more loving
Hey guys, 2nd part, hope u like it, in this part the boy and dad get well acquainted.
Once again please leave comments so I know what u want, thanks

There was a huge bulge in daddy’s pants, I couldn’t believe it, I made this man horny, he was hard because of me, dad looked carefully at me and lent in to kiss me when we heard harsh barking right outside the car door. I was so scared I nearly jumped out of my skin. “Daddy just laughed “relax my boy it’s just my beautiful dog Tammy, she just wants to know who u are.” I looked outside, and there was a Doberman. Now I never liked to admit it but I was scared of dogs, and especially big dogs. Being pretty small for my age I figured she came up to my shoulders and I was petrified. “Come on lets go” he said, but I was too scared to leave. Seeing this daddy opened the door and went out with me still in his arms, Tammy went mad she was jumping up at me with her long legs and trying to lick me as well. But when daddy said stop she straight away stopped, at least she was well trained I thought, not realising then just how well trained. Daddy carried me into his home and upstairs into his bedroom like I was a princess and he my prince and gently put me down straight onto his bed. It was a massive room and the bed was enormous. I could picture 4 grown men all easily laying here with ease. Daddy put me down on the edge of the bed so that I was lying down on my back but my knees were on the edge making my feet drop over the edge of the bed, daddy closed the door a bit to give us privacy even though only his dogs were there.

Then he climbed over me and held himself up over my body, my heart started racing and my dick once again sprang to its full 3 inches I was so excited that I started breathing harder even though daddy didn’t even touch me yet. Then daddy leant over and kissed my fore head, I was tingling with anticipation, he then kissed my lips, a small peck. I wanted more and my mouth opened a little, I begged him with my eyes to keep going. He came back to my lips but this time kissed me so passionately I thought I was going to faint, my heart was breathing so fat, daddy kept kissing me so lovingly and sensually that me penis was again felt it was going to burst with anticipation.

After two minutes I could feel daddy nibbling at my chin, it felt ticklish but oh so so nice. Then he quickly moved to my neck, this bought a new feeling to my body, it was so hot I though it must have just got out of the shower. Then daddy reached under me and groped for me t shirt once having it in his hands he made me raise my hand and of came the shirt. Then daddy kissed my nipples, using his tongue to make me shiver and squirm, I was so into it I didn’t realise until later I was panting and grunting making “ohhh” “ahhh” sounds as he continued down. Then daddy reached my belly button, he licked it once but didn’t spend much time on it but kept going until he reached the band of shorts, he started breathing heavier and his breath felt warmer on my skin.

He reached behind me again and pulled of both my shorts and underwear in my tug. My penis free from its restraints jumped up to attention a mere centimetres from daddies face. Daddy looked at it with a feeling of lust in his eyes, he quickly leant over and kissed my penis, a quick peck, then another then another each getting longer then the last and then daddy put my whole package in his mouth, and I spasmed with pleasure. I loved the feeling, my legs started shaking and I could feel my entire body trembling, I was so horny. Then daddy sucked on my penis. I thought I had an orgasm, my whole body shuddered and my pelvic area thrust itself into daddies face, daddy sucked again and I couldn’t help but moan with lust horniness “ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh oh oh oh daddy ohhhhhhhh daddy ah ahhhh daddy ahhh ahhhhhhh ohhhhh daddy” was the only thing that I could say. I was going to cum now I knew it.

My body knew what was coming as my dick grew more and more sensitive and my moaning got louder and I couldn’t help but push my penis further into daddy’s mouth. One more suck and I was going to blow into daddy’s mouth when daddy suddenly stopped. I was about to complain but before I had a chance daddy flipped me over onto my stomach and then pushed my legs up onto the bed. I ended up flashing daddy my knees were touching my chin I was lying with my face down bum in the air when daddy started kissing my bum hole again. But this time it wasn’t like in the car, daddy started tonguing my arsehole so much that his tongue worked its way into my hole. He kept going, licking sucking kissing probing with his mouth and tongue and I could feel the weird feeling in my stomach and penis again, then something unexpected happened, daddy stuck is finger in my bum hole, since it was already so wet with his saliva it slipped right in, it felt heavenly, my penis started throbbing like I never felt it before.

Daddy made me push myself up onto my hands and knees, his finger still lodged in my arse, every move I made felt like it would make me cum. Then daddy kept me on my hands and knees and put his head under my dick, he watched it throb while he fingered my arse. This made me more horny then before if possible, here was this man making me cum, and he wanted to see it go over his face, by this time my precum was flowing like never before, I learnt later this was due to daddy stimulating my prostate. My precum was flowing so much that small drops were landing in daddies mouth, daddy licked it and said “oh my boy u taste so sweet, his mouth was so close to my penis that the vibrations from his voice made my penis tingling and throb more. I couldn’t help but release a series of moans. Daddy must have really liked the taste because he swallowed my penis again this time it felt like as if I had died and gone to heaven, I had Goosebumps all over my body. My bum hole was getting groped and fingered and my penis was getting sucked.

Daddy sucked twice and I knew id explode. I could feel my dick in his mouth swelling and throbbing and suddenly I exploded. Straight into his mouth, the release was amazing, it felt like the best feeling in the world, daddy kept sucking, I spurted 3 times into daddy’s mouth as he sucked and felt his swallow it all moaning like it was the yummiest food in the world. Then my legs and hands collapsed on me and I just fell onto daddy, I couldn’t move and my dick was super sensitive and still daddy sucked me. The feeling was so strong that I couldn’t take it. “stop daddy please” I begged but to know use daddy wanted to milk as much as he could from my cock, I started spasming from the overpowering feeling when daddy stopped I sighed a breath of relief and satisfaction I was so tried from my first real orgasm. I just decided to put my head down.

When I did I felt my head on something hard, it was the lump in daddies shorts again. I couldn’t wait to taste the yummy juice; I mean why does daddy get to have all the fun? It was my turn now.

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I want to suck an uncut cock. A big uncut cock.

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I think daddy should dress his little sweetie in girls underware.

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Use spell check also. You have alot of miss spelled words in here and Daddy is with a D not d. Your story is great but way to short like the others said.

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