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Adam arrives early at school to pick up Madison. Things quickly get crazy and spin wildly out of control as together, they fuck, lick and suck others into their nasty, dirty debauchery. This complete story revolve around a lot of sexual themes that may be offensive to some readers. I don't mean to offend anyone so please read the themes and introductions before reading the chapters. If it doesn't sound like a story to get you horny and cumming, I won't be offended if you stop reading. Everyone else, ENJOY!
I've fallen behind on writing the next chapters to tie up day 0 due to a certain video game release, but I do have plenty of future chapters written. I figured I had to post something soon, so here's one that won't spoil any of the rest of the story but is a follow up to the chapter Summer School Sluts. Sorry about the wait, and as always ENJOY!


Day 10: Squeezing into Tight Places

Chapter 3: Summer School Slut II: Wet & Wild

I arrived to pick up Madison from school forty minutes early hoping to run into that summer school slut again. She had given me such a good blowjob the last time. My hopes sank when I suddenly remembered that this wasn't the usual day for summer school. Due to an all night fuck session with Madison a few days ago, she had missed the usual class day. Luckily, she had e-mailed her teacher and was able to schedule a make-up day, which was today. Unfortunately, that probably meant I wouldn't run into anyone, let alone that little cocksucker.

As I aimlessly wandered the halls, I eventually came upon the classroom where I had found the girl the last time and to my immense surprise and excitement, she was there sitting at a desk. She had one of her legs propped up on the desk surface which, given she was wearing a skirt, revealed her pink panties to anyone who took the time to look. I felt my dick stiffen immediately. She was so sexy in her pleated, plaid skirt, white, button-up, collared shirt and loose, little black tie. I loved the schoolgirl look.

I quickly reconed the halls and found no sign of anyone else around. With a big smile, I turned into the classroom and said, "Hey, sweet lips". She looked up from what she was doing to find me leaning against the doorframe.

"Hey, what are you doing here? This isn't a regular summer school day." She closed the book she was reading and smiled the cutest smile. She had such pretty, blue eyes.

"I could ask you the same thing. As for me? Well, my girl had to come in for a private lesson because she missed the last scheduled class."

"Oh, so your girlfriend's the reason I'm stuck here? My dad's the one teaching her lesson." She spat the word "girlfriend". "Did she give you hell last time I sucked your cock?"

"Oh yeah. She was so pissed. She made me eat her out all afternoon and teased me relentlessly until I was painfully hard and insanely horny, and then she made me go clothes shopping with my dick all big and hard." The girl seemed to really be enjoying my story. "Sorry about you having to come in today." There was an awkward pause. She was a very cute girl and I couldn't help sneaking glances down her shirt as she leaned over her desk to doodle on a piece of paper. Her shoulder-length, brown hair fell over her shoulder and partly covered her gorgeous, lightly freckled face. For the first time, I wondered her age. If what she said about her dad was true, then she could be almost any teen age. Before I assumed she was a student in summer school, which would have made her 15, 16 or 17, but she could be younger. Again, I looked up and down her schoolgirl outfit spending a good amount of time admiring her legs and exposed, pink panty crotch. She did look quite young.

Then, she said, "Are you just gonna stare at my crotch with your cock growing in your pants, or are you going to do something about it?"

Fuck, she was sexy. Again I thought about her age, but only for an instant. Fuck it! I've done worse in the last ten days. I stepped into the room and unzipped my jeans as I said, "Well, since we're waiting around for the same reason, we might as well have some fun." I had my erect shaft out as I approached her desk.

"I don't know," she said playfully with a smirk, "am I going to get cum blasted in the face and then slapped and dragged around by my hair again?"

"Definitely and probably not," I answered as I held my stiff prick out for her. I had it aimed at her glistening, glossy lips.

Her sweet lips parted as she started to say, "Good enough for mmmph," when she was cut off by my dick being stuffed in her open mouth. Her muffled words felt good around my shaft. I ran my fingers through her soft, brown hair as she started to bobbed her head up and down.

"Yeah, suck it, you bad girl." I said through gasps of pleasure, as she worked my cock with her lips and tongue. I let my pants and boxers slide to the ground and I pulled my shirt over my head. Now naked, I grabbed two fists full of hair and started thrusting my hips with her head bobbing. Her tongue moved along the base of my shaft as I pushed more and more of it into her willing throat. "Look up at me while you suck my cock, slut," I commanded, "I want to see those, beautiful blue eyes when I fuck your face." She did as I told her and she looked like a real cumwhore looking up at me with my big cock stuffed in her throat. If she was young, she certainly didn't show it with her cock sucking ability.

