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Part 1

Rumours were spreading through the school. People were asking questions. Who was the girl on the microphone? There were a few names, some students, some teachers, but most said it was Crystal. Who was fucking her? Once again, some students names came up, some teachers, and even the principal. But my name came up fairly often, usually said by the same people who said Crystal was the girl.

Of course, the reason Crystal and I are the most widely believed to be the ones who fucked in the principal's office is because we are, and it seems more people saw us than we thought. Also, it didn't help that Crystal decided to stay at school without panties, glistening with sweat and my juices, and reeking of sex.

Oddly enough, my brother seemed to stay out of the rumours, even though he was just as much a part of it as I was. I've heard my name mentioned numerous times, as girls glance at me and giggle, but not once have I heard anyone say Tony's name.

It's been nearly a month, and Crystal has not said one word to me since that day. Not that it's that weird, we live across the street from each other and she never spoke to me before that day either, at least not since we were kids. I was kind of hoping to ask her to the prom, even before fucking her, but I've heard she's going with some jock, who is probably hoping to get it in. Probably will.

The bell rings, waking me from my stupor. Homeroom is starting, and everyone is piling into the most pointless class of the day. I've heard there is some new chick joining us today, she just moved into town and all anyone knows is that she's a senior and she is switching schools with two months left of high school.

The class was sat down, but there was no sign of a new girl, and everyone kept on talking just like any other day. I never really had any friends in my homeroom, so I just continued to listen to those around me, hearing my name come up a few times, as it has for the last month.

“Class, we have a new student joining us today,” said the teacher as though we were five. “Her name is Heather, and she is coming to us from Sol Vista Senior High, in London.”

Nobody was listening. We had listened to her voice for years, and a new student was not exactly something you announce when you are about to graduate.

“I want everyone to give Heather a big welcome, and help her quickly adjust, as exams are in less than two months, and Heather is just joining us now.” Still with no listeners, the teacher continued, “I am sure she is very bright, but I can imagine she will have missed something during her move.”

Almost at once, the entire class shut up, but it had nothing to do with the teacher. The new girl, Heather, had just walked in, and she was beautiful. It was easy to imagine what was going through every guys head, and even some of the girls.

Heather looked about 6' 2”, so I double checked to see if she was wearing heels. She had flats on. Her skin was a golden tan colour, and seemed to glow in the sunlight creeping in from the window. Her hair was brown, like milk chocolate, and hung straight down, reaching halfway down her back. Her eyes were a deep green, like healthy grass, and her puffy lips were a reddish-brown. Her tits seemed very nice, maybe a C-cup, and they were constrained by a tight brown leather jacket. Her long legs were topped off by a juicy ass, which protruded from the tight jeans she was wearing.

The whole class stayed silent, as the teacher welcomed Heather to the school, or something like that. Heather looked around, and spotted an empty seat, right next to me. As she walked towards me, everyone watched her walk past, probably cursing to themselves that they didn't sit alone. She sat down beside me.

“Hi! I hope you don't mind me sitting here,” she said with a smile.

“Of course not,” I said, “Nobody is sitting there anyway.”

“I'm Heather, which I'm sure you heard already. I know it's a bit late to be switching schools, but my dad got a job offer he couldn't refuse.”

“I'm Michael,” I wasn't sure what to say, “You don't sound very British for someone from London.”

I'm such an idiot! Now I'm making myself look like an idiot.

Heather burst out laughing, “No silly, London, Ontario. The teacher probably should have specified that.”

Of course. Her attempts to relieve me didn't quite work, but it was nice to see that she tried. The rest of homeroom we made small talk, with her speaking most of the time. She asked me where certain rooms were, and when exams started, and how soon prom was, pretty much questions anyone could have answered. Finally the bell rang, and I could go to my first class, feeling like a total idiot.

History went pretty quick, as usual, and I headed to Math second period. I sat down in my usual seat, and noticed Heather walk in through the door. She spotted me right away and picked the seat to my left.

“Hey sweetie,” she said happily, “Looks like we can be math buddies too.” I braced myself for a long class of awkward questions before she said, “I heard a rumour going around about you.”

My heart sank. She was in school barely an hour, and she already heard about me.

“Oh yeah,” I said nervously, “What was that?”

“You don't have a date to prom, and it's only two weeks away. So I was thinking, since you were so nice to talk to me this morning, we could go together.”

Well, she didn't hear what I thought she heard, which was good, and now she's asking me to prom. I already know that she is friendly, hot, and forgiving. So what have I got to lose by taking her? Certainly not my reputation.

“Sure, that sounds great.”

We spent the rest of the class talking, and it seemed much more natural then earlier. I find out she likes hockey, wings, and classic rock. I'm a lucky man. As the day goes on I find out she is in three more of my classes.

The next few weeks go by quickly, despite the weather being terrible, with fog and rain the whole time. Heather finds a dress, and a suit and tie to go with it. More rumours spread, this time about me and Heather, but I choose to ignore them. Soon, it's prom night, and I finally get to see her wearing the dress.

