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This is the story of my first time experience with my girlfriend, who I am still with and very much in love with
This is my first story, so please tell me what you guys think
Sorry if it's a bit lengthy 

Kelly is a very religious girl, being raised in a strong Christian home filled with rules and restrictions that most kids our age are pretty used to ( 17-18 year olds). I knew from the beginning that I loved her, from the moment I became best friends with her in my junior year of high school.  She's got the cutest face, and the sexiest body that I could not stop staring at when I first saw her. Big c-cup tits that always showed cleavage no matter how much she tried to hide them. Even on cold days while wearing a sweater they were still visible- and being a virgin at the time, all it takes is a little imaging to stir up some sexy visions of how amazing they looked under that sweater.  She also has the best hips I've ever seen, with an amazingly big and firm ass thats to die for, especially when she wore tight skinny jeans that would bring out its round and sexy shape.
Kelly was aware of her amazing body, and always told me she hated it because her mom would verbally abuse her and insult her for not ever looking decent- which she can't really be blamed for with that smoking hot body- it can't be hidden.
Kelly always had a crush on me, thinking I was the sweetest and coolest kid in our school.  Not to brag or toot my own horn, but im know around school as the nice guy everyone gets along with, and am friends with everybody.  However, she is the shyest girl who always secluded herself with her small group of friends, who were just as shy
My best friend since I was 5 had a huge crush on her, and I on occasion would try to hook them up, because I wanted my friend to get some action. Not knowing her at all at this point, I began noticing how sweet of a girl she was, she was kind and caring, a little nerdy- but still had a great sense of humor.
My friend gave up on her after a while- worst mistake he'd ever make (he's pretty slow with girls...)
So Kelly had grown affectionate with my friend, but after finding out he gave up on her, she was pretty hurt
She turned to me, as her new best friend, for comfort.
She began to tell me how she's always liked me more than my friend, and that she wishes that she could date me
I've never had a girlfriend, so hearing this from this smoking hot babe was like a dream come true!
So we started dating, and soon I find out about her beliefs and christian background 
I'm not fond of religion, I don't hate it- I just don't care for it
She tried pressuring me into going to church and all that stuff
I tried it out for a while until her crazy parents made me never want to go back again
Anyways, she told me about her views on sex... You guessed it- not until marriage.
No matter how "nice" a guy is, no 17 year old dude ever wants to hear those words from his girl.
So I asked her if she'd ever change her views, and she said no- expecting me to deal with them
This caused a bit of a speed bump in our relationship... And many of my friends encouraged me to bolt because it wouldnt end well. They were very wrong...

Fast forward a few months, Kelly had become a bit more comfortable with fooling around, even letting me feel her up a bit (not under any clothes). One day when making out under some stairs at school, I went under her shirt and went for her bra. Now what struck me the most was not that she was ok with it, but the way she smiled and giggled at me unhooking her bra. She looked at me and said "at school babe? I can't imagine what you'd try if we were somewhere more private!"
I didn't think of it much there, I was to busy rubbing her bare c-cup tits in my hands and slowly rubbing her nipples until they were hard. I looked around for people (this was after school btw), no one was around- so I thought "fuck it", and pulled her v neck shirt down a bit, enough to expose her left tits nipple. She gasped as if a bit upset, and pulled it back up. "what are you Doing!? What if someone sees?" I was too horny to even care if someone saw. "babe, everyones gone except us, no one will see... Just a bit, alright?"
She hesitated, and I slowly pulled her tit out again, exposing her sexy tits
Her nipples were so cute, little and pink, staring me right in the face
I had never seen a tit in real life, but I knew for a fact that these were the best I would ever see. I lowered my head slowly, and started kissing the area around her nipple, trying to tease her a bit. I looked up at her and. could tell she was very nervous, but still wanted it at the same time.
I finally start licking and kissing her nipples very gently, sucking and enjoying the newfound taste- trying to savor the moment as much as possible.
I started hearing her struggle to hold in moans and little mouse like squeaks she was making.
She was horny as fuck, probably for the first time in her life.
I kept sucking her sweet nipples until we heard footsteps. She hooked her bra and pulled her shirt back up fast.
We silently walked around the building and left the school as fast as we could.

On our way home, it was pretty quiet and a little awkward. This was the most serious sexual activity she had done, and she seemed a little guilty.
She told me how much she loved it, but that due to her beliefs- it would never happen again until marriage.
She lasted about a week.

After about a month of me sucking her tits, she began getting more open and sexual- sending me texts about how bad she wanted me to lick her juicy nipples
We were both getting hornier and more wanting of eachother
Eventually, I got to finger her in the same spot of our school, and even made her orgasm for the first time in her life. Feeling her sweet warms juices pour on my hands made me so horny, I wanted to just fuck right there and then
But she held strong to the "everything but sex" rule which she set after a while. 

I was pretty bummed out one night when she told me how bad she felt that she was making me suffer by making me wait. It was a real downer and we had a long talk about what we both really wanted. She wanted to break up, thinking that I was frustrated with her
I kept saying I didn't want to, but she didn't believe me, so just like that-  she broke up with me.

