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Do you go to the movies to watch the show or watch the shows?
How would you like to go out to a show? How about Maid in Manhattan? You could dress in a short skirt sans panties and a low cut sweater. I knock on your door and present you a long stem yellow rose when you answer. For a second I am speechless as I gaze into your eyes and then at you overall. I am so pleased with your overall beauty as I take your hand, raise it to my bending lips and kiss it. I then give you a quick kiss on the lips. You grab your things and off we go to the movie.
We arrive as the previews begin and walk up in the darkness to the top row and find two seats on the right side...the seats do not have an arm between them. We sit and I put my arm around you and you scoot close to me. We watch the previews as I take quick glances your way. I smile because I am beside you. You catch some of my glances and we smile together. At my next glance, I catch you looking at me so I lean over and kiss you gently and quickly. You lay your head on my shoulder. I reach around with my other hand and take yours in mine. The feature begins. Jennifer Lopez is a nice looking Latin woman but I'd rather look at you as you are watching the movie and enjoying the male lead.
It is a good movie but I cannot keep my hands from caressing your body. My hand over your shoulder gently massages your neck and shoulder sliding over the front touching the top portion of your breast. I feel the heat of your body. My other hand, holding yours, moves over your skirt moving down to the hem and then your warm leg. Your leg press harder against mine and I am encouraged to move my hand upward on you thigh. As I do your hand aids my movement up your thigh.
I look into your eyes and see your urging and I slide my hand to the inside of your thigh and you part your legs for me. I can feel the heat radiating from you. Then my fingers touch your love lips and you quietly moan and slide in your seat and lean up and kiss me letting your tongue slide into my mouth. I turn toward you more and move my hand up to your mound of sex hair around your hot beautiful pussy. It is already matted with your sweet wetness. My fingers play in it. Sit back and enjoy the movie I say quietly in your ear and then kiss your ear.
My fingers trace your outer love lips and then I take them between finger and thumb and squeeze them. I hear your breathing grow harder. You are becoming so wet that my finger slips in between your lips and I stroke them rising higher and higher until I touch your clit. I feel the hot knob and gently stroke it with my thumb. It is now so wet between your legs that my finger slips easily into your love tunnel, then two. I push them in deeper and deeper and then curling my finger so they touch the upper insides of your pussy I slowly slide them out, stroking your "G" spot. If I were not kissing you, those around would hear you moan loudly. As it is I swallow your love moan and I press my thumb on top of your clit as I slide my fingers back into you. I roll them around touching your love canal in every spot as I slide them in and out, fingering you until you orgasm and your cum covers my hand. I can smell your love juices, they are soooo so sweet.
You begin to cum down from your high and I just hold you as we continue to watch the movie together. My hand still resting over your pubic hairs and pussy, still hot and wet. Your head against me, your body next to mine. The movie is only half over.

On the screen, he has seduced her into bed………
We watch them make love in the movie, their bodies sweaty, their breathing heavy, their kisses and love passionate. I feel your body against mine and hear your breathing and you arouse my passions. I lean over and kiss you long and passionately, my tongue caressing yours. I am so hard and wanting you I can hardly contain myself. You must have noticed because you are now unzipping my pants and releasing some of the pressure. Your warm hand encircles my hot hard member and it is now I who quietly moans. For long minutes you caress me, holding and massaging my heavy balls and slowly stroking my erect cock. Then you lean over and take me between your lips, kissing the tip, pressing your tongue over the cum hole. I shut my eyes, the movie is no longer my focus. You have put me in heaven. Your lips slid down my shaft as you take me into your mouth which is so wet and warm, just like your hot pussy. As you move up and down me, you suck on my cock, making it grow and me swoon. I am about to explode and you are aware of it, taking me full into your mouth so as I shoot my cum, it goes directly down your throat. You drink every drop sucking me clean and then rising up to kiss me and let me taste my cum also.

Whatever happened in the movie……we will have to watch it again. It is over. People are leaving. We stand up and move to the isle. The woman of another couple leans over to us and says “I enjoy shows where two lovers pleasure each other, don’t you?” I wonder………which show she/they were watching.
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