Having decided the have a sexual relationship with his little girl our daddy plans a fun Saturday morning for them both.
The rest of the week Eric and Amber managed to keep their hands off of each other for the most part.
Amber’s mother walking in just after their sex play had been a little too close, and so they’d come to an unspoken agreement not to fool around while mom was in the house.
It just wasn’t worth the risk.
Not to say that they kept their hands off of each other entirely.
They had always been very affectionate with each other, and they didn’t want to arouse suspicion.
Every once in a while when they were out of sight he’d squeeze her tight little ass as they hugged, or she’d rub herself against his hard cock, but they acted more or less normal.
So that Saturday morning when she’d woken him up to watch cartoons with her, it was nothing out f the ordinary.
Amber cuddling up on her daddy’s lap under a blanket on the couch was pretty normal as well, but what was going on under the blanket that morning was something new.

Before lifting his little girl up onto his lap he’d pulled her pink, cotton Dora the Explorer night gown up to her hips, and pulled his pajama bottoms down just enough to expose his cock.
Then he’d slipped his dick under her night gown, and when Amber felt his hot, hard flesh resting against her back her little pussy had gotten juicy.
She leaned her head back on his shoulder, spreading her legs a little, and he put his hand on her vagina, lightly resting it outside of her panties.

Amber couldn’t help rolling her hips a little when she felt her daddy’s hand on her vagina, and she became really excited, but nervous at the same time.
“Are you sure this is okay daddy.” She asked, eyeing the hallway dubiously.

“Yes,” he whispered. “But just this, and only if we stay covered up.”

Amber began rolling her hips again, but Eric grasped her in between her legs a bit more firmly, whispering, “Shh, be still baby.”

“But daddy.” She protested.

“Oh baby,” he cooed sympathetically. “My cock against your back and my hand on your pussy is making you all horny isn’t it?”

With her head laid back against his shoulder he could feel the heat from her blushing cheeks as she nodded, biting her bottom lip.

“It’s okay princess.” He reassured her, kissing her cheek. “I have a surprise for you.”

“What is it daddy?” she asked, excitement in her voice.

“You’ll find out.” He said with a chuckle. “Just be patient.”

Amber knew that she would just have to wait so she relaxed as much as she could, and tried to watch her cartoons, but of course the close contact was making it hard to concentrate.
After a while mom came into the room all dressed for her day and announced, “I’m going shopping, I’ll be back in a couple of hours. Eric, you make sure that she eats breakfast, and Amber, you mind your father. I’ll see you two at about lunch time.”
And then she walked out.

As soon as she was out the front door Eric began rubbing his baby girl’s pussy, and Amber rolled her hips in response.
“Was that the-the surprise da-daddy?” She panted as her breathing began to get heavy, and she felt her pussy getting wet with excitement.

“That’s right baby, we get to be alone for a while.” He growled. “And I’m gonna teach you something new.”

“What are you gonna teach me daddy?” She asked, rubbing her little cunt against his hand.

“I’m gonna teach you how to suck my cock angel.” He whispered salaciously.

“Oh daddy.” She moaned, her pussy getting even wetter.
She loved the way he talked dirty to her as he touched her, and his hard cock rubbing against her bac as she rolled her hips was making her mouth water.

“Let’s get started.” He enthused, throwing he blanket aside, and then standing Amber on her feet in front of the sofa in one deft motion.
“Lift your arms sweetie.” He instructed, and as she did he leaned down, grasped the hem of her night gown, and then pulled the cotton garment off over her head, throwing it to the other side of the couch.
He spun her around to face him, and then took her by the hands, leaning back as he said, “Now let me have a look at you princess.”
Amber stood there in nothing but her panties as her daddy slowly looked her up, and down, the big grin on his face making it clear that he liked what he saw.
“Oh my baby girl is so beautiful.” He gushed, and Amber turned her head away, biting her bottom lip as she blushed a deep crimson.
She could tell that he really meant it, and to be admired so filled her with so many powerful feelings.
She felt excited, and scared, proud, and humble, happy, and sad, and so many other things all at the same time, but most of all she felt love for her daddy.

