Tatum and friend
Continuation from Tatum
I woke up the next morning still on top of daddy with our bodies stuck together with our dried cum. I peeled my young hairless body off daddy and went into his shower to wash off. I was under the hot shower cleaning off all the sticky dried cum from my 12 year old girly-boy body when daddy opened the shower door, "morning princess, mind if I jump in and join you, I’m running late for work."
"Sure daddy." I said as we started to soap our bodies up, not being able to take our eyes of eachother, but also not being able to speak after what happened the night before. Daddy finished washing himself and raced off to work as I took my time under the hot water cleaning myself. Later that day as I was watching the Disney channel, in a pink flower dress that was in the box of Ashley old clothes that dad had given me almost a week earlier and I had my long boy hair (short girl hair) in cute little pigtails when I heard the doorbell ring. When I opened the door it was my friend from down the street Jerry. He sore me dressed as a girl and burster out laughing. Jerry was a year older than me but had been kept down, he had already had his birthday this year so he was 14, as my 13th wasn’t for a few more days. Jerry had been on holidays with his family for the past week. He managed to stop laughing to ask "did you lose a bet or something Tatum?" before laughing again.
"No I didn’t lose a bet Jerry you loser." Daddy said I could dress like a girl to see if I wanted to be one."
"Why would you want to be a girl, they are lame and don’t do anything fun." Jerry said which made me think of last night with daddy and the fun I had as a girl.
"Whatever Jerry what would you know."
"Well you look very cute as a girl Tatum, kinda weird but still cute. Anyway I came over to see if you wanted to go for a swim, but I don’t wanna be seen with you in public if you look like that. What can we do here? Besides its so hot I need a swim."
"We can play around in my dads bath, it’s massive and has jets"
"Ok sounds cool let’s do it.” Jerry said. So i led him into my dad’s bathroom going through dads’ room and I turned on the bath tap.
"Im going to go get into my togs be back in a sec. there’s some water pistols and toys in that cupboard if you wanna get them out. I went to my room and put on my bright yellow bikinis and added a little more makeup not consciously thinking I wanted to impress jerry but I wanted to make sure I looked beautiful. I walked into the bathroom and jerry was already in the water wearing small board shorts. "Wow Tatum a bikini your going all out with this girl clothes stuff aren't you"
"Yes and daddy says I’m not allowed to let anyone else see me nipples anymore."
"Well iv already seen you shirtless before so it shouldn’t matter.'
As the bath filled we started splashing around shooting each other with water pistols then started wrestling each other. Jerry was a little older and had started going through puberty so he was about a foot taller than me and much stronger. As we were wrestling I felt my string bikini top start to undo so I told him to stop and pushed him away so I could fix myself up. Jerry was staring at my bright pink nipples as I took my time fumbling with my bikini top trying to get it tied up properly.
"wow Tatum you actually look pretty hot as a girl. " jerry said, " you look like a girl with that bikini on and even when you nipples shows they look like girls chests."
"Thanks jerry, how do you know what girls chests look like?"
"When I was camping this week with my family me and my older cousin went skinny dipping at night when our parents were drinking. Her boobs were a bit bigger than yours, she let me touch them for a bit, it made me so hard I had to stay in the ocean for 10mins after she got out so she wouldn’t see my erect dick.'
"Ha-ha you perv, does looking at mine make you hard." I asked as I finally fixed my bikini and covered my pink nipples
"A little yes, when I was playing with Sarah my cousin’s boobs I wanted to kiss them and see what that was like"
"If you promise to keep it a secret you can play and kiss with my nipples."
"Really? ok.” jerry said as he moved from one side of the tub over to beside me. His hands hesitated at my chest, so I moved my bikini triangles to the outside, this pushed my nipples closer making it look more like a girls chest. Jerry ran his finger tips over my nipples and they began to grow hard. He then leaned forward and put one in his mouth. He slobbered lots and started sucking and moving his tongue over my nipples and around, he then moved to the other. This felt magical I thought to myself as I start to let out slight whimpered and girlish moans, as he slobbered and sucked noisily. I could feel my girly cock/clit grow against my bikini bottoms, it was straining to get out but I didn’t want to lose my girl look so I resisted my bodies calls to pull it out and play, but my hands were getting restless so I ran my hands down the body of jerry feeling his boy muscles until I got to his shorts, I than ran my hand over his crotch to see if he was hard. This made him stop sucking my tits and look up at me, "take them off Tatum" he said gesturing to his pants, I tried to get them off under the water but couldn’t, "you gotta stand up and get out of them jerry." I said in a girly seductive voice. He stood up and dropped his pants, his hard dick poked directly at me, it was about 4 inches but I could see it had more to grow, I put my hands on his thighs and stuck my tongue out and licked the head of his boy cock, "wow are you going to..." jerry said as I wrapped my mouth around the edge of his cock. I moved my head all the way down his meat till my nose touched his light patch of pubes then rose sucking gently. "holy cow Tatum wow." jerry yelled I did it again and his cock grew about another inch and a bit. I swirled my tongue around his head and then traced my tongue down his shaft and played with his balls then I moved my head and took his boy dick all the way in again. i moved up and down his dick 3 or 4 more times as quick as I could as jerry yelled in pleasure and then shot 2 bursts of cum down my throat, a small amount compared to what I have seen daddy shoot and how much I shot last night. I went up and down a few more times sucking harder trying for more as I swallowed his cum. I couldn’t get enough cum and realised I just want more and more. "wow Tatum that was awesome I wondered what a blowjob felt like.” jerry said as he sat back down in the bath. "I think you will make a great girl Tatum with skills like that. Where did you learn that? Did Ashley teach you? I bet she knows how to do it even better." jerry had always had a crush on Ashley."Ashley has taught me some things about being a girl yes but not that."
