."

Mom replied, joking with her "Oh, okay. But it wouldn't kill him to see some titties, would it, Mary?"

She retorted "I guess not. But I'd hate for him to be tempted to fuck your brains out right in front of me. I am his mother, after all. He He. "

Mom half-heartingly draped her bikini top back across her bare chest just enough to conceal the aureolas on her huge DD breasts as requested.

Mom added "I dunno, Mary. Have you seen the boy lately? He's turned out to be quite the handsome stud. We both might get something out of seeing him lay me."

Mom grinned at Mrs Johnson slyly, like she was inferring that the mother might like watching her own son naked and in the throes of passion.

She replied "He's a heart breaker, I'll give you that. But I was thinking about poor Sissy here." She glanced up in my direction. "It would probably break her heart to have her own mother steal the boy away from her. Let's give her a chance at him first." She winked at me and grinned jokingly.

My face turned a little red, but I was proud that she would consider me worthy to date her son. I smiled back at her for sticking up for me.

She said to me "He should be coming back here any second, dear. Just stand there and pretend to dry off until he does. When he sees that bikini you're wearing, he's sure to take notice of you."

It was kind of weird that a mother would be giving a prospective suitor for her son tips on how to attract him to her.

I did as she suggested. I grabbed my towel from the cloth bag I brought with me and dabbed it lightly on my soaked hair so as not to dry off too quickly. Just as Mrs Johnson had predicted, Jason soon emerged from the side of the house through the gate. He was wearing a mesh muscle shirt and knee length shorts. Through the holes of his shirt, I could make out his chiseled chest and the six pack of his tight abs. His legs were just as toned as the rest of his delicious body. His skin was tanned the color of caramel, which made the definition of his muscular build more obvious. In his hand was a plastic bag with some cold soft drinks inside.

And just as she had foretold, the moment her son laid eyes on my revealing bikini, he did a slight double take, causing him to not pay attention to his surroundings and trip on the garden hose lying across the yard. He caught himself without falling, but he was a bit embarrassed that I saw him do it. He shrugged it off and walked up to his Mom. He handed her the bag of drinks.

"Here ya go, Mom. Nice and cold." he said.

"Thank you honey. I really appreciate it."

Then he glanced back up at me again. I caught his eyes looking me over, though he tried to act like he wasn't ogling me. I gave him a good show. Pretending not to notice him staring at me, I propped my lean leg up on the end of Mom's lounge chair so my ass would round out while I dried my leg off with my towel. He drank in the enticing sight of my youthful semi-nude body with lusty fascination.

Jason walked up to me and said "How ya doing, Sissy? Haven't seen you in a while."

I looked up at him but continued to slowly dry myself off with the towel.

"H-Hey, Jason." I stuttered. "Hows college treating you?"

"Oh, you know.... Books, tests, essays, term papers. The same stuff we did in high school, only harder."

"I figured it was like in the movies, wall-to-wall parties and drinking every day."

"Nah. There are a few parties, but they're few and far between. If I belonged to a frat, I'd probably get to socialize more, but since I work in the evenings and rent a room with 4 other people, we can't whoop it up like the frats do."

We walked over to the patio table and sat down underneath the huge parasol sticking up out of the middle of it and sat down. I worked up the courage to ask him "So..... you seeing anyone on campus?"

He said "Nah. No one steady, anyway. The girl that rents the apartment with us has hinted that she wants to go out with me, but I told her it might get weird if it didn't work out. We'd be stuck seeing each other every day or one of us would have to move out, and I didn't want that hassle."

"I see what you mean."

"So, you seeing anyone steady?"

"No. You know Dad, how strict he is. He wants to know the life history of any boy that I date before they can take me out. He interrogated this one boy I dated so bad that he wouldn't ask me out again after that first date."

"Yeah, your Dad can be a little over protective. I can see why, though. You turned out really pretty. And that bikini looks totally hott on you!"

I blushed at the gracious compliment. I guess my amorous efforts paid off. I returned his adulation.

"I see you're still working out regularly. You look as fit as when you moved away."

He flexed his firm pecs for my benefit and said "Yeah, I hit the university's gym whenever I can work it into my schedule."

Jason held his hands together and tightened up his arms to show off his hard biceps and forearms.

I said "It looks good on you. How do you keep your tan so dark with school and all?"

"I go to a tanning bed once a week on the weekends when my schedule is more open."

"It really makes you muscles stand out. You look great."

He stood up and gave me a little show by posing like the body builders do when they compete. His taut, smooth, athletic physique almost took my breath away. I saw Mrs Johnson and Mom looking at us and giggling at his posturing for me.

But before we could get really acquainted and flirty with each other, Mr Johnson poked his head through the fence gate and said "Hey! If you want us to help you fix your motorcycle, come up here and get your hands dirty. We're not going to do it for you." Then he disappeared again.

Jason looked slightly disappointed at having to leave.

"I guess I'd better go out there before Dad pops a gasket. I hope I get to see you again before I head back to college in the fall."

I said "You can count on it. I'd like for you to see 'more' of me,too." and winked slyly at him.

He caught the innuendo and smiled. He got up from his chair, walked away and went out to the garage to fix his motorcycle. Just before he went through the gate, he glanced back at me and gave me an admiring smile. I rubbed my hand across the outside of my bikini top flirtatiously as if to say 'Just ask and ye shall have'. Once he was out of sight, I got up from my chair and went back over by Mom.

Mom and Mrs Johnson were giggling at the lack of discretion I exhibited with letting my desires be known.

Mom said "It's a good thing we were out here or we'd probably be planning a baby shower for them in the near future. Hee hee."

"I think you're right, dear." Mrs Johnson added. "They were both pretty conspicuous."

I just dismissed their catty remarks as two biddies wishing they were young once more. I laid out my towel on the back of a third lounge chair to dry, then said "Oh, leave me alone." in response. I walked back to the pool and hopped down into the water.

Mom removed her loose bikini top again and went back to sunning herself. Mrs Johnson was sipping the cold Mountain Dew her son had brought to her.

When I got back in the water, Heather swam over to me. She was grinning and teasingly said "Mmmm, he is a hottie, isn't he? I wouldn't mind letting him give me a good fucking."

I said "I think he's a little too old for you, Heather."

"I wouldn't say that. I let Dad fuck me all the time, and he's a lot older. A dick is a dick, no matter who it's attached to. And Jason is a lot better looking than Dad is. I'd do him in a heartbeat. I'll bet Jason made you wet, didn't he?"

She swam behind me and pushed her fingers underneath the thin strip on the back of my bikini bottoms. She pressed her finger tips between my thighs and up against the outer lips of my pussy. She dipped her finger up into my slit and probed around inside my vagina to verify her assertion. I didn't try to stop her because seeing Jason had aroused me, and her hand felt good on my tingling groin. She drove a second finger up inside my wet pussy and worked them in and out of my cunt feverishly.

I spread my legs apart and held onto the side of the pool to keep my body from moving due to her hand slamming against my pussy, so Mom and Mrs Johnson couldn't tell what she was doing to me. She was mostly hidden by the side of the pool. They could only see her head from their vantage point.

My sister whispered "You like that? You like me finger fucking your horny cunt for you, Sissy? I can feel how wet your pussy is. Jason got you really excited, didn't he?"

I groaned softly "Y-Yessssss.", letting her have her way with my horny body.

"I can tell. Your pussy is really wet inside. Just think of my hand as Jason's big dick fucking you."

She rubbed her fingertips against the inner walls of my creaming vagina. It made her actions that much more pleasurable to me. Mom had taught her very well.

I moaned "Uhnnnnn.... his dick...... Mmmmmmmm...." while I imagined Jason and myself writhing around on my bed like two lust crazed animals.

My sister eased beside me and put her free hand down into the front of my bikini bottoms. She pulled her other hand from my pussy and replaced it with the new hand in the front. It sought out my pussy and drove two fingers up inside of it, repeating what the other hand had been doing. She let her other hand slide upward slightly and began rubbing her fingers around on my wrinkled sphincter. She caught me off guard and shoved her middle finger up inside my asshole before I could respond and tighten my asshole. I clamped my anus down onto her probing digit as tight as I could, but it was too late. She was already inside me and wasn't going to let me go. Once I realized this, I relaxed my asshole and went with it.

My sister started talking very vulgarly to me. She whispered "Sissy.... I can feel something. Can you feel it? My finger is digging around in the shit in your ass! Mmmmm, I like the feel of it on my finger. It's so warm and soft."

I whispered "N-no, Heather..... Don't...... Mmmmmm.... Don't. That's so nasty! Uhnnnnn.....".

The pleasure she was applying to my pussy kept me from reaching behind my ass and pulling her hand out of there.

She whispered lustfully "You're worried I'll get your bikini dirty? Let's take care of that."

She pulled her hands from my crack and put both of her thumbs on the strings tied on my hips. With one quick movement, my bikini bottoms were down to my ankles under the water. Then she put her hands back up to my pussy and asshole and drove the same fingers up into their respective holes once again. She was fingering my orifices with reckless abandon. I lifted one foot out of the panties so I could spread my legs back out for her.

Heather knew she was in control and used it to her advantage. She said "Mmmmm, Sissy, that shit in your ass feels so nasty. It feels like the shit Daddy had on his dick this morning. I saw you watch me eat it off of his dirty dick this morning. Did it turn you on to see your little sister act like a dirty slut in front of you?"

Her relentless assault on my asshole and pussy was bringing me to the verge of a nice climax. In my heated state, I softly moaned "Oh god, YES."

She inserted a second finger into my asshole and rotated her fingers through the soft shit up inside my rectum.

" I love your nasty shit, Sissy. I love the feel of it on my fingers. You like me playing in your nasty shit, Sissy?"

"Y-Yes....Uhnnnnnn....." I replied sadistically.

Heather's hands were relentless on my yearning orifices. My disgust for her digging in my shitty ass was waning the more my arousal level climbed. I could feel her skinny fingers wrestling around in the dirty poo in my rectum, kneading through it like a stick stirring mud in a bowl. The thought of her playing in my feces and the nastiness of it all made the moment that much more exciting to me for some reason. My pussy began convulsing and squirting against her expert fingers. I had to close my mouth tightly as I climaxed to keep Mom and Mrs Johnson from hearing my love cry.

My body trembled and went stiff as my orgasm wreaked havoc on my half nude, wet body. Both my pussy and my asshole clamped down tightly on my sister's thrusting fingers, but she never stopped. Her hands dug deeply at the inner folds of my gushing pussy and my clenching anus until the sensation was over and I stopped trembling from it.

Heather retrieved her hands from my groin. She held up the two fingers that were inside my colon. They were both littered with specks of my waste. After making sure Mom and Mrs Johnson weren't looking over at us, she non-chalantly held them up out of the water, hopped out of the pool, walked over to the grass, and quickly wiped them off on the manicured sod. Once her hand was fairly clean, she hopped back into the pool and used the pool water to finish the job.

Knowing that my poor anus was probably dirty from the encounter, I reached behind me and rubbed my finger tips across my asshole to rid it of any remnant poo. I figured the chlorine in the water would kill any germs from the feces. Once I was confident my ass was clean, I stepped away from that spot in the pool and put my bikini bottoms back on again.

Heather waded over to me and asked "How did that feel?", grinning like a Cheshire cat. She knew she had done a great job on me. And she did, too.

"It felt wonderful, Heather. Really, really good!"

"I'm glad. Now it's your turn to do me."

I was just about to return the favor on my amorous sister when Mom got up from her lounge chair and walked over to the poolside. She didn't bother to put her top back on. She came down the concrete steps near us and waded out into the water.

"There's no need to come to a pool if you're not going to get into it yourself, is there?" she said

Mom started swimming around in the deep end off the pool, enjoying the soothing warm water on her semi-naked skin. She swam the entire length of the pool for a couple of laps and came up for air right beside us. Her heaving bare breasts bounced with each movement she made.

