I follow my mother into the bathroom, the shower still running from when she first started it. I couldn't believe it, I was about to see the scene I was fantasizing about half an hour ago. My mother stripping out of her sweaty work clothes. I wasn't sure what was more mind blowing, the fact that my mom just gave me a hand job, or the fact that I was about to shower with her. I was about to learn, this would be the best day of my life. I began to strip down, with my mother watching, it felt good.

"Give me a second hun, I have to pee first." She said.

This really turned me on. For as long as I could remember, hearing my sister or mother pee, really got me going. It got to the point where if one of them went into the bathroom, I'd stand by the door to listen. I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass me by. And at that moment, I decided to step out of my "Innocent Boy Comfort Zone".

"Mom? Can I watch?" I asked her. It felt like a bad question as soon as it left my mouth. I felt like I had ruined everything that was going for me. Asking my mother if I could watch her pee? But she was surprisingly enthusiastic.

"Of course you can baby." She said as she took her shirt off. My eyes were fixed on her perfect rack, still being held back by her bra.

"Why don't you turn off the shower." She asked, and I did so. I had never been so excited in my life. My mom slowly removed her bra, I watched her tits bounce as she moved. She saw me gawking.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" She asked me. I could feel myself blushing.
"Sorry." I said. "I didn't notice I was staring.
"It's ok hun, you can look all you want. If you enjoyed that, you'll love the rest." she said, with a smile on her face.

I watched my turn around and unzip her jeans. She pulled them down along with her panties, all the way down to her ankles, bending over and giving me a full view of her copper stained ass hole, and fully shaved pussy. She held her pose for a while, just for effect. I caught her face in the mirror, and she gave me a wink, and I returned with a smile. She stepped out of her panties, and walked towards the tub.

The part I remember most about this moment, wasn't seeing my mom naked, although it was a very sexy image. But it was the smell. It wasn't a bad smell. It was the smell of nude, the smell of sex. The smell of my mom who just stepped out of her sweaty clothes, the clothes she had been working in all day. It was a great smell. It was a dirty smell.

"You smell great mom." I told her, I wasn't to worried this time. After you ask your mother if you can watch her pee, you tend to feel more open.
"Thanks hunny, I feel really sweaty and dirty. Some guys like that. I'm glad you do." She responded.

My mother stepped into the tub, laid on the floor, and spread her legs as far as they could go. Giving me another fantastic view of both of her holes.

"This may take a second, I've never pee'd in front of someone before." She said. "I hope you enjoy it."

It did take a while, almost a full minute. But when she started it was amazing. It started slowly, drizzling out of her, but soon it erupted. Spraying straight into the air, and landing on her belly, splashing all over the place. My mom blushed a little as she pee'd, not breaking eye contact with me. It smelled great, the strong scent of my mom's urine filled the air.

"That smell is strong." She said, slightly embarrassed.
"I like the smell." I told her, embarrassed by my statement.
"You are a very dirty boy. Get in here."

I didn't need to be told twice. I hopped in the tub with my naked mother, and turned on the shower. At this point I was hard again. Watching your mother pee on herself would do that to you. My mom stood up to make more room. I watched the shower wash down her curvy body.

"I'm going to soak before I wash up." She said. "Feel free to explore."

I felt like a kid in a candy shop. But even better, I was a preteen in the shower with my mother. I started with her tits. I stood in front of her and played with her two perfect breasts. Playing with the nipples. She just let me do whatever I wanted. Then I want on my hands in needs, and took a look at her pussy. Took a poke around, it was all really confusing. I could still smell the urine on her belly.

She lifted a leg, and placed it on the edge of the bath, and began telling me about the different parts of her vagina. It was wonderful. Her clitoris, her labia, her urethra where she pee'd from, and her vaginal opening. It played around with it for a while, having the time of my life. Her only instruction was to be careful, don't be too rough, and don't use any nails. I didn't want to hurt her, so I obeyed.

But I saved the best for last. After I finished playing with my moms pussy, I moved to the other side. I knelt down behind her, and spread her ass cheeks.