“Okay honey; now get down on your knees here.” Eric instructed, spreading his legs, and scooting his ass closer to the edge of the sofa.
Amber obediently dropped to her knees, laying her forearms against his thighs, and leaning forward until her face was just inches from her father’s throbbing tool, biting he lip as her breath became heavy with excitement.
Despite everything they had already done together she still almost couldn’t believe that her daddy was not only giving her permission to be naughty, he was showing her how.

Eric wasted no time, he gently grasped one of her delicate little hands, wrapping it around the base of his shaft, giving her explicit instructions, "okay, now you're going to run your hand up like you did before, but this time when daddy's juice comes out I want you to catch it with your tongue, and lick right here." He pointed at the little white strand just under the head of his cock.

Amber crawled up, putting her face up closer as she ran her tiny fist up his shaft, tilting it a little more toward herself.
When the first clear bead of precum emerged from the end of his penis she didn't even wait for it to drip down, she quickly leaned forward, licking it right off the tip, and then sliding her tongue down to the spot he had indicated.
She immediately knew that she was doing it right because his hips started moving, and e reached out, burying his fingers in her silky blond hair as he moaned, "Oh yeah, that's good baby girl."

Eric watched his baby girl with a mixture of love, lust, and something approaching awe.
She was so clever the way she experimented with different ways of licking him, one second just flicking it with the tip of her tongue, the next getting her mouth right up on his cock, rubbing firmly with her whole tongue.
He stared down into her eyes, continuing to instruct her between moans of pleasure, "Now remember huh-huh-honey, that's a very sensitive spo-spot, so you always want to keep it well lu-lu-lubricated."

Amber nodded, knowing that this wouldn't be a problem since just the thought of her daddy's cock was enough to make her mouth water.
She loved watching him make the oh, and ah faces she was able to cause with her tongue, and feeling his firm hand massaging her scalp was making her little pussy wet.
Having this power over her big, strong daddy really turned her on, and the fact that he so willingly gave her this power made her love him all the more.

After enjoying his daughter's surprisingly talented tongue for a while Eric decided it was time to go further.
"Okay," he said tenderly, reaching out with his other hand so that he was now cradling her head in both hands. "Now lick it all over, get it wet, and slippery sweetie."

She immediately went to it, closing her eyes, and really getting into it, a look of pure ecstasy on her face as she rubbed the hot flesh of his cock against her cheek before licking up one side, and down the other, swirling her tongue over the head.
Soon she had covered his erect penis with a thin layer of slippery saliva, and when she grasped the shaft in her little fist her eyebrows went up as she noticed the she could easily stroke it while maintaining a fairly tight grip.
Noting her discovery he interjected, "Yep, and it also helps make a good seal when you suck on it, which is what you'll be doing next."

Amber blushed, and giggled, rubbing her legs together like a cricket in anticipation of getting daddy's cock in her mouth.
"First you just want to take the head of daddy's cock into your mouth, cover your bottom teeth with your tongue, make a seal with your lips around the shaft, and start sucking. Then you'll want to try rubbing it with your tongue while you suck, and breathe through your nose."

Amber listened intently, and then, with a mischievous smile, she opened her hand, pressing her tongue flat against his shaft, licking all the way up before gingerly wrapping her lips around the bulbous head of his penis.
At first she had to really concentrate, with the sucking, the licking, and the breathing, she wasn't sure she was doing it right.
She looked up at her daddy, and he met her eyes, smiling down at her as he cooed, "Mmmmm,yeah, that's good baby girl, sssss, mmmm, that's my good girl."

Amber was proud of her self, and when daddy started pumping his hips a little, she liked the motion of his cock sliding a little more into, and out of her mouth.
Soon she began bobbing her head, matching his rhythm, and attempting to take more of him into her mouth each time.
Although she didn't really understand why, she wanted to get as much of her daddy's cock into her as she could.
She was now so wet that her juices were steadily leaking out into her panties, soaking them.
Then she got a little carried away, taking too much in, and gagging herself.
She quickly opened her mouth wide, and then pulled up off of his penis, coughing a little as she left trails of thick drool behind.

"Oh honey." he said sympathetically, sliding one hand down, and rubbing her back. "Be careful, don't choke yourself."

"I'm okay." she quickly reassured him as she caught her breath, afraid that he might make her stop.

"Here baby, let me show you something." he began, wrapping his hand around hers on his shaft.
He slide her little hand up closer to the head, and explained, "This way you control how much you take into your mouth with your hand."

