Continuing with fucking Andrew.
Kevins Little Brother (2)

Jesus was watching us. Little Jesus crosses were plastered all over the house. Their eyes watched as Kevin and I were fucking his little brother like he was a piece of meat. (Well, I was. Kevin was putting some love into his 8 year old brothers ass.)  It wasn't until we were performing this sick, grotesque, abomination that I noticed them. They added a sense of religious danger that somehow made our thrusts more exciting. Like hell was just beneath us, waiting for the time to fuck us into souless pulp.
The entire situation was horribly unique. It didn't take long to successfully get Andrew to play with us. Don't get me wrong, I loved Kevin. He was my life. But in terms of satisfying the needs of my cock and balls, I needed to cum in this kids ass. 

So we took turns entering and exiting Andrews ass hole. His smooth white ass was perfect for our uncut young teenage dicks. We fucked for 3 days. In the morning, in the afternoon, and especially at night. My favorite time to fuck was when we were eating. I would fuck Andrew for five minutes then plop myself on the couch. Kevin served me some of his delicious food that he came in to engergize me to fuck some more.  We did it so much that it got to the point where Andrew just walked around naked. Whenever Kevin and I got a boner we bent him over and stuck our cocks in his body. Which happened a lot because seeing Andrews young sac made my dick quiver with blood. His tight ass welcomed my dick well. But his eyes, his eyes begged me to fuck him. Hazel eyes begging me to put myself in him.  

When we first did it, Andrews hole was tight. It was like fucking a keyhole that could stretch. Like fucking a small handball. Like fucking an innocent, untouched prepubesent ass. But now his hole started to loosen. It got easier to enter. We basically split his ass into a dick trench. An open entry way whose warm inner flesh managed to produce a good ammount of pleasure to the entrees but harm the the actual entry way. His hole was red and spread apart. It was obvious a tornado tore this area up. 

But I didn't feel sorry for him. Or sad for him. He was young, but so what? He was destined to be a bottom so young. It was Gods plan. For whatever reason this young boy was to pleasure his loving older brother and his boyfriend. And it seemed the prophecy was cumming true. 

Andrew eventually became an expert in pleasuring us. If I was sitting watching tv and had a boner, Andrew would climb on top of me, sit on my tiny cock, and bounced up and down. If Kevin was cooking and waiting for something to heat up, Andrew would get on his knees and entertain Kevin until the food was done, bobbing his head up and down. With rhythym. Like his dancing.  

Now and then only Kevin and I fucked, but for the most part that whole weekend was dedicated to fucking Andrew. He became the focal point of the world. The fulcrum that both balanced and teetered Kevin and I into a paradise of love and sex. We all experienced hightened nirvana that was only doused and dilluted from lack of sex. It was a catch-22 situation. Stuck between having sex and fucking.   

It was sad when we knew that Kevins parents were coming. They called while Andrew was blowing Kevin. Kevin idnt hesitate to answer the phone. Andrew didnt stop sucking or even gag.   He caually spoke to his ultra conservative Pastor father from old school heterosexual Mexico about how much fun he was having with me over here. How everything was fine. How he knows Jesus is watching and knows not to go onto the dirty web sites while they were away. To be sure to feed and nourish Andrew an that he goes to bed early. No candy or sugar for him. Otherwise he'd get too worked up. And to always be sure that nothing bad happens to the family baby. Make sure he says his prayers, and be good. God,  Kevin was now fearless. 

It was 5, they would be here at 8. So we had to do something special before I left. They could still fuck at night since they shared the same room, but this mightve been the last time they had me there in on the fun.

So we got on the Internet and looked for stuff we can do. (naughty, naughty) 

Eat our crap? That seemed really gross. 

Hit each other with whips?  That seemed painful. And wierd.  

Drink eachothers piss?  Hmmmm, maybe. 

But we saw this thing on a video that looked pretty hot.... 

"Ok. Imma lay down on the bed. Then, Andrew, you lay down on top of me, face up. I'll stick my cock in you and then Kevin will stick his cock in you too while he's standing up. Cool?"

"That sounds like it's gonna hurt me!"

"Dont worry, Andrew." Kevin was really comforting. He was being a good big brother: making sure nothing bad happens to him. "I'm your big brother. I will never do something to hurt you." 

We made our way to his parents bed, and we did exactly like the video. 

Andrew layed on top of me. His warm young body agaisnt mine was like a pleasure aura. He tickled my nerves with his existance. When I stuck myself in him, Andrew took me easily. But then Kevin started to enter. I felt his cock against mine, both of us inside Andrew. Kevin started off slow, but then he got faster. Almost no consideration or mercy even for Andrew. His pain started to get noticablly intense. Andrew started to moan in pain. 

"I can't do this, guys.... Stop! I-I can't do this!" 

But Kevin didn't care. He actually loved Andrew yelling in pain. And I was in such ectasy that I didn't care either.  

"Stop! Stop! Please!"

Kevin started to get into his animalistic fucking state. He was the sweetest guy who wouldn't hurt anyone, let alone his little brother. But when he was fucking, nothing mattered. He pounded this blob of flesh with all his force. This time, he was digging his nails into me. Andrew called out for Kevin to stop, but it was no use. Everytime Andrew squirmed his body tightened and contorted which made Kevin push harder and me breathe deeper. 

