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We are pretty creative.
My wife texted me and asked me to take her to the movie “The Help”.
“It’s at the discount theatre. It will be fun.” She said.
“Oh great” I thought. Another chick movie and I will be bored out of my life.
She told me to wear loose pants with no underwear. She told me that she had a surprise for me. I knew that meant she would probably give me a hand job during the movie. I quickly got dressed.

Once we got to the 9:00 pm showing and found our seats along the back row, I noticed the other 5 couples who were at the movie too. All the guys had the manly man look and all of the women had that girly girl look. My wife had worn my black leather trench coat. I soon found out that she had nothing else on underneath.

My wife is 42 years old. She is 5’4”. She is a hair dresser, so you know how slutty they like to be. Her hair is shoulder length and changes from Brunette to Red to Blonde on a regular basis; she has a sexy figure with 38DD tits that have huge 3” diameter nipples/areolas. Her measurements are 38DD-26-30. She is a sexual freak and is game for just about anything. She likes to tell me all about how much of a hand job and blow job princess she was in high school and college. It gets me hot when she tells me about it. She also likes to tell me about the 2 girls that she would fuck around with in High School and College. She knows that my fantasies are twisted. But I am seriously turned on by her sexuality.

I’ll just say that we have a very active, twisted sex life. We have made love in many public places. Our favorite was quite by accident. We were in Las Vegas a few years ago; our room at Treasure Island faced the strip 8 floors up. We fucked on the divan in the window. It was dark out side. Inside the hotel room our lamps were bright. Just as I was about to come my wife pointed out that a group of people crossing the bridge to the Venetian and were stopping to looking at us. It was a huge turn on to watch them watching us as we fucked for another 5 minutes, caught up in the ‘What happens in Vegas…’

We rent a cabin in the woods twice a summer and spend the entire time naked and we fuck in the woods.

We go to hotels just to pretend that we are both married to someone else and we are meeting there to start an affair. We have fucked in my offices.

We fuck at CHURCH!!!! Yes we do!...Whenever we can. We have fucked in the local malls (we use the Family Restrooms…yes it does help to use the Family Restroom. The looks of the mother’s faces in line as we come out are either Shock & Horny Embarrassment OR Shock & Complete Disgust). Either way we are very turned on by this and use it to fuel the sexual fire later on at home.

We are strictly religious, no swinging. But we have no problem telling each other about our fantasies, who makes us horny and which of our friends or coworkers we would fuck if it weren’t taboo. Our religion is pretty clear about, no sex before marriage-if you are wise; and monogamy after you are married-if you want to get to heaven. Naturally we’ve stretched these rules quite a bit.

Enough background. Now back to the main theme.

Our night at the movie would prove no exception.

When the movie started I felt my wife’s hand exploring my thigh and stomach. 15 minutes into the movie I feel her undo my zipper and pull out my cock. After 30 minutes I hear the faint humming of her travel vibrator and look over to see her face as she is in mid orgasm.

She whispered in my ear, “Let’s fuck around, ok?”
“Bitchin” is all I could say. I reached for the buttons on the trench coat and slowly undid them. Finally I exposed the front of her body and started feeling up her tits. (Her nipples get really hard when she is turned on. They are so long I can hang my neck tie on them.)
She put her legs up on the back of the chairs in front of us and I fingered her for another 10 minutes. Right about the time that the movie’s story gets to that part about the Black Maid who puts poop into the pie receipt for her former bithcy employer, my wife has had enough. She sank down into her seat and as she rubbed my cock she leaned over and she started giving me head. That got the couple ahead of us in the mood.

My wife is REALLY SEXY! She is a squirter. Yep a real life squirter. Every thing you have imagined about squirter’s is true. They are ALL horny and they like to squirt. Squirt is NOT pee. It really is female ejaculate. She squirts so much that she carries an extra pair of underwear everywhere she goes.

Well any way, my wife started to squirt. When the couple a row ahead and to the right noticed her light panting. They both looked back over their left shoulders saw her. My wife got even more turned on. She squirted all over my hand and the seat and I could hear it hitting the floor as it puddled. The couple stood up and walked to the end of the row, and almost when I thought they would be walking out…”Oh Shit!” I thought, “Here comes the movie theatre Manger to throw us out.” But just as they reached the end of the aisle, they again turned and walked into row of seats that we were sitting on. The woman, a slender soccer-mom type, sat next to me. Her movie date (her boyfriend we later found out) sat next to my wife. By now I had removed my hand from my wife’s wet pussy, and I sat there thinking that maybe this couple was a pair of vice cops posing as a couple in order to catch perverts like my wife and I.

“We love the show, and I am not talking about this movie.” I heard the man tell my wife. My dick was still hanging out of my pants and it was getting a bit limp, when I felt a hand that wasn’t my wife’s petting my cock. It sprang back to life. She stroked my cock and cupped my balls with her other hand. My wife was also being felt up by the dude. He had his right hand on my wife’s right tit. He was palming the side of the tit and he was rolling her nipple between his first two fingers.

My wife was looking at me with a look of surprise and ecstasy all over her face. When she looked down at the woman jerking me off, she came very hard and shot a wet load all over the floor.

“I want to sit on your cock,” the woman hissed into my ear as she stood up and bent forward as she undid her jeans and slid them down to her ankles. Her as was right in my face. I kissed it and gave it the sniff test. No poop there! It smelled of perfume that resembled Channel #5. I like that perfume.

I slumped in my chair and my cock stood straight up. She straddled my knees and cock and soon had her pussy over my throbbing cock. I looked over at my wife and her husband.

They were kissing passionately. The boyfriend had one eye closed and one eye open, watching his girlfriend hovering over my cock.

As the woman sat on my cock, the boyfriend suddenly sat on the floor and began lapping up my wife’s squirting cum. My wife loves getting eaten out, and she just kept cumming. Her hand was grabbing my right arm.

The woman was now firmly planted on my cock. Her pussy was tight for a soccer mom. It felt so good. It felt like the first time that you ever put your cock inside a pussy. The woman sat facing the movie screen with her back toward me. She sat all the way down on my throbbing hard on. When she reached the bottom, she began to fuck her hips forward and backward.

After 10 minutes of this, the movie was coming to an end. The couple stood up, and left the theatre. The man got out his phone and asked for my wife’s cell # and told her that they would text us later. I hadn’t cum yet. Boy was I pissed!

When the movie ended my wife went to our car and drove to the darkest part of the parking lot and she gave me a blow job. She told me that she wanted to taste the pussy juices of the woman who had just fucked me.

We were soon in the back seat and we fucked like rabbits for the next few minutes.

Yep! That movie night was sure a good time.

This weekend is Memorial Day. We are thinking about fucking somewhere new, like a cemetery.

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All i could say was "bitchin" Cuz i am 12 and writing a sex story lol

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