She wiped the water from her eyes and said "Mmmmm, doesn't the water feel wonderful today? There's nothing like the feel of the water on your bare skin and nipples."

Mom was acting a little more brazen than she usually did when we came to the Johnson's to swim. I guess it was because she no longer had to hide her lustiness from me anymore since I was in their sexual circle now.

We were both standing silently near the edge looking at her. She wondered why we were acting so peculiar.

"What's the matter with you two? You look like the cat that swallowed the canary."

Heather replied "Nothing, Mom. Nothing.". She knew she wasn't supposed to do anything sexual outside of the house. Her guilty conscience made her respond way too quickly, and it made Mom even more suspicious.

"Okay, spill it. What were you doing out here?" Mom insisted. She glared at us menacingly and it scared my sister into confessing.

She blurted out "Okay, Mom....okay. We just fooled around a little, that's all."

"What do you mean....'Fooled around'?"

"I gave Sissy a nice time. I played with her and got her off."

Mom was irate, and her scowling expression showed it. She had to control her temper to keep her voice low enough so Mrs Johnson couldn't hear her.

"You know we've always told you NOT to do anything outside of the house! Do you want us all to go to jail or something?!?"

"Relax Mom. We were just ....."

Mom cut her off. "Don't tell me to relax, young lady. If your father found out you were out here playing with each other, he'd whip your little ass and you know it. And I'm pretty sure who it was who started it, too, Heather. You just couldn't wait until we got back home. And you, Sissy. You didn't try to stop her?"

I had slowly waded to the side of the pool trying to avoid Mom's heated inquisition. I was unsuccessful, though.

I meekly replied "I.... I..... it just felt so good. I couldn't ......"

Mom shook her head in disappointment at out lack of modesty and self control. She climbed up out of the pool and stared down at the two of us.

"We'll talk about it this evening at home. For the rest of the day, I want you two at opposite ends of the pool. Don't come within 10 feet of each other. I mean it! I'll be watching you both."

Mom walked back over to the patio and sat down on her lounge chair. She adjusted it to make her body sit more upright so she could better watch us in the pool, then laid down upon it to finish working on her deep tan. I saw Mrs Johnson say something. I assumed it was about what Mom said to us. Mom acted like it was no big deal, and that seemed to satisfy Mrs Johnson's curiosity. She laid back in her lounge chair and resumed her tanning session. Every now and then, Mom would glance over the top of her sunglasses to make sure we were minding her.

It wasn't much fun to swim anymore since we couldn't interact with each other, so I climbed out of the pool and walked over to the parasol table. I grabbed my knapsack along the way and sat down under the oversized umbrella by myself. I didn't want to talk with Mom since she was upset, so I chose to sit secluded from her. Heather continued to swim in the big, empty pool all by herself. I don't think she wanted to be by Mom either right then and opted to stay in the pool.

I had hoped that Jason would make his way back to the pool area before we left, but unfortunately I didn't see him again until Dad poked his head through the side gate and asked if we were ready to go. We had been there approxomately 3 hours. I sat under the parasol for nearly half that time by myself, so I was ready to leave. As we passed the open garage, I glanced in and saw Jason and his Dad reattaching the front wheel on his motorcycle. Jason shot me a quick smile and winked. I grinned back at him bashfully.

On the ride home, I expected Mom to just blurt out to Dad what me and Heather had done in the pool together, but she kept mum about it. Maybe she knew how upset Dad would have been and figured it was best to not tell him. I was thankful for that. I knew how bad his temper could be when he got mad. He didn't spank me anymore since I was 16, but I'd rather not be grounded and stuck in the house every day after school. He might have spanked Heather, though, since she was still young, so Mom's silence about the whole affair was a relief.

After we got home, I just went up to my room, changed out of my bikini into a tshirt and shorts, and worked on the final touches of my school project that was due Monday, the project that caused this bizarre weekend to unfold in the first place. Once it was finished, I layed on my bed and listened to the stereo until Mom announced that dinner was ready.

The four of us sat down at the table and ate our meal together like we always have. There was no mention or discussion about what Mom and Dad had planned for us all tonight. Just some idle chit chat about Mr Johnson's car, Mom complaining about how high groceries were getting, etc. Just normal chatter. Even Heather the chatterbox was fairly restrained and quiet while we ate. Perhaps the scolding we both got earlier was still fresh in her memory and she was trying to not draw any unwanted attention to herself.

Once the meal was finished, my sister got up from the table, put her dishes in the kitchen sink, and went into the living room. I heard the TV come alive with the banter of the cast of Nickelodeon's I-Carly. I finished my food and put my dishes in the sink as well.

When I started through the doorway that let into the living room, I glanced over at Dad, who was still finishing his second plate of food. His eyes met mine, then leered down at my groin area. He licked his lips in anticipation of the orgy that would happen tonight. I shot him a disgusted glare right back at him, then stomped off to join Heather on the couch to watch TV with her.

Mom and Dad emerged from the kitchen together. They were whispering softly to each other, but I couldn't hear what was being said. Mom sat down next to my sister and Dad sat down on the couch right beside me. I didn't acknowledge his presence, though. I just kept my attention on the TV in front of me.

After about 15 minutes of silence, I felt Dad's hand lay itself upon my bare thigh. I flinched at first, but he pressed his hand into my skin to remind me that he was in control in this house. I remained tense, but I didn't try to pull away from his grip after that. He rubbed my soft thigh from knee to groin repeatedly, but didn't attempt to do anything more than that. I guess he was gauging my reaction to his appauling touch. I just kept watching TV and ignoring him.

Heather, who was sitting on the opposite side of me, noticed Dad caressing my bare thigh. Seeing this as a sign that it was okay to do it, she began caressing my other unclad thigh in the same manner as Dad was. She was content to rub upon my thigh for a few seconds, but she grew impatient. On about the 10th stroke, her hand continued up my thigh, under the leg of my shorts, and rubbed her fingertips against the outside of my panties in front of my warm slit. When Dad saw his little daughter's hand disappear under my clothing, he snaked his own hand under my shorts through the leg opening and underneath the thin fabric of my cotton panties.

Dad groped my shaved pussy, feeding his thick middle finger into the top of my slit and onto my firm clit bump. Heather joined him underneath my panties and sought out my moist vagina lower down. As Dad flicked his fingertips roughly against my swelling clit, my little sister dug two of her middle fingers deeply up inside my pussy.

Mom saw what was happening and rose up from the couch. "I guess we're not going to make it to the bedroom for Sissy's inauguration, are we?"

Mom immediately shed all of her clothing and slung them into the floor. Now completely naked, she stepped over in front of Dad, dropped to her knees, undid his zipper and button, and pulled his stiffening cock from his boxer shorts. Her mouth engulfed the growing member and she started working her head up and down upon his exposed groin. Dad, in usual fashion, put his hand on top of Mom's head and pushed her head down upon his entire cock. She never gagged or resisted once. I could see her throat bulge out when he forced it all into her sucking mouth.

Heather got up on her knees and removed all of her clothing, tossing it onto the pile Mom had made. She grabbed the bottom of my tshirt and pulled it up over my head, exposing my bare breasts to everyone. Then she stood in front of me and worked my shorts and panties off in the same impatient manner. Now all three of us girls were completely naked in our living room.

Heather has a lusty gleam in her eye, much like she did in the pool when she accosted me. She knelt down in front of me and spread my thighs apart as far as the sofa would allow to expose my pussy more. She grabbed my buttocks and slid my ass down farther on the sofa cushion so that I would be in a more reclining position, thus making my groin more accessible to her and Dad.

She looked up at Dad and said "Daddy, I wanna see you finger her pussy. Please?"

He replied "Okay, baby.", smiling proudly at her enthusiasm for it to happen to me.

His hand moved down farther on my puffy gash. He pressed his middle finger against my tight vaginal opening and shoved the rough digit up inside my pussy. I gasped when he first penetrated me because his finger was dry, but it lubed itself quickly on my emerging juices and didn't bother me anymore. He fingered my pussy feverishly for my sister. Heather watched him and grinned as Dad violated my womanhood with his probing middle finger. Every minute or so, he would pull the slimy finger from my pussy and push it into her mouth to make her taste the musky juices I was secreting from my pussy. Her ever obedient mouth always opened without hesitation to clean the slime from his finger hungrilly. Each time he repeated this, the more excited and enthusiastic she became.

My sister looked up at Dad and said to him "Mmmmm, Daddy! Sissy's pussy tastes soooo good." as she slurped my vaginal discharge from his finger.

"Yeah it does, baby. That it does." he replied. "And I'll bet Daddy's little slut is gonna do whatever I tell her to do to get some of Sissy's pussy, isn't she, little slut?"

Heather acted her part and said "Yes, Daddy! I want Sissy's pussy so bad!", as if she was begging for the privilege to have sex with me. I didn't like the way he was treating her, like she was some common whore he had paid to let him do anything with her body.

Yet for some reason, seeing my little sister feeding herself on the juices dripping out of my pussy was an imense turn on to me. Heather would grab Dad's hand and savor the taste of the slime on his finger like it was chocolate or something. It might have been demeaning for her to act like a horny slut, but her eagerness to participate was making me hott as well.

When Mom's mouth got tired, she pulled her face up from Dad's groin and took a deep gasp of air to catch her breath. A line of thin salive trailed from the head of his long cock up to her bottom lip. Without even being told, Heather leaned her body over to Dad's crotch and swallowed about 4 inches of his stiff member, saliva and all.

"That's a good little bitch. See Sissy, she knows what to do. She's a horny little whore just like I showed you in those videos this morning. You eat my fat cock, you fucking little shit!" he ordered her.

He put his hand on top of my sister's head and pushed another couple of inches of his hard on into her sucking mouth, causing her to gag for a second. Before it caused her to throw up, he pulled her head up and let her catch her breath.

"That's what a little girl is supposed to do for her Daddy, eat as much of his fat dick as she can. Isn't that right, Heather."

She meekly looked up at us and replied "Yes, Daddy. I love sucking on your big, fat dick. I love your big dick in my mouth, Daddy."

She obediently opened her mouth once more as Dad pushed her head back down onto his hard cock again. Every minute or so he would repeat the forced gagging by pushing her head down onto his dick enough to cut off her breathing. Heather just let him do it to her. She didn't try to resist him until she absolutely had to raise up and catch her breath again. I was surprised that she didn't throw up all over his lap the way he was making his dick hit the back of her throat.

I wanted to protest his cruelty, but Mom prevented me from saying anything by moving over in front of my spread legs and kneeling between them.

"I've been wanting to get at this delicious pussy again all day." she said.

She put her face directly in front of mine, opened her mouth fully, jutted out her long salivating tongue, and leaned her naked body down on top of mine. She pushed her tongue past my teeth and licked around on the inside of my mouth lustfully. I parted my lips and returned the erotic kiss. I wrapped my arms around her neck and thrusted my tongue around on hers just as vulgarly as she was doing.

Her hands reached up to my supple breasts and began massaging them firmly. When she lightly squeezed my stiff aureolas and nipples between her thumb and index finger, it sent pleasurable chills throughout my lean body. I moaned softly from her soft touch.

I caught a glimpse of Dad watching me and Mom french kissing so passionately. It was really turning him on. He was making Heather swallow more and more of his cock, yet she was still able to handle it without throwing up on him. He was talking terribly toward her as he did it.

"Eat that fat dick, bitch! You eat your Daddy's mother fucking dick and like it. That's all daughters are good for, to give their daddies sex whenever they want it. Ain't that right, you fucking whore?"

He let go of her head so she could respond. She caught her breath and obediently said "Yes, Daddy. I'm your little fuck slut. I love it when I suck your big dick. I love it so much."

Without him helping her, Heather wrapped her small lips around his hard erection and pushed her face down onto it until seven inches of it disappeared down her tight throat. Apparently she was adept at deep throating Dad from practice and repeated lessons from Mom, who had already displayed her ability to swallow his entire cock into her throat. The more my sister's pretty face bobbed up and down on his dick, the more of it she was able to take in until she, too, had swallowed it completely. I was shocked she was able to do that at her age. Her body was just barely able to have sex, let alone be able to accomplish a deep throat maneuver like a grown woman.

