It has been almost seven years since it happened, first sexual experience. I was just a young boy, around the age of eleven or twelve. Brown hair, hazel eyes, quite small for my age. I had just begun masturbating, if you could call it that. I didn't know exactly what was supposed to happen, but I knew when I got a boner, playing with it made me feel good, so I just did that. I wouldn't always climax, but when I did, nothing would come out. I wasn't a stupid kid, so I knew it wasn't a problem that my still underdeveloped 4 inch dick wasn't going to work as I wanted it to, until I grew up a bit more. I knew that I'd someday be able to grab my dick with my entire hand, instead of pulling my foreskin between my thumb and finger.

The first time I ever produced anything so much as precum, was all thanks to my mother. It was during the summer, and my father had gone away for work that week, and my older sister had gone to visit my grandmother for the summer. Obviously being an eleven year old boy, I was in my room with my hands down my pants, just casually watching TV, playing with myself. I heard the door open to my bedroom, and my mother walked in.

Now I'm not saying my mom was a playboy model, but she was very attractive. A nice set of tits, nice long brown hair, and a great bum. She was around 5'7, which was a lot taller than me at the time.

"Oh hey mom" I said, as I quickly pulled my hand out of my pants. "I didn't hear you come home." I was very worried that, my mom had seen what I was doing, I saw a look cross her face as she walked past me.

"I hope I didn't startle you, I was just wondering what you wanted for supper." She said, bending over to pick up an action figure. As she did so, I caught a glimpse of the smallest bit of underwear, sticking out the top of her jeans. This obviously isn't much, but for an eleven year old boy, it was enough to get me going. I felt my penis begin to stiffen as soon as I thought about what was under those panties.
"I was thinking we can maybe order some pizza?" She asked. My eyes were glued to the TV, Still thinking about my mothers panties.
"Hello? Scott? Can you hear me?"

"Oh yea, pizza sounds great mom."

"Oh you guys grow up too fast, I remember when hugging me was your first priority when I got home, now you can't take your eyes off of the TV to say hello." She says, and I know she is only teasing, she liked to do that.

"Now is not the time for a hug mom, sorry." I say, dreading the thought of hugging her, and pressing my fully erect 4 inches up against her.

"And why is that?" She ask's.

"Baseball, I'm trying to watch the game ma." I lied, hoping she would buy it.

"Baseball is stealing my son. Any way, I'm going to hop in the shower, and then we can order pizza when I'm done." And with that, she walked out.

The last thing I needed to hear was my mother talking about showers while I was fully erect. I couldn't help to think about her stripping out of her hot, stinky, and sweaty clothes. Now my boner was bothering me, so I had to do something about it. I shut my door and waited for the sound of the shower to start, and quickly started to pull at my dick. It felt great, but I was very rarely able to cum.

I lay down on my bed, and pull my pants to around my knees, and continue to play with myself, I am in complete bliss, until I hear my door open once again.

"Honey, do you have any towels in-" She falls short of finishing her sentence, at the site of me.

"I'm sorry mom." I say, pulling my pants up, trying not to make eye contact. Everything got very hot and embarrassing.

"Oh no honey, it's ok." She says, and slowly makes her way over to my bed. "Even I like to do it sometimes to." And she lays next to me on my bed. "I'm your mother, and you can do anything in front of me, why don't you continue, pretend I'm not here, mommy won't interrupter you."

I had never been one to not trust my mother, so I did as she asked me to. I pulled my pants down and continued playing with my dick. My mother laid right beside me, never taking her eyes off of my dick. It was embarrassing in a way, but also very thrilling.

She most have gotten bored, because she decided to take it upon herself to grab my dick. It felt great, but it scared me, I was very self conscience about my small dick. My mother must have noticed this.

"Don't worry baby, it will grow up with you, and besides, I think it's cute." And she began to jerk me off, looking straight into my eyes.

She was really enjoying herself, and I was enjoying myself too much. I started to feel it. I started to feel that feeling you get. And it felt great.

"Something is going to happen mom" I said.

"It's ok hun, let it happen." And she made here strokes faster and smoother. I couldn't take it any longer, and I let loose. It felt great, especially having my mother do it for me. I looked her in the eyes as it happened. And she was looking at my dick. Nothing came out, and she noticed.

"Soon you will be able to make cum baby, don't worry." and she kissed me on the cheek. Her hand still grasping my soft dick. She laid there beside me while I tried to catch my breath. After a while she spoke to me.
"Ok no sleeping, let's go for a shower." She said, with a smile on her face. I wasn't about to say no to her.

We both got up, her still holding my soft dick, and we walked out of my bedroom.

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