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As the brown haired and petite Hollie, aged nine, walked in quietly from school she couldn't help but notice the loud grunts and groans coming from the living room. Silently she crept towards the school, trying to make her escape.

"Hollie! You little bitch, come in and help your daddy." She heard him bellow. She loudly dumped her bag into the hall and reluctantly walked to him, trying to keep her bottom lip from trembling.

In the living room, she could see her father, John naked and stroking his 7 inch cock whilst watching something from their massive television screen. As Hollie got closer she realized it was the video John had made when he had first raped her at age seven. She was dressed in her primary school uniform, a grey little dress that buttoned from the front. Currently in the movie that dress was unbuttoned to show her wearing a cute pair of pale pink panties and nothing else. She was thrashing about whilst John was quickly binding her wrists behind her back and removing her dress with a fast rip of fabric. He slide a thick finger between her clothed virgin lips and rubbed back and forth,

"You like that, don't you you little whore? I can feel your slutty little clit getting all hard from your daddy touching your pussy. Tell me you like it slut, say it!" He yelled into her face. She clamped her lips closed and in a bout of frustration John tore the panties right off her and laughed cruelly. Then he spread his little girl wide and entered her for the first time.

By now Hollie was use to, but still scarred by her daily rapes from her father and so she knew what she had to do now. Quickly, she moved in front of her daddy and removed all her school uniform apart from her knee high socks. She could never understand why Josh liked those socks so much. Most days they were the only item of clothing he'd allow her to wear. She then knelt and wrapped her tiny hand around as much of her daddy's cock as possible and started to caress him like she'd been taught.

"Ohh yes. I miss you so much while you're at school Holz. Aha! Do you like your new nickname? Because that's all you are to me, a couple of holes to use and abuse." John chuckled and reached round to spank her pert little ass just as she moved to place his entire dick into her mouth, using her tongue to slowly moisten he daddy's thick member. John continued to grunt, using his large hands to push on the back of Hollie's head, making her deep throat his entire cock.

"Right," He said suddenly, "Hop on like the good little hoe you are." He pushed her roughly off his dick onto the floor. Hollie stood up, wiping the pre-cum off her plump lips and wiping it unemotionally onto her dry, tight pussy. When she could get herself as wet as she was ever going to be, she climbed onto her father's lap and spread her pussy using two slim fingers. Just as she was slowly starting her descent onto his cock, John harshly grabbed her shoulders and rammed him entirely into his little girl. Hollie screamed and got a slap in return.

"Shut the fuck up! You've been doing this long enough for it not to hurt, just take it." He rubbed her tiny tits and roughly pinched her little pink nipples.

"Ride me slut, fuck your daddy good and hard, he's had a bad day." Using all the strength in her little legs, Hollie pumped herself up and down onto John's cock, becoming wetter and wetter by the moment. It was still rape, and she still hated every moment of it but when she was riding his cock she couldn't help but be aroused and turn on. She flushed bright red. Hollie was a good sweet girl, no one at school would have even know that she was her daddy's live in whore.

It wasn't long until he blew his load into her hole and when he did his attention returned to the tapes laying on the screen. Right about now she was giving him her first blow job. He rubbed her clit and turned her head,

"Do you remember that Hollie? Do you remember how much you gagged and cried that day? You looked so beautiful Holz, just like your mother here.." He pinched her clit, causing her to scream yet again.

"Sorry babe but we all know that I'm never going to make you cum. It's not about you, it's about me fucking you." He grinned at her wickedly,

"Here," He said, passing her a vibrator that was stashed from somewhere on the couch, "Jump off and finish yourself with this. Get all wet and horny for daddy." Josh jumped her off of him back onto the floor where she looked up at him, wide eyed and tearing up from embarrassment. He looked at her sternly and silently raised a hand, as if to hit her. Hollie gulped and, using both hands, started to slowly push the vibrator head into her pussy. Sighing impatiently, John used his foot to push the whole toy deep into his daughter's cunt. Laughing, he turned back to the screen, ignoring her shallow breaths,

"So lets look at those videos you made at school.. See what other girls might be ripe for the picking..." He chuckled darkly and formulated his next plan to rape another young girl. Hollie looked up at dismay at what may happen to one unlucky school friend.



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Njan ninte thanthayada thantha

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2014-01-10 07:30:13
Maybe have a orgy with friends 8 to.11year girls.nothing better than sliding your cock into a tight young pubic hair or period to worry about!

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2013-09-04 05:25:18
I don't get it! People say that this is disgusting to read yet they were reading it!? This world is fucked up

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2013-09-04 04:01:55
I don't get it! People say that this is disgusting to read yet they were reading it!? This world is fucked up

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2012-12-23 02:36:08
So nice to have the man back in his hometown being all local! Can't wait to share the imegas from your portrait session with you, and really enjoyed meeting you both! The ones near the bridge are off the hook You always have a friend in SF now!Kim

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