Dad grabbed the sides of her head and started pushing his long cock in and out of her tight throat as rigorously as he would if he was fucking her in her tiny asshole. Her head raised and lowered steadily on his stiff cock without her gagging once on it. Her throat swelled and bulged as his cock went down into her gullet.

Yet as rough as he was treating her, the sight of him doing it to my little 13 year old sister, and of her liking him to do it to her, aroused me terribly. I felt ashamed for deriving pleasure from my sister's harsh treatment. Wasn't I supposed to be her savior?

Mom was now sucking hard on both of my ample breasts and hard nipples. My aureolas were stiff and sticking out from the rest of my soft breasts like a sliced golfball with a gumdrop on top. It felt amazing. Her hands were busy kneading both breasts roughly as she fed herself hungrilly on both of my stiff nipples. I pulled her face against my bare chest and cradled it as she suckled on them for me.

Dad was ready for something else. He had tired of Heather's deep throating and had her stand up.

"Now it's time to let me see Sissy eat that dirty pussy of yours. Climb up there and make her eat that pussy."

Heather smiled wide as she climbed up onto the couch and squatted her bare groin over my face. She faced toward the back of the couch, grabbed the frame behind the cushions, and grinded her bald pussy against my mouth. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to lap at her pink, immature folds. I licked at her clit and her vagina as she bucked her slim hips hornily against my mouth like a dog in heat. She grunted softly as she hunched my face.

"Ahnnn.... Ahhhnn.... Ahhnn..." she chirped aloud.

Dad slapped Heather on the ass a couple of times, which illicited a small yelp from her each time he did it. My horny little sister never stopped pressing her wet pussy against my licking mouth, though. Three more sharp slaps on her bare ass didn't deter her, either. She shrugged it off like with the first two.

Dad said to Mom "Just look at this fine little ass our daughter has on her." He squeezed the reddened spot on Heather's ass cheek, which made her moan louder the more pressure he applied to it. "Her nasty momma has been eating out this fine little ass ever since she was born, Sissy. Show her how you eat a little girl's asshole, honey."

As obediently as Heather had followed his commands, Mom released my tender breasts and pried apart Heather's small ass cheeks. Once she had exposed her tiny, wrinkled anus, Mom dove her face in and penetrated my younger sister's asshole vigorously. Her snaking tongue dug deeply into her rectum, licking all around on the inner flesh of her colon and whatever else might be inside there. Both of them were vocalizing their pleasure very loudly.

Heather was saying "Oh fuck, Mommy, that feels so good. Uhnnnnn.... eat my asshole, Mommy! Mmmmm..."

Mom was really excited, too, by now. She said "Mmmmm, I love to eat a little girl's asshole! It's so nasty and dirty! I'm licking the shit in your ass, baby! Mmmmmm...."

"I.... I can feel it, Mommy. Uhnnnn.... Ahhnnnn.... You're such a nasty Mommy! You're licking my nasty shit in my asshole. Look at Mommy licking my dirty shit, Daddy. Ahnnnn...."

Dad replied "That's what good little fuck sluts like you and your Mom are supposed to do, baby. They give pleasure no matter what is in the way. Now it's time to make Mommy happy."

Dad slid forward on the couch and sat on the edge of the cushion. He looked down at Mom's exposed ass and gave it about 10 hard slaps. She cried out with each slap but never took her mouth off of Heather's ass.

"Dirty Mommies who eat their little girl's shitty assholes need a little punishment for being so slutty. Are you a dirty whore who likes to eat her kid's assholes?" he dominantly said to Mom.

"Mmmm-hmmmm." she murmured without stopping the anal assault.

" I thought so." he responded.

Heather had stopped hunching her pussy against my mouth and tongue so that Mom could drill into her asshole more effectively. She was groaning and sighing from all the pleasure me and Mom were applying to her sensitive orifices. I sucked hard on her swollen clit bump, which made her squeal loudly and try to wiggle away to avoid the over-sensitivity it caused on her groin. Luckily, Mom was holding her down with her hands, so Heather couldn't get away from us. I suckled the hard bump unrelentingly as my sister yelped and wriggled in our grasp.

Dad stood up on the couch and straddled my head. I looked up to see him stick his hard cock right in Heather's grimmacing face and push it against her soft lips. She instinctively opened her small mouth for him. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her pretty face all the way down onto the stiff member. She deep throated his cock as expertly as she had before. With both hands, Dad pulled her mouth down onto his erection repeatedly like he was having sex with her mouth. When her chin was resting against his dangling ballsack, he held her face in place for a few seconds before letting her pull her head back for a quick breath.

Dad looked down at me and said "She's such a good little fuck, isn't she, Sissy? Your little sister knows how to please a man real good. We've been training this little cunt for sex ever since she was a tiny baby. She's turned out to be quite the little whore with me and your mother's teachings. You'll be just as effective as your sister here with a little training. I see how much you're enjoying eating out her drippy pussy down there."

Sadly, he was correct. My arousal was rising from watching him make Heather deep throat him like that. He pulled his cock from my sister's mouth and tapped the head of it on her cheeks and lips, teasing her by playing 'Keep-Away' with it. Her hungry mouth followed the end of his hard cock around as if she was a starving child and he had a hot dog in his hand. It was so degrading to watch my little sister act so slutty with him, yet it made my pussy even wetter seeing him do it to her. Once she caught up with his dick and was able to get her lips back around the 9 inch monster, she pushed her face forward onto it until his balls were slapping against her chin.

My little sister was acting so vulgarly with Dad. She was willingly chocking herself on his stiff cock like a prostitute. My long dormant perverted feelings were coming to the surface now. It made me grab my sister's hips with both arms and pull her under developed pussy down against my face with conviction. I jabbed my tongue around on her tender pink pussy faster and harder as I watched my little sister get face fucked by Dad.

Mom was busily tonguing out Heather's dirty asshole with equal enthusiasm. The combined efforts by me and Mom on her poor groin and ass crack were too much for my little sister to handle. She started writhing so uncontrolably between us that Dad pulled his dick from her mouth for fear her upcoming orgasm might cause her to bite his erection. Instead, he moved out of the way and sat down on the sofa beside us to watch her suffering. He even gave her jiggling ass a few sharp smacks to help push her over the edge.

Heather was chanting "Oh fuck.... Oh fuuuuck.. Oh fuuuuuuuck!" repeatedly as her over stimulated pussy started tingling and squeezing on it's own. Her pussy gushed out a thick, clear discharge all over my mouth and face as her hips grinded her juicy slit firmly against my tongue and hard chin. Her lusts had built up higher than she had ever experienced before in her short life, causing her to yell out very loudly once her climax reached its apex.


My little sister gripped the back of the couch firmly and her entire small body started trembling uncontrollably. I sucked on her clit bump as hard as I could to further heighten her arousal. Heather gnawed her lower lip as the joyous sensations radiated throughout her slender, wiry frame. Then suddenly she groaned and went completely limp. Her body, no longer able to support itself, fell sideways onto the sofa. Worried, me and Mom went to check on her. The massive orgasm she experienced had caused her to pass out.

It took a few seconds to revive my spent sister. She looked up at us groggy like she had just woken up from a deep sleep. Once her faculties had returned, she asked what had happened to her.

"M...Mom, what.... what just happened? I feel so weak."

Mom smiled and replied "You just got really excited and passed out when you cummed is all. You'll be fine. It used to happen to me when I was younger too. Just lay there for a little while and you'll get your strength back."

Dad, ever to exploit his own family, decided he wasn't quite finished with Heather just yet. He stood up, walked over to where my little sister was laying helpless at the other end of the sofa, and turned her body so that her head was laying at the edge of the sofa cushion and her feet were up on the back of the couch.

Dad put one knee on the cushion beside her pretty face and held on to the back of the couch with one hand for support. He grabbed his still hard cock and aimed the bulbous head right at her defenseless mouth.

He told her "Just because you're tired doesn't get you out of sucking your Dad's dick for him. Open wide."

"Yes, Daddy." she replied

Heather weakly opened her mouth slightly, just enough for Dad to push the head of his dick inside. Once in there, he hunched his hips and shoved half of his hard-on into her mouth. Her strength hadn't returned to her body yet, so she was powerless to stop him, even though I doubted she wanted him to stop. She laid there limp as he fucked her face like a pussy over and over. Eventually he got whole thing into her mouth and fucked her face steadily back and forth.

Mom wasn't any help, either. She licked her tongue around in her mouth to clear it of any remnant waste, then cheered Dad on as he violated my hapless little sister.

"Yeah Bill, fuck her pretty little face! Make her eat that dick like a slut. That is sooo hott!". She reached between his legs and caressed his dangling ballsack softly.

As he made his youngest daughter swallow the entire length of his raging erection, Dad put his hand over her exposed groin and lightly slapped her hairless labia lips. She was too feeble from her hard orgasm to respond with more than a slight whimper as he made her groin glow red with the repeated strikes. Heather Mom grinned evilly at the way he was abusing Heather's tender groin. Once my sister's pussy had turned a nice shade of reddened soreness, Dad kneaded her labias with his thumb and index finger to make her feel the tenderness. She responded with a compliant moan and seemed to enjoy the added sensitivity the soreness afforded her pussy.

He looked at me and said confidently "I think we can air out any hard feelings you might have, Sissy. This morning you seemed to be under the notion that your little sister needed protecting from me and your horny mother, but you're wrong. As you can see, she's just as perverted as we are. She wants to fuck us. She doesn't want you to take her away. She's our little slut now. Let her tell you."

Dad pulled his dick from my little sister's mouth so she could reply to him. He leaned back so she could see him and me both.

"Heather, would you like Sissy to take you off somewhere, where you didn't have to have sex with us anymore?"

Some of her strength had returned to her ravaged body. Heather was able to move her arms and legs again fairly easily again. She reached down between her legs to her tender reddened pussy. She massaged the soreness into her skin lustfully.

She uttered "No, Daddy. I wanna stay here and have sex all the time with you and Mommy. I love it when you guys fuck me. I want you in me so bad, Daddy. Please fuck me hard. I want you to fuck my pussy really hard, Daddy."

Heather put her small mouth back on Dad's long erection and swallowed it deeply. She also slapped her own sore pussy to indicate she was ready for Dad to pound her pussy.

My heart sank. The sad realization was that Heather was too far gone to redeem any sense of her former morality or innocence. Mom and Dad had accomplished their task, which was to make a sex slave out of their young, naive little daughter. Even if I was somehow able to remove her from this incestuous environment, the damage was already done. She'd most likely turn to prostitution or making pornos to satiate her inlayed fondness for sex.

But even though my little sister's welfare might have been a lost cause, I still felt, as her older sister, that I owed it to her to stay by her side and keep an eye on her while she grew up. No matter what happened to the two of us, I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize our family or home life.

I think Dad sensed my futility. He said "Honey, I think she finally gets it."

I looked over at Mom for some indication of compassion for mine and my sister's plight, but found none. I knew she would always love us as most mothers should, but when it came to any qualms or regrets about using her children as fuck buddies, her lusty bisexuality would always win out and she would always side with Dad.

Mom replied "I think she does, Bill. I'm glad we finally turned her. She eats a pussy as good as her sister does. Which reminds me, I need a good cleaning out myself."

Mom took my hand and led me over to the circular rug in the middle of the living room. She laid me down on my back first, then straddled my head facing away from me and lowered her body down onto her knees in a 69 formation. Her trimmed pussy was a mere 6 inches above my face now.

"Mommy wants her baby to eat her nasty pussy for her. Eat my pussy, baby. Eat it like you did in the shower."

Mom lowered her hips and smeared my face with the juices dripping from her wet pussy. I licked at her gash ravenously, tasting the clear fluids oozing out of her sloppy cunt.

