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My name is Alyssa, I’m from the Philippines, I stand 4’11”, slim and with fair complexion. I have very large breasts for my height and my nipples are bright pink with small areolas. And most of all, I’m now a full pledged SLUT.
My name is Alyssa, I’m from the Philippines, I stand 4’11”, slim and with fair complexion.
I have very large breasts for my height and my nipples are bright pink with small areolas.
And most of all, I’m now a full pledged SLUT.
It all started when I was only 14 years old. I grew up in a place where there are a lot of thugs and creeps roaming the streets. Every time a friend of mine has a party at their house, I usually wear really short skirts and I just love high heels, not to mention really thin panties or lingerie under my skirt. One night an older boy from school invited me and some of my friends to a house party. The place was really far from my place and to make it worst it was more dangerous than my place, but I did not mind since I had my friends with me. That night I decided to wear a really thin and very short pink mini skirt, a pair of white high heels, a white spaghetti strap for my top with a thin lace bra and its pair of really thin thongs under my skirt. I never thought that I was teasing any guy since I was still very young and innocent during those times.
When I arrived at a seven eleven store where me and my other friends were supposed to meet, I arrived first. So I decided to stay inside the store. After a few minutes a group of guys entered the store, based on the way they looked they were gang members. There were about 10 of them, I got really scared when they approached me and gathered around me, one stood behind me, and started to touch my long black hair, then another sat down beside me on the next chair and put his hand on my legs, and asked me if I wanted to play with them a little, I could not answer because I was so scared. To divert my attention, I checked my mobile for any messages, and there was one message from my friends saying that they will be delayed for one more hour. That really scared me, and when the group saw me sigh, one of them stood beside me and pulled out his gun, and told me that if I don’t want to get shot, I should come with them, I did not know what to do, so I just followed what he said, he and two more assisted me in getting up and escorted me outside, beside the store was a backstreet which I did not know where it leads. They were chanting rude and foul words like, slut, bitch, whore, prostitute and more. When we reached the end of the street behind the store, they pulled over a jeep which based on what I heard the driver was a friend of one of them, so they asked me to get on the jeep slowly, while climbing up the rear of the jeep, one of them lifted my skirt to reveal my ass and underwear, I shouted and just let tears fall down. It was already dark, and inside the jeep they started to touch me everywhere, I tried to stop them but they were very strong, and they were all teller than me. Two of them sat beside me, one lifted my left leg and the other lifted my right leg, so that my legs are spread wide. Then one of them took a knife to cut my thong, after revealing my pussy he just started licking it. I shouted for them to stop since I was still a virgin, but I think that made them more aggressive, some even said its better, that means we’re going to fuck a virgin! After about 30 minutes, the jeep stopped in front of a house which was in an isolated place, with just grass growing around it. they took me inside and made me do a sexy dance.
After doing what they want, they just grabbed me and laid me down on a low table, they removed my bra and my top, leaving my skirt and high heels on. The table was so small that it can only support my body to my shoulders, so my neck was just dangling from the table backwards. Two guys, held both my arms, and two more spread my legs open, I felt hands caressing my breasts and touching my body. And then out of nowhere this BIG GUY who seemed to be the leader of the pack, appeared in front of me. He took off his clothes, and FUCK he had a huge cock! He first licked my pussy hard and spit on it too. After that he moved to my back and tilted my head so that it would just fall out of the table, he then just pummeled his cock deep in my mouth, good thing his cock was still soft at the time, but it grew hard in seconds. That was my first blowjob, after a couple of minutes he moved back in front of me and licked my pussy again. After that, he then stood up and pointed his 9 inch hard cock to my pussy, I shouted and begged for him to not do it, then he ordered one of the guys to shut me up, so one guy just pummeled his cock in my mouth. Then I could feel the pain inside my pussy, he just entered me hard and fast! He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me and fucked me!!! It was so painful. After maybe 20 minutes in my pussy, he just suddenly pulled his cock out, but then I could feel another pain, but this time in my ass, He was about to fuck my ass too and there was nothing I can do, he just entered my ass like I was some prostitute who doesn’t mind at all. He fucked my ass for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, before putting it back in my pussy, then after about 20 more minutes of ravaging me, without warning he shot his load deep inside my pussy. After he came I thought it was over, but another guy replaced him, then another and another. After 5 guys, the next guy laid down on the floor and they assisted me on top of him, I was so weak that they just carried me without resistance from me. He entered my pussy while another guy entered my ass, they fucked me at the same time. After cumming inside me, they laid me down on the table again so that the remaining guys can fuck me too, after a total of 15 guys fucking me, they lined up in front of my face while I was on the table, and one by one they shot a load of cum on my face. My pussy was so sore and so does my asshole. But since they thought I was a prostitute, they did one more thing to humiliate me, they took pictures of me covered in cum, and inserted a 20 peso bill in my pussy, and told me that I was a cheap fucking slut, since I let them fuck me for just 20 pesos, which is roughly 50 cents in the US.
