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I did not write this story, I found it 8 years ago and have saved it since, It is very well written, and I take no credit or responsibility for the content...
One Pervert's True Story


This is a true story that contains pedophilia, incest, bestiality, forced sex, and other objectionable content. My purpose is to lay out my history, so this is not written in the overwrought-style of most erotica, but rather more matter-of-factly, as a narrative. The people, ages, and events are real, as are the settings; however, I have changed the names to protect the innocent and guilty alike, and I hope I will not give enough information to clearly identify the people involved (myself included).


I have known since I was very young that I am a pervert. I remember seeing Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Hara in "Tarzan" as a young boy of 4 or 5, then dreaming about hugging Jane naked, rubbing myself on her. I knew little then, but the thought was highly satisfying.

I started masturbating to orgasm around age 7. By this point I would dream about seeing little girls naked as I jacked off. I thought I must be completely weird because of what I did, since my friends all thought girls were icky. After every orgasm, I felt a tremendous wave of guilt. I think this may have messed me up. Psychologists say that child abuse victims become abusers, and that they seek out victims who are the same age as they themselves were when abused. I don't know if this is valid, but in a sense I guess I was my own abuser.

I grew up living on a large estate on the border between a good-size city and a farming community in South America, the son of a very well-to-do family. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but my teen hormones were so powerful that I occasionally turned to one or another of our large Great Danes (female, if it makes me any less twisted). On lonely nights, I would open my doors (which looked out into my own private patio), and call one or another bitch over. I had really very little preference, since they were all tall enough that I didn't need to crouch behind them; regrettably, they were dogs after all, and when not in heat, very difficult to violate. On those (fortunately few) occasions when I was successful, the feeling was incredible, as their pussies were tight and wet, and once penetrated, they stood stock-still while I fucked them with all my might.

Let me take just a minute to dispel a myth propagated by some clearly fictional bestiality stories. It's true that bitches clench, but this has to work in conjunction with a dog's "knot" to result in them being tied together. Perhaps a human with a very large cockhead and skinny shaft might, maybe, suffer this indignity, but it certainly never happened to me. My cockhead is only nominally thicker than my shaft, which, though only 7 inches long, is extremely thick, especially near the base where it is nearly 8 inches in circumference. I certainly wasn't thinking about this at the time I was violating canines, and had I thought about it I might never have enjoyed an altogether pleasurable phase of my life.

This phase might have continued throughout my adolescence, had my parents not moved to the United States and left me alone with an old, clueless aunt for company. I should mention that my parents lived back and forth, my dad working in the US from time to time. In fact, in my first 15 years of life, I must have lived 6 with both parents together.

There I was, 13 years old in a lawless country, with deep pockets and nutty friends. The first night my parents were gone, we had an intoxication party that ended with my entire suite (bedroom, living room, bathroom, patio) covered in vomit. In a drunken haze I confessed my bestiality to my friends, and all five of them took turns fucking the shit out of my poor bitches.

The next day we were hung-over, covered in filth, and guilt-ridden. To recover our manliness, we arranged to meet at a whore house that evening. Everyone showed up on time, and I experienced my first "normal" sex, if you can call a 13-year-old boy with an ugly 40-year-old hooker in a smelly brothel normal.

For me, the guilt I had and the disgust I felt at the end of each of these excursions I think may have contributed to turning me off from adult women. You could call it aversion-therapy, as each adult sexual experience was mentally associated in me with all those negative connotations. Very soon, I had to get piss-drunk to go, and the hangovers probably added to the aversion.

To make matters worse, I had several live-in maids, but the times were changing, and while my father could have had (and probably did have) sex with any of his maids or peasant girls, I didn't find it so easy. Partly through shyness, partly through changing mores, my clumsy early teenage attempts at seducing a procession of lonely, captive girls went mostly unsatisfied.

I say mostly because some maids would flirt with me outrageously, to the point of grabbing my crotch and pinching or cupping my ass, but always would run when I tried to reciprocate. In case you're wondering, I was a pretty good-looking kid, and being rich never hurt anyone, especially not in a poor South American countryside.

Finally, good girls (girlfriend material) in that time and place simply didn't "do it." I used to say, and mostly still believe, that my country and time corresponded most closely to the 1950's US in terms of social behavior.

I thus built up a double frustration: the women I wanted, I couldn't have, and the women I had, I didn't want. I don't mean this to whine, but rather to give a reference for what came next in my sexual evolution (or regression if you prudishly prefer).


My best friend Jose had a modern house with a large swimming pool. More importantly, he had a cute little sister (Maria) 6 years younger than I, and an even cuter cousin (Alex) was 5 years younger than I. Growing up, I would often feed my frustrations playing with them in the pool, holding them by their crotches as I tossed them up in the air. Eventually, I started slipping my hand under their swimsuits, completely nonchalantly, and rubbing their pussies a little. I never said anything, and neither did they. I would hold them in my arms, slip my hand under their swimsuits, rub their clits for a few seconds, then toss them up and out of the water before any of the grownups thought something odd was up. Again, nothing was ever said, but the girls kept coming back for more.

Over time, I realized Maria had a crush on me, while I had developed a crush on Alex. In my father's time, it had not been unusual for men to pick girls from a very young age and "raise them" to be their wives (Elvis moved Priscilla and his family into his home years before they married and consummated their relationship). Again, times had changed, so I could do this only in a half-joking manner, without attracting strange looks.

Those pool sessions were the farthest I got with either girl during my adolescence, though I did give Alex her first real kiss when she was 11, at the end of a long summer vacation on the lake. The powerful and long-lasting effect of these activities, however, was to turn my sensibilities on to young girls.


For a long time, I took no further steps in that direction, however, and I think I could have turned back. But then, when I was 17 and in the US, just prior to college, one of my dad's secretaries, a good-looking woman of 26, fell in love with me and seduced me. We had a powerful, torrid love affair, with each of us driving hours to see the other. She was married with a 6-year-old daughter, but she assured me she and her husband were separated and on a path to divorce. If you guessed already that she left me to return to her husband, you're right. To say I was heartbroken is an understatement. I dropped out of college, gained a lot of weight, and spent my days sleeping and eating in my bedroom.

Eventually, I pulled myself together enough to go back to school. Over the next couple of years, I had a few casual sexual encounters with normal women (and a few with hookers). None of these was lasting, and each only served to deepen my despair and distrust of women.

It was in this emotional context and frame of mind that I engaged in a completely inappropriate, not to say criminal, relationship with my own little sister. Terry was 13 years younger than I, and started catching my eye around the time she turned 6. She and I had always been close, in a father-daughter sort of way. Though the last couple of years we had been apart while I was away in college.

We got together with my family for Christmas in Florida, and something about the sun, her tan, her swimsuit, made something click in my mind. I saw her not just as beautiful, but sexy as well. I took a few tame but slightly provocative pictures of her on the beach, with her swimsuit bottoms stuck in the crack of her cute little bubble butt. I had her pose several ways, stretching her long, sexy legs this way and that, pouting her lips and giving little knowing smiles to the camera.

One day, we went to Sea World, and on the long drive back, late in the evening, she was sitting in the backseat of the car cuddled up against me, my brothers sleeping soundly leaning right, my mother asleep in the front passenger seat and I, behind my dad who was driving intently because of the rain. I covered Terry with a jacket, and was rubbing her back, when, almost without thought, my hand drifted to her bottom. I started rubbing her butt cheeks gently, then started pressing a little against her butt crack with my index finger. Slowly, very slowly, I lowered my hand so that my finger would just touch the space between her anus and cunthole. Eventually, I started pressing a little harder, and concentrating on that little spot. After a few minutes, I tried moving my finger up a little more so that I could rub her clit, but her legs were pressed together and I couldn't get access without moving her -- possibly drawing unwanted attention from my family.

Something then happened that changed my life: Terry slowly spread her legs for me. At first I thought this was coincidence, but eagerly took the opportunity. My hand crept up her slit, and I started massaging her little clitoris. After several minutes her breathing became ragged, and suddenly her legs squeezed tightly together. After a few agonizing seconds, her legs relaxed again. I rubbed lightly for a few moments more, then began slowly withdrawing my hand. I could have come in my pants when she suddenly tightened her legs again! I waited for her to relax, then slid my hand in again, and repeated the procedure. By the time we got to the hotel, I had given her three orgasms.

The following day, when my parents announced they wanted to go shopping, I begged off. Both my brothers were eager to go, but Terry also asked to stay behind. I waited a good 15 minutes after they left, the longest 15 minutes in my life, before I casually asked Terry if she wanted me to give her a bath. I hadn't done that in years, but she quite as casually answered "Sure." In my underpants, I trotted her out to the bathroom and started the water. I helped her take her clothes off, then sat her down in the tub as the water (and my cock) started to rise.

I splashed water on her and tickled her until the tub was full and the room warm and steamy. I asked her to stand and began to lather her up, starting at the top and slowly working my way down. As my hands made their way down her lithe young body, I joked with her about how dirty she was. I rubbed her nipples, pretending they were smudges (I've read many supposedly true stories that describe little girls being aroused by their nipples being stimulated, but it didn't happen in this case, nor ever with any little girl I've played with). Then, I rubbed her tummy, nervously working my way around to her backside.

I cupped her beautiful little but cheeks, and started massaging them gently but firmly. Slowly, I spread her cheeks apart and got my first close-up look at her tight little pink anus. I worked my hand around, again joking at how dirty it was. Properly lathered up, I managed to insert just the tip of my left index finger into her anus, then gently slid my right hand up and over her pussy. By this point my voice dropped a few octaves, and I huskily told her she was also very dirty there. Some shred of caution made me ask her if she wanted me to clean that spot extra well. To my eternal thrill, in a small voice she answered "Yes."

I began working up a lather, rubbing her up and down her slit. I turned her sideways so I could stroke her pussy with my right hand as I tenderly tickled her anus with my left. Within minutes she began to come, and shudders racked her little body as she stood naked in my arms. When they subsided, I rinsed her off, then quickly washed her legs and feet. Finally, I gave her a big hug and told her she was all clean. She looked up at me and asked, demurely, "Aren't you going to take a bath too?"

My hairs stood on end as shivers ran up my spine. In all our years together, I had never taken a bath with her, and she had never seen me naked. I covered up by pretending to be casual, pulling down my shorts as if it were the most natural thing to do, and getting into the tub with her.

She started, as I had, by cleaning my upper body, but clumsily and haphazardly, as a child would with any job they were not trained for. She also played the "dirty" game, pretending to rub off my nipples. When she finished my tummy, I got up and she came face to face with my raging hard-on.

