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The Renamon Incident
Written and Edited by PgFalcon

I don't know about you, but I used to really like watching Digimon. Something about the show was
just fantastic, and of all the characters on the show my favorite by far was Renamon. She was sexy,
strong willed, smart, powerful, mature, and yet even a little bit innocent. So one fine day I decide
that I want to watch some of those old episodes again, and go looking over the internet to find
them and download them. It doesn't take long before I find an interesting looking torrent that
claims to have every episode of Digimon ever made. It only has one peer, hasn't been reviewed, nor
have any comments been made about this torrent, but I take a chance since the files seem legit. If
the torrent doesn't download fast enough, I'll just look somewhere else.

I click on the link, and find to my surprise that the one person seeding this torrent begins to upload
to me the files at over 50mbps. I have never downloaded anything that fast from a torrent! At this
rate, despite the massive size of the files, it'll be done in no time!

Well, that puts me in an enormously good mood, and I turn on some music, crank up the volume,
and start getting undressed. My roommate won't be back until tomorrow, so I take this opportunity
to dance around our dorm naked, swinging my dick around and otherwise enjoying myself until the
song ends and turns to an old rock song that isn't much good for dancing to, so I open the door to
the bathroom and jump in the shower. Being naked like this has given me a bit of a chubby, but for
now I ignore it aside from the usual routine of washing balls, pits, and face (not necessarily in that
order). I'm in the middle of shampooing my hair when I hear a faint 'whumph' sound, followed
closely by a cackle of electricity that coincides with a sudden flickering of the lights.

That can't possibly be good. I quickly start washing the soap and suds from my body when I hear yet
another noise, the near silent click of the door being opened.

"Hey!" I shout. "I'm in here; can't you hear the shower running?"

"I can hear it just fine," replies a sultry, yet authoritative voice. How the hell did a woman get into
my dorm? I thought I locked the door. I pull back the curtain and am greeted by the shock of the

"Holy shit you're Renamon," is the first thing that comes out of my mouth. It's fair to say that this
isn't what I had expected to happen to me today when I woke up. I had been hoping for a late night
around the campus with some buddies, maybe watch some Digimon even. Standing before me is a

She's not quite what the cartoon had portrayed her as, but she couldn't possibly be anything other
than Renamon. She's almost short, probably only five foot four, and is covered in vibrant yellow fur
that looks as soft as a rabbit's ear. Of course, her belly has stark white coloring, as does the wild
mane around her neck and covering most of her chest, and her hands and feet are white as well.
She has the expected paw-like feet and hands, and a pointed, fox-like face. He eyes are icy blue
pupils in a sea of black, and she has purple yin-yang symbols on both her thighs, as well as more
classic white and black yin-yang symbols on her purple sleeves. She even has the purple streaks
under her eyes, the long pointed fox ears, and the feather-like tufts of fur sticking up from her
shoulders. Her tail is almost hypnotizing to look at, and I find myself in a growing state of paralysis.

But just as there are so many similarities to the cartoon, there are so many differences. For one, she
has much better curves, and her legs aren't chunky. Her hips are more pronounced though, and her
waist is small and her belly flat and incredibly sexy. She seems to exude strength, grace, and
tranquility. Also, her hands aren't three-fingered mitts, but rather a more delicate four fingered
design, her tail is longer than I remember that it probably should be, and altogether there is a sexy,
feminine quality present in her now that used to be so muted by the television. Not to mention that
she is fucking real, not three feet away from me! That definitely wasn't something you got from the
cartoons, she was just bad animation then. Now she's living flesh and blood and standing in my
bathroom looking at me naked with a half flaccid penis.

"Yes, I'm Renamon," she says almost sarcastically, confirming my previous statement, then steps
forward towards me, and into the shower. I make room for her but she backs me into a corner.
Although she is smaller than me, I have no doubt who would win in a fight just judging by her
physique, as well as her clawed fists. She very quickly gets drenched by the shower. I can't help but
notice that she smells very good, sort of like autumn leaves and rose petals mixed together.