After a few weeks, we started talking again, and we became friends again, talking like we used to before we dated
It wasn't long until the elephant in the room popped up- we both missed each other bad.
After a a while of chatting on Facebook, she tells me that one of the things she misses the most about being with me was the sexual stuff
I got a little excited, but kept in low-key, just saying how I wish it didn't end the way it did 
She kept going back to how she loved me sucking her big titties and fingering her tight warm pussy.
I finally gave in and asked of she wanted to get back together, and she said yes

We quickly got back on track, enjoying our normal routine of "everything but sex"

One night she text me and tells me "babe, I don't want to make you deal with my beliefs. I hate knowing you probably have blue balls or something because of me" 
I anticipated another break up, and was pretty pissed and was typing my response
Before I could send, she sent another message... "I love you, so much... I want to do it"
I was frozen from shock
I don't know what had just happened
I asked her just so there wouldn't be any confusion "do it? You mean sex?"
"yes, I don't care anymore- my beliefs don't matter, I love you so much, I want you to be happy"
I couldn't believe it, I was going to have sex for the first time
She didn't say when or where, but that "it will happen when it happens"
Fuck! Really? 

About a month or so, we finally got a night alone
My parents left town for the weekend and my bro was staying at a buddies dorm.
So I would be alone all weekend, perfect chance

I told Kelly about the situation and she jumped on it, she couldn't wait to come over
Only problem, her parents are the strictest mother fuckers you'd ever meet. BUT, her best friend, Maria- was having a sleep over with a few of there group, so Kelly told her folks she was going to stay over- all weekend.
Fuck yes! I was pumped for what was to come the next few nights.

Kelly arrived at about 7 pm Friday night, dressed in a skirt that went to her knees and a button up shirt. Not very sexy, but whatever.  I turned towards the kitchen and asked if she wanted a drink, she said no and walked up to me, grabbing my arm and slowly rubbing it, making her way down to my hand- which she pulled towards her beautiful face and began to gently kiss.  "I had to dress like this because my mom drove me."  
I smiled and said it doesn't matter, she quickly shushed me
"she doesn't know what I'm wearing under though..." she grinned and gave a cute little wink
Who the hell was she, and what did she do to my girlfriend?

Kelly led me to the couch and sat me down while she prepared a little show for me
She slowly unbuttoned her shirt, exposing a bra that clearly was NOT Christian- her tits were amazing! They we're so big, she was already having a nip slip
She then pulled off her skirt, revealing her matching black panties which were pretty see-through, allowing me to see her shaved pussy
She walked over to me and pulled me up from the couch, and put my hands on her big, tight ass and kissed me passionately
I squeezed it firmly in my hands, slowly going under her panties to rub her bare ass
She started rubbing me over my pants, showing shock in how hard I was already
She rubbed my boner which throbbed at her touch- I wanted to fuck her so bad
I tried to take off her panties, but she stopped me and pulled my ear to her and whispered "not yet... You always pleasure me, let me show you grateful I am first"
She unbuckled my belt and whipped out my cock. She went down on her knees and inspected it with a sexual gaze in her eyes. She had never seen my cock, let alone touch it before, she had only rubbed it over my pants

She went down to my balls and gave them a soft lick while staring up into my eyes with a lustful look that sent a shiver up my spine and made me want more.
She licked my balls, slowly moving up to my now rock bard cock, and began licking it up and down while still staring at me with that look in her eyes 
She made her way to the tip, and sucked on it so softly with her cute little lips- enough to make a guy want to go crazy with anticipation. She licked it for a few seconds before finally inserting my dick into her warm and wanting mouth. I could feel her tongue playing with every inch of my cock, slurping away at it, enjoying every inch of me.
She started cradling my balls, gently and tenderly squeezing them in her little hands

I wanted to explode after just 2 minutes, but I held back as hard as I could

She kept sucking harder and faster, hearing her slurping sounds and moans of lust made it even harder for me to keep from cumming into her warm and wet mouth.

I finally couldn't hold it anymore, I grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled it towards my cock, inserting every inch of me inside her before jizzing into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she struggled not to gag while swallowing my loads of cum which seemed never ending.
I must have shot over 5 loads, all stringing down directly in her throat.
I let go and she quickly pulled back and coughed a bit, then she giggled.
"wow, that was funner than I thought it would be."

She gave me a sexy stare as she slowly moved up and began licking my chest and nipples while still slowly running my balls in her hand

I knew I would be hard again soon, she was hot as fuck in her lingerie which she was squeezed into, all any guy had to do to get hard was stare at her like that.

She came up to my ear and gave it a soft lick and nibble before whispering "let's go to your bed now babe, I want you to make love to me"

We got to my bed and I slowly laid her down on my pillow and began to kiss her with all the love i had in me.  She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me tightly close to her, jamming her whole tongue in my mouth

She pulled away, almost gasping for air, almost yelling "I want you now, please you have no idea how bad I want this!"
I slid off her panties and put them aside, they were soaked from her pussy being so wet. I couldn't resist

I went down to her pussy and started licking her clit, her body spasmed from what seemed to be a sudden feeling of heaven. I jammed my tongue deep into her, rapidly moving it in and out and taking in all her sweet juices.  Her pussy seemed to tighten up for a second before she came, releasing a bunch of her juice into my mouth which I gladly swallowed.