He started yelling, begging, pleading that we stop. His screeching young voice just fueled our cock chaos. He let out an onslaught of fists and legs as he tried to fight his way out of his position. But Kevin aggressively grabbed and pinned Andrews arms agaisnt the bed while he furiously thrusted his hips towards the hell hole. Kevin looked Andrew straight in the eyes. Jesus would surely not approve, but this scene was too hot to stop. I let it go on.

Kevin looked like he was brutally beating down on defenseless Andrew. An intentional enraged thrashing. A Scathing attack armed with a war face aimed at Andrew. I could feel the bitter anger that spontaneously arose from Kevins cock. It was calling for this barrage to knock down the already weakened castle walls of Andrews hole. I've seen Kevin fuck like a bull before, but never this angry. I don't know why he was so angry with fucking Andrew. The poor kid was forced to take this bombardment of pumps and was crying out for his big brother to stop, but he wouldn't.     

Absorbing everything I came hard, hugging Andrews body hard, to cum as deep as I could. I was finished. But my cock was still in Andrew while Kevin still fucked the fuck out of Andrew. I could feel the friction from Kevins dick agains mine. 

I heard the front door open, and people entering. This scared the fuck out of me, but Kevin kept on. He wouldn't stop until he was fully satisfied. 

"Kevin, Kevin, stop!" I tried whisper yelling to him. Nothing. He kept on.  

Footsteps came closer. 

Kevins face got angrier as he humped harder. Sweat poured down from Kevins aggrivated face onto Andrews body. The air of the whole room was hot and humid, filled with the scent of the young love. 

They were up agaisnt the door.

Kevin was on the verge of cumming. I could see it on his face. 

The door knob turned. 

Kevin let out a HUGE load into Andrew. I felt the warm liquid fill his ass. Andrew started to breathe deeply. I thought he was gonna have another dry cum, but he actually started to pee! Which made things much, much more filthy. 

"Que sta pasando aqui!?!!!??!?!?!" Yelled Kevins dad, absolutely mortified. Kevins mom was in the background, yelling at the top of her lungs at the sight of her sons fucking with some other boy. 

Kevin collapsed to the side of us, completely drained from his work: finally satisfied. I don't even think it fully hit him yet what happened. 

I took Andrew off me and stood up, naked. In my full tiny dicked glory for the two Christian adults to see. 

"Get out of my house!!!" 

Kevins mom made her way to Andrew to see if he was ok. She bent him over and opened his ass to check on his hole. It was leaking our seamen. She was shaking is disbelief. All she did was kiss his cheek. 

Kevins dad paced back and forth, angry and pale. He was saying things in Spanish that I wasn't sure of. But I know he kept yelling for me to leave. So I ran in, got my boxers, put them on in front of them, and grabbed the rest of my stuff. 

I called my dad to get me. 

In the room, I could hear Kevins parents praying with petrified fervor. The Jesus statues almost looked like they were laughing now. They were either laughing at the Christian couple because they were over reacting. Or they were laughing at me. And how little I knew. Either way, I wasn't sure if I'd ever see Kevin again.       

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2014-12-03 01:12:44
I gotta go with Muscleup on this one..dude:you need to chill out a little man. what you're saiyng in the beginnig of your speech sounds fine, but then you spiralled more and more off course, to the point where i just had to ask myself; dude, is this guy on drugs or something ..?i mean, it's great to live a healthy lifestyle and all, and have a true passion for bodybuilding. i know, cuz i have so myself. but don't let it consume your whole personality manfriendly advise, that's all

Anonymous readerReport

2014-12-03 00:08:57
Wow man, just wow! You've come so far and its been awesome wacthing your transformation, glad your as fired up as us guys. Im starting my own mass building transformation tomorrow, been bodybuilding for a few years but now i want some serious gains so will be counting all my cals, nutrient ratios etc and training to gain with full focus and intensity.Can't wait to see your next transformation, will be here every step of the way.Cheers Kevin, you rule and are a true inspiration

Anonymous readerReport

2014-12-02 19:32:43
Awesome and yep ten years younger Bodybuilding is the fotaunin of youth, ehhe I have to admit that in my mid thirties folks also never believe I'm already an old geezer of 35 and I look nothing like this But to most folks over thirty means sporting a beergut and letting it all hang Some folks have a different opinion in that department, hehe Feels good though, to be sporty and look a lil sporty in comparison to the fat and out of shape brigade, muhaha I'm back for the next ride, count on this Belgian, hehe

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2014-12-02 19:28:12
To my eyes Kevin's best size gains have been in his arms. Kevin always had some of the best arms in the binesuss.If I were to get picky, at his peak, Kevins only weakness really was his calves (but that is getting really picky and no way do I mean any disrespect, just giving my honest opinion). Of course He had fantastic calves which were better than 99.9% of the worlds population and in terms of calve comparison, second only to the likes of Dorian Yates and Mike Matarazzo, guys who were genetically gifted in the calve area to begin with.

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2014-12-02 19:12:59
Sounds like a great weekend. You denliitefy started the weekend out on a good note with those workouts! The greek yogurt breakfast sounds so delicious! Glad you enjoyed yourself with what it sounds like good people and good food! I have a masters in exercise and sport science with a concentration in sport psychology and blog about exercise advice and motivational tips if you are interested in following. I am more than happy to help any way possible. Keep up the great work!

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