She grabs me by the shoulder with a grip like iron and pulls me toward her, spinning me around as
she does so, and she holds me to her chest like that for what feels like an eternity, the hot water
and steam pouring down around us as she nuzzles her face into my neck then gently licks my chin.
Wait, what? What's going on here?

Renamon answers that quickly of course, but not through words. Instead she reaches around me,
grabs my boys, and starts playing with them. That sure got my attention, let me tell you. Well, as
luck would have it my computer chose that moment to start playing "I gotta feeling" by Black Eyed

I'm not the kind of guy that likes to be dominated if you know what I mean. I'm aggressive in bed
and I like to be in control, so when Renamon turned her head to see what was causing the bass
pumping awesomeness in my room (I have a rocking stereo system), I spun around in her arms and
grab her instead.

I'm mildly surprised to find that she does indeed have breasts, but the real question I immediately
seek to answer is if she has anything else. With one arm I grab her around her back and put on a bit
of a display of my own strength. I'm proud of my body, and I go to the gym every other day, so it's
no problem at all to lift her small frame into the air and hold her against the far wall, her body
pressed up against mine and my now raging boner in between us. With my other hand I grab her
where there ought to be a coochie, and to my great delight I find one. Underneath the fur of her
groin she does indeed have the gift of womanhood, and she's slick with more than just water so I
immediately begin playing with her just like she had done with me.

Needless to say, I don't think she was expecting this kind of reaction from me. Hell I hardly knew
what I was doing myself, and am going on instinct now as I had officially stepped outside the
bounds of my usual sexual practices. She wants it though, and the way she moves underneath me
as I play with her tells me she's enjoying what I'm doing to her just as much as I am. She proves to
be much stronger than I had anticipated though, and also much more flexible.

She breaks my grip on her, then flips me onto my back in such a quick series of movements that I
couldn't possible hope to follow what she did, and with strength I wouldn't have thought possible
from such a small creature she pins my legs and starts giving me great head. With her muzzle she
can fit my entire dick inside her mouth, and she has the most amazing tongue. She seems to have
very sharp teeth, but she's very careful and in no time at all I'm beginning to lose motor function as
she teases me. Thinking quickly, I reach down and grab her foot, then her other foot, and in a
throw-back to my days on my high school wrestling days pull her legs over my head and wrap both
my arms around her waist. Like hell she'll break my grip this time.

Now her ass in in my face, and I lose no time in finding her bits and pieces with my tongue. Now
we're both attacking each other's junk while trying to simultaneously escape our respective death
grips when Renamon suddenly wraps my head up with her legs in a vice-like grip and starts to
smother me with her beaver. My nose is stuck up inside her a bit and my mouth is sealed shut by
her nether-lips so that I can't breathe at all, so I stagger mightily to my feet and try to pry her off,
and all the while she's giving me the greatest head, and despite my growing lack of oxygen I
continue to return the favor. We're both getting close, or at the very least I'm getting close, so I
release her and she does a neat handspring to her feet despite the cramped conditions of the
shower and we rush at each other and slam into a wall of the shower, tearing down the curtains in
the process. I'm not really sure if we're grasping each other in affection, desire, or some sort of
attempt to dominate and subdue the other, but we end up on the floor of the tub once more,
piping hot water raining down on us (I think one of us bumped the faucet and turned it to scalding),
and we're wrestling together with both of our arms around each other's back and our mouths
connect and her tongue presses into my mouth, and mine into hers, and we're wrestling in an
attempt to be the one on top when she suddenly pins my shoulders down and she sits down on me,
and I arch up to meet her and she is so tight, so hot, and so wonderful that I nearly cry as I
penetrate her. She gasps when it happens, and for the first time since we met, she seems
vulnerable, but then she pushes down all the way on me and I flip her and am now on top.

She makes love like an animal, and bucks underneath me like a wild thing while clawing my back,
but I hold steady and keep her pinned just like she had me pinned, except I weigh more, maybe
even twice as much as she does. We make a terrible racket, half the whole building had to hear us,
and to be honest it sounds like I'm fighting a wild coyote to the death. It is probably the best sex of
my life, and we grind into each other for what seems like an eternity, until I feel Renamon start to
shake and shiver underneath me, and she starts to crush me with a bear hug that would have made
a professional wrestler proud as her entire body seems to react to what can only be her orgasm.