She rubbed the shaft with the bar of soap, then the head, smiling all the while. I lifted my leg onto the side of the tub so she could access my scrotum, advising her to be careful because she could hurt me. She gently rubbed her soapy hands all around my balls, slipping her fingers up my butt crack and feeling for my anus. I almost came when she started poking her little finger up my asshole, but managed to hold back.

By this point she had forgotten all about the "dirty" game, and was concentrating on looking at, exploring, and rubbing every part of my private anatomy. When I finally could take it no longer, I asked her to grip my shaft and start stroking back and forth. I kept murmuring, "Yes, just like that sweetheart, don't stop." When I came, I spurted semen right past her face, barely missing her. She was so surprised she dropped her hands. I had to grab my shaft and pump to keep my orgasm going. I remember it being so intense the bright white bathroom faded to gray. I hate to think what could have happened if I had passed out and bonked my head on the porcelain. Death would have been the least objectionable outcome then!

When I recovered, I sat back down. Terry looked a little worried, so I reassured her with a big hug, telling her in a cheery voice, "Thanks! I'm all clean now."

We played around a little while, but not sexually any more. Then, we spent the rest of the morning at the beach, doing mostly normal brother-sister things. At one point, though, in the water, I slipped my hand under her suit and massaged her pussy to orgasm. That was the last bit of "fun" we had that vacation, as no more opportunities presented themselves.


When summer vacation came, I kept my apartment near college, and had her visit for a couple of weeks. We explored each other much more openly then. We started our first night by taking another bath together, everything proceeding just as it had in Florida, except she was not surprised this time by my jism, and in fact it seemed to entertain her. So much so, in fact, that she worked my cock extra hard as I came, as if she wanted to get as much out of me as possible. We finished up and got dressed.

After that, I changed the game completely, telling her we could play husband and wife. She pretended to cook and I pretended to eat. When she got bored with that, I asked her if she could name some of the other things husbands and wives do together. She named several, but off the mark I was shooting for. I then added that husbands and wives make babies together, and asked if she wanted to pretend. She was excited by the notion, and we went to my bedroom. There, I kissed her as gently as any lover could on her sweet lips, slowly untying her nightie and pulling it off, kissing her naked body as I did so.

I lay her delicate little frame on the bed and kept kissing her, working my way down to her sexy hairless snatch. I began flicking my tongue all around, up her thighs, her pelvic bone, her butt cheeks, always working closer until finally I pounced on her pussy and nibbled like a maniac. She instantly came, shuddering more intensely than she had ever before. I didn't stop, though, but rather started licking up and down her crack, spreading her lips apart in search of her clit. When I found it, I concentrated all my efforts on it, flicking my tongue up and down, left and right, until another spasm announced her third orgasm of the night.

I slowed down at that point, since I had learned how sensitive clits can be after climax. Instead, I licked all around, trying to get my tongue in her hole. When that didn't work, I used as much spit as I could and slowly started pushing my finger into her virginal vaginal hole. By this point I had been planning ahead, and though I never wanted to cause her any pain, I knew there was something I had to do to avoid a potential premature end to our budding relationship.

I reached over to my nightstand and pulled out a tube of analgesic/anesthetic cream, and squirted some into her pussy. When her hole was lubricated and loosened enough that I could slide my finger in and out easily, I pushed some more cream in and then felt for her hymen. I knew most hymens had a small opening in the middle that grew with age and allowed menstrual flow to pass after puberty. I used my middle finger to tickle her anus as she began to come again, and just as she climaxed, I tore my index finger around her hymen as hard as I could, feeling it give. I didn't stop until her orgasm subsided, then quickly pulled my bloodied finger out and covered her crotch with a burgundy washcloth I'd placed under the mattress for that purpose.

She looked a little confused and pained. I asked her what was wrong. Did she want to stop playing? She said no, that she just hurt a little, but we could play some more. I suggested she keep the towel on because she was a little wet and could stain the bedspread. I then pulled her panties back on over the washcloth and lied down beside her.

I tickled her a little, lightly, up and down her precious tiny body. I then started kissing her lightly on the lips, and finally began licking her lips, slowly inserting my tongue in her mouth. We kissed like that for a while, holding each other and just enjoying the moment - despite my newly awoken hard-on.

After a long while, I asked if she felt better, and she said yes. Then I offered to turn off the lights and go to sleep, but she asked me if we weren't going to play with my thingy too. Cold shivers ran down my spine as I asked her if she wanted to. She smiled and jumped up, turning herself around and landing with my cock almost in her face. She glanced up with a playful look at me as she grabbed my rod and started pumping. I winced and jerked as she yanked several hairs out of my scrotum, but managed to avoid startling her too much. I told her that I was dry and it hurt a little like that. She asked if I wanted to go back to the shower, but I had an inspiration.

I pretended I was too tired to get up, but maybe she could get me wet the same way I got her wet? She hesitated for a moment, then tentatively touched the tip of her soft, warm tongue to the side of my shaft. Finding that the taste didn't offend her, she started to work her precious tongue up and down the shaft, avoiding my cockhead for the moment. The sensation was unbelievable, and the sight of my gorgeous, sexy 7-year-old baby sister licking my cock was almost too much to bear.

Unable to stand it much longer, I asked if she wanted to do me a special favor: could she please put the tip of my wee-wee in her mouth and lick it like a lollipop? I could tell from her expression she really didn't want too, so I asked pretty-please. A little unsure, she nonetheless got up on her knees and lowered her head gently onto my cock, pausing a little to sniff my pre-come before opening her mouth and engulfing me in heaven.

With just a few swirls of her delicious tongue I exploded in orgasm, pumping out what felt like a gallon of semen. She jumped back, coughing and spitting some of the semen out, swallowing some and wiping the rest off her face. My pleasure turned instantly to guilt as I sprang forward, hugging her and thanking her, telling her what a wonderful sister she was, cuddling her in my arms and thanking her for a wonderful pleasure.

Most of her face and some of her chest were smeared with my sperm, and much of that rubbed off on me as we hugged. I led her to the bathroom and drew a bath, then carefully pulled her undies off with the washcloth, sat her in the tub and joined her. I used a good amount of Mr. Bubble so she wouldn't notice the small bit of blood still issuing from her vagina. I washed her off carefully, making sure not to do anything sexual since I didn't want to scare her off. I understood it was all still a game to her - fun, pleasurable, and naughty, but still a game. I didn't want to push too hard and make it seem too serious, because I figured all children must have some instincts that warn them away from engaging in sexual relations before they are ready. Terry may have been eager, but I wasn't about to take any chances.


For that same reason, and to give her vagina time to heal, the next two days we spent normally, again as any brother and sister would. I took her to the park, the mall. At night we watched a few animated films I had rented, and went to bed uneventfully.

On the third day, I made it a point to concentrate on my studies, leaving her to play with some toys by herself. Bored, she came up to me a few times and asked if I wanted to play this or that, but I insisted I had to study. This eventually had the effect I was looking for: late in the afternoon she came up to me and suggested we could play husband and wife again. I pretended to be exasperated, but agreed. She was delighted.

I began by playing innocently, her pretending to cook, etc. We followed this with a quick shower, where I brought her almost to orgasm a couple of times, then played by flicking my cock around her face, letting her lick it and suck the head a bit, but not long enough to drive me to the edge. I knew she was starting to get a little frustrated. When we finally made it to the bedroom, I lay her down gently on the bed again, and began kissing and suckling on her whole body, working my way down to her juicy twat. I teased her again, pushing her close to orgasm and retreating, only this time working my finger more aggressively, finally inserting two fingers, deep enough to feel her little cervix.

When I thought she was ready, I stopped and asked if we could play something else. She looked horrified, exclaiming, "Why?" This was my cue. I answered that I was bored. She begged me to please keep playing. I then suggested we could play something grown-up, like real married couples do. She asked, "What?" "I could put my wee-wee in your hole," I answered. She looked concerned, so I added, "It feels really good." She agreed, half-heartedly.

I re-inserted my two fingers, adding plenty of K-Y lubricant. I then turned her and positioned some pillows so she would be at the right height, and could see everything going on (or rather "in"). I then began working my cock into her tight little snatch. She clenched, making it more difficult. I didn't want to cause her undue pain, but I was determined to proceed, so I pulled out three dildos I had bought for this reason. The first was small, probably meant for anal penetration, but just the right size for her 7-year-old cunthole. I worked it in slowly, rubbing her clit as I did. When she had relaxed just enough, I inserted the second dildo and started sliding it in and out. By now she was getting used to the new sensation, and was rocking her hips to the motion. I put in the last dildo and began furiously rubbing my little sister's snatch as I started pumping hard, always careful not too go too deep and hit her cervix too hard.

Finally, as she was getting ready to come, I grasped my cock near the base and jammed it in, counting on my hand to keep my cock from going too far. I pumped furiously, working her clit with my thumb as she began to come, for the first time screaming out as she climaxed. It was too much for me. A powerful orgasm ripped through my body, making me jam my cock in and out of her tiny pussy as hard and deep as I could, instantly filling my kid sister's hole with my sperm, which shot out the sides with every inward stroke, as more and more semen shot out of me.

When I finally came down I looked down at what was simultaneously the sexiest and most revolting sight I have ever witnessed: my darling little sister lying in front of me, her naked body bathed in sweat, head lolling off to one side, semi-conscious with a look of confusion and satisfaction, terror and ecstasy on her beautiful face, her crotch covered in a disgusting mix of K-Y, semen, and blood, with my cock still proudly erect, purple and deformed, sticking out of her bruised and battered pussy.

I tenderly picked her up and took her to the bathroom. There, I ran a bath and held her as she sat on the toilet, keeping her from tipping over. I bathed her gently, kissing her and cooing softly. We dried off and went straight to bed after that, neither of us saying a word.


The next day I awoke early, and spent the longest hour of my life waiting for her to wake up. When she finally did, it was in the same chirpy, happy mood she always exhibited. There was something else, though, something deeper, like a sense of profound satisfaction I perceived in her, a greater knowingness and a little less innocence. It may have been me, projecting my desired reaction onto her, but given my nervous state, I think if anything I would have projected negative emotions rather than positive.

I planned for us to have another normal day, and it certainly started out that way, but my sweet sister had other ideas. After lunch I asked where she wanted to go that day, and she replied that she didn't want to go out, just stay in. I then asked her what she wanted to do, and she immediately piped up, "We could play married again." I was a bit surprised, and just to be sure I asked if she wanted to cook. Instead of answering, she just smiled at me coyly, while she walked up to me and grasped my cock through my underwear!