After a couple minutes of this, I let go of her hair and reached down toward her chest to undo some buttons. I had three undone before she released my dick from her oral grip so she could skillfully unfasten her bra inside her shirt and somehow pull it through one of the sleeves of her shirt. Now braless, I could see her small tits poking out of her unbuttoned shirt as her tie dangled between the pert humps. They were so cute and her nipples were so small and delicious looking. I just wanted to lick and bite them all over. "There, that's better," she announced as she opened the top part of her shirt to show off her chest better.

Right away, her lips were back on my cock, resuming where they had left off. This time she grabbed the root of my rod and started giving it a tug as she slurped a good six inches down her silky, warm throat. God, she was amazing. I reached down and started playing with her tits with one hand as the other one was on the back of her head. Her small tits were no more than a handful but they were a wonderful handful. I loved squeezing nice, young, developing breasts and my cock agreed as it twitched in her mouth. "Oh baby, you're cute, little tits are gonna make me cum."

Her mouth slid off my shaft and she looked up at me and said, "You better not cum yet. I better get something out of this, this time."

"Like what?" I said coyly.

"Like this," she hopped up on the desk and just as skillful as the bra removal, her panties were off and tossed on the floor before I could say "pussy". She spread her stocking clad legs wide, revealing a bald, pink snatch, dripping with arousal. Weak at the knees at the sight of such an adorable, wet pussy, I crouched down and moved close to breath in her ambrosial aroma. The scent of her sweet wetness flowed into my nose and I couldn't help but move in for a taste. Slowly, I slid the tip of my tongue up the length of her mouth-watering slit, flicking it each time I reached her clit. She shivered each time and gasped.

It wasn't long before she was gripping my hair hard and forcing my face deeper into her dripping cunt. "Yeah, fucking eat me, you dirty pervert." My head whirled and everything went fuzzy as I devoured her flower.

She began to squeal and moan as the first orgasm waves hit her. She shook on the desk, making it squeak on the laminate floors. Her strong thighs gripped my head, trapping me in her glorious snatch, as her legs wrapped around my back. She convulsed hard, tilting the desk and then slamming it down on the floor with a bang.

Eventually she came down enough to release me. I stood up with my raging hard-on aching for some warm, wet pussy. I stepped into her trapping legs and rubbed the bulbous head of my cock up and down her sopping snatch. She shuddered and whimpered. " Are you ready to get fucked, baby?" I whispered.

Still whimpering and shuddering, she bite her lip and nodded, "mmm-hmmm." That was all I needed. I pushed into her depths and broke her hymen. So, she had been a virgin. Add another V-card to my rapidly growing stack. She stiffened at the pain and wrapped her legs and arms around me. She held me tight and I stayed deep inside her tight, virginal pussy.

After a couple minutes, her short breaths became smoother and I took this as a sign to start slowly sliding my shaft in and out of her. I leaned in and whispered, "I love busting virgin, teenage pussies. Your cherry has to be one of the sweetest I've taken. I'm going to fuck you so good."

"I love you" came the quiet, immature words.

"You don't even know my name, baby."

"What is it?" She breathed in my ear.

"Adam" I whispered back.

"Oh Adam, you feel so good inside me," she purred in my ear. Then she kissed me full on the lips as I noticed streaks of tears sliding down her rosy cheeks. I continued to slide in and out of her tight pussy and gradually began to quicken my pace. She was a great, tight fuck and I was afraid of cumming too quickly after her skillful blowjob.

To calm myself and get control of my orgasm, I pulled out of her tight slot and immediately dropped down on my haunches to bury my face back into her warm wetness. This time along with her sweet nectar, I could taste the iron tinge of blood. With a hand on each of her creamy thighs, I pulled my face deep into her deflowered snatch. She squealed and howled with every tongue lap of her dripping cunt. I had total sexual control over the young slut and I was putting her through the gauntlet of sexual sensation with my skillful tongue.

Again, another orgasm rocked her small body HARD. She screamed and flailed her legs in the air as she grabbed a chunk of my hair and ground her pelvis hard into my face. "OHHHHH, OHHHHH, OHHHHH. FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK!" She cried out as I felt her pussy quivering against my tongue and face.