Her tail is straight as an arrow and quivering, her ears pressed flat on her head, her eyes shut, and
she appears to be suffering an involuntary contraction of every muscle in her body. I'm not far
behind her at all, and in fact her physical reaction quickly pushes me over the edge. I wouldn't trade
that moment for all the money in the world. We lay there for what feels like hours, half asleep
under the gradually cooling water, when we're both brought harshly back to earth.

Knock-knock-knock goes the door.

"Hey you two, are you about done in there?" asks my neighbor. I share this bathroom with three
other dudes, my roommate and our two neighbors, one of which apparently felt the need to
interrupt us.

I'm about to answer him when I realize with a bit of a shock that I'm on bottom now, and I don't
remember Ren flipping me. That's a shock in itself, but far more problematic is that as I open my
eyes I find myself looking up at the spitting image of me.... but it can't be me. I'm me.

"What's going on," I ask, and am immediately shocked at the tenor of my voice. I sound like a

"Who are you?" I say, touching my throat as if it were sore and trying to get up, but the person who
isn't me is in the way. He seems worried and confused, which worries and confuses me.

"I'm Chris," replies Chris outside my door, thinking I was talking to him. "And if you two are done
having fun I really need to use the shower."

I shove the fake me off of me and climb out of the shower, turning off the water as I do so, but
quickly lose balance and fall, grabbing hold of the towel rack but accidentally tearing it out of the
wall in an attempt to catch myself. I'm now laying on the wet floor of the bathroom, my knee and
shoulder slightly bruised, holding a metal towel rack and my towel in my hand.

"We'll be right out," I say, again with that strange, female voice. What has happened still hasn't
clicked in my brain, but Renamon has already figured it out, panicked, formed a plan, and calmed
back down. I however, only just now get it when I look down at my hand holding the towel and
discover that instead of five fingers of pink flesh and callouses, I find instead four
fingers covered in white fur, terminating in black claws, and a purple sleeve with a yin-yang symbol
on it covering my forearms. I look up to seem Renamon in my body stepping out of the shower with
an inscrutable look on her face, my dick, now her dick, growing flaccid even as I watch. I look down
at myself and see where our combined bodily fluids trickle out of Renamon's pussy, which is now
my pussy.

"Wow," is all I can say.

"We'll be right out," Renamon says, using my voice. Her face is inscrutable, and she grabs me under
the arm and hauls me effortlessly to my feet, then drags me back into my dorm where the music is
still blaring, although now The Sound of Silence is playing. She tosses me onto my bed as if I
weighed nothing, which I now remember Renamon kind of did.

"What did you do?" she asks accusingly, glaring at me.

"What did I do?!?" I ask, practically laughing at the question. "You're the one who just showed up
out of the blue..."

My head turns to my computer. It looks like a bomb went off inside the case, and the monitor is
shattered. The whole thing is smoking.


"That was regrettable, but when I opened the portal to the digital dimension your computer-"

"Regrettable?" I ask, my voice going shrill as I take in the remains of my baby. "Do you have any
idea what that cost? How much of my soul I put into that machine?"

"That hardly seems important right now."

I look back at Renamon, then back to the blackened, twisted remains of my computer, then back to
Renamon. She does sort of have a point.

"Toss me that towel," I say, suddenly crushed. "I'm soaking through my mattress."

She bends down and tosses me my towel, and I dry myself off as best I can before folding it up and
sitting on it. Surprise of surprise, fur doesn't dry off easily, so I'm still very damp, and now my fur is
all ruffled.

"Put on some clothes," I say, to break the silence. "I don't want to stare at myself naked all day."

"I don't plan on being in this situation all day. You switched our bodies, and now you're going to
switch us back. Now."

Renamon folds her arms over her chest, and I can't help but be proud of how it shows off my

"I'd love to, I really would, but I haven't got the faintest clue what you're talking about."