"Wow, that's really clever!" she exclaimed brightly.

Eric just accepted her praise silently, watching with pride as she took the head of his cock back into her mouth, more confidently this time.
It didn't take long for her to get into a good rhythm, bobbing her head up, and down, really sucking him good.
He was impressed with how much of his cock she was able to take into her mouth, and the wet sloppy sounds she was making mingled with their moans of pleasure into what Eric believed was the most beautiful music he'd ever heard in his life.
For Amber's part she loved making her daddy feel good, the way he gyrated his hips, moaning, and panting in response to the things she was doing with her mouth made her feel all warm, and squishy inside.
She would try different things with her tongue, and mouth, noting his reactions.
One thing that she couldn't help but notice was that even through he had expressed concern for her when she had taken too much, and even showed her how to avoid it, when she'd felt the head of his cock at the back of her throat, he had arched his back, moaning loud, so it must have felt good to him.
She decided to try something.
Using her hand was working beautifully, and she was really able to get a good pace going, sometimes bobbing her head so fast that she was fucking him with her mouth.
Then she opened her hand, and quickly pushed her head down, taking all of his cock in.

As soon as Eric felt the tip hit the back of her throat his reaction was automatic.
He pushed his hips up, panting, "Oh god, oh shit baby!"

It was gagging her, but Amber wanted to keep it in her mouth as long as she could because by her father's reaction she could tell he liked this.
She kept her mouth open wide so that her drool could flow down onto his tool instead of backing up, and choking her.
The seconds ticked by, and Eric gripped her head firmly, his eyes wide with disbelief, the sensation of her throat squeezing the head of his cock driving him crazy.
She finally withdrew, thick trails of gooey saliva dripping down onto his cock, she coughed once, spit on his dick, and then met his slightly stunned gaze by smiling, and chirping brightly, "Did you like that daddy?"

Eric was momentarily dumb founded, but what could he say, it had certainly felt good, so once he recovered his voice he stuttered, "I-I yeah, I mean, yeah that felt great, but are you okay?"
He had to ask, otherwise he would have felt like a bad father.

"I don't mind daddy," she said sweetly. "If it makes you feel good."

He had to love that attitude, and when she took his cock back into her mouth, looking him right in the eye as she bobbed, and sucked, he actually got a little tear eyed.
"Oooo, sssss, yeeeaah, you're such a good girl for daddy." he moaned with pleasure. "I love you sooooo much baby."

Suddenly Eric's cell phone started ringing, he'd left it on the small table next to the couch the night before.
His first instinct was to ignore it, but then he thought, 'What if it's the wife?'
If he didn't answer she might think something was wrong, and come home.
He sure as hell didn't want that.
He reached over, picking up the phone, and looking at the caller ID.
Sure enough it was her.
"Fuck!" he swore out loud.

Amber pulled her mouth off of his thick meat, making a little popping sound before asking, "What's wrong daddy?"

"Oh it's nothing baby, just your mother calling." smiling, and gently pushing her head back down. "But you can keep sucking daddy's cock princess."

"Okay daddy." she said brightly, going back to work on him with renewed vigor.

Although he knew he would have to struggle to sound normal on the phone, the idea of talking to his wife while his daughter gave him a blow job gave him a wicked thrill.
"Hello." he said, as calmly as he could.

"Hi honey." his wife replied. "Liston, you know Amber's Dr. said she's boarder line anemic so feed her something more substantial than cereal for breakfast."

"No problem." he said with a big grin on his face, and then with a wink to Amber he added, "In fact she's got a mouthful of sausage right now."

Amber's eyes went wide, and she had to pull her mouth off to keep from choking as she broke into a hysterical fit of giggles.

"Good," Amber's mother responded, sounding relieved. Love you guys, and I'll try to be home by six, or seven."

"Take your time," he told her. "You deserve to have a little fun with your girlfriends."

"You are just the sweetest man." she said warmly. "See you tonight."

"It's a date. Love you." he said before closing the phone.

When Amber finally caught her breath she smacked her father on the leg, and said, "Daddy! Don't say funny things when you're in my mouth. I almost choked."

"Oh shit, I'm sorry baby." he said, stifling a chuckle as he leaned over, and rubbed her back gently.