They let me wash myself in the washroom and they watched me while I clean myself up in the middle of the room. Then they took me back to the store, when I got there my friends where waiting for me, and telling from the look on their faces, they were clueless as to where I have been. Since they waited for me for 3hours and they got really worried. I did not tell them what happened, so we went on to the party, with only one thing missing, I no longer have anything under my short skirt. When we got there, there were a lot of guys, I could only see a handful of girls, I was so tired from the fucking that I just had that I couldn’t even stand straight, so I just sat down in one place, my friends were at the back of the house already drinking with some other guys and some girls, inside the house I was the only girl but I didn’t mind since I was so tired. Then the guy who invited me along with two other guys came up to me and gave me a shot of tequila, since I was so tired I didn’t notice I already had 7 shots, and I didn’t notice that the guy who invited me was already sitting beside me on the couch and the other guy on my other side, and the third guy was on the opposite of me in front of the small table. I did not notice that my legs were a bit spread and that the guy in front of me can already see my pussy, after a few more shots I got really dizzy, so I asked the guy to help me get to the washroom to pee, I did not notice that the other two guys came along. After I pee, I went out of the washroom, but outside the washroom since it was on the second floor, was so dark, and I was already a bit drunk, the guy who invited me, whose name is Mark was standing right in from of me, I did not notice the other two were already behind me, all of a sudden Mark grabbed me by my hips, and started to kiss my lips, since he was cute, I kissed back, then I felt his hands go lower and lifted my skirt and caressed my ass, then I felt one of the other guys, stand behind me while Mark was kissing me, his name was Stephen, while Mark was kissing me and caressing my ass, Stephen lifted my top and removed my bra, then caressed my breasts, I felt different, It was the very first time I felt HORNY. Then the third guy whose name is Bert, stood beside me and guided his hands to my pussy, and finger fucked me right away. That made me reluctant, because my pussy was still hurting from the raping that I had earlier. So Stephen held my neck from behind and the three of them carried me to Mark’s room down the hall. They laid me on Mark’s bed, then Mark laid down beside me and whispered to my ear, “don’t worry I’ll take care of you, and we won’t hurt you,” that made me calm down a bit. Since I no longer had anything hiding my pussy, the three had easy access to my swelling wet pussy. All of them just took off their clothes and got naked, Stephen and Bert forcefully took off my top and bra. The two held both my arms while abusing my breasts, and sucking on my nipples. Mark started licking my pussy and putting a finger in my asshole. Then Mark, positioned himself and started to enter his cock into my hurting pussy. I was about to shout when Stephen inserted his cock in my mouth to shut me up. Mark had a huge cock, and so as the other two. They took turns in fucking and abusing my 14yo body, until they came in my pussy. Just when I thought they were done abusing me, Mark opened the door, and some of his other friends were there waiting, with their cocks already pulled out, there were about 5 of them. I couldn’t believe what was happening, they were treating me like a fuck toy, or a slave. The five guys, took turns fucking me pussy, ass, and mouth. They all came in my pussy. It was around 2am when they finally finished fucking my young body, but I can still hear a lot of men down stairs, good thing Mark didn’t call them anymore. Mark let me use his washroom in his room and waited for me to finish fixing myself. After fixing myself, Mark came up to me and said, from now on I was to let him and his friends fuck me anytime they want, then he showed me a video, it was me getting fucked by the gangsters earlier. Mark told me that the gang leader is his older brother, so he will release the video if I will not do as he said. So I agreed. Before we went down, Mark ordered me to open the door, stand in front of it and bend over. Whilst the door was open, Mark fucked me from behind, he was rough and called me profane and obscene names. He shot his load deep inside me. After that he ordered me not to clean anymore and just let his cum drip from my pussy. So while I was walking I could feel his cum slowly coming out of my pussy and crawling down my thighs. Good thing it was not that well lit downstairs so the guys can’t see it. on the way down the stairs I could see the guys who fucked me looking at me with a devilish grin on their faces. I told Mark I have to go home since my aunt might get mad. So Mark escorted me home. When I entered my room, it all came crashing down on me, 23 guys just fucked, raped and abused me!!!

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2014-01-19 02:50:32
also make scent is there names werent stephen. bert and erne i mean mark. so 23. 9 inched asian cocks fucked a 14 yo asian virgin. and she was ok. please. at least make it realistic. wanted a good story now a wet dream i wish u had

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2012-05-28 06:50:54
I`m 1/2 Phillipino! My nipples are hard o-o


2012-05-27 14:10:56
It would make it more readable if you broke the story into more and smaller paragraphs.
Then double or better yet triple the spaces between paragraphs. It can only help.
Peace r5

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