"You did something similar to what trainers spend months learning how to do. Sometimes Rika and
I would join bodies and minds to increase our power. You, on the other hand, unwittingly swapped
our minds and bodies. You need to undo whatever it was that you did."

"Woah woah woah. Let's take this one step at a time. First off, I haven't the foggiest clue what I
supposedly did, and secondly, Digimon are real? Rika's a real person? This is some trippy shit."

Renamon gives an exaggerated sigh and sits down on the floor, putting her head in her hands.
"I shouldn't have come."

"Then why did you come?"

I stand up off the bed and sit next to her on the floor. We're both sitting on a soft rug my mom had
given me, and it feels nice to sit on it. I dig my claws into it, enjoying the sensation.

"It looks like we might be here a while after all," says Renamon, almost laughing to herself. I sit
there patiently next to her waiting for the explanation I know must be coming. It's odd that I have
to look up to meet her in the eyes, since my body is so much taller than Renamon's. After half a
minute she finally seems to collect herself and looks me in the eyes.

"The first thing you should know is that the cartoon Digimon is based on reality," she begins, "but
only very loosely, and it has been sanitized for children and various networks. They have also taken
some artistic liberties as well, but the early seasons stayed fairly true to reality. Rika is my tamer
and she's nineteen years old now, and goes to college just like you do. She and I have been living
separately for a while now, and I recently decided that I wanted to start a family.

"One of the misconceptions of the cartoon is that Digimon are born from eggs. This is just an
attempt to avoid the topic of sex and babies when children are the target audience of the show. In
reality, Digimon have sex and give birth in a variety of ways, and we Kitsune procreate in a manner
similar to ordinary foxes. That said, there are sometimes complications. For me, I am the last of my
kind, and yet as I said I have the desire to bear children.

"Digimon have different genetics than humans, or any animal on this planet for that matter. The
digital dimension has different physics, and we have a different biology from humans. However, it is
common knowledge amongst us that certain digimon can procreate with humans, and the resulting
child has a fifty-fifty chance of being 100% human or 100% digimon. I have no idea why this is so,
but it simply is, so I decided to open a portal to the human realm, find myself a lover, then leave to
start my family in the digital realm. Then you did this to me, and that brings us to the present."

I let out a low whistle.

"So you're telling me that not only am I a female anthropomorphic kitsune from another dimension,
but I also might have gotten myself pregnant?"

"It's more than a "might". I was, and now you are, in heat. I would be astounded if my body were
not impregnated from that..." She waves her hand around, apparently unable to adequately
describe what happened in that bathroom. I can sympathize with that.

"You were terrific by the way," I say, as way of breaking the sudden uncomfortable silence.

"You too," she says with a straight face. "You were my first, you know."

"Wish I could say the same, but that was like nothing I have ever experienced. It was totally worth
getting knocked up in my opinion-OH SHIT! I've got exams next week, and classes! I'm going to fail!
We need to change back now!!!"

"What have I been trying to tell you?" she says, mockingly.

"Any idea how we might go about doing that?"

She holds up a hand, and opens her mouth as if to answer, but stops and her hand falls back into
her lap.

"Maybe we should call Rika or something, ask her," I suggest. "She's probably got more experience
with this sort of thing, and we may get lucky. Has anything like this ever happened before that you
know of?"

"No, just fusions, but fusions are similar. Calling Rika is a good idea though."

She actually happens to know Rika's cell number, but when we call we go straight to messages so
we both leave a long message detailing what happened, and after that we're stuck to sitting on that
rug again.

"You know, you really should put on some clothes," I say after laying down on my back. Renamon's
body sure is flexible, and her tail is amazing. I can't help but play with it as I stare at the ceiling,
waiting for a call back.

"Show me what to do," she says, surprising me. I prop myself up on my elbows and raise an
eyebrow at her, although I'm not sure what the effect is what with Renamon not having eyebrows.
She shrugs.

"We may be stuck like this for some time, and I know how humans are about their clothing."
So we go through the process of me dressing her in some jeans, a t-shirt, and underwear. It was a
surreal experience, let me tell you, but she caught on quick.

So she's standing there in my clothes and flexing her hands and arms, when she says the most
peculiar thing.

