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first time with sammy
my first time with sam was great, they were both so damn cute i couldnt wait to see him naked, sam who i called sammy was 4 years old. it started out as just playing with sammy in his room, we were on the floor and he showed me some of his toys, after awhile he said he had to go potty so i waited till i heard him call my name, he couldnt get his pants unbuttoned and asked me to help him, i agreed and unbuttonned his pants and slip them down, he had the cutest little pecker, it was onlt an inch or so lonh and circumcised but was cute to look at, after he peed i told him to make sure he shook it off, he looked at me and said how, i said like this, and grabbed it with my thumb and index finger and shook it for him, he giggled as i did it and it didnt take him long to get an erection, his little pecker stood straight up about 2 inches long, he said it felt good and told me to keep doing it so i did, after a little bit i felt him tense up then relax as he had his first orgasm. after that i needed some release and asked if he would make me feel good, he agreed and i dropped my pants and my hard cock sprang up to him, he put his little hand on it and i showed him what to do and he did, it felt so good having his little hand on my cock, after a bit i told him to put his mouth on it, he did and the warmth of hi little mouth felt so good i almost blew my load he continued to suck and i pushed it into his throat till he gagged then removed it from his mouth and rolled him over and lubed my finger and pushed it in to his tight little hole,he winced a little but soon got used to my finger being in there and soon i put 2 fingers in and then i lubed my cock and placed the tip on the opening to his little bum and pushed, slowly my hard cock slid in, it was so warm and tight, i slowly moved it back and forth until i couldnt hold of any longer, i blew my load right into his little bum, after that i pulled it out and watched as some of my cum dribbled out of his butt, then i rolled him over and grabbed his already hard prick and stroked him again then sucked on his prick and not long i felt him tense up again the n relax as i brought him to his second orgasm, after that we layed down and fell asleep together. When we woke up i cleaned him up and got him dressed and watched tv and waited for his mom to show up, the next day we did the same thing again only this time as i fucked his tight little bum i played with his pecker at the same tim, after a few minutes i felt his body tense up and his butt squeezed onto my cock and i blew another huge load deep inside his cute little bum, it felt so good i didnt want it to end but i knew we had to get cleaned up and hide any traces of what we did together, we continued to do this many times and he soonn got used to having my cock up his butt

( Part 2)

By the time time sammy turned five years old he was able suck my cock and he loved it when i came in his mouth, one day he had a friend over who was also kust as cute as him, his name was mathew, mathew and sammy began playing together touching eachothers hard cocks and they took turns sucking eachothers cocks and them the decided to take turns sucking my hard cock, then sammy laid down on his front side and i lubed my cock and stuck it up his bum and fucked him until i blew my load deep inside him, as i pulled it out i was still hard i grabbed mathew and fingered his tight little hole till it was ready to except my cock, his little bum was so warm and tight after about 5 minutes or so i blew another load in mathew and then i cleaned up both boys along with myself and we watched cartoons the rest of the afternoon until sammys mom came home and i took her into the bedroom and fucked her long and hard, her pussy was tight but not as tight as sammy or mathews little bum holes are, i brought her to three intense orgasms and i came in her three times before we laid down and rested, 9 months later she gave birth to my son, he was so cute and i couldnt wait till his was older so i could fuck his little bum, i touched his prick several times a day and loved watching him get little erections, one night when he was 2 years old i was so horny and he was fussing so i got the idea of placeing my cock in his mouth, it was so warm and wet and it felt so damn good after a few minutes i blew my load in his mouth. he coughed but swallowed every bit except for the little bit running down his face, one night i had sammy and little nick naked giving them a bath, i played with sammys little cock till he got hard then i had my son nick on his hands and knees and i helped sammy push his little pecker into his brothers bum hole and watching them made he hard and after sammy tensed up as he orgasmed i blew my load all over both boys in the tub, then i cleaned them both up and got them out of the bath tub and we sat in the living room on the couch and watched tv till it was bed time. THE END

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2016-02-05 23:23:44
"True Story" - Riiiight.

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2013-01-17 07:02:30
It 2 short a story no proper detail make it longer. Good story though its to rushed more pleas

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2012-10-03 06:09:50
Every picture is a delghit. I am blown away by your talent as a photographer and your skill with photoshop. Not everyone can make magic with even a point and shoot camera, you can.This is your calling, no doubt. Can't wait to see your pics of Hunting Island.I am sure the Doherty's are amazed and thrilled by your pics of Cole and Lily. They are beautiful children captured by a very talented person.I am your biggest fan.

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2012-06-07 02:16:42

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2012-06-07 02:16:21

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