Somewhat recovered, I lifted her off the small student's desk, and carried her towards the larger teacher's desk. She must have only weighed about a hundred pounds and I had no trouble carrying her. She giggled and squealed in adorable delight the entire time I had her in my arms. I placed her back on her feet beside the big, wooden desk, but this time I turned her around and bent her over. Treating her like my own marionette sexdoll, I reached down, lifted one of her legs to prop it up on the desk to give me a better target, grabbed hold, and shoved my cock right back in her doggy-style.

As I plowed her like a bitch from behind, I had one hand tightly gripping the waistband of her short skirt as the other was pulling firmly on a fistful of her soft, dark hair, making her arch her neck and back. With each pull back with both arms, I slammed deep into her tight, newly broken snatch. I couldn't believe what I was doing to the poor girl just moments after busting her hymen, but overwhelmed by lust, I hammered her like a man possessed. Sharp, high moans escaped her mouth with each thrust, which I took to be both pain and pleasure.

As I kept up my rough pace, I asked, "So why do you have to come to school with your dad?"

Between hard thrusts she said, breathlessly, "It's.... pun.... ish.... ment.... for.... him.... catch.... ing.... me.... suck.... ing.... off.... his.... best.... friend."

"You little slut! You deserve this hard fucking." I said with a laugh, still pulling on her hair and plugging away with my ramrod. "If only he could see you now."


After listening to Mr. Williams drone on about algebra for two hours with no other students to focus his attention on, Madison was reaching her breaking point. She longed for the ride home in an hour or so when she could take Adam deep in her throat and swallow his big, hot load. It was part of their original agreement. He drives her to school and back, and she blows him both ways. It was definitely a sweet deal for two reasons. One, she didn't have to take public transit. And two, she got to suck Adam's cock twice each school day. She LOVED his cock! It was a thing of beauty. A good 8 inch length and incredibly thick, and boy did he ever know how to use it. And his load of cum. It made her mouth water just thinking about it. His cock could spurt the most amazing amount of cum. It had taken her weeks of daily practice to be able to swallow the entirety of Adam's tidal load after a good blowjob. At first his hard spurts would be too much for her mouth to handle and some would leak out, but not anymore. She was pro now at letting his hot sauce slide down her throat as the torrents rushed in.

Madison loved cum just as much as she loved Adam's godly cock. She loved to swallow it, gargle it, let it slide all down her skin. That's why she loved Adam's voluminous cumshots. Sometimes, He leaves her so drenched after one good eruption, that she looks like a pornslut after a bukkake video.

Madison was fantasizing after hot cum being sprayed all over her face and drizzling down her neck to her firm tits, when Mr. Williams asked, "Are you even listening anymore, Miss Lynn?"

Startled out of her reveries, she mumbled, "Yeah, of course."

With a tired sigh, he mercifully said, "Well, I suppose that's enough for today. You're attention is clearly fading and my patience is wearing thin. Why don't you pack up your things and head home? It's not fair to keep my daughter waiting around for nothing."

"Um, okay" It was early and Adam probably wouldn't be there to pick her up but at least wandering the halls was better than sitting in her dead math class. She got up, gathered her things and made her way out of the class.

The halls were deserted as they usually were during summer school hours as she walked down the hall killing time until her boyfriend came to get her. She remembered how he had been early the last time when she had caught him getting sucked off by a really young girl. She had thought about asking Adam about the girl's age but he would have probably just said, "hey, a blowjob's a blowjob, even if it's from a preteen". After Adam had hosed the little girl's face down, Madison had fiercely walked up to the little bitch, slapped her and then showed her who was really the boss of Adam's cock.

She hadn't really been mad at the act, but she was furious that after her long boring, stupid class, Adam had busted his nut on this little stranger the moment she found him. That was supposed to be her cum! She had earned that cum after three hours of lecturing and that bitch stole it at the last second. Her only solace was that when they got back to her place, she had made Adam eat her out all afternoon and then tortured him with shopping the rest of the afternoon until he had to leave. She had climaxed about eight times during the long cunnilingus session and, to her amusement and his sexual frustration, she had refused Adam the opportunity to get off again, leaving him permanently stiff in the pants for when he had to drive his sister to some party. Madison wondered if his sister had noticed his massive hard-on. How could she not?

