This is a letter to a married man that I've been searching for in the last few months. We lost touch and I need him back.
All I do is think about you. Think about serving you the way you need. The way that you and I connected is like no other connection I have ever had. You understand exactly what I need just as much as I know what satisfies you.

I need you to treat me like the sub slut that I am for you. I need to be your fucking piss whore. I know you love that. The thought of me kneeling beneath you catching every drop of your warm piss in my mouth & on my tits. Having your cum squirt all over my slut face is what I dream about. Opening my mouth wide to take whatever juices you want to feed me from your body and wearing it all day. I love the thought of being at work having traces of your spit & cum rubbed into my tits. Having Chris' cum pail written across my ass. All under my business suit. No one at work knows what a whore I am for you. Except every now and again, I like to bend over just a bit too far and get the rush of a business associate seeing it. For you. Just to excite you. Just to show you what lengths of humiliation I'll go through for you. I love the thought of you getting off on treating me like the pig that I am. Being demeaned by you excites me to no end. You are the master and I'm your fucking slave. Your property, to do whatever you want to me. I'll never say no. I have no boundaries when it comes to you. I'm your cunt hole for your pleasure only.

I often think about Melanie. Little milky white Melanie who you love. Who knows nothing about the desires you have inside that only I can fulfill. Your vanilla Melanie who will only give you that blowjob on special occasions like your birthday. Little proper girl Melanie who thinks cumming on her is gross.

Then you have worship your cock & your juices. Me, who wants to suck your cock on command and swallow down whatever comes out of it.  If I miss a drop I want to lick it off the floor. I want to live each minute of my day thinking of ways to please you. New ways to get you off like never before. I want to be treated like the piss rag you need. I want you to act out every dirty fantasy you ever had with me. I need to be your fucking filthy on the side slut. All behind Melanie's back.

I want to wait for you every night after your done having dinner with boring Melanie. As you eat I want you to be thinking of me. Thinking that I'm waiting for you....on my knees waiting for you for hours to get done with your vanilla life with Melanie. I want your cock to get hard during your mundane life with Melanie thinking of me. As she sits across from you eating her dinner all proper wiping her mouth with a napkin. I want you to look at her prim & proper habits and think about me....your sub whore who is the complete opposite of Melanie. I want you to think about coming over and having me be your toilet. I love the idea of invading your vanilla life with thoughts of my insatiable appetite for your piss, cum and spit.

I want to send you a text to your phone as you sit across from her in her typical long island housewife kitchen. I want it to be a picture of my fucking whore face covered in your piss and cum. I want your dick to grow right there. Swelling at the thought of coming over to use me after you eat with her. Tell her you are going out for a minute to the store, stop over my place where I'll be waiting in my doggie bed on the floor for you. Naked except for a skimpy g string between my pussy lips. Waiting to be treated like your cum rag. My cunt dripping wet at the thought of being used by you. I know it has to be quick bc you have to get back home to her so I relish in every second I get with you.

Come into my bedroom without a word said to me. Just get right to why you are dominate me for your pleasure only. To do whatever you want to me. For me to be your cum and piss bucket. Stand over me taking your cock out of your jeans like how you would stand over a urinal. Aim your stream at my fucking slut hole face and start peeing all over it. I'll open my mouth wide to catch most of it and swallow what I can. The rest I'll have run down my body over my tits and slit and to the floor. Mid stream I'd like to grab your cock and put it into my mouth so I can drink directly from the spout. I want to feel steams of your piss hitting the back of my throat while you grow hard in my mouth.  When your done pissing I will swallow it all down and begin deep throating your cock until you're rock hard in my mouth. I would love it if you would spit on my face while I'm blowing you and call me your fuking whore bag. Call me a worthless shit that is only used for sucking and fucking. I don't want you to talk to me but to say things like what a slutty bitch I am and that you just come over bc your Melanie is too uppity to be treated like you are treating me, your fuck hole. Tell me how much you need me to fulfill your sick fantasies and how without me being your side slut cum pail you would be unsatisfied. I want to play out every sick act you can think of between us as I lick your shaft and your balls. I want to hear you tell me to lick your balls and asshole clean. I want to lap up the taste around your balls and asshole. I want to put my tongue inside your hole and try to taste what you had for dinner. I want to taste every inch of you. I want to eat whatever comes out of you. Whatever you want to feed me.

When you have had enough you spit on my face letting it drip down into my mouth. I will know my cue to get on all fours like the dog that I am to get fucked from behind by you. As I'm on my hands and knees with my pussy lips facing up for you I will lick any of your piss that I missed off the floor while you begin to fuck my cunt. I know it will turn to on to watch me lick your piss off the floor while you push your cock deep into my hole. I love the thought of being fucked while tasting your piss at the same time. Lapping it off the floor like a dog for you. Like your pet. Grab my piss drenched hair as you fuck me harder and spit on my back telling me what a fuking piss drinking cunt I am. Spit on my asshole to lube it up for me. Make it wet with your spit then shove your big cock into my tight asshole. I love to be fucked in the ass by you. It makes me feel like such a dirty sub. I love the idea that I'm your property I'm your cumpail and you dominate over every inch of my body. You can do whatever you want to me. You own me.

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2014-07-19 06:50:23
PXTvgq I cannot thank you enough for the blog post.Really thank you! Really Great.

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2012-05-26 22:01:53
Fucking "A" man. Good story.

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