Mom folded my legs to my chest and held them in place with her body weight, fully exposing my shaved pussy and asshole to her. She used both hands to spread my pussy fully so she could get at the pink folds lying within. With ravenous intensity, she dove into my pussy and ate it out like a starved Ethiopian.

Dad's knees must have been getting tired up on the sofa, so he had Heather lay down beside me on the round throw rug in the floor. He turned her slender body with her legs toward me, I suppose so I could watch him penetrate her as they fucked. He folded her legs up to her semi-flat chest like mine were, then knelt down in a missionary position over her. He grabbed his hard cock and laid the tip of it against my sister's puffy labia lips. His hips hunched forward and pushed half of his thick erection up inside her tight squeezing vagina. She gasped loudly as the dry shaft penetrated her immature birth canal, but her groans soon turned to contented moans as her wet pussy lubricated his cock and it started feeling good to her pussy.

My sister was calling out " Fuuuuuck me Daaaaaady! Mmmmm, I love your big dick. Fuck my pussy hard, Daddy! Yeeeesssss...... Uhnnnnnnn...."

Dad's pace quickened as her pussy became more moist. He was thrusting the entire length of his 9 inches deeply inside her small vaginal canal. With her small stature and being so young, I knew the head of his cock was hitting against the top of her under developed womb. I visualized an Xray view of his dick fucking her small vagina and uterus, stretching and pushing her reproductive tract up into her slim body. I was 3 years older than she was, and my womb was developed enough now to handle a grown man's cock inside me. I imagined what it would feel like to have a man's thick, long cock filling her smaller birth canal beyond its capacity and dimensions, stretching her womb against her guts to accomodate the extra length of an adult sized dick into it. The thought of it excited me very much.

As Dad pounded away on my grunting sister beside me, Mom was delving deeply into my wrinkled asshole. Her hands spread my ass cheeks apart forcefully so she could get at the tight little orifice. Her long tongue dug at my asshole hungrily. I was busily eating out her dripping pussy with a renewed vigor, thanks in large part from seeing Dad violate my little sister and her enjoying it. I even traced my tongue around on Mom's tight asshole a few times, pressing the tip of my tongue against the opening. I only jabbed at the hole lightly. I wasn't ready to attempt a deep insertion into her rectum like Mom and Heather do. My tongue never went past the constricting sphincter.

Mom seemed to like it more when I paid attention to her asshole instead of her pussy. She was very vocal about her preference.

"Yeeeeessss, baby, do my dirty asshole! Lick my asshole, baby. Mmmmm, that's it. Eat Mommy's nasty ass. I love the feel of your tongue on it. Oh yeah.....uhnnnnn....." she moaned from the pleasure I was giving to her.

Mom strained to get her tongue as deep into my ass as she could. I felt the long muscle rub itself against the sensitive flesh of my inner rectum, and it felt so wonderful. As she probed my asshole, her middle and fourth finger of one hand found its way into my wet pussy. Her fingers were stroking against the sensitive G-spot at the top of my vaginal canal, rubbing it furiously back and forth. That's the nice thing about having a woman do her magic on you. She knows where all the good spots are from personal experience.

I was eating Mom's soaking gash when Dad pulled his hard cock from Heather's tight pussy and straddled her head in a 69. He put his cock into her small mouth and began fucking her face again like he had done to her on the couch. It only took a couple of strokes until he started drilling the entire length into her tiny throat.

I looked over at her poor wallowed out pussy. Her vagina was reamed thoroughly. It gaped open between her slender thighs. I could even spy her cervical ring inside her womb. Dad rubber her reddened slit, giving it a few sharp smacks to keep it glowing a slight irritated shade of pinkish red.

When Dad's legs grew tired, he pulled out of my sister's mouth and laid down in her place. He positioned her standing over his lower belly. He grasped his dick, held it straight up in the air, and made Heather squat down upon his long erection. She aimed the tapered head of his thick cock at her wet pussy and lowered her weight down upon the hard staff. Her lubed pussy swallowed it up easily. Her belly showed the outward bulge of his thick cock gradually rising up from her tight pussy to her bellybutton as she impaled herself on it. Once she forced it all in, her legs raised and lowered her groin up and down steadily upon his groin. Dad would tighten his buttocks and meet her with a quick upward thrust as her body came back down. You could hear their pubic bones slap together as they made contact as well as the wet sounding "SLISH -SLISH" coming from her juicy cunt.

My little sister was staring right into my eyes as if she was making sure I was watching Dad fuck her. Her pretty face showed a slight grimace from the fullness and slight discomfort she felt from Dad's big cock going up inside her non-adult sized reproductive tract. When her slender teenage body slammed down upon our father's groin, her distended womb stretched a good 3 inches up inside her. But she never tried to prevent him from going inside her pussy so deeply. She was trying to get the entire length of his dick up inside her cunt just as determinedly as Dad was trying to do. She tolerated the gentle ache his extra length caused her because she liked being fucked like that. Heather being fucked by Dad at her age would have felt like me or Mom being fucked by some stud like John Holmes who had a 13 inch dick. That kind of full feeling in my pussy might be rather pleasant, I thought to myself.

Heather looked at me and said "Sissy, look at Daddy fuck my little pussy. His fat dick is fucking me good. My pussy is gonna be really sore tomorrow. Maybe I'll get you to kiss my pussy better when we go to bed tonight. I'll let Daddy put his hot cumm in my nasty pussy and let you eat it out of me. How would you like that, Sissy? I want you to eat his cumm out of my horny pussy."

Her vulgar talk was enticing me to come out of my repressed shell. I doubled my efforts on Mom's drippy pussy and flexing anus. I'd lap my tongue at her wet pussy and clit for awhile, then I'd turn my attention to her puckered asshole, drilling my tongue around on the brownish circle. I even got a little carried away and sent the end of my tongue up into her rectum, though thankfully there wasn't any discernible poo in her rectum. Mom felt me go up inside her ass deeper than I had before, and she liked it. She dropped her ass down onto my mouth to make me stay on her asshole.

"That's good, baby." she said. "Eat Mommy's asshole for her. Get your tongue up in my dirty asshole, Sissy. Deeper, baby, deeper. Ahhhnnnn, fuck.....FUCK! That feels so good, baby. Lick it! Eat my asshole. YES! Ahnnnnn!"

With her ass right against my mouth, I had no choice but to keep drilling her asshole. I stuck half of my tongue up inside her thankfully empty rectal cavity, jabbing it in and out of her clenched orifice over and over. I felt her sphincter tighten against my tongue as I pulled it out of her ass, but she would relax it to let me push it back inside her ass again. Her own efforts upon my asshole were becoming frienzied. She drove her long tongue into my asshole as deeply as she could. I couldn't tell if she was encountering any poo inside of my rectum. She never made any indication by slowing down or flinching from tasting my feces. I didn't really care if she did, though. Her expert tongue felt too good inside my rectum to worry about it. I just wanted her to keep doing what she was doing for as long as I could get her to do it.

Every now and then, Heather would dismount Dad's cock and swallow it all the way down to his jiggling balls. Of course he, the ever despicable manipulator, would grab her head and force her to stay balls deep in her throat for 10-20 seconds before releasing her to catch her breath. Then she would climb back up on his erection and drive it deeply into her tight womb again.

Even though his treatment of my little sister was deplorable, it nonetheless stoked my own lusty desires. It turned me on to see her so willing to do whatever he wanted her to do sexually. My building horniness was rising quickly. I delved into Mom's anus hungrily. She moaned loudly as my tongue dug deeply into her rectal cavity. I could taste a residual tinge of past bowel movements on the end of my tongue as I ate out Mom's asshole, but my lusts caused me to ignore the bitter flavor. I licked upon the inner soft, fleshy walls of her rectum with abandon. I just didn't care anymore. I wanted to give my mother as much pleasure as she was delivering to my own dirty asshole.

Mom started grunting very loudly as I ate out her asshole feverishly. She groaned "Oh my fucking GOD, that feels so fucking goooood! Bill.....Uhnnnnnn..... holy FUCK, she's tearing up my asshole! Oh my god....Oh my god! Uhnnn... Uhnnnn.... Uhnnnn..... Fucking FUCK, that is so nice! Mmmmmmm...."

Mom's body started trembling above me. I figured she was about to cumm hard. Her pussy was gushing out onto my chin and chest. She pulled her tongue from my anus and went completely stiff. As her climax hit her, she screamed out "YYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! AAAHHHHHHNNNNNNNN!!!!". Her screams echoed throughout the entire house. Then she suddenly went completely limp and rolled off of my body, landing on her side right beside me, shivering uncontrollably as her orgasm swept through her whole body. She had a contented look of satisfaction upon her gorgeous sweaty face.

Once she regained some composure, she looked over at me and smiled broadly.

"Oh m-my god, baby, you did such a wonderful job on my asshole. It made me cumm so hard. Mmmmm."

"Thanks, Mom. I'm glad you enjoyed it." I replied, happy that I had gotten her off so well.

Heather spoke up and said "See. Mommy? I told you she would make a great addition to our sex play."

"Yes, you did, baby. She's going to be a good fuck partner for all of us."

Dad spoke up and said "Yeah, she is. I think it's high time I sampled that tight cunt of hers again. Heather, get on her face."

My little sister obediently climbed up off of Dad's wet shiny cock and crawled over to me. She lifted her skinny leg and threw it over my head in a 69 pose. She started to lower her groin down upon my face when Dad abruptly stopped her. He got right behind her upturned ass and held it up off of me. He crept in closer until his knees were right behind my sister's firm, round buttocks. Then he sunk his erection up inside her juicy pussy to the hilt. After a few quick strokes, he pulled out of her pussy and layed the head of his shimmering cock against my soft lips.

He looked down into my eyes and said "I think it's only fitting you taste your sister's pussy while you suck my fat cock. Open wide."

Even though my disgust for Dad and his sadistic actions were still on my mind, my unsatisfied yearnings caused me to forego any apprehensions I had for letting him use me for his own dirty pleasures. The rape this morning was a distant memory now, squelched by the amorous mood in the room right now. Even though he had raped me against my will, I wanted that hard cock of his up inside me more.

I slowly opened my mouth and let Dad put the head of his dick inside. Heather was looking down between her thighs, watching to see if I would do it or not. He put about 4 inches of his dick into my mouth, then I clamped my lips down around the hard shaft. He didn't try to make me deep throat it, I suppose because I was inexperienced at it and would have gagged. He was content to hunch just half of his erection in and out of my mouth as long as I applied hard suction upon it. Every now and then he would reinsert his dick back into my little sister's wet pussy to reapply her seeping juices upon it, then return it back into my mouth.

When that stopped being amusing to him, Dad pulled his dick out of my mouth and let Heather drop her groin down onto my mouth. I instantly began a repeat of what I was doing to Mom. My tongue drilled in and out of my sister's orifices. I lapped at her sweet tasting pussy and hard clit bump hungrily. Then I would invade her tight little asshole, jabbing my pointed tongue up inside her small sphincter.

Mom just layed on her side beside me and happily watched as I reamed out both of my little sister's openings. Dad took up position between my bent knees.

"Here's what I've been wanting to fuck again all day today. I didn't have time to get a good piece of this pussy this morning."

Dad pushed my legs up to my chest and had Heather hold my ankles to bare my entire crack for him. While she and Mom watched, he put his hand down onto my slit and rubbed it softly at first. Then I felt the stinging ache of three sharp slaps against my bald gash. He was spanking my pussy like he had done to Heather. Three more smacks I felt on my tender labia lips, then four more. I couldn't stop him from doing it since my sister had me pinned beneath her and was holding my legs backward.

Mom propped up on one elbow and joined him. She slapped my pussy three times herself. I was beginning to feel the soreness and the heat being generated from my abused skin. But instead of being angry, the ache their slaps gave my reddened gash just made the next step of Dad's sex with me feel more intense.