Again, she was daydreaming when she heard moaning coming from a little ways down the hall. The moaning was loud and sharp and Madison knew someone was getting fucked hard. Immediately, she thought of how Adam liked to take her hard from behind and her heart sank at the realization that Adam was at it again with another girl. Fuck, he's a horny bastard, she thought.

She had always known he was very strongly driven by his cock after seeing him for the first time coming out of that school maintenance closet after blowing a huge load all over some slut. That was why she had told him that he could fuck whoever he could whenever she was busy, but that had opened the floodgates. He literally started fucking whoever he could get his horny hands on. He fucked changeroom girls while she was busy trying on clothes, waitresses while they waited for meals, and she knew he's been gunning to get into Claire Collins' pant (or bikini from what Madison kept seeing every time she went over there). She was glad that Adam always left plenty of action for her, but all these other girls had began to make her jealous and wanting more. That was when she started letting Adam fuck her doggy while she studied for school. This, of course, despite leaving her very satisfied afterwards, left her distracted and way behind in school. It was very hard to focus on equations and variables with a cock ramming you hard and deep from behind.

Now, as she came closer to the classroom where the sounds were coming from, she could hear the rhythmic slapping of skin meeting skin. She peered in to find, as she predicted, her boyfriend ploughing a little slut hard from behind bent over the teacher's desk. He was pulling on her hair with each thrust which brought the girl's head up and her young face in view. Madison could see streaks of tears down the girl's cute face, and... It's the same girl! she thought with anger flaring inside her. Then a thought occurred to her. It was the same girl and Mr. Williams had mentioned his daughter waiting for him. It had to be Mr. Williams' daughter Adam was fucking. The little girl was now writhing on the desk in what Madison knew to be an approaching orgasm as Adam continued to relentlessly slam his big cock deep inside her. She knew the little girl would be cumming any second.

Realizing it was Mr. Williams' daughter, she decided on a plan of action which would benefit both her and Adam. I'll show Adam, she thought as she turned around in search of Mr. Williams. She knew he would be heading this way to find his daughter and didn't want him to catch Adam fucking her. She could distract him to give Adam enough time to finish, which would also satisfy her needs as well. As she walked with determination back towards her math class, she smugly thought, If he's getting some, I'm going to get some, too.


When the little, nameless slut came for the first time with my hard cock in her, great jets of female ejaculate surged out of her to splash all across the wooden desk. It was so fucking sexy, but not knowing what she had just done, the girl anxiously said, "Oh my God. Shit, what just happened? Oh fuck, did I just pee?" Her legs shook violently then gave out and she fell to the wet floor.

I couldn't believe it. This little girl was a squirter like Madison. I loved squirters. There was nothing like the feel of hot, female cum shooting all over my body in the throes of orgasm. "No, baby girl. You just had a squirting orgasm. That's very special. Not many girls can do what you just did. I love girls that can squirt. Didn't it feel great?"

Still shaking on the floor, she looked up with a big grin and panted, "Yeah, really great!"

Looking down at the little girl vibrating in pleasure, I thought of how light she was and I decided to change things around again. I picked her up off the wet floor and turned her around to face me. Her skirt and the lower part of her shirt were both soaked with her girl cum and her hair was all messy from my pulling on it when I fucked her doggy. She was quite the hot sight all disheveled and wet from sex with her shirt half open and her little titties hanging out. Her legs were like rubber and I could tell they could barely hold her up anymore after the fierce orgasm I'd just given her. Luckily, the next part didn't require any use of her legs. I picked up the little school slut with ease and impaled her on my throbbing shaft.

"Oh GOD!" She screamed as I bounced her up and down on my large rod. My muscles flexed and burned with the effort of moving her up and down on my thick shaft and I found myself beginning to sweat, but it was all worth it for that incredibly great feeling of fucking the school girl in the air. It made me feel so powerful. She squealed even louder now as her petite body slammed down on my cock, over and over. Her thighs and buttocks slapped hard against my pelvis as I plunged deep in her young vagina. I could feel my pulsing cock stretching out her pussy as it repeatedly hit hard against the back of her vagina.

I knew I wouldn't last long like this and figured I'd finish the girl off one more time and then drop her down to the floor for a load in the face. Just as I was thinking about this, I felt the agonizingly tight clenching of the girl's pussy on my cock and she began to cry out, "FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!! I'M CUMMMIIINNNGGG AAGGGGGAAAIIINNNN!!!" Just like on the desk, great splashes of hot, drenching cum gushed all over our abs and chests. "I love you! I love you! I love you!" She kept saying with more tears in her eyes as she quivered in my arms.