Dazzled, all I could think to do was to lower my shorts as my cock sprang to immediate attention. She took it in her right hand as she began lightly running her left index finger up and down my shaft. Then, without hesitation, she lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth!

I almost lost it then. Feeling the room sway, I gently pulled her off and sat on the living room couch, then pulled her back to me and kissed her on the lips. I lied back and spread my legs, giving her full access to my genitals. She smiled as she got on her knees, and proceeded to run her tongue all over my shaft and cockhead, stroking with both of her soft little hands. The realization began to sink in that she was really enjoying this. Whether or not I was taking advantage of her, abusing or molesting her, there was no doubt that she loved what we were doing together.

This realization thrilled me, and I began to have more confidence. No longer afraid of scaring her off, I asked her if she could lick my balls a bit, and she happily complied. Then, I showed her how to pull back my foreskin gently, and the feeling of her luscious tongue on my burning flesh was indescribable. Her little hands were not strong or large enough to give my thick cock a really good stroking, of course, so I told her to concentrate on the licking, as well as to rub herself "down there," while I stroked my cock with one hand and her cheek with the other.

A lingering remnant of caution made me warn her when I was about to come, but she just kept on swirling that little tongue of hers around my cockhead, inside her mouth. She didn't stop when I came; even though she choked a little, she didn't pull away. Even after I was done, she kept on sucking, so much so that it became painful to me as my cock shrank, and I had to ask her to stop.

She then looked up at me, her gorgeous face dripping with semen, a wonderful smile plastered on her face. Most of my come had spilled out the sides of her mouth and dripped down her chin, onto my belly, but a little of it she must have swallowed. She licked her lips and a little more entered her mouth, and instead of spitting it out, she swallowed that too. The rest she smeared on her chest and belly, and though she did it to get it off her face and hands, like any kid would wife on her clothes, to me it looked incredibly sexy and provocative, and brought my dick back to life.

All this time she was smiling at me and giggling a little, somewhat abashed but mostly looking like she had gotten away with something. I picked her up and gave her a big kiss on the lips, ignoring the smell of my sperm. I turned her around and sat her darling little ass on my couch, then traveled down her body with my kisses until I landed squarely on her delicious little pussy. I didn't play around this time, instead concentrating on getting her off quickly and neatly. This I accomplished, but when I looked up, I saw only a half-satisfied smile. I asked what was wrong, and she answered "You didn't put your finger in." I'd avoided this because it had barely been 18 hours since I had almost torn her poor cunt to pieces, but her complaint heightened my arousal and increased my confidence.

I mock-apologized to her, then apologized directly to her pussy. She giggled at this, as I offered to correct my shortcoming and make amends. I began nibbling on her lips again, and using spit for lubrication, worked my finger into her tight hole. When it was finally all in and well-lubricated, I started running my finger in and out, pressing my fingertip up against her G-spot as my knuckle popped past her vaginal sphincter ring with each stroke. Her orgasm this time was much stronger than the previous one, but when I asked her how it was, she again only half-smiled. She said it was great, but could we do it again like last night?

I've been accused, quite fairly, of having to be knocked over the head, dragged to a woman's cave, and repeatedly raped by her before I begin to think she might like me. Obviously, this denseness spilled over into other aspects of my sexual life. I finally, conclusively, lost any doubt that she really, really was enjoying herself and loved what we were doing as much as I did.

I took her back to the bedroom, pulled out my dildos and K-Y, and began to dilate her pussy. This time, I concentrated only on the dilation, and only when I got my cock inside her did I begin to stimulate her. As I fucked my sister openly and honestly for the first time in my life, I realized how incredibly lucky I was. Not only was she beautiful, sexy, and as sexual as I, but she was MY sister. Her attributes would have been lost on a less perverted brother than I, and I would have been either very frustrated or very much in trouble with a less sexually-hungry sister.

As I fucked her, I began to play with her position a little. Any stories you may have read about little children taking 9-inch cocks all the way are full of crap. My 7 average inches could not go much deeper than the cockhead before striking her cervix. A mature woman's cervix may move a little out of the way and allow penetration all the way to the bottom of the vaginal canal, but this is not possible in a little child. After trying several positions, I finally got Terry on her knees and penetrated her doggy-style from behind. She was completely game for all of this, and when I told her to rub her own pussy because I was getting abdominal cramps from bending over and reaching around, she went straight to work.

As I said, this was our first real fuck, and I enjoyed every second of it. After several minutes of being careful, I grasped my shaft with my hand and her waist with the other, and I began to pound into her again as I had the previous afternoon. Within moments she began to come, and I quickly followed suit, pouring yet another load of incestuous sperm into my sister's vagina. My cock barely shrank, though, and as I pulled out and saw my thick white semen pouring out of her distended little cunt, I immediately hardened and dove right back in. By the time I had climaxed again, Terry had come several times - I don't remember exactly how many.

Exhausted, I lied down beside her, rubbing her pussy and smearing my semen all over her crotch, up onto her chest, and finally dipping my fingers in that mess and slipping them into her mouth, where she sucked on them eagerly. I managed to push myself up and straddled her face, dropping my limp, dripping cock into her mouth, and sighing with pleasure as she suckled on it like a babe on her mother's teat. I looked behind me and saw that her little fingers were busily rubbing her clit. Sure enough, a short while later she came again, and her mouth finally released by penis, forming a big smile as she looked up at me adoringly.

We spent the remainder of the two weeks mostly indoors, experimenting with different sexual positions and games. By the end of the vacation, she could swallow almost all my come, and I rarely needed the dildos before fucking her pussy. I did make use of the smallest one in her ass a couple of times, but she was very sensitive and couldn't come that way. Also, there was no way my cock was going to fit in her pussyhole with that dildo in her anus.

As I drove her back to my parent's town, she cried a little. I told her I would visit frequently, and I kept my word. We were unable to have that same openness of course, but we had lots of oral and manual sex over the rest of the summer, and several times I managed to fuck her.

When summer ended, she left for South America with my parents, and I missed her terribly, counting the days until winter break. When the holidays finally did arrive, I left straight from my last final exam to the airport, and flew down to her waiting arms.


Normally, I would have stayed with my folks, but my kid brother (who still lived down there) had taken over my room with his junk. I claimed I didn't want to cramp his style, and rented a house from a friend who was away in Europe.

Of course Terry stayed with me the first night (my parents loved that we were so "close"). We picked up just where we had left off, spending the night in loving, wonderful pleasure, followed the next morning by more of the wonderful same.

Our lovemaking felt completely natural, as though we were two innocents in our own little Garden of Eden. Still, I should be honest and note that we lacked that intense lovers' passion, that frenzied hormonal rush that results in wild proclamations of love and hours spent starring into each other's eyes. We were lovers, true, but in a fraternal sense. I know that sounds strange, since siblings are not meant to be lovers. Yet, though we felt the same KIND of love that siblings feel for each other, as well as a deep affection, you could not say that we were IN love with each other. Instead, we were simply expressing our sibling love in an open, physical way that brought us both tremendous bodily pleasure plus the emotional pleasure of seeing each other's enjoyment. Again, if this sounds strange, it's because there's nothing common about incest or pedophilia. It felt natural, but it certainly wasn't normal.

The next day, after an invigorating round of morning sex, I drove with Terry to my parents'. We had lunch with them and some cousins whom I hadn't seen in a couple of years. There was one little girl I didn't know. She was Daniela, a niece of one of my cousins (related to me by marriage, not blood). Apparently she and Terry had become fast friends, despite their age difference. Daniela was 10, tall for her age, very pretty but clearly very shy.

After lunch I was eager to leave with Terry, but my mom suggested - in that insistent mothers' way - that I take Daniela along. If you're a fan of this kind of story, I'm sure you can guess what happened that afternoon. Remember, this is a true story, and if it seems too good to be true, it felt that way to me at the time it was all happening.

Terry, Daniela, and I got to my rented house, changed into swimwear and jumped in the pool. We played around, splashing, chasing, tickling, etc. My passions being well tended to by my sister, I felt no pressing need to "play" with Daniela as I had with Alex and Maria years ago. Still, the temptation was there, and when I started throwing Terry around, secretly copping a feel each time, Daniela of course wanted to participate. At first I was subtle, just holding her little ass in my hand as a seat, but as we continued, I started turning my hand so my fingers could cup her crotch. Each successive turn, I applied more pressure onto her pussy, finally to the point that, as I tossed Terry with one hand, with Daniela awaiting her turn in my other hand, I would rub my fingertips against her clit. As with Maria and Alex, Daniela kept coming back for more.

Finally, I uttered a small prayer under my breath and grabbed for the gold. I slipped my hand under her suit and rubbed her snatch with my fingers. She didn't jump away, didn't budge, didn't even wince. Instead, she just pretended as if nothing were going on. I kept it up as long as I could stand, then launched her in the air and prayed again. Whoever heard that prayer answered it, and Daniela swam right back to me. This time I boldly reached down between her legs and under her swimsuit. She just held onto my shoulder as I worked my finger around, then slightly into her tight cunt.

Remember that this whole time I had been doing likewise with my sister, with whom I had no qualms or concerns. I decided to press a little further, and pulled them both back to the edge of the pool. I leaned against the side, both girls holding onto me, while I masturbated each, gently at first, then more vigorously. Terry came first, followed shortly by Daniela.

Again, both girls had been playing it cool, not letting on to each other, or even to me, that they realized anything was going on. To take this to a higher level, I considered playing another game, some chasing, tickling, and removing of swimsuits; however, I decided, impulsively, to do something out of character for me.

I pulled my swim trunks down and completely off, then hopped up onto the pool ledge with my glistening boner in full sight. The girls' mouths dropped, and I took advantage of the momentary confusion. I pulled them both up with me, then gently but firmly pushed my sister's head down onto my cock. She wavered a split second, then dutifully began sucking on it. I turned to Daniela, who still looked confused, and, pulling Terry off, I pulled Daniela's head down as well. She also hesitated, but also opened her mouth and took my dick in. Then it was my turn to be surprised, as she lifted her head for a moment, took my cock in her hand, and gently pulled back my foreskin before returning her loving lips and tongue to its attention.