"I'm sorry! Oh my gosh, I didn't mean to cum... It felt so good, I didn't want you to stop"

"it's ok, It tasted amazing"

She smiled and pulled me in for another kiss and then stared deep into my eyes for what felt like a lifetime. "I'm ready"

I easily rolled the condom onto my cock which had gotten hard while I ate her out.
She got on top of me and unhooked her bra, "I want you to make me cum. I want you deep inside of me"
She took my cock into her hand and guided it into her tight and warm pussy, which slowly eased its way in. 
I couldn't believe it, I was having sex

I almost lost it when I realized how tight her pussy was around my entire cock, it was amazing

For a second, she looked like she was in excruciating pain, but after slowly easing her, it seemed to go away
"it's not as bad as I thought... The pain I mean" 

She slowly grinded her sexy hips back and forth, resting her hands on my chest. She closed her eyes and licked her lips, letting out a soft moan, "oh... Oh fuck..." 

She started thrusting her hips, increasing her speed each second.
"holy shit... Aaah, fuck it feels good."

I grabbed her big, tight ass and began to fuck her faster, sticking every inch of my cock into her pussy. "ah! Fuck! Fuck me!" I started to feel myself building up for a huge load of

"ahh... Oh! Mmm, does it feel good?"
I could barely even mutter a word, all I could reply was with a smile and nod of sexual appreciation

I sat up and pulled her closer. She wrapped her arms around my neck and began to tongue kiss me intensely.

She pulled back and opened her mouth wide open and closed her eyes. "I'm going to cum!"

I trusted with all the energy I had left before finally feeling her pussy tighten and tremble a bit. I could feel her juices drip down to my balls.
Seconds later, I grabbed her tightly and exploded, releasing all my cum into the condom.

I fell back onto the pillows, and her onto my chest. "wow, that was amazing"
She looked up at me, her bare naked body still barely dripping sweat onto mine.
"did it feel good for you too?"
I smiled, "ofcourse babe, I loved it"

She gave a little smile, she whispered "i love you so much" before closing her eyes and resting her head on my chest, dozing off into a deep sleep.

I sat there, still in shock. Kelly, the Christian girl I've known for over a year- who claimed shed never have sex before marriage, just lost her virginity to me. 
I smiled, thinking of how lucky I was to have lost mine to one of the sexiest girls in my school- who was crazy in love with me. I looked at her, kissed her for head, then closed my eyes.

"I love you too."


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2013-12-15 09:42:16
This was so cute... Saying I love you to each other and calling her the sexiest girl in school is so romantic

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-08 00:00:12
Good story.
Like these parts:

"...I almost lost it when I realized how tight her pussy was around my entire cock, it was amazing..."
Yes, those virgin Christian girls have very tight pussies.

"She slowly grinded her sexy hips back and forth, resting her hands on my chest. She closed her eyes and licked her lips, letting out a soft moan, "oh... Oh fuck..." ..."
She was feeling your nonChristian cock deep into her.
She's never had a man in her before, so the giggling, naive virgin girl had some things to learn...
... particularly that moment of truth when she has to decide if she will block him or let him enter, as her guy poises his hungry, hard cock right in front of her "innocent' virgin pussy, which she let him such & eat earlier. She'd also gone down on him, almost "worshiping' his hard cock which she brought to cum with her lips...

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-23 17:34:36
dg7MVt Really informative blog post. Will read on...

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2013-08-13 06:28:34
To me although she enjoyed her sexuality wit her Bf that was great but is too bad for u to break up ur convent with God is too bad. now to ever vagin either boy or girl there is a spiritual fire that circles that person to she that he or she is a true child of God and that fire guide u where ever u a going. and it will make the blessings of God upon ur life to come at the due time. The reason am telling u this is bcos am 29years still a vagin boy. sex is sweet like people of the world say but is not of God. If it comes to me I see it as a temptation after comes blessings from above.

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2013-02-04 21:10:24
Good, erotic story.
No problem telling the backstory of her Christian faith, which she obviously took seriously as she wouldn't let you fuck her for that full year.

Just give it time as you learned that even "Christian" girls want their pussies filled.

One thing guys like to do is ask their Christian GFs if they're "devout" or strong Christians... while thrusting.
They whispher that in their girls' ears as they thrust deeper, drilling deep into her "innocent" Christian vaginas...

"...OMG... yes... I ... am.... a ... Christian..." she says, pausing, obviously distracted by his carnal thrusts.

" thing I do ask my BFs... because I'm a Christian, I can't allow your seed in me... until marriage. Will you pull-out just before you cum? The others do."

He nominally agrees and keeps thrusting.
As he's about to cum, as he tries to exit, his Christian GF holds him even tighter, preventing his exit.

"...I want ALL of you" she declares & his nonchristian cum flows in her

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