"Mommy's bum is dirty, you may not want to poke around there right now." she warned.

This time I didn't listen, I wanted it dirty. I forced my face between her ass cheeks, and took a sniff. It smelled great, it was dirty, but arousing. Her sweaty ass made me even more hard.

"I like the smell of it." I told her.
"You are a very dirty boy" She said with a devious smile.

Once again my mom placed one foot on the edge of the bath tub, and bent over, giving me full access to her tight smelly hole.

"You can touch it if you want." She said. And I did exactly that.

I tickled it, and poked it, I was never so happy in my life. I loved the smell and the feel of my moms butt hole. It was perfect.

After a while my mom decided it was time to actually shower.

"Give me your hands, it's going to be your job to clean everything down there." She said, and poured liquid soap in my hands.

I reached around and lathered her pussy with soap, while still sniffing her dirty ass. She loved the feel of my hands on her pussy, and my face in her ass. As I did this, she lathered her breasts, and moaned softly.

"Make sure you wash my ass to hunny, I know you like it dirty, but I wan't it clean for tonight." she said.

I filled my hands with soap, and moved in front of her, reaching around and lathering her ass. Now my face was right on her pussy, taking in the beautiful smell of her vagina, whilst washing her dirty ass. She looked down at me with a smile on her face, she grabbed my had, and forced two of my fingers in her ass hole. She winced a bit in pain, but smiled after. She was enjoying herself as much as I was. I moved my fingers around my mothers tight anus.

"That feels really good hunny." She said.
"I love playing with your bum mommy." I said.
"Dirty boy." She smiled.

After a while, I removed my fingers, and began to play with her boobs.

"Your turn" She said, as she went behind me, with a hand full of soap. She slowly massaged my chest, and belly, slowly making her way to my dick. It felt so good, having my mother wash it, she was very gentle with her hands, and it tickled a bit. She went lower and washed my balls, which really tickled, and then she went even lower than that, right under my balls, I didn't even know that place existed, but my mom found it, and it felt great. My mothers fingers found all the spots.

"Turn around and let me do your bum." She said. She noticed I was worried, she tried to re insure me. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle, and maybe you'll like it. Lot's of men do, there is nothing wrong with some bum pleasure."

I did as my mom told me to do. I turned around, with my dick in her face, she reached around between my ass cheeks. It was very relaxing. My still erect dick rested right beside her smiling mouth, she looked into my eyes as she washed my ass.

"I have to stick a finger in to get it clean, are you ready?"

I nodded, expecting pain, but it was quick and smooth. My mothers finger squirmed into my ass. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

"It feels really good mom." I told her.
"What did I tell you?" She replied. "Do you like my finger in your bum? Do you like mommy touching you there?" She asked.

I nodded, that's all I could do in complete Ecstasy. But she didn't stop there. She looked me in the eyes, and took my small cock in her mouth, and started to suck. I moaned with pleasure, as she forced her finger a little deeper. She stared into my eyes with her finger up my ass, and my dick in her mouth. She started to pull her finger in and out of my ass. I farted a little, and was really embarrassed.

"Sorry mommy, I didn't mean to." I apologized.
"It's ok sweetie, It happens to me too. I bet you'd love it if you heard me do it." She said.

Now I couldn't wait any longer, my mom talking about farting while fingering her ass was enough for me. It was the biggest orgasm I had ever had. I could feel my dick throbbing in my mothers mouth, and my ass tightening around her fingers. She must have felt it too, because her fingers started moving faster, prolonging my climax, and then at the last minute, she pulled her finger out really fast.

I sat down in the tub, exhausted once again, and my mother kissed me on the cheek.

"No cum this time sweetie, maybe next time." She tells me.

I wasn't worried this time, my mother just made me climax like never before.

We finished washing up, and got out of the shower.

We shared a towel, but drying off together at the same time.

"I don't think we need clothes, how about we take a nap in my room, like this?" She asked.

"Sounds great mom."

And with that, we walked out of the bathroom.

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