After a minute or so, during which Terry was completely quiet, sitting in rapt attention as her best friend Daniela gave me quite a proficient blowjob, I pulled Daniela away and returned Terry to the job. I continued this back and forth for a while longer, then, not wanting to get ahead of myself, I took them both in my arms and alternated giving each deep, passionate kisses. My sister's tender, cautious mouth I was used to, but Daniela's hungry kiss and probing tongue were a new experience. I had never been kissed by a child so passionately.

This seemed to confirm an earlier feeling I'd had. At the time I couldn't really verbalize it, or even fully conceptualize it mentally, but I seemed to have an instinct for homing in on "receptive" children. Years later I heard a psychiatrist on a late-night radio show explain that child molesters seemed to be able to "smell" child-abuse victims. This seems to correlate with my experience. I never made advances on a child who did not welcome me, or who had not already been initiated by someone else. In fact, I later learned that Maria's two brothers had molested her and Alex before I ever got my fingers in their holes.

I certainly seemed true in Daniela's case. Although I never asked her, and in fact never spoke about what we were doing, she clearly knew what she was doing, what to expect, and more importantly, what she liked.

I picked both girls up, and playfully throwing each over a shoulder, I took them into the house and up to the bedroom. After depositing them on the bed, I drew the curtain shut and turned back to face them. Daniela and Terry both had impish smiles, and giggled as I walked toward them, waving my hard dick around. I teased them a little with this, flopping it back and forth between their faces, as they laughed and tried to catch it with their mouths (no teeth, thankfully!).

Then, I leaned over and kissed each of them, drawing them close. As we kissed, I removed their bathing suits a little at a time – a shoulder strap here, a tug there, one leg, then the next. When these two little angels were gloriously naked, I stood them both up, face to face with me in the middle. I lowered myself slowly, kissing and nibbling each of them, until I reached their gorgeous pussies. While my beloved little sister's was as clean an sweet-smelling as could be, Daniela's had a musky odor, not as strong as an adult, but certainly noticeable.

I began eating them out, lifting each girl's leg for better access. I divided my time evenly, both for the excitement it provoked in me, and the nagging concern that Daniela might reconsider. Eventually though, I realized I had to get down to business, so keeping in mind my doubts about Daniela, I drew Terry down to my level, then turned Daniela and pushed her onto the edge of the bed, where she sat. I nibbled Daniela's pussy lips a little, then gently pulled Terry in and, without a word, pressed her face slowly down.

Terry was obviously a little unsure of herself, so I softly told her to lick in one little spot, which I had exposed with my fingers. As she began slowly licking her best friend's twat, I lowered my hand, down her back and over her tight little ass, down between her legs and into her crotch. I began rubbing my sister's pussy gently, as if not to disturb her. I looked up into Daniela's face and found her eyes half-closed, almost slits really, a look of rapture on her beautiful face. I took one of her hands and placed it on Terry's head, and Daniela instantly took over, pressing my sister's face into her wet crotch.

I then turned all my attention to Terry, crouching behind her, tickling her asshole with one finger and working the next into her pussy, while reaching around with my other hand to stroke her clit. This continued for a while, and I could see Terry was getting tired from the unaccustomed work, but Daniela kept a firm hold on her head, and didn't let go until she came, so quietly that the barest of shivers and tightening of mouth gave her away. After a long exhale, she smile, laughed softly and jumped down to hug her exhausted friend.

I stepped in at this point, sitting Terry up on the bed. Daniela didn't need any coaching, as she dove right in, finding my sister's clitoris in a flash, and sticking two fingers right into her cunthole. At this, I walked over to the nightstand and pulled out the K-Y. I wanted one final bit of confirmation that my suspicions were right. I kneeled down right behind Daniela, took my tube and squeezed a good amount of K-Y right into her pussy and smeared some around. She jerked a little from the cold, but didn't miss a beat in her snatch-munching. I stuck a finger in her hole and felt around; yep, no hymen.

I covered my cock in a good, heavy coat of lubricant, then pointed my cockhead right into the entrance to Daniela's cunthole. The tip entered smoothly, but the rest of the head took some doing. When I finally got the head in, I noticed Daniela had stopped for a moment and lowered her head, wincing in pain but not saying a word. My sister's attention was divided among her friend's face, my cock, and my face. When my cock was settled in, Daniela resumed her munching and Terry's eyes closed again, as she threw her head back in languorous pleasure.

After waiting a minute or two, I slowly started pulling my cock out of Daniela's tight, wet pussy. I almost pulled out completely, because the sensation I felt when my head squeezed past her vaginal sphincter had been incredible. I knew, though, that it caused her some pain, and I didn't want to distract her from servicing my sister.

Almost half my cock had entered; though her pussy was deeper than Terry's it certainly wasn't as deep as a full-grown woman. I grasped my shaft with three fingers, and began slowly stroking in and out, incrementally speeding up, until finally I cut loose and started pounding away, eager to fill the little bitch with my load of semen.

Just as I was nearing climax, I looked up and saw my sister's intense expression, eyes tightly closed, teeth biting her lip as she sailed into her own orgasm. This sight pulled me over the edge and I forgot myself, letting go of my shaft and jamming it in as far and as hard as I could, grabbing Daniela's slim girl hips tightly and yanking her back onto my massive cock as I drove it with mad passion. I came as hard as I ever had with my sister, not slowing at all as I rammed load after load of hot steamy sperm into the 10-year-old girl's cunthole.

When I was finished, I let Daniela go, and she fell to floor. I closed my eyes as I recovered from the ordeal. When I opened my eyes I saw a heartbreaking scene: Daniela was huddled up on the floor crying, while Terry held her tenderly in her arms and stroked her hair. I felt like the monster that I was, and immediately jumped forward and hugged Daniela and Terry too. We sat like that for a while, hugging and cooing, comforting each other. Eventually, I helped Daniela over to the bathroom, where she and Terry shared a bath I gave them. I gave Daniela some Tylenol, dressed them in their swimsuits again, and spent the afternoon relaxing by and in the pool.

Don't let anyone fool you, there is no such thing as pain-free pedophilia, at least not in my experience. Daniela didn't return for the remainder of my winter break, and I didn't see her again for 4 years.

I ran into her at our mutual relative's barbecue. She was 14 then, and had grown into a tall, model-gorgeous young lady. We chatted amicably for a minute or two, then she made her excuses and left the party. For a long time I wondered how things might have turned out had I not lost control that day. My recent experience tells me it might not have been so different, one way or another, but that's a story (and insight) for later in this narrative.


My sister and I again had ample opportunity to indulge ourselves during that break, and we never let a chance slip by. We had plenty of brother-sister activities to do when my family was around, so when we had time to ourselves we jumped right in and got down to the nitty-gritty. It amazed me how quickly she had become an almost fully-realized sexual being. I say almost because, to my knowledge, she had not pursued or engaged in sex with any other boys.

Wanting to explore the limits of her curiosity, I brought her over with her dog, a cute little ball of cotton and fluff. I played sexually with her while the dog jumped around, barking excitedly. When I started fucking my little sister from behind, the dog nearly lost its mind. At the right moment, I pulled away and positioned the dog in my place. Terry didn't say a word as he jumped on, desperately trying to fuck his mistress. I reached down and grabbed a hold of his tiny, slimy cock, and pointed it right in her hole.

In a flash he drove it in to the hilt, and began furiously pummeling away like a squirrel on speed. He came quickly and pulled out, and I rolled Terry over, laughing out loud. She was completely surprised, but laughing herself. Then the dog leaned its cold snout in and began lapping at his own juices as they spilled out of her tender pussy. My sister loved it, and when he pulled away, she called after him to come back!

I couldn't stop laughing as she chased the dog around the bedroom, catching it and dragging it back to bed, only to have him jump away again. Finally, I decided to give her a hand. I grabbed the little guy and held him firmly, turning him on his back. I then took Terry's hand and put it on his tummy. She got the message right away and started stroking him, until finally his shaft poked out. She started to grab it but I stopped her, telling her it was too sensitive. "Instead," I suggested, "why don't you trying kissing him down there." She made a gross face, but thought about it for a few seconds and leaned in.

I was twistedly turned on as my little 7-year-old sister took the dog's cock in her mouth and began licking and sucking on it. When his shaft seemed hard enough, I told her to turn around quickly and get on her knees. I positioned the dog over her backside, and reached in under her to guide his cock. When it was in again, I immediately started rubbing my sister's clit, realizing I had little time before the dog would finish. By the time the dog came again, Terry was in the middle of her own powerful orgasm.

When I turned her over, she had a huge smile plastered on her face. The dog immediately started licking her cunt again, and she looked like she was in heaven. I put my cock in her mouth, and she began to suck on it with a passion I had not before seen in her. During my blowjob, the dog got horny again and mounted her, this time in the missionary position (is there such a thing as a doggy-missionary position?).

Terry reached down between her legs and got herself off, while never letting go of my cock. During this time, the dog climaxed, ate her pussy, then fucked her again to orgasm. Soon enough I too blew my load, most of which entered her mouth, but a little smeared across her face. The dog, completely screwed up by now, ran up to her and licked her face clean, pausing only long enough to lick my cock clean as well, before returning and mounting her yet again.

By this time it was late, so I showered with my sister (locking the dog out who would certainly have jumped in), dressed and took her home.


That was the last time I involved a dog in my sex life, for no greater reason than lack of opportunity. My break ended and I returned to college, again with parting tears and nights of sorrow. It wasn't until Terry came to the US for summer vacation that I saw her again. By now she was 8, and her body, though clearly still childlike, was beginning to round out a little more. Her lovely buttocks were a little bigger, her legs a little longer and firmer, and her pussy lips a little juicier and fuller, particularly when aroused.

As I said at the start, this is a true story, and though it may seem cruel to the reader to tell it this way, I still cannot bear to go over the details of that summer together. Yes, it was full of love and passion, and yes we had a wonderful time together. I could tell you more of the same, days spent exploring, nights spent in loving warmth. But you see, nothing new happened that summer, nothing different from what I have already described. In fact, nothing different happened until after she went back home.

You see, a few weeks after she returned to South America, I got a call late at night. My sister, my lover, my reason in life, had lost hers. I don't want to wax poetic. I don't want to relate the cold facts. It simply happened, and I ask that you fill in the blanks yourself.


After Terry's death, my family drew tightly together. Everyone came to the US since my older brother was in graduate school, I was heading in, and my younger brother was having trouble in school in South America. We all moved into my family's two-bedroom apartment and made do.

During this time, I concentrated fiercely on my studies and my body. I lost all my excess weight and became as toned and buff as I had ever been. Remember, I was a pretty good looking kid, and my new physique and guilt- and testosterone-charged personality was highly assertive, even aggressive.