Her eyes flashed with fire, and her brow knitted together in a stern expression as she pretended to be angry at him.
"Bad daddy, you're gonna get it now." she fumed before suddenly taking his cock all the way down her throat.

Eric’s ass came up off the couch, and he gripped the sides, his breath coming in quick fits, and gasps through his suddenly “ah!” shaped mouth as the back of her throat pinched the head of his cock, a cute little gurgling sound emanating from between his legs.
He was having a hard time controlling his hips which involuntarily bucked, and rolled gently, the sensation of her holding the full length him inside her driving him out of his mind.

Amber didn’t understand, or even feel the need to question why it felt so good to have his cock so deep inside any part of her body, and although the gagging sensation was a bit uncomfortable, she loved giving pleasure to her daddy so much that it seemed inconsequential.
When she finally lifted her head up, drizzling thick trails of drool onto his stiff penis, and then spitting on it before smiling up at him, stroking his shaft, he couldn’t help feeling this intense combination of pride, and lust.

After dropping his ass back onto the couch he reached out, grasping her on either side of her head, leaning in to give her a deep tongue kiss, and then leaning back, and observing with a slight chuckle, “If that’s my punishment, daddy’s gonna have to be bad more often.”

“You’re silly daddy!” she giggled.

“And you’re daddy’s sweet little cock sucker.” He cooed, still holding her head in his hands, and looking deep into her eyes.

She regarded him for a moment with a wide grin, her cheeks flushing with pride, and then almost as if to prove worthy of her new title she once again took his cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up, and down, making loud, wet sucking sounds as she also pumped the base of his shaft with her delicate little fist.
The way his hips pitched, and rolled as he massaged her head in his hands, smiling down at her one moment, and then closing his eyes, and moaning loudly the next was making her pussy so juicy that it was soaking right trough the crotch of her panties.

Although it was true that just the fact that it was his young daughter with her mouth on his cock was enough to be an incredible turn on, the fact was that she was a really clever little girl, and she got good at it, quick.
When his eyes weren’t closed, and his face contorted into “oh”, and “ah”, he looked down into her eyes with lust, and disbelief.
She didn’t just want to suck his cock, she was eager, and that was the hottest thing of all.

“Okay baby,” he warned. “You keep that up, and daddy’s gonna cum in your mouth.”

Amber pulled her mouth off of his cock with a little pop, stroking his shaft with her pretty little hand as she begged, “Oh will you daddy, please?”

Despite all that had already passed between them Eric was still a little dumbfounded to hear her plead for his cum, but it sure as hell helped him get closer, and once he’d recovered from his surprise, and regained his voice he smiled, and said, “How could I say no to my baby girl?”

Amber went back to it with a vengeance, sucking a good half of his cock in, and out of her mouth as she pumped the base of his shaft with her little fist.
Her other hand meanwhile had found its way to his balls, fondling, and massaging the gently.
Eric could feel his orgasm getting closer, and he still almost couldn’t believe it.
He had rarely ever cum from just oral sex, and when he had, it had taken a hell of a lot longer than this, but as he hovered on the edge of that climax, he looked down into her eyes, and just knew that she was the greatest lover he would ever have.

“Uuuuuugghhhh!” he grunted as the first shot of creamy white cum blasted into Amber’s eager mouth.
She had quickly covered her throat with the back of her tongue so as not to choke, so she just kept sucking, and pumping as he ejaculated into her sucking little mouth.

“Uuuuugghhh, uuuuggghhhh, uuuuuggggghhhh!” he grunted rhythmically as he pumped load after load into his sweet little girl’s mouth.

It seemed to go on forever, but then, as if waking from a dream, Eric became aware that his orgasm had subsided, and his senses came back at a degree.
He looked down to see Amber still slowly sucking on just the head of his cock, her mouth so full of cum that it was dribbling down her chin.
She looked up at him, then carefully removing her mouth from the head of his cock, he opened it wide to show him her mouth full of cum, and then she closed her mouth, and with one big gulp took it all down.

“Look daddy.” She chirped brightly, opening her mouth, and flipping her tongue up to show him it was empty before proclaiming, “I ate it all up.”

Eric couldn’t help breaking into a grin at that, and he reached down, and gathered her up into his arms as he cooed, “You sure did pumpkin, you sure did.”

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