Corrupt training and body mod of 16 y.o. grandson
A letter concerning my grandson, Paul..

Hello Steve,

It's been quite a while since we were last in contact, so I thought that I'd write, knowing that you'd be interested to hear how my young grandson, Paul, is getting on.
Would you believe that he, just this week, had his sixteenth birthday - it seems no time since he was just a little fellow.

Anyhow, I'd been, for some time, thinking about his development and training, seeing as he is now of an age that these things need to be considered.
I spoke to my daughter about the issue, and she agreed that her son needs to be guided in the right direction. Accordingly, I've been searching around and have found the ideal guy to take young Paul under his wing as it were.
This guy, Peter by name, is a big, sleazy, raunchy pig of a man, and comes with excellent credentials, having been several times convicted of various sexually related offences, and having spent a considerable time in prison.

Hearing Peter relating his experiences of the time spent in Port Gomez prison, which as you know is where they send the very worst sexual offenders, was enough to convince me that he was the man to direct young Paul in the right direction, as well as to physically develop him as a man.

I took my daughter to see Peter, and after he'd brutally fucked her up her ass, and then nearly choked her with his massive cock down her throat, they got down to the business of discussing her son and what should be done for him.

I think that right from the start, my daughter was sold on the idea of Peter leading young Paul down the path of crude, filthy debauchery and gross degeneracy. His body could only be described as freakish, with his massive, hard, thick cock that continually dribbles pre-cum, his balls that are like two large pears in a sack that bulged obscenely between his thighs, his nipples that are some one inch in diameter and stick out about two inches like two cocks. I've never before seen it in a man, but these two massive nipples only have to be touched to produce a dribble of milk. The other notable thing about Peter, is his asshole which is a fucking great sloppy pit that easily takes a large, clenched fist right up into it.

Anyhow, when Peter told my daughter that her son could have a body that was even more freakish than his - well, she just loves the thought.
Peter says that with Paul's body still growing, and with his skin being so young and pliable, regular growth hormone injections into his nipples, along with constant vacuum pumping should produce weird and freakish nipples of a size considerably larger than his own. Making this development of my grandson's nipples even better, will be his genetic manipulation to make him lactate like a woman.
Likewise, similar injections into cock and balls, along with vacuum pumping, should have Paul's young cock permanently swollen to some fourteen or fifteen inches long, as thick as a man's forearm, and with a head swollen to the size of a man's clenched fist. His balls, so Peter assures us, will respond even more, and within a matter of months will reach massive proportions with each testicle some six inches long and four inches in diameter. Never again will he be able to wear ordinary pants, and will always swagger with legs parted by his huge appendages.

Peter says that my grandson's ass will easily be developed by the constant use of inflatable dildos kept up in his ass, the size and shape of these dildos being updated frequently until his intestines are so stretched and repositioned that Paul should have no trouble taking a man's clenched fist and arm right up to the elbow or even beyond.
It's been pointed out to us that the ass stretching process will rob Paul of any sort of control of his bowels, and that his ass will ooze more or less constantly.

The one other thing that I've not yet mentioned, is that Paul will be taught deep throat sucking techniques, until able to suck a large cock right the way down his throat. To facilitate this training, Peter has a stallion with a magnificent eighteen inch cock when erect.

Of course Steve, I know that you'll fully approve of all of this proposed training and development for our young friend, but you'll be wondering what Paul himself thinks of it all. Well, let me tell you, he is over the moon at the prospect. Peter still has contacts at that notorious Port Gomez prison, and by bribing the warders, he was able to get Paul and himself inside for a couple of days. During that time Paul didn't get to sleep a wink, and I can tell you that he certainly didn't want to either; he was subjected to every sort of dirty, filthy abuse and gross perversion, and absolutely revelled in it all. You see then that the future is all set up for him.

Well Steve, I might well have omitted some detail, but there you have the most of it. I know you'll be pleased with everything that we've set up for young Paul, and with you being his Godfather, I know that you want him to become a filthy, depraved slut more aligned to Satanic ideals than to those of Jesus.

I'll keep in touch and provide you with some photos so that you'll be able to see yourself, just how things are progressing.

With my best regards,

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2014-03-29 21:46:17
Is there going to be another chapter? Can't wait to read of the grandson's training and the abuse of his body. Hope the horse is used in throat and ass and the cbt is brutal and the fisting!

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2014-03-16 12:59:19
please can we have next chapter

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2013-02-08 12:49:36
would love next chapter

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2012-12-18 08:41:33
I Guess I Just Don't Get It? ? ?

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2012-06-15 05:33:02
Nice young porn stars but the wrong guy was doing the fucking. The slim guy with the long cock sulhod have fucked the other guy who didn't seem all that good at it. And the silly lollipop was just stupid. (2 out of 5 cos I liked the boy with the long cock.)

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