When I flew down to South America the following year for summer break, I fucked every girl I could get my hands on. In three months I had five short sexual romances, six one-night stands, and numerous prostitutes (who by this time in my country were starting to be recruited younger and better looking).

Among the affairs were a few taboo relationships. My favorite cousin, Maria (yes, it's true, a LOT of Latin girls are named Maria), with whom I had always shared a close emotional bond, was going through a rough time with her husband, who was grieving the loss of his father. She turned to me for comfort, and I took advantage of that. Though she was six years older than I, I thoroughly controlled the situation. We slept together secretly a number of times throughout my vacation, never asking for more than a few hours of intimate contact. We remained, and do to this day, close to each other emotionally. Our affair lent her impetus to divorce, and she later married a nice guy, with whom I get along very well. He suspects something of our past, but makes no mention and shows no trace of jealousy.

Another taboo involved me and a third cousin, Andrea, with whom I had flirted as a kid, and who was also older than I. She was the first conquest of my trip, as I stayed overnight in her town during a layover for my final destination. We talked until late in the night, drinking and sharing, and just naturally fell into each other's embrace. By the time we finished, it was time for her to drive me back to the airport. We never talked about it and it never happened again. A few weeks later, as my friend Jose was flying in on break from his studies abroad, I suggested he stay at her place during his layover. He too is a good looking guy, and I suspect Andrea is pretty easy, because he reported getting laid by her as well. We compared notes, and he described her physique and preferences accurately, so I believed him completely.

I think this highlights a peculiar effect of the sexual repression in my country. Most "good" girls don't have any sex until marriage. Some have it with their fiancé, , or maybe with a long-time boyfriend. The girls who want it and like it either suffer in silence, or actively become "bad" girls. In any town, if you are popular or have a popular friend, you will quickly find out who the bad girls are, and will probably fuck them from time to time. This is just a theory, of course. Another valid theory would be to say that bad girls are probably victims of abuse, who have been traumatized and seek validation (or self-immolation) through repeated casual sex. Either way, there's good pussy to be found.

I am cursed with a lot of good-looking relatives, and it frustrates me that most are therefore off-limits. Still, some of my cousins do make exceptions (as noted above). That summer, another second cousin also fell prey to my advances. This one was a rocky, short-term relationship. We went out frequently, ostensibly as friends. I don't know if this former beauty queen was just keeping up appearances, or was used to teasing her boyfriends, but she would drop me every time a friend or acquaintance, particularly male, approached us. I got tired of this very quickly, and the day after I "went all the way" with her, I too dropped her like a hot potato.


Next on my list were two unresolved cases: Maria and Alex. They were 16 and 17, respectively, at this point. Maria, as you'll recall, is my best-friend Jose's sister, and Alex his cousin. I went to visit Maria before Jose returned on break. I went early in the morning, knowing her mother had started working following her divorce.

Maria is the one person I regret using that summer. That morning, I worked all my charms on her, but made little headway, so I resolved to be forceful. She refused to drink, and shyly refused a dip in the pool at my place (the same rented house as before). Finally, when she was showing me her photo-album in her bedroom, I asked her if she had a boyfriend, which she denied. I then asked if she would be my girl, and she grew red, saying she didn't think it would be a good idea. She refused to tell me why (I later learned it was because she had a secret crush on my kid brother, who was her age, devastatingly handsome, and a hundred times more popular than I could ever dream of being).

In my ignorance, I got pissed at her refusal to answer. I pressed on, saying it wouldn't be so bad, we could have fun like we used to. Did she remember how we used to have fun, in the pool? By now I had cornered her against the wall, and she was trembling. I asked her again if she remembered, then I lowered my hand to her crotch and grabbed her pussy through her thin shorts. "Do you remember this?" I asked again.

Still holding her crotch, I pressed my body against hers, kissing her neck and working my other hand up her t-shirt and under her bra. I squeezed her breast tightly, enough to cause pain. By now my lust was overwhelming me. I pushed down her shorts and panties with my hands as far as I could, then raised my foot and hooked them down all the way. I dropped my own shorts and underpants, grabbed my cock in my hand and desperately tried to find her hole. This wasn't working, so I grasped her tightly around the waist and carried her over to her bed. I fell on it with her under me, then raised both her legs up, and jammed my cock in as quickly as I could. She screamed out at this, the only time. I fucked her as fast as I could, pausing only long enough to pull her shirt and bra off.

When I finished, I collapsed on her naked body, the sweat cooling slightly on our skin. I didn't ask if she was OK, I didn't care. This was one of the nicest girls I have ever known, one who had had a crush on me and idolized me, and I had not only forcefully raped her, I had taken her virginity as well (the second of only two that I have notched on my bedpost). She was crying silently as I led her to the bathroom, washed her off and myself. I then told her to fetch me a soft drink, which she meekly did.

Dressed, I talked with her about this and that for a while until her mother came home, then she and I chatted also. Eventually, I said my goodbyes and kissed her full on the mouth in plain view of her mom. The next day I stopped by early enough to say hello to her mom on her way to work, and more importantly, so that Maria couldn't shut me out of the house. I found her in bed and crawled in with her, kissing and groping her, until finally I pulled off her clothes and mine, then proceeded to fuck her in the missionary position. By now she was talking to me again, asking me to be a little more gentle. I complied with her requests, and she thanked me.

I've read that abusive relationships often turn out this way, with the victim thanking the abuser for not causing more pain than that already being suffered. We lasted that way for almost two weeks. I would visit her early in the morning, have breakfast with her and her mom, then fuck her until noon. At that point, I would take her out to lunch with her friends, all of whom were hot little babes in their mid-teens. In the afternoon, I would usually fuck her again, then wash up and leave before her mom would get home.

Her mom was happy that I was dating Maria, and called Jose to tell him. He congratulated us, but out of either decency or self-destructiveness, I told him I had taken her virginity. The sonofabitch was happy for us! Of course, this same guy had years earlier molested his sister and Alex, and had fucked dogs at my house, so I wasn't too surprised. He actually told me he was happy it was me, and that he didn't think anyone could have done a better job. He later told me he had talked to his sister and congratulated her as well!

This all ended the day Alex returned from her trip. I had had a crush on her as a kid, just as Maria had been infatuated with me. The moment Alex walked in the door, I completely forgot about Maria. I waited outside Alex's house that afternoon, and when I saw her coming I invited her for a drive. I took her home with me and, emboldened by my experience with her cousin, I walked her into my bedroom, closed the door, then smoothly stripped off all my clothes. She looked dumbstruck as I nakedly approached her, took her face in my hand, and kissed her passionately on the lips.

She tried to back a way a little, but fell over instead onto the bed. I quickly followed, and ignored her weak pleas to stop. Although she said no a few times, I never had to use my strength and weight with her the way I had with Maria. She verbalized, but made no move to stop me. I pulled her dress off quickly, then released her bra and began suckling on her nipples. She sighed and stroked the back of my head. I worked my way down and pulled off her panties, diving right into her jet-black curly muff.

Feeling barbarically empowered, I stripped her naked and pulled her onto me. I wanted her to bend to my will, so I lied back on the bed and pushed her up on top of me. She knew exactly what to do. Reaching down between her legs as she straddled me, she grabbed hold of my thick, slimy member and pointed it into her burning hot snatch. She settled back and slowly worked it in, a little at a time, until it was completely inside her. She then started rocking back and forth, grinding her clit into my pelvic bone, faster and harder until she loudly proclaimed her orgasm.

I pushed her off then, and grabbed her by her thick mane of her, shoving her down onto my dick, which she gobbled up into her greedy little mouth, sucking and pumping like a pro. I came quickly, and for first time experienced a perfect blowjob. She didn't miss a drop, swallowing every last sperm, sucking and stroking until I was depleted.

I stopped seeing Maria after that, with no explanation, as I found myself suddenly infatuated again with Alex. This lasted barely a week before her ex-boyfriend arrived and asked her to take him back. She gave me then a taste of what I'd given Maria.

Later that year, with a few encouraging words from me, my kid brother asked her out. They started dating regularly after that. The following summer they both came to visit me, and I took them on a three-week road trip around the United States. They followed that with a month-long European vacation. I guess her mother by then had found out about her virginity, and was just hoping Maria could land herself a good catch. It didn't work, for though they got along great, long-distance relationships are hard to maintain, and theirs was no exception.

I still see Maria and Alex from time to time, and we chat and laugh, old grudges having been either forgotten or subconsciously suppressed. As you may have guessed, Alex was a bit of a slut. She married at 18 to get out of the house, divorcing less than a year later. Jose once showed me a video he had made of her around age 20, with his brother and two friends taking their turns probing every orifice in Alex. Even today, from all accounts, turning 30 still hasn't changed her. Jose is married now and faithful, but he still refers friends to his sweet sluttish cousin Alex for a good time, no charge. Also married and faithful, and not the least bit sluttish, is Maria, who is a bank executive, happily wedded and expecting her first child.


The best sex I had that summer came at the hands (so to speak) of Dana, a 19-year-old Dutch girl. This was a seriously screwed up chick, and although only somewhat pretty, she had a fantastic body and knew how to use it. We met casually, and fell into sex casually. Nothing more was needed than an invitation to a nightclub, followed by a blowjob in the car, and a night in her bedroom. Her mother walked in on us early the next day and asked if we wanted some breakfast. God bless the Dutch!

After breakfast we returned to Dana's room, where she got out a video camera and proceeded to tape herself riding my cock. This made me a little nervous, but you couldn't see my face, so I figured (like Tom Cruise in Risky Business) "What the fuck?" After her mom left for work, we had sex outside by the pool, in plain sight of her maid. But no, unlike in Penthouse Forum, the maid didn't join in. She made a dirty face and walked off instead, clearly accustomed to this sort of behavior.

I can't emphasize how incredible it was to fuck so casually and yet so heartily. She was as spirited and energetic as any porn queen I've ever seen on video. She introduced me to anal sex, begging me the first time to come inside her ass, after which she whipped around and grabbed my semen- and shit-drenched cock and sucked it into her mouth, convulsing with multiple orgasms as she licked every bit of shit off my penis! She never quite got to the point of actually eating shit out of my ass, but I did piss and crap all over her frequently in the shower, as she frigged herself to orgasm after orgasm. She would smear that crap all over her body, being careful not to get any into her pussy – she was crazy, but not stupid – and a few times dipped her shit-covered fingers into her mouth right as she came.

