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My first time writing anything like this, so please don’t be too mean. I’ve been needing a creative outlet, and this seemed like the most fun. :)

My name is Tiffany. I’m a 22 yearold student. I have long, shiny, brown hair, grey-blue eyes, and lovely plump lips. While I am over-weight, I have been told that I have a “cute” face and my large breasts have always been appreciated. I have always felt that your first time should be with someone that you love. Because most guys don’t want to date the over-weight nerd, my dating experience was slim. So, I still haven’t fallen and love and still haven’t lost my virginity. Which is how I ended up alone on my couch on a Friday night.

As the credits start to roll on the movie that I had been watching, I sighed. It was after two in the morning, but I was wide awake. I started questioning why I hadn’t just decided to grow-up and go to that beginning-of-the-year party. Then I saw that that train of thought wasn’t headed anywhere good, and I thought to myself, “Tiffany, you are putting too much pressure on yourself! You have all the time in the world to get rid of your V-card. You need to relax. And you know the best way to do that? Wink wink.” I smiled to myself. Indeed, I did know the best way to relax. I went into my bedroom and retrieved from their separate hiding places my favorite vibrator and my pot. You don’t stay a virgin into your twenties and not throwing yourself at the first guy you see at a bar without a little reinforcement. :)

I made my way back to my living room after grabbing a towel from the hall closet, and popped one of my favorite bdsm videos into my blu ray player. I laid the towel onto the couch, sat on it, and as the disc was loading, I packed a bowl and lit up. OOooh, that’s nice. As the movie started, I could feel the high washing over me, making my limbs heavy and pushing all thoughts out of my brain. I took a couple deep breaths and saw stars for a few moments. Well, this shit is better than I thought. I definitely needed this. The sound of a very naughty blonde girl receiving a spanking brought me back to the movie. I started to rub my thighs together, and could already feel my pussy getting wet. I groaned and slowly started to grind my ass into the couch cushions as my hands lifted to run my fingers through my hair long brown hair. My hands then moved to my neck and trailed down my chest to then cup my breasts. I squeezed hard, and the feeling made me moan and drop my head back onto the couch. I decided that it could only feel better without my tshirt and bra in the way, and proceeded to take them off and fling them across the room. I took off my lounge pants as well, leaving me in my sensible blue cotton panties. The girl on the screen was now on her knees. As her master was jerking her head back and forth onto his cock, he told her how he had invited a couple friends over to assist in her punishment.

My hands returned to my breasts, cupping them hard, then pinching my nipples. My hands moved down to my still-grinding pelvis. I slipped my right hand into my panties while my left hand continued down my leg. I watched the man on the screen finish tying the blonde’s hands to her ankles right as the doorbell rang. As the master’s friends, 6 random dudes who had obviously been found for this express purpose, entered the room, I collected my wetness on my fingers and then swirled it around my clit. My high was intensifying all feelings so that as I began fingering my clit, it felt like an electric current was crackling all over my skin. I let my left hand just continuously roam all over my body, skimming over my belly, pausing to squeeze my breast, caressing up my neck, raking my fingernails over my scalp. After another minute, I decided that I had had enough foreplay. I reached for my vibrator. My favorite, it is made of hard, smooth and pink plastic. It is curved at the end, is about 1.5” wide, and has two motors. It’s my best friend.

I turned it on and brought it down to my pussy under my panties. I grinded my clit against it a few times and then began slowly plunging it all the way in and all the way out of my pussy. I’m dripping wet at this point, and that combined with my high causing all of my muscles to relax, and the toy starts to slide easily in and out of my tight virgin pussy. In the movie, blondie was on her knees again in the middle of a circle formed by her master’s friends. She was sucking a large, muscly black man’s huge dick when a fat, old white guy got on his knees behind her. The black guy grabbed her ponytail and moved to his knees. She was now bent over with only his hold on her ponytail supporting her upper half. The white guy behind her then thrust his dick into her to the hilt. He gave her no time to adjust as he started pistoning his cock in and out of her pussy.

