As usual as this may be,
There's still excitment in our sodomy. 

Under a cover told; under the covers, cold.
We keep eachother warm with our friction, 
Tangled, mangled, skin against skin. 
Feeling you within, tickling my prostate. 
In me to dominate, devestate, and desecrate.

But we know this is wrong. 
We know we are too close to trade wailing songs.
Beyond our measured creshendos, sanity is gone.  

Though, we are in harmony.
Matching moaning notes.
Trading times, positions, and strokes.

Wet from saliva and sweat. 
Drenched even more when seamen is spent. 
Shot out like a shower head, our heads twitching red.
Bodies rising and falling from catching our breath. 
Sweet, musky scent of boys so fresh. 

Again, and again. 
Pump, moan, thrust. 
Spirits levatating away to become one. 

I've lusted, I've wanted.
Only in fantasy did we do what we've done. 
Our hard, yet soft, rods in each others hands
We don't need pants, or rules or morals. 
Everything is right when we do oral. 

We told a lie, no one knows we do this. 
But it's ok, I love your penis. 
I love the way yours tastes. 
I crave your glaze. 
Your cum-causing touch.

Lost in your love because you are like no one.  

Anonymous readerReport

2014-12-02 16:06:40
It's Maggie Grace from Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson's new movie, "Faster". Probably crap, but it has to be better than "The Tooth Fairy"

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2012-07-17 11:33:08
This poem is delightful, although crescendos doesn't have an h in it. Keep writing. ;)

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2012-06-14 03:15:17
Really good poem pls keep writing

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2012-06-08 02:33:18
I love this poem please dont study any negative feeds there are alot of haters in the world n they gonna forever hate but do continue to express urself its lovely...

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2012-05-30 22:52:39
Fuckkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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