Her favorite activity remained sucking shit- and semen-covered cocks, but anything anal entertained her. To this day, she is the only girl I ever allowed to fuck me. She had two strap-ons: a massive cock I can only hope she used vaginally on other girls (she was a self-proclaimed bisexual, though I never benefited from that fact), and a smaller strap-on she used on guys, and which she used on me. I'll admit the combination of that dildo punishing my ass while I jerked off wildly was quite an experience, but after Dana I never really wanted to try it with anyone else.

A few times Dana' mother walked in on us, only to smile, apologize, and walk out again. I quickly realized she had her fair share of lovers too, many of them around my age. I also noted that Dana walked in on her mom a few times as well while she was with a man in her bedroom. I wondered if this was just a sign of their openness, or if this might be curiosity on their part. I began to fantasize about a mother-and-daughter threesome, but again, this was not Penthouse Forum, and nothing came of it.

We continued screwing around like this, until, regrettably, Jose returned, on break from his studies. I introduced the two of them and they fell instantly, madly in love. Madly is an adverb particularly appropriate when describing Dana. I won't go into details, but she cost him a year of school, expulsion from the US with revocation of his visa, and thousands of dollars he could ill afford. It took him years to recover. I guess his arrival wasn't so regrettable for me after all.

There was only one other girl of note that summer. On one of our frequent trips out to Jose's family's cabin by the lake, I caught sight of a gorgeous, tall, leggy girl, introduced to me as Vera. She was a cousin of one of Maria's school friends, who had grown up in the US and was on her first visit to South America. I asked her out, showed her a good time, then took her home where she easily fell into bed with me. The problem was, she was completely passive. She didn't move, made no sound, and no amount of effort on my part could get her off. I fucked her pussy several ways, unloaded in her mouth, ate her out, finger-fucked her, used a vibrator, and even fucked her in the ass. Nothing!

Most times in my life, I would have been happy to keep her, since I infrequently had sexual success, and even more rarely had relationships. This was my summer of love, though, or at least my summer of lust, and I didn't want to waste my time with a dud. A beautiful dud, but a dud nonetheless. I fucked her on three different days, and then stopped calling her or returning her messages. It wasn't until a week later that I talked about her with Jose, who asked why I had dumped her. I gave him my reasons and he replied, "Fine, so what? She's beautiful and she's fucking you. Besides, what do you expect, she's only 13."

I couldn't believe it. Vera looked like she was 18, 19, maybe even 20. I figured from Maria's age Vera could be in her mid-teens, perhaps, but 13? She had been so loose and easy in bed, she clearly had a good amount of experience. Knowing her real age actually sparked my interest in her again, but by now the damage was done and she refused to go out with me.

If nothing else, this anecdote illustrates two points: firstly, by now I was clearly a pedophile, since the same pussy became more attractive when underage; secondly, my abuse-victim radar was functioning perfectly.

These were the only girls really worth mentioning. As I stated earlier, there were others, but none particularly memorable. The thing to realize is how different I was that summer, and while my sudden physical confidence and exercise-driven testosterone were at least partly to blame, I think I was also carrying a lot of rage over the loss of my sister. When I returned to school, I stopped exercising, started eating, and within a year was back at my previous weight.


Time passed, and I began to mellow out. Although the heartache was always just below the surface, I started to get through my days with a bit more normality. As my weight stabilized, so did my soul. I began dating again, more or less normally. Of course, my appearance reduced the pool of available candidates somewhat, but I wasn't complaining. Still, no one really sparked more in me than a passing interest.

This changed again, unfortunately, through the tender mercies of another little girl. Maria, the same first cousin with whom I had slept that "summer of love" has a lovely daughter, Soledad, who is now 17. When I was screwing her mother, Soledad was only 5. She was not very pretty then, with dark mottled skin, a little pudgy, and some hormonal problem that had covered her body in a fine coat of hair. Three years later, as I visited South America again for winter break, I stayed at my cousin Maria's house for a few days, and found Soledad much improved. She was no longer so fat, not nearly as hairy, and her complexion had cleared up. All this, I believe, was due to hormone therapy her mother had initiated for her.

I have always been well-known as a tech geek, so Maria's son and daughter asked me to help them with a computer game. I sat at the corner of a desk, near the front of the screen, instructing the boy on what to do. As I did, Soledad came up to me, and, not thinking much of it, I put her on my knee and started bouncing her around. Her left leg quickly slipped sideways so she was left straddling my leg. I turned her around so she could see better, but again, after I started bouncing, she slid again and ended up straddling me again. At this point, my radar started to beep, so while I continued instructing her brother, I casually dropped Soledad to the floor and turned her so my knee was pressed against her crotch. I then started bouncing my leg up and down, and this time she pressed forward against my knee!

Klaxons went off in my head as my target was acquired. I began stroking her back lightly, all the while bouncing my knee against her crotch. Again casually, my back rub lowered until I was cupping her round little bottom. As my bouncing continued, I began pressing her ass toward me so my knee would rub harder against her pussy. Within a few minutes, she held her breath for a moment, closed her eyes, then gently exhaled. Eureka!

The boy had his game under control, and no one else being home, I got up quietly and took Soledad by the hand, leading her to the guest bedroom. I locked the door and led her to the table in the center of the room. There, I laid out my photo album, and positioning her as before, began stimulating her with my knee again. When I was confident she was enthralled, I reached my hand lower than her butt cheek, then slowly slid it up her shorts, to the inside of her creamy thigh, and up against her panty-clad pussy. I kept up the pretense of the photos for a few moments more, as I worked my other hand down the front of her shorts, under the waistband of her panties, and clear down into her slit.

I turned her gently around, and asked under my breath if it hurt. She said no. I began rubbing her pussy softly, slowly, pressing my fingertip with each stroke into her little cunthole. I asked if she wanted me to stop, and she again replied, "No."

Thus empowered, I slid her shorts and panties down with my free hand, then lifted her shirt over her head. I lost contact with her pussy just long enough to get my own shorts and underwear off. My cock sprang free and I immediately pressed it against the crack of her ass, as I returned to rubbing her snatch. Instead of my finger, I pressed my cock against her pussyhole, and continued rubbing her clit. Very soon she came, again in that quiet little way of hers.

Years and experience had worked together to give me a confidence I had lacked as a younger boy. I turned my little 8-year-old niece around, and gave her a deep, long kiss. I even flicked my tongue around her mouth a little. I then kissed down her body, pausing to lift her leg up to get a better angle, and proceeded to lavish my tongue's attention on her pussy. While she was clearly enjoying it, the position was doing little for us, so I picked her up and lay her down on the bed. I pulled my shirt off and got back to my task.

As I licked and sucked on her pussy, I worked a finger in, pausing to feel for a hymen. There was none, and this helped confirm my radar sense. She was still a little chubby, and I had problems getting a second finger into her tight little twat, so I focused instead on pleasing her. I didn't wait for her to come again though, preferring to leave her wanting more. I stood up and pulled her towards me, sitting upright on the bed. I asked her point-blank to give me a suck, both to initiate my pleasure and test my hypothesis again. She smiled at me, then lowered herself to my member, pulled back my foreskin (aha!) and took my cockhead into her mouth, twirling her tongue around it.

I jerked off as she sucked me, telling her not to spit when I came. She certainly knew what to do, as I came good and hard, but she spilled barely a drop, swallowing most of my come without a sound. I then went back down on her and finished her off.

I got a few more blowjobs from her before leaving, and gave her at least as good as I got. I soon saw her again in my hometown on Christmas Day. Soledad and her family were staying with my aunt at her cabin. Also staying with them was Maria's cousin (from her father's side of the family), her 10-year-old daughter, 5-year-old son, and brand-new husband.

The boy and girl were clearly screwed up. He would sit on the floor for long periods, banging his head back against the wall as he stared into space. Also, he was incredibly sensitive and began to cry at the drop of a hat, often bursting into hysterical fits. The daughter, by extreme contrast, was incredibly sociable. I noticed quickly that she was very solicitous to the men, hugging and kissing them frequently. This was remarked on by one of Maria's brothers, as we men sat around the patio drinking whiskeys and smoking cigars. Someone commented that we should keep an eye on her and the new husband. I agreed, though my intentions were different and less noble than his.

Pools make this sort of thing ridiculously easy. Right after our heavy Christmas Day lunch, of which I ate only sparingly, I took Soledad and her cousin (whose name I cannot for the life of me remember, but whom I'll call Honey for now) up to the pool. The cabin was on the slope of a mountain, with the pool higher up and almost a hundred feet away. From the edge of the pool, you could see clearly down, so that it was impossible for someone to sneak up. The girls and I jumped right in, splashing and playing. Of course, with Soledad, my hand slipped in under her swimsuit quickly. With Honey, I took my time and built things up as I had learned by experience to do.

I wasn't in very good shape, but little kids are more forgiving of physical appearance. It didn't take long before I was pushing my finger, then my thumb into Honey's pot. I didn't want to strip the girls because I didn't think I could get them (or myself) dressed quickly enough if someone should come up to the pool. Instead, I took Honey in my arms, floated her on her back, and pulled her swimsuit aside, revealing her delicate and puffy lips. Soledad looked a little taken aback, maybe a hint of jealousy. I didn't care. Honey was wide open and I ate her tender 10-year-old pussy like there was no tomorrow. As cocky and daring as she was, though, Honey's orgasm was very subdued. I think brash girls are often overcompensating for some insecurity. After she came, Honey quickly recovered her attitude as I turned my attention to her cousin.

I took Soledad in my arms, but she clearly knew what was coming, and didn't want to participate. I had to yank her swimsuit aside, tearing it a little in the process. I forced my mouth on her and munched away for several minutes. Getting no response, I turned to Honey who was staring intently. I pulled her in and told her, "Give Soledad a few little kisses there." She complied with the letter of the law, but not the spirit. I had to instruct her more clearly, and in short order she got the hang of it.

When she finally tired, I took over again, this time using a finger in Soledad's pussy and one on her puckered little anus. By now she had relaxed somewhat, and after some effort I was able to get her off. By this time there were some signs of activity in the cabin below, and I didn't want to start something I couldn't finish, so I left my pecker in my pocket and quit while I was ahead.

Two days later I finally got the girls to my place. An old pro at this sort of thing by now, I didn't mess around with games. I took them in my arms and kissed them as soon as we were in the door, each a firm but gentle kiss on the mouth. I stood up and stripped to my shorts while they giggled at my belly. I then took each one in turn, kissing them as I pulled their clothes completely off. Finally, I picked them up and walked to the bedroom.