With her yelling and her pussy squirting and clenching, I was done. I yelled back, "I'm gonna cum!" as I lifted her off my cock and hastily dropped her knees in the puddle of her own mess. "Get ready! Here it comes!" She just had time to brace herself with one hand and stick out her tongue when my cock erupted. "Oh, fuck!" I yelled as my cum came out in a wild, liquidy drizzle as it rained all over the shaking, little sex puppet. Cum spattered all over her face and left wet spots all across her shoulders, collar, tie, and the front of her nice, white top. My spasms became more controlled and I was able to aim a few spurts across her young tits and down her cleavage. "Fuuuccckkk!" I said again, drawing out the word, "That was fucking great, baby girl."

Once I was finished, she leaned forward and took my virgin pussy glazed shaft in her mouth with a long, drawn out, satisfied moan, "mmmmmmmh".

"I told you you'd definitely get cum blasted" I joked down at her as I stroked her hair. On her knees looking up, she now looked even younger. "Some of which was your own."

"Oooo, that was sooooo good. I can't believe what I did, twice. I made such a mess! I've never um... squirted before." She was still shaking and shuddering on the floor. "I can't wait to see my daddy's reaction when he sees me now."

"Well, let's go show him."

She smiled and bit her lip, then she said, "Okay, but let me have a couple minutes. I can't stop shaking and my pussy keeps quivering. I can't believe you made me cum FOUR times." She held up her hand to show the number four with her fingers which made her look like she was four herself.

She sat there catching her breath and I said, "Take a break, baby, but you have to stay just like that with your tits out, your hair messy and cum all over you."


Madison had caught Mr. Williams just as he was leaving the classroom. She lured him back in by asking if he could help her with a problem she was having trouble with and said it would only take a few minutes. He sighed and said alright but didn't look too happy about it. She knew she could make it worth his while.

"Why didn't you ask me about this problem a few minutes ago when I had all my stuff out?" As he sat down in his chair, Madison dropped down onto her knees in front of him and started rubbing her hands up his thighs. "Whoa, what do you think you're doing, Miss Lynn?"

"I told you. You're helping me with a problem I'm having, and a few minutes ago, the problem didn't exist. You see, I desperately need some cock inside me. I bet you have a nice cock, Mr. Williams. I never really thanked you for coming in today just for lil ol' me."

"But, but, I have a wife, and my daughter is just down the hall," he sputtered out, "and it would be wrong", he added.

"Oh, trust me. It'll be just right. Forget about your wife, and your daughter's not expecting you for another half hour at least. Please," She begged, "I really need your cock. Pretty please," she gave him her sexiest pout. As she begged, her hands were busy undoing his belt and fly. He stood up and she was afraid he might scold her or just leave but instead he helped her slide his dress pants and boxers down.

"God, you're so fucking sexy, Madison, especially on your knees begging for cock. Do you know how distracting it is to teach a little slut like you? Suck me, you little whore." Madison loved how he called her a slut and a whore and she eagerly moved forward to take his semi-hard cock in her mouth. While she bobbed her head, he grow to an average size in her wet, warm mouth. She could taste the salty sweat on his shaft, which made her feel filthy on her knees. I am a slut. I am a whore.

She was giving Mr. Williams her specialty: a nice, sloppy blowjob. She let spit run freely out of her mouth to drip down his shaft and balls. She swirled her tongue around and then spat a huge gob of spit right on the head. She took it deep down her throat all the way to his pubes, and made some choking, wet spit noises for effect before bobbing up and down deep on the shaft.

"Fuck, Miss Lynn! You're terrible at math but you sure suck a mean dick." She kept moaning and slurping up spit to let it drool back out and down his shaft. It was the sloppiest blowjob she'd ever given and she felt so nasty giving it. A damp patch started to show on her lacy, black panties. With one of her hands, she pulled the crotch fabric to the side and stuffed two fingers in her sopping pussy. "Oh, I can't believe I'm doing this. You look so good sucking my dick and fingering your wet pussy. I really want to fuck that little pussy on my desk, but you're not even legal."

