marlina gets a lesson in how to behave in her new home
Richard came loudly as he finished pummelling Marlina tight ass and turned the settings on the thrusting pink vibrator in her pussy up to full and turned the vibrating egg up to maximum before getting a butt plug and slipping it into her battered ass and binding it inside her with the remainder of the bondage tape to complete the temporary underwear that he already secured around her vagina to keep the pink vibrator and the egg in place. Satisfied he left her laying tied limbs outstretched on the table and went to the small fridge in the cellar and pulled out a case of beer and lifted the ring gag and the specially adapted beer pong.
She was too exhausted after the three hour long anal rape to curse at him and call him a bastard, too busy focusing on trying to ignore the sensation between her legs. She was resisting his orders to come, this wouldnt do. She did belong to him after all, he had won her fair and square, his own personal fuck toy, and he would play with her whether she wanted it or not.
'Please..' she begged her red eyes tired from crying looking up at him pleadingly as he grabbed hold of her face and held the ring gag above her mouth.
' Put it in your mouth slut, or do you rather I make you and then teach you a lesson?' he warned her. Reluctantly she opened her mouth and bite down on the ring gag, fresh tears streaming down her face. He lifted her head and fastened it too tightly at the back before slapping her hard across the face causing her to yelp in pain. 'Next time dont make me ask you' he ordered her as he yanked her neck back and fitted a thick collar that acted like a rigid neck-brace and forced her head upwards granting perfect access to someone who wanted to fuck her throat. He played with himself admiring the sight of her bound to the table, her hips writhing slightly trying to escape the sensation of the vibrating egg teasing her clit and the vibrator pounding her tight cunt but finding only discomfort from the butt plug in her ass. Later he would remove the thrusting vibrator and mount her himself but for now he was content to watch her face as the mechanical intrusion pleasured her young body. He had always had a thing for Oriental chicks, now he had his own to violate and use.
Stiff and eager he slipped himself into her mouth and gently thrust himself in and out and rubbed her 34C breasts in his hands, her moans of discomfort vibrated in her throat and caressed his shaft. It was about almost fifteen minutes later that the telltale twitches began in her hips and her moans turned to soft yelps as she began to come, her sounds of pleasure echoed around his cock and he laughed and squeezed her breasts even tighter, almost choking her with his cock as he thrust himself in deeper and coming in her mouth. Content he pulled his semi erect cock out of her mouth and grabbed the beer bong and put it into her mouth and opened a can of larger that he had removed from the fridge earlier, he poured it into the pong and watched as she began to cough slightly in surprise. Shaking her head she tried to remove the tube from her mouth. Angry he grabbed her chin and held her still as the last of the liquid poured itself down her throat and she clumsily tried to swallow it.
Laughing he grabbed the bondage tape and taped the tube into place, then he poured the rest of the beers into a large pitcher and then used the beer pong to force her to drink it. Her small body probably couldnt handle more than one beer let alone the 12 pack he was forcing into her. Now she was very drunk and exhausted from the constant pounding in her pussy which hadnt stopped he watched her continue to come from the sensation of the vibrating egg on her clit.
"Welcome to the party" he smiled as he started to cut away the tape around her cunt and pulled the vibrator out and slipped his cock inside her and climbed onto the table, pressing his weight into her but leaving the vibrating egg and butt plug in place. He allowed himself a moment to enjoy the feel of her soaked pussy as the muscles started gripping his dick and then began to thrust into her, kissing her breasts as he did so. He would last for ages this time since he had already come twice. She lay in a drunken stupor below him and he laughed as her body responded to his movements.
'See baby? few beers is all you needed to loosen up' he laughed sinking himself balls deep into her. Helpless to his violation and unable to look up at him because of the neck-brace she lay tied to the table as he used her repeatedly for the next several hours. She couldnt seem to pass out, something was making her hyperaware of everything that was happening to her. She hadnt seen the two small pills he had put into the picture of a cocktail of stimulants designed to keep her awake and focused. Finally he took the neckbrace off her and emptied his load deep inside her pussy. The final insult. That she was his, and could do absolutely nothing about it.
He opened the bindings on the left side of her body and pushed her onto her side, pulling the butt plug out of her ass and slipping himself inside her again as he pushed the vibrator into her cunt and took her with both at the same time, the renewed pain brought her back screaming and struggling all over again as he raped her. 'No amount of struggling is going to help darling, you see this..' he said as forced himself as far into her as he could get 'this is your only concern from now on, I am your master, you will serve my desires and you will enjoy it, now come for me' he instructed as he fucked her pussy with the vibrator.
She tried her best to resist, but thirty minutes later she did, and once he had her helpless to his touch he untied her and bent her over the table and took her from behind and she barely struggled as he brutally ravaged her again and again.
When he finally emptied himself in her again she lay exhausted belly down bent over the table and tried to catch her breath back. Too tired to struggle or talk back, defeated. She couldnt even think of running or trying to escape him. Used and broken she lay there as he picked up the cuffs from the shelf and secured her arms behind her back and led her to the small mattress in the corner. She kept her head bowed, tried not to make a sound encase it aroused him further, he made her sit down on the bed stood in front of her, his cock stiffening again.
'You are going to ride me until I come, then your are going to suck me hard again and beg me to fuck you until I get bored, we will do this every day or I will punish you severely' he ordered her. 'You are a slave and this is your life' he said as he sat back onto the bed and grabbed her hips.
Looking around the room she saw the electronic keypad on the steel door, she would never guess the combination, it was the only way out. He saw her weighing her option and shook his head in warning yanking her forwards to straddle him, with her arms behind her back this was and awkward position. 'Ride me slut' he commanded thrusting his cock towards her. Obediently she sank herself onto him and began to ride up and down as he had fun altering the settings on the vibrating egg still stimulating her clit.
'oh yes.. god you do know how to ride like a proper slut' he said groping her breasts. 'use my cock to make yourself come bitch, i wana feel you lose contol' he instructed. 'if you dont come, ill make you keep going until you do' he warned.
Hesitantly she began to find a rhythm that suited her and she blushed as she began to lose control. Finally she collapsed against him shuddering uncontrollably as she came, unable to remove herself from the girth inside her and vibrations teasing her over the edge, he began thrusting into her and caused her to come over and over again before he came and pushed her off him. Rising from the small bed his face was unreadable, he walked to the shelf along the far wall and picked up a long whip. Her eyes widened in alarm and she jumped from the bed and ran to the opposite side of the table, frantic.
'Used me to get off.. like I was the slut.. you are going to have to be punished for that' he threatened.
'bbuuhhh yyyyeeeeeuu ssssssaaaaieeedd' she pleaded throught the ring gag.
'i lied, a real slave would have known the difference, im going to have to beat you now until you learn your lesson' he snarled as he lashed out at her, catching her across the breasts. she screamed in pain, a red mark forming where she had been struck.
He drew back again, this time getting her across the shoulders as she turned from him, he struck her again and again until she lay in a heap on the floor, skin in some parts broken but never across the face. 'Now, get over here and suck my dick' he snarled as he sat back down on the bed. Studded paddle sitting beside him for if she defied him, in pain and terrified, she slowly got to her feet and winced as she got down on her knees before him....

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