I hopped on the bed and threw my shorts off, my wood standing proudly in salute to their lovely 8- and 10-year-old naked bodies. I pulled Soledad forward first, waving her in my cock's direction. She slid my foreskin gently back, then took my cock in her sweet, warm mouth and began running her moist little tongue around the head. Honey didn't wait for me to say anything. She jumped up onto the bed, turned so she was facing my crotch and took my shaft in her hand, rubbing it up and down.

I sighed in pleasure as I leaned back, pulling Honey's flower over to my face and buzzing my tongue all around it. With some spit and effort, I was able to get two fingers in, though not very far. Honey was of average build, but not very tall. Her pussy was likewise wider (or looser?) but not too deep, shallower than even Soledad's.

I pushed Honey off and stood, turning so that Honey could get a taste of the good stuff too. She sucked on me, though not as well as Soledad; in fact, she was probably the worst little girl I've had at giving head. I grew bored of that quickly, so I turned her around and positioned her on her knees, doggy-style. Instead of my trusty old K-Y, I lubed her little cunthole and my cock with some cherry flavored edible lubricant, then slowly tried working myself into her hot snatch.. I couldn't get more than the head in before bottoming out, not even enough to pop my head past her pussy ring.

Realizing the futility, I started playing with her and Soledad, alternating my dick between Soledad's mouth and Honey's pussy, adding some sweet cherry lube as needed. I then turned Honey on her side and got Soledad to kneel down and get her mouth close to Honey's crotch, where I continued the bait-and-switch. Both girls were digging this, laughing each time my cock popped out of Honey's pussy.

Soon, I got what I wanted as Soledad, at my suggestion, began licking and nibbling on Honey's clit. I stuck my cock back in her cunt and massaged it around inside her, even as my finger rubbed and gently penetrated her tight asshole. It took very little of this to make Honey come hard, clenching and jerking so much that my cock popped out just as I started to deliver my payload. I slapped my cockhead desperately around, rubbing it on Dana's cuntlips and Soledad's mouth as I pumped my shaft furiously.

It was a good orgasm, followed by the wonderful sight of an 8-year-old girl dutifully licking the sperm off of her 10-year-old cousin's crotch. My semen was mixed with the sweet cherry lubricant, and judging from the effort Soledad put into it, she clearly was enjoying the taste.

The girls and I played with each other a while longer, bringing me off a couple of times more, and themselves several times too. I got together with them two more times before, alas, it was again time for me to leave and return to college.

I didn't see Soledad again for four years, at my parent's New Year's party. When she walked in, formally dressed, my jaw dropped to the floor. She was gorgeous, absolutely stunning. This was not just my opinion. Everyone at the party was as astounded as I.

As soon as I could, I maneuvered her away from the crowd. With no hesitation, I grasped her firmly by the arm and walked her downstairs to my brother's bedroom. As soon as we entered, I turned and locked the door. She clearly knew what was coming next, because she dropped her purse on the nightstand and lowered her head.

I came up behind her, took her in my arms and began nibbling on her exposed neck. She inhaled sharply at this, and I wasted no time in releasing the straps to her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing a lacy black bra, though she hardly had any breasts to mention. I quickly pulled it off and slid her panties down, then turned her and kissed her as I had years earlier. I pushed her down on the bed, pulling off my pants and jacket and opening my shirt so I could feel her skin against mine. My cock was ready to go, and I tried to penetrate her, but she was too dry. I got off of her, desperately looking for some lubricant, finally finding a bottle as she lied on the bed, eyes closed.

I returned, smearing some baby oil on my cock and into her cunthole, then quickly mounted her and sank into her waiting pussy. I fucked her gently but quickly, aware that we might be missed. She kept stride with me, and came shortly after I did. I then grabbed some tissue and pushed it into her twat, picked up her panties and started to help her dress. She pushed me away and started throwing on her things herself. We finished dressing, and I left before her.

I didn't think until later that this was the first time I had fully penetrated her. I only wish I'd had more time or patience to do the job right. Although it almost certainly wasn't her first time being fucked (I'm sure whoever had deflowered her before age 8 could not have resisted her later beauty), I still would have gotten the old familiar thrill I get my first time fucking and coming in a new girl. Instead, there was that hormone-driven frenzy of lust and fear that sated my animal instincts but did nothing for my soul (black as it may be).

The next day I stopped by her uncle's house, where she was staying. I chatted amicably with the family, several times suggesting places I could take Soledad to help alleviate her boredom. Each one of my suggestions was shot down by her. I waited around until I finally got her alone. Without a word, I kissed her hard, reached down into her panties and slipped my finger into her cunt. I told her to get dressed and go out with me. She did so submissively, and I drove her to my hotel (no house this year).

I put out the "Do Not Disturb" sign, locked the door, drew the curtains, and took her in my arms. I won't say I was rough on her, but my style certainly was more direct and forceful than it had ever been with my sister. I fucked her in several positions, got her to come twice, and filled both her pussy and mouth with a load of semen each. When we were finished, I told her I would stop by the next day and expected her to be ready to go when I got there.

I picked her us as promised the next day, only this time I chose something different, more dangerous. I drove her to a whorehouse, where I hired a prostitute I had used before, a good-looking girl of maybe 16 or 17. Soledad was trembling when I walked her into the room. I quickly stripped and told the hooker to do likewise. Both naked, the hooker and I undressed Soledad, who stood shivering in the middle of the room. When she too was naked, I told the hooker to sit on the floor with her back against the bed. I had done this before with this girl and another prostitute, so she knew what to expect. She tilted her head back, and I walked Soledad over, spreading her legs around the hooker and bending her over the bed. I gave the whore a pillow so she could lift her head up to Soledad's snatch, then lubing myself up, I quickly and smoothly drove my shaft into my 12-year-old niece.

I fucked her with abandon, not worrying about her for a second. The hooker did a good job, flicking her tongue expertly, so much so that Soledad came twice before I did once. I had the girl drink my semen out of Soledad's dripping twat, then had Soledad suck my cock clean. I dried it as best I could with a towel, then, still erect, I donned a condom and had the girls switch positions.

I know about STD's, and I knew the danger to Soledad in particular, but I didn't care. I fucked that hooker good and hard, while she yelled at my baby to eat her cunt harder. I came again quickly, though not as hard as the first time. After pulling off my condom, I had Soledad suck my cock clean again.

It was at this point that I pulled out my primitive digital camera and, refusing to take no for an answer, had Soledad and the prostitute pose in a variety of explicit positions. I still have those pictures and occasionally bring them out for a good monkey-spanking. As a capper, I had the girl take several shots of me with Soledad. By now my dick had hardened again, and I was able to indulge every possibility – I even called in the madam for a fantastic shot I have of my cock in Soledad's pussy, with the hooker, looking younger than her years, tugging with her lips on Soledad's clit. You can see my little 12-year-old niece's face clearly and beautifully in that picture!

I fucked Soledad every day for the rest of the week, before it was time again to part company. I saw her again two years later, and she was just stunning. Unfortunately, she had come to hate my guts. I was still able to pressure her into sex, and came roundly and soundly in her pussy, but she spat at me immediately thereafter, and that ruined any desire I could later have for her. As I said, at this writing she is 17 and model-perfect, probably the best-looking girl I ever fucked. We're on polite speaking terms now, and we've come to a workable arrangement: I don't fuck her and she doesn't spit on me.


I alluded earlier to a lesson learned, and this is that story. It is the final story in this narrative, and I hope it is my final story of pedophilia and other deviant forms of sexuality.

I married, yes married, later in life to a woman a few years older, and whom I adore. I had one previous mature love affair, and I felt I had grown significantly. As ironic, or at least cosmically appropriate, as it may seem, it turns out that my wife had been molested as a little girl, and to this day suffers the consequences.

She has 6 brothers and 5 sisters, with age differences of almost 30 years from oldest to youngest. Her father, now in his eighties, is his wife's own uncle. He abducted her when she was 14, keeping her as a virtual sex slave for several weeks. Apparently, sexual abductions are or were common in their country. As was customary, when her parents found out who the kidnapper was, they gave him two choices: marry the girl or pay a large fine.

Yes, that's right, a fine, money. No shotgun weddings over there, because the family's honor would be tarnished if anyone found out their girl had been soiled, even if she ended up marrying (by force) her despoiler. The money was to compensate the parents for their future costs of keeping the ruined girl, since no man would marry a whore and take her off their hands.

Too poor to pay adequately, the uncle was forced by his brother to marry his niece, and this incestuous pairing produced 12 offspring. All of my wife's siblings appear physically normal, though each is whacky in some way (my wife included), and one is downright psychotic. She finally is locked away after trying to kill her children for the third (and hopefully last) time.

It should come as little surprise that, in this environment, there should arise shenanigans of the naughty kind. My wife has a nightmare memory, which she refuses to explore, of kneeling in front of one of her brothers and sucking his dick, getting a mouth and face full of semen, while other brothers stood around her laughing. There's then a blank, a memory lapse, which picks up with her crying to her eldest brother, telling him about the incident. She remembers being in pain "down there" as she told him. She also remembers him giving her a smile, a "you go, girl" kind of look. Then, her recollection gets hazy, but she thinks she remembers being in bed with him and feeling more intense pain "down there" again.

I have a vivid recollection of most of my childhood, and I think most people have a good number of memories as well. My wife, however, remembers almost nothing after that day, bits and pieces only, until her next clear memory when, at 16, she "de-virginized" (her word) one of her cousins, a boy of 12 or 13. She fucked one more young virgin boy before going to college, where she was forcefully raped by a janitor. After that, she was hospitalized for emotional trauma. Refusing long-term treatment, she dealt with it by becoming a tortured slut.

By her count, she had sex with more than 30 men and boys in the next two years. She followed an exact pattern, dating a boy until she felt comfortable (a day, a week, or a month), then fucking him once, and dumping him the next day. Then, she would spend a day or more crying in anguish, after which she would recover and move on to the next.

I mention all of this because her reality, the reality of many if not most abuse victims, coupled with my next experience, helped me to change my ways.

This next experience happened because my cute new wife had a cute, tall, blonde 11-year-old daughter, Margarita, who teased me incessantly and played constantly with me in a very inappropriate manner. She would pinch my butt, grab my crotch, and pull my shorts down every chance she got.

I tried to stay away, but my radar was going off non-stop. The siren song has led many a sailor to his watery grave, and I finally succumbed one Saturday morning while my wife was away at work. Margarita, who was already sprouting out, cuddled up to me on the sofa, where we lied together watching cartoons on TV.