Dad said "Lets get this pussy fucked, shall we?"

Mom used one hand to spread my pussy lips apart, then Dad pressed the head of his erection at my sore gash and pushed it up into my wet pussy. My oozing womanhood let his thick cock slide easily up inside of me. When his cock rested against my clenching cervix, he thrusted his hips forward hard and drove his dick all the way up inside my semi-virgin womb. I gasped as he forced his way up into my tight pussy and hit against the top of my uterus.

He said "Man, I love the feel of a virgin pussy on my dick!"

Heather corrected him and said "But Daddy, she's not a virgin. You fucked her in the kitchen this morning."

"That's right, baby. But she's still just like a virgin. She's only been fucked twice so far. I remember how tight you were when I first fucked your pussy."

"And I loved it when you fucked me, Daddy."

Heather leaned forward and french kissed Dad deeply in the mouth.

I hated to admit it, but it did feel good this time around, having Dad fuck me right now, I was so horny. When he fucked me this morning, it was against my will and I was hurt to discover he and Mom had turned my little sister into a sexual deviant. But now, feeling his thick cock in my tight, inexperienced pussy, was bringing out dormant deviant feelings in me. The incest we were committing together might have repulsed me before today, but I found myself growing more excited and aroused from the perverseness of the moment. It was a taboo to have sex with your own family, not to mention mine and my little sister's age made this pedophilia as well. Imagining all the sex they've subjected Heather to over the years got me hotter the more I thought about it.

Dad was invading me fully with the entire length of his rock hard erection. His groin and mine were slapping against one another noisily as he drove his cock deeply into my pussy over and over.

I was ravaging both of my little sister's openings for her. My tongue switched back and forth from her oozing twat and clit to her wrinkled sphincter, sliding in and out of each opening wildly as she moaned continually from it.

Mom was getting horny once more watching us act so vulgarly on one another. Still laying on her side, she pulled one of her legs up to her chest and reached behind her ass. She inserted her two longest digits in her asshole and began fingering herself to the action.

She said "Bill, you don't know how long I've wanted to see you fuck her. I wish I could have watched you do her this morning."

Mom's hand frigged her asshole swiftly and steadily. Her eyes never left my groin. Dad was pounding my pussy harder now, using his body weight to get deeper inside me. Despite the memory of him having raped me this morning, right now all I wanted was to have him do exactly what he was doing, which was fucking me hard and fast. My lust was building quickly. My tongue was feverishly wallowing out my little sister's tight rectum. She was squatting over my head moaning and grunting from my amorous invasion of her asshole.

I could tell by Heather's hearty breathing that she would probably have her second orgasm very soon. While I was attending to her puckered asshole, she let go of one of my legs and dropped her hand down between her soft thighs. Her slim fingers massaged her bald pussy briskly, delving up into her puffy slit and inside her tight pussy. Since she had things handled up front, I concentrated solely on her asshole. Our joint efforts soon paid off.

Heather screamed "YAAAAAAAA!!" loudly as her climax wreaked havoc on her small frame for the second time tonight. Her juices splashed out from her constricting pussy and sprayed all over my face below. This time, though, she didn't lose consciousness. Her mind stayed alert enough to push off of me and land in the floor on the opposite side away from Mom. They lay on either side of me now watching Dad fuck me hard.

I grabbed the back of my knees to hold my legs to my chest for Dad. He reached up to my chest with one hand and squeezed my soft breasts rather roughly. He pinched my nipples firmly and pulled out on them a few times to make them rock hard and tender. When he leaned forward and suckled on then just as roughly, it felt amazing. He was sucking them so hard that I was sure he would get some milk to come out, even though I wasn't pregnant.

Then he surprised me. He moved his face in front of mine and laid soft kissed upon my lips and cheeks. He didn't try to force me to kiss him. He just planted gentle, loving kisses upon my pretty face. His unusual act of kindness caught me off guard. He looked into my eyes like a loving father would.

He asked me "Do you forgive me for raping you this morning, baby?"

He actually looked sincere in his request. I wasn't sure how to respond to him, but having him giving my pussy the most pleasure it's ever received made my reply rather easy.

"Yes, Daddy. I forgive you." I said.

"I'm sorry I brought you into our sex life so abruptly, but after you found my videos, I didn't have much choice but to make you join us."

Heather was a bit confused. "You.... you mean Daddy raped you this morning? You didn't have sex willingly?"

I said "Yeah, Heather. Dad forced me to fuck him in the kitchen."

"Mmmmmm, how wicked is that?" my sister said grinning, aroused from the idea of him raping me.

Dad pressed his lips against mine and softly kissed me very passionately. I parted my lips and stuck my tongue up inside his open mouth. He reciprocated and we french kissed as he continued to pound my pussy with steady, hard strokes. When he broke our kiss, he went back to massaging my tender breasts and firm nipples roughly.

Mom was still digging in her asshole with her two fingers, which showed signs of small flecks of feces on them now. She didn't care. Her eyes were locked upon my pussy and Dad's long cock going up inside me.

Heather's thoughts were turning perverted. She told Dad "I wanna see you fuck her nasty asshole, Daddy."

"I think you're right, baby. But we'll let Sissy do some work for now. My legs are getting tired. Here, get her ready, Heather."

My sister scooted her head over to my groin. Dad pulled his erection from my pussy so Heather could get at my exposed groin. She put her head over my pussy and spit down upon it repeatedly. She helped guide her saliva onto my upturned anus with her finger, then smeared it around the tight opening. Then she lubed Dad's cock with her mouth, coating it with a generous helping of spit as well.

When my sister was finished, Dad layed down on his back, which made his hard on stick up into the air like a slightly curved flag pole. Heather stood up and grabbed my hand to help me to my feet. She indicated I was to straddle Dad and get down on my knees. I did as she showed me. I was facing toward Dad in the missionary position. Heather gripped the shaft of his cock and placed the head of it up against my lubed asshole.

My sister said "Push back and let it go up in your asshole, Sissy."

I pressed my body backward with my arms, which pushed the wet, tapered head of his hard cock up inside my tight rectum. Unlike this morning when there was very little lube used, this time it felt really good as more and more of his thick dick slid up inside my tight rectum. Once I had gotten the entire length up inside me, Dad took over and briskly worked it in and out of my asshole until I grew accustomed to it being inside my ass.

Once my sphincter was stretched and I relaxed it, Dad was ready for me to take over. He laid still on the throw rug and said "Okay baby, now just rock your body back and forth on it. Let your body weight do the work for you. Take it all in if you want it."

I did as he instructed. I pressed backward with my arms again. I felt his thick cock slide deep inside my clenching rectal cavity. When my ass made contact with his thighs, I lifted it just enough until I felt the flared head of his dick hit against my inner sphincter ring. Then I dropped my ass back down upon his lap and took him into my ass again. Once I had a good bouncing rhythym going on his dick, He reached up with both of his strong hands and squeezed my C-cup breasts roughly again. Dad pulled down on my nipples hard to stretch out my skin, then he'd let go and make them snap back against my chest.

"How do you like that, Sissy? Do you like me playing with your big titties so cruelly?" He squeezed them really hard with both hands to emphasize his statement. "My little anal lover likes it when Daddy treats her titties like this, doesn't she?"

I did enjoy how he manhandled my dangling breasts. The soothing ache that was emerging from the harsh attention he was giving them felt sort of good. The added tenderness from it made his gentle fondlings afterward feel more intense and pleasurable.

My spiritous mood had erased all memory of his sadistic cruelty upon me this morning. My building lust was taking over my body and mind. I guess that is what people who experience Stockholm Syndrome go through when they are kidnapped and start to side with their captors. I knew this man was a cruel, sadistic, manipulative man who wanted nothing better than to use his 2 innocent daughters for his own sexual pleasures, but I couldn't help myself. I was willingly fucking my ass on his long cock and letting him grope my teenage breasts very roughly, yet I didn't want it to stop.

I looked down into his face and said "I love it, Daddy. I love how you're hurting my big tits, and I love how your big dick feels nasty asshole! I loved it when you fucked my little pussy. I'm glad you made me fuck you today. I hated you for raping me at first, but now I don't. I want you to fuck me all the time now."

Dad smiled broadly at my sudden change into depravity. He said "How bad do you want Daddy to fuck you, baby? How bad do you want my fat cock up in you?"

"I want it realllllllly bad, Daddy. Really bad." I said in a slutty tone.

Dad grabbed my hips and slid me off of his hard cock. He slid out from underneath me and stood up in front of me as I knelt on the rug. He grabbed his dick and aimed it at my mouth.

"Then open your mouth wide and hold still." he said.

I opened my mouth thinking he was going to shoot his wad of thick sperm into it. Instead he grunted and out came a short burst of smelly piss into my mouth. I choked a little since it surprised me.

He looked down upon me and said "Little girls who want big cocks to fuck them have to prove how bad they want to be fucked."

Heather knelt down right beside me and said excitedly "I want to be fucked, Daddy. Give me some."

Dad moved his dick to her face and aimed it at her open mouth. He forced a couple of small spurts onto her tongue, which were quickly swallowed and waiting for more.

"See, your little sister knows how to be a good little whore. Now show me how bad you want to be fucked, Sissy."

Even though his urine smelled worse than it actually tasted, it was mostly just salty. Reluctantly, I slowly opened my mouth.

"That's a good girl. Heather, your sister is learning very quickly."

He placed the head of his dick right on my lower lip. He squirted another small gush of stinking pee into my mouth.

"Now swallow it, baby." he ordered.

When I obliged him and ingested the acidic urine, he leaned down and french kissed me in appreciation.

"You're such a good girl, Sissy." Dad complimented. "You're going to be a great addition to our incest."

He stood erect once more and gave my sister a hearty mouthful of acrid piss, which she promptly swallowed. He turned and offered me some again. Wanting to get him off of the pee play quickly so he could resume fucking me in my ass once more, when he put the head of his dick upon my lip, I wrapped my lips around it and applied intense suction. The urine started flowing out steadily, which was what I had hoped. I held my breath to nullify the acidic taste and drank it down into my gullet as if I was drinking it from a straw. Dad had to hold onto the top of my head to keep from stumbling.

"Holy shit! She's taking it just as fast as I give it to her." Dad exclaimed, surprised at my sudden attitude toward pee play. He just didn't realize that I wanted to end it quickly for my own personal desires.

Heather was distraught. She said "Hey, I wanted some more of that, you pig!"

When the piss stopped flowing, I pulled Dad's cock from my mouth and got on all fours.

I said "Now you can fuck my ass again, Daddy."

I wet my middle finger with my mouth, then rubbed it all along my upturned ass crack and on my asshole to show him how badly I wanted him inside me again. I pushed my middle finger up inside my anus and frigged myself until he got behind me and aimed his long cock at my asshole to enter me. I braced myself and pushed backward into his groin when I felt the head of his dick resting against my sphincter. His cock slid up inside me easily. Dad thrusted back and forth, fucking my ass hard on the instroke.

Heather was still a little miffed that I had prevented her from getting more of Dad's piss. She got down on her hands and knees in front of me.

She said "You owe me a good ass eating since you took all of Dad's piss from me."

My little sister backed up until her ass was directly in front of my face. I grabbed her hips and held on tightly since Dad was rocking my body around fucking me so roughly from behind. I put my mouth up to Heather's exposed ass and pressed my full lips against her puckered anus. I licked it with my slobbery tongue to lube it good, then I dove in. I forced my tongue down into her tight asshole and reamed it out good for her.

Mom was feeling a little neglected since we three were going at each other and leaving her out. She crawled over in front of Heather and laid on her back, then folded her legs up to her chest.

She looked at my little sister and said "I want some of what Sissy is giving to you. Get down there and eat my ass, you little shit!"

Heather grinned at the chance and dove head first onto Mom's gaping asshole. From the look of Mom's stained fingers, Heather must be putting her tongue into a little bit of stinky mud. It didn't slow her enthusiasm or efforts if she was encountering some poo inside Mom's rectum. My little sister lapped and licked and probed Mom's anus hungrily with her teenage tongue.