"What did she teach you?" jerry said, I think hoping for some more sexual play, so I decided to play along
"She taught me about how to use my girlyhole and clit to make me happy and make men happy"
"Your clit and gurly hole?" jerry said confused
"Yes my bum is my girly hole and my dick is my clit"
"What do you do with them?"
"Put a dick in my girly hole and rub my clit and I shoot like you did in my mouth"
"Have you done this?"
"No not yet" I lied as I didn't want to get daddy in trouble.
“Do you want to try it now?”
“I do but Ashley could be home any minute now. We better get respectable.” I said as I wiped a dribble of cum from my chin and licked it with my tongue.
We got changed back into our clothes and started watching TV. It was long before Ashley came home and sore us sharing the couch, me dressed as a girl and Jerry sitting casually beside me.
“What mischief have you 2 been upto today?” she asked
“We just played around in the bath together Ash.” Jerry said with a grin.
Ashley must have read his mind, or smelled the sex in the air because she gave a devilish grin back.
“Turn that tv off it will give you square eyes if you watch it too much. Come play in my room.” Ashley said.
We followed her into her room as she sat on the bed and we stood in front of her.
“How about we play doctor and nurse?” Ashley said, “Jerry you be the doctor, Tatum be the nurse and I will be your patient.” Ashley took her top off and laid down on her back, she wasn’t wearing a bra.”Now Jerry you exam my body, listen to my breathing and make sure I don’t have any broken bones or bumps.” Jerry’s eyes lit up at the sight of my sisters large pirky breasts. He didn’t hesitate to put his head to her chest and listen to her breathing and heart beat. He began brushing his hands up her arms and moved them slowly over her breasts, feeling them, and rubbing them. I then began to do the same starting at her feet, moving my hands slowly up her leg, rubbing in circular motions around her thigh, getting closer to her girl parts. “mmm ahhh, mmm” Ashley moaned and sighed, “am I ok Doctor? Do you need to do any procedures?” “I’m not sure Ashley, Please open up your mouth nice and wide and I will look to see what is going on there.” As Ashley opened up Jerry pulled out his rock hard 5inch cock and put into her mouth. She happily wrapped her lips around the boys cock and started to slurp and slop as she sucked and bounced her head. As my friend Jerry was getting his dick sucked I began to pull my sisters pants down to reveal her dripping pussy. I started to rub and play with her slit like she taught me in the shower. She was moaning and slurping when Jerry mumbled he was going to cum soon. Ashley immediately stopped sucking his cock and told him to hold on, as he was going to lose his Vs.
“Come up here Tatum and get on your hands and knees.” As I got into position Ashley pulled down my pink panties but kept my flower dress on. “now Jerry get behind Tatum and be very gentle.” Ashley helped position jerry behind me and gently guide his dick into my tight girly hole. It was well lubricated from Ashley’s sloppy blow job and not as big as daddy’s so it slid in very easily. Jerry let out a loud grown, Oh GODD! He said. And I giggled like a little school girl and pushed back a little more. I began to rock forward and back onto his cock. Ashley lay underneath me on her back and started to suck on my little hard clit. We were going for about 2 minutes when Jerry screamed loudly and shot his sperm deep into my bowls. I began to laugh and giggle with joy that I got my friend off with my ass. Ashley took his dick from my ass and cleaned it up with her mouth then went to my girly hole and started licking the cum. Her tongue was swirling around my open hole scooping Jerry’s cum from me. As Jerry came back down from his orgasm I think the reality that he just rammed his 12 year old friend in the ass and seemed to grab his clothes in a panic and leave without even saying bye, as Ashley continued to lick my girly hole clean.

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