She soon turned around, as if for warmth, when suddenly I felt her nibbling on my nipple! My cock jumped almost as high as my heart. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she loved sucking on "chi-chis." I cradled her head in my arm, as she continued suckling. I ran my hand up her back, over her t-shirt at first, then under it.

As she continued suckling, I worked my hand around to her front, and slowly up to her budding breasts. I began teasing her nipples, pinching them with my fingertips. She replied to each pinch with a little bite. I then slowly stroked my hand down her belly, slowly inching toward her golden kingdom. I debated for a moment whether to play it safe, but I threw caution to the wind and slipped my hand under her waistband. In no time I had reached her warm, blonde, lightly fuzz-covered mound.

I started rubbing her lips gently, then slipped my finger into her slit, finding her clitoris among its folds. I rubbed in long strokes, beginning at her clit and ending with my finger in her hot, amazingly-wet hole. I had no trouble inserting my finger, and sure enough, I felt no trace of hymen. I finger-fucked my step-daughter that way for a while, but she wouldn’t come. My hand was tired from the effort, so I detached her from my breast and slid down to her navel, pulled her pajamas and panties off, and jumped right in.

She hadn't bathed recently, and the smell of musk and urine were overpowering. It didn't stop me though, as I worked my tongue all over her pussy and gave her everything I had. After what seemed like an eternity, my tongue was numb and she still showed no signs of coming. I finally pulled her down onto the floor with me, and lying on my side, began to work her with both hands – two fingers in her pussy, the other hand working her clit.

As I was doing this, she reached over and felt inside my underwear. I quickly pulled them off, and in seconds she had my cock in her mouth. After that, it took only a few minutes for her to come. I should have realized from the nipple-suckling that she had an oral fixation, one that I was too willing to indulge. I got up on the couch and pulled her up with me, holding my cock up and pulling back the foreskin. Margarita was the most verbal and communicative little girl I have ever known. She laughed and asked why my cock looked weird. I answered that I wasn't circumcised, that this was the way most men in my country looked. She answered that her dad's and uncle's cocks looked much better. She also commented on how thick mine was, compared to their thin ones.

All this time, she was busy sucking and licking, her head bobbing up and down one moment, then flitting about like a bird. Finally I told her we should finish up, and she answered she wasn't ready yet. I then realized she had been masturbating the whole time. I waited until she was ready, then I had her grasp me tightly (what a strong hand she had!) and pump up and down the shaft, while her tongue swirled around my cockhead in her mouth, and her other hand frigged herself furiously. She came hard, as did I, though when she finished she spat all my come out onto my crotch.

I freaked out thinking some had gotten on the couch, where her mom would smell it. Fortunately, I kept tissues nearby and I avoided that disaster. Other near-misses would soon follow, though. She wasn't just verbal, she was horrifyingly open and candid. On more than one occasion I had to interrupt her as she was chatting with her mom about one or another activity we'd had that had ended up with my cock in her mouth!

On the other hand, it drove me nearly crazy that my step-daughter wouldn't let me fuck her pussy. It took more than a month of near-begging to get her to try sitting on it, just a little. As an old Hispanic saying goes, where the head fits, the rest will follow.

That day, well lubed and ready to go, Margarita sat slowly on my cock, all the time sucking on my fingers, which she bit hard whenever she felt the slightest pain. Eventually, the head popped in, and sure enough, she didn't stop there, but continued lowering herself onto my member until she sat on my pelvis. My whole shaft had fit. I was amazed that this 11-year-old girl had managed to fit my entire cock in her pussy. I mentioned this to her and she casually replied that my dick wasn't all that long! My wife had commented to me that her ex-husband's cock was very long, but skinny, and that she preferred my shorter, thicker pecker (my wife is short, and my seven inches bottom out in her).

I had Margarita grind herself on my cock for a while, until she got tired. Then I pulled her down onto me and rolled us over, straddling her in the missionary position and fucking her with all my best moves. Despite my efforts, again, she wouldn't come. I finally gave up and just concentrated on myself, feeling the tight, slick warmth of her pre-pubescent pussy as it gripped my rock-hard cock, pulling and sucking with every stroke, until I came to a powerful orgasm and exploded deep inside her. As soon as my spasms subsided, I pulled out and dragged my dripping member up to her face, where she greedily slurped it into her mouth, and finger-fucked herself to her own climax.

I did this just one more time with her before she made an announcement: she was leaving for Latin America on winter break. I almost had a conniption. Who knew what she would tell her father, brothers, or friends down there? Sure her father and uncle probably were molesting her, but wouldn't they be more jealous of me as a result? If I denied my involvement and accused them, it would make me look even guiltier. If pressed, wouldn't Margarita defend her dad and roll over on me (so to speak)?

I argued with my wife against letting Margarita go. I emphasized that her ex-husband (who had kept their two sons when she left him) would keep Margarita from returning. I added that he worked six days a week, late into each night, and had no one to supervise the kids. Of course Margarita would want to stay in that environment, what kid wouldn't want to have free reign and no supervision? My wife agreed with my arguments, but blindly put her daughter's desires before her interests and let her go.

I sweated it out, and it almost came as a relief when Margarita called a week later to say she wasn't coming back to the US. Her mother was devastated, though. She had already lost her two boys and couldn't bear the thought of losing her little girl. Notwithstanding my criminal adultery, I loved my wife with all my heart, and her suffering tore at my soul. I finally persuaded her to force her ex-husband to let the children return. I gave her every argument for why growing up in the US was better than in Latin America. I pushed and prodded until she came around, toughened up, and threatened her husband with criminal kidnap charges (she had sole custody) and revocation of his US visa. It took months, but he conceded and sent the kids over near the end of summer break.

I was elated for my wife, but still dreaded my reunion with her daughter. My fears were ungrounded, though, as Margarita was warm and receptive to me. What I hadn't anticipated, though, was the need for a wholly new and different set of fears. It became quickly obvious that she had sexual relations with her brothers, and that they probably all had sex openly with their father and uncle as well.

Margarita tried constantly to drag me in, pulling off my underwear, grabbing my cock just behind her mother's back, all in front of her giggling younger brothers. While in Latin America, she had turned 12 and shortly thereafter began menstruating. This added another concern, one I had been too stupid earlier to appreciate.

Scared shitless, I finally had enough, and made it clear in no uncertain terms that we could not, ever, have sexual relations again. The effect on her was devastating. Our relationship soured so quickly and strongly that my wife and I started getting into fights because of her behavior. She started hanging out with older girls, two of whom ended up pregnant by age 13, one by 15. Finally, fed up and on the brink of divorce, my wife insisted on family counseling.

I tried to keep the kids out of it for fear of what they would say, but eventually, without my knowledge, they went to see the therapist. Imagine my relief as they made it through, focusing solely on the traumatic aspects of their parents' divorce, and never once bringing up our inappropriate (not to say criminal) behavior. Counseling helped, and since that time the boys and I have become very close (not in a sexual way). My step-daughter and I took longer, but she eventually came around.

Though she still fools around with her brothers, it's been more than three years since our last sexual encounter. Every now and then she teases me slightly, and casts me wry, knowing smiles from time to time, but I've managed to get through our problems without her once spitting on me. I've resolved never to indulge again, and I have kept to that resolution, despite the innuendo and thinly-veiled offers I still occasionally get.


My wife and I now enjoy an average sex life, spiced up sometimes with a little free internet porn (which I screen carefully to find young girls who still look like they could be 18). Although I haven't had any impulse to pursue my stepdaughter, nor any other girl, I will always worry that, given the right girl at the wrong time, I might fall into my old ways. I hope not, because I love my wife, and am truly happy and satisfied for the first time I can recall.

Writing this story has been cathartic for me. Although I became aroused frequently at the memories I transcribed, I did not feel a need to masturbate, nor dive into the murky backwaters of the Internet. My life has been spent and my adventures lived in five distinct circles of friends and family, and I doubt that any of them know enough about the others that they could trace this narrative back to me. Those about whom I gave enough details that they might recognize themselves, don't surf the net. And those who do, already know my crimes and passions and haven't told anyone anyway.

I'm sorry for those people whom I hurt. A few of them were underage, a few were not. Most child molesters rationalize their abuse, claiming it gives love and pleasure to their victims. I know this is rationalization, and yet I empathize and agree with it. Most of the children I molested grew up relatively normal and well-adjusted. Only one (Alex) went down the same path my wife took, though unlike my wife she has not found her way back. In Alex's case, I'm sure I made things worse, but I can hardly believe she ended up that way directly due to my actions.

Soledad has recovered. I'm sure that, like Alex, she may also have suffered some more painful abuse at the hands of others. Despite that, she's better now, in a warm long-lasting relationship with a very nice guy.

The other girls, as far as I know, are all doing fine. My experiences with most of them were absolutely heavenly. Every warm little mouth, every tight little cunt was just like a little taste of paradise. I know I should feel guilty about them, but I cannot bring myself to do so.

Still, to all those out there who share some of my predilections, let me ask you to please not shit where you eat. Even if you are lucky enough to find a girl (or pet) who enjoys and appreciates your attentions, remember how difficult love and relationships are. Think how many times angry lovers hurt each other. Now, take a situation like that and add a loaded gun. One word from your child can bring your life to an end.

Remember too that most of you will have to live with the consequences of your actions. I don't know what would have happened between me and my sister had she lived. I used to think we would have continued happily as husband and wife, but the years and experiences have led me to doubt that. Perhaps she was taken from me for a reason, though I guess I'll never know. The only comfort I have is that I never knowingly caused her pain, and, in my own twisted way, did what I could to make her happy. Would that we all knew always how to do that best. Wherever she is now, I thank her for the time we spent together in Heaven, but I thank God that I came back to Earth.

USA, 2004

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2016-01-08 02:39:43
This is fucking disgusting. Should be taken down.

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2012-12-21 12:53:30
I love this post, for one thing I am exploring Gaga's asetcps of the monsterous for my thesis and this is giving me lots of research inspiration. The more obvious reason is I love Gaga, I love (most) of her music and I really loved the Monster's Ball, I'm with you on some of the video clips making me uncomfortable, but I think sometimes art is supposed to push us beyond our comfort zones. Great post Ava!

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2012-06-26 20:40:53
Oh i just realized you didn't write it haha, anyways it was very well written thanks for the post! lol

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2012-06-26 20:38:59
Read it all the way through you're a great writer! Sorry about your sister.

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