I was glad that Heather's rectal cavity wasn't inhabited with any fecal matter at the moment. I had my own tongue delving deeply into her clenching asshole and didn't want anything to thwart my efforts. Tasting Dad's piss was bad enough.

The four of us were engaged in a very heated and amorous daisy chain of immoral sex on the throw rug in the middle of our living room. Dad was pumping my tight asshole with his ever hard cock. I was reaming out my little 13 year old sister's asshole with my mouth, as was she upon our perverted mother's dirty anus and rectum. I didn't care how sick or depraved our little incestuous orgy was. I just wanted it to keep going all night long.

Dad was fucking my ass fast and hard behind me. Every now and then he would apply a sharp slap against the side of my ass cheek and say "Take that fucking dick, you little horny slut! You know you want it. Sissy likes having Daddy's fat cock up in her nasty ass! Don't you, baby?"

I'd merely reply "Mmmmm-hmmmm." since my tongue was occupied on and inside my little sister's asshole.

"My little horny daughters like it when Daddy fucks their tight, little asses and pussies, Mom. They like a good fucking like their nasty, perverted mother does. She's the biggest whore of them all, making her little girl eat her shitty asshole like that. You like your Mommy's poopy asshole, Heather?"

My sister turned her head and looked back at Dad to reply. "Yeah, Daddy! I love Mommy's shit. I feel her shit in her asshole. It's on my tongue, Daddy. I'm being a good girl and playing in it."

Indeed she was. When she looked back at me and Dad, her mouth and lips were smeared with streaks of brown, slimy poo. Although it was disgusting, I grinned at my little sister and her brazen, uninhibited attitude for the kinkier side of sex. She smiled back at me, said "AHHHHH", and stuck out her tongue to show me and Dad the small, nickel sized lump of Mom's poo she was rolling around inside her mouth. Her teeth had spots of fecal matter stuck in the spaces between her teeth as well. She swallowed the clump of poo dramatically with a loud swallowing noise, then dove back down and resumed eating out Mom's glutted waste dispenser.

The dirtiness of my baby sister's scandalous disregard for all things disgusting was so kinky that it sent me over the edge. My groin started tingling and pulsing from Dad's relentless thrusts up inside my distended colon. I braced my body up on my arms and exited Heather's asshole, waiting for the impending orgasm to take over my entire body.

I shouted "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! FUCK..... FUCK!!!" as the exhilarating sensations coursed throughout my naked, violated body. Dad never stopped fucking me in my ass the entire time. Even as I went limp and sunk to the floor on my belly, Dad kept drilling my asshole nonstop. I just laid there helpless in the floor and let Dad use me for his own deviant purposes.

Since I had vacated Heather's anal cavity, she turned her body and assumed a 69 position atop of Mom so that Mom could take over in her asshole where I left off. I could see Heather's soiled face as well as Mom's poo covered anus. They were acting very salacious and lewd on one another.

Dad spoke to me, saying "See how little girls are supposed to treat their parents? Little Heather is making her perverted mother happy, eating her nasty asshole for her. I've seen how excited you get when you're eating out a dirty asshole. In time, you'll even learn to like eating shit filled asses like your Mom and little sister do. Their horniness runs through your body, too. We've turned you into a whore in just ONE day, you horny little cunt. Just think what we'll be having you do to us by next week. Acting like a slut with us will become second nature."

Dad was right on all counts. I had allowed them to manipulate and coerce me into joining their sick, illegal, deviant clique with little resistance. Maybe he was right. Maybe I was a closet nymphomaniac and it took his raping me to awaken the sleeping degenerate that was within me all along. Even while I watched my little sister eat out Mom's dirty asshole, I'm not all that disgusted or revolted by the act. I think it might have even helped to get me off when I saw Heather stick out her brown tongue at me and smile.

I wan't real fond of the names that Dad was calling me, like 'whore' and 'slut', but I think they were appropriate for the mood in the room. The words seemed to suit all of us girls at the moment. I was allowing my sicko dad to fuck my asshole hard and deep, loving every incestuous moment of it. And Mom and Heather were acting very raunchy and depraved upon one another mere inches from us. We were all experiencing an uncontrollable fit of lust right then, so 'whore' and 'slut' were very appropriate for us.... even Dad for that matter. None of us cared what we did to each other as long as each person was deriving pleasure from it and no one was being harmed. Even the slaps Dad gave me on my ass and pussy only made me more aroused.

Dad's thrusts in my ass were becoming more and more intense. He was thinking about fucking me now instead of just fucking me as fast as he could to get off. He was concentrating intensely and grunting with every inward stroke up my rectum.

He finally dropped his body weight down onto my ass and back, then groaned "UHHHHNNNN!". I could feel his balls pumping against the skin on my ass cheeks. He was filling my rectal cavity with his thick, white, salty sperm. He pulled back from my ass just enough to keep the head of his cock inside my sphincter, then started jacking the loose foreskin on his hard shaft rapidly back and forth to milk every last drop of his incestuous seed inside me.

When Dad was finished with his climax, he pulled his softening dick from my asshole and crawled around in front of me. He lifted my head up and put the head of his slimy cock against my lips. I don't know why, but I just opened my mouth and let him stick it in there. I could taste his salty sperm on my tongue, as well as a slight residual flavor of my empty colon. I didn't try to resist him, though. I even grabbed his slippery cock and fed it to myself. I guess I was grateful for the intense orgasm he had provided me.

Dad said "That's a good girl, you dirty little bitch. You clean all the ass and sperm off of my nasty dick. That's what little girls are good for, to clean the sex off of their daddy's dirty dicks for them."

I might have taken offense to being called a bitch any other time, but my pussy was still experiencing a lingering sensation of twitching behind my belly button from my climax, and if derogatory talk was what got my Dad off, more power to him.

When it was obvious that no amount of tactile contact would arouse his limp cock at the moment, I let his dick fall from my mouth and crawled over beside Mom and Heather to watch them devour each other's asses. Mom's pendulous breasts were hanging against the sides of her ribcage. I put my hand against the one nearest me and fondled it softly as she slurped and licked noisily on my little sister's tight asshole. I copied Dad and gripped her firm nipple with my finger and thumb, then pulled hard on it until it stretched into a pointed torpedo shape. She moaned lustfully in response. The harder I pinched and pulled on Mom's nipple, the more she appeared to like it from the increasing volume of her moaning and the way her pace quickened as she ate out my sister's rectal cavity.

I decided to get a little rougher with Mom. I released her nipple and gave it a couple of hard slaps right down on her hard nipple and dark, firm aureola surrounding it. She yelped when I did it, but made no effort to stop me or move her mouth away from my little sister's asshole.

In a manner more befitting my Dad, I said "Do you like that, Mom? Do you like it when I beat on your big tits?"

Seductively, she murmured "Mmmmm-hmmmm." in a low lusty tone.

I slapped her big D-cup breast hard a few more times, which elicited more appreciative moans from Mom. I raised my hand high and brought it down cruelly on her exposed nipple. She looked at me with her teary eyes and gave me a grin of silent assurance that she liked what I was doing to her. My hand prints were becoming visible on her skin, glowing with a pinkish crimson hue on her large mammary. I yanked and slapped the poor abused breast until I started feeling sorry for the pitiful teat. Even though she appeared to enjoy the rough treatment, I felt her tit had had enough. I crawled over to the opposite side so I could start anew on her other large breast. I applied the same hurtful mistreatment to that tit as well. Mom groaned pleasurably from it.

Mom and Heather ravaged each other's assholes energetically in the middle of the living room while me and Dad watched until finally they both achieved another indulgent orgasm from each other's valiant efforts on one another's satiated and exhausted groins. My little sister rolled off of Mom's torso and laid on her back in the floor beside her. Heather's mouth was smeared with streaks of Mom's poo. Mom was careful to lay on her side when she stretched her legs back out so that her stained butt wouldn't get feces on the rug. Both of them were grinning ear to ear.

Mom said "Holy shit, that was fun! Wasn't it, Heather?"

"Yeah, Mommy, it sure was." Heather replied out of breath.

Then Mom happened to think of me.

"Sissy, I believe you have something I want."

Not knowing what she was referring to, I asked "What's that, Mom?"

"I believe your father made a deposit in your ass, and I'd like to make a withdrawal, if you don't mind. Give me your ass, please." she instructed.

Now I knew what she wanted. I threw my leg over her head and lowered my ass down to her face. She put her lips against my asshole and said "Push!"

It felt weird doing this, but I complied with her wishes. I relaxed my anus and clenched my abdomen. Dad's gooey sperm started oozing out of my asshole and dribbled down into Mom's waiting mouth. When the bulk of it had been pushed out, she swallowed it down and reamed my asshole with her snaking tongue to try to dig more of it out of my rectum. I loved the attention she was giving to my ass, but I was spent sexually. When I was sure she had retrieved all of Dad's sperm from my rectum, I climbed off of her and layed back down on the floor. Her face was shiny from the smeared sperm on her face.

Mom said "Mmmmmm. That was delicious. One of the biggest loads your father has ever given us. He must have been more excited than usual since Sissy joined us for sex. I don't blame him, either. She made me hornier, too."

Dad layed down behind me and spooned against my naked body. He reached around to my pussy and groped me vigorously, rubbing my swollen clit hard as an act of dominance in front of Mom and my little sister.

"Yep, I think Sissy is gonna be a nice little whore for us all. Ain't that right, Sissy? You're gonna be a good little fuck slut for us, aren't you? I can tell by the way you acted on us tonight."

Dad slipped a couple of fingers up into my wet pussy, then extracted them and pushed them into my mouth to make me taste my own vaginal discharge. I licked them clean so he could do it again, which he did.

I compliantly responded with "Yes, Daddy. I'm a fucking slut." , then turned my body over and kissed him deeply in the mouth. He pulled his face back, then pushed my face down to his flaccid cock. I opened my mouth and let him stick it inside, then suckled the sticky thing gently.

"Yeah, Mom, I do believe she's gonna be just as wild as her sister in time. Once I teach her to swallow my whole dick, she'll be a fine little whore for us."

Dad pushed his entire soft cock into my mouth to accentuate his point. Luckily it was soft and folded up in my cheeks or he would have choked me with it. He let go of my head and I pulled my mouth off of it to catch my breath. Dad grinned, knowing what he had accomplished with me today. He and my perverted family had transformed their virgin, innocent, teenage daughter into a willing participant in their sick, incestuous alliance. I should have felt ashamed for allowing them to corrupt me so easily, yet I wasn't. I was looking forward to the next encounter.

Dad spoke and said "Honey, Heather, you two should go take your baths now. You're both reeking of shit. Make sure you two gargle while you're in there, too."

Mom and my little sister got up from the floor and obediently headed up the stairs hand in hand. Heather was wedging her small hand up into Mom's jiggling ass crack as they walked, jabbing a couple of fingers up into her asshole. She pulled then back out, looked back at me and Dad, and fed the odorous, muddy digits to her own smiling mouth.

While they showered together upstairs, Dad got up and sat in his comfy recliner. He grabbed my hand on the way and had me sit down in his lap. He seemed a little more caring right now than I expected him to be.

He put his arm around my skinny waist and said "Sissy, I just wanted to say again how sorry I was for the way I treated you this morning. When you confronted me about the kiddie porn, I got a little defensive and reacted badly. I know you know now that I tend to take charge whenever it comes to sex, but since it was your first time, I should have been more compassionate and not forced you to do it."

I was grateful for his apology, but I was still a bit miffed from him using me like a common whore.

"It's called 'RAPE', Dad. You raped me. I was a virgin, dammit." I said in a slightly defiant tone.

"I.... I didn't know that, not for sure, anyway. I know you haven't dated much, but when I couldn't feel a hymen in you, I thought maybe you've had sex without me knowing."