I turned the vibrator up some and built up some speed until I was matching the guy on the screen stroke for stroke. I imagined myself as this girl. Bent over and bound with two hard dicks ramming into me. I started panting, and I closed my eyes, just focusing on all the sensations. My left hand was still roaming, but was doing less caressing and more scratching the tips of my fingernails over my skin. My high was still going so strong that I bet I could have cum from that alone. I moved the angle of my vibrator so that it was hitting inside me right at my g-spot.

There’s no way that anything can feel better than this. Just no way. As the gangbang action on the screen starts to pick up, my panting turns into gasping and moaning. My left hand abandoned its journey and joined my right as I started slamming the toy in and out of my pussy. I began moaning loudly, over and over, as the familiar itch of an impending orgasm began to form. I opened my eyes again to the TV as the blonde was positioned for the first DP of the movie.

My right hand left the toy, and I began vigorously fingering my clit, using my fingers to swirl my wetness round and round until I thought I would go crazy. The itch turned into a warmth that spread through my pussy to the rest of my body. I could feel the sweat forming at my hairline as I drove my body towards orgasm. My head was swimming, my high making me feel like my body was floating and like my hands were not my own. I closed my eyes again, and increased my pace, imagining my hands to be someone else’s. Some stranger who, seeing me through a crack in my blinds, decided to break in and “lend a hand”.

The warmth in my pussy became a firm pressure, and I knew that I was close. My hands were flying. My wetness was seeping through my panties. I could feel it run down my pussy and ass to collect on the towel. I mouth felt unbearably empty, and I wished I had someone there with me, that my imaginary lover who was thrusting his tongue in and out of my mouth in time to the movements of his hands. The pressure built and built and built, and I was ready to squeal with anticipation. Then, all these separate sensations reached a simultaneous peak and I came with a loud, long moan. I kept up the movements of my hands, working harder as my pussy began to squeeze the vibrator.

I was in my own little world. I felt like I was no longer floating but flying, flying through space. It was incredible. I felt the pressure begin to build again in my pussy. My hard-working hands weren’t enough, and my body started writhing on the couch, desperate for anything that might compensate. I squealed as I came again. Hard. I could feel my pussy contracting again, my cum gushing out of me. The towel under me was absolutely soaked, and I hoped it didn’t seep onto the couch. My hands started to slow as my brain started to make touch with reality again. I breathed slowly as the aftershocks caused my body to quake. My hands slowed completely and I removed them and the vibrator from my pussy.

I wiped my hands on the towel so I could turn off the movie. I sat there with my head back and my eyes closed for a minute, collecting myself and getting ready to take a shower and call it a night. I heard a noise to my left. I opened my eyes and gasped when I saw, by the light of the TV, the outline of a man in my living room.

To be continued. . .?

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2013-10-23 17:51:56
b640bA I value the article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

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2012-10-03 16:11:53
I think it's a good point. The world is full of supernatural sioumlattin. Fake breasts. Plastic surgery. Vibrators. Porn on demand at the click of a button a subject I hope you take on soon. Or maybe I should do a guest post on this! Hell even our food supply is made to be better to our senses than natural food is. Vegetables can't compete with chocolate chip cookies. Fruit can't compete with Starburst! The human brain and body, while it may enjoy it in the moment, suffers long-term consequences of being utterly dissatisfied with normal sioumlattin. It's like television. Watching tv all day makes it really hard to sit down and enjoy a book. It makes reading feel boring and the room seems too quiet. I think it all just numbs us out to where we can't enjoy things the old-fashioned way. Quite literally as far as vibrators are concerned.

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2012-06-29 09:38:55
Good story for what it is - a set-up for bad things to happen to our chubby little virgin. Look forward to reading the next chapter.

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2012-06-27 07:57:47
Great story really amazing. One question you say your overweight but dnt specify. Are we talking curvy, little plumpish or rather big ??

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2012-05-30 13:38:20
Good story, allot more realistic than 95% of the "true story" genre on this site. Great job! Looking forward to part 2.

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