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Hannah and Robert had just got married, but there was just one thing that wasn’t quite complete.
They had a house in the suburbs, good jobs and while their sex life was great there was one thing missing.
For as long as Hannah could remember she had always wanted to fuck a girl. She had messed around with her best friend once, when they were both drunk but her friend had freaked out and it didn’t go any further. Since then Hannah had craved to taste another pussy.

Robert was very supportive of her feelings, although he did have the added bonus of perhaps one day having 2 girls at once.

They had many friends, but none of them knew Hannah’s obsession. And it was becoming an obsession. It was on her mind every waking moment. Every girl she past in the street became women in her fantasies as she fingered herself when Rob was not at home.

Soon there was only one girl that filled all these fantasies. It was a friend of Robert’s, that had become a mutual friend once they got together.
Her name was Sarah.

To Hannah she was one of the sexiest women to grace the world. She had a body that had all the womanly curves every woman should. Soft, supple lips that seemed to beg Hannah to kiss them. And her tits were just the right size for Hannah to get her hands on.

Every time Hannah and Robert saw Sarah, Hannah would spend most of the time undressing Sarah in her mind. Trying to make out the shape of her nipples through her top. Trying to catch even the slightest glimpse of Sarah’s pussy, so that she could make her fantasies more realistic.

Robert seemed to have read Hannah’s mind one night after seeing Sarah. He was trying to get her turned on in the usual way of describing Hannah licking another girl’s pussy, and he had said
“Sarah may do it. You know that she’s bi.”

Hannah blushed like mad and Robert twigged.
“So you want to fuck Sarah do you?”
Hannah squirmed in the bed under Robert gaze and sheepishly replied “Maybe.”
“Ah ha. You WANT to fuck Sarah. Well you should just ask her.”
“ I couldn’t do that” replied Hannah. “You can’t just ask another woman if you can lick their pussy. And tell me how in the hell do you want me to ask if you can watch?”.

That was pretty much the gist of their pillow talk for the next 6 months.
In these months, Hannah’s fantasies become more intense. They began to include Robert just watching, fucking Hannah while she licked Sarah’s pussy and now her most recent ones included Robert fucking Sarah while Hannah
just watched or got her pussy licked by Sarah.

One day when Sarah had sent an sms to Robert complaining that her sex life was non-existent, Robert suggested that Hannah would fuck Sarah if she liked. Sarah was a bit taken aback and smsed back that she would wait and see.
Hannah was furious with Robert at first over this but quickly got used to the idea that Sarah knew and Hannah set out to try and convince Sarah that it was a good idea.

Hannah began wearing skirts and very little underwear whenever they saw Sarah, in an attempt to flash her throbbing pussy and hopefully get Sarah turned on. Hannah and Rob started to spend more time with Sarah on Hannah’s insistence. They saw her atleast once a fortnight and Hannah continued to subtly flirt with Sarah. She was unsure of whether Sarah had noticed but lived in hope.

One night just before Christmas, when Hannah and Rob visited Sarah, during their usual routine of watching TV and drinking coffee, Sarah sat down next to Hannah on the floor. Both of the girls were wearing skirts, and without warning Sarah lay down and flashed Hannah her uncovered pussy. Hannah’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. She could see Sarah’s pussy only inches from her face. Sarah’s juices were glistening on her glorious throbbing cunt. Hannah didn’t know what to do. She sat there in shock. Her mouth started watering, as she could smell the seductive aroma of Sarah’s pussy. Hannah cautiously slid her hand along Sarah’s thigh towards her cunt, making sure that Sarah did not object.

Hannah then ran her finger gently along Sarah’s slit, feeling the juices that she longed to taste. Hannah slid Sarah’s skirt up to her hips and got down on all fours. She gently licked at Sarah’s pussy, until Sarah could take it no longer and pushed Hannah’s face into her pussy. Hannah licked furiously like she was licking an icecream that melting in 40-degree temperatures. Sarah moaned, Hannah took this as a thumbs up and continued licking. Hannah became more confident and slid her finger into Sarah’s pussy and Sarah let out another moan.

The girls had been totally unaware of Rob sitting there with a huge grin on his face and an even bigger bludge in his pants. He slid off his jeans and knelt behind Hannah. He fingered her pussy and felt the juices practically dripping from Hannah’s pussy. He pushed his cock into her pussy in one easy thrust and Hannah’s face got buried into Sarah’s pussy even more. Sarah started to shake at the orgasm that was building inside her. Hannah pushed another finger into her pussy and licked at her clit like a tornado until Sarah was rocked by an intense orgasm. At the same time Hannah came from Rob fucking her.

Once the girls’ orgasms subsided, Sarah sat up and pressed her lips hard against Hannah’s. It was the most intense kiss that Hannah had ever felt. Their tongues swirled around each other as they kissed and Hannah could feel herself getting wet again at the sensation. Robert was playing with both girls tits while they kissed, rubbing and caressing them. Their lips parted and Sarah gently pushed Hannah onto the floor.

It was her turn to taste a pussy. Robert moved up so that Hannah could suck his dick but Hannah pushed him away and motioned for him to fuck Sarah. She wanted to see her hubby fuck another woman, and knew that Sarah would be craving the feel of a cock in her pussy. Robert slid a finger into Sarah’s pussy and gave her clit a flick of his tongue. Robert gently pushed his dick into Sarah’s pussy and she moaned in ecstasy. Rob fucked Sarah as she was hungrily eating Hannah’s pussy. Hannah loved the sight of Rob fucking Sarah and it nearly sent her over the edge.

Sarah effortlessly caressed Hannah’s clit with her tongue and used 2 fingers in her pussy, that pushed in further and further each time Rob thrusted into Sarah’s cunt. Rob must have enjoyed the view of fucking another woman while she licked his wife’s pussy cause he picked up the pace with his thrusts. Hannah could tell Rob was about to cum and that caused her to cum long and hard. Sarah was cuming so hard that she forgot about licking Hannah’s clit and when Rob came so did she.

All three of them fell into exhausted heaps on the floor.
They each knew that their friendship would not be the same ever again.
It would be much better.


2006-05-18 11:16:23


2005-07-04 09:07:07
nice attempt but lacking passsion & urgency. Needs to be hornier, more graphic. I like the plausible story line.


2005-04-04 17:23:27
it was alright but you need to develop the plot a little more to build p excitement. add some twists!


2005-01-27 22:21:38
nice story i rate this as first class. 10/10


2005-01-27 10:18:23
you've got the nack to be a great writer. 9/10

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