This is a story of all the fantasies i want and would do hope you enjoy comment below and whatnot please and thnx!
This first fantasy begins at school. I will first say that the names will be changed of course and this is purely fictional and a dream that i want to happen. (ps. i actually dream this stuff XD) SORRY ITS REALLY SLOW BUT IT GETS BETTER AND I WILL TRY TO SPEED IT UP NEXT TIME OKAY?!
I'll start with an introduction, my name is Alan and i am an open gay. I am 5'' 10 and have a flat belly void of any fat but no muscle either and i also have black hair and wear glasses but most of the time contacts. My school day begins when i go to English class but English passes by so easily, just as well as my next class of being in the school choir. The class i was itching to go to was P.E. because i knew Sam would be there. Sam is a tall 6''2 hot boy and he has a nice short brown hair with blue eyes and a very slim but muscular physique. I loved P.E. because i always sneaked a peak at his nice cock. Of course P.E. went well at first, since we started playing kickball, but of course i was the worst player. I ended up making a fool of myself and ran to the locker room in tears. I hid in a stall waiting until class ended but then someone came in and i heard my name being called. Alan? Where are you? Sam was there! I was so excited and i didn't want to make a noise because i didn't want him to see me cry, but he found me. Sam held his hand out and i was so shocked my body responded by grabbing his hand and as i did he grabbed my hand and pulled me into his body. I could feel his cock pressing onto me and he looked straight into my eyes and told me to help him with his problem and kissed me. I then started going down on him and went down to his cock and pulled it out. My mind quickly told me it was at least 8'' and automatically my body reacted and i kissed his 8'' cock and pulled it into my mouth. i then sucked him like i practiced with suckers and candy making him moan in ecstasy. Sadly we couldn't continue as we heard someone come in. He quickly put his shorts back on and he walked out giving me a wink and telling me we would continue later.
As P.E. ended i headed to Spanish class. Spanish Class is HELL because these two guys always pick on me. As Spanish class began my mind started to get off topic and i ended up seeing Sam's cock and imagined finishing our business. I quickly asked to go to the restroom to release my feelings and as i did the two idiots Zack and Nate started saying stupid things like "Oh look there goes the faggot! Ooh teachers pet!" It pissed me off as i ran to the bathroom. Nate is a big idiot at 6''4 with short brown hair that's cut really short and Zack is 6'' 2 with golden brown blonde hair and both with light brown eyes. I ran to the one on the west side where no one goes to and its practically empty all the time. Just as i was in a stall i heard someone enter with me. It was tweedle dee and tweedle dumb as they saw me Zack grabbed me and said " hey faggot whatcha doin hmm? you gonna take a dump a piss or jerk off like a faggot?" just as Zack grabbed me Nate quickly locked the door and started to rip my clothes off. "Alan why don't you please us hmm? Zack get his pants off!" said Nate. Zack quickly stripped me naked as well as himself. Zack used his belt to tie my hands and Nate used his on my feet. I could see both were very hung as Nate was about a 9'' and Zack a size 8.5'' . Nate quickly grabbed my head as he opened my mouth and shoved his monster into my mouth. Zack then began to jack off and get his dick big and ready. Nate raped my mouth until it was sore and he exited as Zack entered. "Damn his mouth is good Zack! Ima get him ready for us kay?" I didn't realize what Nate said until i saw reach up to get soap from the dispenser and put it on my ass. He started to finger me as he started with two and then three. Zack then stopped and pulled out and looked me straight in the eyes and told me to get ready for the real fun. I looked in horror as Nate pushed with all his might to stick his monster in my ass and as he did i could feel him pushing in. Nate pulled me onto him and started to fuck me hard. My body at first screamed as i did. I screamed in pain as i felt his 9'' fill me and Zack quickly told Nate "Don't break him yet i need a turn!" Nate then pulled out and shoved again and made me scream again. Zack then untied my feet and put me in position. I was placed on top of Nate staring at Zack as i saw him bring his 8.5'' inch close to my already occupied ass. He then whispered "This is for being a fucking smart ass faggot boy and teachers pet, well guess what now your our pet!" He then shoved all of his cock into me and filled me and i screamed and fainted from the pain. I awoke when they shoved my head into the toilet. I awoke staring at their angered faces as they decided they weren't done having fun yet. They placed me back into position and began their torture and double fucked me raw. I screamed with each thrust and yet felt some pleasure as they fucked me. Nate screamed " Oh shit ima cum in our toy!" Zack quickly agreed and they both came at the same time and filled me with both of their cum. I felt blood and cum pour out. Zack and Nate washed off their cocks and walked out dressed and perfect as if nothing happened they then looked at me and said they'll have more fun later and to clean up the mess. I quickly cleaned up and saw i had a bruise on my wrists and legs from the belts being too tight. I heard the bell ring and quickly grabbed my stuff from Spanish and proceeded to my next class.
Well this is where ill end it Grammatical and constructive criticism is nice and please no mean comments i gave it my best im still trying and if you like it comment about part 2 and ill get that working

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2014-07-19 12:51:48
UHpKgg Major thankies for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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2013-10-23 03:34:56
it was awesome for those they didnt read it because of the spacing you missed

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2012-06-29 05:13:47
I didn't finish reading it it was really boring


2012-05-28 02:35:36
thank you all i will revise and edit it and yes i noticed a bit too late and will work on my structure and will probably make a part 1 revised and part two okay !

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2012-05-27 20:44:56
Good plot. Needs more elaboration. Make us FEEL it how he thinks, what he sees, ask similes, metaphors, etc. Also: PARAGRAPHS. Important. Breaks up the story, makes it easier to read.

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