"No Dad. There's a difference between using a hairbrush handle on yourself and being fucked with a man's dick against your will."

My demeanor was gruff with him. I wanted him to feel some sort of regret for his cruel actions this morning. It's not just that he raped me and forced himself upon me. It was the fact that he used insinuations that my little 13 year old sister's stable livelihood might be in jeopardy if I didn't cooperate, to coerce me into letting him fuck me, knowing the whole time that he and my equally appalling mother had already corrupted Heather beyond repair.

Even though I had seen him do some pretty sinister things with Mom and my little sister today, as if they were just a means for him to sexually gratify himself upon, at the moment he did seem somewhat remorseful for his actions on me in the kitchen this morning.

With a very apologetic look upon his face, he said "You're right, honey. I've done some awful things in my life, but making you hate me or be afraid of me was the worst I've ever done. I am so sorry, Sissy. Please forgive me for my terrible actions on you."

Dad wrapped both arms around me and pulled me closely against him. His sudden change back to the caring father I once knew before all of this perversity occured had returned. I couldn't help but return the gesture and hug him close to me as well. Both of us got a little teary eyed from our mutual affections.

I said to him "Daddy, I do forgive you."

He looked into my eyes and gave me a very passionate french kiss. Not like he was trying to get turned on from it, but a bona fide sincere father/daughter special moment. I sort of imagined it to be like when two young lovers got together after a long absence and were happy to see one another again. That's how special it felt to me. The sensual moment had completely melted the hard feelings I had toward him. He was my loving, carung father once more..... but with benefits.

He pulled away and broke the kiss. He said "Baby, I knew you probably had your mother's nymphomania affliction, but you were so proper and nice that I was afraid to attempt anything on you. I admit I did sneak a few thrills on you before you turned four, but I dared not do anything more sexual with you after that for fear of you telling on me. I hadn't yet found out about the depths of your mother's perverse tendencies. I knew she was wild in bed with me, but I had no idea she would be so accepting of letting you kids get involved, too, until she caught me letting Heather suck my dick for me. When she kept staring instead of blessing me out for it, I knew then she could be a pedophile like me."

"But Dad, you make Heather do such dirty things on you and Mom, namely the poop play. I saw her eat the shit off the end of your dick this morning in the bathroom."

"I'm afraid that was your dear mother's doing. She trained your horny little sister to ignore it when any poop happened to come up. Your Mom loves having her asshole eaten out. When Heather saw that your mother would keep eating out her little ass when there was poop inside, your sister just copied your mother to make her happy. Now Heather doesn't pay any attention to the poop. She just keeps going. It's the nymphomania you all have that makes her not care. Once you girls get going, it's hard to stop you. I mean, you just started with us and already you eat an asshole like it's a pussy."

"Yeah, but I didn't eat anyone's shit, though, Dad. If my tongue had touched some in their asses, I probably would have gagged on it. Heather was digging it out of Mom's ass going up the stairs and eating it. That's so sick!"

"Well, your sister has had years to get used to it. If you happen to do like your Mom and Heather and decide you want to play in other people's poop, that will be your choice. If not, then that's your choice, too."

"It's so disgusting, though."

"I know, honey. It's one of the hazards we encounter when we're making love to our loved ones. We just think about how much they like it when they get their asses eaten out and try to keep giving them that pleasure no matter what. I noticed you liked it when your little sister and Mom were eating out your ass, eh?"

I timidly blushed from the cold truth being thrown up at me.

"I.... I guess I liked it." I said humbly. I didn't like it when Mom and Heather did it to me, though. I actually loved it!

"And you even liked doing it to your horny mother and sister, didn't you, you little horn dog?" he asked grinning slyly, poking my abdomen gently with his finger like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. "I saw how into it you got on your sister's asshole just now."

"I suppose I did. But that was mostly your fault."

"MY fault?" he blurted. "How do you figure?"

"Well, if it hadn't felt so good when you were doing me in the butt, I might not have gotten so worked up and tongued her so uncontrollably like that."

I grinned at him jokingly. He smiled and tickled my sides in return.

He said "I'd like to take the credit for your horniness, but I'm afraid it wasn't me. It was the nymphomania you girls inherited from your mother. Like I said, once you get stirred up and your libido kicks in, there's not much you won't do sexually to get your kicks. I'm surprised yours didn't kick in a lot sooner. But that's why I married your mother, because she was so adventurous in bed. And without her, I would have never had two of the most beautiful daughters in the world."

I kissed him on the lips for the mild compliment.

"I love you, Sissy." he said.

"I love you , too, Daddy."

I hugged his neck and he hugged my slim waist. It was then that I suddenly felt something flexing underneath my ass. It was Dad's stiffening cock trying to squeeze it's way between my thighs. I turned my body on his lap facing away from him and his firm erection popped up between my legs and continued to rise until it had become fully hard once more. My pussy rested upon the base of the shaft and cradled it with my labia lips.

"Looks like he smelled pussy and decided to come up for a peek." he joshed.

"It's not my pussy he was looking for, Dad."

I reached down and rubbed the loose foreskin back and forth with my hands, pulling the hard member up tightly against my wet pussy lips. I hunched my hips and rocked slightly on my ass cheeks in Dad's lap, which let me slide to and fro about 2-3 inches and grind my pussy against his stiffening cock while I jacked him off steadily. Once it was rock hard, I turned around in the recliner on my knees facing Dad. I raised my body up and guided his cock to my asshole, then let my body weight push his erection up inside my ass until I felt his ballsack resting against my cheeks. The residual sperm inside my rectum from earlier lubed my asshole perfectly.

As I bucked my hips up and own upon Dad's lap, I leaned forward and placed my chest right in front of his face. He immediately clamped his lips down upon one of my nipples and inhaled it like he was trying to drink a very thick milkshake. His other hand grasped my soft breast and clenched it tightly, crushing it cruelly in his strong grasp. I gasped and moaned blissfully as he assailed both of my tender breasts one after another. His thick cock filled my anal cavity very satisfactorily, wedging my anus open forcefully with every in-stroke. We had enough time before Mom and Heather returned downstairs from their shared shower to give each other a nice, gratifying climax. My rectum was coated with a healthy refill of Dad's thick cumm once more, but this time I kept it for myself. I didn't let Mom or Heather have access to it this time. When they both emerged from the bathroom, me and Dad were already finished fucking and I was cuddled up to him in his lap watching TV.

Mom explained that she and my little sister had engaged in a little sexy encounter of their own in the shower. Heather seemed especially excited about talking about it.

She rambled on like a giddy teenager. "Oh god, Mom was fingering me in both holes....... It felt so good...... Then she made me eat her pussy while she peed right in my face...... I was licking her peehole while she pissed on me...... I loved it...... It was so much fun....."

Mom sat down on the sofa to recuperate from the night's antics. Heather, once she calmed down a little, layed on the couch beside Mom and rested her wet head upon Mom's sleek thigh.

Looking at how cozy me and Dad had suddenly become, Mom said "Look at you two now. This morning you were so mad at your father you didn't want anything to do with him. Now you're all buddy-buddy and hugging and stuff."

I told her "We worked it out. I'm not mad at him anymore, now that I know the truth about our family and our nymphomania."

Mom looked at me curiously and asked "Did he tell you..... everything?", raising an eyebrow as if to say there might be more to the story. It even made me curious the way she asked me that.

I said "Yeah, Dad told me that the girls in our family suffer from nymphomania, and it makes us want to have sex. And he told me about making me give him blowjobs when I was a toddler, and how you caught him and Heather together in the tub and liked it, so you watched him do it to her and after that joined them."

Mom's reaction and expression was one of someone who knew a secret. She grinned evilly and said "I see. That's all he told you about?"

I looked puzzled at her and said "Um, yeah. That's what he told me."

Mom smiled a shit eating grin, arose from the sofa, and silently walked back upstairs. She returned from their bedroom with Dad's laptop under her arm. She sat in the chair on the other side of the recliner and opened the computer in her bare lap. She tapped on the mousepad below the keyboard with her extended finger a few times, then turned the computer around so that I could see the screen.

She said "You're just discovering the very tip of the iceberg about your 'family' and their love of sex, Dear."

I didn't fully understand what she was trying to convey to me. Even as I stared at the computer screen, I didn't realize what she meant by her mysterious remark for a good five minutes.

On the screen was a video. It looked like it had been made back in the mid to late 80's, back when home video cameras first appeared. It showed Grandma and Grandpa and Mom and her brother, Uncle Jake. They were having a picnic in the clearing in the field behind their house. I've played there lots of times. They own 50 acres of woods and the area is pretty secluded. It's completely surrounded by trees and is only accessible by a 4 foot wide walking path that goes from their back yard to it. Mom was about 12 and Uncle Jake was about 10.

The video started out pretty normally. They must have put it on a tripod because it never moved or shook around like someone was holding it. They ate sandwiches and chips and drank sodas. Mom and Uncle Jake ran around the meadow chasing each other playfully while Grandpa and Grandma watched. The suddenly Grandpa started flirting with Grandma by pinching and fondling her breast through her blouse. Grandma retaliated my reaching down to Grandpa's groin and gripping his dick through his slacks.

Grandpa suddenly leaned forward and kissed Grandma very seductively. His hand meandered its way under the bottom of her blouse and discovered her big, braless breasts. He began groping her large tits as he kissed her fervidly with his tongue. Grandma reached her hand up to his zipper and peeled it down the front of his pants, then reached through the opening and started stroking his hardening cock through his underwear.

Although it was a little unsettling to see my Grandparents making out so brazenly like that, Mom's hint at something sinister wasn't apparent to me yet. It wasn't until Grandma unbuttoned her blouse all the way and tossed it aside, and Grandpa unbuttoned his slacks and slid them and his boxers off that it hit me. Grandma laid back on the blanket they had spread out for their picnic, cupping her big breasts in her hands as if to offer them up to Grandpa to feast upon. He leaned down and started massaging her tits and suckling on her dime sized nipples. His hand pulled her dress up and exposed her groin to the camera. She hadn't worn any panties on their picnic. She spread her legs apart and he started fingering her pussy with two fingers.

Then all of a sudden, Mom appeared in the frame. She was smiling at the action going on in front of her. Grandpa pointed at her and she started shedding her clothing, panties and all, until she was stark naked. She knelt down on the blanket by Grandpa and grabbed his rising cock. She opened her mouth and fed his semi-flaccid dick to herself while he kissed and groped Grandma in front of her. Then Uncle Jake came into view completely nude as well, dropped to his knees next to Grandma's face, and poised his small cock over her lips. Grandma opened her mouth and hurriedly took it in. Her cheeks sunk in as she earnestly sucked her young son's little cock for him.

Now I knew why Mom had been so curious about what Dad had revealed to me. Apparently, nymphomania and pedophilia didn't start with our immediate family. It looked like ALL of the women in our family had the affliction, and the men in our family weren't afraid to forgo a few taboos, like incest and kiddie sex, to exploit our condition.

I couldn't avert my eyes from the computer screen. It was fascinating for me to see my outwardly kind, loving Grandparents defile themselves and their kids so vulgarly. I might have been more repulsed by it if the video showed them as they are now, rather old, gray, out of shape, and all wrinkled. But they were about Mom and Dad's age in the video, thankfully, and were in fair shape.

I stared intently as the action unfolded. Grandma removed her skirt and was now as nude as the others. Man, she had a real afro on her pussy, but that was the look back then. She was laying on her back sucking Grandpa while Mom ate out her hairy pussy. Uncle Jake got right behind Mom and started hunching his little dick in and out of her hairless pussy briskly. The four of the changed positions frequently as the video played on until they had all achieved their own form of orgasm from the melee. Then the video ended.

