Marlina gets to christen her new bedroom, whether she wants to or not.
Marlina was unconscious, tied at the wrists and ankles with her arms out stretched and her legs spreadeagled to a small wooden table laying on her back. Richard had wasted no time in bringing her the short boat journey to home on the small island off the coast of scotland. He had fucked her into exhaustion before giving her a strong sedative and bound her young 24 year old body up and put her into the boot of his car. They had just arrived off his private small ferry and he had taken her to his home, the only residence on the island. Carrying her limp unconscious body from the car to the cellar beneath the large mansion above had been easy, now he had shaven her and secured her correctly he could take his time welcoming her home.
His own personal fuck toy. He had payed a small fortune to take part in the Whore Hunt, it had been a fun trip, a weekend of tracking her through the woods with his associates and having a few beers and enjoying a using her over and over. Then he won the bet and got to keep her. Now he could force his cock into her against her will whenever he wanted. She had cried and begged him to stop last time, begged them all to stop.
She had the sexiest look in her eyes when she cried, especially the look of defeat when someone emptied themself into her. Turned him on all over again. He made sure the steel door was locked and walked down the corridor and drank in the sight of her naked young body bound to the table, vulnerable and exposed. Ready for his use. Her beautiful oriental face was blissfully unaware of her current surroundings as she lay unawakened. He got some ky jelly from the shelf and began to unbutton his jeans and discarded them on the floor. Stiff and hard he lubricated himself and took up position at her feet, she wasnt at the right angle for him yet so grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him so her knees were bent, allowing him access to her ass. He slipped a finger inside and began to loosen the muscles, watching her sleeping face as he applied more lube and teased the tip of his cock against her tight hole. He smiled as he grabbed her hip and thrust himself forward, impaling her gradually onto his cock.
"God yes" he rasped as he began to make deeper thrusts, reveling in the feel of her wrapped tight around him. She began to moan in discomfort, which encouraged him as he started to pound into her faster. Slowly waking she tried to pull her body away from the source of the discomfort and her eyes widened in horror that she was filled balls deep by this stranger who had used her mercifully before the world had slipped into blackness.
“No please no…” she begged her mouth free from the ring gags that had become normal for her during the time in the Dolls house. She stared wide eyed around the room at her strange surroundings and slowly her memory returned, she belonged to this man, there was no one ever coming to help her. A shudder of fear shot through her as locked eyes with him and he laughed at her panic. “Please stop.. no..” she cried, trying to pull herself away from him before wincing as he thrust himself deeper into her again. “It hurts.. please stop..” she sobbed quietly as he ignored her and continued pounding himself inside her tight ass.
“Fuck I do love it when you beg” he grinned in satisfaction as he enjoyed his lazy rhythm and gradually increased his pace. She broke eye contact and squeezed her eyes shut and tried to focus on anything else but the pain. Irritated that she was trying to ignore him, he reached for the remote controlled thrusting vibrator in the drawer beneath the table just beside him, he didn’t even bother to lube it him, he just placed at the entrance to her reluctant pussy and turned it on to vibrate only and slipped it inside, pushing it deeply and painfully inside her, the pressure increased greatly because of the girth filling her ass. “Oooouch…” she cried and tried to wriggle her hips away from him and the long thick pink vibrator filling her pussy. Her toes curled up and she balled her hands into fists, her face contorted between rage and pain, he studied her as pulled his cock out of her ass momentarily and grabbed the bondage tape from the drawer and began to create a temporary covering on the lower half of her body like underwear, the tape secured the vibrator deeply inside her pussy and he attached a vibrating remote controlled egg above her clitoris and continued to bind her with the leather tape and wrapped it around her upper thighs and around her waist despite her wriggling hips.
“Stop it.. let go of me.. what are you doing?” she protested yanking at her restraints. He left an opening at her butt and threw the tape on to the floor before picking up the remote to the vibrator and turned it on to thrust. “hey!” she squealed in protest as he gradually increased the speed and turned off the vibration and stood back and watched her adapt to the mechanical thrusts of vibrator filling her tight cunt. “Take it out… please..” she begged her eyes searching the room for him as he walked towards a small shelf in the corner and the thrusting continued. He lifted the second remote for the vibrating egg above her clitoris and turned it on, the sudden sensation caused her to cry out.
“I wonder how long you can ignore this before you finally give in and come like the dirty whore I know you are?” he laughed, increasing the speed on the thrusts again. “I’m going to keep you like this until you do” he said taking up position at her ass again, his cock stiff and eager to rape her again.
“Don’t.. you can let me go, I swear I’ll anything you want.. I wont tell anyone what happened, who you are and you’ll never have any trouble from me… I promise… just tell me what you want and I’ll do it…” she pleaded as he filled her again, causing her to cry out the last few words.
“But baby.. this is what I want you to do.. to lie here and get pounded over and over again and to keep my cock happy” he told her as he reached up and grabbed onto her breasts with both hands and joined the constant pulsing rhythm of the thrusting between her thighs as he fucked her ass.
“You’re a monster..” she sobbed as he turned the vibration setting on the egg to random and she shook her head and he laughed at her.
“Enjoy it, you might as well, its not going to stop” he advised her.

Please do read the tags before you comment, its a rape and submission story, if you dont like the content what did you even read it for??

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Hmmm I love when toys are used

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in the past that he and Vanessa consider each other hasbund and wife, and even refer to each other as such.So it doesn't exactly shock me that he'd refer to other couples in relationships similar to his and Vanessa's as hasbund and wife. That being said, I saw something on PopSugar last night about that that really made me chuckle. They mentioned Johnny referring to Brad as Angie's hasbund and wondered if it was just an innocent slip or if Johnny had is in the know and knows something we don't.They even had a poll where readers could vote whether they thought Johnny's referring to Brad as Angie's hasbund was just a slip or if he's in the know (for the record, the overwheleming majority, myself included, have voted that it was just an innocent slip).Now, I didn't mind the article per se, especially since they made it clear that it was very possible that, because Johnny is in a similar relationship as Brad and Angie and he and Vanessa consider themselves married, he was just using t

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Loved it!! waiting on a part 3!

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