"Your body is very comfortable."

"I like your body too, it's nice."

"You have excellent musculature, and you're very big. It's like I'm a giant now."

"I work out a lot," I say with a grin. "And you're very athletic yourself. I feel like I could curl myself in
a ball."

"You can," she says, returning the grin.

I had turned off the music when we had made the phone call, but now I turn it back on and flip
through the songs until I find the one I want and crank up the volume. It's "I Gotta Feeling" again,
the same one we had made love to not so long ago, and I start stepping to the beat.

"What are you doing?" she asks, surprised as I move my feet deliberately, and twirl in a slow circle,
letting my tail trail out behind me like a sash.

"Dancing, watch."

The bass kicks in and starts shaking the walls, and I step it up a notch and start moving my body and
swaying my head, losing myself to the music little by little, singing the lyrics with growing abandon
until the drums finally come in. I stop thinking, and let my body move of its accord, and find myself
dancing like I haven't before. I'm moving with a grace that I haven't ever thought possible, leaping
into the air so high that my back touches the ceiling, doing the splits, spinning, leaping, flipping, and
swaying all the while to the beat. When the music cools back down in the middle of the song, Ren's
mouth is hanging open, but it slams shut when I grab her hand and start leading her to dancing with

"No. What are you doing?"

"I told you, dancing. You need to loosen up a little."

I spin her away from me, and resume singing the lyrics. I grin a ferocious grin as way of challenge.
She returns it.

She starts to dance, but it's a bit more violent than what I had been doing, and it seems to be
directed at me, but I'm game. We lock hands and spin. She tosses me into the air, and I rebound of
the wall, and grab hold of her arm and flip her over my shoulder. She lands on her feet, and returns
the favor by holding on to my arm and flinging me over her shoulder, but I hold on and pull my body
into a tight ball and cause both of us to accelerate into a dizzying spin, at which point we both let go
and I go flying through the air, but without even thinking twice about it I teleport back behind her in
a flurry of brown and green leaves and duck around her to plant a kiss on her cheek before dodging
out of reach and spinning like a top. She leaps for me, jumping onto my bed and I attempt to leap
over her, but she catches me by my foot so I twist my body and make her let go before I land lightly
on my feet, but now she steps in close to me and move with our bodies close to each other, each of
us feeling the pounding of the rhythm in our bones. I can't help but notice that she's got a boner,
and I had noticed that I'm growing hot and heavy myself, so I do the most natural thing in the world
and grab her testicles in one hand and a nice piece of her ass in the other. It doesn't even bother
me that she's me, or that she's male, or any of that. I had always been a bit bi-curious anyway. This
was really all I needed to put myself over the edge, and apparently Ren was of the same opinion, as
she grabs one of my breasts and squeezes hard. It was enough to give me a mini-orgasm, and
although my fur had long since dried out I feel my groin moisten and swell with blood rushing to my
newly acquired organ. I had never noticed how swollen my testicles were before, or how big my
dick was until now, as I fondle them both with the intention of having Ren inside me. It was enough
to make me giddy, but I kiss her all the same with a passion no less for the strangeness of our
positions. She meets me whole heartedly and reaches around me, brushes aside my tail, under my
ass, and inserts a finger up inside me, and let me tell you it was like nothing I could have expected.

It was sensational and my knees almost buckled right then and there as she begins to finger-fuck
me. It's actually too much for me to take, so in no time at all I drop down out of reach and start to
take off Ren's pants. I had never really thought of myself as huge, but from my new perspective I
have to say I was a freaking giant, though I remain undeterred. I take the whole cock in my mouth
and start sucking and licking for all I'm worth, and Ren's knees do buckle and she falls backwards
onto my bed.

"Oh God," she manages to say. "Don't stop."

I moan my agreement, and continue to dutifully service her, shear happiness welling up inside me
when I see her face. It's often been said that felacio is one of the best gifts a woman can give to a
man, and I have to say my experience supports the claim. Ren seems to have entered a sort of
paralysis, but her breathing rapidly quickens until with a shudder she cums in my mouth, and it's a
huge load too. I of course swallow, I'm incredibly randy and not swallowing isn't even an option,
and to my initial disappointment Ren's rock hard penis retreats. I need not have feared, however,
since Ren is now recovering and has every intention of returning the favor ten-fold upon me.