Madison needed no more encouragement. She rose up, popping her mouth off his sloppy cock, and hopped up onto his desk. Lifting her heels up into the air and spreading her legs gymnastically wide, she said sensuously, "Come on, Mr. Williams. All the wrong things feel soooo good. Please fuck my wet, little, 17-year-old pussy." She spoke in a sexy, drawn out voice and pouted her lips again before giving him a look of smouldering desire. She watched his defenses crumble. He got up off his seat and stared in awe at her glistening, teenage twat.

"This is so wrong," he protested but as he did, he stepped towards her and thrust his wet shaft into her dripping pussy. He wasn't anywhere near as big as Adam, but he was driven by wanton lust. He slammed into her, making the desk scrap across the floor with each deep plunge of his man meat. "Fuck, I love teenage sluts. I wish I could fuck them all."

"Like who, stud?" Madison purred back. "Maybe I can help you out."

"Besides you," he mentioned a few names that Madison didn't recognize, but then he said, "I'd love to fuck Jessica Richards. She's young but I bet she could take a dick."

Madison laughed, "That's my boyfriend's little sister. I bet I could arrange that."

"Fuck that would be great. Also, I'd love to plough that Claire Collins and then bust my nut all over her pretty, little, pure face."

"Oooo, I'd love to see that Mr. Williams. I want to see her turned into a dirty whore like me." Sweat was profusely running down his brow as he held her thighs tight and pistoned in and out of her slippery vagina. As his pelvis hit her, wet slaps echoed around the room. Madison was getting close and she felt the urgent need to cum hard. With a free hand she started rubbing her clit fiercely as her other hand clutched the desk and held on for the orgasm ride.

Suddenly, a rush of heat burned through her cunt and she bucked hard on the desk as a blast of cum fountain out of her pussy to splash Mr. Williams in the chest and face. "HOLY FUCK! What the fuck was that?"

"I'm a... squirter. Adam makes...oh fuck... me do it all the time." she was writhing on the desk and her voice wavered as she spoke. "You're the only... shiiit...other person besides Adam that's made me cum like that." Speak of the Devil, cause at that moment, Adam walked in with Mr. Williams' little daughter all sopping wet, messy and drenched in cum.


We walked into Mr. Williams room just in time to see a geyser erupt out of Madison's pussy to splash all over her and Mr. Williams, who had his cock deep inside her.

"DADDY!" The little mess of a girl said sternly while Madison's cum dripped off Mr. Williams' face. The way she said "daddy" made me think of how much of a dirty pervert I was.

"Oh God! Jenny, don't look!" After two blowjobs, some pussy eating and a good long fuck, I finally knew her name. Mr. Williams raised his hands as if to pretend he had nothing to do with what was happening on his desk.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" She yelled at him. I found it hilarious watching her chastise her dad for fucking my 17-year-old girlfriend while standing there, with her own tits out, covered from head to toe in both her cum and mine.

Apparently Madison also found the whole situation funny as she laughed and said, "Yeah, Mr. Williams! Fuck my tight pussy in front of your little, cum-drenched daughter."

Mr. Williams never stopped pumping Madison as he sputtered, "J-jenny, oh p-please don't t-tell your mother about t-this. Oh my God, what happened to you?"

"That girl's boyfriend just took my 14-year-old virginity! He fucked me good and hard and then he came all over me! That's what!" She yelled fiercely with her fists balled at her sides. I couldn't believe it. If she was 14, that meant that the day before I started housesitting for the Collins, four 14-year-old girls had given me blowjobs. "Have a good look at all this cum on my face and tits, Daddy."

"That's right. I just fucked the shit out of your daughter and to get even with me, you should give my Madison the same treatment. You're halfway there already and, just to let you know, she loves cum! Isn't that right, baby?" I looked into Madison's lust filled, green eyes.

"Oh fuck yeah, babe. I fucking love it! Yeah, ram my cunt in front of your little, baby girl. Teach her what a real man does to a cumwhore like me. I bet you fantasize about your 14-year-old daughter sometimes. Isn't she a sexy bitch all drenched in cum? I bet you secretly want to fuck her so bad." She egged him on with a wicked smile and then she looked at me, gave me a wink and blew a kiss.

Taking the initiative, little Jenny walked over to the other side of the desk and bent over to rub her cum-covered cleavage in Madison's face. Fiercely, she yelled, "Lick me clean, Bitch!" I heard Madison's muffled laughter under Jenny's tits. The previous encounter with Madison had left Jenny all messy and smeared with cum as Madison made her lick some up off the floor. This was Jenny's payback, but Madison was loving it. Her tongue darted out to lick my cum off the young girl's small titties and Jenny actually started tonguing Madison's tits back. In my mind, I thought of it as an act of truce between the two squirting sluts.