The doorbell rings just as I get the buttons done up on my suit. I answer the door, and I am blown away by the sight that greets me. Heather has a long, royal purple, strapless dress on. It tightly pushes against her breasts, and ruffles out at her waist. The colour accentuates her golden-tan skin, and her hair is curled up so it seems to rest on her shoulders. Thankfully, she is not wearing heels, as she is 3” taller than me as it is.

The rest of the day goes by like a flash. We get pictures taken, get a ride to the dinner and dance, have a nice plate of stuffed chicken, and then the dance starts. I have never danced before, so I awkwardly get up and copy what everyone else is doing. It isn't as hard as I thought. Once I get used to it, I look into Heather's green eyes. They entrance me, and as we dance I suddenly feel myself get a raging hard on. Luckily we are separated by a few inches, and her puffy dress seems sufficient to cover it from any onlookers. I continue to stare into her eyes, as she gives me a smile, and before I know it, the song is over, and Heather's voice releases me from my trance.

“Enjoying yourself?” she says with a laugh. I assume she didn't notice my boner, and she's just talking about me continuing to dance to no music. I let out a chuckle, and little else.

I attempt to hide my hard on, but I quickly realize that anyone that looks towards us, looks directly at her. Except for Crystal. She is looking at me with what I can only assume is jealousy. I can't help but smirk. She is the one who ignored me for years, fucked me once, and decided to continue ignoring me.

The tradition every year is that the graduates all pitch in to rent a large cabin just outside of town. When everyone leaves the dinner and dance, they all go straight to the cabin, suits, dresses and all. We hop on one of the rented buses, and squeeze into a long seat. Around us there are people talking, laughing, and making out. It takes twenty minutes to get to the cabin. Heather and I attempt to talk on the way, but with all the noise, we just give up and cuddle each other.

I have never been a big drinker, and when we reach the cabin I find that Heather is very reluctant to drink. She says something about never enjoying it when she does, so we agree to stay sober. We find a spot on a couch, and she curls up on my lap. We make small talk for a few minutes, and our eyes meet.

There is something about her eyes that has an effect on me. I have no idea what it is, but just like I was during the dance, I am entranced. I notice myself getting hard again, but this time it pushes against her leg. I notice her smile, just as she did at the dance. This time when she speaks, I still feel the effect of her eyes.

“Follow me.” I obey, and she leads me to the front door. “Hang on a minute.” She runs upstairs, and even while she is gone, I still feel like I'm in a deep trance. She returns, holding a large blanket, and leads me outside with it. I know what is coming, and that I shouldn't do it, as I've only known her for three weeks, but the power of her eyes has me under her control.

Heather leads me down a short path, and we get to a small clearing along the edge of the water. It is surprisingly warm considering how the weather has been. She lays the blanket down on a flat patch of grass, close to the water, and begins to speak.

“I want you to fuck me tonight. I am still a virgin, and I want to be satisfied as much as I can by the time this night is over.” I can't believe this is happening. A beautiful girl is demanding I pleasure her for as long as possible. “Start by eating me out.” She lies back on the blanket and lifts up her dress.

I don't waste any time. I dive in, and nearly get lost in the darkness of the dress. I am pleasantly surprised to find she has no panties on. Even though I can't see her pussy, I feel the heat emanating from it, and it has a strong, sweet smell, almost like peaches, very different from Crystal's musky scent, as great as it was.

I immediately wrap my lips around her wet pussy, noticing it is bald. I stick my tongue inside, whipping it left and right, up and down, lapping up her juices, which are like peach juice. I notice the texture inside her pussy seems odd, as though she has individual bumps all around the inside, each of them pushing and pulling against my tongue as it passes. The outside seems harder than normal, as though it is mostly muscle. I can only imagine what it feels like on my cock.

I feel her writhing as my tongue explores every bit of her juicy pussy. I reach up and insert one, two, three fingers in, and the bumps welcome them as I shove my fingers in and out. A constant flow of juices seeps from her pussy, as I lap up every bit. It does not take long, and I feel her coming closer to climax.

Heather arches her back high off the ground, and I feel her whole body jerk and spasm. The bumps in her pussy go into overdrive, seemingly trying to milk my tongue and fingers dry of a nonexistent liquid. Juices shoot past my fingers and into my awaiting mouth. The sweet taste of peaches gets to me. I want more.

I back out from inside Heather's dress, and realize how warm it had gotten in there, and how hot Heather herself had gotten. The warm breeze felt cool against my face, and the full moon shone on the sheen of sweat on her face and chest.

I leaned in to kiss Heather. Her mouth met mine, and as our tongues began to dance around each other, I noticed something. I was as if her tongue had the same bumps as her pussy, and they seemed to be sucking on my tongue just like the ones in her pussy, albeit slightly weaker. I want to continue, but I feel like I should ask about it before I go on.

