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My parents friend and my uncle
I am a 23 year old male and the story I am about to tell you happened a few years ago now when I still lived at my parents, I was 17 just about to turn 18. (I listed my gender as female because I refer myself as female) We lived in a small village and my uncle who was in his early fifties also lived just down the road from us.
My parents had a friend called Geoff who lived about a 2 hour drive from us, he was also in his fifties, quite butch and muscular with long hair and beard, he would occasionally visit on a weekend, he was also gay but that never bothered me, I always got on fine with him.
My uncle Rodger would always come round when he visited too as they were friends, I always thought Rodger was straight but I soon found out I was wrong. Whenever Geoff visited I always got the feeling he was staring at me, especially when I wore shorts or my gown or anything that showed off my bare legs as I was aware he had a leg and foot fetish, it never bothered me though, in fact I kinda liked it, the more he eyed me up, the more I would wear less clothes when he was round, he once told me that I had a female body, so I shaved my legs too to see if he would notice and he did and told me how nice they were. Obviously all these things he said, he said when my parents weren’t in the room.
Anyway one weekend my parents went away then Geoff happened to turn up and I’m sure he knew my parents wouldn’t be there but I didn’t say anything, I invited him in for a drink and after he finished he said he better head home seems my parents weren’t there but I took the plunge and asked him if he’d like to stay anyway, “we could invite my uncle round and we’ll have a few drinks2 I suggested. That sounds great he replied. So he bought his stuff in and got settled in while I called Rodger to ask him over, he agreed to come over for 7 so I got ready, I wore some denim shorts and a shirt. “you didn’t have to change” Geoff said “as were only staying in, although you do look very nice” I thanked him and said I wanted to look nice for them both.
Rodger turned up at 7ish, and we all settled on the sofa, Geoff opened a bottle of wine and poured us all a drink, after a couple of glasses, it went to my head a little and I got a lot more comfortable, I put my legs up with my feet by the edge of the sofa as I sat inbetween them both, we talked for ages, it was a really good night, after a while though they revealed a secret to me, they said that Rodger was also gay and I was quite shocked, “so are you two together then?” I asked them. “No” Geoff replied, “we like to have threesomes with younger men”. I was so shocked as to what they were telling me and before I could say anything Geoff kissed me on the lips, I couldn’t believe what he was doing, his tongue massaging with mine, my eyes were wide open to begin with but as he continued to kiss me they closed and I returned the kiss, we were kissing very sexually and I almost forgot about Rodger but then I felt him move closer to me and he began stroking my legs all over and even leaning down to kiss my knees, Geoff stroked my face and hair as he kissed me then he stopped and I turned to look at my uncle who was still rubbing my legs, he looked into my eyes then he kissed me too, I kept thinking how wrong this all was but I was enjoying myself too much to stop, he kissed me really passionately whilst Geoff unbuttoned my shirt, undoing the buttons one by one as me and Rodger kissed, after Geoff had finished taking my shirt off I stopped kissing Rodger and kissed him again, Geoff caressed my legs as he kissed me, Rodger was there kissing and licking my ears, whispering dirty things to me, Geoff then stopped and went down on his knees by my feet and began to lick and suck my toes, I had my head tilted back and my eyes closed, it felt so nice, he kissed my feet and licked them and carried on working his way up my legs right up to my inner thighs, my dick was rock hard and dripping pre cum. Geoff then stopped and stood up and pulled me to my feet and Rodger stood up too and stood behind me, Geoff carried on kissing me, Rodger put his hands on my waist and moved his hands in front and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my shorts, Geoff went down to his knees and so did Rodger and they both pulled down my shorts and I stepped out of them, they both kissed my legs while they were down there, Geoff kissed my bel end and said “I’m not gona suck you off, that’s your job” he said, “you’re the woman tonight” Rodger said. Let’s go upstairs Geoff then said so he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him, he carried me upstairs and my uncle followed us.
When we got into the spare room he placed me on the bed, I lay there with my legs in the air begging to be fucked, and Rodger gestured Geoff to carry on so Geoff knelt inbetween my legs and lifted them in the air and rested them on his shoulders, he reached down and used some precum to loosen me up, then he slid his cock into my arsehole, I could hardly believe what was happening, it hurt a little at first but as he fucked me harder and faster it felt a lot better, before I knew it he was really going for it, fucking me so hard while Rodger lay by us wanking off to us fucking, it felt amazing and he was so good. “wrap your legs around my back” he said, so I did and he rammed in even deeper and after about 10 minutes he shouted he was cumming, “me too, im cumming too” I screamed “make me cum, oh Geoff please fuck me” then I felt his hot creamy spunk shoot up my arsehole and that sent me over the edge, I came so much and we both collapsed.
After a couple of minutes rest, Geoff told Rodger it was his turn, I turned over onto all fours, I couldn’t believe I was about to let my own uncle fuck me, what was I doing??, but I just stuck my arse in the air inviting his cock, Geoff was lying down in front of me and he told me to suck him off while my uncle fucks me so I sank my lips around his shaft, the first cock I ever sucked, I began to suck him hard as Rodger was sliding his big cock into my waiting arsehole, then he started to pound into me as I got busy sucking off Geoff, “That’s it suck it baby” he said. I did slow a little thought cos Rodger was fucking me so hard, he kissed my back and ran his hands all down from my arse and down my legs, it felt so good. Then Geoff began talking, “I bet you love your uncles prick up you don’t you” he said, “you want him to spunk right up your arse don’t you?, that’s it take his cock right up you”. Him talking like that was really getting me going, and he continued “Do you want your uncle to make you cum?” he said. And I nodded slightly “of course you do, you wana get fucked so hard don’t you? “That’s it Rodger fuck your nephew hard and make him cum, that was it I was there, I was cumming and so was Rodger, all his spunk filled my arsehole and it was all dripping down my legs, I finished Geoff off and he shot his load down my throat.
“Now I want you to lie on your back and wrap your gorgeous legs around your uncles waist” Geoff said
So I did and Rodger gave me a good fucking, “look at me while he fucks you” Geoff said. I did but I struggled to keep my eyes open. After a few minutes Rodger grunted and emptied his spunk into me.
We had a few minutes rest then the next thing I knew I was on my back on the bed again and Geoff was pounding into me whilst Rodger sat In the chair across the room watching us, my ankles were wrapped around his neck and he kissed them as he did me hard, as we got close to cumming, Rodger came over and knelt by my head and wanked in my face, he told me to open my mouth and I did and he shot his cum into my mouth, then Geoff came in me once again, Geoff pulled out and told me to finish myself off while they watched me, I wanked myself off, my legs still in the air and I looked at both of them the whole time then I had a massive orgasm, then I closed my eyes and hoped that moment would last forever.
We carried on fucking the rest of the weekend and every time Geoff visited, there is more to this story but I won’t do anymore until I see what people think of this, if there is any older men like Geoff and Rodger out there, please feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

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it wos good to read it got me hard and i am 5o like your uncle

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