Mr. Williams looked stunned and guilty, but he never stopped fucking Madison's wet pussy. Watching the threesome unfold, I felt my dick stir back to life along with the need to get in there and make it a dirty foursome. As the chain of people rippled with Mr. Williams thrusting, I saw a perfect opening on the other end. Walking over to Jenny, I bend down and ducked my head under her short, flared skirt. Shrouded in darkness, I started licking her 14-year-old crack, snaking my tongue towards her puckered asshole. She squealed and wiggled in delight as she opened her mouth to announce, "He's licking my ass, Daddy. I love it. Won't you cum on my face, Daddy?"

On cue, he removed his twitching member from Madison's pussy as it spat long ropes of jizz all over his own daughter's moaning face. Each strand splashed against Jenny's face, and whatever didn't get trapped in her mouth, slid off onto Madison's stomach. My only knowledge of this was when little Jenny shifted forward to lick up her dad's mess left on Madison's belly. I moved with her, constantly tonguing her dirty hole.


Madison felt the sizzling hot spunk drip onto her belly and then felt 14-year-old Jenny drag her soft tongue down her body to lick it all up like a little starved kitten trying to get at some milk. She knew what Adam saw in the little sex kitten. This teenage girl was a sexy, dirty, 14-year-old slut! She was even sexier when Madison felt her move farther down Madison's body into a 69 position on the desk. She felt the soft, lithe tongue dart into her gaping pussy hole and probe all around.

Jenny lacked the skills to really get Madison going but Madison figured she could teach by doing onto her. She pushed the skirt farther up Jenny's body to reveal her pussy inches away from her face, and the beautiful sight of Adam tongue fucking her cute butthole. She loved when Adam did that to her, and she pulled him in for a nice french kiss before she got to work on the wet pussy. She could taste Jenny's juices on Adam's tongue and moaned in ecstasy.

Just as she got to work on Jenny's clit, Adam stood up with his rock hard dick sticking out. He bent over to spit a gob of saliva directly on the little girl's asshole and then she heard him say, "I'm going to take your little, darling girl's ass, the only hole of hers I haven't had today." With that, he thrust forward and Madison got a orgasmic sight of his big head slowly entering her virgin depths. His first attempt popped out and Adam's dick slid between two warm pairs of lips. "God, her ass is tight. I can barely get it in there." Madison decided to help with the second attempt by spitting on Jenny's asshole and spit lubing Adam's cock some more. She saw him slowly and firmly apply pressure. She nearly came when she watched Jenny's sphincter opened up like a flower to engulf the throbbing shaft.

"Oh God, Daddy! He's in my ass!" Madison just then noticed Mr. Williams slumped in his chair with his head in his hands mumbling about what he'd just done. "Oh shut up, Dad, and enjoy the show. It's not every day you get to watch your little pumpkin lezzing out while getting fucked up the ass."

Jenny had taken to mimicking everything Madison did with her tongue, and since Madison knew what she wanted and did what she wanted done to herself, Jenny was getting good at making her pussy feel great. One of her hands was on the teen's small ass, pulling her down on Madison's hungry mouth, but with her other hand, she started to rub Jenny's clit with her thumb. The combination of Adam's cock ramming her ass and Madison's tongue and thumb working her clit sent Jenny into a wild orgasm. The little girl bucked on the desk and screamed in lust as once again her cum came flooding out.

Madison felt and heard the hot, wet splash of female cum hit her chin, neck, and cleavage as it flowed like a river down her body to the crevice of her cunt. As the river flowed, Jenny, while shaking uncontrollably, lapped up her own cum as it waterfalled over Madison's pussy lips. The whole scene sent Madison into her own powerful climax that blurred her vision and made her muffle cries deep into Jenny pussy. When her vision cleared, she heard Adam yell "Fuck ya! Take my fucking cum, you bad fucking girl!" as, from her vantage point, she saw the best view of the incredibly erotic sight of Adam's thick rod flexing and throbbing in orgasm deep in the young teenager's amazingly tight ass. She knew what was coming next and opened her mouth in anticipation.