Opening my eyes, I begin to haul my mouth away from her, but before I get the chance her eyes open as well. Once again, I feel entranced by them, and with a shove, Heather pushes me to the side and rolls on top of me. We continue to make out for a few minutes, and by the time she pulls away, I am under her spell again.

As she retreats back, with me face up on the blanket, she undoes my pants, finally releasing my hungry cock. She jerks it with her hand a few times before engulfing my cock. She begins sucking my cock, having no trouble getting my full length in her mouth. That's when I really notice the bumps working.

It feels like each of the bumps has a mind of it's own, as each one seems to go at it's own speed, and they don't have any pattern. They almost feel like they are fighting one another to get to my hard cock. Aside from the wonderful feeling of the bumps, Heather's tongue is dancing around my cock. It moves up, down, clockwise, counterclockwise, and it wraps itself around me.

Suddenly it feels as though it is wrapped around my whole cock, and squeezing in on it with great pressure. The feeling is unbearable, and I finally feel my first load of the night getting ready to blow. Heather's tongue continues to grow tighter, as the bumps do their own thing.

I blow my first shot right down Heather's throat. She does not seem phased as she effortlessly swallows. Three more shots, just as hard as the first, shoot out, and she continues to swallow and suck. I continue to shoot at least six more loads into her mouth. She manages to keep every bit of my cum inside as she finally releases my now flaccid cock. I can't help but wonder if the bumps helped contain the excess.

I drop my head back on the blanket, exhausted from a simple blow job. Heather, clearly not planning to be finished anytime soon, begins undressing me. She starts with my shoes and socks, proceeding to finish removing my pants. I have to lean up as she unbuttons my jacket and shirt, and hauls them off as well.

I feel weak, as I lay fully naked on the ground, exhausted. Heather attempts to arouse me, as she stands back on, facing the moon, and unties the back of her dress. I watch as it drops to the ground, and her nude silhouette is outlined by the shining moon.

She slowly turns around, and I finally see her curves in all their glory. Her round tits tipped by her erect nipples, and her juicy ass sticking out behind her. I can just make out the small mound of her pussy as she slowly walks back to me.

I should be back up with the nice show, but my cock has barely risen from it's place. “Now I have a solution for that!” Mandy says with a smile. She gets down on her hands and knees, and starts crawling up my body.

It doesn't really seem to work, even as her soaked pussy grinds against my cock, and her round tits rub against my chest. I look into her eyes to apologize, but as her eyes meet mine, the magic that they've been showing all night kicks in again. My cock jumps up in an instant, meeting with Heather's hard, wet pussy.

“Now that's more like it!” she says, as she drops straight onto my awaiting cock. She sits with my full length in her for a moment, slowly grounding her pussy back and forth. We both savour the feeling of being fully engulfed in one another.

Heather slowly rises up, reaches the head of my cock and drops back down, speeding up with each hump, quickly getting into a rythm. Her pussy feels much tighter than Crystal's, but it is much easier for my cock to slide in and out. It seems that her strong pussy muscles really help.

Suddenly I notice the bumps again. They are more intense than the ones on her tongue, and they quickly drive me crazy. They seem to be working with Heather's pussy in order to maximize my pleasure. The muscles in her pussy pulsate as she continues dropping to the hilt of my cock with each thrust.

As Heather humps me, faster and faster, her pussy muscles pulsate harder, and the bumps grab at my cock with more force. I can feel myself getting closer to climax as she continues to fuck my hard cock. I grab her tits for support, and she leans back, letting out a loud moan.

Her moans turn to screams, which drive me off the edge. As my cock contracts before I blow the first load, I notice the bumps freeze up, her muscles squeeze harder than ever against my cock, and Heather slams down, grounding her pussy into my cock.

I feel Heather begin to orgasm as I blow my first load. Her whole body pulsates together on the second and third. After that, I feel her pussy start to overflow, and juices start pushing out past my cock. On my forth shot, The bumps go crazy, and it feels like all the juices are being sucked into them. I go off five or six more times, and Heather collapses on top of me. The bumps begin to slow as my cock goes soft inside her.

“That was amazing.” Heather barely manages to say, as she rolls to my side. We cuddle for a while in the warm air, enjoying each other's touch. We fall asleep in each other's arms, under the bright moon in the clear sky.

I wake up to the sunrise shining on my face. It is the first nice day since I met Heather. I watch her naked body continue to sleep, and I notice her skin seem to glow in the sun.

I realize that her skin truly is glowing, as light shines from her golden skin. I can't explain what is happening, but I know it is not natural, nor is it an illusion. I begin to wonder about the strange bumps in her tongue, and on her pussy, and the way her tongue seemed to wrap around my cock. Even the peach taste of her cum strikes me funny.

“Good morning.” she says with a smile. As I look into her deep green eyes, the suspicious thoughts are cleared from my mind.

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