She lifts me up onto the bed and holds my legs open spread eagle as she leans in close. I'm starting
to go a little crazy with lust, and start to struggle when she doesn't immediately dive in, but that
does nothing to hurry her and just makes me hornier. Then she delves into my fur expertly and with
her tongue pulls out what can only be my clitoris, since when she begins to tongue it I actually
scream from the unexpected sensation and almost wet myself. Like before when Ren had started
fingering me it is more than I can take, although this time the scale has moved up several notches of
insanity, and I immediately attempt to escape in order to take it a little slower, but Ren has no such
intentions. My nipples stand on end and my entire body becomes electric as she teases my clit with
her tongue, then without my noticing it she lets go of my legs and sticks her index finger up inside
me while using the other hand to rub my clitoris vigorously. It was like nothing I had previously
experienced by a long shot, and the double whammy brings about a rapidly escalating sensation
inside me that can only be described as an approaching orgasm, but at the same time it's nothing
like the male orgasm. It's exciting a full body response as every muscle in body starts to twitch, my
skin feels as though it were on fire, and my bajingo is causing me to go insane in much the same
way torture causes the victim to lose his mind. With a screech I orgasm all over my bed, and Ren
starts licking it off of me and cleaning me up with her tongue. I have never been more exhausted in
my life than right then, but Ren is back to full mast and is, apparently, far from finished. My eyes go
wide as I watch her position herself in front of me, and I feel the tip of her dick touch my red-hot
skin and it sends lightning bolts through my body.

I feel so incredibly sensitive to Ren's every touch, and sigh with relief as she leans into me and
penetrates me to the hilt. Then she leans over me and grabs both my breasts with both hands and it
is the most sensual thing in the world. I'll have to do something special in return for this is my last
thought as she begins to fuck me, and nothing could adequately describe it.
It has somehow become more than the sex now, I feel truly loved for the first time in my life. Here
is a person that I feel I could happily spend eternity with, and it didn't matter whether or not we
ever get back to our rightful bodies.

I wrap my tail around Ren's belly, and run my hands up and down her ass and thighs, but it seems
like all too soon that I am once again orgasming, and all is wonderful in the world. It seems to last
forever, but when I stop Ren is still going, powerfully servicing me to the finish and to my utter
astonishment I'm ready for more. After two intensely powerful and satisfying orgasms, one right
after the other, I'm still ready for more. Ren has stopped playing with my breasts, focusing now on
finishing the task at hand. Apparently, as easy as the first orgasm had been for her the second one
was taking quite a bit more work, but she definitely seems to be enjoying herself, and I'm really
enjoying myself. I start twisting my nipples and am surprised at the response I get from doing so,
and my vigor is renewed as I arch my back and roll my hips in time with Ren's thrusts. I suspect that
she's close to finishing, but I have just enough time for one last climax. Indeed, in no time at all
we're both moving faster and faster, breathing harder and harder, until Ren plants herself deep into
me and strains, and I clutch her with my arms and legs in a death grip, and I feel her seed explode
deep inside of me and I'm so happy that I was lucky enough to have all this happen to me as I swim
in the afterglow and Ren lays on top of me. We both fall asleep like that, with Ren still inside me,
and I dream pleasant dreams. The future looks bright, and I'm sure whatever problems we face,
that we'll overcome them, and besides all of that, sex with her is the best thing that has ever
happened to me.

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that story was O.K. I guess. Just add some scary stuff,suspensful things like that renamon had a baby girl HUMAN or a baby boy DIGIMON named Agumon and was really an agumon. then id be at your doorstep begging for more than give you a mother fucking amazing blowjob( if you are a guy and is ok with it)

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And pee

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While we're fantasizing about cartoons, maybe Donald Duck could pop in for a threesome. Hell, throw in the Warners from Animaniacs for an orgy.

That is sarcasm, please don't write any more bad anime fantasies.

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