I came surprisingly quick and hard while anal fucking the young, little slut considering only about ten minutes prior, I had ejaculated all over her face and tits. It was all the squirting and licking that did it for me. I loved the sight of a girl squirting in orgasm, and to see Jenny dump her squirts all over Madison underneath her only to lap it up again while tonguing her in a 69 sent me rapidly over the edge.

Her small anal opening was still quivering and contracting on my shaft as I dump my own big load deep into her bowels. Her already awesomely tight butthole grabbed and squeezed the root of my rod with each shake of her petite body. I couldn't help but yell with her father watching, "Fuck ya! Take my fucking cum, you bad fucking girl!" as my thick cock throbbed and twitched, spewing my cum.

With her ass so tightly clenched, I had to pull my dick out at an agonizingly slow rate. Her ass was stubborn and didn't want to let me go. What made it better, and made me spurt another gout of jizz, was seeing Madison with her mouth open under the tight orifice, eagerly awaiting a load of ass cum. Madison was so sexy and so dirty. I loved her so much at that moment.

Finally, only my engorged head remained in the grasp of the young girl's sphincter. I had to give a slight tug to pop it free, and like a shot glass spilling over on its side, a flood of watery cum gushed out into Madison's open mouth before Jenny's sphincter snapped tightly shut. I heard my nasty girlfriend gargle my ass-laced cum while she looked up at me, and then with a gulp, she swallowed the whole load down her wonderful throat. Once done, Madison went in for seconds as she voraciously ate Jenny's ass, cleaning it out with her long, snaking, dirty tongue.

"Oh yeah, baby! I love watching you eat 14-year-old ass! Clean that bitch out, and when you're done, I got a big cock for you to suck clean next." Instantly her focus shifted to my cock (after all, she wasn't a lesbian). She stopped her anal snack and tilted her head back for some dirty sausage instead. I slid my still erect cock into her open throat with a slow, steady thrust and was surprised when my entire eight inches disappeared. With her nose firmly pressed against my balls and asshole, she tightened her lips and sucked and swallowed the filth that was on my cock. I felt her wet tongue slide and wrap around my shaft and I took it as my queue to start fucking her gorgeous face. I slid in and out of her tight mouth and felt her sexy tongue lick along the top of my wilting shaft.

Jenny turned around to see what was going on. Breathlessly she said, "Wow" in complete awe of Madison's sexual prowess as I deeply and thoroughly fucked her throat. Finally, with my cock now flaccid, I pulled it from Madison's generous mouth with a loud pop of her lips. She smiled up at me from ear to ear in complete satisfaction. She was panting in her after sex glow with a dazed look in her eyes. Jenny's cum was still drying on her tits and stomach, and some was pooled in her bellybutton.

I bent down to lick up the remnants trapped in her bellybutton and then moved to kiss her quivering pussy. From her plump, pink pussy lips, I moved back up her body kissing and licking a trail back to her generous mouth. I kissed her passionately, rubbing my tongue against hers in a deep French kiss. Our lips parted and I whispered, "I love you so much, baby".

Father and daughter were talking in hushed voices, so Madison and I took this opportunity to get dressed and head out. By the time we were ready to go, Jenny was already on her knees bobbing her head with her dad moaning and running his fingers through her soft, brown hair. "Oh, I love you, Pumpkin," we heard him whisper down at his little, cocksucking daughter, just before Madison and I left with big smiles on our faces.

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2014-11-19 11:55:58
it can be ageing. Particularly when it bldees into the lines around lips and emphasises them! Needs to be very carefully applied, with lip liner to start, and ideally a touch of clear gloss over the top.

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2014-11-19 09:30:41
I love the spirit of your blog--and the joy you anudyor subjects find in the long life well-lived. And, of course, I love the ($5!!) sunglasses in this post. So whimsical and alive!! Congrats on bringing this sometimes underappreciated group into the sunlight.

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2014-11-18 17:30:00
Hi Sandra,Many of them do have internet and they do give me feaedbck about the site. I try and photograph people who embrace aging and they seem to be interested in my project! Hope you enjoy it as well. Ari

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2014-09-28 18:00:13
I read this yesterday and was quite ecxetid since have never been to Paris. Cannot wait for this to open!! May need to make a special trip to the city just to visit when it opens!!

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2014-09-28 16:30:55
When we were in Paris a few months ago we were told this but weren't sure how deiifnte it was but then I heard it again from a pretty reliable source a few weeks ago and am beyond excited!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about them and will be one of the first to welcome them to NY and show them how much they are loved here!

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