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My parents and I would go out to see my granddad every summer and although I did not know it this one was going to get very special.
Grandad ran a nudist camp in spain near the sea and had done for a long time, we had become friends with a lot of regulars but my favorites were grandads best friends whom were now all late 50s early 60s.

My best times were on their poker nights when I was allowed to stay up late as mum and dad would go off to the local town for the night, they would set up the table in a private room. When I was young I would sit on granddads lap watching and listening as they talked about some new young girl or how so and so was looking, then falling to sleep and waking up in granddads bed.

But when I was 11, one of the guys asked me to fetch him a drink which I did, this became a regular thing for all the guys, on my return from getting a drink one of the guys joked about me sitting on his lap as he was chip leader and so I went straight over and sat on his lap, the chip lead changed and so I changed lap as well, on the third change I got up on the lap but he had a hard-on without thinking I simply reached under my legs pulled it flat and sat back down.

There was a silence, then granddad asked me if I was ok sat as I was, I simply replied I was fine and that mummy had told me it happens to men and it was natural, then I added that it was ok as it made me feel tingly where I could feel it rubbing against my skin. Grandad told me that I was not to tell anyone about this or he would have to stop me coming to the poker nights.

No, no please don’t stop me I promise I wont tell, I don’t want to stop ever.

Again a pause and a couple of coughs and nods of the head, then he said that they had all been noticing how I was growing into a lovely young girl and how they noticed how I was eager to make them happy and so their would be some rules to obey to keep coming to the poker nights.

1. no matter what is said or done in the group, I was never to say it to anyone else.
2. you will fetch drinks and return empty glasses, each time you do you will wait for the gentleman to give you a kiss on the lips as a thankyou.
3. whoever is winning you will sit on their lap with your legs outside of theirs, if they have a hard cock you will move it ready to sit on, if it gets hard whilst your sat down you will place it between your legs.
4. if whoever you are sat upon wishes to stroke your body you will let them.
5. you will be the trophy prize and as such you will accompany the winner to his room and do what he asks.
6. in the morning you will have a shower with the winner and you will wash each other before you leave his room.
Do you understand. He said this looking straight at me but I just replied, of course I love our poker nights.
Well seems our little girl is growing up said the one I was sat on, but what about full.
Granddad stopped him and said there would be no full until I was older. Being innocent I didn’t know what they meant by that at the time.

As the evening wore on I kept moving from person to person and noticed that they all had hard cocks and took great delight in taking my time in holding them in position for me to sit on, I was also getting a good feeling when I would slowly rock backwards and forwards, as I was doing this joe put one of his hands between our legs and lifted the head up alittle and leant back as he did so I let out a gasp as my wet lips parted slowly and moved along the length of his shaft, he then reached round with his other hand and with a finger on my clit told me to put my hands on his legs which he then spread wider, my body weight was now pushing down along the shaft as he worked me up, my breathing becoming quicker until my first ever orgasm hit me.

As I came down I looked up and was greeted by a group of smiling faces which made me start to giggle, joe leant me back against his chest and rubbed his middle finger around then slightly into my pussy and brought it up to my mouth.
Here lick this then suck it into your mouth just like a lolly pop.

Each time I would clean his finger he would put it back into my pussy until someone else took the lead, as I got down he turned me and gave me a full kiss on the lips and squeezed then gently smacked my bum.

I went round to Hubert and got on but when I let go of his cock he told me to keep hold and to lift my knees up, he placed his free hand over mine and gently moved it up and down I watched as the tip of his cock was covered then uncovered, even when he let go I carried on this movement until I saw some liquid at the tip, I stopped and asked him about it and he just laughed and told me its how I could tell that I was making him feel good.

I changed places a few more times each time keeping my hand working on their cocks, one by one they were dropping out of the game until only two were left, granddad told me that rather than keep moving laps I should go under the table and use my hand on whoever was winning, I gave him a smile and disappeared under the table using my knew found game fun, each guy would open his legs nice and wide for me and tell me how to do it or where to put my hands etc until the game finally got won.

I was just about to come out when granddad told me to stay under and use my hands on david and make him really happy until he would leak a lot of stuff over my face, I was unsure of what he meant but I obeyed and david gave me commands of what to do, as I watched the goo on the tip increase he stood up and told me to kneel in front of him, he pumped his cock only inches from my face and I noticed the others gather around to watch as he finally exploded his cum over my face, he wiped it over my lips then told me to suck the end until it was clean.

He stood back and I was told to lean back and the remainder of the guys then pumped themselves and came over my face and body, I cleaned them up with my mouth and remained in that position until granddad told me to get up and go with frank who had won and to be a good girl for him.

I went to wipe my self but frank told me to leave it as I would have more by the morning which they all laughed at and off I went to be taught how to do more stuff.

Hope you enjoyed if good response I will carry on.

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