Mom looked at me to judge my reaction. "Now you know the depths of our perversion. It's been going on for generations. Us Miller girls are destined to be sex addicts, and we don't care where we get it from. I was just lucky that I married a man like your father, whose own sexual appetite was as fervid and uninhibited as my own. When you have kids someday, you, too, will look at them when they bathe or change clothes and yearn to lick or suck or molest them. It's like a vampire's thirst. It consumes your mind. You'll want sex all the time. If your father hadn't awakened your hidden lusts in you now, they might have built up inside you to the point that you would have become a prostitute to satisfy your hunger for sex. By awakening your sexual thirst now, we can help teach you how to curb those urges and not be consumed by them. And, with a regular dose of sex with us every now and then, you won't seek out boys who just want to fuck you and leave you. We, on the other hand, want to pleasure you as much as we'd like you to pleasure us. Sure, your father might be in it for the illicit sex, but me and your sister want you to enjoy it to the fullest like we do with one another. Having sex with your loving family is way better and more satisfying than some random, uncaring encounter with some guy who doesn't give a shit about you at all and just wants a piece of tail."

I understood it all now. The intensity of Mom and Heather's lesbianism upon one another and me today, as well as my own emerging urges. Mom was right. I didn't want to become a whore who flitted from guy to guy in a never ending quest for meaningless, self gratifying sex. I wanted help with the surfacing emotions and yearnings I was experiencing, and who better to help you than your own mother.

"So.... do you have any questions abvout the whole affair, no pun intended." Mom quipped.

I replied "I think I get it. The Miller women all have nymphomania, my Grandparents and my own parents are pedophiles who had dirty sex with their children, and I'm going to start craving sex from now on. Did I miss anything?

Dad said "I think you pretty much covered it all, Sissy."

Sarcastically, I said "As if I didn't have enough worries as a teenager, now this."

Mom said "It'll be fine, dear. Like I said, you, me, and Heather will keep each other satisfied to stop you from seeking out strange sex."

"Yeah, but who's gonna stop the strange sex in OUR house?" I joked and grinned. All three of them laughed out loud at that.

I was starting to feel icky from all the sexual fluids that were on me and inside of me. I needed a good cleansing shower in the worst possible way. I kissed Dad on the cheek, got up out of his lap, and announced my departure.

"I'm going upstairs and get my bath before bedtime. I'm kinda gunky right now."

Heather spoke up. "Need a hand.... or a few well placed fingers?"

I was spent from the day's sexcapades. "No, I'm gonna go solo on this one. I'm too tired to do anything else tonight. I'm gonna take a shower and probably lay down."

"Aww, man!" my sister exclaimed disappointedly.

I kissed Mom as well as Heather on their cheeks, then climbed up the stairs to go take my shower. I stopped briefly in my room on the way to get a pair of panties and a night shirt to sleep in. Just then, my cell phone rang. It was my friend Britney.

"Hey Britt, hows it going?"

"Everythings okay. So, what did you finally do about your Dad?"

"I worked it all out. Me and him came to a mutual understanding. I don't think he's going to look up any more nudist pics and stuff on the Internet anymore."

That wasn't a total lie. Now that he had me to take out his frustrations on, he probably wouldn't seek out any more child porn outside of the house, I figured. Making some for our own amusement, maybe, but not surfing for it on the web.

"That's good. I'd hate for you guys to get into trouble. By the way, the boobs are looking pretty sweet there, girl."

I was stunned. Confused, I looked around the room and noticed I had failed to close my curtains, which were right across the property line from Britney's bedroom window. She was looking across the yard and could see me standing completely nude in my bedroom. I started to cover myself with my arms for the sake of morality, but I stopped myself. Instead, I simply sauntered over to the window with the phone to my ear, looked right at her, and pressed my soft breasts against the window glass.

"So, ya see anything you like?" I said sensually and grinned at her. "Or maybe you're an ass girl, eh?". I turned around and pressed my rounded ass against the glass and shook it at her.

She was shocked. "Oh my god, you skank! What are you doing? Someone's gonna see you."

I said confidently "Hey, I know I've got it. It's not wrong to flaunt it once in a while."

I stepped back from the window and did a slow sexy dance for her benefit. Britney covered her mouth, which was agape from seeing me act so brazenly.

"I swear you're such a little slut." she replied.

If she only knew. If only....



Downstairs, Dad was chatting with Mom on the sofa. They were discussing my divergence from being a Miss Goody Two Shoes to turning into a fledgling nymphomaniac. Heather was laying in the floor right in front of the TV and couldn't hear them talking.

Mom said "It looks like everything went well tonight. Sissy is coming around to our way of thinking. When you told me she found my stash of child porn on the computer, I was so afraid she would do something drastic like tell the cops or something. Fuck, I wish I had been there to watch you rape her sweet ass. I would have loved to see her face as you made her suck your dick and as you fucked her ass and pussy while she cried. I'll bet it hurt her, too, didn't it?"

"Yeah, it did. And she was so mad at me, too. That made the rape that much hotter, knowing she couldn't do a damn thing about it to stop me. I had to remind her a couple of times that it was in her best interest to cooperate for her sister's sake. She thought she was going to save Heather from her perverted parents, imagine that. Hahahaha."

"But how did you get her to cozy up to you just now?"

"I gave her a cockumbull apology, faked a few tears, and she turned into putty in my hands. I knew she would. She's too soft hearted to hold a grudge for very long, even against her rapist pedophile of a Dad. I just wish we'd been able to start training her for sex a lot sooner."

"I know what you mean. But I was so afraid you'd catch me having sex with her when she was a baby and getting mad about it, I stopped doing it. That was so hott when you caught me licking Heather's little baby cunt in the bathtub and started jacking off to it. Who knew my sexy husband liked kiddie sex, too? I should have told you about my family's pedophilia sooner and we could have turned Sissy like we did her sister. And thanks for taking the blame for Heather's corruption. She might have taken it harder if she knew it was me molesting her and her sister instead of you."

"She was already mad at me for the rape anyway, so I figured I'd let her think it was me who was doing the molesting kids, too. It's usually the men who molest little girls. At least it is in most of those child porn videos you have saved."

"Now that both of them are going to start being lesbians together, we can make some great videos. They look so much alike that there's no denying they're related, so that will make the price of their videos that much higher. People will pay big bucks for a Mom/Daughter video, but when it involves lookalike kids, the price doubles. Too bad they're not twins. Those videos are rare and fetch thousands of dollars."

"We've made a pretty good killing selling the videos of Heather having sex on the internet. Just imagine how rich we'll be selling videos of her *and* Sissy having sex. Our customers will eat that stuff up. We'll make sure Sissy is shaved before we tape them so people will think she's younger, but those big tits of hers are going to be hard to hide."

"She'll be fine. Sissy's still kind of short and skinny. They'll believe she's 14 if we tell them she is."

They kissed one another passionately, happy in the notion that their young children were going to net them a tidy profit from the sale of the illegal and illicit incest videos they were going to make for years to come.

"I guess I need to go upstairs and get a shower, too. My crotch smells like sex and ass. If Sissy is still in there, I may even take a good piss on her while I'm at it."

"Okay, dear. Have fun." Mom said.

Dad disappeared up the carpeted staircase and crept into the bathroom silently. He stood by the door and watched me rubbing my soapy hands all over my wet, teenage body. He slipped into the bathtub unseen like a ninja and grabbed me around the waist, wrestling me down to the floor of the bathtub. Before I could react, he had me laying on my belly and was holding me down by sitting upon the back of my thighs close to my exposed buttocks.

Dad grabbed his stiffening cock with one hand and pressed the tapered tip against my sphincter. He spoke in a low, calculated tone.

"I think it's time we start with your pee training." he said to me authoritatively.

Unable to wriggle out from underneath his weight, Dad spread my ass cheeks apart and pushed the head of his dick down into my soapy asshole about 4 inches. He grunted and out spewed a hard stream of his smelly piss right into my unwitting rectum. I felt it splatter against the soft tissue of my colon and seep down into my bowels like an enema. His piss and sperm mixed together thoroughly inside my asshole when he started pumping his long cock in and out of my asshole until he cummed once again in my ass.


So this is my life. I was subjected to frequent "trainings" such as this many times after that. Deep throating Dad came easier to me than I thought it would. Once you get past the gag reflex, it's rather simple to hold your breath while he does it to you.

I was put on the pill immediately to keep from getting pregnant. I eventually found myself acting as subserviant and obedient as my little sister behaved for them, except for the poo play. I never could get past the awful smell of feces to act as disgusting as my sister does around it. If I encountered any unwelcome visitors within either of their rectums when I tossed their salads for them, my tongue barely penetrated past their sphincters. Fingers - yes, tongue - no.

There was one very nice aspect that did arise from my awakening into the world of nymphomania. I discovered that my best friend Britney next door was a closet bisexual. That little dance I gave her through my window across the way turned her on so much that she outed herself to me not long after that. She told me that during my little show, as she sat on her bed watching me undulate and twist around naked, she secretly reached into her nightstand and got out a small vibrator she kept in there and slipped it down into her pajama bottoms and up inside her tight pussy. The cigar shaped phallus shook and hummed up inside her wet cunt as I strutted and danced for her during my private show.

Now she and I constanly ask our parents if we can sleep over at each other's houses. Mom and Dad aren't to keen on me spending so much time at her house on the weekends because that cuts into their fun with me, but they let me do it as long as it's not every weekend. The two of us hardly get any sleep when we're together because we're thrashing around pleasuring each other all night long.

I have noticed one thing, though. Whenever Britney spends the night over here and she decides to wear shorts instead of pajama bottoms, Mom has a bad habit of leering at her as if she is getting turned on by the sight of my best friend. I suspect she wants to include Britney as a fuck buddy, but I doubt Mom will ever act upon it. She'd be too afraid of Britney's parents finding out she had sex with their child.

Dad became obsessed with capturing every sexy moment our family did together. He and Mom would urge me and Heather, my little sister, to go solo on one another while Dad held the camera himself and got lots of close ups. His favorite shot was when me and Heather would be on all fours and bumping our asses together with an 18 inch double headed dildo up in our rectums. Sometimes Mom would put on a Zorro mask and join us. Not sure why she did. It's not like she needs to hide her face since these videos are only going to be seen by us anyway, is it?

There was something else I found out later on, too. Mom said she got really horny one night and talked her friend Mrs Johnson, the lady where we went swimming in her pool, into agreeing to a quickie three-way with her and Dad years ago. That was why Jason's mom acted so casual and familiar on Mom when she was putting the sunblock all over Mom's tits and under her bikini bottoms that day. They were very familiar with one another. The thing that made the encounter so disturbingly hott was that it wasn't too long after that when her son, Jason was born. The timing of his birth sort of fit in with the three way they had. But since she had had sex that same week with Mr Johnson as well, she was never quite sure whose son he actually was. The idea that I've been lusting after someone who might secretly be my half brother thrilled me to no end.

And poor Jason, well, I did have sex with him that summer before he went back to college. I couldn't bear the thought of him leaving town before I got some possible incest sex from him. I asked him to take me for a ride on his motorcycle once while we were visiting the Johnson's one afternoon. Instead of going for a joyride, though, we met up with Britney at a secluded spot and the three of us fucked for a good hour. It blew his mind to have two young horny nymphettes so eager and willing to have sex with him. He especially liked it when me or Britney would get on top of him and lean back while he drilled us, and the other would lean down and start licking on his dick and the pussy he was fucking at the moment. We each got a hearty mouthful of cumm from him that day.

As for the home orgies, they happened all the time now. Dad stayed as derogatory and sadistic to us during sex as he was that day he raped me, calling us vulgar names and treating us like fuck sluts whenever we had sex with him. The rough treatment during our sex play became tolerable and even expected after awhile. Mom would hardly wait for me and Heather to get in from school before she was dragging us both upstairs to have sex with her. Sometimes I would insist that we do it in my bedroom instead. Every now and then I would look out the window and spy a pair of sneaky eyes peeping just above the window sill in Britney's bedroom like a Kilroy cartoon. She never said anything about Mom's interaction with us kids, though. Maybe my deviancy is rubbing off on her.


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