Seeing my little sister get fucked leads to much more
This was the first long weekend break during my first year of college so I thought I would go home, which was about a three hour drive back to the bay area.

When I arrived it was almost dark on Friday evening. I used my remote to open the garage door and found that my parent’s car was not there. I assumed that they were out shopping or to dinner or something. I had not told them that I was coming home. I went into the house, tossed my bag on my bed and headed to the bathroom to take a leak. The door was right off my room as it was a Jack & Jill bathroom shared by my and my sister's rooms. I was standing in front of the john emptying a long stream of golden yellow piss into the bowl when I heard noises coming from my sister's room. It sounded like both moaning and grunting. I went to her side of the bathroom and slowly opened the door about three or four inches.

On the bed was my kid sister, Tina. She was naked and getting fucked hard. I could see that the guy nailing her was not wearing a condom. My sister is almost two years younger than I am. She is about 5'5" and a little chubby, maybe a little more than a little chubby but she is very cute. When she was about twelve she started getting her tits and when she did, she really did. Now they have to be at least 40-D's. This is not surprising as Mom also has big melons. They look a lot alike. I focused mostly on her tits. Even as big as they were, because she was young they were still firm and stood up from her chest nicely. Her areolas were dark and the size of silver dollars and her nipples were big and hard. Each time he would slam into her, her tits would shake almost the way a wave might bounce back and forth inside of a swimming pool. It was a beautiful sight. I love big tits.

Even though he had his back to me, I could see the man well enough to recognize him as my high school English teacher. Mr. Green was several years older than our parents. I thought about rushing in and pulling him off of her but she wasn't complaining. After a couple minutes watching them, I took my hard cock in my hand and started slowly stroking it. I must have bumped the door, as it swung wider open. This caught my sister's attention and her head snapped around in my direction. For the next several minutes she stared into my eyes while she was getting banged. I continued sliding my fist up and down my shaft.

Finally her attention went back to the fucking she was getting as she approached an orgasm. She started moaning louder and rolling her head back and forth. "Yes. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt hard. I'm cumming. Fill me full with your hot jizz. Yessssssss!" Mr. Green was not far behind her and he unloaded into her womb with a series of hard thrusts and grunts. After he finished filling her with his seed, he moved up and put his cum covered prick to her lips. Tina opened her mouth and sucked his sloppy prick and cleaned every last drop of their mingled cum off of it. "Well little girl, it looks like you get an A on today's homework. Come to my office after classes Monday for another assignment." With that he gave her a quick little kiss on the forehead and climbed off the bed and put his clothes back on. I backed back into the bathroom so he wouldn't see me. Mr. Green left the house, got in his car that was parked out on the street and drove off.

Still naked and with thick white cum running down her thighs, she said, "Well hello big brother. That was a surprise seeing you home. I'm glad it wasn't Mom and Dad." "Tina, I'm sorry. I couldn't keep myself from watching. I didn't even know that you weren't still a virgin. You're my little kid sister." Tina shook her rack in front of my face, "Do these look like little kid's tits?" I replied, "No, they sure don't. How long have you been having sex and why with Mr. Green?" "Almost two years now and a couple months ago he caught me helping a friend cheat on one of his tests. He called me into his office and we have been fucking every week from then till now. He tells his wife that he needs to grade some papers or something then we come here if no one will be home or we go to his office or do it in his car. It started as blackmail but I really like it and look forward to it now."

Tina reached out and took my hands and pulled them to her chest. I sure didn't resist. I squeezed them and rolled her nipples between my thumb and finger. Tina moaned. Mom and Dad shouldn't be home for a couple more hours and I am ready for some more fucking if you don't mind screwing a sloppy pussy full of another man's cum. "I've never done that but I'm sure up for it. You are on the pill, right?" "Mom got me the pill right after I told her that I had started having sex a couple years ago." Tina dropped to her knees and took my erect cock into her mouth. "I love sucking cock and yours is really nice." As she blew me, she worked my pants and underwear off and I shed my shirt. Now naked, I was led to my sister's bed.

"Wanna eat my sloppy pussy?" "No, I think I'll pass on that." "Then get that cock in me and make me feel good. You're a little bigger than Mr. Green and he is the biggest I have ever had so I know I'm going to love your cock, Brother Dear." I rolled her over. I want you doggie style." Tina got on her hands and knees, reached back and grasped my erection. I was so hard with anticipation that my prick and balls were starting to hurt. She lined me up to her fuck hole and I pushed all the way in with one thrust. She was so wet from her first fuck that there was little resistance. Tina gasped when I hit bottom. "Hold my hips and pull me to you while you fuck your little sister hard and fast. I want to feel my brother's hot cum filling my cunt."

I'm lucky that I can last for quite a while and that I blow a big load. I have yet to be with a girl that could hold it all and my sister already had a load in her belly from a few minutes ago. While I pumped her cunt, I started to let my thumb rub her ass hole. At first she pulled my hand away but I persisted and soon she didn't stop me any more. There was enough cum on her for me to get my thumb well lubed and soon it slipped into her butt. "Ohhh", was all she said, but she pushed back a little harder.

I fucked her young pussy with my prick and her ass hole with my thumb for more than five minutes before I was ready to cum. While I was at it she went thru two good hard orgasms. I love making a girl cum and hearing her scream out in orgasm and beg me to fuck her harder and deeper and faster. Finally I blew a big load into my sister and as I expected, a lot of it pushed back out of her cunt around my cock and dripped down onto the bed. "You're gonna have to change your sheets Sis."

I slowly slid myself in and out of her for about another minute while we both came down. When I pulled out she quickly turned and took me in her mouth and sucked till I had to take it away from her. Tina looked at me, "I learned tonight that I really enjoy incest. You are a really great fuck, Brother. I'll tell you something. When I masturbate, I think about it being Daddy between my legs. I want that even more now." I replied, "I know what you mean. Ever since I was old enough to get an erection I have thought how much I would like to have sex with Mom and how I would love to have her big tits in my mouth. Maybe we can come up with a plan to make both of our dreams come true." Tina looked at me, "let's do it. Also it's time for me to start checking out schools. Mom and Dad would not think anything about it if I said I was going to spend a couple days with you, checking out your school."

I lay down next to her and nursed on her wonderful big tits and gently rubbed her pussy till we thought it was about time for Mom and Dad to get home. Just as we were finishing washing each other in the shower we heard the garage door open. We shared a big kiss and went to our rooms to quickly dress. It was an effort for me to get my erection into my pants. I wasn't sure if I wanted Mom to see the bulge in my pants and to feel it as I hugged her or not.


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2012-10-22 01:09:58
Hope you and your dad both feel better soon.Also, I am rimess in not congratulating you on your new job sooner.I read about it on my phone through my reader, and realized I had never commented to say a proper congratulations!!

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2012-08-16 21:55:18
no way he would fuck her after she fucked the teacher he would avoid and ignore her. why would he want to catch the stds she had since the guy didn't wear a condom. keep it believable this isn't the twilight zone.

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2012-06-24 02:30:18
This story was hot. I love incest. Any girl that had done incest txt me 773 664 1252

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2012-05-31 17:10:55
Good story. I hope it continues. Maybe they can find out that Mom and Dad are swingers and get involved that way. Keep it up.


2012-05-31 15:54:23
my brother really fucked me alot more when i was younger too. i let him an afew of his friends . neve my 9th grade math teacher mr. king

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